Colts aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on September 28, 2009 – 9:45 am

Obviously, not a good night. It looked like it would be, after the way the defense handled the Colts in the first quarter – three punts and an interception. After that, well, ugh. Coach Ken Whisenhunt used the word “disappointed” a few times, including when he talked about starting 0-2 at home. “I’m disappointed we haven’t lived up to our end of the bargain for our fans,” he said, and judging by the comments I have seen via e-mails/on the blog/Facebook/Twitter, the fans are none too happy about it.

Other thoughts on Sunday night, here on a Monday morning because it just got too late to write:

— I know many were wondering about the lack of Beanie (two carries for minus-2 yards) in the game. Simple, really. Beanie can run right now, but the other parts of the game, like catching and blocking, are better served with Tim Hightower in the game. The way the game developed meant Beanie sat.

— Speaking of running backs, I don’t think anyone would have guessed the Cards, after the Colts gave up 239 yards rushing the week before to the Dolphins, would only gain 24 yards on the ground.

— Kurt Warner could have thrown the ball away on his end-of-the-half fluky interception, but he saw a chance with Larry Fitzgerald – and it’s exactly the kind of play Fitzgerald has been looking for from his QB. “I felt he was in a favorable position on a smaller corner,” Warner said. “I think we had a window there.”

— That said, the turnover was obviously a killer, since the Cards did manage to march down for a touchdown to open the second half.

— Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie said he is still learning, but the learning curve really hurt the Cards. All week the Cardinals talked about how Peyton Manning would rip them apart if they didn’t handle their assignments, and the couple of times DRC didn’t, Manning found the opening. Even on the bomb DRC barely missed, though, Manning threw a perfect pass.

— The plays that summed up the game to me, other than the turnovers. The juxtaposition of the two bombs: Manning’s right-on 53-yard TD toss to Pierre Garcon, and Warner’s overthrow of Fitzgerald when Fitz was wide open after the defensive back fell. You can’t miss those opportunities. Oh, and you can’t forget Warner running for his life backward on his final fourth-down play when he ended up losing 28 yards on a sack. This game will not be on the highlight reel for left tackle Mike Gandy or any of the offensive line, for that matter. “I don’t feel I won my share of battles out there,” Gandy said.

— Given the way this team is constructed, you have to wonder (worry) when the offense makes early mistakes on how it affects the whole team. We all know how badly the Hightower fumble at the Colts’ 5 hurt, but on the drive before – which ended on a Neil Rackers field goal and a 3-0 Cards’ lead – the Cardinals were at the Indianapolis 20 with a third-and-1. Warner tried to go down the field to Fitzgerald. Anquan Boldin was wide open on the left side of the play (he was demonstrably angry right after the incompletion, and was lucky he didn’t get a penalty when he ripped off his helmet on the field) about two yards past the first-down marker. The two drives combined maybe should have turned into two touchdowns. But when they didn’t, maybe it takes something away from the defense.

— Then again, maybe Manning is just the best quarterback in the NFL and that 95-yard drive after the Hightower fumble was simply Manning proving his legend once again more than the Cards’ shortcomings.

We’ll see. From here, the Cards have to go 6-0 at home just to match last season’s home record. But if they beat the Texans in their next game, they will be 2-2 after four games, just like last season. With the bye coming, they might as well as go half-full with the glass. What other options are there?


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  1. By Chris on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Broncos are undefeated, Steelers lost to 2 worst teams than us and people are worried? The season isn’t over. We have the talent and we have the coaches. The season is far from over. If we lose to the Lions, maybe it’ll be over. The hardest part? 49ers have an easier schedule than us… but we can still win the Division!

  2. By Matt on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    I put this one solely on the coaches — we had better players on the field last night who didn’t commit the penalties that usually kill us. How about calling a pass play on 1st and goal inside the five? Where was the run game? Whiz gave up on the run early and ended up calling only 13 plays on the ground, despite the Colts’ run defense being a known weakness. If you’re not running the ball, then the opposing defense can just pass-rush all night long, which put Kurt in some tough situations. The hurry-up offense worked when we used it, but then we didn’t use it. I don’t think we blitzed once the entire game, giving Manning a lot of respect, but then had our secondary playing off the receivers, giving the QB all day to find a receiver and leaving said receivers wide open. No ground attack + no hurry-up + no blitzing = wimpy, knee-knocking coaching. Honestly, how can the players have a killer instinct if the coaches don’t? Give me Mike Tomlin or Mike Singletary over this. At least we’d go down swinging.

