Peterson’s “poorest game” and proper penalties

Posted by Darren Urban on September 15, 2014 – 3:52 pm

Bruce Arians is usually blunt, and he was again when assessing Patrick Peterson’s game in New York.

“I thought it was probably his poorest game since I’ve been here,” Arians said.

It wasn’t a good day for the Cardinals’ Pro Bowl cornerback. He was beaten on a (pretty and one-handed) seven-yard touchdown fade by big wide receiver Reuben Randle. The Giants got him on some other short stuff, and his physical play was not a good match for what the officials were calling. In total, there were five illegal contacts, five defensive holds and two pass interference calls against defenders trying to cover receivers for both teams. On the Giants’ second touchdown drive, Peterson was called for a defensive hold (teammate Jerraud Powers was called for one on the same play, too), setting off Peterson. In his anger he appeared to bump an official, although he was not flagged. And then a few plays later, he intentionally grabbed Victor Cruz in the end zone to prevent a TD pass, and the 25-yard penalty set up a one-yard TD toss.

Peterson was still fuming when he came to the bench, calmed down by, among others, injured teammate Darnell Dockett.

“He got frustrated and let the referees get to him,” Arians said.

The officials were given an edict from the league to crack down on such penalties. It’s not a surprise. Peterson gathered himself and when talking after the game, said exactly what needed to be said, which was that he needed to play within the rules as they are now being called.

“As a secondary, and as a defensive back, you have to adapt,” Peterson said. “There are no excuses. The way this league is an offensive league, they are trying to make the best way possible to get more points on the board because that’s what draws fans. I just have to be smart, I – we – just have to get our hands off the receivers, and just play smart football.”

That’s one area in which Arians will agree with. Arians said after the game the calls were correct, and he followed it up Monday by saying the officials called “a heck of a game.”

“The players played a bad one,” Arians said. “There was a lot of holding on both sides. We were as guilty as they were. The referees did a heck of a job, I thought, continuing to throw the flags because guys continued to grab. You better learn how to play with the rules.”


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Arians sends penalties video to league

Posted by Darren Urban on December 2, 2013 – 2:20 pm

Bruce Arians opened his press conference today saying he was going to follow league protocol and send video examples into the league on plays with which the Cards questioned the penalties called or not called. This is not unique; Teams across the league often do it. “There were obviously problems in the ball game,” Arians said. “There is a protocol to follow. We followed the protocol.

“(NFL VP of officiating) Dean Blandino does a great job being honest on the calls. We will follow up more with the answers … later.”

Again, there is no real reason to dwell on it. It doesn’t make much difference. Even if the NFL fessed up (privately of course) that mistakes were made, it does not change the result. Arians knows this. He reiterated the Cardinals “regressed” back to the team that turned the ball over too much early in the year. He also stressed the Cardinals better worry not about penalties but about winning a division game for the first time in a long time against the Rams. That message was repeated by the players in the locker room Monday.

(For a breakdown of the officiating, here is a story today from talking about Eagles-Cardinals. I agree with Greg Bedard, which is that bad calls are going to happen and every team must deal with it. But for it to be inconsistent in a relatively short period of time — in this case, the last six minutes or so in the game — can be maddening.)

Arians said the Cardinals sent in “about 15” plays for the league to look at. He also said “I’ve already gotten most of the answers. I got them before I left the locker room (Sunday.)” Arians added those answers came “from New York,” i.e. the league office. And he admitted that he did not get any satisfaction from those answers. “I just get madder,” Arians said.

— Looking forward a couple of weeks, the Cardinals’ game in Tennessee has been moved to the late TV window, which means it will now start at 2:25 p.m. Arizona time instead of 11 a.m. Arizona time. (That’s now a 3:25 p.m. kickoff in Tennessee.) We will see if that makes a difference to the way the Cards start the game.

— The only injuries of note, Arians said, were the shoulder of linebacker Kevin Minter and the knee of running back Andre Ellington (which of course caused him to miss the game). Both players are day-to-day, Arians said.


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