Seahawks aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on November 14, 2010 – 11:29 pm

Adrian Wilson had stripped off his uniform, towel around his waist, ready to go take a shower. Except he didn’t. He sat, head in hands, for what seemed forever. The media swarmed around the locker room, talking to other Cardinals, and Wilson barely moved.

Every player reacts differently to games and Wilson is rarely filled with glee even after big wins. But the safety was clearly despondent (he declined to talk Sunday, offering himself up tomorrow). And it will be interesting to see how this team bounces back from Sunday’s ugly loss to the Seahawks.

The numbers say the Cards aren’t out of it, but realistically, things probably got very hard given the two losses to Seattle. Not only are they essentially three games behind the Seahawks because of the tiebreaker, but with the way the Cards have played, they have to show they can win games in the first place.

But I’m sure we will gnaw on that all week. It’s late, and I am tired. I have a host of (I’m sure angry) blog comments to go through (and I await many, many more). Let me try and cut some questions off at the pass:

— The defense obviously played poorly. Guys missed assignments, including cornerback Greg Toler, and I don’t know how much that meant in the performance. That has nothing to do with tackling, though, and I am stunned it got as bad as it did.

— No, I don’t think defensive coordinator Bill Davis will be replaced in-season. It’s not coach Ken Whisenhunt’s style. I wouldn’t rule anything out, howevr. If this season gets sideways, there may be some decisions made after the year.

— Darnell Dockett just tweeted it may have been worse to sit on the sidelines watching than risking a worse shoulder injury. I can see why. (Dockett tweeted, by the way, his risk was possibly being out for the rest of the season).

— No, I don’t think Toler will be replaced long term. They think he can be the real deal. But he clearly still is in the learning stages.

— Got to be worried about running back. My wife said she happened to be watching Jason Wright through her binoculars when he was hit, and she said he looked like his body went limp before he hit the ground. He’ll go through concussion tests. LaRod Stephens-Howling pulled a hamstring. Beanie Wells is already dealing with a gimpy knee. You could see a scenario where all are ready for the Chiefs next weekend. And you could see a scenario where the only guy available would be Tim Hightower – which would take some serious roster maneuvering.

— Coach Ken Whisenhunt, on saying he was not disappointed in the effort: “The guys didn’t quit. That is not even a question. I didn’t see it. If you saw something different I will be happy to talk about it with you, but I didn’t see that.”

— I’m sure this next note will get flamed pretty good by some of you, but it was noticeable when the Cards somehow kept the Seahawks out of the end zone again and again late in the game even as hope disappeared. “It shows some guys are not giving up no matter what,” nose tackle Gabe Watson said. “They could have easily scored 40 or 50 points, but for guys to keep holding up, for field goal block to keep rushing the way they did, it’s a good sign I believe.” Maybe that’s what Whisenhunt was seeing. Not sure it made up for the rest of the game, however. It would have been nice to have more stops sooner.

— I’ll be honest, I thought this team was going to be fine after that opening drive.

OK, that’s enough. Good night, all.

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106 Responses to “Seahawks aftermath”

  1. By Phoenixraven1 on Nov 14, 2010 | Reply

    Where do you go from here? Jeez what a mess…

  2. By Alfred Hita on Nov 14, 2010 | Reply

    Gosh Darn it! Again we played like High School Kids! If a trade is not in the future then our season is over! No disrespect to Tim Hightower but trading him for a veteran QB could just save the season. I’m just a little fan in “Los Angeles, Ca.” that is so frustraded with the way we are playing!

  3. By Steve on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Darren: How close was Whiz to getting Steeler LB coach Keith Butler in here to be the new defensive coordinator a couple of seasons ago? I thought it would have been an excellent hire but I think Butler declined if I remember ??

  4. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Butler

    Don’t know. Butler had some health issues that caused a problem, if I remember correctly.

  5. By Jedihillis on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Just bad, all around. Bill Davis needs to be fired.

    Besides that, I don’t know what we have to do to get some offense going. I don’t think I can blame it all on Anderson as the O-line clearly sucked it up. On that play that Anderson fumbled, the Seahawks D-end blew past both hightower and Bridges. Sad sad effort from those guys.

  6. By akcard on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Couple of comments after a disheartening loss to Seattle. We are seeing the effects of losing the leaders of our team, our heart and our soul. Q was the heart, KW was our soul, Dansby was the leader of our Defense, and now they are gone. We still have leaders, ADub, Dockett, and Fitz, but they are more doers, not the vocal leaders like the 3 we lost. Our coaching is bad, they are not putting players in position to make plays and win. It was once said of the Bear, that he could take his and beat yours, and take yours and beat his. Whiz has had 4 years, and the defense has not improved. We are not getting better each game this year, but instead we are getting worse, that is poor coaching. Players don’t get better in the off-season, they should be getting during the season with competition. With good organizations and good coaching, you see players win starting jobs throughout the season during their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years. With the Card, you have rookies get thrown in the fire on their 1st and 2nd years, get abused and then released by their 3rd and 4th years. If Toler was with the Steelers, he would become a solid player for many years to come, with the Cards he may be cut in a year or two. Even with players with superior talent like DRC, you don’t see them improving year to year, that is poor coaching. CC is not improving. The only player that has made improvement in the past 4 years is Breaston, and possibly Branch this year. There should be more players like Breaston that don’t show much in their first couple of years in the league, but after good coaching start to show their ability in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years. Next week on to KC, another opportunity for our players to step it up and show some ability. Man, we looked bad today.

  7. By dan on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Levi Brown sucks, Brandon Keith isn’t much better.

  8. By Andrew on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Does Whisenhunt ever plan on bringing in an OC at some point, even heading into next year? What about Bill Davis? If this keeps up do you see him keeping his job going into next year?

  9. By Andrew on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry, missed your comment about Bill Davis in there. What do you think about the OC though?

  10. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Andrew —

    RE: OC

    I know a lot of people want an OC. Just remember, it’s not like, if there is a separate OC, that suddenly Whisenhunt is going to say “OK, I’m not going to bother with being involved in the offense anymore.”

  11. By Wesley on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Man, going from 3-2 to 3-6 is painful. I still have faith that everyone might be able to pull it together and finish out the season well, but i’m not too sure about any playoff hopes.
    One thing i do know is that the offensive line is killing us, DA isnt the greatest quarterback, but you gotta at least buy the guy enough time to get a throw off. Seems like I have to watch game after game go down the tube because DA is always getting hurried and ends up making bad decisions/throws.

