Roof closed for “Monday Night Football”

Posted by Darren Urban on November 29, 2010 – 2:44 pm

The roof at University of Phoenix Stadium tonight will be closed because of cold temperatures. The text from the official release:

“Due to the cold front that has brought unseasonably low temperatures and freeze warnings to the Valley this evening, the roof at University of Phoenix Stadium will be closed for tonight’s game between the Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers.

“Even with the roof closed, temperatures inside the building are expected to be in the low 60s and fans should dress accordingly.”

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26 Responses to “Roof closed for “Monday Night Football””

  1. By schmatty on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Wow that’s a little ridiculous

  2. By Dre on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply


    Can you tell Fitz he needs two TDs to tie Roy Green’s record. Oh and tell him I need two TD and 80 yds from him to win in a couple of my leagues tonight. I really need these wins…

  3. By Darren Urban on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Dre —

    RE: Fitz records

    Trust me, if I know anything, it’s that Fitz is aware of such milestones.

  4. By AZCARDSFAN on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply


  5. By cards62 on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Low 60s is sweet. Bring your Jerseys and make some noise and you will feel so good. I really hate the 49ers and wanted 2 victories over the 49ers more than anything, but another playoff run this season. Lets face it there will be no playoff run this season and Andrew Luck is our best chance of a bright future, but I can not help it. I really really want us to beat the 49ers tonight. The game will be physical and our players hate the 49ers as much as we fans do so this game will tell me if we have anything at all left for this year or if the team has already quit on the coach and us fans.
    Go Cards make us all proud and DA please play over your head so far that your nose bleeds for a week. Thanks Steve

  6. By jocards on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Now if they could only close the doors and keep the team out!

  7. By Scott H on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Darren –

    Has the roof ever been opened for any game since the stadium opened??? Sorry, I should be better with my history. But Kurt Warner has been the starting QB for most of the stadium’s life up to this point, and I know he typically preferred that the roof be closed…geez, with the climate out there, you’d think it would be open quite often, but I don’t remember a single specific game when it was.

  8. By Darren Urban on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Roof open

    The roof has been open for 11 regular-season games since the stadium opened in 2006, which, including tonight, has been 37 opportunities.

  9. By Nick Pepe on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Then let it be loud! The crowd needs to get behind them early and often. This is it. This is all the marbles. I wish I could be there! I will be amongst a bunch of east coast (Eagles and Giants) fans who continue to mock our team and division. The Eagles fans inparticular seem to have short memories.

    It is important that we bring it! We hit them harder then they have been hit a;; year. That we are the agressor. It has appeared at times against the 49ers that we let them set the tone and they set the tone physically. Bring the hammer 9-0!!!! Can we get a 9-0 chant tonite after a big play by him??

    This is our house. This is our team. And until someone else wins it, this our division!!! Act like it!! I hate the 49ers. Hate the fact that they were everyones sweetheart pick. Hate the fact that the league gave them all the prime time games just their head coach is Singletary and he throws tantrums.

    People – WE AIN’T DEAD YET!!!!!!!
    Nick Pepe
    Lifetime Member

  10. By Nick Pepe on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    sorry about the typos!!! “than” they./….and “all” year

  11. By (Not the real) Casey on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    I know this is just another conspiracy of the Whiz/Graves/Bidwill gang to save money on heat so they can line their own pockets. It signals the end of all we hold dear in the free world. I know because I read an article written by someone who saw them standing on the grassy knoll. This is an unspeakable travesty beyond all description and we must beat the dead horse to death some more and … and …..

  12. By Fitz4Mtrushmore on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    60 is such freezing weather!!! LOL
    Just pull the fabric off the roof & replace it with a permanant one. Simply crazy!!!!!!!!!

  13. By Thomas77 on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren,

    Not to be lazy. But I’m pressed for time, and not sure where to look to see which Jersey’s the Red Birds will be wearing tonight. Do you happen to know?

  14. By Darren Urban on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Thomas77 —

    RE: Jerseys

    They are wearing black.

  15. By Thomas77 on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Sweet. That’s what I thought!

    Thanks D!

  16. By KyCardsfan on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Any word on actives? Toler, CC, hyphen…?

  17. By Darren Urban on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    KyCards —

    RE: Inactives

    They are announced 90 minutes before kickoff. I will blog.

  18. By tRiGidY on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Lets go Bigred!! everyone is Watching!! Lets get this Win!!

    Must win tonight or call it a season!! Plus we can End Whiners Hopes!!

    Now all that Twitter talk, This game is going to be Smash Mouth Football!

    ADUB! Please blow up V.Davis!! want to see Snot bubbles!

  19. By brad oneill on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    HA HAHAHA- Imagine if they could see us in Green Bay buttoning up the roof and preparing our selves for 60 degree temperatures.

    I hope they have covered the flowers on the Golf courses out here, i wouldnt want to lose any vegetation to this unseasonable late november freeze!

    ps that comment by jocards was hillarious! go jo go!

  20. By joe again on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Lets make this the first of six victories and win the division at 9-7. Why the hell not — stranger things have happened.

    But regardless — lets beat these stinkin 9ers on Monday Night!
    Go Birds!!!!

    [thanks for the creative assist there, Darren — good job — just tryin to lighten it up]

  21. By KyCardsfan on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    I have had a bad day…lost my wallet, worked in the rain, now I’m at my moms waiting for the game to come on…my stepdad is a huge niners fan, so I really need a win tonight to make this day halfway decent…GO CARDS!!!!

  22. By cardscat4L on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Rise up red sea we need a victory!!!

  23. By TBru on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    cold temps, I almost hurt myself laughing.

    tell the good people of Green Bay or maybe Buffalo that it is cold in Glendale

  24. By joe on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Cardinals Lost Their Heart, They ALL Play Horable (Except Howling), Even Ben Graham Doing Bad. A-Bud Just Horriable. DRC Lost Out There, No Focus, And The Coaches Are Sleeping. This Year Has Been Like Watching A Real Bad 2A High School Team Play. These Players Need To Ask Themselves If They Really Want To Play Ball. C’Mon Fitz Catch The Ball, Run Faster Jeez.

  25. By ron werner on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    darren this yr lets sign brett favre and let fitz dockett breaston go just like the past 30 yrs we train them then let em go many times over dansby rolle boldin all should have been retained this coach is an idiot lets get gruden how could we put the season on anderson as qb?? cleveland saw he was worthless my 35 yrs of being a card fan since growing uo in st louis are close to being over wish i never got 2 cardinal tatoos in 2003 and 2008 this is ridiculous and i know it starts with ownership look what got us to the super bowl we had a lot of core players and not just warner

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