On leaders and Leinart

Posted by Darren Urban on March 29, 2010 – 5:17 pm

Despite fear of starting up a whole new round of quarterback debate that is frankly getting tired when we haven’t even reached April …

One of the things that struck me Monday at the outset of voluntary work was some of the leadership talk when it came to new QB Matt Leinart. First came safety Adrian Wilson, who was asked about Leinart taking over at the position. Wilson, as he tends to be, was blunt in his assessment Leinart would have locker-room support. “We’re not trying to camouflage the whole Kurt (Warner) situation,” Wilson said. “It’s Matt’s team now and we’re all going to be behind him.”

Later, Leinart — who showed in the first group Monday morning — talked about how he liked being in the role of leader when he was at USC, as being a guy who would rally the troops (I am guessing there will be doubters on that, but it’s hard to argue, at least in college with a 37-2 record, he was successful at that). “I want to show I am ready to be the leader, that the guys can count on me,” he said. “And I am going to step into the role where I hold guys accountable as well. They need to know I am going to out here working, and they are too. A lot of eyes are on me and I get that.”

Then, moments later, Leinart had his first chance to exhibit his stance in the role. In a general question about the new faces around the team, Leinart brought up linebacker Joey Porter first and insisted Porter too would be a leader — knowing Porter didn’t exactly have a great weekend before showing up Monday himself.

“Obviously people will talk about some of the stuff off the field, and I don’t know him – I met him for the first time today – but I think he’ll be a great leader in this locker room,” Leinart said. “He’s going t be great for this team because he brings the passion for the game and you can tell.”

Leinart could have gone either way, but regardless of whether you agree with him, there’s no doubt having a teammate’s back publicly will make an impact.

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  1. By Scott H on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Let the Matt Leinart era begin. For real. Let him sink or swim. I think he can swim and I believe he will. If not, then we know we need to move on with someone else. But after all these years, let’s finally KNOW…ya know? And let’s give the guy at least one full season as a starter before we pass judgement.

  2. By Joe-B on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Good luck Matt, I know some people [HardHat] hate you, but I’m completely behind you.

  3. By fitzis11red on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Thank you Scott H. I agree. I was actually pulling for Leinart to beat out Warner in ’07.. you know? With that whole QB rotation thing? Then he got hurt against the Rams and Warner never looked back. Neither did I at that point , obviously. Warner took us to The Show and I am very greatful for that. Now, GO MATT LEINART!!!!!! I got your your jersey ready buddy. You got the role you wanted and you will take advantage. I can feel it.

  4. By Beauchamp on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Go get em Hollywood!!! Matt is ready for this role and w/ our running backs lets do work AZ go Cardinals

  5. By dylan on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Okay everyone here is proof to the ML is never training during the off season to make him self better well looks like he really wants it now

  6. By Steve on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Has nine-0 show up?

  7. By darrenurban on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Steve —

    Remember this is voluntary.

    That said, Darnell didn’t come to voluntary work last offseason. I don’t expect it to change this year.

  8. By john wheelhouse on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    I believe Leinhart got a unfair rap with the hot tub incident. But it was the best thing that could’ve happened to him. WHY? cause at that point refocused himself. I do think he will put the team in position to win week in week out. I do believe come game time everyone will be impressed with his performance. Go Bigred !!!

  9. By Ron on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply


  10. By Jon L on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Hey I just wanted to say that I have had faith in Matt from day one and it’ll be nice to see what he can do with this opportunity. Matt never had this same opportunity in previous years, our running game is the best it has been since he has been here and the defense has several guys who can make plays. The loss of Boldin hurts but knowing what we have in Breaston and seeing the potential that Doucet has I think overall you have to like the direction the Cards are going in right now. I have more optimism going into this season than i did going into the last few seasons which is saying something. LETS GO CARDS!!!!!!