  12. By Henry on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    It was a hard fought game, thank you guys for not giving up, can’t always beat everybody and bad seasons happen,but continue to play at your best and thanks for the past great seasons. If we lose ,we lose if we win great, my wish is that we play the big game in Texas, but if it don’t happen we got next season and I mean we cause win or lose I will always be a fan. But I do ask one thing please beat the cowboys in their home stadium, that way I can use not only the 98 season but this season to pick on my friends and relatives that “love” the cowboys. So keep going and rocking. RED sea fan forever….. Henry

  13. By AZ'sin3st on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Man, this one is hard to take. Well i never wanna say were out of it because.. lol its the NFC west for godsake! but damn, losing to the sea chickens twice is something im not used to. I made excuses for the first meeting (rain,rookie qb, injured recievers, etc.) but today we got ran over fair and square at home! tough game. still got love though, still got love

  14. By John on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    My whole problem with this team, and namely the coach, is what you said about nothing will probably change until possibly the off-season. Most common sense people could easily predict this seasons outcome right after the QB decision before the season started. This coaches attitude after every game of “well im disappointed, we made mistakes, we will work on it and correct them”.. that doesnt cut it anymore. That was old 5 games ago. Who wants to watch a team that takes a “well lets hope for the best with our poor decisions” type approach. Not me. If they don’t want to make QB changes or coaching changes till next season, then great I won’t watch them or support them till next season. Lets get some blacked out not sold-out games and hit them in the pocket books where they might do something.

  15. By Rugbymuffin on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t klnow if Whiz can speak for all his players, when he says they didn’t quit.

    From what I saw, in the 3rd quater there were players who quit on this game.

  16. By ross on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Evey team can’t be good every year. It is what it is.

  17. By scott023 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I am not mad,I used to be mad, when the play calling on both sides of the ball was and is the reason we lose every week. I am now just sad. Because we will blame players. Billy Davis, if you get to continue to not fix what is broken and coach whiz continues to play call as he has,we are going to set football records that may never ever get broken. It’s truely sad that we are as bad as we are, with great talent and nobody to lead. The seahawks, were on their way out. We were just what the doctor ordered to put them back on track. We have given up more yards,putting them in field position everytime. Not one time did I see us jam williams at the line (to take them out of sink). We have some great talent going to waste, and I will just bet they will leave us at first chance. Very sad to see this. We have become a resting stop for other teams. A total joke of the nfl. The worst part is we lie to ourselves and blame the players. When the buck stops with the coaching,period.We can say he missed this and he was out of play there. Over and over? I am drained, and the G.M. will do nothing.Shame on Mr. Graves, this is your job, I will just bet he got a nice raise and is paid well,paid well to fail. All true and sadder than sad.

  18. By Les on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Well I am on the other side of the country and I too was upset. I was really P.O.ed. I turned the game off twice!! I did see one ray of hope. I am not by any means a D.A. fan but the few drives where he had no choie but to air it out, is when I started to see something. Unfortunately it fell short but it is what it is. I wish the defense stepped up sooner. Might have been not as painful. Do you really think they have a shot at the division?

    -GO BIG RED!!

  19. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Les —

    RE: Division

    I think they needed to win yesterday.

  20. By mario on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    This loss was very hard to stomach…… what is the odds that Skelton gets a chance to start just to see what we have with him??

  21. By ross on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    It is just a game. Fans are so fickle. How could this team not struggle? We lost kurt, boldin, rolle, dansby,
    Etc, and yesterday we were without beanie and dockett.

    Its hard to maintain excellence every year in this league. Parity exists.

    Life is too short to have your sundays filled with anger and dissapointment.

    Go cards.

  22. By SC Tyler on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Sure the defense had a bad day and I know we have talent on defense. Someone NEEDS to address the QB situation. Get McNabb or start sucking to get a number one draft QB next year.

    Here’s the problem with Derek:

    Simply Decision Making. A QB should know…

    -when you are in FG range and rushed out of the pocket, to throw the ball away instead of running out of bounds and get pushed out of FG range.

    -when getting rushed out of the pocket to stop panicing and make the throw like an nfl QB

    -when a DB is in full stride toward the line of scrimmage presnap, to wait a second before hikin the ball to get him to stop or slow down.

    -to audible if you don’t like what the defense is giving you or learn to read defenses.

    Derick Anderson didn’t do much right today. Someone please see what Skelton can do because we don’t have much to lose.

  23. By Gary on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    First let me say you do a great job Darren and I hope you write for the Cardinals for a long time. Whiz had no problem cutting Matt Leinart this year(who was our only real QB). Just how bad does Derrick Anderson have to play before he gets cut? As a long time fan of over forty years, it makes me cringe to think that DA could be our starting QB next week. The season is over for making the playoffs, why not start John Skelton and see what we have in him. He is the only QB on the roster that has NFL talent. Whiz really needs to make a statement with this team and release DA.

  24. By Gary on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, if the Cards win 6 or less games this year do you think Whiz will bring in new coordinators on both offense and defense? Wade Philips come to mind for DC.

  25. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Gary —

    RE: Coordinators

    I don’t think that’s a decision based on a hard number of wins.

  26. By Havasu Tom on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Good Morning Darren,
    As my bride of 27 1/2 years and I watched what turned out to be the most gut wrenching game since the MNF Bears, we both came to a sad place. Our hope of winning 6 of 7 doesn’t seem likely. It’s still possible, But!

    People are wanting to blame Billy Davis. I believe the problem was there last year, just masked by our O. I think Tolers eyes are in the backfield to much and hesitating on play action. The rush was weak without 90 and A-Dub(your the man) might of been trying to do to much.

    As far as the ‘O’ goes, I know money plays a big part of how a team gets or retain players, it’s a business, I do the same thing in my business. And if my memory serves me Kurt Warner Announced his retirement before the Super Bowl. Of course we all new Matt Linert was going to make a sizable amount of money the next few years. Why didn’t we go after a first line QB. After management has watched Matt the last few years under Kurt and starting in the Titan game last year, I would have thought Gaves would have at least put an offer in for McNabb or Vick. Both now in bad situations.
    My question to you Darren, do you think either will be available in free agency? If there’s free agency this year.

    Don’t blame Whiz totally fans! The Bidwells and all of the front office needs to step up and start talking.

  27. By Bryan on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I want my money back for my tickets.

  28. By AZCARDSFAN on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Time for a new defensive coordinator. The back field has be terrible this year. What is up with Cards players? When they get the big pay checks, they sit back and become less than average players. Wilson is a bust, Dockett wasn’t even missed yesterday. When you keep giving up the big plays, it makes it impossible for an awful offense to come back. But then again, when the defense is on the field as long as they are every game, they have to be tired. I bet tey feel like they have already played a full season. Now comes the fake injuries as the team gives up and we roll back time to when everyone hated the Cards. I am still a fan but it is getting harder and harder to watch them this season. They have to find a new quarterback asap. I wanted to see Anderson do well but he is worthless. Wake up Whiz or look for a new job. Why not get an actual offensive coordinator???

  29. By AZCARDSFAN on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry, I meant to say BEEN terrible, not be. my bad. It’s early and I am still worn out from booing so much yesterday.

  30. By CJ on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve been very supportive of the Cardinals through this post-Warner transition, but last night was disappointing. I guess I can get on the “We need a new QB ASAP bandwagon”. The opening drive was great but after that I just didn’t see any sort of real meshing in the offense. We had great field position all day with nothing coming of it.

    On the defense, I was just surprised that we didn’t adjust better. Especially towards Williams. Other defenses try to take Fitzgerald out of the game through double teams and the like. Why didn’t we do that with Williams? And why couldn’t we get sacks or even real pressure against a 2nd string Offensive Line? Hassleback had all day to make plays (which he did lots of).

