The commercial value of Fitz

Posted by Darren Urban on October 7, 2009 – 2:35 pm

Much of the talk today after practice was concerning Larry Fitzgerald vs. Texans WR Andre Johnson. Eventually, it came around to dueling commericals — Fitz for IHOP, and Johnson for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Fitz might as well been on a late-night talk show as he launched the one-liners. 

“He made a lot tougher catches than I did,” Fitzgerald said. “He was catching a hoagie. I was just catching coffee mugs. … His commerical was better because he got to talk. He got to show his personality and stuff. I just had to keep my mouth shut.”

(That may be true on the final product, although Fitz clearly shot extra stuff where he did talk. But we don’t want to get in the way of a good story of the poor, underused Fitz on the set).

“I had a line actually, but they said I didn’t do a good job with it,” Fitz added, with sympathy growing. “That’s all right though, I am happy you guys (meaning the media) allow me to work with you. I am happy for the opportunity.”

What about catching the fresh coffee? “It was hot, I burned my hand a couple of times,” Fitz quipped. “But you have to go out and deal with the pain.”

And for your efforts, what’d you get? A million dollars? Free pancakes for life? “No, I got like two gift certificates and thanks for my services and go on home.”

Yeah, I’m guessing not so much.

It has to invite people to chuck stuff at you when you go to IHOP though, right? “They don’t throw things at me,” Fitzgerald said, still smiling. “I go in from time to time but they are off-beat hours. People aren’t throwing too many things. I’m signing napkins and stuff. That’s all.”


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