Philly-Dallas impacts more than playoffs

Posted by Darren Urban on December 30, 2009 – 9:51 am

The Cardinals’ playoff seeding likely will be determined in part by the outcome of the Philadelphia-Dallas game, but that result will also make a difference in next year’s schedule. That’s because the Cardinals play the NFC East winner at some point in 2010 — meaning Sunday’s victor between the Cowboys and Eagles will visit University of Phoenix Stadium.

That’s the only opponent left undetermined for the Cards for 2010. Here is the schedule (dates and times will be announced in April):


  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • St. Louis
  • New Orleans
  • Tampa Bay
  • Denver
  • Oakland
  • Winner of Philadelphia/Dallas game


  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • St. Louis
  • Atlanta
  • Carolina
  • Kansas City
  • San Diego
  • Minnesota

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25 Responses to “Philly-Dallas impacts more than playoffs”

  1. By LUKE on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    thanks for the info.i had no idea thats how the schedule was determined

  2. By Big Red on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    For an easier schedule bring on the cowgirls, with there quarteronhisback.

  3. By John on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    I’m probably getting ahead of myself here, but in my opinion this schedule looks a lot easier than it was this year..but things can change a lot between now and later. My prediction is 13-3 w/ losses to San Diego, away to San Francisco and to Carolina. As long as we go for 3 in the NFC West πŸ™‚

  4. By Aaron Lone-Eagle on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Well I don’t know about everyone else, but as much as it pains me to say this let’s go Cowboys. aarrgghh

  5. By T Bru on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Is it my imagination or do the Cardinals play Minnesota & Carolina every year regardless of whatever formula the NFL uses to create schedules?

  6. By Joel on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    I haven’t heard quite yet about the sale of the playoff tickets for the first home game. Any word on when those would go on sale? Thanks for your posting

  7. By darrenurban on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Joel —

    Not until the opponent is solidified. So it will likely be Monday morning.

  8. By Kyle on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    How come we travel to San Diego? We played there on NYE of 06! Are we not supposed to switch?

  9. By darrenurban on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Kyle —

    The schedule cycle will eventually catch up, but it doesn’t necessarily simply switch back because teams are playing out-of-conference teams more often than in conference and it has to line up with the rest of the league.

  10. By Cameron on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    no offense John but you are saying that San Fran and Carolina have a better chance of beating us then Minnesota and New Orleans?! I know they beat us this year but thats not gonna happen next year and even though they are in a slump right now I’m more afraid of New Orleans then any team on that list including San Diego. And I cant say anything about how many games the Cards will win next year because we have no idea what the team will look like next year.

  11. By J on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    I may be mistaken but I think the San Diego and Denver games should be siwtched, I remember Denver coming here in 2006 and the Cards playing in San Diego on New Years Eve that same year. So I think San Diego comes here and they go to Denver next year.

  12. By darrenurban on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    J —

    No. This is the right list. It will eventually work back around but the Cards indeed will go to San Diego for a second straight time.

  13. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Just as Whiz touts competition being a pillar of his coaching philosophy to maximize effort by his players so none of them become too complacent, I’m hoping the level of competition in the NFC West will improve in 2010 as I believe for the same reasons, a closely contested division will help stave off some of the complacency that this team seems to have struggled with in 2008 and 2009, but yet has never cost them in terms of a playoff birth.

    San Francisco is improving (and we lost to them twice in 2009), and Seattle and St. Louis can only get better. There won’t be as much of a cushion for the Cards as there was in 2009 and 2010.

    As Kurt always says, the biggest challenge for this team is to play up to their potential each and every game (that means you too, Kurt ;)), and stronger division competition in 2010 would go a long way to achieving that goal.

  14. By Matt on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    This is for T Bru.

    We always play an entire AFC and NFC division making up 8 games. Plus our 6 games in the divison leaving 2 games against the other NFC divisons with the same positioned result. For example… This year we played The AFC south and NFC north. We also played Carolina and NYG this year because they were first in their divisions like we were in the West. Thats why we always played the Lions in the past because both teams always finished last in their divisions.

  15. By Patrick on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Wow, tough schedule…for all those teams to have to play us! πŸ˜‰

  16. By phxmark123 on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    I moved to Texas 10 years ago, (don’t ask me why) but of course I am still a big Cardinals fan and love sticking it to the Cowboys fans out here. Yes, it pains me to route for the Cowboys but I want them to make it so we can knock their butts out of the playoffs like we did the last time the Cowboys made it…hahaha!!!

  17. By phxmark123 on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Also was wondering if the Cowboys still have the fan base in Arizona that they did decades ago, or do they dare? Might mean for a rowdy game next year if the Cowboys beat the Eagles this year.

  18. By Matt H on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    @Ottis Anderson Fan
    The NFC West blogger on ESPN clarified it as the games are played on a 12 year cycle not 8, so it doesn’t have to alternate home-away-home-away

  19. By darrenurban on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Matt H —

    Thanks for the link. I should’ve known Sando would be on top of it.

  20. By Fabian on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Darren, So how is it really the way next years schedule is determinded??

  21. By darrenurban on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Fabian —

    Not sure what you mean. The NFL says the schedule will even out after 12 years and not eight (this is the last year of the original eight-year announced opponents) because of the three division rotation in each conference. The NFL has yet to map out the opponents for 2011, 12 and 13 (when they first announced the opponents in 2002, they listed every year through 2009).

  22. By Steve J on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    FYI all … the home games next year against the AFC West are Chargers and Raiders and away is Denver and KC. 4 years ago we played these teams opposite so now it’s as written above

  23. By darrenurban on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Steve J —

    That’s incorrect. The home games next year against the AFC West are Denver and Oakland. That’s coming directly from the NFL. The Cards will play in K.C. and S.D.

  24. By Jeff Gollin on Dec 31, 2009 | Reply

    Scoping out the impact of schedules is an overrated exercise; for example, look what TB just did to NO.

    That said – the best way to evaluate a team’s schedule is to (a) also chart out the schedule for the other teams in its division and (b) cancel out common opponents in order to (c) compare what’s left on each team’s schedule.

  25. By NFL draft on Jan 2, 2010 | Reply

    The NFL will ask its competition committee to review concerns regarding clinching playoff teams choosing to rest starters at the end of the season, according to a report on
    The issue is receiving renewed attention after the Indianapolis Colts chose to pull their starters from Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets. Entering the game, the Colts, now 14-1, were undefeated but had clinched home-field advantage in the AFC playoffs. Meanwhile, the Jets, now 8-7, were still fighting for a playoff spot.
    After the Colts pulled Peyton Manning and other first-stringers, the Jets rallied for a 29-15 win, improving their chances in the playoff race.
    “This is an issue that we have reviewed in the past,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello was quoted as saying in an article to which the AP also contributed. “The position of the competition committee, and affirmed by the clubs, when it was reviewed in 2005 was that ‘a team that has clinched its division title has earned the right to rest its starters for the postseason, and that preparing for the postseason is just as important as protecting some other team’s playoff opportunity.’ That is the current policy.”

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