Beanie sits again

Posted by Darren Urban on November 10, 2010 – 2:26 pm

The Cardinals had a banged-up crew out for Wednesday’s practice. Running back Beanie Wells sat because of ongoing swelling issues. Linebackers Clark Haggans (groin) and Paris Lenon (ankle) also sat out, and it wasn’t a great day for the defense, since linebackers Joey Porter (knee) and Will Davis (knee), defensive tackle Darnell Dockett (shoulder) and safety Kerry Rhodes (hand) were also limited.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt attributed most of it to an overtime game on turf, accounting for some extra plays and less rest. I’m not sure about Lenon, but I’d expect the limited guys to be OK this week.

On Wells, we will have to see. Whisenhunt said he hoped Wells could practice more as the week goes on, and Beanie sounded somewhat optimistic on that too. But I’m probably done trying to predict on the running back. This is still the reaction to the injection — I don’t think it’s more than that — of last week.

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  1. By schmatty on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Beanie must of been real allergic to that shot if its keeping him out for over a week…

  2. By moto11 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Well, Coach Whiz wanted to see how the team responded on Wednesday. I think when most of your starters sit out complaining of injuries; that’s a pretty blatant answer.

  3. By schmatty on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    @moto11 I don’t think by them sittin out or being limited says anything other then there still beat up from playin on turf in a overtime game… Most if not all the guy sittin out/ limited were defensive players who were out on the field pretty much the whole game and gave it there all…

  4. By joe67 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with schmatty. I’m sure most will be there come Sunday.

  5. By Eric on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    That’s a pretty ignorant statement. Guys need rest sometimes. Do you want them gassed out there everyweek. Well, I guess they already are because the offense can’t sustain a drive.

  6. By stevevillanueva on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply


    will you be posting grades for the first half of the season? its like a yearly tradition is it not?

  7. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Stevevillanueva —

    RE: Grades

    Not from me. I haven’t done midseason grades since ’02 or ’03.

  8. By ross on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Hightower to start?

  9. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Ross —

    RE: RB starter

    Probably, but until we have a better idea with Beanie, don’t know for sure.

  10. By Birdlegs on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Beanie slipped to us for this very reason: injury prone. It’s unfortunate, but it would appear that we were the suckers who rolled the dice and lost. We could’ve used another CB or o-lineman, heck even a QB.

  11. By jocards on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Birdlegs makes a valid point, this is indeed one reason why Beanie Wells was still there for us to draft. Injury concerns….I’m not saying we shouldn’t have drafted him but he has had some trouble staying healthy. You can’t be productive on Sundays if you can’t stay on the field.

  12. By Phoenixraven1 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Here’s to hoping Beanie will be a McFadden in year 3 or 4…what a disappointing year from him so far…

  13. By Jesse Robles on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I am wondering if you have any insight on Ken Whisenhunts preference in a QB. I am asking this because we now have Derrick Anderson who Ken chose, he probably had something to do with Max Hall and John Skelton. Besides that our major offseason QB that we were going after was CHARLIE WHITEHURST??? What is with him going after nothing but back up and Third String QB’s? Whitehurst is probably worse then DA. I just don’t understand the idea of going after a bunch of scrubs. I understand there aren’t a million QB’s to chose from, but the talent WE AS AN ORGANIZATION is pursuing is garbage. You get what you pay for. Stop referring to DA’s ONE season he was GUIDED to the Pro Bowl by the Talent around him, it’s old. Bring someone in with ONE RING, or who has led a team close to the Super Bowl.

  14. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Jesse —

    RE: QB

    Because there are a lot of those guys lying around.

    By the way, you’ve ruled out Bulger and Vick, just FYI.

  15. By Jesse Robles on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    SOO Jealous the Seahawks have CHARLIE WHITEHURST and not us! LOL HAHA, I can’t believe this guy had a legit chance to be looked at as a starter. CLOWNS!