  31. By tom manoogian on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    as BAD as we need a qb,i don’t care if kurt was the qb or not,this is without a doubt the worst defensive unit in pro was a damn joke to watch this.every player on defense should line up to give back game checks to the bidwell’s,oh wait ,no matter how much we give up,we still get paid every 2 weeks.i wonder if game checks were paid by wins and loses,if more effort would be made.been a DIE hard cards fan over 45 years,and as bad as it has been,this rates right up doesn’t matter about the lose,it’s about the effort,and if whiz ain’t pissed off about it,maybe we need to look at a change,plenty of good coaches out there that haven’t taken jobs yet.we would have lost if we were playing flag football,and they had to tackle us.DISGUSTED

  32. By Wampag on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    oh man what happened to our season we have to run the table

  33. By Old Man Riva on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    A few things come to mind…how can you let 3 Pro Bowlers walk (and another retire) and expect to still have the chemistry needed to remain a winner…if you are unhappy with your potential #1 QB, why didn’t a QB get drafted earlier or a better established QB signed…how does a good defensive coordinator manage to allow over 700 yards passing in two games??? Just a few of the mulititude of negative thoughts I have about this team, its coaching staff and of course ownership. I am prepared for another 10 years of mediocre football because after all, we are Cardinal fans.

  34. By BigTom on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply


    Thanks again for covering the Cards so well.

    I look at the schedule ahead. The 49ers are still on the horizon, which can always be a concern. We get a lot of home games, one against the Rams, but they are playing better. And we do have only one team with a winning record left to play. My question, from a guy who doesn’t get to see them play every week since I’m in the Northwest, is can we eek out a respectable finish? Can we maybe go at least 8-8?


  35. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    BigTom —

    RE: Finish

    Anything is possible. But given the current state of play, it’s hard to believe the Cards will suddenly put together a long winning streak.

  36. By robert mason on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    cards have the worst pass defense that i have ever seen! it has to rank last in nfl! they will end up last in division. people have been making fun of 49ers but i think the cards will be the joke of division. kurt warner sure did make coach wiz look good. but the trurth is coming out. just an average coach. the defense and Oline needs some major revamp! wiz plz get some help! cards fan for life but now i have to hope the ravens go to superbowl since it has my fav. card>A. Boldin

  37. By James on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I have just two things to say……

    #1. No I do not like what I see about my Cards. So I’m in agreement with the frustration of all you fans out there, but I don’t agree with the giving up. This leads to my …….
    #2. If your a real fan, and I mean real fan you get mad of course…nobody likes their team to lose, but you have too, we have too stand proud and stick by this team… we can’t win them all…so if your going to threaten to sell your tickets or not buy them next year or ask for coaches to be fired, JUMP OFF THE BANDWAGON AND STAY OFF!!!!!

    This is our team …..have hope and GO CARDS!!!!!

    Darren- please post in all locker rooms. Thx.

  38. By jdcrow59 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Darren: I agree with you that Davis will not be replaced. At this point bringing in a new DC with a new scheme makes little sense. God bless you for looking for that silver lining no matter how thin it may be. This is a much bigger problem than 3 and outs, scheme, or DC. This defense is allowing 200 plus yards a quarter over the past 8 played. They can’t cover, they can’t tackle, and they can’t put pressure on the QB. This is a poor team that with very few exceptions has average talent on both sides of the ball. Lots of decisions need to be made at the end of the season. And it all starts with the structure of the coaching staff and the GM.

  39. By John Charles Fremont on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    While the goal line stops were impressive, they hardly matter if the secondary is going to phone it in all game long. DRC absolutely HATES making actual contact, and Toler, Ware, even Wilson (depressed or not) are all pretty poor tacklers. Wilson will take a shot if he can draw a long enough bead on a runner or receiver, but he has really been phoning it in on coverage all year long. It seems they just don’t have their hearts in it at all. And the offensive line is well below average in the league. Levi Brown just needs to be put on unconditional waivers TODAY. And two or three guys on the depth chart/practice squad need to start next week, regardless of the consequences. This team needs to get some messages, right away.

  40. By Eric on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, there is always room for improvement but at this stage of the season dont you think this team is what its shown itself to be thus far especially defensively? If you had to guess will Bill Davis,D.A. , and Whisenhunt be replaced at seasons end?

  41. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Eric —

    RE: Changes

    As I have mentioned a few times, Whisenhunt isn’t going anywhere. Beyond that, if a team has a poor season, changes are always made. We’ll see in what spots.

  42. By RED BIRD 66 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Hopefully A-burn was deciding if he should retire and give back some of the money he stole from the organization. Whiz got out coached by a guy that everyone makes fun of- Mr.double rainbow. Please Wilson just retire-you have lost it.

  43. By Bryan on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Section 405 Row 1 seats 11-13 are for sale.Not going to renew next year.Not worth it.

  44. By Mkrogh on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    This game showed what the cardinals have: nothing

    There’s no offense and no defense. Back when Kurt Warner led the team at least they had an offense, but now they have nothing. Being beat by a team as bad as the seahawks at home.. huh.. maybe if we meet a team like the panthers we can pull off a win – i see nothing positive with this team right now.

  45. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Whiz – your guys did quit tackling.

  46. By Maunka on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    All issues leading up to our losses are directly related to weekly preparation, which leads back to coaching. We really should be only have two wins right now if it were not for the magical missed Raider field goal. We put all our stock into a Quarterback that can’t seem to step up in the pocket and get it to our prolific receiving core. About the Defense, I can’t watch the sicking display of tacking, again preparation and coaching. I don’t care if newly named Whize-n-Punt does not want to fire the D-coordinator. It needs to be done now!

  47. By CHIRPCHIRP44 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Good team with no direction. Kurt brought a lot more than outside of his quaterbacking than I thought.

  48. By Roy on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Forget Bill Davis, is Whisenhunt doing permanent damage to his job security. He got rid of Leinart, he backed Derek Anderson, he is calling the plays (which I think is ridiculous, even some high school head coaches these days have a coordinator calling plays), he (and Graves) is responsible for drafting Levi “I can only block the sunlight with my large frame” Brown instead of Adrian Peterson, and he will be the reason Larry bolts out of Arizona after the end of next season if we don’t start winning.

    I know I am a lil upset but in reality what I am saying is true. We fans have every right to be pissed and boo this coach. Right now I think it is obvious that Warner made Whiz look really good the past few years and that Whiz may need to go back to being a coordinator. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if he acted a lil humble, but he seems very arrogant when he addresses the media.

  49. By D ryans on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Damn, we suck again! Might as well introduce Skelton to the NFL game speed and start the grooming process, it’s all we got left this season.

  50. By Jeff Gollin on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Two observations coming from a different perspective.

    It’s not that Toler got beaten so frequently; it’s that – after Mike Williams killed us in the first game, we didn’t do anything in the 2nd game to change that equation. And we didn’t make any mid-game adjustments either. It was clear that Carroll, Hasselbeck and Williams would continue to “do it to us” until we made them stop – and we never did. That falls on the shoulders of Billly Davis.

