Fitz has MCL sprain, to be conservative

Posted by Darren Urban on August 15, 2010 – 2:44 pm

An MRI of Larry Fitzgerald’s right knee revealed just a sprain of the MCL (which is better than an ACL sprain). That’s good news. Fitzgerald said he’s talked to coach Ken Whisenhunt and the Cards will play it conservatively, which probably means no more preseason. But Fitz is expected to be ready by the time the Cardinals open the regular season in St. Louis Sept. 12. Base on how it looks frozen in time (below) it could have been worse. Fitzgerald has to be happy. Hopefully, he’ll heal quickly; Steve Breaston suffered a similar knee injury in the first preseason game last year and it seemed to take him a little while to get going again.

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55 Responses to “Fitz has MCL sprain, to be conservative”

  1. By Brandon on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Goodness, looking at this picture below he could have easily came down and tore it completely and been out for the year. Thank goodness its just a sprain

  2. By Jcaswellsr on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Any word on a possible fine for the Texans player. You can tell by the picture his was leading with his head.

  3. By Darren Urban on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Jcaswellsr —

    Too early to know.

  4. By Kim on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    That picture is brutal. 🙁 Hope your recovery is a speedy one, Larry.

  5. By Dylan on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    im just glad his feet were not planted i watched my sister bf tear his mcl just like that and he sat out his whole junior year of college

  6. By We'll miss Q on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    How can there be a penalty when he hit Fitz below the waist? Yes if it was helmet to helmet, but linebackers always lead with their head.

  7. By Darren Urban on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    We’ll miss —

    There is no penalty. I’ve often thought, with so many rules enacted on the big hits upper body that DBs wouldn’t just start “knee-hunting.”

  8. By Paul on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Hope Brandon Keith can overcome last night’s effort. Matt will have a long season if the tackle on his blind side is getting mowed over a lot. Not sure if Reggie Wells could play tackle or not, he is pretty athletic for a lineman. That would enable Deuce Lutui to be reinserted into the starting lineup. It’s probably too late for a change like this but it’s something to think about.

  9. By TheRobot on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Would of been worse if he was on this years Madden 11 cover. Phew! LOL

  10. By Bryan on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Can we blame Matt now for hurting Boldin last year and Fitz this year?lol

    I hope to god he is okay…he goes down it’s gonn be a long season.

  11. By Tinted Face Shield on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    It seems like the Cards WR’s are always hurt or banged up. Just bad luck. The only one who isn’t hurt is usually Fitzgerald. How many times have Boldin, Breaston, Doucet been banged up over the last couple of years. Hope it’s not Fitzgerald’s turn this year. That’s why, in my opinion, it was a huge gamble to let go of Boldin. Not a ton of depth and they are all injury prone.

  12. By TucsonTim on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Any word from Leinart why he ran out without talking to the press

  13. By Darren Urban on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Tucson —

  14. By CZarr on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply


    If you were Fitz, who would you be a more disappointed in, the coaching staff for running him on that route in preseason, or Leinart for throwing that ball? I know he’s probably not angry at anyone, being that he’s Fitz and all, but I’m curious who should shoulder some blame.

  15. By Darren Urban on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    CZarr —

    Why does there have to be blame? I believe it’s crazy for players to skip preseason games altogether. He was going to play a series or two. He happened to get hurt. It happens.

  16. By Peter in Canada on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Thank heaven for small mercies.

  17. By Deveau on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply


    Thanks for the update. And, whew. I saw the play, but didn’t catch the close up shot. Dylan is correct, un-planted feet made all the difference.



  18. By CZarr on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    It is football. Yes it happens. It just seems to me everyone is piling blame onto Leinart for even throwing the ball. To me it seemed like the play calling would be equally responsible for such a thing during a game that means next to nothing for solidified starters. Blame was a bad word to use I suppopse. Just wanted your opinion.

  19. By We'll miss Q on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    CZarr, It was a simple in route. It has nothing to do with preseason or not, this is football. If you are afraid of injuring a guy for making him catch a pass over the middle, what does that say about him? Guys get hurt all the time, with or without going over the middle. As far as “play calling” there were 3 other guys in the pattern to throw to, where the ball goes should depend on the coverage.