  16. By Gary Gammiero on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I have no problem with Beanie or Tim Hightower.I wear both of their jerseys proudly.I can see they play as hard as they can.Darren please tell them I am a true fan and know they are trying.I have had faith in the Cardinals since 1967 and I will be always be loyal.Being from Rochester,New York I can only listen to the Cardinals on Sirius radio because the Cardinals aren’t on local TV much.I am still excited to listen to Dave and Ron every gameday.I did see the Saints play the Cardinals October 10 at the stadium.It was so awesome to be part of the 12th man!

  17. By Nikko on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    How is schofield coming along? Seeing were beat up at Lb, does that mean possibly more pt for him?
    I’m sure the cards &Beanie will bounce back & have a strong finish this season!

  18. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Nikko —

    RE: Schofield

    OB got a little time last week on defense. Slowly but surely with him.

  19. By JimJam on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    i hope Wells can turn his season around.
    Shame about his reaction to the injection.
    And Joey Porter has to be ready for the Seahawks on Sunday, he had a blinder last week.

  20. By Jesse Robles on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    What did I rule Bulger and Vick out of? The Cardinals didn’t pursue them, if that is the case I ruled out Mcnabb too, the one person that should be here now if it wasn’t for all the scrubs we got at QB. AKA Ken’s Boys.

  21. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Jesse —

    RE: QBs

    You said a QB with a ring or close to one. Bulger and Vick do not qualify.

  22. By Gary K. on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    @Jesse Robles

    You’ve got to be kidding, right? Yes, it’s obvious now that the cardinals should have just gone and traded for Peyton Manning during the offseason, because apparently (according to you at least) it really is that easy to go and do. I’ve got news for you: productive, first-string quarterbacks do not become available in free agency or through trades. When a team finds one, they lock them up long-term and do not let them go. And if you actually kept up with team news on a regular basis, you would recall that, at the time, Whitehurst and McNabb were not on the trading block yet, nor had Bulger been released. We needed a QB and Anderson was the best option at the time. It’s nice to know now that Bulger would for sure have been released, but there was no way of knowing that at the time. I don’t fault the staff for making the decision, based on what information was available at the time.

  23. By Judy on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Is that turf in Minn.the worst surface to play football on? I know it used to be really bad,but i thought they had changed it to something better.

  24. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Judy —

    RE: Minny turf

    It is Field Turf now and now the old loust AstroTurf, so it is better. But as someone who has stood many times for a couple hours even on nice turf, it takes a toll — and I don’t necessarily run around on it.

  25. By johnnybluenose on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    so whiz is blaming our injuries partly on the fact it was an overtime game. that is so lame. we returned one kickoff, ran three offensive plays ( and they were very offensive, at least, to me ) then we punted the ball. the vikings ran about five plays and then kicked a field goal and the game was over. how did these extra plays contribute to our injuries? you want to talk about overtime? consider this. in hockey playoffs there is often overtime and sometimes the overtime lasts longer than the regulation game. and then, they play another game two nights later, sometimes after flying many miles to the opponents’ city. twice last year in the nhl playoffs a player, a washington capital and then a chicago blackhawk, was hit in the mouth with a puck and/or stick and each player lost eight or nine teeth…and both times the player finished the game. i’m not suggesting that hockey players are tougher than football players, they all play a collision sport. but i have never heard a hockey coach suggest that playing an extra five minutes could somehow contribute to injuries. c’mon whiz.

  26. By Jesse Robles on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Darren: I was Over Exaggerating the ONE RING, I was more emphasizing, how the Cardinals love praising his ONE PRO BOWL SEASON. Im just saying stop trying to make his pro bowl season look good, its not a ring. Thats all. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE THE CARDS, minus our QB position.

    you have my words twisted because I never said we had a chance at Mcnabb. If they didn’t pursue scrubs like Whitehurst and Anderson in a hurry, there might have been a chance though, but I never said that. I never said anything about Peyton Manning. I would just like a starting QB, It is called a joke and making fun of YOURS and Ken Whisenhunts QB. Jason Campbell, Bulger, they are all starters, anyone. We have all second stringers. I said nothing about Peyton Manning. Bat Baby was born by the way, you believe it? lol

  27. By Joe on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Anderson’s comfort level is a nice article glad to see he is finally settling down could you imagine where he might be if Whiz was halfway decent at managing QB’s special teams are making plays defense is making plays but the offense just looks lost and confused and its because of whiz i have been a huge supporter of him thus far but he is the one blowing this season you gotta find the guy you want at qb and stick with him musical qb never works

  28. By cardsalltheway on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I haven’t been following the Beanie injury SAGA, but what I gather is that it’s not serious/structural. If Farve and Percy Harvin can play why can’t Beanie????? It’s time some players/coaches suck it up.