  11. By fighting bird on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Im a Matt Leinart fan and Ive always been a Leinart fan . As long as you’re wearing the red Im your fan. go cards WE DO THIS TOGETHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. By CardsRep928 on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Completely agree Scott…37-2 in the collegiate ranks is impressive, I dont care what team you played on…when he got here we had a botchy line and ol 2.5 james…now we have a very capable line and a run game that I think is being severly underestimated by talking heads…C’mon Darren…”Enter the era of Cardinals Smashmouth”? Please?

  13. By Tyman on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Look at the stats birdgang before you give all your faith. Look at the win loss and picks to TD. ITS TERRIBLE. I hope matt holds hemself accountable, not just all are awsome players.

  14. By redseafan85 on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Leinart will definitely lead this team to yet another successful season. His so-called lack of arm strength will not be an issue with this team considering the run game will be phenomenal with beanie only getting stronger and more experienced, and a WR crew that is athletic and consistently gain YAC. I believe in this team and in Matt Leinart!! GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. By Matt G on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Go Matt for the love of God GO

  16. By Mack on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply


    Has Ware signed anywhere? If he hasn’t are we still one of his top choices?
    Also I know Paris Lenon is an ILB but what are his strengths and weaknesses?
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  17. By darrenurban on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Mack —

    Ware has not signed anywhere yet.

    From what I understand — I don’t know everything about him — Lenon’s strengths are his work ethic, locker-room presence and passion for the game. He is likely a bit undersized. It’s probably best if Lenon doesn’t have to play all the time or start all year; he’s probably best suited for being part of a rotation.

  18. By dylan on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply


    can you just stop worrying to much about his rookie year stats plz how many qbs have great rookie year stats look at the qb for the lions he is in the exact same place leinart was his rookie year and how good did he do?

  19. By Cody on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply


    how about you actually look at the stats, he had 2500+ yards with 11 tds in 11 starts. if he wouldve started the entire year, he wouldve had over 3000 yards and 16 tds, not bad for a rookie. throw in the fact that Boldin and Rackers were the only other players contributing much (fitzgerald didnt breakk 1000 yards that season, but i believe he was injured for 3 games) and the fact that he broke the rookie record for most passing yards in a game with 405, and he had a great rookie year. look at his stats, not the record, because our team in 06 was pretty bad all around.

  20. By Paul on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Well, I’ll just say this. I’m confused why a QB who started for USC for 3 years and now has been in the NFL for 4 would still need to work on his throwing technique and footwork. I thought the NFL was the Big Boy league according to Ron Wolfley.
    Time to step up. I’ll leave it at that.

  21. By darrenurban on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Paul —

    A fair question. Although in my discussion with Chris Miller last week, he noted that even Tom Brady suffered through a mechanics slump a couple years ago when the Patriots didn’t have a quarterback coach. My point being, it can happen to every QB. But you are right, it shouldn’t still be an issue.

  22. By Dan on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    No excuses for Leinart this season, I’m a believer but A LOT of other people don’t have much faith in him. Hey, noticed McFadden pumping iron with the #30 on his shorts, he change his number?

  23. By Thomas77 on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    I’m excited about Matt, actually. I think he’ll do just fine. In fact, I think he probably fits more of Whiz’s style of play than Warner did. Hanging the ball and leadership ability are the only questions I have regarding him. But those things will come with consistent play time in my opinion. It’s not anything that has prompted me to get all “drinky of the kool-aid”, as Darren would put it. :o)
    It’s time to hang up #13 and let #7 rise!

  24. By Ron on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, is there going to be any QB competition for starting role? Or is leinart the starter without Derek Anderson receiving a shot? I just hope the best qb wins the spot because Anderson isn’t bad himself

  25. By darrenurban on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Ron —

    Anderson will get some work and could have a shot, but to be honest, I believe it is Leinart’s job unless he plays poorly.

  26. By KevC on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    This reminds me of the Vince Young situation last year. Everyone counted him out. Just play and win games, and then all is forgotten.

  27. By azcardz Q fitz 911 on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Leinart is the guy and is gonna lead this team .. and he will prove it……..# 7 birdgang…

  28. By Dan on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, what ever happened to Kendrell Bell? Figured he’s be a solid guy in our 3-4 system. Should be able to sign that guy for peanuts.