  3. By darrenurban on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Matt —

    FYI, the play at the 1 that was intercepted was originally a run call. But Kurt had the option to switch out to a pass if the Colts showed run defense, which they did with 9 men in the box.

  4. By nor cal cards fan on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    I think it’s very clear after the preseason and now the first 3 reg. season games that DRC is not nearly as good as everybody pumped him up to be[at least at this point in his career]. Some people were calling him a shutdown corner?Thats laughable at this point.I know he’s still young and raw,but it seems to me he’s regressed about 5 steps back from the end of last season.His tackling is HORRIBLE,and he continues to get burnt and mess up the coverage time and time again.This issue with DRC could be a potential nightmare for the cards because teams are going to continue to pick on him when they see his undisciplined play on film.Anybody remember that bonehead 4th down TD he gave up to the Jags that essentially let them back in the game? I think part of the problem is he knows there’s nobody behind him to challenge him for his job.This often breeds contempt in players,especially young ones.URB-is the secondary scheme and terminology alot different under Billy Davis than it was under Clancy?Could that be a factor?Why do u you think he has regressed so badly and struggled so much this season?

  5. By darrenurban on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Nor Cal —

    As far as I know the terminology has not changed much. The DBs are generally are supposed to avoid big plays under Davis, although obviously it didn’t work out last night. I’m not sure where DRC is right now. It is a concern to hear Whisenhunt say, like he just did in his press conference, that the play in which Reggie Wayne made his one-handed TD that DRC made a mistake that they had practiced a few times during the week and specifically addressed. Those kind of mistakes cannot happen.

  6. By Eric on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    I’m a STH and this is it. I’m not going to suffer through this anymore. This team’s inconsistency and inability to show up for the big game is unacceptable. EVERY national game, other than the playoff run, has ended in a horrible fashion. THIS is why the Cardinals are the joke of the NFL. I’m in the stands, paying thousands of dollars a year to scream until I can’t talk anymore and these millionaires get out there and urinate on me? No, thanks.

  7. By Ryan on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    we should of kept a TE or RB back to help Gandy after he got beat a couple of times by Freeney. I’m defintely convinced that our D’s I.Q. is the lowest in the league. These guys just make bone headed mistake after bone headed mistake from DRC’s blown coverages to adrian wilson taking bad angles to chike okeafor getting a tipped pass that hit him right in the face and he couldn’t catch it. Pathetic.

  8. By Jesus on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    as far as schedule we play the same teams the 49ers do except 2 games r different. but why look at what other teams are doin, we just ain’t playin football right now. but as for you eric go ahead and jump ship,
    your one of the fans i have been talking about, where were acouple years ago? i know patriots fan right.

  9. By William Dunaway on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    My heart was broken with this game. I even took down my Cardinal flag. Maybe the question should be asked,”was last year a fluke?” The play calling was terrible. We looked like the “old” Cardinals that everyone laughed at. And the Cardinals were the favorite. This was a sad game.

  10. By Jesus on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    lets just blame darren urban for the loss, we have tried everything else. suit up urban i’am behind you

  11. By Jeff Gollin on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    You wrote – “…I don’t think anyone would have guessed the Cards, after the Colts gave up 239 yards rushing the week before to the Dolphins, would only gain 24 yards on the ground.”

    I did. For two reasons. (1) You had to believe that the Colt defensive coaches and their fans had not-so-nice things to say about their D-line’s manhood after last week and (2) The Cardinals have the unsettling habit of “playing down” to their opponents’ weaknesses.

    So my thinking going into last night’s game: Flip a coin- either we’ll exploit their weakness or they’ll stone us. Unfortunately, it was the latter and it had a huge impact up and down the stat sheet – from the 4 sacks to missed throws by Kurt under pressure to more time for Manning & Co. to mount scoring drives.

  12. By darrenurban on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Jeff —

    I’m not trying to argue I thought the Cards would get 200 yards rushing. Far from it. But while I think you make strong points, you didn’t really think the Cards would be held to just 24 yards, did you?

