Seeing Edge again

Posted by Darren Urban on October 15, 2009 – 8:58 am

The end for Edgerrin James’ time in Arizona was long expected before it actually happened, a drawn-out process in which the running  back became a prime contributor to the Cards’ Super Bowl run before he was eventually released right after the Cards drafted Beanie Wells in April’s draft. After that, it came out that his significant other and mother to his children had passed away after a long battle with leukemia — something Edge dealt with all last season with many (including most of his teammates) in the dark about the situation.

The Cards will see Edge again Sunday, since James signed with the Seahawks as a reserve running back. It’s odd in some ways, since Edge always insisted he wasn’t a backup, but maybe reality — both in the form of his personal tragedy and the business of the NFL when it comes to an older running back — put that better into focus. He has 105 yards on 37 carries playing behind Julius Jones, apparently adding something other than yards to the team.

“He is great in the locker room,” Seahawks coach Jim Mora said. “Great attitude. He has accepted his role. That doesn’t mean he necessarily likes it. He obviously wants to carry the football. But he has not been a distraction at all.”

Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner admitted “it’ll be weird seeing him on the other side of the field.” Defensive lineman Darnell Dockett said he was looking forward to seeing Edge, but he downplayed that there would be a heightened sense of trash-talking.

“I talk to everybody,” Dockett said. “I’ve got my way of speaking, my own language that I use to guys, it don’t matter who I’m playing against.”

As for Edge, he not surprisingly is playing down the reunion. The Seahawks played James’ other former team, the Colts, two weeks ago, and Edge acknowledged that carried more weight with him.

“Indianapolis was a little different (because) I had so many years there,” James said. “But it’s football. You go out and play football and you do what you’ve got to do. It’s not that big a deal. It’s a football game.”

Edge never struck me as the grudge-holding type — hey, life’s too short, and Edge always seemed to get that — and so it also wasn’t surprising that he said there is no extra motivation (and besides, in his role, it’s not like he will even have a chance to, say, try and hang a 150-yard rushing day on his ex-mates). He did say the way it ended in Arizona gave him zero regrets because “it worked out perfect for me.”

“I had personal things I needed to deal with,” James said. “That was my main focus. So I was able to deal with those things. Football was secondary.”



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14 Responses to “Seeing Edge again”

  1. By JG on Oct 15, 2009 | Reply

    we shoulda kept this dude.. our running game sorely misses him…

  2. By Trips Right on Oct 15, 2009 | Reply

    When we are rushing the ball an average of only 15 times per game with our backs, you can’t say we miss Edge in the running game. Game plans are dictating throw and the run game never gets a legit opportunity. Lets be honest, Beanie is the guy, and Hightower is a 3rd down/ short yardage back. He reminds me some of Centers when he was here. Until we start making a SERIOUS effort at running the ball, I will reserve my judgment of whether or not we truly miss edge. The one area we do miss him in I’ll admit is in pass blocking.

  3. By ben on Oct 15, 2009 | Reply

    “To JG”

    I am not sure what you mean by “Our running game sorely misses him”

    What would Edge have looked better than Beannie and THT on the sideline last Sunday? When you only run two running plays, two were sneaks by Warner, how in heck does a RB make a difference?

    PEOPLE it is not the RB’s it is the PLAYCALLING. A RB cannot run for 100+ yards from the sideline. When will people get that you have to run 20+ times a game to even compare what your running game is to other teams. This is getting rediculous. We have two RB averaging very good yards. Give them the ball and lets see what our running game “sorely misses”.

  4. By Eric on Oct 15, 2009 | Reply

    NO, we shouldn’t have kept him.

    He was paid $5 million to block. THT is doing a good job replacing him,.

    He complained about blocking, complained about not being the workhorse running back. Then he gets cut and takes an 80% PAY CUT to do the things he was just complaining about! Now he has 105 yards on 37 carries? What a joke!

    I liked him, for about $2 million/year he was good. But for $5 million? He made out like a bandit. Reality check time.

  5. By Javier Montoya on Oct 15, 2009 | Reply

    Edge was awesome for Tim Hightower in helping him develop and he had a great run with us in the Super Bowl and those are the things missed. With Beanie and Tim we have everything we need at that position though. Fresh, fast, legs. Remember in Jacksonville we had a great day rushing the football? Why? Because we shred it up in the pass game. We need to get that more consistent and then running the ball will be a lot easier. Thats how we do it here in AZ with Kurt, Larry, Anquan, and Steve. As far as I know those three have a little more credibility than Tim and Beanie. Our pass game is what opens the run. We don’t need to tear it up in the run game to win we just need success in our attempts so we can stay balanced and confusing. Just like in Jacksonville and the playoffs last year.

  6. By SmoothcardGA on Oct 15, 2009 | Reply

    Javier Montoya

    Well I can’t really say the passing game opened the run in the JAX game. Our running backs were running well early before the fumbles.

