Q sits and a bulging injury report

Posted by Darren Urban on November 4, 2009 – 2:00 pm

WR Anquan Boldin didn’t practice today and coach Ken Whisenhunt said he’ll be day-to-day, but Boldin wasn’t the only one on a lengthy injury report. LB Gerald Hayes (back) and DE Darnell Dockett (ankle) also sat, although Dockett insisted he will play Sunday. In the limited category were S Antrel Rolle (foot), WR Steve Breaston (knee), K Neil Rackers (hamstring), WR Sean Morey (illness) and DE Kenny Iwebema (knee).

In terms of Boldin’s status this weekend, Whisenhunt was clear: “We’ll do what it is the best interest of the team.”

Five players listed all practiced full: T Herman Johnson (back), TE Stephen Spach (ankle), CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (ankle), G Reggie Wells (thumb) and RB Jason Wright (thumb).

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14 Responses to “Q sits and a bulging injury report”

  1. By WC on Nov 4, 2009 | Reply

    That Jason Wright injury is still giving me the heebee-jeebees. The health teacher at my old school did that to his thumb and something similar to his pinky…

  2. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Nov 4, 2009 | Reply

    I wonder if Whiz still thinks it was in the team’s best interest to play Breston well into the second half of the first preseason game (when Breston got hurt and has never fully recovered since then) so Whiz could better evaluate the backup QBs.

  3. By azcardsfan22 on Nov 4, 2009 | Reply

    When is Whiz gonna step up and make a decision on his own that is right for team and stop listening to players and make a stand to disipline this team

  4. By darrenurban on Nov 4, 2009 | Reply

    azcardsfan22 —

    What are you talking about?

  5. By Jesse Robles on Nov 4, 2009 | Reply

    Apparently they vote in the locker room Darren, LOL.

  6. By Jesse Robles on Nov 4, 2009 | Reply

    And Darren, nice story about Hightower catching out of the backfield, and it has worked, but do you think that the pass out of the backfield is Kurt’s pass that he is looking for too much this year? It obviously killed us against the Panthers. He had a perfect dump pass for 6, but to the other team in Julius Peppers. I just wonder if that is our problem with not getting plays down field is Warner checking off and forcing the little dump passes. I just feel if you do something too much then the other teams will catch on, it is the NFL, not High School. I just really liked the play calling against Seattle how we had them guessing every play with different formations every play. Tough loss but we do need to move on, but no one is going to be the Pats or Dolphins and go undefeated every year, you win some and lose some, winning the NFC West is number 1 baby and were still 1 game ahead, thank you and take care. New Week Baby!!

  7. By darrenurban on Nov 5, 2009 | Reply

    Jesse —

    Well, the Peppers pick was a called semi-screen in which Gandy was supposed to cut block Peppers and couldn’t do it. That had nothing to do with a check down. Beanie was the intended receiver from the get-go. But most of the passes to Hightower are intended to go down the field. But teams are playing back and giving up the dump pass so they can make sure the Cards don’t go down the field. I know it’s frustrating, but I think it would irritate fans more if Warner throws it into coverage every play.

    The Seattle game worked because the Cards were ahead the whole time. Trust me, if the Cards’ D had been able to slow the Panthers, I guarantee the offense would have operated differently.

  8. By BigRed11 on Nov 5, 2009 | Reply

    Darren. What’s with the Twitter posts? It shows up as @ddockett when the links to stories and blogs are posted.

  9. By darrenurban on Nov 5, 2009 | Reply

    BigRed11 —

    Lemme check. You’re saying what now, that when you try to access a link in one of my tweets it sends you to Darnell instead?

  10. By Eric on Nov 5, 2009 | Reply

    I read that Tim Hightower is our emergency kicker. I realize that Ben Graham is the holder for field goals. But, would it not be more logical to have a backup HOLDER, and maybe let Graham do the backup kicker duties?

    I think azcardsfan22 is insinuating that Q, and possibly other players, should be taking entire weeks off instead of trying to stick it out and play week after week, prolonging their injuries. I’m sure Whiz makes these decisions based on more than just the player’s opinion and is doing what he believes gives the Cardinals the best chance for long-term success.

  11. By darrenurban on Nov 5, 2009 | Reply

    Eric —

    I’ve seen Hightower kick enough to believe he would be fine if forced into those duties.

    And you are right, Whisenhunt isn’t just simply leaving it to the player. I know fans get frustrated with some things sometimes, but without being privy to all the information — which even I don’t have — and not being at practice and in meetings every day, I don’t know how someone could feel like they know better what should be done.

  12. By Feather on Nov 5, 2009 | Reply

    Do a story on how the team is 1-3 at home. I am sure other season ticket holders are feeling pretty discouraged. Whats the players thoughts on what for a couple of years seemed like a true homefield advantage. On sunday it was like come on guys i can only scream so much you have to do something? My voice still isnt back. I have a feeling the vikings fans are gonna swarm the nest.

  13. By darrenurban on Nov 5, 2009 | Reply

    Feather —

    I’ll do a blog entry on that, or a note, in the next day or two.

  14. By Paul on Nov 5, 2009 | Reply

    I wonder why the team doesn’t run more to try to slow the game down and keep their defense on the sidelines to rest. The running game is better this year (especially when Beanie carries the ball) and I have really been expecting to see some ball control (even when down in the score) instead of forcing Kurt to throw all the time.
    I don’t think the excuse of ‘we need to score to catch up’ can be used here. When down by 7, or 14, with 30 minutes to play there is plenty of time to go into 2 minute mode. We need to run more.

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