Back to work Monday

Posted by Darren Urban on October 5, 2009 – 2:14 pm

The Cardinals looked “fresh … fresher than they did” at practice today, coach Ken Whisenhunt said, and I supposed that’s the point of a three-day weekend. That was the main theme of Monday. Injuries weren’t a topic — with no injury report until Wednesday, Whisenhunt did not get into the specific health of his team — although when talking about CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who Whisenhunt had said last week fractured a finger, the coach mentioned DRC should be practicing Wednesday.

On the subject of DRC, Whisenhunt agreed that the young corner had fallen back into some bad habits. Even DRC has talked about how he is still learning. Whisenhunt also said he felt the idea DRC seemed to understand his shortcomings was a good sign. Then again, DRC needs to take that self-awareness and use it to advance his game.

Generally, though, the Cardinals are trying to move ahead toward the rest of the season rather than looking back. The Colts’ game seems like such a long time ago. Whisenhunt talked about going to a sports bar Sunday to watch some games and being pleased with how well the fans received him. Now the Cards (and Adrian Wilson, below) will try to repay the kindness with some wins.


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  1. By Dirak on Oct 6, 2009 | Reply

    Here comes a very crucial game. Its early but 2-2 is much better position to keep a close eye on san fran. Clearly the Texans could be beaten on air. If Garrard did it, I think a crippled Kurt can still pick ’em apart. It’s time we start adjusting to other teams philosophy and game plan. Let’s not gamble alot with Hightower and Wells this time. A combination of MLB ryan, and DE’s Williams and Smith could shut down Tim’s outside runs. Now would be a great time to go no huddle and take a shot on flea flickers and deep play action passes. By the way, if our blitz package is not affecting the QB (as in colts game), its time we try zone coverage to help shut down Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub. If DRC is taking on A. Johnson, he needs to take his speed in to his advantage and try readjusting quicker than he used to. If we slow their pass, there won’t be a problem stopping their run. Really, I would advice any RB to never attempt inside run towards Dockett and outside towards Dansby.

  2. By Robert? on Oct 6, 2009 | Reply

    We had a blitz package in the Colts game?

  3. By rob on Oct 6, 2009 | Reply

    You had better get Hightower and Wells going on the ground! If you dont, Williams and Co. will Tee off on sitting duck Warner. A good ground game means lots of time in the pocket, which means great numbers for Warner and the big 3 wrs.

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