    The second thing I noticed is, that while Derek Anderson and his receivers seemed a bit more comfortable with one another, DA has a problem hitting his open receivers on time. (Ever notice how good RB’s will process the flow of the defense and anticipate/visualize holes that haven’t yet materialized so that they seem to hit those holes before they actually open up)?

    Same deal with good QB’s – Guys like Hasselbeck, Manning and Warner were able to make accurate early presnap and post-snap reads, automatically know which receivers would get open and then “throw before the break.” Anderson (for whatever the reason) cannot do this. He has to “see” an open receiver before he can pull the trigger. Result – He either (a) waits too long and gets sacked or (b) hits the open man so “late” that the DB has time to come up and either break up the play or nail the receiver before he can pick up extra yards. This is one reason why Anderson seems to always throw 2 or 3 yards short of the 1st down marker – those plays are designed for the receiver to pick up those extra yards, but Anderson’s late throws prevent them from doing so).

    There’s more (most notably A-Dub playing the “air tackle” on that one deep TD where the receivers beat three of our guys who were covering deep. He is uncharacteristically playing below his reputation, and it makes me wonder why).

    And, oh yeah, Levi. Is it purely lapses in concentration? Or is he physically too slow-footed to be a legitimate LT?

    That’s all I gotta say.

  51. By WNY Cards Fan on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Misery Loves Company………..and right now I think we are all miserable. I have to say about the only thing that makes me feel a bit better is I”m not the only one suffering through this catastrophe. Reading the posts (Darren, as many have said, I’ll give you kudo’s for maintianing and taking it on the chin doing this blog) I have to agree with a lot of them. How can the DEF continue to be this poor? Banner days for any QB that plays against us. Just because we held them from the endzone doesn’t mean we did well, they kicked 5 FG’s!!!!! Truly, its hard to say if its the players, the coach, or the money, but something needs to change if you don’t want the team to be a laughing stock (well, too late for this season for that) goign forward. I hate to say it, but fire the DC, anything would be better. At least you could blame this crappy perforamce on an interim coach if you did that. No chance in getting a OC this season, but that has got to be top prority. Is the team giving up? I hope not, but look at the cowboys.
    I don’t know about the bidwells, I am not anywhere near the area, its sounds like they’ve been cheap since St. Louis days. I wouldn’t expect good business men to just throw money at people, but you have to pay for quality at some point IF IF IF you want to win and continue to win. Coming from WNY (BUFFALO) Ralph Wilson is KNOWN for being the cheapest guy around. If you want proof of that, just look at the Bills records for the last 10+ years (since their SB’s). The fans here are rapid, but they are a joke and they know it as a team. Every year the papers and the fans beg, scream, yell for top coaches, top players (who are available) and then they do something completely wrong and the team keeps losing. I can only hope that is NOT the situation with the Bidwells, if it is, well, we’ve got a nice logo, but not much else.

  52. By AZkidinJAX on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a Cards fan since ’72, loyal this whole time, but I feel that giving QB Skelton a shot might help. Atlanta traded Farve and we know how that turned out. He might be a diamond in the ruff. Since Whiz came in all of our late round draft picks have been great surprises. We drafted him so why not go for it!! This has nothing to do with the defense, they need to shut teams down, but when Young replaced Collins last year they went on a hot streak–He might not be ready but I know that I am. Who knows could be the next Brady. A bit of a gamble but look at Troy Smith!

  53. By jocards on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t think the team quit. I just don’t believe they’re very good. A chance to save your season at home against a division rival and you get it handed to you in this fashion? This is a bad football team. Talent? Every NFL team has talent, it’s about making plays on Sunday and this team doesn’t make them. The record is 3-6 but can anybody honestly tell me that they’ve clearly outplayed their opponent in any week? I can’t say that they have. Week one MAYBE…even then were it not for a Breaston strip forcing a fumble they likely lose. The Raiders missed a chip shot FG, they make that and it’s a loss. A few very fortunate bounces turned the New Orleans game into a win that easily could have gone the other way. Again the point is they haven’t clearly been the better team on the field that day in any of the 9 games thus far. The final score is all that matters in the end but this is not a good football team, not even close. I’ve followed this team since I was a kid and they were in St. Louis, I’ve seen a lot of bad football and I’m seeing a lot of bad football again. Coaching changes won’t help much…this just isn’t a good team.

  54. By Ben on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Coach need to fir his OC NOW!!!!!

  55. By Bill L on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    How do You(anyone) fix it?

    1. It Has to start with Bidwill. If it doesn’t, there is NO HOPE. He can do it with one word, UNACCEPTABLE, and one hire, Gruden, as special Football Advisor(and eventual coach).

    2. Find Talent in FA. QB, will Philly keep 2?, Matt?, else?……O-Line, IMO atleast 2 starters are needed and if available in FA, you can probably get both for the cost of a top 10 draft pick.

    3. Draft most Impactful player…..Green, Peterson, Amukamara…..whoever at #1. Favor OL and/or S at number 2, same for number 3. Try to find a pass rusher at 4. Need to get lucky for a quick fix…….four starters would be a dream senario.

    The worst case is no one who matters wants to fix it……or, is willing to do what is necessary to fix it……..then, it will take a long, long, long time…….50-50 IMO.

  56. By bow on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Defense, it’s not the players, Davis can’t hold a lead, can’t stop the bleeding to allow a comeback and completely implodes in the fourth quarter regardless of the score.

    Offense, they don’t respect the pass, why should they? They can run scheme all game because when we throw; there’s a 46% chance of an incompletion and 9% chance of an interception or sack.

    I say take a chance and have some faith in DA, throw the ball until they respect it, then run. Let someone, anyone, else coordinate the D.

  57. By NorthernCard on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Overall, this was one of the worst performances by the Cardinals in recent memory and I can remember quite a bit. I know Whiz is saying no one quit but I’m not sure how you would go about explaining the team wide poor tackling. That to me seems like lack of effort and/or lack of focus. Could it be that after two close games the team came into this game thinking they were going to roll the reeling Seahawks and just took a little too much for granted? Maybe, but that mess I saw out there Sunday afternoon was a train wreck all around. Bad offense, bad defense, and what I think were some bad coaching decisions.

    I’m trying to remain positive about this season but it’s pretty difficult. To make things worse, I live/work in the Seattle area and I am sure I am going to get an earfull this morning.

    Darren, a few questions for you. It seems that perhaps we could have put our pro bowl corner on Williams. Obviously the coaching staff didnt think it was going to be an issue but after being torched by the guy a few weeks ago you might consider him as a potential big play threat. What do you think the reasoning was there?

    Second and last question, it almost seems like the team lacks motivation out there. What does this coaching staff do to right the ship?


  58. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Northern —

    RE: Coverage/motivation

    1) The Cards, like a lot of teams, use their corners on one side or the other instead of matchups. Not saying its right or wrong, but that’s how the defense is put together.

    2) If I knew that, I’d have said something sooner. Or maybe tried to get a much more lucrative job as a coach.

