Brown-out tough for Cody

Posted by Darren Urban on December 3, 2009 – 9:22 am

Every once in a while when I’m down in the locker room, I see second-round draft pick Cody Brown, the linebacker out for the season after hurting his right wrist in the preseason. Brown had surgery to repair the problem, but ending up on injured reserve as a rookie has been difficult. It’s usually hard for anyone, but especially for a guy just trying to establish himself in the league.

“I watch the games from the house,” Brown said. “I tried to go to the game and watch it from the stands and I couldn’t. I’d rather just watch it from home.”

Brown said he’s on track to be back for next season, although he doesn’t even start the rehabilitation process until next week. It’s too bad he got hurt; the Cardinals could use another set of fresh pass-rushing legs. That was true anyway but it gained importance when fellow rookie linebacker Will Davis ended up needing knee surgery last week. Davis still is walking with a limp but it was a relatively minor procedure and Davis said he has no doubt he will return this season — hopefully, before the end of the regular-season. Brown won’t have that option, and only the future will tell how much his progress will have been stunted — if at all — because he has had to sit.

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  1. By Connor on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    A bit off topic and wayyy too far ahead, but are the Cardinals gonna look for another cornerback in the draft, not first round but someone to fill in for McFadden. He keeps giving up big pass after big pass. Kinda wish we still had Rod Hood.

    Also wayy too far ahead, but what is the outlook for the OL next season? Will Keith and Herman Johnson be the starters next year? I love their size(Johnson 6-7 382) , they could really maul some DL and help Beanie and the HB’s out.

  2. By darrenurban on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    Connor —

    All in due time will I pontificate on all that stuff. But short-hand, the O-line could very well shift. Gandy is a FA and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Cards go younger and cheaper. Lutui is also potential FA. As for CB, McFadden hasn’t been a Pro Bowler but I don’t know if he’s been terrible. People jump his case but he was never signed to be Champ Bailey or even DRC. That’s not him. And wishing for Hood back also makes me smile (and you’re not the first to think about Hood) — how many fans wanted to run him out of town at this time last year?

  3. By Chris on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    Hood should have been brought back after being cut by the Browns and Bears as the nickel corner. Ralph Brown is serviceable, but in this day and age you need three good corners. We have 1 1/2.

    I also don’t think Gandy will be back. Lutui will, though.

    The guy that might not be back next year is Antrel Rolle — who has a huge cap number next season.

  4. By ryan on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply


    Cody Brown has to watch the games from the stands or his house? Is he not allowed to be on the sideline with the team during games? That seems odd to me.

    Sure miss not being able to see what he can do this year. Having him next yr will be like getting a free draft pick though.

    Hang in there Cody! We’ll need some young blood here next year!

  5. By darrenurban on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    Ryan —

    Players not on the active roster — practice squad or IR — are usually not on the sidelines for games.

  6. By Eazy E on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    Uhhhhhhhh!!! I am sick and tired of people bashing on B-Mac, I saw the nfl replay version of the Arizona Vs. Tennessee game, B-Mac had good to great coverage on many passes that were thrown his way, if anything, he just needs to catch the ball. It was 10:32 left in the game and Arizona up 17-13 2nd and 11, VY play actioned to CJ stepped up in the pocket and threw a deep ball to Kenny Britt with McFadden covering and McFadden had perfect coverage and caught the ball for a pick but coming down to the ground it popped out. The guy is a good corner and darren is right, its not like he’s been terrible. We have 2 good corners on the outside. I didn’t like the zone we played on the game winning drive though, wayyyyy too much zone, when VY and the titans were inching closer and closer to the endzone, we should have said forget it man across the board because if were gonna blitz the ball is coming out quick anyways so why not man up and be right there to make a play on the ball. I also agree with the rod hood comment, we need him back as a nickel, i thought we should have asked him for a pay cut because you’re not gonna pay a nickel corner 5 mil, instead of cutting him. He’s a solid corner, because who’s gonna cover Percy Harvin sunday night??? Ralph Brown??, Mike Adams??, Ralph and Mike are ok but Percy is tough. DRC is covering Sidney Rice, B-Mac is on Bernard Berrian, Percy Harvin?? Would have been nice to see Rod covering him?

  7. By Javier Montoya on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    I think D McFadden has played well. He’s been nicked up all year so he’s probably not been his best. He’s a great tackler and has a physical presence on the other side of DRC. I loved Rod Hood but he was always a little suspect with getting burned down feild. Don’t forget we still have Greg Toler and Michael Adams developing as well. Remember during training camp about Greg and DRC being so much alike? That could be fun. I hope Rolle can stay though. He has truly gotten so much better. He tackles real well now, catches balls that go his way, threatens the end zone with the ball in his hands, and has became super reliable. In my opinion he’s definitely had a Pro Bowler.

