Wondering about a blackout — UPDATED

Posted by Darren Urban on September 10, 2009 – 9:10 am

By mid-afternoon, we will know if the Cardinals will have sold out the home opener Sunday against the 49ers, preventing a local TV blackout. There are an estimated 2,000 tickets left (probably less than that by now), and there is always a chance, if the team gets close, the NFL will extend the blackout deadline 24 hours to give the team the chance at that sellout. UPDATE: The blackout deadline has been extended to Friday.

Blackouts, given the economy, will be an issue in the NFL this season. Jacksonville has already said they expect every one of their games to be blacked out locally and the Chargers are another team that has been up front in talking about probably blackouts. The NFL has steadfastly maintained it will not change its blackout rules, although it did announce today the ability to see the game on a delayed basis — for free  — on

From the league’s release: The league’s new NFL Game Rewind package on will make all games available on an on-demand, subscription basis throughout the 2009 regular and postseason. However, games blacked out locally for failing to sell out 72 hours in advance will be available on at no cost in the affected home markets. These free “re-broadcasts” locally of blacked-out games will be available at beginning at midnight on the day of the game and remain available for 72 hours (except during ESPN Monday Night Football telecasts). “We understand that the economy is limiting some families and corporations from buying as many game tickets as they had previously,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “These free re-broadcasts on will allow our fans that can’t get to a blacked-out game an opportunity to see the entire game.”

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11 Responses to “Wondering about a blackout — UPDATED”

  1. By Jason on Sep 10, 2009 | Reply

    I know the NFL is a business that is in it for profit and all that warm fuzzy stuff, but rules like these really take a toll on the fans and start to alienate them.

  2. By Andrew on Sep 10, 2009 | Reply

    I just think its ridiculous that now everyone is complaining about it cause teams like San Diego and Jacksonville are going to be affected…as Cardinal fans we had to deal with blackouts for years, but there was no talk of changing it then.

  3. By Greg on Sep 10, 2009 | Reply

    The rest of the NFL will get a taste of what we had to deal with all those years at Sun Devil Stadium.

  4. By JC on Sep 10, 2009 | Reply

    From what I understand the deadline for selling out the game was 1:15 correct? Have you heard any updates about an extension or somone stepping up to buy the remaining tickets like last year? I am going to be there either way! Go Cards!

  5. By Mike G on Sep 10, 2009 | Reply

    The Cards have a tenuous toehold with the fans now and this doesn’t help in that respect. The Cards could give fans an opportunity to forget their troubles for 3 hours and root for the home team, knowing that the NFL is willing to take a hit like they have. In times like these, the commissioner should consider suspending the sellout rule. Not likely though.

  6. By john dillingham on Sep 10, 2009 | Reply

    How generous the NFL . They will allow blacked out fans the privilege of watching the entire game beginning Sunday at midnight for three days .. I am sure there will be scores of fans anxiously lining up for such an opportunity after knowing the score,seeing all the ESPN highlights ,and local news highlights . Please Tthis latest token is a continuation of the enormous greed that has become the NFL. Even in these challenging recessionary times the NFL remains committed to deepening the pockets of its already filthy rich owners in order to arm twist the common fan into digging into his food (or health insurance premium ) money to buy the last of the upper deck corner seats to ensure the owners get a sellout before it will allow the game to be broadcast to the thousands of real fans who are have neither the food or insurance money in their pockets to go to the game.
    The tremendous greed of owners and players alike will someday come back to haunt those who continue to treat fans like the necessary evil in the sports world . I have been a Cardinals season ticket holder since day 1 so I will be at the game. But the notion that tens of thousands of fans will be barred from live broadcast is a sickening reminder that despite carefully scripted commercials and promos about how much the NFL, its owners , and players claim to care care about Joe Q Public, all they really care about is the balance in their checkbook.

  7. By Matt on Sep 10, 2009 | Reply

    These rules not only make it tough for the average fan, but also the people that do work and are able to watch the game while at work. For the most part, I work on Sundays and enjoy the games on t.v. If I could get to a game I would…of course the price is also an issue. Breaking the rules in this case and the first week for all teams would be a very considerate thing for the NFL to do. Go back to your rules next week, but come on. Opening day. Give us a break!

  8. By patman on Sep 10, 2009 | Reply

    come on dogs. i lived and watched the cardinals when i was in high school in st. louis. i live in tucson and still have a phoenix cardinals hat from the old days and am a fan. i buy cards logo stuff and i watch the games on TV therefore increasing the advertising base. show me the game. cone on, NFL, don’t be dunderheads. it’s not like the NFL doesn’t get TV money also. i guess this is a corporate squeeze for some company to step up and buy a few thousand tickets to appease the fans.

  9. By Carddan on Sep 10, 2009 | Reply

    Folks, don’t complain about ticket sales. Come out to the game and be part of something you just can’t experience from home. Be a part of the Red Sea and see what that feels like. It is awesome.

  10. By ron adams on Sep 11, 2009 | Reply

    I think it is time for the cards to step up and buy the tickets and give to people that have kids that can not afford the price, so you can make them future fans. go cards

  11. By catdaddy1 on Sep 11, 2009 | Reply

    I gave my (2) tickets to a friend because my wife has to work, now it seems I should have kept my tickets and let my friend buy from the ticket office, this really sucks.

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