Whiz talks the day after

Posted by Darren Urban on October 26, 2009 – 2:17 pm

A few quick notes after coach Ken Whisenhunt’s day-after press conference:

— It’ll be a wait-and-see with DRC and his bad ankle (Whiz called it a “low sprain”). That’s no surprise. S Antrel Rolle did have some soreness in his left arch, but Whiz doesn’t expect that to be a problem. He also said WR Anquan Boldin, while sore late in the game with his bad ankle, didn’t have any setbacks. He should practice more this week, Whisenhunt said.

— Whisenhunt is tired today — that’s what happens when you get back to the team facility around 5 a.m. and there is still a game to plan for the next week — but happy. “What I like is we are in the same place we were last year” at 4-2, he said.

— Beanie Wells is not going to be the starter anytime soon (more on that story later today on the homepage). But he will continue to get more work. Whisenhunt made three things clear: Beanie is explosive and a day when he breaks out is coming for some unsuspecting opponent; the fumbles, especially in the limited amount of carries, is not going to help him with playing time (although he acknowledged Tim Hightower has to be careful too); and there will continue to be a running back rotation, including Jason Wright, so it’s unlikely Wells is going to end up getting 25 carries a game.

— There were questions about that last three-pass-plays-and-punt possession and why Whiz didn’t run more. Whisenhunt acknowledged he saw a matchup on a pass with Fitz and an overmatched DB and he wanted to go for the kill shot and end the Giants’ hopes. Instead, the Giants switched some things and in the end, the pass was batted down at the line. In hindsight, Whisenhunt realized he should have run a  bit more but he is always leery of losing aggressiveness in his playcalling.

P.S. For those interested, Sports 620 KTAR is replaying the game’s radio broadcast starting tonight at 6 p.m.

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14 Responses to “Whiz talks the day after”

  1. By Vaegrin on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    With the Cardinals running as well as they were, I certainly wouldn’t have minded seeing more runs towards the end. But I for one am glad to see that Whisenhunt isn’t going to lose aggressiveness in the second half just because the team’s ahead. Too many teams blow leads by becoming too conservative in the fourth quarter.

    A three and out always makes passing look like a bad decision when you’re ahead in the fourth quarter. But in that situation, if anything, running the ball tends to make that three and out even more likely. It so happened that this time, the pass plays didn’t work and run plays probably would have been better and less risky. It could just as easily have happened that the Cardinals put that nail in the coffin they were looking for.

  2. By chris Sid on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Loved walking out of Giant Stadium after a win. For any Cards fan living in the North East, it was such a different and exhilarating experience. Going to games in DC, Baltimore, Philly and NJ has been very difficult at times. What a hard fought well deserved victory by the Cardinals!!!! Keep up the good work. I want to say I saw at least 7 straight losses live before last night. Go Cardinals!!!!!

  3. By betltlebuggs on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    I can see I’m not alone sometimes!!!! I’m here in PHILLY and I’m blasted constantly with the LOOSER LABEL ever since this SUPERBOWL thing started!!!! I’m just esstatic over our NEW WORLD ORDER that none of the DEION SANDERS TYPE of MEDIA CLOWNS want to relinqish !!!!!!! SHAME ON THEM !!!! FOR EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY!!!! OUR TIME IS NOW!!!!!! SHOCK THE WORLD !!!! GOooo CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. By PhxRocker on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Chris Sid-

    Thanks for being a true Cardinals fan, even though you don’t live in Phx. It had to have been hard in the past, most likely taking a lot of crap in those other stadiums being a Cards fan. We are having the last laugh now, my brother.

  5. By az1965 on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    Why isn’t Whiz’s Monday presser clip posted?

  6. By darrenurban on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    az1965 —

    It’s just not on the home page because Whiz spoke for so long — 25 minutes — and there are issues for a video of that length. The archive is available, however. Get that by clicking here.

  7. By Fitz, New Pre-Maddona? on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    Is Fitzgerald the new Pre-Maddona? I dont know if anyone has noticed, compared to last year, it seems every pass that Fitz drops he does a 360 and crys for a flag to be thrown. Last year when he missed a catch he “casually” got up and walked away from the play. Then, a flag was thrown. This year, he drops the ball (not because of defensive pass interferance, but) because of great coverage and feels entitled.

    Darren Urban Relay this message:

    Fitz, you are the best reciever in this league. Start acting like it. You know that the ball isn’t going to get thrown to you because of double coverages. So, anytime that it does get thrown to you (which will be limited) you need to make the catch. How its going to benefit your team? Defenses are going to know that the limited passes to you are going to get caught. And then its only going to open stuff up for your buddies. Right now, your getting covered tight. But its not tight enough for you not to make a play. MAKE THE CATCH! THATS WHO YOU ARE. LARRY “SUPERMAN” FITZGERALD. MAKES THE IMPOSSIBLE CATCHES, POSSIBLE.

    -Truely yours,
    Mark “FitzIsMyHero” Ruiz
    p.s. Holler at me so we can talk.
    maybe I’m missing something but I
    dont think I am. Point is, start
    making the catches you are capable
    of making and dont let me see those
    little pre-maddona outbursts! Cuz oh
    god it looks pathetic.

  8. By William on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    Okay, first off, Fitz, New Pre-Maddona?, that was ridiculous. Leave the guy alone, I’d like to see you downfield trying to catch that ball.

    Now, for the real reason of the post.

    When was the last time we pulled out the solid red uni’s (like the ’07-’08 season) for a home game? We should do that Sunday against Carolina.

  9. By darrenurban on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    William —

    I don’t remember off the top. Cleveland maybe? But I don’t think we’ll see all red. If anything, Whiz will stick with the all-white from the Houston game. Or just go back to red tops, white pants.

  10. By William on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    And- to the same Fitz, New Pre-Maddona? – I don’t think you should call him out like that for one drop. I don’t think you CAN when teams have finally figured out you have to give special attention to him. You just can’t flame a guy like that for dropping ONE ball. That’s just plain frivolous. You say he’ll get limited throws to him- really? I think coach Whiz would have to see him drop every ball to see anything different.

  11. By chris Sid on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    Phx Rocker,

    Thanks man! How crazy has it been to see a team struggle and now be in the position there in. The last time I saw them win was in Arizona about 6 years ago. I try to get to every game in the North East and its been almost once a year if not more. It has been tough bro!!!! Leaving the stadium time after time, loss after loss. Last year I went down to DC for the skins game and then the following week for the Jets game. If that was rough, the year before Baltimore and DC in a few week span and losses on FG’s. Makes that Super Bowl run that much more enjoyable.

    At Giant stadium for the first time I had someone question my loyalty because they are an elite team. “When did you become a fan?” I told him I wish he could see my collection of jerseys and I just listed ten former players and he was just like.. I respect that..

    I really like what were seeing this yr and expect big things with a defense that has developed as good as the offense.

    Betltbuggs – I’m glad it is our day in the sun… lets hope it continues for a few yrs..

    Go Cardinals!!!!!

  12. By az1965 on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    Thanks, Darren!

  13. By Tbru on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    I believe the word is prima donna, and no, I don’t think applies to Larry

  14. By William C. on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply


    Yeah, I pretty sure it was Cleveland. I’d love to see those again, I like them. Or even for road games, the red pants, white top, like at Cincinatti in 07.

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