Whiz talks D.A. and other stuff Monday

Posted by Darren Urban on September 27, 2010 – 11:43 am

Coach Ken Whisenhunt was asked point-blank if he could stick with QB Derek Anderson the way he is playing or if he needs to improve.

“Obviously I think Derek needs to improve,” Whisenhunt said. “That’s something he would tell you. I think he played a little better in the second half. He missed some plays in the first half that we have to improve on. We can’t leave them on the field. But the thing I like about Derek, he seems to make plays, especially later in the game, that are big plays for us. … We’ve got to get more consistent play out of Derek, but I think that’s a process we have to go through.”

Whiz added it is hard to have adjustments for certain plays and personnel groupings when all the receivers are on one level and Anderson is playing catch-up. What bothers Whiz is that there were “big-time plays,” plays that would have had big yardage or maybe a touchdown that the Cards missed. “When they come up in a game, you have to capitalize,” Whisenhunt said.

For example, there was the play in which Larry Fitzgerald was left in coverage with Raiders linebacker Kamerion Wimbley. Had Anderson taken his time — there was little pressure — he should have been able to put some air under a throw and let Fitz go get it. But Anderson rushed himself and threw more of a line drive over Fitz’s head.

— Whisenhunt said the Cards came out of Sunday’s game in better shape health-wise than any game this season. I’d guess WR Steve Breaston still is going to be careful with the knee bruise he already had, but he played Sunday and I don’t expect him to miss the game in San Diego either.

— Whisenhunt said he is “not down” on rookie Andre Roberts as a punt returner. Roberts was hurt missing two weeks of preseason, when he would have worked more at the position. These are growing pains, Whisenhunt said, and it was “horrible’ that the defense was put in a position to make a stop and then twice have to go right back on the field after the punts hit the ground and bounced off Cardinals. Whiz even said the first one was just a fluke. The second has to be played better.

— He said the pass interference on CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was a good call, since they called that penalty “fairly the whole day.” “We have to know in that situation we can’t arm bar or get in hand fights with the guy going down the field,” Whisenhunt added. “I’ll say this, if they are going to throw at someone at the end of the game, I hope they throw it at Dominique.”

— The Cards may continue to roll Anderson out, since it seemed to work pretty well yesterday.

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  1. By Tony on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    We are scary bad…

  2. By SierraVistaNick on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I wonder how many will start the Edwards coming to AZ talks. Don’t need him. I think once DA starts to get comfortable and confident he will be able to manage the game better and learn the plays.

    I was pleased with the Defense, given the amount of time on the field they really didn’t let much happen for the Raiders’ O.

    Gotta clean up special teams. 2 lost punts, a kick off that could’ve been lost and that’s just for this week. 2 muffed punts last week, and as far as I’m concerned the Cards have 2 returns for TDs, one called back for penalty. Freakin’ kills me, stay away from the ball and if someone burns you, don’t try and save it by blocking in the back! Get down the field and make another block!

    I know that they will get better each week! GO CARDS!

  3. By Paul on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    We all love A-Dub but it looked like he struggled covering Oakland TE Miller(not the fastest guy) much of the game. Concerned about that since we see A. Gates this week. K Rhodes is quicker and has long arms. Maybe he would be better over the TE this week. Just a thought for coach Davis.

  4. By californiadon on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    It is amazing the Cardinals chose to cut Leinart and not have an alternate QB with experience and depth. I wonder what the real issue was between Wiz and Leinart?

  5. By tom manoogian on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    how can NO ONE be yelling to get out of the way.get out of the way means look for ball and get as far a way as possible.if it’s a granade,and someone yells get out the way,do you not get as far away as you amazes me i see this happen so much in the’s a football,it bounces funny,but hey,let me see how close i can get without it hitting play this exact game 13 more times,you will lose 13 more times!

  6. By CaliCard on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply


    What is the opinion among your colleagues regarding DRC’s play so far? To my eye he is not playing up to his reputation, is he reading the preseason press clippings. I hope he gets into gear because it certainly looks like opposing QBs don’t buy into him being a shutdown corner, they have attacked him pretty successfully so far.

  7. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Calicard —

    RE: DRC

    I haven’t had any discussions with anyone yet on DRC. I think he’s had some up and down moments, certainly.

  8. By Eric on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, are the Cards showing any interest in trading for Trent Edwards or Kevin Kolb? Derek is not the answer due to his inaccuracy and Max Hall needs at least another year to develop before I’d throw him in the starting role.

  9. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Eric —

    RE: Trade


  10. By We'll miss Q on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Well anyone watching Fitz’s body language yesterday knows he is very unhappy. I wonder how long it will be before Fitz texts his brother or calls Cris Carter and complains.

  11. By 98CardsFan on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    well DA did want to be perfect, but i don’t think he realizes that your QBrating has to be higher, not lower, to do that.

  12. By Ditship on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Anderson seemed to be at his best when rolling out. He had a lot more touch and accuracy on the ball when he wasn’t planted on the ground. Let’s run the ball and do some more playaction. If I remember correctly that’s how the Browns almost beat us 3 years ago. In fact if it wasn’t for the uncalled Forceout of Kellen Winslow Jr by Eric Green in the endzone we would have lost that game.

  13. By Chad on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    With all this talk about Trent Edwards, I got confused and thought they were talking about Trent Green! I think it would be beneficial to pull in a Vet to challenge DA because Whiz has hinted there is no way he’s putting Hall in.

  14. By Rich on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    why is the media trying to force a “bench Andersen” scenario. you want an undrafted rookie at the helm? we are in 1st place in the division, for God’s sake! Let’s talk about this at mid year (when we’re 5 wins 3 losses and in 1st place) and see if you want to walk away from a division championship for the sake of a vertically challenged, over confident rookie QB. Give Andersen a chance ! the guy is still trying to learn the system and the players. Give it a break !!!!!!!!!!!!! Pick on Andre Roberts, pick on Breaston for dropping 2 he should have had,pick on the O-line for still not getting it done as well as they should. Pick on the play calling. But leave DA alone for a little while and let the poor guy grow into the position.

  15. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Rich —

    RE: QB move

    Time out. How is the media trying to force anything? It feels like, if anything, it’s the fan base pushing for a move.

