Cards bring back Komar, promote Green

Posted by Darren Urban on November 23, 2010 – 11:55 am

The Cardinals shuffled the roster today, including making the expected move of putting linebacker Will Davis on injured reserve with his broken leg. The Cards also cut running back Alfonso Smith, who became redundant with the expected return of both LaRod Stephens-Howling and Jason Wright.

With two spots open on the roster, the Cardinals re-signed wide receiver Max Komar and promoted cornerback Marshay Green from the practice squad (and it will be interesting to see if Green manages to get some work with the Cards’ cornerbacks struggling). For now, the Cards will have an opening on the practice squad.

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50 Responses to “Cards bring back Komar, promote Green”

  1. By Eric on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    It might be nice to see more of Green and Jefferson. Especially with DRC and McBride looking disinterested out there. Somebody needs to wake DRC up from his nap. The kid is wasting his talent out there.

  2. By Andreas, Denmark on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    You should take a look at this report from a journalist. He actually shows us why we are playing at high risks in the offense and what DA does to the team mates.

  3. By Tyrelle on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    We will continue to lose with Derek starting. Why not play Hall>

  4. By trigidy on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    How about coach Whiz and that 20-22 overall record

    We didn’t regress we just have a coach that coaches under .500

    But the great news about the 2010 Cardinals are that we made it to the playoffs in 2008 and 2009 so we should be okay.

    Is it time to fire the Whiz?

  5. By mike b on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    I know it is an odd question but when are LaRod Stephens-Howling jerseys comming out?

  6. By Darren Urban on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Mike B —

    RE: Hyphen jerseys

    I’d have to ask.

  7. By trigidy on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply


    Is Coach Whiz trying to help ownership move the team to Los Angeles??

    Cause he is doing one heck of a job!

    Lets go Cardinals of Los Angeles!!!! LOL

  8. By Eric on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Our fan base just amazes me some times. People want to fire Whiz because of one bad year. I can’t believe it is even being brought up. Yes, there are some glaring mistakes this season, but let him try and remedy that problem. I guess these “fans” would almost rather see Denny Green and Dave McGinnis back here as head coach. smh

  9. By cardsfan4life on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Trigidy coaches lose games sometimes it just happens. we just signed him so we still should trust in him.

    The Cards still can make the playoffs they just have to get someone other than DA at the QB and the line needs to step up in run and pass blocking they give the backs holes sometimes they need to create a hole so our backs can hit them and if they dont hit the hole thats the backs fault not the line and when a pass is called make it a priority to stop the other jersey from hitting your QB.

    it amazes me at how DA had his pro bowl season with lesser recivers than the Cards have.

  10. By Joe-B on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    His record is 27-21 trigidy.

  11. By 98CardsFan on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, is it still too early to get to draft possibilties now? I really dont see this well coached team making it to .500 in the last 6 games. This is the stage where a new coach finally had the time to install “his” players through out the roster. These “gem” picks they’ve found in the draft these last couple years aren’t because of great scouting, its hit or miss and they hit some. I think the mistake is the Amount of power given to coach to yay or nay so much. Other than Warner, EVERY player move on this team could have been prevented but they chose not to. Its all about choices but after seeing this guy go with who he did at QB all I see now is ego before common sense. Many levels need to be re-assed. offense, defense, overhead. At least it was nice while it lasted.

  12. By brad oneill on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Glad to see max back. i hate to see anyone get hurt but these injuries are particularly devastating to a guy on the edge of making his way. I wish mr. davis the absolute best and hope he prepares properly for next years run.

    I still think Stevie Baggs phone should be ringing with the lack of depth we have at the linebacker spot. The guy makes an impact when he is in.

  13. By cards62 on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Trigidy – Nobaody beats the Whiz ! Nobody beats the Whiz!
    Sorry could not help the Seinfeld reference.
    Everyone makes mistakes and Whiz made some huge mistakes this year, but I have seen enough good from The Whiz to give him and Graves 2011 to right our big red ship again, but if 2011 goes similar to 2010 off with their heads.

