Camp wraps, and the Fitz thing

Posted by Darren Urban on August 20, 2009 – 9:22 pm

With camp ending, I did want to give a wrap up. But first, a clarification on the Fitz deal. Does the restructuring immediately save cap room? I doesn’t look that way. But the Cards are apparently convinced Fitz will reach certain incentives this season and if he did, this should allow the Cards to save the cap space then. The other point? It was definitely something Fitzgerald didn’t have to do, but don’[t confuse a restructuring with a paycut. Fitz is still getting every penny he was originally supposed to get. Finally, as my friend Kent Somers noted, Fitz’s no-trade clause was removed. That means nothing to me. Fitz isn’t getting traded, and after 2010 – the third year of what is basically a four-year deal – the Cards are going to have to look at re-doing Fitz again, before he gets a chance to be a free agent after the 2011 season.

OK, enough contract mumbo jumbo. In terms of football:

— Early Doucet, back at practice today full time for the first time with his bad shoulder, made a gorgeous one-handed grab in the end zone today. He also had a couple of drops, and one the day before. I usually hesitate in making too many judgments from individual practices, because they never give the whole picture. But the receiver group as a whole has done so well, you wonder if any one guy hurts himself with such play.

— Coach Ken Whisenhunt keeps leaving open that Beanie Wells can play Saturday, but he didn’t do too much today. Beanie could get a few plays, but since Whiz said he isn’t concerned (yet) about Wells not getting into games. I’d guess the Cards will hold off on Beanie another week.

— It’s so weird having such a short camp, although at the same time, it still felt like the long haul. It was funny listening to Anquan Boldin talk about how he’d rather not play at all in the preseason; even Kurt Warner acknowledged the other day he’d rather not himself, except for the part where he understood he needed some readiness to get into rhythm. Q talked about how, in college, the players don’t get any preseason games and are ready for their first games. Of course, coaches will never want to surrender time to evaluate the non-roster locks. But you can understand why the established players would rather skip the games. There is little upside usually.

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