  16. By OttisAndersonFan on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Another 100 yards given up in penalties. Multiple turnovers. Whiz has to find a way to get his guys more disciplined. What he has been doing to this point hasn’t been working. If those mental errors continue, then it becomes hard to not assess part of the blame to the coaching staff. As good as Whiz has been as coach, finding a way to consistiently control these mistakes with his players has been a weakness for him.

  17. By Dre on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Whisenhunt said…. [He said the pass interference on CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was a good call, since they called that penalty “fairly the whole day.” “We have to know in that situation we can’t arm bar or get in hand fights with the guy going down the field,” Whisenhunt added. “I’ll say this, if they are going to throw at someone at the end of the game, I hope they throw it at Dominique.”]

    Finally I agree with Whisenhumt on something. The called it on both side and Cromartie let the gut get a step on him and he grab the arm. He left the Refs no choice but to throw the flag.

    The Raiders beat themselves bottom line. There needs to be nothing after that. They came here and did what they had to do but thats what happens when you leavee it up to the kicker at the end. We get a win in the win column but we all know we lost that game. Its like a boxing match where the winner’s face is all busted out and the guy with not a scratch on him loses….and the busted up guy talk smack after the game.

    We were beat in every stat category there was but I heard #55 say they out played the Raiders, not on the CBS broadcasted game I saw. Yeah the red zone stop were great. But what stuck out to me was the 7 yds per carry Mcfadden had in the first half. The final drive for the Raiders that lead to a touch down at half. This after a “players only meeting”, more like the guys poker night out meeting.

    I say if the want to play like that then I have the right to talk Stuff…I feel like it my duty to talk stuff and maybe they might want to do something about it, like play some football. These are grown men not college, high school of pop warner kids. This the job they chosen and are paid to perform at a certain level everytime.

  18. By Josh C on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Plain and simple, letting go of Leinart was a mistake. I have thought this all along and it really don’t matter what i think, but that’s my opinion. If I was the coaching staff I really would have thought that over a little better, do you want a QB who is at best oft only a 50% passer or one that completes the passes may more often than not. Given all of Matt’s passes were NOT of great lenth, he did know how to complete one and was well aware of the gameplan in ARI.

    However, we as a fanbase are stuck with a 50/50 QB who was released from the Browns…………… good back-up QB YES, Savior for a post-Warner team….. absolutly NOT!

  19. By Joe daddy on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I dont think the cards are going to be looking elsewhere for a qb. its either anderson or hall and i think right after our bye week we might see max hall take over. I’m tired of hearing “we missed a lot of big plays”. I would hope Anderson would have shown SOME improvement so far but he hasnt. Still looks like the same guy from cleveland..

    I don’t care if hall is a rookie, not everyone is matt ryan or joe flacco but those guys had good players around them and so does hall. I hope whiz has the cohunas to give hall a chance. He was the best qb in camp and he deserves a chance to prove he can do it consistently on sundays.

  20. By Joe on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    This would have been a very well played game with 3-4 better throws and the turnovers eliminated. Hats off to the D but they cant do that every game. DA is safe for one more week i guess Whiz is gonna ride that train as far as it goes, because he’s the one who decided to cut matt, if he was to bench DA and we continue to lose it will hurt him the most. With as well as the hyphen has played do you think here is room for him do you think they will start using him in some screenplay, darren sproles kind of role.

  21. By Joe on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    @ Breaston has proved he has sure hand and alot of people have dropped the short passes DA throws because he only knows how to fire that cannon full strength cant blame recievers for that.

  22. By NJAzCardsFan on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    The Cards passing offense is a train wreck. DA’s numbers are going backwards 297,222 and now 122yds Passing per game. I hate to see what the score is going to be for the next two games when we play top tier teams. Whether or not Hall is ready he should be given a chance at this point. Hall seemed to be able to move the team… Yes, I know it was the
    pre-season. I wonder how long The Coach is going to go with DA when there is no real improvement?

  23. By MW on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    There really needs to be conversations regarding DRC’s play these past 3 weeks. Mark Clayton worked him, Roddy White destroyed him and now Darrius Heyward-Bey had success against him.
    It’s infuriating to repetitively hear DRC and continually talk about his supposed “shutdown” tier talent, yet continue to get torn apart on crucial downs. He has no reason to be playing bored (as he’s mentioned) when he’s being targeted by teams.

  24. By JR (Jim Richardson) on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Darren – if you see Kerry Rhodes, please thank him for urging the crowd to make noise at times in the 4th quarter. The Cards have good and noisy fans, but we get tired and discouraged after mistake after mistake, and it is helpful to have Kerry urging us to get back in the game with noise. Plus, it also shows us that the players want our help. As Coach W. says, we do this together.

  25. By Gang6230 on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I think everyone can see that their are problems as to working on them the team is not slack about it. We just need to wait and see. Like the coach said it’s a work in progress I’m not too hung up on the game yesterday as how the team won. Cuz in football a win is a win by one or a hundred it’s a win by the other team mistake or the teams good offense the next couple of weeks are going to be interesting cuz we have the chargers then the saints. Those two have good offence although their defense may be in trouble. The cards have to improve in the offense Anderson has got to get it together there’s no other way he is better than leinart but not super bowl caliber yet can he grow improve everyone can. We must remember Kurt did not come to Arizona at the top of his game. It was at his lowest some believed it was over for Kurt but as we all know that he came back and prove everyone wrong. Maybe we have the same instance

  26. By JR (Jim Richardson) on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Darren – if you have any pull with management, please tell them that they need more entry points to get past security to get into the stadium. It is rediculous with all of that fencing around the stadium to only have four or 5 entry points. It gets ugly out there waiting to get in, especially in this heat. Small children are crying, there is profanity all over the place, etc. With every home game it is the same thing, and I get to the games early. Everyone trying to get in is frustrated. Thanks.

  27. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    JR —

    RE: Kerry and entry points

    I will pass on both messages.

  28. By Joe daddy on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I do hate DRC playing 10-15 yards off on 4th and 10 and the PI call that ALMOST cost us the game but to say hes been getting destroyed is a bit crazy. When you have the kind of speed DRC has, why not press. When you watch revis play hes jamming his guy everytime at the line. thats what the top tier corners do..