  20. By Billy Thomas on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    I just think the starters for both teams should realize they have their jobs and they don’t need to put other teams’ players in jeopardy. I don’t think anyone (especially a team from the other conference who we’re not playing) wants a player to lose an entire season. I’m not saying it was done purposely, but I think that at least the starters should work this kind of like a Pro Bowl game. Now the second and third stringers who are fighting for jobs, that’s a completely different story…

  21. By Zachary on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    recover well Fitz and get payback in the real games.

  22. By Scott H on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    What a picture…holy cow! If I’d seen that picture and not known anything, I would have said there’s no way he’s not seriously injured on this play. Yeah, we should all feel fortunate it’s not worse ( MUCH worse ), but…it just has an ominous feeling to it. With Fitzgerald, Breaston, and Doucet all healthy, we probably won’t miss Boldin too much. But Fitz is definitely the main cog in that wheel. We lose him? We have no shot. We can’t even kid ourselves. I swear, the pre-season is just brutal. Yeah, these guys have to play – at least a little – there’s no getting around that. But it seems like there are more injuries every year. Heck, look at the Texans…they were REALLY counting on this Tate kid to be the guy at RB for them this year. Then, one hit later, and WHAM – they’re back to Steve Slaton and another year needing Schaub to carry the whole offense. One “routine” play is all it takes. Sigh…oh, and can we put it to rest with “blaming” Leinart for this??? If that ain’t the most ridiculous crap I’ve ever heard…

  23. By johnnybluenose on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    awfully glad larry eleven is ok but he does play with no fear and, as a result, puts himself in harm’s way a lot. we should expect him to get dinged up once in awhile. i don’t think we should shut him down completely though. he and lineart and anderson need to play together. i also agree with the earlier comment that we could use boldin this year, especially if roberts continues to not make plays. good thing we got lucky with williams.

  24. By Jcaswellsr on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    What do you mean no penalty? Ever heard of a defenless reciever? He droped his head and went low. Pass was shoulder level. Fitz didn’t really need to jump but he did. If the Texans player was looking up he would of hit Fitz in the ribs and probably broken the pass up. Poor tackle.

  25. By Joe-B on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    It was a good pass that had some decent zip on it, not the high floater that people criticize Leinart for. The only thing he did wrong was staring down Larry, and then the defender dove at Larry’s knee when he went up to get it. Warner would have made the same pass because Larry was open.

  26. By We'll miss Q on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Jcaswellsr, Yes there was NO PENALTY. There has NEVER been a penalty called for hitting e “defenseless” receiver when you hit the guy WHO IS COMING AT YOU, in the thigh. I guess you also think Adrian Wilson should not only be penalized, but suspended, and criminally prosecuted for the hits he puts on guys?

    Come on, this is football. It was a clean hit.

  27. By carlo7000 on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    darren did you make an interwiew with washington and skelton after the match?

  28. By Darren Urban on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Carlo —

    All you need to do is read the couple stories on the site.

  29. By DRC#1FAN on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Mastt better put his ball on a rope. hit those pockets in stride. or we will see this again and again.

  30. By Darren Urban on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    DRC#1 —

    Didn’t that throw come on a rope in stride? The defender was just in the right place.

  31. By ChrisH479 on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren,
    Any word on why Matt didn’t speak to the media last night? It seems kind of odd to me that he wouldn’t…

  32. By Darren Urban on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    ChrisH —

    He told Kent Somers it was a misunderstanding.

  33. By Jeff Gollin on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Taking the optimistic view – shouldn’t this give our logjam of talented receivers the opportunity to step up and show everyone what they can do?

  34. By Darren Urban on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Jeff (and everyone) —

    I don’t think Fitz was going to play a lot in the preseason one way or the other.

  35. By Eric on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Leinart’s tendency to throw high and over the middle is legendary. Last season he did a similar number on Q (throwing high over the middle) and had a similar result. If Leinart doesn’t clean it up, I predict that this will be the first of many WR leg injuries this year. At least when Anderson throws a ball, it’s nowhere near a receiver.

  36. By Potter on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    I have had my doubts about Leinart…so much so that my wife is on my case about not being a loyal enough Cardinals fan. But Leinart was “EXACTLY WHO I THOUGHT HE WAS” he was statistically very accurate but his numbers are definitely anything to write home about. This was a very scaled back “gameplan” similar to the one he was forced to use against Tennessee last year. All he was asked to do was manage the game and not screw up. And he did that pretty well. 6 of 7 for 49 yards and 0 interceptions. Which says something considering his pass protection last night. However he did make 1 big mistake that almost cost us our #1 receiver, he stared him down. Even if you know you are going to go to fitz you still need to look off the safety. He was staring fitz down the whole time after he turned out of that play action fake and the safety saw it and went where Leinart’s eyes were. I bet he will learn from that and hopefully we wont see another picture like is shown above. Still very optimistic about the 2010 Cardinals!