    Listiening to sports talk radio both local and national today and everyone is talking about a great sports weekend with games Thursday, and great games pro and college Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and then they get to MNF and they call our Cards verses 49ers game the turkey of the weekend ha ha.
    A lot of us have been wondering lately if the Cardinals still have heart or not. I think we get our answer Monday night. We hate the 49ers, players and fans alike so if our players do not get up for this game I will have to say that our coaching staff has lost this team.
    I remember us talking smack with 49ers fans before the season began, this was when we had a QB. We knew the games would be tight and physical and close but most of us including me thought we could beat the 49ers twice this year, but now to be honest I just hope that we do not get embarassed

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I sure hope we play with fire on MNF and that we get a win.


  14. By bRad on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Everyone seems to forget the place this team was in before the Whiz was our coach! The last thing we want to do is get rid of him. We need a quarterback that doesn’t hang the ball 3 feet high so our receivers don’t get lit the you know what up every time they make a catch! Does DA forget he’s 6’5″, bring the ball down a little man, I swear it won’t kill you! Maybe we can stink it up enough and get “luck”y with a lottery pick. And the D has more than enough playmakers, but they don’t seem to be doing a very good job of making plays. Even if our offense was gellin better they’d have to score 25-35 points because of our obnoxious defense!

  15. By Greg on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    to all the nay-sayers against DA, first off why bring him up on posting completely unrelated to him? second, that article that Andreas posted is complete bs. the guys points are flawed by the fact that nearly every qb throws jump balls for ther wrs to go up and catch over the dbs, manning does it, warner did it all the time to fitz. finally, DA is not the reason the cards are not winning so stop blaming him, try blaming the D, or maybe the o-line for not protecting DA, where he has to get the ball off fast and sometimes make sloppy throws, or allowing them to run a little more often. and why would they fire whiz for 1 bad season?

  16. By Rugbymuffin on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Go Marshay Green !

    Hopefully he can return some punts without being a total disaster too!

  17. By trigidy on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Joe! Ok thanks Whiz record 27-21, we still have 6 more games for him too Blow!! We cant even win Must win games??

    In a Division that could be won at 7-9,

    There goes are back to back to back nfc west title!! Boy we got Punched in are Mouth this year!!

    P.S how did Chilly an Wade do after playoffs?? Ya underachieved an got fired!
    but Fans in Minnesota an Dallas are happy with last years improvement!! LOL
    All it takes is 1 bad year, An i have seen Enough!

  18. By Eric on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    I guess Trigidy missed the previous ten years between our Super Bowl and the 98 playoff team.

  19. By trigidy on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    OK OK i will thank Whiz for what he has done!! for us this 2010 season!!

    He is the Only an I mean Only coach to get us a Number 1 overall pick in a draft thanks Whiz! add that to your resume” Coach keep working with DA’ I think we got a future Superbowl QB on are hands!! LMAO’

    DA’ The Pick Machine is in the House, An remember thats Whiz’s Decision!!
    Did all the BigRed Fans Vote for DA’ to the Probowl?? LOL

    I would start Darren’s 8yr old son over DA” or Throw old Dollar-bill in there!
    bet they both could be over 50% passing!!

  20. By Casey on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    RE: Pete Carroll & the State of the NFC West


    I’m just wondering how you assess where the Cards stand big picture in the NFC West. Based on the feedback from players regarding Carroll, it sure seems like he has turned things around there, at least in as much is that is possible 10 games into Year 1. While Hasselbeck is certainly no spring chicken, he certainly is heads and shoulders above any QB option AZ has right now.

    The Rams obviously have a franchise QB who will likely be torching AZ for years to come. I’m just very surprised he’s been able to do what he has with those receivers. Once that team gets a few WRs, look out for Bradford and that offense! Similarly, Spags seemingly gets so much more out of so much less on defense than what AZ does with more. We all know this is a QB league, and if the Cards can’t somehow reel in an Andrew Luck quality QB in this year’s draft, AZ is on a completely different trajectory than STL.