    DRC plays on 1 side. its not like hes been locked on these guys that have been ‘destroying’ the cards. bottom line is were 2-1

  29. By footballdad79 on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    The second paragraph sounds a lot like last week.
    Keep edwards out of AZ. Kolb would be woth a chance since QB #2 and 3 have 0 nfl experience

  30. By don on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I think Breaston needs to return punts or maybe stephens-howlings, the two times we lost the ball it was the returners fault, he needs to step up and fair catch the ball especially on the second one that was outside the 20.

  31. By NYCARDSFAN on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Trent Edwards?! A Cardinal? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Well at least he wouldnt have to worry about A-Dub ringing his bell again! Edwards is a bowl of pasta since A-Dub ruined his career.

  32. By vicente on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    i think derek anderson is imrpoving i mean lets face it sometimes the offense line man were sucky , we need to try max hall one game so we can trust the guy , if anderson fails and fails what kind of position does that leaves us , damn theres so much pressure instead of enjoeying the game i almost having hard attacks , please focus more instead of trying acting intelligent wisen because you know us humans are imperfect but anderson sucks big time

  33. By Matt on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply


    Will you also pass to Beanie and Fitz that the fan base did not appreciate the comments they made about “Which fans the Raiders or the Cardinals” yes there were some Raider fans, but there were also lots of Cards fans wearing the new black jersey’s. Thanks.

  34. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Matt —

    RE: Fans

    There were a lot of black jersey Cards fans. But you can’t deny there were a lot of Raiders fans too.

  35. By Conor on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    The Qb position is more than passing. It is at its core a leadership role where respect and trust are necessary from fans and teammates. My issue with Matt was the 5 years here where he didn’t earn my respect or faith. He peaked when he got Lindsay Lohan in college. Derrick has a 30 plus td season under his belt with only Braylon Edwards to speak of in that offense. Not to down play sleeping with Lindsay Lohan. Well not then at least

  36. By MIKEFLORIO on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Urb i was really impressed with your afterthoughts of the game yesterday. It seems as though you however have to be a neutral base on issues related to the team. You have a knack for reporting the facts and the obvious truth is that we are floundering with this offensive transition EA is obviouslly not our answer. And management has placed this organization in a very tough situation. When you report the straight facts it says awhole lot. But, why is whisenhunt backing anderson this way, players have to play for playing time??? That has been the moniker for the past four years, it seems as if this is true with everyone besides anderson. Granted we as a team have been winnning despite his poor performances. Whisenhunt probably made his poorest choice to date when he started EA. And now all the RED C is looking for is accountability. On andersons behalf. Step up or whiz needs to pull him. Our performance is awful. We miss Q !!!! good job management, we are starting to step backwards.

  37. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    MikeFlorio —

    RE: QB

    The only thing I can say to that is, it’s impossible to know what Whiz and the coaches are seeing at practice every day. Maybe it’s simply they don’t want to use a rookie. Maybe, though, Max Hall has shown enough hiccups daily that they know they can’t turn to him, at least for now. Maybe there really is a belief Anderson will turn a corner.

  38. By TucsonTim on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Daren –

    In the pre-game one of the fromer players (can’t think of his name) stated that he thought Campbell was playing to much between the guard and the tackle. That isn’t good for Campbell since he’s more of a true DE. Watched that closely yesterday and that is where they were usually playing him with 55 over the OT or a little outside. Didn’t work very well. Any comments, I can’t remember if you were a part of that segment.


  39. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Tucson —

    RE: Calais

    I am guessing that was when Glenn Parker and Rob Fredrickson were on the show. I didn’t hear it. Interesting thought, though.

  40. By Jesse Robles on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    The Raiders made the move after 6 Quarters to Pull Jason Campbell and put Bruce Gadkowski in there, SAD TO SAY but the RAIDERS made a better move at the QB position then the CARDS. When was the last time DA had a good game? DA is consistently BAD. Im just saying Ken Whisenhunt said that the best player plays, but I guess it depends on how much he likes or dislikes that person for it to go into effect. We can only ride this D for so many plays in the game. What happens when we play the Saints and we can’t score? WE lose because our Defense cannot stop them. I know I am being negative but this guy is getting paid to suck at what he does, that doesn’t happen anywhere else in any other job. If you suck at your job you lose it.

  41. By Jesse Robles on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I wonder if Whiz and DA are going steady?

  42. By PeterG on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    No doubt it was sloppy yesterday, and our Cardinals got a lucky break at the end. It wasn’t a showpiece, but take it–it’s a win.

    The Whiz promised some improvement, and we saw improvement–particularly on defense, Anderson looked a little better, too, though I was still pretty ugly. I do not agree with the rising chorus of “we never should have traded Matt.” He was never going to fit in here and would not have been back next year under any circumstances. Coach was smart to cut the losses. It is, after all, a rebuilding year. Might as well get as much done as we can while we are doing it.

    It is going to be a challenging year, but if the whole team will play with the heart the defense showed yesterday, we can all be proud, and they may win a few more as well. The whole team (including Derek Anderson) and Coach Whiz have my full support. GO CARDS


  43. By TBru on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I am concerned about DA but not hitting the panic button. Would we be any better than 2-1 with Leinart, doubtful. I think Hall should have gotten more reps in the Atlanta game. Hopefully we have a few games where we have abig lead and can get him in too, he isn’t going to get better holding a clipboard, some game action is what will make him a better qb. I think part of the problem with #7 was he was on the sidelines too long, being groomed. Granted he was behind a Hall of Famer, DA is not Warner so if the scoreboard dictates we have some wiggle room, I would like to see Hall get some snaps. I still think with the incosistency of the O line, DA will get roughed up from time to time and Hall has to be ready to step in, or have another vet on the roster.

  44. By jerry on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I get that Max Hall is “not ready” but is DA ready ? A 54 rating from an experienced QB is not ready for the NFL, and may not ever be….especially when you are throwing to FItz. When we cut Leinart, it’s because they saw some magic in Hall…..has that changed ? I would much rather watch Hall make horrible mistakes, learn the speed of the game, and develop into something, than settle for horrific performances, with little upside. Max Hall’s wins or losses, won’t be any uglier than DA’s, and if I am frustrated, I can’t imagine how some of the players feel right now. Discipline will come to this team, when they have someone to follow.