  13. By Matthew Edwards on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    What a powder-puff press conference. Where are the real questions from the reporters? Here’s a question. Who’s job was it to get the players ready for a big game like last night? They looked like they were in a pre-season game. They were’nt even close to being ready mentally. Where are the tough questions for the management of the team? Wisenhut gets up there and talks about Hightower fumbled this and someone else did that. Let me ask you this, who was calling the plays? Even Chris Collinsworth noted on National TV that the play calling sucked. Where is the disciplin on this team? It doesn’t look like to me that they even practiced that hard last week. Oh yeah it was a short week, right Wisenhut? How many millions do these guys make? This game looked exactly like week 1. I would say that the burden lies on the coaching staff and allowing these guys to run around and act like they are privileged millionaires who if they don’t perform say oh well no big deal, right? Except for the fans!!! If you can’t do your job Wisennut then get out and let somebody in that can and start the press confernce out by taking blame for your own actions or non actions first!

  14. By darrenurban on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Matthew —

    Your argument would be helped if you spelled the coach’s name correctly. It’s Whisenhunt.

  15. By Texmire on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Disgraceful…..just totally disgraceful……

  16. By Devin on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    So sad to see that everyone is so quick to jump off the Cardinals bandwagon. I’ve been following this team since they got to Arizona, and while I am disappointed at how the season has started, let’s all remember that 7 days ago we were praising this team’s ability to go east and beat the Jags. Keep your chin up, keep your flags flying, and don’t prove to all the critics of the Cardinals that we are all a bunch of fair weather fans. Truth is, the Patriots, the Steelers, etc are the exception in the league. We made it to the Super Bowl last year, and we don’t have to be disappointed or upset if they don’t get back there. Support your team!

  17. By Chris on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    To Darren

    I like the way you cover the team. You do a good job. If you ever need someone to carry your bag for you while you are on the field, game or otherwise, give me a call! 🙂

  18. By darrenurban on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Chris —

    I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for reading, though.

  19. By Brian on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    It’s unfortunate that the Cardinals lost. I have been a fan since the Cards moved to Arizona. As a fan, I have been sick to my stomach everytime they lose. I have cheared to no end when they win. A few disapointing things I continue to read are “Kurt Warner looks old”, or “Whisenhunt doesn’t know how to call a game”. Lets not forget that without these two guys coming to Arizona, we may have not seen a run for the Super Bowl like we did last year. It does however upset me that the coaching staff was unable to protect Warner with proper play calling. Lets remember that this is a team sport. Last night, was a Coaching failure, and a Team failure.

  20. By Aaron on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    I must admit I am shocked that the only talk I have seen regarding our DBs is the coverage mistakes by DRC. How is it that McFadden gets away with giving up the deep balls time and again each game (he should have had more last night as he got beat consistently but had some lucky incompletions)? Or how about both Rolle and DRC not tackling like any NFL player should? These guys consistently get run over and jumped over by ball carriers every game and yet it appears to never be addressed? DRC got laid flat on his back last night on what should have been an easy tackle. Rolle consistently tries to do shoestring tackles which really surprises me because he is pretty strong for a DB.

  21. By Nick M on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Darren, do you think coach Davis will ever allow the CBs to play closer to the LOS. They’re playing so far off and giving up catches on the short yardage plays and then biting on the double moves and getting burned because of it.

  22. By darrenurban on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Nick —

    I will have to check on that. I know one of the ideas behind what Davis is trying to do is to avoid giving up the big play. Unfortunately, that usually means giving a cushion. And if the cover men aren’t disciplined, they bite on the fake and you mess up what you were trying to do in the first place.

  23. By Eric on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply least we have “continuity” on the offensive line! HA HA HA!!!

    Oh, Russ Grimm is an expert offensive line coach! We’re lucky he didn’t get snatched up for a HC job! HA HA HA!!!

    Hey, this team went to the Super Bowl last year! Let’s keep revelling in that historical fluke for the next year! Let’s unveil a new NFC Champion banner every game!

  24. By Naftali on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    In 2007 we did not have an offensive coordinator and we did not play well
    In 2009 we again do not have an offensive coordinator, after the two hgome games isn’t it time to hire one. Regarding the defence coordinator he has no idea how to plan the diffence and how to adjust during halftime were did the Cardinal find him?