  59. By cheesebeef on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    mulligan on this season for coach (dude got us to a Super Bowl and back to back division titles), but how Rod Graves keeps his job is anybody’s guess. We’ve won with the talent the Denny Green drafted but was clueless to coach (huge props to Wiz there making the best of talent) but since he left, our drafts/personnel decisions have been… uh… questionable to say the least. Levi Brown? One of the worst Ts I’ve ever seen in my life? The QB situation going into the season? Losing 3rd round picks before camp even ends (Buster Davis)… losing 2nd round picks before they even play a down (Cody Brown)… I mean, I understand not all picks are going to pan out… but these guys were so awful they couldn’t even make it to one regular season game! Sitting 35 million dollars under where we were last year with the cap… watching our LB’ing core go from having young studs in Pace and Dansby to replacing them with complete and utter has-beens in the mid 30’s? Sacrificing CB depth (where there was no depth to begin with) by trading away McFadden… just too many personnel decisions that remind me of the Mackage days when Graves was running this ship like the Titanic. I know he’s the Bidwill’s boy, but he’s just freaking clueless IMO. He was in Chicago trading first rounders for Rick freaking Mirer, he was with Mac and he looks like he has been with Wiz.

  60. By chicaco cardinal on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Dear Mr. Urban;
    As a life long Cardinal fan I’m glad we have the internet because I can read all about my favorite football team who I’ve been following since my Dad was taking to the games when they were playing in Chicago. Darren, you do a great job with your articles and blogs. I hope the cardinals can turn the season around, but that may be very hard to do. Good luck, I hope we can play better in the near future.

  61. By Brian on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    How good is coach Wiz? I don’t think he is as good as everybody thinks, he got lucky with Warner. The Defense has been bad for years, I can’t remember when the last time they finnished top 20 in the leage, the D sucks. Adrian Wilson can tackle running backs and hit hard but that is where his skill set ends, he can’t cover toast with jelly. Good teams don’t fall apart because a few good, not great players leave. Coach Wiz is good at talking, he needs to get good at walking and fixing that secondary. The Cards were good for two years now there back to crap, and as a fan that’s exactly what I was Affraid of. Maybe it’s the bad/cheap owner ship, money is the most important thing in life to some people.

  62. By greg on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry thats the only word i can use to describe the cardinals right now with levi brown opening the door for sacks greg toler not able to understand williams was the go to guy and the lack of run game was all sorry i dont understand why put the ball in an unproven qbs hand rather than run the ball mabey the could of avoided a DA fumble and Int if they had run the ball everyone says we cant play like we did when Kurt was here then dont even try we need our RBs down this next stretch more than that we need a W

  63. By Schwartzie on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I’m sorry but no mention of Derek Anderson. He still continues to make poor reads, poor adjustments to blitz packages and I know the O-line was porous but YOU’VE GOT TO GET RID OF THE BALL! He holds the ball forever. You’ve got 2.2 seconds to get rid of it on a clear blitz. You’ve got to call for hot routes and know where you’re going before the blitz comes and he just is not improving. I’d rather see Hall or Skelton get thrown to the wolves and start learning, than continue to watch this going nowhere QB.

  64. By jocards on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    How far has this team fallen? Gabe Watson is now saying it’s a good sign that the Seahawks were held under 40-50 points! I realize I took that out of context but come on! This is an organization that has won playoff games the last 2 seasons and now it’s a good sign that the defense was able to keep Seattle under 40. The fact is that the defense was never very good. They were good enough the past two seasons with some different personnel to hold up when the offesne had Warner and scored alot of points. With the current roster including a totally ineffective offense this defense is bad. A bad defense, a bad offense…..a bad team. Sad to say it.

  65. By Gary on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, Fans:

    Okay, this game against the Seahawks played out as I expected. I was truly hoping the team would prove me wrong, but I was let down. So, I didn’t post my predictions for the rest of the year, I was trying to remain optimistic about the team’s outcome. However, it is time to post the predictions now. These predictions were created early last week, and highlights the Cards results the rest of the way (I warn you, the results are not good, reader discretion is advised):

    The remaining schedule:
    wk10: Seahawks
    wk11: @Chiefs
    wk12: 49ers
    wk13: Rams
    wk14: Broncos
    wk15: @Panthers
    wk16: Cowboys
    wk17: @49ers

    My predictions:
    wk10: L (24-17)
    wk11: L (38-13)
    wk12: W (17-14)
    wk13: W (24-20)
    wk14: L (41-3)
    wk15: L (14-10)
    wk16: W (23-13)
    wk17: L (33-27)

    1st half of season: 3-5
    2nd half of season: 3-5

    Season record: 6-10
    (Better luck next year!)

    NFC West Division winner:
    St. Louis Rams

    NFC West Standings:

    Rams: 8-8
    Seahawks: 7-9*
    49ers: 7-9
    Cardinals: 6-10

    *Seahawks and 49ers tie 3-3 division record. Seahawks win 2nd place over the 49ers with a 6-6 conference record versus 4-8 conference record for the 49ers.

    Cardinals 2011 NFL Draft order – 10th overall selection in 1st round.

    2011 NFL Draft Position per round (rough estimates):

    1. 10
    2. 42
    3. 74
    4. 106
    5. 138
    6. 170
    7. 202

    I have predictions for the rest of the NFL, including the Super Bowl that I will present in a following post.

  66. By Gary on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Also, don’t forget, this goes to show that Whiz should not have fired Clancy Pendergast after the Super Bowl year…

    Billy Davis sucks, he needs to be shown the door and fast! I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get fired at the end of the season…

    Whiz, bring back Clancy if we want to have a chance to succeed next year.

    …swept by the Seahawks, that is bad, that is F’d up!

  67. By NJAZCardsFan on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I tink the coaches/players should be required to read all of these blogs ubtil they improve……

    This team will be lucky if they win another game this season. There is a very good chance they could be 3-13.

  68. By Gary on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    As promised, here’s my predictions for the rest of the year…

    Poor Boldin, still cannot get that “ring”, LOL!

    NFC division Winners:
    East: Giants (12-4) #1*
    North: Packers (10-6) #3
    South: Falcons (11-5) #2
    West: Rams (8-8) #4

    Wildcard: Eagles (11-5) #5; Saints (10-6) #6

    * Indicates home-field advantage

    Wild Card weekend:
    Packers over Saints
    Eagles over Rams

    Divisional round:
    Eagles over Giants
    Falcons over Packers

    Conference championship:
    Eagles over Falcons

    AFC division winners:
    East: Jets (12-4) #1*
    North: Ravens (12-4) #2
    South: Colts (11-5) #3
    West: Raiders (10-6) #4

    Wildcard: Patriots (11-5) #5, Steelers (11-5) #6

    * Indicates home-field advantage

    Wild Card weekend:
    Colts over Steelers
    Patriots over Raiders

    Divisional round:
    Jets over Patriots
    Ravens over Colts

    Conference championship:
    Ravens over Jets

    Super Bowl:
    Eagles over Ravens

  69. By ldonnel2 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Is it just me or did anyone else think DA is getting into a rhythm with the receivers? I definitely see some improvement, before this week, I was hoping if this season was a bust at least we could get one of these great QBs coming out of college but I was very pleased with his performance. The defense needs to open field tackle though, I agree Bill Davis is on the hot seat but I am used to Cards coaches being fired then we get another mediocre coach. Bidwell needs to step up and invest in this team’s personnel, our current position is not a contender. I miss Kurt….