    PS. I am voting for extra playing time for Daryl Washington. He was a stud last night. And I want to see what he can do against some of the 1st stringers.

  37. By SteveD CO on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Is a brace standard for a strained MCL? I guess if he is playing Horse with Kurt it can’t be too bad.

  38. By Darren Urban on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    SteveD —

    Great Point (and btw, I stole the thought for Twitter).

  39. By Big Red on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Thats Football!!!!!! Wish we should have kept the best receiver in football BOLDEN!!!!!!!!!

  40. By Mr Ref on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Leading with the helmet is illegal, and should have been a penalty. Does not matter if the hit was high or low, if the helmet is the first thing that makes contact, it is illegal. Not called as much in the NFL, usually only against the QB. High school it is a point of emphasis to call it to avoid neck injury. The penalty is actually meant to protect the defensive player more than the offensive player.

  41. By ryan on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Wasn’t leading with his head. His pads are against Fitz hip and his head is in front just the way ot should be. What do you want him to do, lead with his hips?

  42. By Thomas77 on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    I saw that play. It seem pretty obvious to me that the dude was tryin’ to put the hurt on Fitz. I think it was a cheap shot. Had the guy simply flattened him, I’d have said “That’s what happens when you run across the middle.”, but he went low, knowing Fitz was going up for the ball.

  43. By Thomas77 on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Tinted Face,

    You know, I’m not really trying to question Boldin’s personal preparation or physical training, but honestly, it seems to me that alot of his injuries could have been prevented through much better physical training/preparation (ie., frequent hamstring issues). Remember Fitz’s knee injury last year? His trainers and doc’s all said his knee should’ve been completely dislocated and he shouldn’t be back playing. But the muscles and tendons were in top notch shape, they actually helped prevent any real injury. In fact, if I remember right, Fitz was right back out there the next game. Although I doubt very many players would have been able to bounce back like Fitz, it just goes to show how important physical training really can be.

    And on a side note, I don’t blame Matt for Fitz’s injury. I think the pass was fine. Although, if Fitz does happen to appear in another preseason game, I have serious doubts Whiz will be sending him across the middle like that again.

  44. By real cards fan on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    Scott H,

    And to any other blogger out there who I normally see post these negative blogs. We have a great coaching staff, and a lot of depth even if they are young. This team is here to stay even if we loose one player. I would never dicredit any of the players that we have. Obviously we have some elite guys out there on the field. But unlike some teams, we are a team and we don’t rely on one magical person to carry us.

  45. By jzoully on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    Hey please tell me that Darryl Washington and Dan Williams will start the next game. Darryl had 13 tackles and a fumble recovery, Monty Beisel makes a good backup but not the best starter. Big Dan Williams was anchoring the line I loved that. One more note, did anyone see how good Max Komar was, I am so impressed with his play.

  46. By Laura Murray on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply


  47. By K-DUB on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren,

    You got to give a lot of credit to John Lott right? How many more years do we have him?

  48. By Darren Urban on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    K-Dub —

    John just signed a contract extension this past offseason, although I do not know how many years it lasts.

  49. By Big Red on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    John Lott is the best in his business. Never let him go to any other team… also WHIZ the greatest coach in the NFL. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. By Scott H on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    Big Red –

    Just so you know, the best receiver in football’s name is spelled BOLDIN. A little respect for Q, please.

    real cards fan –

    Whatever. If you think my blogs are negative, then I don’t know what you’re reading. I live and die with this team, just like you do. I’m as “real” as you are. I’m really sick of people who can’t appreciate another person’s point of view if it is different than theirs’ OR – God forbid – isn’t rah, rah, rah all the time. I love this coaching staff, and I think they are the best staff this organization has had in my 35-plus years as a fan. Have your view and let me have mine. I don’t see where there is anything wrong with having an objective point of view that isn’t afraid to have questions or concerns. “Real” fans should be able to do that AND not have a problem when others do it as well.

  51. By Big Red on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks Scott, for correcting me.

  52. By Scott H on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    Big Red –

    No problem. I just didn’t want Q to see that and maybe come looking for you…

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