    The 49ers are obviously the most similar to AZ in terms of lacking clear direction right now. Both teams lack stability at QB and almost certainly are due for major QB upgrades in the off-season. I think the 49ers have a huge advantage over AZ on defense, especially in the front 7 (AZ doesn’t have anyone in the front 7 on par with Patrick Willis). Similarly, at RB, Gore is clearly heads and shoulders above HT and Beanie. No comparison for Vernon Davis. I think AZ has the advantage at WR, but again, on the offensive line, you have to like SF’s outlook with the 2 first round picks as rookies this year and the stable Joe Staley. Coaching is obviously TBD for SF, but I’ve got to think they have the history and commitment to bring in a 1st rate head coach, especially if they can figure something out at QB.

    I clearly put Seattle and STL above AZ right now mostly as a result of the QB position. I put SF ahead of AZ in the front 7 on defense and on the offensive line and at running back and tight end on offense. Both teams are equally bad in the secondary and I give AZ the advantage at WR.

    I don’t know Darren, that’s not a pretty picture for AZ going forward. Then again, if AZ can figure something out at QB, bring in a Marvin Lewis type D-Coordinator, find a respected O-Coordinator, and continue to grow and expand on the younger infusion of talent on defense (D. Washington, D. Williams, O. Schofield, DRC if someone can get through to the kid), then all of a sudden, I think this picture looks much different. If the above occurs, I would see AZ and STL as being on the most stable ground (given Hasselbeck’s age and an equal number of unknowns for the 9ers).

    I’m sure you had a feeling about how you thought the teams in the NFC West stacked up going into the season. I’m just wondering how you see things today? Yes there are 6 games remaining, but the season is more than 60% complete, so just extrapolate the records from today (Seattle finishes with 9 or 10 wins, St. Louis finishes with 7 or 8 wins, and SF and AZ finish with 5 or 6 wins).


    “I love Pete as a coach,” quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said after last week’s loss via the Tacoma News Tribune. “He’s just awesome – our meetings our great. There’s just such purpose in what he talks about. He’s not just up there talking to talk. If he’s got something to say it matters, and he really has a vision that he unpacks week to week as we go.”

    So what is that vision, you ask?

    “Just being uncommon,” Hasselbeck said. “Being uncommon with how things are done in the NFL. Things are done a certain way, and that’s fine, but we want to be uncommon.”

    Seattle’s hodge-podge roster of young players, castoffs, and free agents is certainly uncommon. So is hearing so much optimism after being soundly beaten on the road

  21. By Darren Urban on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Casey —

    RE: Division

    I think Seattle has a big upper hand right now. If I had to pick, they would win the division thanks to the sweep on the Cards. But I do not think they win more than eight games. I think the Rams had a franchise QB, so they are the best positioned for the future. Until one of the other three teams get that, that’s my thought. As for Seattle long-term, we are 10 games into Carroll’s tenure. They stunk the last two years. I’d expect optimism to be high. Let’s see how it progresses.

    Answer me this, by the way: How come when things are said here, people think it is bunk and not telling the truth, but when they read quotes from elsewhere, it’s the absolute truth?

  22. By trigidy on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Coach Whiz for Coach of the Year for being the Biggest Underachiever in the League!! Its hard work to play this bad!!

    Haven’t we heard the word accountability a lot this year?? But let me guess its only for players not Coach’s right??

  23. By Darren Urban on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Trigidy —

    RE: Your comments

    Last one for the day. The drive-by negativity is getting old. You’ve had your say for now.

  24. By Steve in NC on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    @ cardsfan4life…in response to your amazement how DA made the pro bowl with lesser receivers, he had a stellar O-line and a 1300 yd rusher to help him out.

  25. By NJAzCardsFan on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Fire Whiz?????????

    You guys obviously don’t remember the Buddy Ryan era…. It could be worse… alot worse!

