Injuries, numbers and Porter’s passes UPDATED

Posted by Darren Urban on August 11, 2010 – 12:21 pm

Last two-a-day practices today for the week, so here are some tidbits from the morning, and then after Matt Leinart and Ken Whisenhunt spoke:

— DE Alan Branch came off with a slight hip flexor, and WR Steve Breaston (knee) and LB Mark Washington (illness) also were out, among others. LB Reggie Walker (hamstring) needed rest because Whisenhunt wants to see him in game action. CB Greg Toler, who hurt his ankle yesterday, was OK, and RB Beanie Wells looked no worse for the wear with his ribs, doing everything. Whisenhunt said Breaston was precautionary; he was just a little sore after all the indoor practices last week.

— DL Keilen Dykes has a partially torn tricep tendon, and is getting further evaluation. Probably not great news for Dykes. UPDATE: Dykes has been waived-injured. The Cardinals have signed undrafted rookie defensive lineman John Fletcher out of Wyoming, who had originally signed with the Ravens.

— Adrian Wilson, Joey Porter and Bryan Robinson took veterans’ days off. They should be back in the afternoon.

— More on this a little later, but Whisenhunt actually has reasons why Tim Hightower is starting ahead of Beanie.

— Leinart, describing what it was like to have Derek Anderson in the meeting room, broke into a huge smile. “ADD, man,” he said. “He’s a character.”

— Many players — including the whole defensive line — switched up jerseys at practice. Darnell Dockett wore Porter’s No. 55. “I wasn’t going to trade my jersey with anyone who doesn’t work hard and plays hard, so I kind of had a holdout,” Dockett said. “I waited and found Joey wasn’t practicing. I had to represent. I told him I made it look better than it had all camp.”

— What about the coaches trying to grade film, though? “We just play. They know who we are,” Dockett said. “By now, they should. If I line up at linebacker and you see dreads and I’m not supposed to be there, I am pretty sure you’ve got an understanding.” Whisenhunt was OK with that. “It’s like identical twins. If you or I were to walk up on them, you couldn’t tell them apart,” Whisenhunt said. “But if you are around them a lot, you can tell them apart easily. I don’t have any problems. I know exactly who everybody is because of their body language, the way they walk. But it won’t be an every day occurrence.”

— Porter, while resting, took part in the always riveting throw-the-20-yard-pass-into-the-garbage-can game (one point for hitting the side, two for hitting the rim, three for getting it in). Porter (throwing below) wasn’t coming close during practice. Afterward, he matched Leinart’s one-in so their bet is ongoing. “I am always competing,” Porter said. “I got one in, after about 20 tosses. One-for-20 for a linebacker ain’t bad.”

Said Leinart, “He thinks he is better than all of us in basketball, cans, everything. That’ll be a fun bet, whatever we have.”

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7 Responses to “Injuries, numbers and Porter’s passes UPDATED”

  1. By Joe-B on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Its nice that DA and Leinart seem to get along pretty well. I remember hearing about how bad things were in Cleveland with their QB competition last season.

  2. By We'll miss Q on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Well everyone seems to want Beanie to start, but like you say Darren, Whiz has his reasons. I for one think he should stay where he is(it’s not like he doesn’t get in on the first series anyway), until he can prove he can pick up the blitz. He was terrible at that last year.

  3. By Scott H on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Good to see that Beanie is back and that these guys are having some fun and bonding along the way. Seeing the starting QB and a big-name linebacker getting into it with friendly bets on a trash can toss is pretty cool.. Out here in the Philly area, it was being reported that DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin ( two top WR’s for the Eagles ) really got into a heated verbal thing yesterday at their practice…I’d rather seeing guys being loose and having fun amongst themselves than going at each other, verbally or physically.

  4. By DHALL on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply


    May be a stupid question but what in the world are they wearing on the helmets…lol

  5. By SierraVistaNick on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Competition is what The Whiz is all about! If Beanie feels he is the starter his play will be that much better going into it! If Hightower slips up and Beanie is playing well, I’d imagine Beanie becomes the starter. If Beanie doesn’t perform, Tim stays starter. It’s not like the roster is picked and set for the season…

    I trust The Whiz!

  6. By Jeff Cittadino on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Those blue things on the helmets are to designate squad…they were wearing them in the practice last Sat. It is so they know 1st string 2nd string, etc. or if they get broken up into lines it designates they are on the same line. Almost like those old penny things they used to hand out in PE

  7. By Catcher Freeman on Aug 12, 2010 | Reply

    DHALL, those are beanies that they wear during offense vs. defense sessions to differentiate between O & D, since the helmets are both white.

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