  29. By darrenurban on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Dan —

    I would hope he’d be cheap, since he hasn’t played in the NFL since 2007.

  30. By AndyStandsUp on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    With a 14 million contract coming up in 2011, I expect Leinart will be given EVERY chance to succeed this season.
    Any word, Darren, on St. Bernard? I’m guessing with the silent movie presented by the Cards on St. Pierre and Bryan Robinson, they’re not expected back?
    Only leaves Neil Rackers as the biggest question mark.

  31. By darrenurban on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    AndyStands —

    I think they still want Robinson and St. Pierre back. Whether those guys want to return in the role/money being offered may be another question.

  32. By Tyman on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Yah, Darren I agree they will give lienart the shot because of all these die hard fans that want him to get another shot. I would rather go with Anderson than have Matt loose us games by just dumping the ball off short all the time. Anther thing thats not realy mentioned is that Lienats best reciever his rookie season was Boldin. I think ML is going to have a really really hard time. QB’s dont grow on trees and I dont want to bring the whole Mcnabb thing up, but hes the closest thing to a sure thing and we cant make that misstake. Lienart hasnt did anthing as a backup the past two years so what makes people think hes going to do anything as a starter. I ask all you birdgang. Name one bad back up QB thats became a great starter in the NFL? its a fair question. Thats why we need to be wiery of giving faith to ML. Why does he need his teammates to tell the media they support him, is it no given that they would support any QB as a starter? I just have to many questions about ML to jump on this fairy tail that all you are talking about. Wins and losses are all that really count and hes terrible there. And ML has always had problems with the deep ball and having the arm str, he dosnt have boldin to come across the middle, and ducet isnt boldin. I know someone would say well we have ducet but common. Everyone loves matt now but when we are loosing to the niners whos going to keep cheering for the cards, I know I will but ill be saying get Anderson in there and why the heck didnt we get mcnabb. Lets be honest Mcnabb will be in the playoffs next year because he is a great QB, Who knows what team he will be on. Maybe us, maybe oakland but whoever gets him will make the playoffs.

  33. By Big D on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    paul mechanics can get screwed up for a number of reasons like playing with new players some cut off routs early/later than they are use to and it causes a player to think and thinking is any players worst enemy matts young and he might falter early but I say we play him till the end of the season and see what happens if by the end he dosnt pan out lets move on. but till then have a little faith in the guy.

  34. By Mr. Know It All on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    I like the loyalty shown by the Cards. >Looking at the time most of these guys have in the system the Cards must see something<. For reasons shown below we will be watching to see if these players step up!!! Sure there are some locks to make the team on this list but I look forward to the draft and tough competition to sort it out.

    27 Adams, Michael–some say replaceable
    79 Banks Jason– unproven
    50 Beisel, Monty –vet that needs to play like one
    73 Bridges, Jeremy–expected more b/c experience
    86 Byrd, Dominique–will QB to TE be like USC days?
    80 Doucet, Early –must stay healthy to have impact
    73 Dykes, Keilen — unproven
    95 Highsmith, Ali– solid when healthy
    49 Johnson, Rashad–initially I expected more
    91 Iwebema, Kenny–miracle/ ok when healthy
    72 Keith, Brandon–upside gotta givem a chance
    89 Patrick, Ben– shows flashes must stay healthy
    97 Robinson, Bryan–is tank on E?? +/- resign
    83 Spach, Stephen–ok but trouble staying healthy
    2 St. Pierre, Brian–3rd Qb? +/- resign
    55 Walker, Reggie–work out jersey # with JPorter
    22 Ware, Matt- 7yrs = 1_int ? +/- resign
    98 Watson, Gabe– is he still a backup NT?

