St. Pierre just wanted a chance

Posted by on August 19, 2009 – 10:19 pm

While Matt Leinart can envision being a starter, it’s not like Brian St. Pierre doesn’t think about the same scenario. It’s just that, when you are going into your seventh season and you’ve thrown one regular-season pass, the perspective changes.

“It’s something I think about because it is something you strive to do,” St. Pierre said. “Opportunities have not been that prevalent in my career so far. But I think anyone who has watched me play knows I can play the game. It’s about getting a chance and having a guy willing to take a chance on me, so that’s one of the reasons I wanted to come back here.”

His initial preseason outing wasn’t as good as Leinart’s, although coach Ken Whisenhunt defended St. Pierre’s Pittsburgh outing by pointing out he didn’t get a lot of help, either from receivers or linemen. St. Pierre will be the second quarterback into the game Saturday against the Chargers as he and Leinart flip-flop roles.

Realistically, given Leinart’s position and St. Pierre’s, it will probably take St. Pierre more to earn the backup job than it will for Leinart to keep it. All things being equal, Leinart was a first-round pick and he has had moments as a starter where he has shown he is capable, and that will likely give him the edge. If St. Pierre can find a way to topple that, then he may just move up the food chain – finally.

“It’s not about going against one guy it is going against everyone,” St. Pierre said. “I just want to be the best guy on the field. I think every quarterback is like that. The thrill of the competition and the playing is what I still love. Until that is gone, I am going to keep doing what I do. If I get my chance, great, if I don’t, I’ll deal with it when it happens.”

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