  25. By Jeff on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    I was definitely disappointed in the result, but if you take a step back, this was one of the 3 or 4 games on the schedule you knew would be tough. Not saying the result is acceptable, but I think we’ll find out that the Colts are one of the better teams in the league, and they were simply better last night. At this point, there are still a number of games on the schedule that we should win, and 10-6 or 11-5 is still realistic… just a little bit harder now.

  26. By old cards fan on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    i dont understand after the half they go no huddle and score with ease then go back to this boring run,pass,pass offense. so predictable i agree we need a off. cordinator because a high powered offense only score 10points ON NATIONAL T.V. SAME OL CARDS. (TODD HALEY WHERE ARE YOU)

  27. By Aguirre on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    The play calling was horrible. The defensive secondary was exploited when it should of been the other way around. Right now we are one dimensional and even my wife who doesn’t follow football that much, has the intution to say so. Come off that moldy mound of money & hire an off. coor. Run the defense through the ringer on practice days and make them earn their salaries. Who cares if the niners & the hawks lost yesterday. They’ll bounce back. The real question is do we really want to be compared to those teams IF we do? We are the reigning NFC Champs, act like it! Where’s the pride? Nobody JUST wins the NFC. 8/8, ask those we knocked off if we were an 8/8 team. Its now or never! This is a message to the entire organization: We don’t want you to dig deep, we just want you to dig! The tools are all there!

  28. By old cards fan on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply


  29. By Cards Fan for 41 Years on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    The Cardinals are too fixated on the pass. Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells certainly need to run the football more. It seems like the Cardinals are still thinking of the run as an after-thought. I thought for sure that they would have tried to run the ball more against the Colts. It seems to me as though they get behind, panic, and then start passing all of the time. It is great to have the pass offense they do, but they are too one-dimensional. The RBs this team has now should be alllowed to develop and contribute by keeping defenses honest.

  30. By Robert on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Games like this are going to happen. At happens every year. Yes it is frustrating, but it’s part of being a fan. It’s why we like the Cardinals. Cardinals fans might be the only fans that just want to complain. Even after the Jags victory, people call in to radio shows and talk about what they should have done better. For example, old cards fan, it says in the blog why Beanie is not in there more often. Maybe the Cardinals need to stop worring about the respect they are getting around the league, and start worring about getting respect from the people buying the tickets.

  31. By cak-e-nator on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Embarrassed is the word that describes my feelings right now. How does DRC keep giving up these horrible huge plays? (at least he has his gold teeth now) But its not just DRC the whole secondary was putrid. I sit in section 115 and I could see the wide open receivers all night long. Where was the pressure on the d-line? Did we even blitz once in the game? The defense was terrible it looked confused all night long. Who is to blame? The players? The coaches? I say that they all are equally at fault. Maybe I am being to harsh but I think the team looked soft last night. Sure the D came out looking good but what happened. You cant blame the performance of the defense on the turnovers which were obviously killers. ……… I don’t even know what to say anymore… Last year was great but this is not last year. It is also sad that the sellout streak will end with the Texans game. Casual fans are not going to pay to come to the games, and judging by the comments I have been reading so far they are already jumping off of the bandwagon.

  32. By Robert on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Cry babies… The only thing missing from your boo’s is the hoo at the end. Boohoo:(, Season isn’t over. Cards just need to man up which i think they will. The players are probably just as mad as we are. So look for a big game against houston, and Derren, welcome back the strongest right arm for me.

  33. By Eric on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply


    This happens to the CARDINALS every year. It doesn’t happen to the Steelers every year. It doesn’t happen to the Patriots every year. It doesn’t happen to the Giants every year. And with the Cards, it happens SEVERAL TIMES every year, and most of those times are on nationally televised games. We now have TWO embarassing losses AT HOME. We only lost 2 games at home last year and the year before. Now, we start with two home losses right off the bat, one of them a blowout loss on national television. Whiz acts like it’s no big deal, business as usual.

    Is it the end of the world? No.

    Can we come back, win the division, and go to the Super Bowl again? Sure. the 1-2 record isn’t as disappointing as the way they’ve lost, and the fact that they lost these games at home. And the coach’s ho hum postgame attitude and DRC’s big, gold-toothed smile is awful annoying. This is why no one give the Cards any respect. They almost never play up to their potential and they make it VERY HARD to be a Cards fan.