  35. By DRC#1FAN on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    I can remember another left handed QB who wasnt good enough for the NFL, he had bad mechanics and even worse, he was 2nd string behind a hall of famer. that hall of famer, ol Joe Montana, that left handed lassy sitting the bench waiting his turn… critics called him a no name no stat slump off from Joe.. instead he took the 49ers to a superbowl title going what 15-1 and throwing 5tds in the superbowl to whoop the chargers. ye. Im talking steve young baby. All you who doubt Matt, look to Steve.

  36. By Woody on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Let’s go Matt!! Show the league that Pac-10 brought out the heat!! This is your year! I am excited for it! He will do well! Go Big RED!!

  37. By Mackey on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    C’mon Matt, time to show everybody that you’ve got what it takes! I “jumped on the bandwagon” for the Cardinals the year Leinart was drafted (before Warner, the playoffs, etc.) and still believe he can be a good starting QB in this league. He has the tools on offense to succeed so let’s give him a chance. The Bird!!

  38. By azcardz2411 on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply


    With the emergence of Beanie Wells and the Cards running game, will the Cardinals even have to rely alot on Leinart and the passing game or do you think the Cards will run more this season and be a 60/40 Run Team?

  39. By darrenurban on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    azcardz —

    I don’t know if they will be 60/40, but I think they will run more than when Warner was QB.

  40. By TucsonTim on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren –

    Any talk about an offensive coordinator or is Whiz going to continue to wear 2 hats?

  41. By darrenurban on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Tucson —

    I suppose this is rhetorical but why would they switch? They were pretty effective on offense last season.

  42. By BigRedFan on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    It seems to me that these superstar rookies have a longer and more successful career when given the chance to learn behind a veteran. Compare Aaron Rodgers with JaMarcus Russell to see my point. Matt is blessed to get the classroom time before starting.

  43. By george on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    hurry up lets trade matt an get d m from philla then trade are #1 pick to denver for b m an now were back in the super bowl baby just win this time !!!!!!!!

  44. By FightON on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    @ Darren…maybe mechanics were not an issue because he was winning with those mechancis in HS and college. Also, unlike almost every QB in the league, Leinart did not play football till the summer before his freshman year of HS…no Pop Warner, no football period…he ws a baseball player. Something was working to get the starting job as QB for both a HS and CFB prowerhouse. We’ll find out what he can do this season.

  45. By darrenurban on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    FightOn —

    Maybe. There is little question Leinart probably could get away with a little more in college because, regardless of where you fall on the Leinart subject, you cannot argue he was surrounded by supreme talent that was able to make up for deficiencies on the whole team — not just with Leinart, but Bush or White or any of those guys.

  46. By Darthcard on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Not to be a nay sayer but Matt will be challenged to an almost impossible winning situation. There isn’t a team in the NFL that’s not gonna make stopping our run game priority. When Kurt got hurt vs the lambs and matt went in we couldn’t run the ball. Every week it’s gonna be Matt has to beat us for the cards to win. Time will tell but thinking the cards are gonna run the ball effectively is IMO is not reality. They couldnt run the ball vs the lambs…that says something to me.

  47. By Jeremiah on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply


    I would just like to point out that when a team stacks the box against the run, it makes them more vulnerable against the pass.

  48. By Darthcard on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    yes when u stack the box u are vulnerable. The point I was making was Matt was shoddy vs the rams and titans when those teams stacked the box. He was not bad but certainly needs to improve especially in ball placement and well accuracy. Can Matt fit the ball where it needs to be? If yes they will not stack.

  49. By jpcards on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    It’s Leinart’s job now…we’ll see what he’s got. McNabb is NOT coming to Arizona, nor should he. It doesn’t make sense for the club to try and make that deal. I think Leinart will be fine and I believe the Cards will win the NFC West again.

  50. By chris freeman on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    id like to see lefevour in the lineup next year behind pamer and leinart. if wecan gethim in the 3rd or 4th

  51. By FightON on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    This is a good breakdown by Mike Mayock from the Titans vs Cardinals game, the only game Matt started last season off the bench.

    I’ve always trusted Mayock’s opinion, rather I want to hear it or not.

