After the first big practice

Posted by Darren Urban on September 9, 2009 – 2:07 pm

The 49ers are coming and finally, it felt like a game week. Monday’s practice felt more like an add-on to the preseason; Wednesday was about a game that was going to count. Wide receiver Anquan Boldin (hamstring) still isn’t practicing, although there continues to be an underlying confidence he will. Whether that is so the 49ers keep guessing or it’s what will happen, I don’t know. There is definitely a respect factor in the locker room for the Niners, which is what happens when a team plays you always close even though the Niners’ talent level probably hasn’t been up to the Cards the past couple of seasons. There also seemed to be generally optimism about the passing game (more on that later today in a story) and its ability to come together.

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