  26. By joe67 on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Maybe your name should be trigger-dy since you already want to pull the trigger on a coach like whiz. Sure glad you aren’t the owner or GM.
    Or maybe Trigger because you make about as much sense as a dead horse.

  27. By ross on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    How prohibitive would it be to fire all the coaches and release everyone who has made mistakes this year?

  28. By Jerry on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Why do we need another receiver,DA cant hit the ones we have unless we can get 7’5 Big Show from the WWE. We need a stronger o line. Every
    one knows we have no passing game so they know we have to run. DA gives us no drives. At least Hall gave us that even in the rain and wind in Seatle. Its been said that DA is stronger as 2nd string. Someone needs to open their eyes

  29. By D ryans on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    I’m hoping Coach Whiz and Bill Davis read this before MNF against the 49ers. DO NOT let A-Dub try to cover Vernon Davis. For what ever reason Wilson cannot cover tight ends. Blitz till the cart comes out. Darnell heres your chance to walk the talk. Don’t let your defense get punked again by gay bay.

  30. By smack28 on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply


    I would like to hear your honest opinion of this failing season and the many things that led up to where this team is now. You are around this team more than anyone else outside of the players and coaches, so you should have insight to where the team is both mentally and physically. Do you really think this team supported Whiz’ many failed moves at QB? Do you think the team feels like the organization did everything in their power to attract as talented players to make up for the players lost at positions such as Safety, CB, OLB, and ILB? Do you think this team was truly on board with trading away a Pro Bowl receiver and team leader for a 3rd round draft pick?

  31. By Darren Urban on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    smack28 —

    RE: Insight

    I think no one, including the players, expected to be 3-7 right now. I think the defense expected to be better than this. I think Anquan’s departure was all but sealed when he trashed the organization back in camp of 2008, and everyone knew it, and besides, receiver is not a problem right now. I do think there are some players who weren’t happy to see their friends leave, but it wasn’t a surprise. And as for QB, I think everyone had questions of what would happen when Kurt left. I don’t think there was a big backlash when Matt was released.

  32. By joeldude on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    (yawn)Roster moves don’t matter as long as we have no QB to lead this team.

  33. By Chuck 1 on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Based on their sorry performance in drafting college players over the last three or four years, why don’t the Cards concentrate on drafting players from the major conferences e.g. Big 12, SE, Big 10, and Pac 10?
    They have faced much stiffer competition.
    I know. I know. We’ve seen how well Buster Davis and Levi Brown etc. have worked out. But, I think that they are the exception rather than the rule.
    How well have Roberts, Skelton and some of the other small college players done?

  34. By Eric on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    I’ll throw my two cents in here as well. First, not truly having one offensive coordinator is hurting. Nuf said on that. Nice try, but it failed. QB decisions, very poor. Need a new QB, period. Max Hall, nice try, but a great attitude can’t overcome a lack of talent in this league. I think he will be a great coach though.

    Now for the defense. I do not see a sense of urgency here. I understand they are on the field too much, but I also see a group that has quit, particularly DRC. Freaking tackle dammit!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see some hitting and a fierce attitude!!!!!!!!! Ultimately I see the wrong schemes being implimented for the players we have. Which leads back to the D Coordinator. Sorry Billy, time to go. Lets hope loyalty doesn’t out weigh reality here Whiz.

    We still are not committed to the run, and that is the biggest problem we have right now. We are not playing our strengths here. Beanie averaging 4 and change and Timmy Touchdown averaging 5 and change and still just over a hundred combined yards? Not smart. We totally could have ground that thing thing out, mixed in with a short passing game.

