49ers aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on November 30, 2010 – 1:55 am

Well, I didn’t expect that.

I didn’t expect the Cards to get beat up by the Niners like that, and I didn’t expect Derek Anderson to be all over the TV and radio when it was over because of his heated postgame comments (You can see the video here). That a few seconds of Anderson smiling on the sideline would garner so much attention is amazing yet understandable at the same time. I didn’t even see the video until after the postgame interview process was over, but I darn sure heard about it via Twitter from a lot of fans – already upset at the way the game was going – even moreso after seeing the quarterback like that. (I am also sure fans heard Jon Gruden on the telecast questioning it too).

My guess it was a bit of gallows humor from Deuce Lutui (Kurt Warner joked to me on Twitter after that “Knowing Deuce he was inviting DA over 4 a Tongan barbecue 2 lighten the moment, I would have laughed 2!”). That’s fine. Just explain that. In the grand scheme, it isn’t a huge deal really. But what else is there to really talk about?

The Cards misfired in all three facets of the game. They couldn’t take advantage of Frank Gore’s injury and let the corpse of Brian Westbrook erupt for 136 yards rushing. They couldn’t do much on offense again. Special teams also took it on the chin a couple of times, whether it was Ted Ginn ripping off some long returns or having a good kickoff runback by LaRod Stephens-Howling called back on a penalty.

Not good. Not good at all.

“To lose six in a row, it hurts,” cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie said. “Especially when you know these guys in the locker room. I look at what we do on the practice field, how we work, work, work, this doesn’t make no sense to me.

“People say, ‘When is it gonna change, when’s it gonna change?’ (Expletive), it don’t seem like it’s ever gonna change. I don’t know what’s going on.”

— That was as glum as I have ever seen Larry Fitzgerald. “I’m at a loss for words,” he said, and it was tough to blame him. I know this is where everyone freaks out again about Fitz long-term, and that is an issue that must be contemplated. In the moment, though, he’s not only at a loss for words, but also answers.

— Breaking down numbers seems pointless tonight (especially at 1:45 a.m.). The 49ers dominated, and you don’t have to look at the stat sheet to see that. It was stunning to see Westbrook run the ball so well, however. The running lanes were huge at times. Troy Smith didn’t even have a good night throwing, other than that first TD pass. It didn’t matter.

— The last thing this team needs right now is a turnover – especially on the very first offensive play. When you wonder about a team’s confidence, which coach Ken Whisenhunt did last week, it isn’t helped by a quick mistake.

— We will see if anything changes tomorrow or Wednesday but when asked generally about changing personnel this week – which, of course, includes the quarterback – Whisenhunt noted a short week and said “we’re going to stick with what we do.” I assume that means Anderson still starts. Even if he were to make a change, I wouldn’t think we would hear anything until Wednesday anyway, because tomorrow is a mandated players day off and Whiz doesn’t announce such things unless he gets to talk to players first.

— So obviously, no, I don’t expect Anderson’s postgame comments to impact playing time. Nor should they, in this case. If a change is going to be made, it should be for football reasons, and it seems – given the Cards’ record and future – there are valid ones to do so. Please don’t ask me about Max Hall and John Skelton playing beyond that information though. I don’t know and it doesn’t even make sense to hazard a guess anymore.

— As I wrap up, I think of wide receiver Steve Breaston, who has slid into the role of resident philosopher/soul of the team in many ways. Maybe it’s his background as a writer, I don’t know. But even when the Miracle Baby says he doesn’t have anything to say he ends up having something to say.

“We have been through trying times and we have responded so I think the people on this team know how to respond,” Breaston said. “I don’t know what’s going on…. ‘X’s’ and ‘O’s’ are cool, but sometimes, you gotta jump over somebody, you gotta run through somebody. That’s all about being a football player and playing beyond the expectations of that play.”

At this point, I would guess the fans would be happy with just coming close to expectations.

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  1. By darrel on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I hope his career. Ends he made an ass of his self and the team

  2. By Steve on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren: Cards are arguably the worst team in the NFL right now, they need a better QB, a couple of upgrades on the O-line like LT and LG and some pass rush help and their back in this thing next season.

  3. By Jedihillis on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I have a little bit cooler head now than when I watched the game, but I still say the Cards looked pathetic out there. Absolutely pathetic. From the opening to the very end.

    We just got dominated on all sides of the ball. Our guys were getting bullied around on defense and our offense was lucky if they got a first down. Coach Whiz says it’s not lack of effort, but I’m not sure I believe him anymore. Especially on D where guys are half-heartily pursuing the ball, trying to make one arm tackles, and just looking all out of place. This is the same defense that has 3 pro-bowlers still starting. Where the hell are these guys? DRC hasn’t done a thing, neither has Dockett or A-Dub outside of that first game.

    I can’t continue to watch this type of football for the rest of the year. No excuse for getting out physicaled the entire game. Made us look like chumps.

  4. By Sean on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Nobody’s surprised by the outcome of this game, as people have been seeing this coming since the start of the season, but Derek Anderson’s handling of the situation afterwards is way out of line & rediculous!!! He’s an embarrassment to himself, & this organization…. ON & now OFF the field!!! Let’s start working towards next year by sending this clown packing & working our way down the line to the others who have quit on this organization & this team…This team is so bad I haven’t watched a full game in about 2 months…..It’s really showing that Warner covered up a lot of player & coaching deficiencies!

  5. By die hard fan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    You know, after the outburst, I really think Anderson should be benched. He made himself look like a moron in front of the nation, and the way he played, made the team lose. Underthrow here, overthrow there… every now and then he connects with a reciever. His red zone play is horrid as well. It really hurts to say this, but I know the team I have been a die hard fan of since 1982 is going to pieces under his control. Please dump this trash in the offseason and find something better to replace Warner. This guy just isn’t cutting it. He’s like a giant spoiled child, something or someone pisses him off and he cries and throws a fit. Just like Vince Young. We don’t need divas in the locker room. We need real men that can play football. Anderson isn’t a real man, he proved that tonight during that press conference.

