No Beisel and the end of the week

Posted by Darren Urban on October 1, 2009 – 1:16 pm

The Cardinals have wrapped up practice for the week — they’ll be back together Monday — so here are a couple of things to get to, besides DRC’s fractured finger.

— The Cardinals aren’t going to get LB Monty Beisel. Said GM Rod Graves in a text message from the road, “MB does not fit into our plans. We won’t be re-signing him.”

— The mood seemed a little lighter all the way around Thursday at the workout. I’m sure some will wish the Cardinals stayed angry from the Colts’ loss, but that rarely happens in the NFL, where the players are taught to let the previous game go — win or loss — by Tuesday night. Sometimes, the irritation to coaches or players lasts through that first practice of the week, but usually by Thursday everyone has moved on. The Cards have done that.

“It was a very emotional loss for us because we have a lot of proud players on this team and it was embarassing the way we played,” coach Ken Whisenhunt said. “It’s tough when you go into a bye week having to deal with that. But I feel it puts our focus where it needs to be.”

— Whisenhunt will stay in town, watch his son play high school football Friday night, and then he’ll watch NFL football Sunday. He’ll try to do it as a fan, but inevitably, he said, he’ll fail.

“It’s hard not to watch it as a coach,” Whisenhunt said. “I try to watch it as a fan but then you start thinking about plays or looks you are seeing. I think that’s the natural reaction.”

Of course, Whisenhunt said the top two games he’ll be watching just happen to be the next two teams on the Cardinals’ schedule: The Texans (home against Oakland) and the Seahawks (at Indianapolis).

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10 Responses to “No Beisel and the end of the week”

  1. By tom manoogian on Oct 1, 2009 | Reply

    been a cards for over 40 years,so i am in class that probably does not have a big group of people in it.seen it all ,good and bad,and last year was a blast at the end.this year so far not so good but a long way to my opinion,we need to get more pressure on qb,but our corners can’t play 12-15 yards away receivers,you will never cover slants that way,you can’t get pressure that quick so they are easy throws to complete.i felt in colts game we were not staying in our assigned areas,so even outside runs were not able to contain because people were all over.if it is going to take a game each year that embarrasses us to play better,let’s play real bad last p game.this division is ours for the taking,but offensively,get fitz the ball,we have to find time to get these guys the ball,if we can’t find time to do that,then shorten the routes and go for yards after catch.if i was not one to forgive,how could i be a cards fan for over 40 years.the buy week should do us good,get home field back and let’s get this thing rolling.i sit in my chair,and i usually tell guys over what’s coming. if it is that clear to me,it has to clear for our opponents whats coming.come on guys,don’t give away what you worked your rears off for last year go down the already know what happens when you outplay the other guys for 60 minutes does,last year it got you to the superbowl.i live and die cards football,and by what i see in the stadium with fans i am not alone,you have worked hard for that,but probably not harder than i work in 50-60 hour weeks for a lot less money,and have to work other odd jobs so i can afford to buy nfl package each year to watch all games,so if each one of you say after each game i gave all i had,then i got my money’s worth,and as a fan that’s all i ask.–go cards

  2. By vsancards on Oct 1, 2009 | Reply

    @Tom well said.

    Been a fan since ’93 so you have about 25 years on me! Still last year was great, and whatever the team did, get back to that and play well. If everyone looks back at those playoff games the Cards were not perfect in every game. They just made plays when we had to have it.

    I also agree on the CBs playing 12-15 yards off. Darren is there any way you can ask B. Davis about it? I’m sure there is something the lay fan is not seeing, but it just seems to simple, dump it out to the wideout for 5-8 easy yards.

  3. By Big Red on Oct 1, 2009 | Reply

    Tom. I know how you feel,I’ve been a cards fan since the days back in Chicago. Also, I drive 400 miles each game. So, wake up cardinals or at least pay my gas.

