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Posted by Darren Urban on September 4, 2009 – 1:22 am

This aftermath comes directly from the final charter flight of the preseason, late night Thursday (and by the time it’s posted, it’ll be Friday, when everyone is sleeping). One thing coach Ken Whisenhunt said that seems perfectly rational – it’s so hard to judge the fourth preseason game, more than any of the other preseason matchups. The second half is littered with guys on both sides who either aren’t going to be on the roster when the season starts or will play little on offense or defense (if they are active at all). Is there reason to be concerned? Clearly, guys like Adrian Wilson, Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald didn’t seem particularly happy. Ultimately, though, it’s impossible to know what this all means until the 49ers visit in 10 days or so.

So, knowing what we know (or can’t really know, since it’s the fourth preseason game), here are some thoughts:

— Very interesting that Whisenhunt went out of his way to praise cornerback Michael Adams after the game. Ralph Brown and Bryant McFadden weren’t playing because of bad ankles, and, especially since Adams can be so effective as a gunner in punt coverage, I’m beginning to think he’s made this roster. You never know, but when you’re on the bubble and the coach is delivering specific kudos, that’s a good sign.

— On the flip side, it’s hard to see Lance Long having a chance to make the team. He has played a ton the past two games and yet it doesn’t seem like he has left enough of a lasting impression.

— All through the preseason, Warner has downplayed the offense’s issues, saying how good he felt despite the results. That seems to have changed to an extent. Warner knows what this offense can do, but he talked about not being on the same page and Whisenhunt talked about being out of sync. Some of that may do with the receivers; Steve Breaston was clearly rusty (he lined up wrong twice and was flagged for ‘covering up’ a lineman or tight end in an illegal formation) and Anquan Boldin isn’t playing. But Fitzgerald is fine and Warner couldn’t hook up with him a time or two. It’s hard not to remember how the offense sputtered a bit in the season opener against the 49ers last season despite a win and wonder if it could happen again.

— It’s impossible to know what the defense was or who was supposed to be where, but the lone big play given up by the starting defense came when the Chad Jackson got past Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. The Cards need big things from DRC; you just hope his confidence is still where it needs to be. I’m sure he’s not looking at these past two games as résumé material.

That’s really it. Cuts come tomorrow, and as I said in my radio stint before Thursday’s game, I am willing to wager a good amount of money that won’t be it – and that the Cards will bring in a player or two cut from other teams by the time they get back to practice next week (OK, I wouldn’t really wager. Commissioner Goodell would frown upon that, and I’d lose my job. But you get what I mean.)


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