  6. By Ellis on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    First things first, the defense looks confused out there. They should get a real defensive coordinator, bill davis is not the answer. Just too many mental errors still on their side. Drc, wow what can i say but i td waiting to be posted on every play. He needs a better cornerback coach. He still thinks his speed will always save him but he’s getting beat constantly. Whats with the ten yard cushion they give on receivers? And ppl dont blame joey porter or dockett, they are playing hella hard out there. They arent using porter rite at all, and when dockett gets double teamed the de cant even get to the qb, its a shame to love the cards and hate how they are playing. It felt like someone has been kicking me in my stomach since the off-season. They need better corners because toler is not the answer to be on the side of drc. Drc needs someone like a Asomugha from the raiders. They need to play more bump em at the line more. I dont have any clue who they should go get but they need to think rite now. Lets also be serious rhodes is not a upgrade to rolle at all. Trade him in the off-season and replace him with some that doesnt give up on plays. If people watch these games closely look at drc, rhodes, and quiet a few other players give up on plays and let someone else try to tackle them. Paris and Washington are the beast on defense this year. Lets get to the offensive what can i say but WOW are you serious, what the hell is going on? Lets get it straight derek anderson is a third string qb all jokes aside. The line is horrible as hell. They cant block at all, and how the hell do you get alan faneca and you cant run his way because he seems to get two guys rushing him and the line stays stuck on stupid. Get rid of deuce he is not taking this game serious at all. People we mite have to say goodbye to Fitz, i know it hurts me to say too. But how can you influence a player of his caliber to stay, when the qb’s play like a deer in headlights. Also don’t forget steve breaston too, what are they really going to do now? This is my beef with Whiz, i love everything he has done for us, but he knew he didn’t want leinart so why didn’t he trade him earlier for mcnabb? You can all say mcnabb is garbage, but i bet if he was on this team with this talent we would not be 3-8. Washington Redskins have no talent except at the corner position. None of the qb’s on the roster are for now or the future. Times like this make you want to rewind time and slow time to when we had kurt at the helm. Established line is garbage and its not russ fault either. He did the best with the talent of a hs team. Back to Whiz, coach get a offensive coordinator these teams you guys face know all your plays already. New defensive and offensive coordinators, also a cornerback coach and d-line. Said day in cardinals history yet again, man what to do when Fitz says i’m at a loss for words. Draft a top flight qb since we are probably going to be in the top ten in the draft. Get a real veteran to play while he progresses. Hightower and Beenie think too much and are a fumble waiting to happen. One thing for sure is Boldin is sitting back laughing at the cardinals. We better hope Fitz doesn’t go there next year. I haven’t given up on my team and never will, just hope they do rite and think about what was mentioned in this comment. Keep the faith and believe in the bird-gang, as long as we believe they believe and that goes a long way into the fight to become champs!

  7. By Mack on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren,

    Ever since the fumbled handoff on our first play from scrimmage, the team looked heartless, like a team that had already been defeated even though we were only 1 score down. And that rolled through for the whole game.

    The team needs to find motivation somehow. Perhaps they could do what the ’07 Giants did and bring in a motivational speaker. I dont know, just something.

    What do you think. Does that same feeling permeate on the sidelines and during the practice week?

  8. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Mack —

    RE: Effort during week

    They don’t seem to be going through the motions during the week, but unless you play on Sundays/Mondays, it doesn’t matter.

  9. By CaptainDune on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Embarrassing, the only thing worse than being one of the 53 men on the roster for the Cards right now is being a fan. I understand our team isn’t what they were the last couple of years. I was around in the 90’s i get how this works. But do not go out on MNF against an equally garbage team and embarrass everyone who sports cardinals red on Sundays and don’t go to the postgame telling me everything is going to be alright and how “it was the turnovers” or “we missed some big plays.” We missed EVERY play that meant anything, including the little ones. Ones where DA can’t connect on a 5 yard pass, or a handoff, or our line unable to push a hole for either of our great RBs.

    Finally someone showed some emotion in a postgame. Even though it was DA’s punk a** being extremely childish. Now hopefully whiz can get out there and quit telling us how confident he is in our team and make some changes. What we have isn’t working, time to plan for the future.

  10. By Rory Clark on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Dominique Rodgers Cromartie? Who is he? He’s been missing in action all season. Plays when he feels like it. All I have to say is “I told you so.” Last year after the season ended when everyone was exalting the Cards as one of the elite teams in the league…I told them so. You didn’t expect this Darren? Puleeeze. Can’t wait to see how Mr. Teflon Whisenhunt spins this one. Oh I know. He’ll pray for a win next week. Frankly, that is ALL that will help. But God is Cowboys fan from what I hear…

  11. By DirtybirD on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    As a Cardinals fan I am truly disgusted right now. I feel like I am reliving the days of Sun Devil stadium all over again. The post game speech sounds like a broken record player. “We had a good week of practice, we worked hard but we could not execute on game day again!” BLAH,BLAH,BLAH!!! The Cardinals have been mentally and physically outplayed this season. It is time for the players and coaches to”MAN UP!” They need to play like their jobs are on the line, if not bench them and get rid of them after the season. Last, to the so called Cardinals fans who want the team to lose so they can get the #1 draft pick next year, GO …./SLAP YOURSELF!!! No true fan would ever want their team to lose even if they are playing bad!

  12. By Stuck In Texas on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I wish this team cared obout winning as much as there fans do.The Bidwells are laughing all the way to the bank.Thanks cards!!!WHAT A JOKE!

  13. By John on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Well glad you didnt expect that. I did. I said 3 weeks ago on here does anyone really expect them to win one more game? Like the commentators said last night, this is a quarterbacks game, and when you have none, this is the result I remember on here even before the regular season some guy made a comment saying “Cleveland is laughing at us right now”. For some unknown reason, everyone knew that but the Cards coaching staff. If ownership were to do the right thing they would fire DA, Whiz, Graves and other coaches right now. But they won’t, in fact I bet this “we’re going to stick with what we do” attitude carries right thru to next year and they have crappy quaterbacks again. I was embarassed to be a fan of this joke of a team last night. Just like old times.

  14. By Darthcard on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren can you suggest to coach whiz to allow this years cardinals team to take part in the next Brut aftershave (slap in the face) commercial? After what they showed last night they really need to find their manhood.

  15. By Rugbymuffin on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    As an East Coaster that needs to wake up before the roosters, I didn’t see the end of the game.

    Figured I should learn from the football team I watch, and unlike them, show up for work ready to go.

    So, I haven’t heard Anderson’s “rant”. It is probably off the mark……. like his passes.

  16. By Ken Cadena on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I think the cardinals have leadership issues. look at the Dallas Cowboys Any given Sunday anyone can beat anyone with motivation. The Cardinal have none, and have embarrased themselves on national TV again. Now I will say DA is a bad quarterback, but I think that persistant question in the media room was uncalled for and antagonizing, That reporter is an A-Hole and should be banned from AZ interviews. Now DA handled it as poorly as a man could of, and showed no composure off the field wich directly relates to his emotional quarterbacking on the field. The best the cardinals can do is trade for new blood and a good 1st rd pick, and we all know what position to go for. the only coach that deserves to be there is Grimm, as far as im concerned they should sell the cardinals to LA and start paying for talent and winners. Im sick of players giving excuses. they sound pathetic.

  17. By PWalker on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Are you kidding me Darren, you didn’t see this coming! What was different about this game than any other game this season? The 49ers might have been 3-7 but they were not getting blown out every other week like the Cards. The Cards are lucky the Niners are not any good or it would have been worse.

    The Cards defense leads the league in points allowed! They have all season! It is not even close! When is somebody in that organization going to wake up. The Cards have won three games, they were lucky against the Rams, they were unbelievably lucky against the Raiders and the Saints game was a freak game. There is not one game this season that anybody can honestly say the Cards should have won. They have out played no one. Really they should be 0-11. The offense couldn’t score on the defense in training camp and that is the worst defense in the league. They make 2nd and 3rd string running backs and quarterbacks look like super stars. The NFC West is the worst, and the Cards are the worst of the worst.