  52. By Woody on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    He was learning behind Kurt Warner!!! Look at the last guy that learned from him…Eli Manning! Super Bowl Champion! Go CARDZ!

  53. By Tyman on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Matt Lienert is no steve young, im sorry. And Aron Rogers did show he hwas a good back up along with young. Name one bad backup thats became a great starter. Pls.

  54. By John on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    A good running team can still run against any front. Just look at the Jets last year.

    With that being said, are we a good running team or did we benefit from Warner being under center and forcing teams to keep the safeties back ?

    Many of you are asking for ground and pound, but can we really do it ? Sure we have two big backs, but we also have the same offensive line that was the worst rushing team in the NFL 2 years ago.

    First question, with Matt under center, can we run against a seven man front ? Secondly, if we can, can Matt check out and make the right read against 8 man fronts and burn the defense when that safety creeps up.
    Thirdly, No one was better at beating the blitz than Kurt. But can Matt ? He will face lots of blitzing from all types of angles. His blind side will be protected most likely by Johnson or Keith (both of whom did not play a down last year).
    Finally, If Matt plays an early game like he did in preseason against the raiders 2 years ago, can he take the boos and critics.

    I’ve seen Matt play well as a rookie. He came from a bigtime university and should know what pressure is. He has a great supporting cast. This is the ideal situation. By game 5 , we will all be praising his play or be watching him sit behind Anderson. We will just have to wait and see.

    IMO, defending our West title rest on the cards QB’s shoulders. We dont have a good defense and we dont dominate on the ground. Things could change over the next couple months. But Matt (or Anderson) must step up for us to have a chance to win the west again.

  55. By jpcards on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    I would think the Cards will lean more heavily on the run this year & with Beanie putting in a full offseason of work along with his experience from last season, the run game should be more productive. How much more productive remains to be seen. He and Hightower both need to step things up a notch to take some pressure off of Leinart….The O-line obviously plays a big part too as does the game planning. Leinart can run this team successfully, he needs other people to make plays just like any QB but he can be a success.

  56. By TucsonTim on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren –

    “pretty effective” League stats: Points per game 11th. Yards per game 14th. Passing yards 12th. Rushing yards 28th. And please don’t forget we got to play Rams twice, Seattle twice and Detroit. Every stat except rushing was down in 2009 vs 2008 when we had an OC. Instead of pretty effective I’d say pretty average against weak teams.

    Did a little research. We have 16 coaches listed on our web site including Grimm’s son. Thought I’d take a look at our division and last years playoff teams:

    Team Coaches OC
    Seahawks 21 Yes
    49’s 21 Yes
    Rams 19 Yes
    Saints 19 Yes
    Colts 19 Yes
    Vikings 26! Yes
    Packers 20 Yes
    Chargers 20 Yes
    Bengals 17 Yes
    Eagles 19 Yes
    Patriots 12? No
    Ravens 21 Yes
    Jets 18 Yes
    Cowboys 15 Yes

    So, only New england doesn’t have an offensive coordinator and that’s just since Charie Weiss left (things that make you go hum). We average 4 fewer coaches overall. Frankly, this is a much bigger story concerning the Cards future than signing some no name free agents. Obviously, Whiz was one of the best OC’s in the NFL, but is he Belichick good. I hope so.

  57. By Scott H on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darthcard –

    Well, interesting point but I say hold off on the doom and gloom. This O-line is a solid unit and I think they will be REAL happy with finally getting a chance to do some road paving! And Wells is a beast who got better with every game he played last year. I think this combination will shift the balance of the offense and force teams to respect and defend the run. Once that happens, Leinart can take his shots down the field. I agree with your thinking that IF Leinart has to carry this offense, he will struggle. But if Wells and Hightower are carrying the load, Leinart will be just fine.

  58. By Darthcard on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Lol it did sound a lil doom and gloom. I regret not putting I’m proud of the o-line they really have worked the last couple years and I am a Matt believer. I really hope he gets his timing with his Wrs. Matt to me in short stints will look great then there comes a pass that as a fan you go was he trying to throw to the other team. I really hope C. Miller has worked hard with Matt on ball placement. Like wolf used to say about warner. Can leinart throw a Twinkie in a toaster oven?he is going to have to on occasion.