  29. By MikeFlorio on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Urb whats with not posting the obvious. 2.53min in the monday whis presser??? LOL awesome.
    Love it man!!! Lets go Cards!!! This is season is far from over.
    People need to stop critiqing and buying tickets to home games. Otherwise it will be blacked out and nobody can watch.
    Hey Red “C” hold your heads up we have been here before.

  30. By cardsalltheway on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Percy Harvin MAYBE had one limited practice last week prior to the Cards game, yet he played and played well. So, what’s wrong with Beanie??? It seems every little scratch he gets it’s a big deal. The week before the Cards/Vikings game it was clear that Percy Harvin was injured yet he played the next week against the Cards. I really haven’t seen Beanie in any or much pain at all yet there seems to be something wrong with him almost all the time. He’s got to be one of the most fragile players of all time!!!

  31. By cardsalltheway on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I would think Beanie is big enough to take it, Max Hall isn’t.

  32. By cardsalltheway on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Beanie has been referred to as a freak, this(VERY limited or out due to an injection) proves it.

  33. By AndyStandsUp on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    The way Whiz plays Belichick-like with injuries this season makes me inquire:
    Is it live or is it Memorex?

  34. By Dre on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I wonder if TIME OF POSSESSION has contributed to some of nagging injuries on defense. It seems Whisenhunt allows himself not to talk about the real issues about this team time and time again. Down playing is a sign of denial, which may be the case in his coaching or decision making this year. This is clearly a product of the way he handled the off season. We are 32nd out of 32 teams in TIME OF POSSESSION. I don’t know about the rest of you but that is a tell tell sign of the major problems we have with this team.

    Its a shame that we have so many good players and we aren’t getting the max out of them because of the coaching mind set. I saw a story on ESPN 30 for 30
    about Marcus Dupree yesterday. It was somewhat sad to see such a great young talent not reach his maximum potential because coaches do not know how to handle certain players.

    I believe Whisenhunt is catering to his one star in Fitzgearld and supporting case. And their wouldn’t be anything wrong with that if the Cards had a QB that could handle the responsiblity. The mind set of getting the ball to our only star on the team has left us under .500 half-way through the season. It is hurting the offense as a whole and hurting the defense…the defense played a great game in Minnsota but ran out of gas towards the end of the game. It took eight games for them to realize they had to hold back the QB if we were to have any chance of a win.

    The biggest problem with not learning (yes I said learn) how to run the ball in the games prior to playing a Minnsota type is you are already defeated before you take the field. The Cardinals had no confidence in their run game up against a well known and respected run stopping defense. The only reason they did run in certain situations was to play it safe and not let DA beat us.

  35. By cards62 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Gary K. I do not like to go after Cardinal fans, but are you kidding me with your post? I think you better go back and read team posts and take the plank of wood out of your eye before you remove the splinter out of another’s eye.

    Many of us stated several times for the cards to go after Bulger or McNabb or Vick or QB XXXXXX, and we were not thrilled with the signing of Anderson, and this was after we were told all off season that Leinart is our boy and Anderson is only a backup. Do I know everything about football and players heck no, but it was being reported for a long time that the Rams were interested in Bradford and releasing Bulger and their other QB, and we did not know exactly which QB Philly wanted to trade, but we knew Andy Reid would trade 1 of the 3. These were no brainers and name me all the teams that were lining up for the great and powerful Derek Anderson?
    Graves and Whiz totally blew our QB situation, and they need to make it right for next season. I support the Cardinals and always will, I support Graves and Whiz for now, but 2011 will tell a lot. We have the second worse offense in the entire NFlL and there is not a team in the NFL that I would not swap our 3 QBs for their 2 or 3 QBs.. If any of you Cardinal fans can tell me a group of QBs you would not trade our scrapes for I would love to hear your reasoning.
    Go Cards beat the Seahawks.