    The only thing different about this game is that the commentators finally told it like it was. They are an embarrassment and obviously don’t have the leadership (ownership) of an organization that cares about winning or they would have done something about it in the first three weeks when it was obvious that Whis screwed the pooch when he made the QB change. Maybe they will be able to draft a QB in the first round; Whis will waive him anyway so why bother.

    The Cards are one of the worst teams in the NFL and have been all season, look at the stats; they can’t beat the bad teams. Whisenhunt is writing his exit interview if he doesn’t get his head out of his you know what.

    I can’t believe you guys are still quoting DRC he plays like a girl, he avoids contact. To continue to say the Cards are a good team is just ignorance. Heads need to roll now! If they don’t the Cards don’t deserve to have any fans, and the players will start leaving just like before. The coaching staff has been exposed on National TV. Mike Bidwill needs to step up right now or he is just as big a fool as the coaches. Stop blaming it on the players, the Cards have more talent than most of the teams in the league. All the mistakes are a result of bad coaching not bad players, obviously the QB position is an exception, they no longer have one of those.

    Frustration is seeing an obvious problem and doing nothing about it, that is the Cards season in a nut shell.

  18. By BMH on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Same mess as before…Im just sad that this was a Monday Night Football Game between to teams with bad records and they made us look like an 0-11 team. As you said, Darren not one facet of this game was there for the Cards. The best part of the team right now is our punting and our field goal unit and that doesn’t win games.
    Sadly, its been this way all season. ;-/

    Wow..and our schedule its going to get any easier from here

  19. By Chris Waldrop on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Steve Breaston is quickly becoming my favorite Cardinal.

  20. By Utah Card on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I’m starting to question Whisenhunt’s integrity. Although I agree with cutting Leinart, because I think he would have gotten the receivers destroyed in short order, the way Whiz went about it just seemed weird. And even though Boldin is a hothead with a big mouth, his claiming that nobody on the coaching staff was “man enough” to inform him that he was being held out of the game last year seemed like an oddly personal insult directed at Whiz. Now we have the debacle of this game, towards the end of which even the TV commentators were calling for Anderson to be pulled, and yet Whiz refused to insert Hall, and afterward claimed he never even considered doing so.

    Whiz is too smart to not realize that DA is a massive failure on many levels, so what has Hall done to incur being snubbed by Whiz? And why is Whiz willing to sacrifice this team, and this season, just to impress some point upon Hall? My fiance said Whiz’s refusal to put Hall into this game was little more than Whiz being petty, and I have to agree with her. However, I’d really like to know why the pettiness has arisen. The players obviously are aware of the underlying problems, since so many of them checked out on this season long ago, but I’m amazed that the media haven’t dug into this to try and find out what’s going on.

  21. By Havasu Tom on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren,
    I think that reporter blew the whole thing up with Duce and D.A. It didn’t matter. All of us fans know we can’t win with the formula we have on the field, can’t happen. The players are so disappointed and can’t find the will to work this out.
    Whiz, heads must roll. Hold all player accountable for there actions on the field.

  22. By NM Cardinal on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    DA sucks, plain and simple, just based on numbers he is aweful, can’t throw a pass to save his life, I was shocked about the Beanie throw, if he could stop over throwing, under throwing, and throwing like it was shot out of a cannon we would have a chance. He needs to go. As a fan I would rather have this losing record with the 2 rookie QB’s we have than what we have now.

  23. By AZCARDSFAN on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I am done for the season. This is the worst Cardinals team ever. They embarrased us here in Texas. They are the laughing stock of the NFL. The joke is everyone wants them to get a quarterback in the draft but that just means they will have no NFL quarterbacks. Maybe they should retire the old guys. Stop looking for guys way past there prime. Is Neal Lomax available?? With any luck, next year will be better but for now, my family and I put all of our Cardinals stuff in the closet.

  24. By shep on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    why isn’t the Coach getting any blame here???? Gruden pointed out the “mystery throughout the NFL” implying how a Coach or team could handle a QB situation this way. Watching the Coach with his wise guy handling of the Leinert situation when he played mind games and treated Lainert like #### it was interesting to watch him on the sideline getting some humle pie in front of national TV audience and fanswho pay alot of money to see a disgraceful performacne. Has LOST his players it appears by the way they played and the way they carry themselves. Maybe Russ Grimm should follow Haley’s path and head out of town to Coach with another team.

  25. By betsy on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Derek Anderson needs to hold the clipboard and they need to move on to another option, I mean really, he has had time to learn and succeed in the NFL and he can’t. Give Skelton or anybody a shot…at least he will be getting reps.

  26. By cardfan6 on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    what the hell is all i can say. wells complains that he isnt envolved enough then first time he is out there his dumbass fumbles wether the handoff was bad or not he still fumbled, fitz drops td pass, D gave up over 200 yards rushing i understand the D had been out there the entire game because ken whisenhunt and his O cant seem to stay on the field more than 3 damn downs, Anderson saying in his interview ” i take this shit serious” BS then why were you laughing on the sideline theres no reason to liten the moment your down 18 points in the 4th quater those two guys are lucky im not envolved with any of the cardinals coaching staff…

  27. By clssylssy on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I try to remain positive because I KNOW this team has the talent on the roster as well as on the coaching staff, but last night’s display was about more than even I could watch. Of course the display on the field was only made worse by the ESPN Commentators who made it obvious from preshow on, how they had no respect for our team, our players, and were, oh so thrilled, at the prospect of having the 49ers as the new NFC West Champions! I had to mute most of the game in order not to abandon my boys and,not surprisingly, the game was then at least barely tolerable. I tried not to think that our hero, Kurt Warner, had gone over to the dark side leaving a year on his contract and his teammates and fans in this mess. Whatever public opinion is about Brett Favre, I would sure have welcomed him in Arizona to finish out our season & clean up this mess, but know we will never get a decent quarterback until we can offer the big bucks which doesn’t look likely. As is the case with a lockout the fans will be the ones who ultimately pay the price and are penalized for circumstances beyond our control. Maybe it’s time the Fans show the owners that we deserve our monies worth and that they really work for us…stop buying tickets until we can get a quality product. That will mean hiring an OC, DC, and paying quality players instead of letting them go to other teams to set records and put teams in the SB running.
    My condolescences go out to the team and the coaching staff. The front office has sold them out which, I think, is probably why they have been playing like a team without the heart I know it has. These guys are better than that!

  28. By Old Man Riva on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Like everyone else, I am at a loss for words, except tons of expletives and I’m sure that’s been covered quite nicely. I was able to manage watching the first half of football and was so disgusted with the lack of any type of competetive spirit that I had to turn it off. Turns out I didn’t miss anything in the second half. From shots of Anderson smiling at the start of the game and during the game, to all the defensive players showboating when they managed to stop the “whiners” on a few 2 or 3rd down plays, to the downcast looks of MR. Larry Fitzgerald (who is one of a few real players this team has) to…well I could go one for hours and not come up with anything postive. It’s that time of year for all loyal diehard Card fans to start hoping we don’t win any more games so we will get a high draft choice. But then history will repeat itself with the penny pinching Bidwill clan allowing their high draft pick to sit out most of the preseason in a contract dispute so the guy will be a green rookie until his 2nd year (at least). One last negative thought…how can a QB with as much experience in the league as Anderson has continue to perform like a green rookie??? The receivers should all run their routes another 10 yards downfield so he wouldn’t overthrow them all the time. CARDS STINK!

