Tonight’s Rage and the practice squad

Posted by Darren Urban on November 24, 2010 – 9:10 am

The Cardinals have brought back running back Alfonso Smith and added defensive end Jeremy Navarre to the practice squad, after having a couple of openings.

And with the Thanksgiving holiday, the Big Red Rage with Adrian Wilson will be tonight instead of tomorrow. A-Dub’s guest at Majerle’s Sports Grill in Chandler will be defensive end Calais Campbell. As usual, the show will start at 6 p.m., so you can either attend or watch the live video feed here. If you want to hear it on the radio, it will be played tape-delayed on Sports 620 KTAR following the Suns’ game.

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19 Responses to “Tonight’s Rage and the practice squad”

  1. By MIKEFLORIO on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Look at the bright side of things. Now all the true cardinals fans can finally come out and show support again. I remember going to the Big Red Rage with B-train and nobody but the patrons at the sports grill. SInce the run in 08′ it has been standing room only. But, now……… I love it, I could bring the entire family and enjoy the show without some drunken idoit screaming FREEBIRD!!!!!! Thanks Whiz, Thanks Anderson! Nobody wants to show support anymore, just the way it used to be.

  2. By wgcornelius on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Great to see the Cardinals have Jeremy Navarre! He was grat at Maryland and did a grat job for Jacksonville! Go Cardinals.

  3. By michael on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    In whiz we trust! Go cards!

  4. By Pheenic Cromartie on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Mikelflorio, there are still a lot of true Cardinals fans. It’s pretty obvious that you’re being sacrcastic, so really, I don’t see what you’re talking about. Maybe a few bandwagoners have left, but there’s still true fans out there.

  5. By Chuck 1 on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    One can be a “TRUE FAN” and still acknowledge problems that must be fixed if this franchise is to become (AND REMAIN) elite.

  6. By Lone-Eagle on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Boy, it must be nice to live in Phoenix and be able to go to the Big Red Rage every week and be around true Cards fans! I envy all you guys! Go Cards, let’s take 5 weeks of frustration on the niners!!

  7. By Lone-Eagle on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry Darren, I tried to be quiet, at least I am not “bitchen”!!

  8. By Chuck 1 on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Add on about being a “TRUE FAN”:

    A “TRUE FAN” is like a “TRUE FRIEND”. If someone continually screws up, a “TRUE FRIEND” doesn’t just say “That’s OK, Joey, you’re doing everything all right. It’s everyone else’s fault. It’ll all work out in the end”.

    NO!!! A “TRUE FRIEND” puts his hand on Joey’s shoulder and says “What the XXXX are you doing? You know better than that. Stop doing what you’re doing or you are going to get into real trouble. I’ll still be here for you, but you’ve got to change”!!!

  9. By Adam on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    CHUCK 1..

    ELITE franchise??? This franchise is used to being on the bottom and thats where we are headed again. It’s comfortbale to the Bidwells. They don’t understand what Elite is and won’t do their due diligence to find out what makes an Elite organization and how to stay their once you taste it.

    This organization is like an inmate who has been in prison for so long that when he gets out of prison he commits another crime because he doesn’t know how to function on the outside because his comfort is in prison.


    They love the bottom!!!!

  10. By Adam on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply


  11. By AZkidinJAX on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    I will always be a Cardinals fan! I live in Jacksonville, FL. and until this year nobody went to the games. Now that the Jags are winning the games are sold out. Funny how we are all monday morning QB’s, but according to Del Rio, the coach here in Jax, they have not changed the philosophy, just got everybody on board. So if Whiz says ours system will work then I am onboard as well. Still need better play out of our man under center!!!

  12. By Keith on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    I hope the fans continue step up during this rough season and start put the bed “front runner” label. Lets get out there monday, and each sunday and show our support!The one thing that can start to eat away at that support is a team that looks like it has quit. Losing is one thing, quitting is another.Keep fighting the good fight CARDS, and rise up RED SEA!!

  13. By Khardz on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    I saw Calais Campbell at the valet at the chandler mall last week during the Fitzgerald Red Rage I wanted to say hi to him but I was scared, he was just standing there with this other guy around 5`8 with long dreads I couldn’t make out who it was because he had a hat on and it covered most of his face. LET’S GO CARDINALS.

  14. By michael on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Go cards! Andrew luck here we come?

  15. By burlybird on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    I’ll disagree with you Adam. I don’t see how one bad season after 3 good ones is a sign of a return to the old days. Lets see what happens in the offseason and draft before we make that claim. Give them a chance to rebound from this debacle. If nothing of note occurs after the season that shows us fans that they are serious about winning and that they believe this bad season is just a bump in the road, then I might think you’re onto something. Remember, Michael is running more of the show now as opposed to Bill. Let’s have a little patience before we start crying about the same old Cards.

  16. By Keith on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with Burlybird

  17. By georgiebird on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    I disagree totally with Burlybird and agree more with Chuck1’s comments for the following reasons:
    1) the breakdown this year has been in all phases of the game esp on defense.
    2) except for LSH and OB making it back, there are no bright spots
    3) a great QB (which Warner was-with gloves) will not be ready to play here for at least 3 years-even if drafted..
    4) the coaching staff is sub-par except for Russ Grimm. & Lott
    5) guys who could have been building blocks have regressed (Campbell, DRC, Doucet, Patrick, Wells.
    6) Prior drafts have shown to be unproductive.
    7) the beatings we have received have been thorough
    8) the teams in this division seem to be improving more than we are.
    9) the Cards have been losing but have been relatively healthy
    10) the last two big contracts to A-dub and DD have been terrible
    11) talent evaluation in practice is inconclusive because both defense and offense are so bad.
    Based on what I have seen this year, Kurt Warner’s performance in 2008 & 2009 has to be the greatest MVP showing in the history of the NFL..

  18. By OLD CARDS FAN on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with Adam because if the owners would have show the money early to some key players like boldin,dansby,rolle,a.smith and warner(or a decent replacement)the div. would have been theirs for the third straight year. have the cards ever have a major free agent sign in their prime? no because of the organization is cheap and the team is considered losers. but how many players the cards lost in their prime? plenty (t.metcalf,g.hearst.thomas jones,a.williams,j.plummer,boston,L.davis,M.pittman,boldin,dansby,rolle,m.leinart and 1 off cord. haley frustrated fan!

  19. By fortun8s on Nov 25, 2010 | Reply

    Being a Cardinal Fan since their arrival in St Louis, I have seen this scenario repeate it’s self several times through out the years. It is all about the money but what isn’t..

    Cardinal fans are extremely fortunate to still have Wizz & Grimm after having their legs cut off by the front office lettingy coaching and player talent slip through their fingers.

    Think, of what a really wonderful team the Cardinals would have been this year (talent wise) had they salvaged just half of their key players. Alas, wouldhave, should have, could have.

    With all the coaching openings popping up around the league this year, look for the cardinals to be trying to find replacements for Whizz and Grimm and much of the player talent that will move to greener pastures.

    Unfortunately, the stadium ability to sell tickets has diminished substantially and I am afraid, this snowball is going to get much bigger !!

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