  59. By Jasper Buckleman on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    I’m sorry, but anybody saying Leinart will fail because he was simply average in the two games he played in, is very short-sighted. He wasn’t going to come out and throw for 300 yards. He hadn’t practiced with the starters for either game. You can only be so successful during a game when you haven’t practiced with any of the other players. And he still left the Titans game with a lead. That one is on the defense (with apparent defensive studs, Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle), not Leinart.

  60. By John on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Everyone is saying Leinart will be just fine including myself. But Just remember this; Generally speaking,

    Teams with winning records also are stable at QB. Teams that lose year after year play musical QB’s.

    In the 10 years between Lomax and Plummer, the cards had 15 QB’s.
    Their record ? 48-96
    They settled on Plummer in 98 and go to playoffs.

    Since Plummer left in 2002, 5 starting Qbs for Az
    Their record ? 33-63
    Warner took over full time in 2008 and lead us to the superbowl.

    My point; Im not trying to be negative. Im just saying Leinart better be working hard and be ready. Otherwise, it will hurt for years.

  61. By darrenurban on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    John —

    But see, that can easily be flipped — the team’s with bad QBs don’t have stability at the position.

    Warner was the starter in 2005 and got hurt a couple of times. He was the starter in 2006 and lost the job because he couldn’t hold on to the football (10 fumbles in three-and-a-half games). Those teams won 11 games total despite Warner being in place to start the season.

    Plummer made the playoffs in part because he finally had a decent team around him. Warner caught fire, IMO, because he finally got a coaching staff that would work. You absolutely need good QB play. And you’re right, not having a QB will hurt. But if it hurts for years, it’s because you don’t have a QB period — not just because Leinart didn’t make it.

  62. By Sec113wearing7 on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply


    Hope you read this and know we’re behind ya!!! Got total faith in you to make this happen!

    Start the season confident and strong.

  63. By Scott H on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    John –

    Regardless of what happens, I must say those stats were very impressive!

  64. By EricY on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply


    TOM BRADY. Enough said!

  65. By fitzis11red on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply


    I have to say this i’m sorry. Look. You asked us to name a bad back up qb that became great. Well DRC did. Beat me to it actually. lol. So deal with it. So I am going to say Tom Brady. I don’t know if he’s ever been bad but he was a 6th round draft choice and I am sure there were many questions on him until he was forced to start due to Bledsoes injury……So take that how you want to but back up qb’s behind good or great qb’s can be good qb’s. You never know until they prove it. Can’t we give Matt the benifit of the doubt because of who he learned behind and his being “forced to mature” incident? He hasn’t had the work a starter gets nor the vote of confidence from the coaches until now. IMO I think this is all he needed. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge .And why do we always have to repeat this? lol. I ain’t the only one who has said this…

  66. By Tyman on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply

    Tom Brady wasnt great comming out of college, I amit it. One thing he had was a strong arm and he became a good backup before he started. You all wnt to stick up for your boy matt, but hes had his chances to step in and he has failed. Look he didnt play good agianst the titains this year and thier secondary was suspect. ML doent have the arm, recievers dont get open like they do in college. Look at all the first round busts at QB, and then look at ML so far. Just because he is tall and played good in college dosnt make hem great. Every College QB that makes the NFL is good in college. Maybe we should take teabow then if we are all so high on Lienart. Look at the win loss record his rookie season, I remeber watching and being mad that we let Mccown go, at least he could come down and win a game at the end. Matt fades at the end of the game, hes not the 4th quarter QB. Matt plays such a boring game, and after two games his rookie season every team had the book on how to stop him. Guys boldin was his main target, we let boldin go. This dosnt make sence to me if we are sticking with matt long term. I think the team is going to go with anderson or theres an outside chance they will go after Mcnabb. It just makes sence that we go with a qb that can get fitz the ball. I would bet so much that with lienart starting fitz numbers are going to go down so much. We need someone that can thread the needle with the deep ball to fitz, or have the arm to to hit fitz on stride on the slants and crossing patterns. Matts ball has always floated and I perdict record picks if we start matt all season and no playoffs. If he gets the chance he can prove me wrong but I really think the team need to have a open compition in training camp.