  29. By CJ on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    This team is really falling apart on both sides of the ball. We need a lot of personnel changes.

    Definitely a new defensive coordinator. We have a lot of talent on defense with no execution. It’s simply not working.

    And then obviously a QB. I think we should put Hall back in there or give Skelton a shot for the rest of this season. Anderson has proven over and over that he simply doesn’t have what it takes. Let’s work on developing some future possibilities rather than stick with an obvious failure. I know Hall had a few very poor games but he’s a rookie. Give him a little time to develop. Or let’s start giving Skelton some reps. We’ve already effectively lost the season unless everything goes absolutely perfectly in our favor so what’s the harm in trying?

    Also, DA is a cry-baby. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with joking or laughing to keep your spirits up during a bad game and the reporter was stupid for asking such a question but the way DA responded to the reporter was child-like. It shows an extreme lack of leadership.

    Ugh… I’m just so disappointed this year. Looks like I’ll focus more on watching the Chargers as they’re the only other of my favorite teams that has a chance of doing anything this year and even they are looking mediocre at best.

  30. By robert pickard on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Lackluster, Apitiful proformance AND Anderson sitting there laughing just a big SHAME. It appears to me no one really cares. where is the leadership. Ive had 65 years of this same type play. ALL THE BIDWELS have ever cared about is making $$$$$$$$$. I remember STORMY/ AND the BILL show back in CHI. town and ST. LOUIS. JUST A BIG JOKE.

  31. By pat farber on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    cant understand why you were surprised by this result. have you been watching? maybe you are too close to the players, but this was entirely predictable. pics of whiz and davis on sideline said it all. inmates are running the asylum in az, again. the value of a star qb with strong leadership qualities is paramount in the nfl. will be interesting to hear from bidwell, not the coaches and players. their comments are all canned soundbites. this franchise is at a turning point right now. either the owner gets involved and grabs this situation by the throat or this franchise slips back into the bottomfeeders of the nfl, where it has languished for most of its time in az. it will be awhile before they sell the stadium out again. 50 was a nice round number to end on.

  32. By Jesse Robles on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Might as well try Skelton, everyone thought DA and Hall were going to succeed and everyone was wrong there too. At least everyone an be right about Skelton if he sucks! LOL GO DERRICK! Best in Cards History!

  33. By jd on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    The coachcan’t continue to say he is frustrated and say the practice great during the week. That doesn’t translate and the leadership on this team starts at the top like any orginzation.

  34. By Old Man Riva on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I guess I’m not done…just watched the video of Anderson getting upset in the press conference. Too bad he didn’t get that upset during the game. I have watched many, many great QBs over the years and they don’t find getting their butts kicked very humorous for any reason. Then again, I doubt if Derek Anderson will ever be considered anything more than a backup QB, if that. From the top down, the Cards are proving once again that the past two seasons were a fluke and this is without a doubt one of the worst franchises in all of sports. If anyone doubts that, check out their long, sad history.

  35. By Steve Swensen on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Interesting that there’s some drive and passion on this team (particularly from DA). I wonder if one of these weeks someone, ANYONE, can bring it to the field.

    This was an embarrassing performance. Cards!! We’re trying to support! Please make a tackle. Please don’t fumble. PLEASE DON’T TELEGRAPH YOUR PASSES AND THROW IN TO DOUBLE AND TRIPLE COVERAGE. OMG! Is this pee-wee football?

  36. By vinny rosato on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I think the cardinals are missing the big plays, and then I see how the cardinals just don’t have the motivation to win. When the defense is making plays DA can’t move the ball down field no one wants to play with DA and you can see it all over the field and that is what’s frustrating no one is saying anything to the coach leaders need to step up and speak the truth. Max hall is not the answer in my mind, and I think skelton deserves a shot it’s rediculous a guy we don’t daft gets an chance to shine but skelton doesn’t. I want to see some changes. I don’t care that it is a short week we have no chance to win this division give skelton a shot thanks Darren Urban always enjoy reading the blogs.

  37. By vero on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    derek anderson needs go to he brings no confidence to this team and has bad attitude cardinals don’t need a quarter back like that get rid of him

  38. By MikeG on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren—Ugly performance by the Card’s yesterday. No facet of the game was really good. Beanie’s fumble set the tone and the Card’s play just went down hill from there. The Card’s have no confidence as a team right now and they don’t believe they can win. Again 35 passes–11 runs -not the formula to win. The Card’s didn’t even have a rushing first down. Their defensive line could not get off any blocks to make a tackle–I thought when Gore went out– the Card’s D would pick it up. They played with no emotion and are a frustrated team. We can only be a spoiler for our remaining games. Haggans and Porter look old and are playing too many snaps. With Will Davis hurt and Cody Brown not working out you see no depth at that postion. I think the Card’s have never found their identity this year!! They are a team without a face(What do they do well???) I think that is their biggest issue!! Do you see any identity with this team?????

  39. By ctbw on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    They better use the high draft pick for a Q.B.

  40. By MikeG on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren, What do you think has led to DRC’S inconsistent play this year???
    Do you think he is tentative coming off that knee injury??? Seems to not want any contact???

  41. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    MikeG —

    RE: DRC

    I have no idea. Think the Cardinals wish they knew.

  42. By kingdiamond on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    I realize who pays your check and I understand your role, but DA embarrassed the city on MNF (again) on and off the field. A few more pointed and honest comments would also help your credibility. Sorry, quit being such a homer.

  43. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    King —

    RE: My comments

    More honest comments? Where? Explain please. I don’t think I’m saying everything is OK. Just because I don’t go off on a rambling screed of a post ripping everything left and right doesn’t mean I am being a homer.

  44. By jdcrow59 on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren: I’m sure that you are on the money about the “gallows” humor. And I am equally sure that Anderson works and studies his butt off every week. He has been put in a situation that hard work isn’t enough. You have to have a certain skillset that he does not and never has had. This is simply put, a lousy team with mediocre talent and unworkable schemes on both sides of the ball. If you take Fitz and Breaston out of the picture, can anyone name four or even three of the remaining 20 “starters” that you can honestly say “We gotta keep that guy”. Both players and coaches can take equal blame for the mess that this team has become. But at least as Cards fans we have been down this road many times before and are use to being the laughing stock of the league. And it’s good to hear from Whiz that they will keep doing what they do.It’s really working well.

  45. By Dean on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks for another insightful aftermath, Darren. You do great work.
    I’m a diehard Cards fan living in Minnesota and Monday’s game was one of the most painful games to watch in a long time. We’ve had tough losses on Monday before, but they’ve usually been competitive. The diehards have now stopped drinking the kool aid and, from a fan’s perspective, it would be nice to see Whizenhunt say he’s going to do more than “stay the course” or whatever mantra he preaches. I understand that philosophy, but it clearly isn’t working with this team.