    I am a very disappointed season ticket holder. I am not giving up, just need Whiz to have some guts and make the neccessary changes in his COACHING STAFF. Lets end on a good note, draft well, and bring in a QB that meets our needs and look forward to a good 2011. (as long as the gorilla in the room, pending CBA negotiations, work out)

    Most importantly, I love my Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. By Chuck 1 on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    If I could see any indication that Graves and Whiz would change ANYTHING during the rest of this disastrous season e.g. play different individuals (e.g. Hall and/or Skelton) or have different game plans, I would have confidence that they would make SIGNIFICANT changes during the off season e.g. hire a competent OC and a competent DC.
    However, there are two chances of that; slim and none and slim just left town.

  36. By Chris on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, I played QB in Pee-Wee football as a kid, any chance I could make the practice squad? I’m in great shape and I can throw the ball accurately up to 45 yards. Just Kidding! I hope the fans don’t discourage you from this blog. You do a great job and I appreciate the insight. Do you think there is an advantage to having an offensive coordinator upstairs during the game? It seems having a birds eye would help coach Whiz understand where breakdowns are and exploit them.

  37. By Darren Urban on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Chris —

    RE: OC

    As I have said before, I think all aspects of the situation will be evaluated and reevaluated after the season.

  38. By Nikko on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Good luck marshay!! I was big on this guy in preseason so hopefully he can come in & make a bigger difference than the guys who aren’t right now like drc, toler, & mcbride!!

  39. By Judy on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Glad to see both of these guys back.

  40. By shannonrobinson on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    MNF – let Beannie run – be what the nation doesn’t expect and bring back that shut down defense – it’s all about heart now.

  41. By Casey on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    RE: Quotes from elsewhere


    Right or wrong, I think we all assume that you are biased toward protecting the Cardinals. I don’t think we necessarily believe that you are permitted to write what you actually feel if it portrays the team in a certain light that would offend coaches, the front office and ownership. I would think that you feel a need to temper certain critcisms you may have of specific players, coaches and front office personnel. I don’t know that I’ve seen you criticize specific players, coaches or front office personnel for deficiencies we all see on the field. Explicity or implicitly, I would expect that you receive instructions/guidance to be very careful how you express your thoughts about potentially sensitive matters that reflect poorly on coaches, front office personnel or the owners.

    I could be completely off base, but I think we feel similarly about Wolf and Calvisi (I feel less so about Pasch in this regard- he doesn’t seem to fear any reprucussions from using a negative/sarcastic tone with this team). Seems like others (including the aforementioned) will defend this team regardless of the outcomes on Sundays.

    Clearly, Sando, Florio, Somers, Macmanaman, and countless others who are employed by independent third parties have much less to worry about in terms of any sort of negative backlash from the organization as a result of anything they write or say (although that’s probably less so for the AZ republic staff given that they practically take up residence at the facility). Obviously a guy like Florio or any one of dozens of national media guys don’t give two you know whats about what the Cardinals organization thinks of them, therefore, we view them as being more willing to call a spade a spade, more willing to uncover facts and truths that put the organization in a bad light (e.g., spending the 4th lowest amount in the NFL on player payroll in 2010). As an employee of the Cardinals, I doubt you are going out of your way to dig up information to suggest that this team hasn’t done and isn’t doing everything it can to win on Sundays. Clearly, with the net loss in personnel from last year to this year, that can’t be the case.

    Look Darren, it’s just common sense. I can’t go around necessarily bad mouthing my company even if what I’m saying is factually accurate. That wouldn’t look good to my managers. The difference is, I’m not paid to write stories about my company like you are. So I guess your challenge is finding that proper balance.

    I will say this- I think you’ve become much more objective in recent weeks. At the beginning of this 5-game losing streak, I feel that you were very reluctant to acknowledge statistics and trends that suggested that this team was much, much worse than its record. Now that the team is 3-7 as has lost 5 in a row, you seem more willing to agree with points that many fans have literally been making since weeks 1 and 2, maybe even going back to the pre-season.