    Darren a question I have for you is when a player is put on waivers can teams contact him to see if he is interested in playing for them or do teams have to claim a player first and then see if he is going to have an attitude or not?

    Thank you, Steve

  36. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    cards62 —

    RE: Waivers

    They have to claim him first.

  37. By Peter in Canada on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    How right you are. Available QB’s all carry some baggage. Taking a free agent QB is like buying a lottery ticket. The Cards got lucky with Warner not so lucky with Anderson. The question I have is why it took so long to find out about Leinart. The other route of course is to get an established QB via a trade but that means mortgaging your future. That’s the route the Bears chose and look how that’s worked out.

  38. By azcards24 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    a thing i do agree with jesse about is “you will only get what you pay for”. either pay to move up in the draft or pay real known talent invest in your buisness, isn’t that all this is about anymore. Plus you cant bring in struggling qb’s and expect our offensive line to be the saving grace for their carrer. more than one position more needs be looked at after this season and like it or not its gonna co$t em’.

  39. By cardfan on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    man I wish I was in the NFL to get paid millions of dollars to say my knee is swollen and sit out for two weeks my senior year i played with a torn MCL because how much I wanted to play. Are there any more players like that in this leage?

  40. By Nathan on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply


    Thanks once again for the excellent articles and blogs.

    Man, I am so happy I don’t get judged at my job by the wonderful world of hindsight where all the facts are in when, in reality, we have to make decisions based on the facts we have at the time the decision has to be made. Cheers to all those fans who’ve never, based on the information they had, made a decision they didn’t later regret. But then, maybe they don’t do anything that requires them to make decisions, eh?

    Uh, yeah, I too am weary of all the QB second guessing. Is it obvious?

  41. By Tinted Face Shield on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply


    Any chance at Allen from Miami?

  42. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Tinted —

    RE: Allen

    Not that I have heard.

  43. By TBru on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    “Beanie slipped to us for this very reason: injury prone. It’s unfortunate, but it would appear that we were the suckers who rolled the dice and lost. We could’ve used another CB or o-lineman, heck even a QB.”

    I have seen this argument many times this season. I assume by the same poster, To the best of my knowledge the Cardinals have never had a number one or even a number two overall pick, so isn’t any drafted player, someone who slipped to us? Isn’t every pick essentially a roll of the dice?

    Would we have been any better off with:
    CB’s Alphonso Smith, Darius Butler
    QB’s Pat White Stephen McGee
    OL Ebon Britton, Max Unger the next drafted players at those positions. I don’t think so.

    I think only Smith is a starter (not by the team that drafted him), and I would rather have Toler

  44. By Ar1zonasfin3st on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren, do you think its a possibility that Mcnabb or Vick could end up on the cards next season, given there is a next season of course, i heard Mcnabb said he would love to play for Arizona before he retired. Mcnabb isn’t doing to great this season, but look at the receivers he has to throw to, Mcnabb to Fitz, “Match made in heaven”?

  45. By Darren Urban on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Ar1zonas —

    RE: QBs

    Anything is possible.

  46. By Gary Gammiero on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Darren,I don’t see very many loyal Cardinal fans here.What were these so called Cardinal fans saying in 2008 when the Cards were blown out by Philly and New England? Then what did they say when they almost won the Super Bowl? It’s a long season and anything is possible.It feels so good when I have faith in the Cardinals and they win!

  47. By ross on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Get better dude…or not.
    Tim H.

  48. By Havasu Tom on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Darren,

    Dear Mr. Whiz:
    Please let D.A. audible the hot routes.
    Thanks coach. Always your fan!!!!