  34. By Zack on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Im not giving up on them yet or ever. It is funny seeing all the band wagon fans. I remember going to autograph events and there being 20 people there, they start winning then at an event this season there are so many people you can’t even take pictures with the players. I just know I’m sick of those fans.

    As far as the play of the team it is disappointing. Our line needs to step it up a bit. Also I know Kurt is a fantastic QB. One of the best. But I think he needs to remember that this isn’t the days of the greatest show on turf and he cant quite make the throws on the run and across his body anymore. I wish he would have thrown that ball away on the 1. Also why did we stop throwing it up to fitz?? Last year on the goal line we would hit that fade in the corner and it was almost automatic. Also it seems like last year we would do a deep one up high and tell fitz to go up and get it and it seemed to jump start us. Are the other defenses triple covering him?? Even if he is I think he could get up and snag it!

  35. By Lucy on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    DRC is still young. I think he is in a sophomore slump. It happens to players. I think part of it is he played really well toward the end of the season and so I think the coaches quit giving him help over the top. Is that true?

    Also I understand why they haven’t played Beanie, as far as he isn’t our passing back and the colts game we had to ditch the run, but I hope to see him more. He seems more explosive the Hightower. I think we could have a solid ground attack with the 2 of them. Will it get to a point where they are getting equal play so we can utilize there strengths, HT ability to catch and make plays on the outside and Beanie pounding the middle?

  36. By db on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    I’m just as disappointed as all of you. I’ve read a lot of these comments and I think there is a lot of blame on the defense right now and there should’nt be. Our defense is an improved defense from last year but you have to remember the basics of this game to see our issues…..if there are major issues on the offensive line, then the quarterback does not have the time he needs to go through his progressions, gets pressured for a quick pass, and you have low time of possession. This makes even the best of defenses tired and open to letting in a lot of points. Our issue is clearly the offensive line, which is causing the whole team to play inconsistent. We have to stay positive though. I agree with some of you about this season not being over yet. Its 3 games! We will be fine. I think this week off is perfect for us right now, and we have to trust the coaching staff to correct mistakes in the line. I think we can definitely pull a 9 or 10 win season. I looked at our only other real threat in San Fran, and I dont think they win more than 8. They dont have as easy a schedule as people think, even though they are improved. Keep the faith. We will be ok.

  37. By Ted on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Darren,

    USA Today misidentifies Jerheme Urban as Darren Urban in this article:

    Thought you’d get a kick out of it.

  38. By darrenurban on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    Ted —

    Believe it or not, I think that’s the second time Jarrett has done that in a USA Today article. Once, when Jerheme was with the Seahawks, “Darren Urban” was named as one of Seattle’s receiving corps.

  39. By Todd on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    Darren, I have been a season ticket holder for 15 years. Coach Whis did some great things in the playoffs last year and we are all thankful for that.

    One thing I do agree on from many posts is the “ho hum” attitude from Coach Whis and the players after an embarrassment like this. I know Coach Whis is a pretty even tempered person but I didn’t see him take any accountability himself for it. Just that he was mad at the players and is going to make them practice more. Was it “the players” who called for a pass on 1st and goal at the 1 yard line? Did he not remember what happened the last time the Cardinals called a pass on the 1 yard line and how it completely changed the momentum of the game?

    I think us long time supporters would like to see a little more anger and passion out of the coaching and team after such and embarrassment. Not a Dennis Green implode but I would have liked someone like Boldin or Coach Whis to get in the media and call out the whole team and coaching for an inept performance. When we pay $4000 a season for two tickets it would be nice to see someone as upset as we are when we are embarrassed on national TV like that.

  40. By darrenurban on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    Todd —

    I understand where you are coming from. And I would expect that the players themselves have gotten plenty of emotion from Whiz behind closed doors. I get how people want to see some emotion — especially anger — from the coach, he believes that is counter-productive. As far as I know he’s never been that guy and he’s not going to change now.

    And just FYI, it was indeed a player who called for the pass at the 1, which I wrote in a couple of places yesterday. The play call was a run, but Warner had the option to check into a pass if the Colts stuffed the box, which they did. So Warner changed to a pass — one that would have been wide open to Boldin had he not been grabbed and held as he turned back on the route.