    He needs to do something noticeable to wake this team up, and I don’t mean just change quarterbacks. The defensive passion is gone and it’s clear we need a seasoned offensive coordinator so that Whizenhunt has more time to look big picture, etc. We were clearly outcoached as well as outplayed Monday night.

    Quite frankly I’m depressed we’ve fallen back to where we were when Whizenhunt arrived. For anyone to argue we haven’t is simply being disingenuous.

    Keep up the great work, Darren. Let’s hope for better times sooner rather than later.

  46. By PWalker on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I just read the morning paper Darren, would have thought I wrote it. Sounded just like my earlier post.

    McNabb, Kolb and Vick – Anderson, Hall and Skelton. That is the difference between an owner that is trying to win and one that hopes to win on a shoestring budget.

    The Cards pass more than any team in the NFL, including Indianapolis, New England, Green Bay, San Diego, New Orleans and Pittsburg. Those teams all have quarterbacks. It is time to fire the offensive coordinator. Oh that’s right we don’t have one. Maybe it is time to hire one, oh that’s right that would cost money.

    It sure would be nice to have a defensive coordinator with a proven track record, but no we continually get no names for basement dollars and hope one has some success. Business as usual for the Cardinals.

    The fans should support us no matter what, that is what true fans do. Really? Maybe we would be real fans if we saw a real commitment to winning. Hailey challenged the players to be better, Whisenhunt benches them for making a mistake. I thought this was supposed to be Pittsburg west, in four years we have had a bottom ranked defense (although I prefer Prendergast’s aggressive style to Whisenhunts’ passive style) and absolutely no commitment to the running game even though we don’t have a quarterback.

    Dear Mike Bidwell, please sign a NFL caliber starting quarterback. There are several teams out there with more than their fair share. Certainly you know somebody that knows somebody that can help you out. Please hire an NFL proven offensive coordinator. Please hire an NFL proven defensive coordinator. Do those three things and the city is yours, I promise.

    That would make it a great Christmas for everybody in Arizona, or you can be Scrooge.

  47. By georgiebird on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    On the sidelines, the Cardinals coaching staff looks like they are totally overwhelmed. This is one of the worst string of games that I have experienced in 50 years of rooting for the Cards.
    BUT, It was totally unfair for ESPN to show the loss of 4 players without giving the explanation that Rolle and Dansby became the highest paid players in football history at their position. With Rolle and Dansby, the Cardinal defense was also horrible. Dansby has 2 sacks for Miami in 2010. In Boldin’s case, the Cardinals’ record without Boldin (which was excellent) was never discussed.
    The terrible play is mostly on the coaching- to play a 3-4 defense with 4 over-the -hill, slow linebackers is unbelievable. I can’t believe that Gerald Hayes was able to get his job back-he was bad before he hurt his back.
    Also, the ESPN announcers made fun of the Cardinals for four quarters- then late in the 4th qtr, Gruden said that Whiz was a very good coach and would get this situation fixed- that had to be one of the dumbest comments of the night– Whiz is a big part of the problem.
    Sorry to be so negative, but I have seen this scenario so many times before. Given the new stadium, upgrade in facilities, expanded payroll etc,, Dave McGinnis was a better coach than Whiz.

  48. By Joe DeBolt on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Ii do not ever want to have to listen to taht NEWS reporter again…..Hastelling a football QB just to try and make him mad is not a good thing to do to make yourself look good…YOU are a FOOL and a bery foolish person if you think that doing it is going to make you Healthy, Wealthy, or Wise. It dose not….

    I know DA…. But who is Jon Gruden? ? ? ?

  49. By Magee on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Injuries aside, there is no excuse for this team looking this bad. ANDERSON is NOT the answer at quarterback. Lets hope there is a Sam Bradford out there for the Cardinals on draft day. The defensive and offensive lines look like they are my age, 60.
    Heads on and off the field need to roll after the season. This team needs some spark on both sides of the ball for the Cardinals to get back to the point they were at last year. I don’t think any team in the NFL looks any worse than this one.

  50. By Gary on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    If I only had a basement home…then, I could watch this team continue to play its way to the cellar while in my basement…LOL!

    I think most of us Cardinals fans who saw this ‘fall from grace’ coming at the end of preseason can finally look forward to the draft. Er, um…that’s if this organization can actually evaluate talent and make those “key” pickups…

    One thought, however, is the fact that Carson Palmer needs a change of scenery from Cincinnati. I feel this organization should make a strong push for him in the off-season. I hear people, ESPN – NFL – here, calling for Marc Bulger or some other ‘has been’, and this team doesn’t need another ‘has been’ or ‘will not/never’. But, one important thing remains as the obstacle, the Bidwell’s continue to hold their money close, and their pocket books closer. Just think of all those tax dollars us fans/taxpayers/players wasted on the stadium in Glendale. At least, when this team use to play at Sun Devil, we knew what to expect week-in & week-out. New look, same name. Band-aids are for falls, not for the NFL Bidwell’s! We are back to the laughing-stock of the NFL once again! Maybe it is time to bring Denny Green back, then we’ll have the full circus! LOL!

  51. By PWalker on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry for the typos. : (

  52. By shannonrobinson on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    It looks to me like there are receivers running clear but ignored. DA doesn’t throw to the open guy….Our running plays seem to go sideways. Tough to watch one on one blocking of Robinson, Watson and Williams, moving them to open giant holes. No pass rush? Boos in our stadium and when they stopped in the fourth quarter it was because people had left before the game was over. Back to blackouts? The Bidwells must now be going crazy.

  53. By Rick on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Wow, I stopped watching at half time. I did not want to have an anurism or have to buy another remote control. My wife says it costs too much money when I watch the cardinals play especially this year. The thing that hurts the most is when the announcers are saying exactly what the fans are saying about our defence, the play calls suck. It’s time for a change Whiz get on it. We can’t expect the defence to perform knowing that its pointless because our offence will only be on the field for 3 plays. John Gruden was laughing at us because we ran 2 run plays for 1 yard, that’s really not funny. Somebody needs to loose their job.

  54. By EDijkstra on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    This game was the low point of all my time as a Cardinal fan, which goes back to 1975. They were crushed by a very bad team, in a packed stadium at home, in a meaningful game on Monday Night Football for a national audience. However I was far from surprised by the result. I went into the game with almost no hope and was virtually certain the game was over when the Niners got 7. As it turned out that was right, because the Cardinals couldn’t better that number the whole game.

    At least the game brings clarity. The Cardinals will not be in the playoffs. Further, they won’t improve without changes being made. More reps haven’t done it and won’t do it.

    When DA arrived there was hope. He was an experienced QB, a one-time pro-bowler who seemingly had just fallen on hard times with a bad Cleveland team; he should flourish on a good team like the Cardinals with their great passing attack. Now that hope is entirely gone. He will never do the job because he can’t, and I wonder why the knowledgeable men running the Cardinals thought that he could. It is their job to get that right. They didn’t, and staffed the Cards with DA and two rookies at quarterback while McNabb, Campbell, Bulger, and McCoy went elsewhere.