  8. By vsancards on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    I think that Bryant McFadded has been up and down. Hands down his best game was the Giants. I can see that he is a leader on the sideline.

    Many times this year I see him in perfect position but it seems as if he has a hard time spotting the ball. A perfect example was the 4th down conversion from the 7 yard line. He was in PERFECT position but his back was to the QB. I bet the ball was no more than 6 inches from his head as it sailed over his shoulder. Being in a zone, shouldn’t he put himself in a position to see the ball coming out so he could knock it down or pick it off?

    People may have been on DRC’s case early this year, but he makes plays on the ball, which I think is McFadden’s weakness.

  9. By cards fan on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    How come they are not on the sidelines? There are all sorts of people down there, and they can’t allow injured players on the sidelines? Just because they are hurt, doesn’t mean they aren’t a part of the team. I remember Haggans being down there last year? Is it a player choice that isn’t looked down upon? Or is it a team choice? Or a league rule?

  10. By darrenurban on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    Cards Fan —

    It’s up to the club’s discretion but most of the time, teams just don’t do it. Most teams want focus from the active players. Veterans are usually different than rookies or young players, because vets can add something — hence having Haggans around.

  11. By Jesse Robles on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    I appreciate the update, deffinatley needed this guy right about now, especially with Dansby having hurt shoulders as well. I want your job Darren, and I am going to school for journalism. Just some FYI for you if your looking for extra help šŸ™‚ Take care. GO CARDS!!

  12. By cardsbandwagon95' on Dec 3, 2009 | Reply

    darren i believe the corners have done an ok job but drc jumps routes to quick and also mcfadden just needs to go back to fundamentals he needs to turn quicker find the ball and take it he always gets beat or is in the right position but lacks the extra umph to finish the plays the cards look good but we need more pressure on the qb we know we can stop the run and we got an ok secondary but i feel they should give toler a try for the struggling mcfadden they see the same in toler as they did with drc and look at him he is one of the best corners we got and toler got some speed and athleticism he should get a try what do you think and i feel we need to air it out more

  13. By shannon robinson on Dec 4, 2009 | Reply

    Darren – a lot of these comments and complaints come from fans like me not knowing the salaries of our players – USA Today used to publish the nfl salaries – but hasn’t done it this year – why can’t the average fan know what McFadden is getting paid versus what we’re paying Brown or Adams or what we paid Hood before we let him go – why is this so secret to find out? Is there a web site that lists the 2009 salaries – USA Today only lists the NFL player salaries up to 2008. Can I just call the Cardinals office and ask for a copy of our salary cap numbers and individual player contract numbers? Does the NFL national office publish this information?

  14. By darrenurban on Dec 4, 2009 | Reply

    Shannon —

    No, there is no place for Joe Q Fan to find salaries. The NFL has always been tight-lipped on the subject, although they always leak out one way or another. As a long-time writer covering the team for a newspaper before I took this gig, that was always one of the most difficult parts of the job — finding a source who was willing to provide such things. It remains difficult, and I work for a team. I still track down the info through my past ways, which almost always means outside this building.

    As for the specific question you have, Hood was due to make $3 million this season. McFadden is making $3.75 million. Brown is making the veteran minimum of $745,000. Adams is making $460,000. I think they felt Hood simply wasn’t good enough to be kept on at that salary, and, size-wise especially, they feel McFadden is an upgrade. Adams is cheap, yes, but he’s very good on special teams. Brown is savvy vet. And don’t forget, Hood’s skills got him cut from two teams since he left here and, even in Tennessee, he had interceptions in three straight games and was still inactive the next two, including last week against the Cards.

  15. By shannon robinson on Dec 4, 2009 | Reply

    You can see what the Cards are paying for the position. I agree that Bryant McFadden is an upgrade at the corner and worth the decision to not resign Hood. McFadden was the first free agent signing for the Cards and made the draft of Toler a surprise. Then we kept Brown who is very capable. Michael Adams is one of my favorite players – Pat Fisher was one of the Cards’ greatest corners and he was listed at 5’9″ but was really 5’8″ like Michael. We all can learn from this example because if we signed Hood on again we probably wouldn’t have been able to afford to bring Jeremey Bridges back. Thank you Darren – I’m disappointed the NFL doesn’t publish player salaries because right now that’s really what this game is about, it explains why some organizations are successful, and why Rod Graves is a great general manager.

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