    Great article on Beanie, he’s feeling the pressure. He’ll be fine, give it a week or two. I believe we’re better with two RB’s. I would guess that knee lube is designed to stay in your knee for a long period of time, otherwise you’d need a shot every day.
    Being only a game out of the lead, although feeling a little worried, The team is working through there problems. We haven’t been blown out in five weeks. That’s great. D is much improved, and O is scoring a few TDs. Keeping working, If the season last long enough we should get it put together.

  49. By cardsalltheway on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    My decision this week is to NOT watch the pathetic Cardinals play live. This will be the first game I haven’t watched live since 2008, and I have a feeling I won’t regret my decision.

  50. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply


    Do you believe team’s who’s home stadium is made of artificial turf is at a competitive disadvantage over the course of the season because it “bangs them up” more than a team playing on natural grass? If so can, the talent of the team that plays on artificial turf overcome such a disadvantage?

    Teams from last year’s NFC and AFC championship all play on artificial turf; New Orleans, Indianapolis, Minnesota, and New York Jets.

  51. By Darren Urban on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Ottis —

    RE: Turf

    No, I don’t believe it puts you at a disadvantage. I do believe if you are rarely on it — like the Cards, who play and practice on grass — it can take a toll when you do play/practice on it.

  52. By joe67 on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Gary G
    Get the directtv pkg. Thats what I did, mainly so I could watch the Cards since they are rarely on on my local channels either. A little pricey, but you can always justify what you want in your own mind.

  53. By Christopher Freeman on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Darren –

    You should do a piece on the DRC – Williams rematch this weekend.

  54. By Darren Urban on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Christopher —

    RE: DRC/Williams

    Sounds like a plan.

  55. By Gary K. on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    @ Jesse and Cards62

    Sorry it took me a while to get back to your posts.

    Jesse – Bulger is actually not the starter for his team and Campell, although having some small amount of success recently, has also been benched for Gradkowski. I never meant to twist any words, I just thought you made it sound way too easy to just go and get a pro bowl QB.

    Cards62 – Yes, it was RUMORED and REPORTED that a Philly QB MIGHT be available or that the Rams MIGHT release Bulger because they wanted Bradford. But Anderson was the only QB that actually WAS available at the time. If the Cards didn’t sign him, they run the risk that Anderson signs elsewhere, meanwhile the Rams decide they are going to keep Bulger so that they can groom and mentor Bradford for a year. Then we are left with Leinart (who by the way still has not even earned a second-string spot in Houston) and whomever we could have gotten in the draft. It’s easy to see now that any of the Philly QBs are a no-brainer over Anderson, but I would argue that at the time they were just as much of an unknown with risk and baggage as Anderson.

    I’m not saying that the QB situation isn’t a mess, or that it wasn’t botched by the staff, in hindsight. I am just saying that good QBs rarely become available, so it is hard for me to call the staff stupid knowing what information and players were available to them at the time in which they had to make a decision.

    Darren – Is there any chance of setting up italic font, so it doesn’t have seem like I’m yelling whenever I want to stress a word?

  56. By Darren Urban on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Gary K —

    RE: italic font

    Best I can do is have you note it is italics and have me change it when I post it.

  57. By TucsonTim on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Troy Smith starting again for the 49’s. Yet another missed QB opportunity.

  58. By TucsonTim on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Gary K –

    Check your time line. Cards had ample time to move on McNabb. Timing for bulger would have been difficult, but it was certainly doable. Bidwill’s would have had to pony up the $. Of course you know that Warner has stated that he felt Bulger would have been a better fit than DA, but then what does he know…although I’m pretty sure he knows alot about Leinart.

  59. By Gary K. on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    TucsonTim –

    I never said there wasn’t time for any of the three Philly QBs, I just said that they all had their own set of doubts and baggage, just like Anderson had. McNabb was aging, Kolb was a complete unknown, and Vick had barely played (oh yeah, there was that whole dogfighting/prison thing too). Anderson had a couple bad years when playing for a bad organization with no playmakers around him, and had one playoff season when he did have some playmakers around him. The hope was that being paired with the Cards’ talent and coaching, he might have some success again. Obviously, it hasn’t worked out as hoped, but the reasoning was sound at the time the decision was made, in my opinion.

