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Ultimately, the Cards score well

Posted by Darren Urban on July 1, 2010 – 11:27 am

Every year ESPN puts together an “Ultimate Standings” list, ranking all the teams in the four main pro sports in categories like “Bang for your buck,” affordability, ownership, fan relations, stadium experience, coaching and players. And the Cardinals did quite well, thank you. The Cards are 19th overall among 122 franchises, and fourth overall in the NFL — behind just the Saints, Colts and Packers (the Saints, coming off their Super Bowl win, are also No. 1 overall). The Cards’ highest marks are in coaching (another good reason the Cards extended Ken Whisenhunt), which comes out seventh among the 122 teams, and “bang for the buck,” which the team is ninth overall. The Cards also are rated as having the sixth-best stadium experience in the NFL (and 18th overall).

Interestingly, the Phoenix Suns — who just had a run to the conference finals — are the lowest rated of the local franchises at No. 47 overall. The Coyotes are one notch ahead of the Cards at No. 18, and the struggling Diamondbacks are still No. 26.

The rest of the NFC West, by the way? The Niners are 77th, the Seahawks 83rd and the Rams 114th — one spot ahead of the Raiders.

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15 Responses to “Ultimately, the Cards score well”

  1. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply

    How far this team has come in just a little over three years. Big thanks to the Bidwill’s and Rod Graves for the Ken Whisenhunt hire – the best they’ve probably ever made.

  2. By K-DUB on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply

    Now all we need is Matt Lion-Heart to shut up the critics and get us our third Division Title and a trip to Dallas.

  3. By MIKEFLORIO on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply


  4. By cardattac on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply

    YEAH BUDDY!!!! Finally….. Its so nice to see some people dont just judge teams from what they see on paper. The cards are becoming a solid franchise just like the 4 teams listed above us. And dude for Ken to come in seventh among 122 goes to prove my point!!! And he has only coached 3 full seasons as a head coach. That is what I see when I look at this team. We are now winners because we finally have a front office to trust and a coaching staff to believe in! When you have players that believe and wanna be here, it just make for another exciting season.
    One which wont be host to another blow out!!! Here we come NFC!!!! The crown is ours!!! GO CARDS!!!!

  5. By brad oneill on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply

    Bandwagon fans are great. they spend money buying the latest jerseys, they keep the stadium sold out and as soon as the team falters a little their tickets go up for sale sometimes for under face value. (although not in the last few years)

    i will never understand why people resent people that are enjoying your team. It was awfully lonely in sun devil stadium for a lot of years. i am happy to see cardinals flags flying as i drive through scottsdale, mesa, and tempe.

    the way people become long term fans is something or someone draws them in and they become attached to the team. it used to be one or two players like Vai Sikahema, Aeneas Williams, or Jake plummer but now we have a whole team to cheer for and it is wonderful!

  6. By Jesse Robles on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply

    You can tell a Bandwagon just by their posts on here, so hilarious.

    Ottis: No doubt on the Ken HIre

    Michael pretty much took over it seems like, Rod is great too. I think this teams best move this offseason besides the only TWO people who got a contract extension this year so far, was letting Rolle, Dansby, and Boldin go, sad to say and had some great times with those guys, but SAVED the Cards a lot of Money.

    Time to prove the Doubters Wrong AGAIN! CARDS ARE HERE TO STAY!!!!!

  7. By brad oneill on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply

    Congratulations to Duece on becoming a citizen. that should warrant at least a blurb on the site?

  8. By shannonrobinson on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply

    Great article on McCreight and Harris! Some pro personnel decisions that may pay off are Rashad Barksdale, Jeremy Clark, Mark Washington, Dean Muhtadi, Trumaine McBride, Jonathon Palmer, Tom Pestock, Reagan Mauia, Darren Mougey, and bringing back Keilen Dykes. TJ and Quintan’s fingerprints are on these guys and my bet is they may be surprisingly capable.

  9. By Jeff Gollin on Jul 2, 2010 | Reply

    It wasn’t always that way.

    During the dark period which seemed to stretch on endlessly thru W&L records consistently south of .500 and draft misfires which included such infamous names as King Hill, Clyde Duncan and Tommy Knight, many of us wondered whether we’d ever see a successful Cardinal team again in our lifetimes.

    The turning point appears to have coincided with the elevation of Michael Bidwill and a good working relationship with Rod Graves. The hiring of Coach Wiz added the final leg of the proverbial 3-legged stool.

    But one factor that should not be underplayed was the role in a small number of hard-core Cardinal fans who stuck with the team through thick and thin while simultaneously looking for ways they, as rooters, could help the franchise grow stronger.

    From letter-writing campaigns in support of the stadium to record-breaking attendence to more football-savvy commentary in their written and spoken comments to the media – Cardinal fans are making Phoenix & vicinity known as a “good football town.”

    Only things missing are (1) the first Super Bowl ring and (2) the one after that and (3) the one after that.

  10. By cardattac on Jul 2, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Brad I agree man. How else are we supposed to get more fan unless we get them from the bandwagon??? I was born a CARDS FAN in 82′ and I to love seeing all the CARDS stickers, flags, T- shirts and hats all over the place!!! It is something I have waited for for a long time. We just keep winning and we’ll start a whole new generation of CARDS FANS who wont know what loosing feels like!! BRING IT ON CARDS!!!

    Mike I dont see why you are so upset all the time??? Just enjoy out team and the last 3 years they have givin us bro.

  11. By Peter in Canada on Jul 2, 2010 | Reply

    Bandwagon fans are a fact of life. In Toronto the Jays sold out almost evey game in the early 90′s. The stadium was the place to be seen and the flavour of the time. After the player strike few of them came back. The most common excuse is that the team is not a winner. I don’t think the Cards fans are like that. I think they are basically football fans who will come out in good or bad times for the experience of the game itself. The new stadium was required to make them come out. Toronto on the other hand was is and always will be a hockey town.

  12. By Rugbymuffin on Jul 3, 2010 | Reply

    Not surprised. Being a Cards fan in NJ, I usually see the Cardinals at Giants Stadium, Baltimore, or Philly.

    When I flew out to AZ, honest truth, the experience blew all of these “big markets” away. Tailgating was awesome, fans were friendly, stadium was amazing, and I could go on.

    I can’t wait to go back.

  13. By Exter on Jul 5, 2010 | Reply

    DArren, Please forward this message to ROBERT SARVER PLEASE!!!
    The Phoenix Suns Are ranked the lowest because there’s nothing but OLD RICH ARROGANT SNOBBY people at the games… No one could afford those seats at the price they’re selling for.. I mean Nose Bleeds? really? The seats Suck up there! C’MON Sarver! Make seats more affordable so u can get the Younger, More ENTHUSIASTIC Fans in there! Even on tv everyone can tell the energy of the ARENA IS DULL! ITS because of the OLD Seniors are just sitting there and Hardly cheering..
    IF you Want to Vamp UP the Atmosphere, then Inject some youth Into the Game! Plain and Simple…
    Sorry, needed to Vent! BTW, GO CARDS!!!!

  14. By darrenurban on Jul 5, 2010 | Reply

    Exter –

    I am a Suns fan. But you know this is azcardinals.com, right?

    You need to get in touch with my good friend Paul Coro. He’s got more access to Sarver than me.

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