    I don’t necessarily fault you for your approach as clearly you wanted to see how things played out in the win/loss column. But I think if you were more honest with yourself and not so defensive regarding fans’ criticism early on, you wouldn’t be so surprised where the team stands today. I mean, just go back to the stats are 2 games, after 4 games, after 6 games, they’ve consistently been at the bottom of the NFL at each juncture. Sooner or later, the wins and losses reflect the general stats. Going back to the week 1 victor over STL, this team never passed the basic “eye test.” Same with the Raiders victory. The Saints victory is the only one where you could perhaps see some potential, but even then, the offense was abysmal and if the ball literally doesn’t bounce a certain way (into Levi Brown’s hands for a TD and into Faneca’s hands later on to prevent a turnover), even that game goes a different direction. This team is very fortunate to be 3-7. I’m sorry, but that’s the hard truth. The numbers just don’t lie. Outside of redzone defense efficiency, they are all just awful, absolutely awful.

    Anyway Darren, I understand the challenge you face in your position- this isn’t a criticism of you. I had just hoped that we would have heard questions being asked similar to Bob Macmanaman’s on Monday much earlier in this process because I think most of us saw this happening just based on the numbers and the eye test.

    Also, during that stretch where Breaston and Doucet were hurt, Andre Roberts didn’t know which way was up, and Fitz was not 100%, this team certainly could have used Boldin. But it’s much, much bigger than that. Was Larry Centers’ production tailing off in 1999? Sure it was. But that guy meant so much to the Cardinals in terms of toughness, tenacity, leadership, work ethic, energy and attitude, that removing him was so much more than productivity. Same with Boldin. No tougher player on the team in those years and certainly no one in that category on the current team. No one with Rolle’s raw athleticism and no one with Dansby’s versatility. This team way, way underestimated what these guys brought to the table just as they did Larry Centers, Lomas Brown and Jamir Miller. Whiz wasn’t around then, but Graves and the Bidwills most certainly were. We had all hoped that lessons had been learned. Now we can only hope that lessons are being learned through the current circumstances. But with Whiz’s stubborness and unwillingness to take any of the blame/responsibility for this team’s regression in 2010, I don’t think he’s learned anything and therefore, the past is more likely to repeat itself in the future. We don’t have access to Whiz and Graves, so if they are taking responsibility for this team’s failure, please let us know by providing quotes, podcast interviews, stories, etc.

    Until then, we will assume that the organization lacks accountability and therefore, when Sando/Florio/King/Schefter/La Confora/Lombardi/Clayton/Somers/Macmanaman/Bolvin/Bickely/Burns/Franz/Gambadoro/etc/etc/etc produce pieces that do promote accountability, you’ll see Cardinals’ fans standing behind them.


  42. By Big Red on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Trigidy, If youv’e had enough of this season. Why don’t you just go and fine yourself another team. Maybe you can go and fine a team in Los Angeles and just sit there and wait, maybe the Cardinals will be there like you said. Then you can start your crap over there, you make me sick….Are you so perfect or what! If the Cards are losers this year, than I guess your the biggest loser for trying to be a cards fan.

  43. By Leinart Fan on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Just an observation…….I love how the most of you who stick up for DA, were bashing Leinart during the pre-season with the exact same issues DA is dealing with now.

    Now with that being said, while there are no big name QB’s which will be available during the off-season, there may be an opportunity to trade a high draft pick/s for soem pretty talented back-ups (I do not think you could offer Matt Leinart 20 million to come back here after the head games Whiz has played with him for the past few years…..purely my opinion). Some on my list……Kolb, Gradowski, Kitna, Young (lol). While Kitna is age prohibitive, he could prove as a solid stop gap while the Cards find a long term solution. Gradowski I think would be the best move for the team, long term. Kolb perhaps. What do you all think would be a fair asking amount (draft picks).

  44. By AndyStandsUp on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Long posts give me a headache.(And so do short railings for that matter, must have something to do with fences.)
    Did Green return punts and/or returns in Training Camp?

  45. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    AndyStands —

    RE: Green

    He can do both.