  41. By Matthew Edwards on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Darrin ; ),
    Why do get so mad at me for mispelling wisennut’s name and not comment on the content of the post? Are you perhaps one of the powder-puff reporters that didn’t ask any real questions? Are you scared of trying to get at the truth? Don’t want to upset anyone at the top? You sure didn’t have any problem lobbing a grenade at me… Why don’t you try doing your job and throw some of that aggression at the coaching staff, get some brass ones and ask questions that would include answers that people really want to hear about. Anyone can sit back and write an article about what they saw. As a reporter should you be able to get answers to questions that were not completely obvious to anyone watching the game. How old are you, 16? that reply to my post sure made you like it. What a loser….

  42. By darrenurban on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    Matt —

    All I was doing was pointing out that you didn’t spell the name right. Perhaps it was on purpose because you’re angry at the coach. Regardless of your frustration with Whisenhunt, I do think he’s earned enough respect to have his name spelled correctly.

    I also think, after working in this business for almost 20 years, that it is incredibly easy for someone to sit back and rip on “powder-puff reporters” for not asking questions when the person doing the ripping has never been in those circumstances.

  43. By old cards fan on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    the cards offense are better suited for the no-huddle/2 minute drill because of a week o-line just take a look at their only touchdown in the colts game. the cards need to put up at least 25 point a game

  44. By Robert on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply


    Hey man agree with you. If you watch it happen every year, why is it a big suprise to everyone. We have all the tools to be a playoff team, but we lack the swagger of a playoff team. Just Because coach Whiz isn’t saying everything that comes to his mind to the media, doesn’t mean he isn’t saying it to the players.

    Sorry for mis spelling your name Darren. I think my blood sugar was low or something.

  45. By Tim Hodges on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    We had over 6 months to game plan for Sunday night’s game. Did anyone bother to listen to Edge when he said they only run 5 pass plays and 5 running plays. (perhaps there is a real lesson to be learned from the KISS approach to football) The play calling on both sides of the ball looked like we were still in the pre-season trying a little of this and a little of that. Time for an offensive coordinator who will work with Warner and put in the 100 hour week necessary to win in the NFL.

    I’m disappointed that Wiz didn’t take more responsibility. Sure DRC got beat, but how about building his confidence instead of calling him out on a blown coverage. Gandy was the only Card I saw consistently get beat. How about a little help, a tight end, roll the play the other way, keep in a back, on and on. They waited until we were 3 scores down. What’s up with Grimm? Where were the screen plays that work so well to Boldin, on and on. Maybe that would have slowed the all out sprint to Warner.

    Manning is a great QB and now I can say I saw him play, but we should have done better. I put this one mostly on the coaches.

    One more thing. What good has it done to get on Beanie about his 2 fumbles. He’s played football all of his life. I’m pretty sure that he knows the deal and jumping his case is only going to make him think more about that unexpected hit and less about running to daylight. Another coaching issue

  46. By Ut cards fan on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    Not being able to watch many of the Cards games here in Utah I was very excited to finally get to see them play in a prime time game.. All week I was bragging them up and telling everyone that they are still the team to beat. Boy did I get a lot of grief when I got to work. I will support my team win or lose no matter what. But their perfomance out there this weekend was not what they are all capiable of and WE all know that. Yes there were some poor play calling, yes we missed coverage and tackles, our o-line looked horrible. But hey its something to go to the locker room and review the films and watch what they have been doing wrong and make adjustments. We are 1-2 we should be happy that we are that and not 0-3. Warner had not time to get settled in the pocket to do what he does best. We all know he is not the type that likes to throw those little 5 yard passes, Fitz was covered like no other once again. Although the pass in the end zone were the type that he like, just missed it. So what. I do on the other hand agree that we have two RB’s that can be explosive if given the oppurtunity and the right blocks and they have both shown that.. I will defend Wells on at least one of his fumbles. When you have a guy slamming into full speed and his helmet hits the ball what do you expect to happen?? Although making him carry a football everywhere is kinda funny. Perhaps they should do the same to Hightower seeing how he had two fumbles as well one on the goal line. So lets not be so quick to judge and pull our flags down or hanging our jerseys up. They are our team and win or lose we need to stand by them. There is no team if they have fans that are always bad mouthing them.. I mean look at the Lions. They have pretty much 0 fan support what do you think that does to a teams moral? I mean I have been trying to get my finaces squared away to get tickets to the Cards vs Panthers game for this November win or lose.. Not going to happen but thats a story all on its own and doesnt belong here. But I would go even if I was the only one in the stands in a red jersey. So everyone quit your crying buck up and realize that we still have an entire season ahead of us! So hang your flags put on your jersey and paint your face. At least everyone there in AZ has some support. I am in Utah driving around with the Cards logo in my back window.. Sorry for the rant but I cant stand reading everyones crying and everyone that is so quick to throw in the towel

  47. By Aaron on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    How can anyone reasonably expect a reporter to public rip his employer? He’s not a sports reporter focusing on the Cards, he IS a Cards reporter and makes public reports that are bolder than I’d do about my employer and our employees.