  4. By Ryan on Oct 2, 2009 | Reply

    The CB’s are playing 10 yrs off the WR’s because they are trying to not give up the big play and get beat down field. Unfortunately DRC and others are still blowing it because theres a lot of air between them ears. You can have all the talent in the world but if your not football smart, its wasted. We are seeing that firsthand with our D.

  5. By Dirak on Oct 2, 2009 | Reply

    I think DRC’s mistake are overburdened on him. 3-4 has many blitz packages and that leaves man coverage. I bet there is no corner in NFL which can straight out beat the WR on every play of man coverage, may be N. Asomugha. My point being, DRC’s mistake happened to result in TD’s and that put a question mark on him. I bet if the QB was not Manning or if there was enough pressure on the QB to make it less easy for the2nd year CB, his mistakes wouldn’t have been any more different from any othen NFL CB’s. He can improve in reading plays and adjusting himself to the WR route but speed is something DRC was born with.

    As far as MLB is concerned, I think V. Hobson has more potential than M. Biesel. Why not resign him?

    KC should also fire Todd Hailey so we can have him back as Offensive coordinator where the QB and WR’s made him look better and he made them look better (on paper). That’s unlikely, I know. But still, GO CARDINALS.

  6. By Tim on Oct 2, 2009 | Reply

    “…and it was embarassing the way we played” coach Ken Whisenhunt said

    How about: It was embarassing how poorly I preparred my team for this national spot light game and how poor my game plan was and how I couldn’t make any adjustments.

    If we aren’t going to have an offensive coordinator, why not let Warner go no huddle and just wing it to Larry, Q and Breaston with the occasional quick draw or screen to the electrifying Beanie. Couldn’t do worse and it would be alot more entertaining.

  7. By Ryan on Oct 2, 2009 | Reply

    Yes i agree, we need to run the no huddle 2 to 3 times a game. We always score when Kurt spreads it out and calls his own plays.

  8. By Javier Montoya on Oct 2, 2009 | Reply

    Keeping the no huddle to a minimum is good because of the looks catching people off guard. You don’t want to just bust out your no huddle offense up and down the field. The game plan was good until the execution failed. We’re talking being up 14 to nothing at one point if we had executed. We can spread em out without the no huddle. We did that all last year. DRC just needs to be more disciplined because when you blitz all out the risk you take is 15 to 20 yards and him being out of position is giving up the huge plays and touchdowns. You learn the most from failure and he’s had enough of that. He’ll get better. Stay positive fans. Its early and the NFL is tough a job in the world that exists as far as being successful. We have the players and coach Whisenhunt should not be questioned when he’s helped these players learn what success really means. We are still in growth. CARDINALS FOOTBALL

  9. By M. Abernathy on Oct 3, 2009 | Reply

    There is one issue I have not seen in this listing and that is we were beaten by a superior football team, the Colts. Manning could read DRC all the way and abused him. That comes from planning and experience. The offensive line was overwhelmed by the rushing attack. If we need to point fingers, it is that the Cardinals have the tools to beat most teams in the NFL, but they were over matched. This was a wake-up call that could not have come at a better time. Adjustments are needed at defense. Go back to what worked in 2008. Protection is needed on offense; don’t let the pocket collapse around Warner, rotate guards constantly. Be unpredictable, rotate Lienart in and out; teams may not have prepared for his attack style. Use Hightower and Wells on short passes. Put the quick little guy on kickoff returns and punts. Keep the plays in the middle and use Fitzgerald as a decoy until he gets one on one coverage.

  10. By shannon robinson on Oct 3, 2009 | Reply

    I am hoping for more strong formation running plays like Beanie behind Kreider on first and second downs and Beanie behind Wright on 3rd down and five. Maybe give Brandon Keith a start or let’s see the Human Planet. I’d like third and three to be a running play for us. Anthony Becht was brought in here to block – let’s go for it on the ground. It’ll give Kurt time.

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