  45. By darrel on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I’m happy we got the win but really derek should be playin arena football. Out of all the starters in the nfl we probably have the worst qb .. and I stand by that This guys throws shoevel passes and jumps in the pocket wow derek I love the cardinals but cmon man why do we have to see this guy evrey week

  46. By clssylssy on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I wonder how long people will continue to whine about Matt Leinert when a good portion of the fans did nothing but bash him when he was here. It is what it is, and we can continue to be supportive of coach or be an unproductive bunch of whiners in which case we don’t deserve to win our division anyway, At least we aren’t 0-3 like the 9ers who would love to change numbers with us.

  47. By joe67 on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I kept thinking, here we go. The old Cards are back, and at times it sure did look that way.Except for one thing. The old Cardinals would have LOST that game. We did get a “W”! But with that being said, as bad as our Defense looked at times the O line looked even worse. Man this team looks really bad at times. I did think we looked a little better in the second half however. If we play in wks 4-5 like we did in 2-3 (and even wk 1) it is gonna be a couple ugly games. With the lack of pressure we have had most of the time, and our secondary getting burned like they have, can you imagine the numbers Rivers and Brees will have???!!?!? We have a lot bigger problems than just qb. I keep thinking all of a sudden we are going to gel, and if we do, we can be damn tuff!!

  48. By Kurt on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Andre Roberts must be on the chopping block. They might want to expieite a less dangerous replacement.

  49. By darrel on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I can’t wait for my boy luti to let a linebacker through and let Da take a big shot what’s it really gonna take to get him out of the game

  50. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Darrel —

    RE: Anderson

    Wow. You stay classy.

  51. By MikeG on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren, It is a good sign that the Cards have not had any critical long term injuries. In the NFL so far there have been many teams hit with the injury bug. One thing that is concerning –in our 2 wins–We have lost the turnover stat–yet we won both games– that can’t continue. In regard to Anderson–I would like to see the Cards throw some more screen passes to their backs early in the game. This would get him into the game early and get his percentage up. Using Hyphen in the screen game could create some nice gains for the Cards. I think he deserves more playing time. I think it is really important to improve our time of possesion and using our RB’S more could do that. Don’t you think that Anderson throws the same type of ball(velocity wise) whether it is a 30 yard pass or a 10 yard pass ??? It is vital that he deveolps touch! I’m sure the coaches are working with him–he just needs to improve.

  52. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    MikeG —

    RE: DA touch

    That’s been something the Cards have tried to work on.

  53. By Jeff on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I think we could have been 2-1 with Leinart as the starter and still had DA as a possible backup. Now we have a guy with no touch and two rookies. I have heard no real explanation of WHY they cut Leinart. He was only making around 2 mil this year and all off season he was pronounced the starter. I think management decided they were NEVER going to pay him the 12 mil his contract called for next year no matter what. He would have been auditioning for some other team. If he was productive then management would have been in a no win situation going into the off season. (He ends up in Houston with Rackers and A Smith, hmmm)

  54. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Jeff —

    RE: Leinart

    If you have never read/heard an explanation, you haven’t been paying attention.

  55. By Dre on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    By Rich on Sep 27, 2010

    why is the media trying to force a “bench Andersen” scenario. you want an undrafted rookie at the helm? we are in 1st place in the division, for God’s sake! Let’s talk about this at mid year (when we’re 5 wins 3 losses and in 1st place) and see if you want to walk away from a division championship for the sake of a vertically challenged, over confident rookie QB. Give Andersen a chance ! the guy is still trying to learn the system and the players. Give it a break !!!!!!!!!!!!! Pick on Andre Roberts, pick on Breaston for dropping 2 he should have had,pick on the O-line for still not getting it done as well as they should. Pick on the play calling. But leave DA alone for a little while and let the poor guy grow into the position.

    RE; Just left me alone


    Why don’t you give us a break. DA is bad end of story. The only chance we have at doing anything this year will come off the run game and defense. Our recievers will contribute but they are not our first option anymore. We got to get the ball out of DAs hands and limit his role in this offense. DA pass percentage is going to kill us.

    When you pass the ball and the reciever catches it, the clock keeps running just as if you ran. When you have an incomplete pass the clock stops. You don’t get to rest your defense, especially if the other team is pounding them with their run game. Time of possision is a important stat to pay attention to because it effect so much. It effects the play at the end of the game, road game and especially as we approach the end of the season. Those extra play are adding up for our defense as we debate DAs skill level. Bottom line it effect the whole tream not just one players broken pride.

    The defense has new player too. We have a rookie at MLBer, who is not use to the level of play yet along a 6 game season. But I agree our def is a bigger disappointment as of right now then DA. Some of us knew what was coming with DA. We didn’t see our defense or I should say we were hoping our defense would be able to control the games with little offense needed.

    Also one more thing….its eazy when you are a backup, I mean there is little ot no pressure. The pressure is when you are a starter. This is what he signed up for and I not feel any pity for him.

  56. By Ben on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    – The Cards may continue to roll Anderson out, since it seemed to work pretty well yesterday

    Sorry Darren the end did not justify the means. “worked out pretty well” is a crock. We won because SJ blew a kick, it had absolutely NOTHING to do with DA. Whiz can go on touting his progress all he wants. DA’s numbers are as dismal as they have always been. That Fitz pass you mentioned sums up everything you need to know about Derek the bullet Anderson.

    You dont need to humor the uneducated with a line like “worked out pretty well yesterday”

    I feel sick….

  57. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Ben —

    RE: rollouts

    Not sure how the point that rollout plays seemed to click equates to all that. It was one small part of the assessment of the game.

    If you feel my updates are beneath you, feel free not to read them.

  58. By Jonathan on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I hope Fitz starts letting his frustration out with DA’s poor inaccurate passing. I know he’s trying to respect the coaches choices, but you would think if he voiced his opinion’s that moves would be made. I know DA’s not even close to a future hall a fame QB like Warner, but when your in the NFL you have to make that throw to Fitz running free behind a DL. COME ON’ MAN!

  59. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Jonathan —

    RE: Fitz frustration

    And he would say what exactly?

  60. By Rich on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply


    If the Cards start losing then I’m all for a change at QB. But here’s my question to you……………………….if the Cards are in 1st place in the division and have a legitimate shot at winning the division and going to the playoffs (even if DA hasn’t performed well), would you still remove DA in favor of an undrafted rookie who never started a game in the league? That’s the question.