    That said, I would like to see something from you (Darren) honestly evaluating the performance of our primary free agent signing McFadden and the other DBs besides DRC. McFadden gives up a lot of big passes, Rolle looks even worse trying to do all his shoestring tackles and why did we resign AW to turn around and use him like any other strong safety in the league? It’s AW for crying out loud, if he’s gonna get fined it should be for a QB blitz like he is so well known, respected and feared for and I don’t see him being used like that nearly as much.

  48. By darrenurban on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    Aaron —

    Trying to have some family time so I may have to get to all the evaluations tomorrow. But I will say Whisenhunt commented on Wilson, at least for the Colts game, noting that Adrian has been playing back more because the injury to Matt Ware has forced the defense to tweak some of its packages. When Ware is healthy, Wilson and Rolle operate in the dime package more as a linebacker and slot corner respectively while Ware mans the deep part of the field.

  49. By DVL on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply

    Teams have always been able to tease Warner into taking downfield chances. He hates taking the easy throw. I played with a QB like that and he did the same thing. I’d be wide open with 40 yards free to run and he’d try to throw 40 yards downfield into tight coverage instead. Warner was successful last season because he put the reins on himself and took what the defense gave and rarely allowed himself to get sucked into getting greedy. Move the chains. There will days when that’s all that is available and days when he gets multiple deep passes.

  50. By rusty on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply

    I have seen little to no talk about the lack of adjustments made by the coaching staff during the game. Why didnt they bring a tight end in to help protect warner? Gandy and Brown were obiviously lacking the skill to block one on one and didnt get much help. I’ll take my chances with Fitz, Q, and stevie b when warner has time to throw. Does he really need urbhan to be out there?

  51. By darrenurban on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply

    Rusty —

    Don’t forget, the Cardinals were most successful last year in multiple receiver sets, and in the four-wideout look, Jerheme Urban is the fourth guy. There are arguments both ways. I understand why people want extra people to stay in and block. But Warner has said before he is most comfortable with 4 and 5 receivers, allowing him to find a crack in the defense. Of course, he has to be protected from the rush in that case. I think it’s more complicated than just saying the Cards should bring in a tight end as an extra blocker.

  52. By Tony on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply

    If you are ready to give up after three games, You were never a fan to start off with. In my book nobody made the playoffs in three games. The defense made some mistakes. The offense turn the ball over in the red zone. All these things can be fixed. Don’t lose hope. After last season, How could you. Stay focus, Things will come around. Have fate. I have for 34 years, I am not about to give up now.

  53. By Todd on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply

    Darren, not to be picky but if that play had an “option” to let players change a run to a pass on first and goal at the one then it is a bad play and still a coaching issue. That play should have been a run for at least two downs with no “options” to change it to a pass. If the Cardinals can’t get 1 yard running on 2 or 3 downs, they don’t deserve to be a contender for the playoffs.

    Thank you very much for the insight though. I really appreciate what you have done with the web site and you taking the time to respond directly to Cardinal faithful on this site. That is an awesome perk for us! Take care and keep up the good work! I really love what you have done since you took over. Tell the Bidwills I said that we love what you have done!………..:)

  54. By darrenurban on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply

    Todd —

    I understand where you are coming from. I’ll have to defer to the NFL guys on this one.

    As far as the compliments, thanks. Hopefully my bosses will have the time to read your comments. 🙂

  55. By Dave on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply

    Obviously there are times the coach should take care of the game plan and do what needs to be done instead of allowing for Warner to be “comfortable”.

