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Patrick Peterson helps countdown to the 2014 NFL Draft

Posted by since1898 on April 17, 2014 – 1:30 pm


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6 Responses to “Patrick Peterson helps countdown to the 2014 NFL Draft”

  1. By Coach K on Apr 17, 2014 | Reply

    Read an article today that has Arizona trading down with Houston to get Houston’s 2nd, 3rd, and 6th, and a 2nd next year. Interesting thought. but I would want more.

  2. By br on Apr 18, 2014 | Reply

    Coach k
    2,3,6 and second next yr sound like a great deal (assuming that its the first pick in in all the rounds this year) cant get to greedy or they walk away, obviously we will wait till we are on the clock and judge just how bad they want #20 when times a tickin!!!! LOL!! But I dont think we could do much better than that, with the depth in this draft and as high as Houston picks in each rd that is really like getting a 1,2,5th rd pick for a rd lower money. Plus the freebee next yr, which I think will be high second rd, dont see Houston going from worst to first. But on paper right now I dont think we could get anywhere near that good of an offer. That is a sweet deal in my book

  3. By Dave Chaney on Apr 18, 2014 | Reply

    I never put much faith in Mel Kiper’s mock drafts…or anyone else’s for that matter. Usually the first 5 or maybe 10 selections are no brainer’s but after that it becomes a crapshoot. Kiper’s latest shows the Cards taking Derek Carr as their number 1 pick. I would have to say the probability of that happening is zilch. Not to say they wouldn’t take Carr in the 2nd round if he’s still available, but a 1st pick? No way. I’m still betting on a S, OT, or OLB…maybe a trade? I liked Josh Weinfuss’s column on all the QBs the Cards have picked in the 1st round and got absolutely nothing (with the exception of missing out with Joe Namath…can you imagine what a change in franchise history that would have been?) Thanks for all your great updates Darren.

  4. By Coach K on Apr 18, 2014 | Reply

    Evan Silva just came out with the most realistic mock draft I have seen all year. He removed all of the overhyped quarterbacks and made this very realistic mock.


    It’s about time some common sense was used in mock drafts.

  5. By br on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    Totally off subject but gotta post it somewhere right?

    Have been reading alot of mock drafts on here and posts on here about Cards taking Bruce Ellington which I think would be a good solid pick later rounds, I think the cousins would push one another and bring out the best in one another, on that note would like all my fellow Cardinal fanatics to keep an eye on Ellingtons replacement at South Carolina. He is only a true Sophomore and played some as a true Freshman, his name is Pharoah Cooper and he is going to be a good one, not only my words, but SC coaching staff and all the “experts” out there are saying the same. I have been watching this kid since he was a Freshman in High School, know his father personally, the kid has a good head on his shoulders and is going to emerge as a excellent Slot Receiver. He went to high school in the small town I live in here in NC, they have three-peated as State Champions and have sent numerous kids to D1 aschools on football scholarship and have some more lined up this year, aSteve Spurrier himself visits numerous times a yr. Some of the names from our tiny little NC school…Bruce Carter, Guy Wimper, Cory Robinson, as well Tennessee signed our beast of a RB Derrell Scott, who will make some noise next yr as a Freshman (this kid outplayed a kid by the name of Todd Gurley, you may have heard of him???? RB at Georgia, hell of a good RB at Georgia)

  6. By Coach K on Apr 22, 2014 | Reply

    Latest word is Quarterbacks are going to have a long wait in the green room this draft. The Slide is coming. I just hope Blake Bortles slides all the way to pick #20. Slide baby Slide. 🙂

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