    Its not like there are many other options. I understand football and understand where DA is deficient. But its not yet in the Cards favor to jump on him and force the issue until we know that we are out of the playoff hunt.
    Again…………………any answer to the question?

  61. By 98CardsFan on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Heard an interview with Kurt Warner on Gambo & Ash a little while ago, when asked about Leinart he (Warner) was surprised that the Cards cut Matt, but maybe it was in the best interest of both parties (i.e. Whiz). But when asked about Marc Bulger’s ability to run this system Kurt said it would be a “great fit” numerous times. I believe that because this is the system Warner designed. He had his say in every facet of the passing game and where it has gone. We didn’t get Bulger in the offseason, but that doesn’t mean we can’t correct that now. Baltimore should be more than a willing partner to facilitate a trade with us for Bulger. Why not go get him and let him assimilate the playbook for a quarter or two (figuratively) and make another playoff push while the 9ers are still reeling and Seattle’s ra ra ways start to wear off?

  62. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    98CardsFan —

    RE: Bulger

    Why exactly would Baltimore want to trade their backup?

  63. By CardsFanSince60 on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    The Hyphen is an explosive kickoff returner. Why couldn’t he return punts also?

  64. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    CardsFanSince —

    RE: Hyphen PR

    Because he’s not a punt returner. Vast difference in two jobs.

  65. By Bryan on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    True…to be a punt returner on this team you must draw a blank on the field and mess up…something LSH doesn’t do.

  66. By darrel on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    What it take to get jason cambell

  67. By RED BIRD 66 on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Why don’t we try to pick up Kenny Stabler, he was at the game yesterday. LOL. Seriously why does everyone think Edwards would do better than DA and as far as Philly trading Kolb-Com’on man, why would they do that. I’m waiting for the sign Jamarcus Russell cries now. I doubt bringing in anybody who doesn’t know the system at this point would would be more of a disaster that letting DA work it out or possible play himself out. It did seem that DA completely missed some open recievers but he did have a lot of pressure most of the day. I still say DA is better than Leinart no matter what. I am really more disappointed in our D so far. Not a lot of aggressiveness but they have been on the field too much. Hopefully next week we can get pressure on Rivers as he seems to fall apart when getting hit. Go Card!!!!!!!!!!

  68. By Tyrelle on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren

    Why do our DBs play 20 yards on the WRs?????????

  69. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Tyrelle —

    RE: DBs

    Not sure what you are asking.

  70. By Ross on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply


    In Whisenhunt’s presser, he talked about how beanie energizes the team etc. Why does he do this and not hightower? If we are talking big play ability, I think they both have that. Could you explain it to me? Thanks.

  71. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Ross —

    RE: Energizing

    I think it was more a compliment to Beanie rather than meaning a slight at Tim.

  72. By JohnInLasVegas on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I’d be interested to go back and read the comments when Warner was playing. Good or bad play, we fan tend to complain about something. I guess its the nature of being a passionate fan.

    Remember folks, if we were so smart, we’d be coaching in the NFL. I put more trust in Whiz and the assistant coaches than my own and other fans knee jerk reactions to a few games. DA isn’t Warner, but neither is Max Hall. I trust in Whiz to correctly assess his options with both DA, DRC and Andre Roberts. We’ve been spoiled the last 3 years after years of mediocrity, but I don’t expect Whiz to let the Cardinals fall back to that level again. We may have to endure some rough patches, but what team doesn’t?

  73. By We'll miss Q on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Darrel, Anyone who wiashes one of his own players(or anyone else’s for that matter) has no class and does not deserve to watch the NFL.


  74. By We'll miss Q on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    That should say wishes any player to get hurt.

  75. By BLOOD RED on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Can somebody remind DA that he has the best reciever in the NFL on his team!Throw the jump ball to him deep at least 3 times a game.You have a 90% chance he will come up with the ball or a pass interference call.We all know and remember how many times Kurt was bailed out by Fitz.Bang the ball with Beanie and Hightower,hit Howlings out of the backfield then GO DEEP for us please!!!Oh yeah also let DA know to put some air under it,he looks like a center fielder trying to throw a guy out at home every pass!Lean on run and buy Hall some time to develope.

  76. By Dre on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply


    I think this is DAs break and he is not putting together a strong case for the job for the future. We play the Chargers and the Saints, which we will probably drop both. We play the Seahawks the week after the bye in Seattle.

    Seattle could be waiting for us with a 3-2 record with us at a 2-3 record. I know DA needs to show something beside the consistent inconsistency. I didn’t like any of whisenhunt’s QB decision especially an undrafted at back up. But thats our dilemma….

    DA needs to play competitive football, thats what everyone is waiting for. I think during either one of the next two games, they might want to see what Hall has if we are down by a bunch. But sooner or later they are going to see where we are with these two rookies before the season is up…and only a reward of a division title is it worth not making that change.

    For the record, I think the Cards have a chance against the Chargers but the saint, get ready for another beat down.

    I get a kick out of everyone saying give the DA a break, now…what a load of crap.

  77. By Matt on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply


    RE: fans

    Yes there were, but its not fair for Fitz or Beanie to call out the fans like that. I was there screamin my head off. Maybe if they had played better in Atlanta or St. Louis the week before more fans would have been there. Bad move by Fitz especially.

  78. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Matt —

    RE: Fans

    So you all can have your opinions on the kind of QB Anderson is or why the players should play harder, but the players can’t have opinions?

  79. By Jeff on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I didn’t say I never read/heard an explanation, I said I didn’t read/hear a REAL or CREDIBLE explanation. I’ve read everything I can find (I am unemployed).This story line about leadership, chemistry, etc is baloney. These are grown men, paid tons of money to produce. Favre and Singletary have all the leadership tools in the world but if they can’t produce players won’t follow them. Conversely, if a guy can produce on the field, so what if he isn’t a vocal leader. Leinart was not given a chance to succeed or fail when it counts, in the regular season. The fact you ignored the rest of my rant speaks for itself. Of course you can’t bash management, they are your employer.

  80. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Jeff —

    RE: Credible explanation

    Oh, so because YOU don’t like what was said, then you are owed otherwise?

    I missed you when you were around the complex, allowing you to know what is true and what is not.