    The situation is urgent. A bad QB ruins the entire team, especially when everyone knows there is no hope for improvement. Good players will try to get out of situations like this.

    Of course DA should now be benched to give the rookies some experience, and should not be on the team after this year. The Cardinals should try to acquire a good veteran (Bulger?) and draft an excellent prospect, trading up for a better pick if necessary. The one bright spot is that they will almost certainly have a top 10 pick even without having to trade.

    Of course I know that DA is not the only one who has played badly, but I think it’s virtually impossible to assess the rest of the team until the QB play improves.

    At some point, I don’t know when, I think that Cardinal management should admit to its fans and to the team that they made a mistake on this one. It would restore some confidence and hope just to know that they know that.

  55. By Gary on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I was glancing over the NFL Standings on and if it weren’t for both the Broncos and Panthers, this team would be a ‘true’ cellar team. Only the Panthers (-136) have more of a net points deficit than this team (-125). And, the Broncos defense (323) has given up more points than this team (319). Although, I still see the Broncos and Bills winning a couple more games, so the top five in next year’s draft looks like this:

    #1 – Panthers
    #2 – Lions
    #3 – Cardinals
    #4 – Broncos
    #5 – Bills

    (not to worry, the Bengals, Cowboys, and Browns follow right behind the Bills!)

  56. By WNYcardsfan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    We keep hearing that pracitice is great and we work our tails off. Maybe the coach is working them too hard in practice so by the time game time comes around they are already tired. I mean what else can explain the most pathetic game I’ve ever seen. It was like a car wreak you can’t take your eyes off of as you see the horror of complete disaster before you. NO EMOTION, NO HEAT, NO NOTHING. On every facet. The only ones worth a crap right now are Hyphen and the punter. WHere is Dockett’s FIRE??? Where is the competitive passion of just your everyday sportsman? As you listen to the during and after game talk of the announcers, like it or not, they hit it on the head. Worse game ever, not just bad football but uncompetitive football. To continue to put DA in there on the last 2 – 3 series was a JOKE. The game was over at half time.
    Bottom line is season is over. I don’t even think you can muster these guys up to “play for pride” because if you don’t have enough WILL to play on MNF, then whose to think you will for the next 5 games when no one cares about you and you have the grand reputaiton of being the WORSE team in NFL (just 2 yrs after getting to SB, what the F happened).
    Here’s my thoughts on game plan rest of season. Get Fitz his receptions to get all time catches, then bench him. Bench all your decent players and play your 2nd and 3rd stringers. Save them from injury and being laughed at more than they already are. Give the rookies and 2ns stringers time in a game to learn and GOD WILLING get better. It can’t be any worse than last night.
    I’m rambling and sound like Casey now, so I’m done

  57. By Wampag on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I am sick to my stomach, where is the team that beat the saints? and it’s time for DA to be taking out it’s time to see if Skelton or Hall can play and sorry to say this as I am a never say die fan but we need to know if any of these guys can play before the draft…as for the D I think Bill Davis needs to go he has no concept of a pass rush, the guys on this team are too good for what I saw out on that field someone has to be held accountable…I just cannot believe the season is basically over, did you hear the fans last night loud and proud and this is what they get…AZ is the third or fourth worst hit state in this recession and for the fans to be out there spending money especially during the holiday season it just isn’t right…where is the heart? where was DA’s fire during the game I loved what he did at the press conference but show is that in the game….I am sick to my stomch…c’mon Darren say something positiive spin this in some way that i can make it through the rest of my day I waited for that game all year as soon as the schedule came out and even thought of flying in to go…oh man oh man oh man GO CARDS

  58. By TUCCARDS00 on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    All I can say at this point is..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  59. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    As John Madden used to say, “Winning is the best deodorant.” Unfortunately, I don’t see this team winning any of their remaining games this year — or at least as long as Whiz continues to stubbornly opt for the, “stick with what we do,” plan which is obviously failing miserably with this group of coaches/players.

    Plans need to change as circumstances change. There are a lot of coaches in the history of the NFL who have played in championship games, but were eventually fired because their supposedly fool-proof grand plan for success that worked one season failed them in the successive seasons.

    The “get out of jail free” card that Super Bowl coaches get doesn’t last forever. Still, I’m not too worried about Whiz at this stage, and believe (or at least hope) he can comprehend the changes he needs to make this offseason and will have this team MUCH more competitive next year. However, another season like this in 2011 and I will have lost confidence in him. Unfortunately, I think many of his players have already reached this point and there are still five games to play this season.

    With a high spot in each of the rounds of next year’s draft seemingly a given, Whiz is going to need the best draft of his life — and he probably won’t have the luxury of having his 2011 picks sit on the bench the majority of their rookie year. He’s going to need impact players who can contribute quickly (as well as coaches).

  60. By trigidy on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, couple questions Does Dollarbill watch the game?? (Do they Attend)

    How many seasons before ownership! addresses fans for the product they put on the field??

    Will we ever see ownership address fans like Jerry Jones did??

    Seams like the same thing over an over this season! DA’ starts doesn’t move ball or nothing an DA gets start again??

    Goodluck Darren with a long long day!! Thanks!

    P.s 4th an inches i go for it with a 6’6 quarterback! I think that showed are team that not even Whiz believes we can get a 1st down with DA’

    U would think on 4th an inches u could put 9-0 as a lead blocker an set the tone for the Game?? Or Fitz got hands of gold! 1yrd in????

  61. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Trigidy —

    RE: Ownership

    They do attend the games. Once in a while, Michael Bidwill will grant an interview (he did a week or two ago to the Republic) but generally, he prefers Whisenhunt to be the voice of the team.

  62. By Chris on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren,

    Tough loss last night. I don’t want to ask the direct Skelton question, but in previous blogs the question has been posed re: Skelton, and you’ve essentially said that he’s nowhere close (which is somewhat scary with the QB play we’ve seen in games this year).

    Being in your shoes and seeing practices, etc. What is he so far behind on? Progressions, game management, throwing the ball in general? I think that’s half of our frustration as fans. Derek Anderson is not the future, and in my opinion Max Hall doesn’t have the physical tools to be the future, either. It’s been said on sports radio that the “Cards need to find out what they have in Max Hall”… well they didn’t draft Max Hall; If you ask me they need to find out what they have in Skelton as next year’s draft is QB rich. The Cards also need help on the pass rush and o-line. Would be nice to start scouting those players now.

    Thanks for covering our Cards. I know it can’t be easy in a season like this (but hey, at least you were forged in the Tobin/Mac/Green recent history, so you’re experienced!).

  63. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Chris —

    RE: Skelton issues

    I can’t begin to pretend I know exactly what his deficiencies are, although I would guess they are the same with any rookie QB drafted in the later rounds from a small school. He hasn’t played games against NFL-caliber defenders, he hasn’t learned to decipher plays quickly enough. I know there are those who say “How will he ever get there if he doesn’t play?” That is a fair line of thinking. But generally, I think they want to prep him more.