  70. By AndyStandsUp on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I’m worried that even bringing up the subject about being a divisive locker room prompted responses; which means the players are thinking about it.
    Whiz, nip it in the bud!

  71. By itsjustmeagain on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    defense was not the greatest, but yet again when they are constanly out on the field they will get tired.
    couple things to look at defense holds on 4th & 1 offense 3 & out, DRC Int. offense 3 and out, defense holds seahawks to field goal offense 3 and out, defense 3 & out offense throws Int, seahawks missed field goal offense 3 and out. should i keep going. thats what we have seen all season,

  72. By Peter in Canada on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Darren- Since we are realistically if not mathematically out of the playoffs do you think the coaches will start giving more time to the rookies to see if they can move in to bigger roles next season. I personally liked the younger players when they were drafted and think they have the potentialto be good NFLers. I watched the game on Fox and Brian Billick, who once had Anderson pretty much stated that he is not a #!1 QB for his accuracy and decision-making limitations. Do you think the coaches will activate Skelton to give him some experience. Otherwise how will he ever come along. If we have a good draft along with last year’s rookies and somehow add a QB I think we can be good.

  73. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Peter —

    RE: Skelton

    There is a chance later, I suppose. But they always viewed him as a project. I’m not sure worrying about “how will he every come along” makes sense. If this team was 5-4 right now, you wouldn’t worry about it. He’s on a plan. They aren’t going to dump the season yet.

  74. By MikeG on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren–Disappointing game from the Card’s yesterday,especially after scoring first. It was just downhill from there. I think it is hard to win when a running game is not established–given our struggles at the QB position. You just can’t run(most of the time) 3 receiver sets with the QB’S that we have. We have little focus on our run game. Plus–our defense has collapsed the last 3 weeks. We really need a cover LB to take the heat off Adrian Wilson. I’m amazed he has been isolated and picked on in coverage this year. Billy Davis has to play him more like a rover. Defense seemed lost without Dockett–no inspiration or leadership from anyone on D yesterday. Card’s giving up way too many big plays–wide open receivers. Darren –Are you surprised that our identity on offense is still that of a passing team????? I would of bet through 9 games we would be playing more smash mouth football using the fullback and our tight ends??? I believe Wolf has touched on this point when talking about the Card’s offense.

  75. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    MikeG —

    RE: running Offense

    Pointless if a) your passing game struggles, because this is a passing league and b) if your defense has consistency issues.

  76. By brad oneill on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I was disappointed in the lack of spark even on the opening drive the touchdown was more like a”oh thank god we didnt screw that up” moment than a great moment.

    It was a depressing game.

    Random thoughts on it.

    max hall may never play another down in the nfl, because Derek is not throwing the games away even though he isnt winning them.

    our defense quit and their minds were not in the game.

    our receivers dont expect to get the ball in the right place.

    Adrian WIlson may not be an every down player he needs a scheme that plays to his strengths. Rhodes is effective in coverage, adrian is effective against the run and blitzing.

    the things i like most about this team are still intact. they are character guys who don’t make excuses.

  77. By itsjustmeagain on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    About whiz being any good, well he was able to win with the talent that Denny Green put together. because we have not found much talent since.
    Now i am starting to question, first i thought whiz was the leadership we needed to get the talent over the hump. but i think it was the leadership of Kurt Warner that did that. maybe whiz not that great after all.
    look on the bright side now we see who the real fans are right. GO BIG RED !!!!!!

  78. By ndpenner on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Man… I wish they’d’ve aired a game we won up here (Alaska). It’s getting pretty disheartning to finally get through the work week only to watch the game sunday and it seems like we’re not even trying. The defense seemed like they didn’t show up. I don’t understand why we try to tackle by flinging ourselves through air in hopes of tripping the guy up or looking cool or whatever. On some of Forsett and Lynch’s big running plays I saw guys trying to “tackle” byjumping backwards at the rb. If you’re not going to tackle with good form, like they teach in middle school, GRAB SOMETHING PLEASE. I don’t think I’ve seen a good form tackle in any of the three games I’ve gotten to watch this season. We had NO pass rush. Hasselbeck had all day to throw. It did look like we gave up in the 3rd. At this point, we’re done as far as th playoffs go. Throw Skelton in and see what he can do. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the only qb on the roster with more than a 1 year deal anyway. If we didn’t draft him just to fill a roster spot he might as well see some playing time. I’ve noticed that in the years we’re competitive (where even if we lose it was a hard fought game and we gave ourselves oppurtunities to ) we put pressure on their qg in the 3rd and 4th quarters. I’ve never understood why the coaching decides that after half-time we back off completely and let our usually young secondary try to stop the other team by theirselves. Blah…frustrating.I hope we at least beat Dallas. GO CARDS

  79. By Rob on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Billy Davis needs to be let go he sucked as the DC for the 49ers what is whiz thinking

  80. By Gang6230 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    A needed win but unfortunately a loss. Changes are required that’s for sure but like someone said they will come on the off season we can say this or that is needed but the administration and the coach will have to decide that. I still support the team win or loose however it’s not like the team has not been down this road before. The difference the coach is a very good coach. The talent level is high DA did better but he is not future of this team u can’t go to the super bowl with a qb like him he is not all at fault there’s coordination issues and still mental errors GO. Cards.

  81. By d-town on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Maybe Hasselbeck flies from SEA to the Cards next season? Would give your team 2-3 years of solid QB play while you train a replacement….

  82. By cards62 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Darren like you I must admit I thought that if we could start the game well that we would play well and win the game. The past 2 years just when you thought we were turkeys we would play like swans so I hoped the team would surprise all of us. Our defense is really this bad and I can not beliueve that the St. Louis Rams have more talent on offense and defense than we do. I can not belive our fans do not have more negative comments to say about our poor offenseive line play. Seattle’s DL owned us. Beanie would have performed no better or worse than Tim H. did yesterday. Tim ran hard, but there is also no way Beanie would have performed any worse blocking than Tim did yesterday as his blocking was horrible.

    I do not blame any fan from selling their tickets this year as you were truly deceived this offseason and i would not buy season tickets next season unless the front office and coaching staff make some hard decisions and good hires in the off season. This is not jumping on and off the bandwagon this is what real passionate fans do along with booing to get the teams and ownerships attention. Our team is playing unacceptable and I blame a lot on the coaches and Rod Graves. Casey’s makes a lot of good analysis on the Cardinals and finally someone has joined me to bring a tight end to the Cardinals to replace J. V. Cain and Jackie Smith. Casey is also right in that Levi Brown is not an NFL tackle hopefully he is a guard, but I can not even guarantee that at the moment but it is worth a try. (Casey I do not agree with you on the Bidwills yet as I will give them until next season to see how they respond to this year and if you go back and check our pay the previous few years I think you will see that we pay fine and that some other successful organizations have been careful with their money. (Trust me Casey years ago I would not even say the owners name he was just the little fat man in the bow tie, and no one who wears a bow tie should own a football franchise but I to would have let Rolle, Dansby, Pace, and A. Smith go for the money,but I would have kept Boldin and I want him on our team next year, but honestly Casey you could have 4 Boldins or 4 Fitz this year and with our QB, OL and running game it just would not matter this year.