    We don’t have the commitment in the run game to get those 10 carries for 100 yards type days. Most Backs get a bunch of short gains the break one. Which is exactly what THT’s been doing. He’ll get get a 4 or 5 yarder then 10 yarder then a no gain play (usually a draw or sweep). We’ve run well behind the FB and thats what Wells and THT are comfortable with (from what I’ve seen of them in College and the NFL. No one’s saying be a dominant run team because we have those WR. But why not make the offense more dangerous. Early last year we we’re so great at scoring in the redzone because when we got to the goalline we punched it in with the run game. Then we started faltering because we got too pass happy and became too much of a finesse team. THT had like 7 rushing TDs by week 8… He finished the season with only 10… I know you want the ball in our WRs hands but we have to make this offense more then just FITZ, BOLDIN, and BREASTON. We’ve got more weapons then that. IF we can adjust the offense for the WRs, we can do that for the RBs too.

  7. By nor cal cards fan on Oct 15, 2009 | Reply

    Edge never put the ball on the ground[with the one exception being in Carolina last reg.seaon] Everybody needs to recognize what this guy did for our team.He did everything he possibly could to help the Cards go to the super bowl while at the same time knowing his significant other and mother of his children was dying from leukimia. Imagine the heartache.But he still gave it his all like a pro. Without Edge runnning hard we don’t even get past Atlanta in the first round last year.Ask anybody on the team.Much respect to Edge! I hope he can move up to 7th or 8th on the all time rushing list, but like Coach Whiz said, i just hope he doesn’t do well against us.And i hope his team doesn’t make the playoffs,obviously. Go Cards! Let Seattle know it’s still our division.

  8. By Lacardsfan on Oct 16, 2009 | Reply

    To Nor Cal Cards:

    2 fumbles last year
    5 the year before that
    3 the year before that

    The problem was not how much Edge fumbled but WHEN Edge fumbled.

    Three right of the top of my head without researching:

    The Carolina game that you mentioned
    At Washington (Most inopportune time)
    and the Monday night Bears fiasco where he was the catalyst that started the whole mess. God I hate even bringing up that game

  9. By Javier Montoya on Oct 16, 2009 | Reply

    Smoothcard GA

    I feel you for sure bro. I think this offense could be top in the league with a fat run game. I think that may be coming with more work but in the mean time we have to win before any of that ends up mattering too much. I think our pass game is still a little out of sink mostly from the lack of protection. For me its more like our strength is still lacking consistency. So I think talking about running the ball is blown out too much. Maybe the line is off in protection from working more on run gaps. I don’t know because I’m no coach for sure but I know its hard to improve your weaknesses when you still lack confidence in your strengths.

  10. By SmoothcardGA on Oct 16, 2009 | Reply

    Javier Montoya

    Its protection problems stem from not trying to run. Our guys aren’t exactly nimble so if the defense get to pass rush every down you get yourself in trouble. Levi was a run blocking LT out of college, now he’s on the right side and asked to pass block every play. Running the ball with some continuity will help negate some of that pass rush. And Levi has been a pretty good run blocker when he’s been asked too. Its not that everyone wants to see us run 30-40 times a game but we’ve seen what they can do with some balance. I think Ron Jorowski would say it best. With some balance in the run game you get explosive plays in the passing game.

  11. By Javier Montoya on Oct 16, 2009 | Reply

    Smoothcard GA

    Haha I can’t deny with the reference to Jaws bro! We were just so good in the past at pass protection that I’m not buying we need the run for that. No doubt we do need balance though and I hope my opinions have not misconstrued that. You’re right about 30-40 attempts thing and I don’t think anyone here is saying that but you just want to strait up commit to it for a game to get it going and I feel you for that. I just don’t want to see us lose games trying to put something together. We have to win to be in the playoffs.

  12. By SmoothcardGA on Oct 17, 2009 | Reply

    Javier Montoya

    I understand what your say man lol. Its act almost as if the run game can’t help at all. Kurt Warner was the most hit QB last year. And that came from not having to consider the run. And also we have more weapons then just Fitz, Boldin, and Breaston. So why not use them? Our RBs can be productive if given a chance and then we’d really be able to get goin in the passing game.

  13. By nor cal cards fan on Oct 17, 2009 | Reply

    Lacardsfan- While i respect your opinion as a fellow Cards fan, i’m going to have to strongly disagree with your post.First of all, how many times did Edge fumble in the playoffs and Super Bowl when it counted the most and he got the majority of the carries? ZERO.Secondly, you stated that Edge had a total of ten fumbles over the course of three WHOLE seasons.Thats an average of about 3.3 fumbles per season.Last time i checked, Beanie and Timmy combined for 3 fumbles in the first three games of THIS season.I would take Edge’s average over that any day, what about you? And the mention of inopportune timing? I would say fumbling inside the red zone is about as inopportune as it comes.Timmy and Beanie have both done it already this year.Timmy’s fumble against the Colts when we were about to go up 10-0 changed the whole momentum of the game.Last, but certainly not least,is your mention of the Bears MNF loss.For you to say Edge was the “catalyst” of that Bears loss is just flat out ridiculous.We lost that game because Denny Green choked as the head coach in the second half, and it basically cost him his job.Everybody knows that.I suppose your also going to blame Edge for Devin Hesters punt return for a TD and Rackers missing the game winning field goal at the end of the game? It’s time for eveybody to quit drinking the Edge haterade

  14. By TucsonCardsFan on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    Edge was great but when a RB hits 30 it’s time to go.

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