  46. By TBru on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Play Skelton

  47. By beenwithufromthebeginning on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    Be Patient Cards Fans.. there is a lot riding on 2011 with the salary cap and 18 possible teams… DA is a patch prior to building of our team.. If Warner would of stayed and retired next year all said and done the office wouldnt have to wonder about 2011… Yes we could of went after a higher paid QB and finish 8-8 or maybe 9-7, but we still would be the weakest of the weak going into the playoffs… and probably not make it very far and be stuck with another big bill.. look at Childress and the others for the chopping block.. its about the changes about to happen… believe it or not we are actually being smart for once.. give the guys a break… we will survive and build what we have… I know as a fan sitting and watching the games is hard.. but in the long run we will have a strong team…. WE BELIEVE IN OUR TEAM… KEEP THAT IN MIND.. Wiz is a smart man .. might seem shaky right now but hang in there we will survive this and once the official 2011 decisions come out.. we will be one of the teams that can keep our star players and will have a great QB… hang in there..

  48. By Nicholas B on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    If your a real fan that came to the new stadium from sun devil stadium…this season shouldn’t phase you at all….let’s say the Cardinals win 2 in a row…get to 5-7…then what happens? Everybody says how great Whiz is? Let Whiz do his job….does anybody remember how this team was from 1988 – 2008? I remember everybody complaining about Vince Tobin after he lead the Cardinals to the playoffs in 98, now everybody is complaining about Whiz after he lead the Cardinals to the Super Bowl, and back to back division titles. I remember sitting in Sun Devil Stadium with it being well over 100 degrees watching them getting killed in early September, then out of the playoff race in Oct. This division is so bad this year, if Arizona wins the next 2 games, they are right back in this race….if they will 3 of 4 (6-7), they can win this division…I believe this team does have talent, just isn’t playing well right now…give them time….look at the season after it ends not during a losing streak…I remember after the beat the Saints…everybody was talking playoffs and how great Max Hall will be (he didn’t even have that good of a game)…..give DA protection, and a rushing attack…they will be fine…I still believe this team should push the issue more…and run the ball on 1st and 2nd down…if Hightower/Wells can’t get 3 – 4 yards a carry…try LSH or Jason Wright…why not even try handing it to the FB here and there??…I also think they are messing up by not using the TE more…we are getting blitzed up the middle….DA doesn’t make reads as fast as Warner did…so try a TE screen, or TE dig route…to me Ben Patrick should get used a lot more then he does….I’m so sick of the 3rd and long screen pass to Hightower, they do that ALL the time…even back in 2008 they did that a lot…so don’t say that’s a 2010 thing…how many of you have actually been watching this team awhile??….I grew up watching them (from Mesa, AZ)…I still have my season tickets even though I don’t live in AZ anymore…I make it to a couple home games a year…and have been to ALL the playoff games…even the road games…and super bowl…(including in 98 @Dallas, and @Minnesota), I’m more of those that has had season tickets a long time, got them in 1993 (Bugel last year as coach, I believe they made a HUGE mistake firing him, he had this team going in the right direction and Buddy Ryan ruined it all)….I sat in the front row of the south endzone at SDS, and now I sit in the front row in the corner of the endzone (where the visiting team comes out)….GO CARDINALS!!! Ignore all these fans that are saying fire the coach…and how horrible the team is…a team can’t win every year….this team has been here 20+ years now…and they have made the playoffs 3 times, and have had 5 seasons where they finished at .500 or above…we Whiz when 8-8 his first season, and made the playoffs his 2nd and 3rd season as coach…his 4th year isn’t done yet…so 3 out of 5 years the team finished above .500 Whiz was the coach…and 2 out of 3 times this team made the playoffs…Whiz was the coach….Whiz is the best coach this team has had since they have been the Phoenix Cardinals/Arizona Cardinals…


  49. By Wash on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Man…I hope we win again soon. Plenty of time to think about eveything else later – free agents, drafts, why our best QB starts dancing, etc. Right now – a W will help with my sanity.

  50. By Big Red on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    I’m with you Nicholas B, I agree. Fan for life. Go Cards!!

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