    You sound like you answered your own question. Leinart didn’t succeed enough on the field. You feel he wasn’t given the chance. The coaches feel otherwise.

  81. By UltimateCard on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply


    By saying “What exactly would he say?” Are you saying that Fitz had nothing to do with Leinart’s release? If not then what did lead to Leinart’s release? He outplayed DA in preseason quite handily. That is not up for debate. He also had more experience with the offense than DA. That is not up for debate. DA is a career 50% passer who was benched for Brady Quinn…again not up for debate. You also say when asked for an explanation on the Leinart release “You haven’t been paying attention.” What exactly is the reason? That is all the fans want. Whisenhunt’s comments stating that Anderson gave the team a better chance to win is a complete and outright lie. Please give the fans, especially the ones who sat through the Sun Devil Stadium years a little more credit than this. Any time anyone has the audacity to question the move it is met with condescending responses or responses acting like the QB problem doesn’t exist. The fans who are being asked to sit through this expect more. Look, the old Cards no one cared about. But the Cards have arrived and the fans demand accountability which is a good thing. I have never seen such a bad performance from a QB, especially a QB who was handed a job so controversially, met with such acceptance. The fans have a right to be angry and to question Whisenhunt. Many could argue that Ken won with Green’s army. Ken got rid of some pretty darn good players, even a legend at WR, so he better have answers. NO more talk of being patient in a 16 game season. We want answers, that is all.

  82. By Darren Urban on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    UltimateCard —

    RE: Answers

    I never said fans don’t have a right to be frustrated (Angry, however, I don’t understand). Obviously I cannot give you what you want, or you don’t like what I have to say. Am I sarcastic to some? Of course. But if someone approaches things rationally, even with criticism, I respond in kind.

    I don’t know if Fitz had anything to do with it. He says he didn’t. That’s all I’ve got to go on. As for the reasons, when I said “you haven’t been paying attention” I am referring to what I have written, not to make it sound like this was in the air somewhere. I wrote about Leinart here: The only player he “got rid of” was Anquan. The others left as free agents, many of whom the Cards attempted to bring back but they chose to go elsewhere.

    Maybe you (and others) read this. Maybe not. Maybe you read it and think it’s bull. Not much I can do about that. Judging by your tone and arguments, I’m think you don’t care what I have to say anyway.

  83. By Eazy E on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    We do need to play alottttt more man press coverage

  84. By Eazy E on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Stop backing off so much DRC can handle it and toler needs to grow into it. Press man coverage

  85. By Carddan on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    The Cardinals have not yet played a complete game. Eventually, we may play well in a game and still lose. Until then, I will gladly accept 2-1. The Chargers are up next. A win in SD would be a statement whether it is ugly or not.

  86. By UltimateCard on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks for responding Darren. I do care what you have to say. I have been reading your stuff since the Trib. The fans are just frustrated, mainly at Whisenhunt and his questionable tactics on the field and off. Thsi probably is not the right venue for those conversations, but they are being talked about and they are getting louder. Keep up the good work. You undoubtedly have interesting days ahead.

  87. By Darren Urban on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    UltimateCard —

    RE: Answers Part II

    Truly, I appreciate the loyal readers. Trust me, in my position, I would love for this team to not only win but dominate. But as soon as Warner retired, I figured there would be bumpy times ahead, and that was when I thought Leinart was QB. It was going to be rough — in my opinion — whether Leinart or Anderson or even Bulger was QB.

    I will agree with the one point brought up multiple times, by you and even by Whiz himself — this team has raised expectations. I have covered this team a long time. Once, a 2-1 record would have been rejoiced. Now, it’s measured not against itself but what it means and if this team can be a Super Bowl contender. That remains a big if this season. It also means this franchise has come a long way too.

  88. By AZCardsWin on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Darren- is there any talk within the Cardinals organization on trying LSH as the punt returner? He’s so explosive on kickoffs and our punt returners (if they are not using Breaston) cant get any worse.

    ~Tim in NJ

  89. By Darren Urban on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    AZCardsWin —

    RE: Hyphen as PR

    For the final time (I hope), LSH is not a punt returner. Not the same skill set as KOR.

  90. By kaleb on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    If the cardinals nation was a government, it would be a dictatorship. listen to your fans. “a win is a win” does not apply against the rams and raiders, and a blowout is unacceptable for a team that is defending back to back division titles. do what you have to do, make a move, but the qb position is bringing down the team… just wait til we get smoked in san diego. ive been a dedicated fan for many years and i can stand seeing the cardinals lose as a bad team, but i cant stand to watch the cardinals play terribly with a GOOD roster. your a gunna lose a fan if you keep it up cards…..whiz. i want to hear chants of “take him out” the next home game if this keeps up.

  91. By Darren Urban on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Kaleb —

    RE: Cards as government

    If the Cardinals were a government, the coach would be voted in by fans. He is not. It is a dictatorship, like every pro sports team. Fans have every right to complain when things are going wrong, and they have every right to make sure their feelings are known with cheers and boos. But they have no rights when it comes to player decisions. You do understand that, right?

  92. By CArDzF@N206 on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I’m leaning toward MAX HALL.. I believe in him more den DA… as a back up DA would be better off… just like how he was in cleveland da same year he was very successfull.. MAX HALL did really good in week 4 preseason.. He look like a Drew Brees type of QB… well isn’t dat wat da commentator said about him.. But anyways what do I know.. I’m just a fan.. I just hate to see the CARDS not winning this season.. I stay in seattle and I want them to give the SEAHAWKS a beatdown.. pls… tired of this fake seattle fans around here… and I want to go watch the game.. Aye DARREN maybe you can hook me up with some tickets. Lol… GOOD LUCK CARDINALS…

  93. By Big D on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    bottom line punts dont get muffed offense gets more chances defence is out their less score is more lopsided in the cards behalf dumb fans shut the (put in word) up. the offense was looking better line held up longer running backs had more holes da looked more accurate if you account for the plays where the reciever could have caught the ball where their were pass interference calls instead da could have easily had a better passer rating more yards overall better game then what the stat sheet implies of him shovel passes were retarded though and if he does those plays in one more game i could see benching him over lack of focus no need for that kind of stuff ever. as for a new quarterback? yeah that sounds good put in someone who knows less about the offense and spend more money for most likely no reason. or we could try hall now let him play against the chargers and the saints let him get destroyed and have the fans start bitching because we are losing, and start the skelton campaign. yess please oh please do this

    these cards fans sound like the cards of old filled with nothing but lots of talk and fail they are who we thought they were LOSERS

  94. By chad d. on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    He makes plays? Really? When? is whiz sleeping on the sideline or watching the other qb? Cause DA isn’t making plays and certainly not at the end of the game.