    Gary your prediction for the rest of the season is even more positive than mine. I am predicting 1 to 2 more wins this season unless we make some major changes and as we have seen this year we are too stubborn or proud to admit we the mighty Cardinals have made mistakes That being said this is what I would do to fix our team.

    Dallas fired Wade Phillips and they played inspired during the season so I will hire Wade Phillips and fire Bill Davis today. This season is over so lets give Wade time to analyze and rate the players so he knows what he needs to do in the off season. Wade is not a head coach and neither is Buddy Ryan but they can build and coach defenses.

    I look for an OC if I find one I like I hire now, if not I hire in the offseason as soon as possible. Hopefully SD fires Norv Turner as he would be a great hire in my opinion.

    I look for an offensive line coach and if I find one I like I hire immediately and fire Russ Grimm. The Steelers won in spite of their O line just like the Cardinals did the past 2 years. No way Russ Grimm comes back next season.

    This will send a message to my fans and coaching staff that the Cardinals are serious about winning and will not tolerate losing or continue to hold a losing hand without trying to improve our team.

    Finally I send a message to my players and cut Alan Faneca and move Levi Brown to guard and start Jeremy Bridges at tackle The trading deadline is over so we can not trade for players. I do not have a problem if we start Skelton at QB and I probably would just to give him some game time and see what he has and I hope he has a lot, but Cardinal fans please review his senior season at Fordham as he only went 5 – 6 against colleges most of us have never seen play football on television in our lifetime so I would trot Derek Anderson out there the next few games and let Skelton be our reliever if the games get out of hand.
    Go Cardinal Fans as I sure like winning the last 2 years more than losing the previous 32 years.

  83. By shockingbird on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    3rd down efficiency 2/11 – 18%

    Ftiz close to 100 yards, Breaston close to 100, Early was near 80 yards receive. And yet. A lose. Again, look to the stat above.

    I don’t care what kind of defense you have. If you can’t move the ball and keep your defense off the field you will not win in the NFL.

    DA simply tightens up under pressure. It’s a head problem. That can be fixed but not by a football coach.

    Max Hall has the attitude but may not have the skill set to match.

    Skelton may have both but at third string you can’t tell.

    This is more of a QB problem than the coaches will admit. Makes the decision to cut Matt late look bad even if he wouldn’t have done better. It’s about making that choice late so that we have two rookies and an historically poor quarter back. He’s the player who touches the ball on nearly every single offensive play. that player can not be terrible under pressure or the weakest link. He touches the ball more than anyone else on offense.

    DA should be a veteran backup. Max or Skelton should start the rest of the year.

  84. By jocards on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    They may not be ready to dump the season yet but the season is ready to dump them! I don’t think you can just throw Skelton into games however and expect good results at this point….This is not a good football team on either side of the ball and putting Skelton in might actually be counter productive for his development. It is a tempting proposition but I think we have to rely on the coaching staff (scary!) to make the determination as to when Skelton is ready for a look.

  85. By ChrisZ on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    It seems people are finally losing that “In Whiz We Trust” attitude. Thank god!! I havent trusted this guy or any of his decisions since day one. He has now restored our beloved team back to the joke of the NFL, thanks alot bud! There was a reason dude didnt get the job in Pittsburgh and now I think we can all see why. Oh and by the way I have been a Cards fan all my life 30+ years, I have stood by them and supported them through tons of crappy seasons. I DO have the right to be mad as hell, and I am mad as hell. I feel like as long as no one is held accountable we will never be an elite team in this league. Its very hard watching them almost get there and then move rapidly in reverse.

  86. By Scharf on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    The things some fans come up with. I mean the guy near the beginning, “No disrespect to Hightower but we should trade him for a decent QB”. I mean really? You want to start sending out our main guys to try and get a QB?.

    The things some people come up with. Even though we lost yesterday, we had a decent outing. Pass protection needed to be key, some of the plays weren’t executed right.

    All I have to say is we have 7 mores games, lets see what happens next week with a little more fine tuning.

  87. By MattAz on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    – Coach Ken Whisenhunt, on saying he was not disappointed in the effort: “The guys didn’t quit. That is not even a question. I didn’t see it. If you saw something different I will be happy to talk about it with you, but I didn’t see that.”

    It’s no wonder we lost! Whiz was watching a different game! Or maybe he was talking about Seattle?

  88. By nate on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Whats going on with Adrian Wilson?
    He seriously looked both lost and confused in coverage Sunday. All season he has been getting burned in coverage and I noticed atleast two big plays vs the Seahawks in which Wilson was near, but in a bad position to make a play.
    Also the “don’t look back” technique seemingly employed by our DB’s in coverage (namely by Toler) is really difficult to watch. They just never seem ready for the ball to arrive and end up being exposed for large gains. Head on a swivel fellas.

  89. By jocards on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply


    We had a decent outing yesterday?!? Really?!? Sorry but we must have watched different games because that was a horrible outing that I watched. Again, sorry but if that is considered a decent outing then I’d hate to see what you call a bad game! If I mis-read your post then I do sincerely apologize but yesterday was brutal no matter how one looks at it.

  90. By Leinart Fan on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Well, Donovan McNabb will not be coming to the Cards next year……He just signed a 5 year extension with the Redskins, 40 mil guarenteed. I cannot think of a single FA starting QB that would be a fit in the Cardinals Offense for the next two years.

  91. By Peter in Canada on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    You are right Darren. If we were 5-4 I wouldn’t be talking about Skelton. But we are not 5-4 we are 3-6 and 3 games behind Seattle. If we were 5-4 we wouldn’t have had such awful play from the QB position. I think it is time to start looking at the future because the present looks bleak and for us to have a bright future some of the present and aging personnel has to be weeded out including the QB. I am not saying we should start Skelton, but he might have gained some experience playing in the fourth quarter when the game was done and to do that he has to be activated.

  92. By frankie Garza on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Ok this is crazy i dont know why they keep starting anderson all were gunna get is the same result. The season is pritty much over why not start out fresh with a new QB like skelton try something i cant take watching our offense this year its embarrassing !! As for defense what do you expect when we go 3 and out every time its called fatige !!!