    Will we see him this year? Maybe. Personally, I hope so. But we will see.

  64. By Tyrelle on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Don’t put fans and happy in the same sentence. I guess playing in front of an empty stadium will serve them right. Whiz is throwing away the season by starting Anderson. That’s fine though. If the coaches nor players don’t care, then I certainly don’t.

  65. By Blair on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    One thirty yard field goal and this team is two and nine. Yet when you hear whiz talk he almost has the attitude to home like “change what we are doing? Why?! It will work sooner or later.” Every week I think I have seen the worst from anderson, but every week he looks even worse! The offense hasn’t scored a td that mattered in two weeks! Wooooooow

  66. By Maunka on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    Do you think part of the overall 49’r strategy was to keep the ball in Derek Anderson’s hands last night? Do you believe these will be the trend going forward for our upcoming opponents?

    Steve Young, said last night in his post game comments, and I paraphrase, “he had seen bad [Defensive] football but the play of the [Cardinals] was worse…they [Cardinals] are not even trying out there.”

    If players are not trying and their play is worse than bad, who’s fault is that?

    I personally played football for 10-years growing up and have been a champion a few times too boot. I participated in a lot of practices where the fundamentals and preparation for game day focused on the details. I am tired of watching my “heart and soul” being ripped out when our team moves 1 step forward and then 10 steps backwards because of penalties, turnovers, and poor tackling. I use the word “tackling” lightly. I have been saying our play has to do with the weekly preparation and that falls on the coaches shoulders!

    Clearly, the play of Derek Anderson is the worst quarterbacking I have witnessed since I became a fan back when Buddy Ryan was heach coach.

    I truly do not understand how Derek Anderson can be a NFL Quarterback!

    I think the Pittsburgh free agent acquistion experiments is over. How many former steelers have we brought in and have failed?

    What is also troubling is that we have a Hall of Famer, offensive line & assistant head coach Russ Grimm and the offensive line stinks!

    I played many positions in my lifetime and one of them was the offensive line.

    I wish I could get out there and block my team and tackle the oppenents players! I would if I could.

    Daren, what do you think our record would be if we still had our former number one picks, Antrelle Rolle and Matt Leinart, and should of been a number one pick Boldin?

    Well, there gone and now we will never know.

    I want to see Max Hall for the rest of the year — no mater what!!!!!!

    It is all about pride now. Let’s see who has professional pride.

    I upgraded my season tickets this year thinking we would be watching Matt Leinart and NOT former Cleveland Brown, Derek Anderson! I feel cheated!!!!

    Go Cardinals!

  67. By 98CardsFan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    After 5 games everyone keeps saying “all that matters is that we are 3-2, we are what are record says”. I hated that because I never saw good football. That same play is where we are now. I could blame the players for not making tackles, catching passes. Easily could blame the Quaterback(s). Or how about the coordinators? Worthless. Even management for not keeping players or even the franchise tag on anybody, even though had Whiz wanted those players here it would’ve been done. No, I blame whiz. I can’t remember how excited I was to have someone committed to running the football and to take our 2nd year Qb and develop him to something great with Boldin and Fitz to throw to. Our recent success was Warner and Haley running/designing plays that worked well for him. I’m happy for that man who will go into the HOF. But I lobby for whiz to have some power stripped because its the timeframe where these are HIS players. We need someone with a real eye for talent to come in and help with the draft. I’ve never seen this team worse in over 12 years, even in terms of effort. I don’t blame Whiz the person. I blame Whiz the ego.

  68. By Andre on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Dang, J.J Arrington was a friend of my family and he used to talk about how alot of the players were upset that warner got Lienarts job initially. I cant imagine how they feel to have a quarterback with no future on their team throwing them balls.
    I feel really bad for everyone involved.

  69. By cardscat4L on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Cardinals need to rethink Everything their doing. That performance was the worst I’ve seen. Their Ol is horrible, their play calling is horrible, their Defense is horrible, their quaterback is horrible. The Cardinals are just Horrible. Get it fixed Whiz.

  70. By Al from Los Angeles on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I AM SO DONE WITH THIS YEAR! We can’t do anything right no more. We get so close to scoring and then as usual get stoped and here we go with the field goals again! One word……..DISGUSTING!

  71. By jocards on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    As much as I hate to say it that is one pathetic football team. To be absolutely dominated by a division rival (and not a very good team) at home and on national TV is hard to take. The defense is horrible and so is the offense….guess what, so is the coaching. When a team rolls over like they have it is often a sign that the coach is not getting through to his players. I like Whisenhunt but he has done as bad a job as the players and needs to be accountable too. Bill Davis should not be a defensive coordinator in the NFL, DA should not be a starting QB in the NFL….Beanie Wells has failed to develop, DRC has taken a step backward, etc., etc. Something has got to change. I’m not saying Whisenhunt is a bad coach but I do think he’s made his share of bad decisions and has not been very effective this season. With that said though this is a bad football team, perhaps the worst in the league and one must also point the finger at the players and their inability to make plays. One thing seems certain, if a team has many efforts like the Cardinals did last night people usually start losing their jobs. That’s true for coaches and players and it is difficult to argue that it should be any other way. This is a dark day for all us fans.

  72. By trigidy on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    It might just be are Lucky year this year an We get Andrew Luck??

    Or luck goes number 1 overall to Carolina an (Russ Grimm)

    If Luck is not on the Board an Fitz for some reason doesn’t resign. Do the Cards pick up AJ.Green??? too fill shoes??

    Vince Young??? Kevin Klob??

    Maybe go Corner?? Patterson (Lsu) or Prince(Nebraska)

  73. By cardscat4L on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    They should work on their tackling, it’s a JOKE.

  74. By D ryans on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I can’t wait to watch the 2 worst teams in the NFL battle for a loss on Chirstmas to win a draft pick. Gotta feel for DA, this has been a rough season for him on and off the field, no man should have to take this kind of beating at work. That being said Max is the obvious choice going forward as Skelton has not taken a snap this season and Anderson flat out stinks. If he starts another game at home Uof P will sound like a funeral home. Whiz, if you want to keep all the AZ fair weather fans you have to make A (at least one) change, you can’t keep saying this is unacceptable and not make a move. WAKE UP! its not working. You can believe all you want, it doesn’t make the tooth fairy or Santa Claus real.

  75. By azcards24 on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    i can understand whiz believing in his ways but STOP BEING STUBBURN , STOP BEING STUBBURN , STOP BEING STUBBURN! your little strategy aint workin we need to act now or we are gonna be looked at as the same old cardinals as before and him nor the front office seems to care . I’m attending the rams game next week if there is another show like that it will be my last game attending and this wilson 3rd jersey will also be my last.Ive put alot of money in to the cards. ive been a good fan through thick and thin why? trust me cardinals fans never filled up the bars before now i have to sit alone and get ragged on too. thanks alot front staff and players my kids will probly be charger fans now.