  95. By ben on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    hey darren i think that this is the begining of a wonderful season, cards havent played their best football yet, and still wind up on the winning side of the ball. just feels like the football gods have a winning plan for the cards this year GO CARDS

  96. By Darren Urban on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Ben —

    RE: Winning Cards

    My goodness I hope you are right. Well, you are certainly right on one point — the Cards haven’t played their best football yet.

  97. By Eazy E on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Leinart wasn’t any good with us plain and simple thank you for reading this

  98. By Matt on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply


    RE: Fans

    They get paid to be there, we pay to see them.

    I work at a city pool. If one weekend there aren’t many customers there, I’m not gonna call out our loyal patrons and tell them to step their game up. It’s the same thing. I love Fitz, and think he is one of the classiest people in Arizona sports history up there with Kurt. This was out of character for him. I bet he regrets saying it. Thats all I’m saying.

  99. By Dan on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    What does DRC stand for? DR. CHOKE? This dude needs to grow a pair to go with his giant package. He needs to strap on a pair of tight underwear or something, I think its slowing him down and getting in the way, just a thought…..hehe!

  100. By Tyrelle on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    It was 4th and 10 and we gave up 12 yards because the DBs are playing so far off the WRs. They can go 10 yards and catch the ball and run for me, because our DBs are playing so far off the WRs.

  101. By Havasu Tom on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darrin, I said last week that Anderson needed to get out of the pocket. It helped. Now we need some touch. My daughter, who attends Northern Arizona University, and we text and talk through the whole game, noticed the smoke coming off the ball on every throw. D.A. needs to look for the miss match before the play starts and process the play faster. If D.A. can process the play faster the play will slow down and allow him to find the missed coverages.
    Darrin, keep up the good work. It’s tough to write when your balancing the good of the team against paying customers. You always do a great job!

  102. By CJ on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    I knew this was going to be a tough year but boy is it more true now than ever. We are just squeezing out some wins by mediocre or less teams.

    Gotta say, I agree with Wisenhunt’s decision to can Leinhart. He was too much of a drama queen and not enough of a leader. At least the team seems to be rallying around Anderson. That being said, I wish Anderson was performing better. I know it’s early and I see continual improvement each game, but it seems like the Cards don’t have a legitimate chance until at least next season unless Anderson calms down a bit and just starts making plays.

    I also think that we need to step up the run game. With Beanie back and Hightower doing really well, I could see us really focusing more in that area. That would give Anderson a lot more breathing room until he gets comfortable in this role and give him some chances to make bigger plays.

    Just remember that Anderson is not Kurt Warner. We can’t expect him to be. He should get better with time and if he doesn’t, we’ve seen some promise from Max Hall. But I think we should stick it out with Anderson through the rest of the season at least. You can’t base everything off the first few games especially when Anderson was expecting to be the backup QB until the last minute and hasn’t got enough playtime as the starter until the season already started.

  103. By Staff Sergeant TIm Roberts on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    From what everybody is saying, they say DA is hot garbage. I dissagree. I think he just needs more reps to get his game on track. He needs to slow down and make better judgements, but if people think we should have another Kurt Warner playing sorry to say thats not gonna happen. DA just needs to slow it down, focus and get into the groove of things. Stop complaining about what he does wrong and let things play out. They’ve got to get their rythm going and thats all there is to it. There are two rookies behind DA, and if history shows anything they don’t always do that well. Look what happened to Peyton Manning for example.

    The Colts threw him in their and it took him at least five years to get it right. So, I can deal with less completions versus more interceptions. As long as we can fall back on both the run and defense, we can do what we need to. Stop going after DA for not being Kurt. We need to deal with what we have now. And they won, thats all that matters.

  104. By Sackman on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    RE: Give Hall a chance

    I agree 100%

  105. By Sackman on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Joe daddy

    RE: Give Hall a chance

    I agree 100%

  106. By Jeff on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    To the point, do you think Leinart’s ballooning contract had ANYTHING to do with his release?

  107. By Darren Urban on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Jeff —

    RE: Leinart

    No, because it didn’t balloon until March of 2011. You could have kept him this year at a reasonable salary and dump him later if that was really the concern. If anything, the timing of Leinart’s release showed it wasn’t about the money.

  108. By clssylssy on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    FYI–According to the Bleacher Report in their article on Top Ten Likely to Lose Their Job this week,Derek Anderson was rated #1. He had some good company like the Saints kicker who won them the Super Bowl but miss thet breaker with Atlanta.
    I don’t remember such a crazy year in quite awhile…what are your thoughts? (Not trying to board the already full trash DE bandwagon)

  109. By Darren Urban on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Clssylssy —

    RE: Bleacher Report

    With all due respect to the writers there, they are fans, no different than the people writing to me on this blog. My guess is the writer of that report has never attended a practice or talked to any coaches.

  110. By ChrisZ on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Maybe I am wrong here but the way Whiz’s comments read is that we won so there is no urgent need to work on anything. When in fact I see that there is no aspect of the football we are playing that we dont need to work on. This is so frustrating.

  111. By Darren Urban on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    ChrisZ —

    RE: Whiz urgency

    If you get a chance, watch Whiz yourself I didn’t take it that way.

  112. By clssylssy on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    What I meant to say was what are your thoughts about the craziness that seems to be plaguing most every team this season? Breakdown in talks with the Owners and possible lockout on the horizon??? Just trying to make sense of the dynamics of this wierd beginning

  113. By Darren Urban on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Clssylssy —

    RE: Craziness

    I think every NFL season has a “weird” beginning because there are always new factors no one is expecting (the Niners 0-3? The Chiefs 3-0 — and congrats to Todd Haley, BTW). The CBA thing is going to loom over the league regardless of what happens on the field. And it probably seems extra weird to Cards’ fans because frankly, there was so much stability the past couple of years with all the same players, and now there has been significant turnover.