    He didn’t look too comfortable scrambling backwards all night with Gandy and Brown floundering

  56. By Matthew Edwards on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply

    So you’re saying that the circumstances in the press conferences are such that reporters can’t ask any tough quetions to the coach?
    Is this some kind of unspoken rule? What’s the purpose of having a post press conference if we’re not going to learn anyhthing from it? Because everyone else does it? You’re probably saying what’s the big deal? Get over it already. But it’s the little things like this that go unanswered that drive me crazy. People just fall into line and never question why. Your answer that I’ve never been in your situation so don’t knock it is incedibly pathetic. If you feel that the situation is that way, that you can’t question the managment or coaching staff or get fired, then break the mold and stand tall. I would atleast respect you for trying, but to think that’s the way it is and I’m not going to be the exception is not good.
    I grew up in Dallas and I know that reporters can ask tough questions there. People tune in and expect the reporters to atleast try and get some answers to the tough questions. You’re are only link to the coaching staff…. If you don’t do it then we go without. Maybe that’s the way they want it and have made that clear to the reporters, but that doesn’t mean you should just bend over and take it. By the way, I grew up around TV and reporters. My dad managed the largest independantly owned television company (11 stations) in the nation with Eddy Gaylord and I worked the news department and I majored in communications in college. I then got a second degree in technology, manage websites and run my own computer store so your comment on not being in those circumstances doesn’t really hold water. The website here shows you as being the website manager not a reporter. So are you at the press conferences and if so what is your background in reporting? And what do you feel is the reason behind the reporters, not just you, not asking any tough questions? Should we not tune in for the press conferences anymore? I mean really, I would like to know…How about giving me alist of the other reporters at the press conference so I can ask them as well. Maybe this needs to be elevated so we don’t have to sit through another boring unanswered worthless press conference again.

  57. By darrenurban on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply

    Matt —

    I never said tough questions shouldn’t be asked. Maybe I’m not clear on what you are asking? Are you asking for specific topics to be covered that were not? Or are you saying that, if we don’t like the answer Whisenhunt delivers, we should get confrontational? If it’s the former, I want to know what questions weren’t asked Monday. (And in truth, we should probably be having this discussion over e-mail: — please drop me a line and we could go from there).

    I apologize for missing your background, but before you wonder about me, I covered this team for a newspaper since 2000 before moving to the team in 2007 and was in newspapers starting before I graduated college in 1992, so I feel confident I know the subject on which I am speaking.

    Listen, I never said you had poor arguments. Like I said, I want to know what information you’re seeking. Because some people (and I am not saying this is you) right now seem like they are plain angry and even answers to the questions won’t change that (and, by the way, every one of these comments has to be approved by me, so I kind of feel if I was soft, I’d just deny them. But I think as long as it’s reasoned, every fan deserves a say).

  58. By Robert on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply


    Get over yourself:)

  59. By Eazy E on Oct 1, 2009 | Reply

    The Colts game was disappointing, but at the start, our d was playing well. I think when Dockett was out those few plays, it was sortive like a mental uh-oh! Alan Branch did play pretty well in those few plays, hitting peyton’s elbow to force an easy pick by Antrel Rolle, But against the best qb in the game right now, you need all your pass rushers or you’re blood in the water to him.Our o-line didnt play well but we should have got gandy and levi more help. Those are two beasts over there, if that means more tight ends, so be it or even bridges being a te or extra tackle to help block. Larry and Anquan can get open by themselves, on just them two out wide. Gandy and Levi got beat repeatedly unfortunately.

  60. By richard Mckeever on Oct 2, 2009 | Reply

    It doesn’t matter who’s at running back until we have a line that can open clean holes. That was the poorest functiong offensive line I’ve seen on any team from any of the games I’ve watched. They were on their heels fro the gitgo! It looked like we didn’t know the snap count! Coach Whiz needs to let the coordinator do his job on offense. We will not have a passing game until we have protection – it was all pitiful! It isn’t a wheel that needs oiling the whole machine needs an overhaul! What is the Off. Line Coach teaching???? or trying to accomplish – nothing of value as I see it!

  61. By Darog on Oct 4, 2009 | Reply

    Horrible game!!! Ken – come on – let’s change up the plays more, take some risks – same old Card offense! Let’s do more passing to Fitz – Hell, call every play to him, he can catch anything thrown around him – call longer pass plays on first down sometimes, the run plays just aren’t cutting the mustard!!! And please, can we get some consistency going – the Jag game and Colts game were like night and day. I’m also going to go skitzo if they keep this up!!!

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