  93. By frankie Garza on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply


  94. By Gary on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I know some assumptions have been made on the topic of QB, “…maybe if we were 5-4 there would be no discussion on Skelton” but we are not 5-4, we are 3-6 and on a FOUR game loosing streak. Maybe it is time to give Big John a shot. I know this may be comparing oranges to apples, however Tom Brady was a 6th round, yes, 6th round draft pick and look how much success he’s had to this point. Now, the thing that scares me is the supporting staff. I don’t think we have the talent in the organization to let this guy go out and give it a shot. However, I CAN GUARANTEE if he was on Belichick’s team, he would be a HUGE success. We don’t have any Belichick-type coaches on this team, nor a supporting cast Belichick has to allow Skelton to be successful. It’s pretty sad-it only shows how little the Bidwell’s want to spend money to have a great team. The only way the Cardinals will ever be a perennial winning team is if someone, with the backbone and will-power, bought the team from the Bidwell’s and willing to spend some money and bring in the necessary talent to WIN The season is a bust – hell, the 49ers have caught us in the standings, that is f-ing sad! Everything else is just pipe-dreams at this point. Again, 6-10 will be the final record for this team this season. We will be drafting 10th in the draft in 2011. I hope next year is better than this one has been to this point…

  95. By Cardsalltheway on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I say the Cards will have to get lucky to win another game against an NFC West divsion opponent. For that matter, another game period!!! I predict the Cards will lose both games to the 49ers and the home game against the Rams. I certainly want them to beat the 49ers twice but I just don’t see it happening at this time and I don’t see things a changin.

  96. By Cardsalltheway on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    You just might have an excellent point. I’ve been calling for J. Skelton since he got shafted/demoted after his fantastic game #1 preseason performance. Now, I wouldn’t trust the Cards coach to handle him. Please Ken W., hands off John Skelton. Hopefully Ken W. is not part of Skelton’s future.

  97. By Cardsalltheway on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a Cards fan since ’72, loyal this whole time, but I feel that giving QB Skelton a shot might help. He might be a diamond in the ruff. We drafted him so why not go for it!! – He might not be ready but I know that I am. Who knows he could be the next Brady. A bit of a gamble but…”

    I agree giving him a chance would’ve been the thing to do, at least until he messed up. He never did, he played great in his 1st preason game then got demoted. THAT is not good for a young QB’s confidence. And to top it off, he got replaced by a hometown undrafted rookie. The Cards organization should be embarassed for drafting a 5th round QB(which they traded up to get ) who was replaced(for no obvious reason) by an undrafted QB who nobody else wanted and who doesn’t have the physical attributes to succeed.

    Ken W. has already ruined the confidence of Skelton. If he had supported him until he messed up in a game then okay fine, but THAT didn’t happen. Ken W. just got a planned wild hair up his you know what, as he did with Matt Leinart.

  98. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Cardsall —

    RE: Skelton

    So you’ve talked to John and he’s told you his confidence is ruined because, as a fifth-round pick and as a rookie, he hasn’t been given playing time after playing well the final six minutes of the first preseason game. (And not as well at the end of the fourth, but that’s conveniently not part of the argument).


  99. By Scott H on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    The only good thing that happened, for me, in regard to the Cardinals this weekend was that the Redskins FINALLY got a deal done with McNabb and now we can FINALLY stop hearing from the people who thought he should be our next QB!!! We may not know who our QB of the future is but at least we it AIN’T GONNA BE MCNABB. Thank God.

  100. By TBru on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    The defense held up to a degree, with all the field goals, but DA having two turnovers on first down and his rocket throws over Fits & Breaston heads it isn’t even funny anymore. Did we run at all in the second half? If we had a lessor receiver corps we would really look bad. Give Skelton the ball, and some on the job training. This season is a wash anyway.

  101. By dst on Nov 16, 2010 | Reply

    the defending on Deon Butler’s catch-and-run TD was as bad as I’ve ever seen in the NFL!

    we simply handed them the game…

  102. By Seahawk92 on Nov 16, 2010 | Reply

    So sorry Cardinals. GO SEAHAWKS!! 🙂

  103. By Eazy E on Nov 16, 2010 | Reply

    Skelton isn’t the answer he’s a raw rookie he won’t improve anything. We got our butts whipped yesterday. We started off good and fell off considerably. DA isn’t consistent enough. The running game didn’t get started because teams are daring DA or any of our qbs for that matter to beat them consistently and yes that includes sorry old leinart before we CUT him. Larry still had 7 catches for 91 yards but the qb situation is so bad and inconsistent that its amazing that he’s still getting good numbers. Breaston had 4 catches for 98 yards so we got some big plays early but not often enough and the play from the qb position this year has been below average that is obvious. Offensive line play wasn’t good either and Levi needs to be moved back to RT or moved inside to guard because chris clemons while he is a speed rusher he spanked him all day. The Offensive Line as a whole played poorly, too many false starts, getting beat, everything. Defense has been a big disappointment also this year. I know dockett was out but man the defense did not step up. Branch did make some plays out there. Calais collected his 2nd sack of the year. Our run defense hasn’t been good all year long. We did get an early pass rush but after about the first quarter he had all day back there. Im going to keep saying this hopefully my voice is heard, put DRC on everybody’s number 1, he is that good. He can play press man on an island on everybody’s #1 and he doesn’t need alot of safety help. Toler got picked on and I still like him but that’s why I wanted Al Harris and it sucks that he went to miami. Getting benched in favor of mike adams ain’t good. Mike adams ain’t bad at all but still this supposed to be your guy opposite DRC. Kerry and Adrian are the best safety tandem in the league and I would like to see more creativity out of Bill Davis’s Defense. Both those guys can cover, blitz, hit, their both great safeties, let them play. I’ve seen some nice things from Bill Davis with them and the entire defense but just not consistently and that’s what sucks. Adrian can play deep, underneath, whereever, I’ve seen it plenty of times as a cardinal fan. I wanna see better play from the defense before im going to fire bill davis but I do like Keith Butler from pittsburgh who is there LBs coach right now and I like Lamarr Woodley also because he’s a free agent and to get those two would be sweet but Im still supporting bill davis and our d and I wouldn’t fire bill davis in-season anyway, that would be very stupid unless we keep giving up this many points especially to sub par offenses. C’mon Cards Let’s Go!!

  104. By wheele27 on Nov 16, 2010 | Reply

    There’s really no point in debating what the Cardinals could do differently.
    It doesn’t matter. Losers will always find a way to lose. The Cardinals will always be losers.

    Afterthought: I have been a loyal Cardinal fans since they came to Arizona. So please don’t say I’m just a fair weather chump who jumped on the bandwagon after 2008’s superbowl appearence.

    Speaking of that Super Bowl, we were lucky that Kurt Warner had a great couple of years here. He masked a plethora of flaws on this team. With him gone we have no hope. The management is trash. The coaching staff could fill a playbook with bad calls and decisions. The players are (mostly) undisciplined and arrogant. The team lacks effort and organization.
    Believing in this team is like bashing your head against a wall.

  105. By Scott H on Nov 16, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Seahawk92 –

    Get the F out of here! Funny how we didn’t hear from your sorry ass during the past two seasons when the Cardinals were ruling the West and actually having success in the playoffs! At least during that time, the West had a REAL team as it representative instead of a pretender that won the division by default and was automatic roadkill in the playoffs. Please…you ain’t going anywhere this year, either.

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