  114. By shannonrobinson on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    This sounds like a tidal wave of negativity. We’re three games into a major transition year. You’re about to see a great offensive line emerge and Mr. Anderson will have a better chance to succeed as he plays with the first unit in a run oriented offense – there’s really nothing like it – be patient and don’t panic & enjoy being lucky.

  115. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    In fairness to the Cards and Whiz, coach McCarthy at Green Bay also rosters teams year-in/year-out that can’t control penalties. The Pack had a team record 18 penalties last night for 152 yards. Downright awful.

  116. By Dre on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    I wish the AZ Lottery would come out with a new game spunned around DA passing percentage from game to game. If you guess DA passing percentage correct you get a prize but the are arrange or set according to his career average 53%.

    For example if I buy a ticket and predict he will have a 80% average for that game I win big…10 million. The same goes for the flip side also, If I predict 35% I win big also…lets say 5 million because that is more likely to happen. But if I predict 55% and I hit then I get 10 dollars. LOL

    People would want him in the game no matter what…I would spent big money on that game.

  117. By CrazyLady25 on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply


    I think you do a great job dealing with idiots.

    DA has not played at any time with all WRs, in fact, he’s played with different WRs every game. TE Ben Patrick had a couple of nice catches Sunday. I would expect to see more of him in the future since DA had Kellen Winslow the year he went to the Pro Bowl.

    Fitz is not completely healthy — he hasn’t gotten his “jump” back.

    BTW, I still think the QBotF for the Cardinals is John Skelton.

  118. By Staff Sergeant TIm Roberts on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Wow! People need to understand, were still a good team with DA. Like I said before, its early in the season and things are going to be rough. DA just needs to relax and get into a good “battle rythm” so to speak.If we were 0-3 there might be something to say, but were 2-1 and in good shape as far as injuries go. Consistency is a problem and something Coach Whiz said even when we had Kurt starting. Its a TEAM sport, not individual. Were not scrapping the bottom of the barrel anymore, and get good draft picks, so I say relax and let the season play itself out.

    If I remember we started slow last year as well. No deep passes by Kurt for big yardage like in 2008. But after a few games we started to roll and got our stuff going. Yes, we’ve got hot recievers in Breaston, Fitz, Douchet, but EVERYBODY needs to play a consistant game and not just two or three guys. You can’t hang all the issues on just one guy. Its not fair to that person. The Cards will be fine and Coach Whiz will work out the kinks and get things rolling in the right direction, or people will start getting either the boot or the bench. Simple as that

  119. By cardsalltheway on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    For those Hall local boy hero fantasy fans, he is NOT better than Skelton.

    We’ll miss Q…” Well anyone watching Fitz’s body language yesterday knows he is very unhappy.” Good point, I think he ought to be cut.

    John C…”Plain and simple, letting go of Leinart was a mistake.” I couldn’t agree more!

  120. By Sean on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, I’d like to apologize for many of these fans over-reaction and harsh comments. If this is the way the fan base reacts to a makeover season (that is 2-1, TWO- ONE) it saddens me more so then the games them selves. Everyone needs to calm down and get a grip, quit bashing Urban for doing his job and at least trying to keep spirits up a bit, rather than posting articles on how terrible our team is, he is pointing out the good.

    Thanks Urban for being a glass half full kind of guy!

    Cards will make the playoffs this year under DA, even if it’s with sub 60% completion rate. Maybe then some of these fans will shut up a bit.


  121. By Darren Urban on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Sean —

    RE: Reaction

    Don’t worry. I can slowly move glass half-empty if needed.

  122. By neil on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Just bring Kurt Warner in as a quarterback coach. I think that would solve a lot of issues. Any thoughts on that urban? Stupid thought? Or a future thought?

  123. By Darren Urban on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Neil —

    RE: Kurt as coach

    As we have mentioned many times, Warner has no interest in being a coach.

  124. By Jeff on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    While I don’t often agree with your take on things, I do appreciate your efforts to respond to our rants/posts. I have been on this bandwagon for 14 years now and I think the criticism from the fans is healthy, it means we have a team worthy of dissection and our enthusiasm. You have one of the best jobs in America. Now on to San Diego.

  125. By cardsalltheway on Sep 29, 2010 | Reply

    CrazyLady25…”BTW, I still think the QBotF for the Cardinals is John Skelton.”
    Me too!!! The main reason fans like Hall is b/c he’s a Mesa, AZ fellow. Skelton got pulled or placed below Hall on the depth chart despite his fantastic performance during the 1st preseason game which was as good as any past QB in their rookie year. If that would’ve happened to Hall, there would’ve been an uproar. Instead…SILENCE. If Hall gets in there again, I can see more of his passes being blocked at the line of scrimmage than Skelton’s and being squished after being sacked or tackled. When Hall had a chance/got in the Falcon game when DA clearly wanted out earlier than when he was taken out(signs of a weak loser), Hall seemed a bit flustered and overwhelmed which caused his interception. Skelton would not be flustered or overwhelmed so PUT SKELTON IN THE GAME.

  126. By kaleb on Sep 29, 2010 | Reply

    to some extent though the fans will make a difference. for example.
    when cardinals fans say were not going to the games because NOBODY LISTENS TO US, and we are getting embarrassed on the field.
    why do you think vick is starting in philidelphia? people want to see vick. NEWSFLASH people want to see hall. i want to see hall. no more excuses this is going to be an eye opening 2 weeks for all you D.A. optimists. i mean, i wish you all were right about him…..but i dont think you are.
    (p.s. when i say no excuses i mean when D.A. stinks it up i dont wanna hear whiz talking about injuries at the WR position)
    OHHH and speaking of injuries… didnt whisenhunt say the one positive thing that came out of the raiders game was no injuries….. breaston needing surgery…. maybe its not an “injury” but it doesnt make our depth situation look any better so not “positive” bud. i think that is just whisenhunts predetermined statement when confronted with the poor team performance.

  127. By Darren Urban on Sep 29, 2010 | Reply

    Kaleb —

    RE: Vick/fans

    I think Eagles players wanted to see Vick. I think that had a much greater influence. And Vick at least has a body of work to which to base that upon. Max, as of yet, does not.

    And there were no injuries that came out of the Raiders game. Breaston was hurt against Atlanta.

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