  67. By dylan on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply


    your argument is so irrelevant.

    do you think mark sanchez is a good qb?

    do you think ben roth is a good qb?

    well quess what matt leinart had better stats then both there rookie seasons they just had a great defense unlike the cards

  68. By Tyman on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply

    Um no matt didnt dylan, I dont want to argue with you though because I think you must be a little kid by your arguments. All that matters in the NFL is Wins losses. And like I said matts first two games in the NFL where good before teams figured out how to shut him dowm. Ben and sanchez played on stout defences and were not expected to put up big numbers. ML was not great in his rookie season, we lost games because he couldnt keep us in them. Kind of like the Titans game. We would have got rolled if Vince would have scored before half time. Like give me a break we where punting all game and its realy a game any QB that wants a starting job should have won easy. And dont give me the bull that he had no practice.

  69. By fitzis11red on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply


    Did you know that John Elway was benched in his rookie season? Did you know there was a QB controversy in Pittsburgh in the 70’s With Bradshaw and Gilliam? Who? That’s right! Look, Tyman you may be right, I don’t doubt that. But why Judge? We need not forget that we cannot base our judgement on a rookie season. We also need to remember that he made a mistake and may have lost favor a little with the organization. Also, As a back up QB you don’t get the work on the field you would get otherwise. Now he has the confidence of the organization and the chance to get the field work. By the way he’s still in the NFL and the Tennessee game he had no mistakes with no reps. The guy deserves a chance to fail. I believe we can’t fail him before he is TRULY battle tested. Rookie doesn’t count, rotation doesn’t count. What counts is starting week in and week out and getting the experience. Lucky for him and prehaps for us fans as well, he had a Hall of Famer to learn from. Good enough for me to give him a chance. You of course are entitled to your opinion but you don’t have a crystal ball to look through either.

  70. By dylan on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply

    ha see you just made your argument irrelevant again because look you said ben and matt weren asked to put up great stats well look matt was and it was his rookie season and how many qbs can do that with out a defense and without a good coaching staff…… plz tell me and matt leinart coming into the titans game had no practice with the STARTERS okay and he did pretty good and im 19.

  71. By dylan on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply

    im not saying ML is the answer because truthfully no one knows but if you dont wanna stand behind this organization on their decisions and obviously they have been pretty good for the last couple years because we have won the nfc west 2 times now well then go be a fan of some other team

  72. By fitzis11red on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply


    “don’t give me that bull he had no practice”

    OK now I know who we are dealing with. Let me ask you something?
    Were you good at anything you do right away?……I’m done. Good luck to you Tyman.

  73. By SH on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply

    I’m not drinking any kool-aid, but it’s obvious Matt has come a LONG way since his rookie season and I have the utmost confidence in him. The skill-set/intangibles are there and from what we’ve heard from the coaching staff and players, Matt is definitely working hard. Let’s give the guy a chance to BE the Arizona Cardinals starting QB for a season before writing him off.

  74. By Tyman on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply

    man oh man, you guys are all morons. Why the heck do you keep coming back to ML’s rookie season. If he was so great he would have never lost the starting job. The truth is ML has a loosing record and in the titans game he made a few passes down the field to open WR’s, but he cant thread the needle. I was right about dylan, I cant argue with a little kid. I think whizz and grim and the rest of the front office will go after Mcnabb, and I think they are doing good keeping quiet because all you huge ML supporters would critizise them so bad. It took so much for them to get ML out last time, I dont think they really want to have to deal with the crazy ML fans when he starts to suck. Thats the word from this bird.

  75. By dylan on Apr 1, 2010 | Reply


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