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Remembering the Yarnell 19

Posted by since1898 on June 30, 2014 – 10:21 am

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3 Responses to “Remembering the Yarnell 19”

  1. By azqfan on Jun 30, 2014 | Reply

    God Speed Heroes!

  2. By br in nc on Jul 1, 2014 | Reply

    This is the definition of true class!! Being in the Marine Corps for 22 years I have seen and heard slot of positive comments, always a ton of respect from the public (especially since 9/11) well deserved for all military members, but it seems to me that there are some professions out there that do not get honored and are overlooked when it comes to the “hero” designation, firefighters top that list in my opinion, they lay there life on the line on a daily basis, in my opinion it takes a real man to run into a burning building to pull a complete stranger out of danger, it takes even a bigger man (or woman) to jump from a perfectly good airplane into a raging wilderness fire knowing you are not coming out the same way you came in, and the only way out is to beat mother nature and walk out, and to do so agianst one of the most unpredictable “enemies” on the earth (hell, even the most fanatical terrorist organizations are 100 times more predictable than Forrest fires) it takes pure guts to do what they do on a daily basis, in my book they are true heroes right up there with the men and women that serve in this nations military, and just like myself and most men and women in the military, these firefighters downplay the “hero” talk, we are afterall just doing our job, just like everyone else that goes to work everyday to support the family, the true hero’s are the men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice keeping others safe, like the 19 firefighters in Arizona, or the thousands of service men and women who laid down their life so that others may live, they are all true HERO’S in my book! Thank you Cardinals for not letting there sacrifice fade away!! I think it would be a class act if one Cardinal was chosen each week to wear the #19 Jersey, that would be the ultimate salute to these heroes! (of course the NFL would never approve a lineman wearing the #19, or a linebacker, God forbid that they waive there policy on specific #’s being worn by specific positions, the NFL just isn’t that classy!)

  3. By Robin Loperfido on Jul 1, 2015 | Reply

    I moved to Prescott, Arizona, from team-less Southern California over a year ago. I hadn’t really decided to be a Cards’ fan… until now. Thank you for being a class act.

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