Possible perspective on Early, Beanie

Posted by Darren Urban on August 21, 2009 – 8:29 pm

I was standing out at the next-to-last practice in Flagstaff talking to former Cardinals receiver (turned part of the broadcast team) Rob Moore and the subject of Early Doucet’s injury came up, especially in light of the fact Doucet was injured much of camp last season. Moore recalled his own early career, and said he too simply could not stay healthy his first two training camps.

The night before, Larry Fitzgerald, asked about the lingering ankle injury of rookie Beanie Wells, recalled his own rookie training camp when he had a bad ankle sprain himself in the first preseason game.

“I talked to him about my situation,” Fitzgerald said. “I came out here, I missed three preseason games and I didn’t play until my first regular season game. Sometimes things don’t come along as fast as you want and make sure you’re in your (play)book so when your opportunity comes, you’ll be ready.”

There may or may not be parallels with Moore and Doucet or Fitz and Wells. But obviously, what Moore turned into, and what Fitz has turned into, neither one was harmed by early injuries. (Not that it is fair to ask either to reach the Pro Bowl levels of Moore or Fitz to qualify as a good career). Making judgments on Wells and Doucet based on what they are going through could be premature. The Cards can only hope.


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