  60. By Gary Gammiero on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Joe67,

    I have the dish network and they can’t offer the NFL ticket because of Direct TV’s monopoly on it.I could go to a sports bar and watch the Cardinals but it gets expensive.I really enjoy Dave and Ron on KTAR.I met Ron at his new restaurant and he signed the football card I had of him.He really is down to earth.Thanks for your suggestion,Joe!

  61. By Voice of Reason on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Seems to me a GM of a struggling team should always, ALWAYS, be looking for a way to improve. Jason Allen is out there, and we were just torched for 450+ yards by a 40 year old quarterback on one leg that never did that in his prime (even when playing our Cardinals). Allen is a former first round pick that could play in nickel and dime packages.

    Where do we get off with such arrogance? Is it because we went from 9-7 to Superbowl two years ago? We need to wake up – we have not arrived. The Patriots and Titans arguably have, and they are constantly wheeling and dealing, trying to make their teams better.

    Trying to figure out why we’re so happy standing pat.

  62. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply


    Yes, the Cards had ample time to move on McNabb in the 2010 offseason, BUT…

    He was still under contract. Washington gave up a 2nd rounder in the 2010 draft, and a 3rd/4th rounder in the 2011 draft, and I’m sure the Eagles would have wanted the same from the Cards. A very steep price to pay. However, making a bit for McNabb as a free agent and not having to give up draft picks is an entirely different manner.

    I’m not saying McNabb is the answer, but he’s better than anyone we have now at QB. McNabb believes in the NFL QB fraternity, and I think he could be a good mentor for Hall/Skelton who didn’t have the privilege of learning from a Kurt Warner. McNabb knows that there will be a fair competition at QB, and that the best QB will be the starter (just ask Matt Leinart).

    Hall/McNabb are a year and probably more away from being serious starting material, and you figure McNabb only has a couple of good years left. Seems like a good fit. McNabb is having his struggles now, but so was Kurt Warner when the Cards signed him. Whiz is a players coach, and I think playing for Whiz not far from home makes too much sense for both parties to not give it a shot.

  63. By cards62 on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Gary K.

    Thank you for your reply it is very professional.

    We have beat up the QB issue on this site, but there is no more important position on your team than QB and we are in the position we are in now of not being a good football team for numerous issues, but the most glaring issue is our poor QB situation and yes Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt were very very stupid and irrational in the way they handled our QB situation since the retirement of Kurt Warner. I have said this over and over again as have many others and it has been and is so obvious to most of us. We are not Leinart lovers nor are we Leinart haters and would have had no problems if these 2 men who had 3 or more years with Leinart would have traded him or cut him after last season ended, but they did not, preseason comes and they do not give Leinart enough reps and they cut Leinart. Now we have Anderson and 2 rookies at QB. Risk verses reward? I would lose my business if I made a blunder of this scale. Now Gary K. I have also said that I do support Whiz and that he is a young head coach and we all make mistakes and what is important is how we rebound from those mistakes so I will give Whiz and Graves through 2011 and I hope like all Cardinal fans that they both succeed greatly just like we hoped Leinart would succeed Kurt, and just like we still hope Anderson or Hall or Skelton succeeds, but these 3 guys are too risky to chance for 2011 so moves must, I repeat must be made at QB.
    Thanks and go Cardinals. Steve.

  64. By Barry Bond on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    We all know now the Cardinals are done for the season. With Seattle being a division rival we could not afford to lose BOTH games. But why, oh why would Bill Davis use Greg Toler to cover a BIG Mike Williams? That is like matching a 145 pound boxer to box a 250 pound boxer! Come on, get some height in there, this Mike Williams is a MOOSE not a deer. Also Davis will use Adrian Wilson to cover speedy receivers, why? Bottom line we have lost to Tampa Bay, Minnesota, and now Seattle ALL DUE TO THE DEEP PASS. Why can’t the Cardinals stop the long ball??????

  65. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Barry —

    RE: Toler coverage

    Who would you have used? Toler is 6-foot, 192. DRC is 6-2, 182.

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