  76. By chad d on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    here we come first overall pick and luck!

  77. By Dick Buroker on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    After Neil Lomax went down the Cardinal fans had to wait a long long time till kurt Warner came along. Now what? As much as I like Derrick Anderson as a person he does not have the skills to be even an average NFL quarterback. What were the Cardinals thinking when they brought him to the desert. The Cardinals with there remaining schedule and a half way decent quarterback could finish 8-8 and in 1st place in the west. They need to get rid of Anderson all together and get someone under center who can play the position. I’m very tired of hoping for a miracle that just isn’t going to happen and what a waste of a team that otherwise is pretty darn decent. And don’t dare blame the defense, they’ve already played a season worth of minutes with little or no offense game after game. They must feel that the only way to win is for them to score as well as play D. Come on Cardinals, you’ve spoiled us the last 3 years, don’t make us wait another 20 years and 20 or more quarterbacks for a winning season. Any more of Anderson and we’ll start losing the rest of our good players. Fitz, Breaston, etc. I love the Cardinals and I wish they would love us fans enough to wake up and be the team I know they can be.

  78. By Barry on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I’m not sure why you took my post off. I just posted the obvious. This is what every other fan is thinking too? Its all disappointing..We expect better from a team that went to the superbowl not 2 years ago..thats why we are upset.

  79. By RED BIRD 66 on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    This is great, we are back to being the laughingstock of the NFL again. Our QB should not be in the NFL, we have a head coach who thinks he can do everything and it’s cleary he can’t. The D has giving up. I will be shocked if anymore games sell out with the exception of the Cowboys game. I was lucky enough to get loft seats and it still wasn’t worth going to the game. I know Whiz is praying for it all to come together by next week and the fans are praying that he is fired by next week.

  80. By Sergio on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Derek Anderson may be a good guy (I don’t personally know him), and he may even be the kind of guy you want to root for; but regardless of all this, he is an AWFUL NFL quarterback. Even in the Dennis Green years, I never remember our defense just giving up like I have seen the past few weeks here. Just like ESPN’s Monday night crew called it, the total lack of anything from the offense has led to no effort on defense. Admittedly, there may be a couple exceptions such as Porter and Rhodes, but for the most part, it’s sad and upsetting to watch.

  81. By Jason on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    It’s time to move on from DA. Start Hall the next couple of games and see if he has made progress. If he has then let him finish the year, if not then let Skelton play a couple of games. Its time to really evaluate these two. DA is not winning any games and this team needs some sort of spark.

  82. By trigidy on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Wow DA’ went Bonkers! hope the food is good on Wednesday! (Randy Moss)

    Wish DA’ could play with that Fire on the Field!!

    Lets win the next 5 an Get r Done! 8-8! Lets Go BigRed!!

  83. By greenleaf on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Good post game write up. As soon as I hit the office, co-workers were poking fun and asking silling questions like..what’s wrong with your team? First off, there has to be a change made from the top. I am not sure why they brought in DA in the first place considering his track record of not being a non-winner. Not sure why they brought in Porter, he is old and slower. I watched the game and clearly DA has no confidence and not a good QB. Most of his throws were behind the receiver, over their heads, or falling way way short. The Cards need to rebuild, starting with getting rid of BA and TH. They fumble too much. Then they need to draft a QB and pick up a veteran QB with a winning track record.

  84. By disappointed_card on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    I know it is not productive but Whiz has to take some heat for his QB shuffle and letting Lienart go. He may have done long-term damage as well. He better make sure Fitz stays. They better pull all stops to get Kevin Kolb or Larry is gone. It is a strange team. It has a great receiving core and decent runners but no one is doing anything. This cannot go on. Look at Ryan Fitzpatrick. See how he has come up. Whiz screwed up big. I am not advocating he go but he better correct his mistake. What do you think? Kolb at all costs?

  85. By cards62 on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I see no comments on here so of course I know that is not true, but I will keep this as short as possible. Remember I said as short as possible as I made myself watch the entire game and post game to 1 AM and awoke at 6:15 to go to work.
    This team quit before the game even began. MNF broadcast team said so, Steve Young said so after the game, NFL network said so after the game, East Tennessee local talk radio said so this morning and I said so after Frank Gore first 2 runs. Our back 8 wanted no part of Frank Gore.
    If he was not hurt he would have ran for over 300 yards easy. Al Gore would have ran for over 150 yards. The Rams phones are ringing as Marshall Faulk and Eric Dickerson wish to play this Sunday against our pathetic defense.
    Our front 7 are the absolute worse in all the NFl.
    Michael Adams still can not cover and when we play a QB that can actually throw the ball Adams will be the toast of the town.
    Our defense is done coaches must be fired and/or players immediately.
    Our offense never quit as they have never started this seaso yet. How many offensive TDs in 11 games? We can not even hand the ball off on play 1 from scrimmage. Did we not practice this play at all during the week?
    Worse offense in the NFL.
    We deserve the # 1 pick. Buffalo, Cleveland, or Cincinnati would kick our butts if they played us.
    Derek Anderson is an embarassment on and off the field.
    The Cardinals embarassed themselves and all of us fans to the nation last night. We will have no MNF games next year and who could blame them.
    This was not a football game last night. I watched high school and college kids play this weekend and their execution and professionalism is much greater than the horrible excuse I witnessed last night.
    Football is not always about wins and losses but it is about effort and execution, and there was none last night against a team coming off a home loss of 21 – 0.
    Larry F. can not even catch touchdown passes.
    I do not even know who is wearing # 24 now, but that is not Adrain WIlson.
    Michael Bidwill and Rod Graves better step up and say somethning this week and do something this week.
    The Cardinals only have fight in them before games and after games, but during the game no fight at all. Pittsburg West – physical football. What a joke this is and we are in 2010.
    2 year Superbowl contenders to the joke of the entire league in less than one season. Thank you players, coaches, and front office.
    Coach Whiz what is your plan? Take the boys out for pizza and bowling on Tuesday? I would have these slugs running wind sprints after every practice this week until at least 10 of them are puking every single day.
    Cards fan until the end of time, (Major improvements must be made)

  86. By Adam on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    This is the worse team in the NFL and they displayed why on National TV last nite. This is ALL to do with the coaching staff. This coaching staff is horrible, passive, not detailed and don’t know how to develop players. I can just tell by watching this team.




    I think the Bidwells should keep this trepid, cofused coaching staff. It fits the organization perfect. HORRIBLE!!! This organization loves the bottom and will always do what they can to stay there. I feel so bad for LARRY FITZGERALD. He tries so hard and the moves that this organization has made are ruining his numbers and his money. SOOOO SAAAAAAAD!!!!!

    Good for you Cradinals Organization.. You are back where you are happy and where we all are used to seeing you. AT THE BOTTOM!!!


  87. By NYCARDSFAN on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Larry Fitzgerald has to be one of the greatest and most professional athlete that I have ever seen. Amidst the chaos and heart breaking mess that went on last night…he maintained his professionalism. My hats off to you Larry. We could all see it in your eyes, yet you kept it at that. As for the rest of you players, coaches and owners….YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! Especially you Derek Anderson. You have brought shame on this organization right down to the fan level and for that, you will not be forgiven. You are nothing more than a high school QB that got lucky for one year in Cleveland. How dare you laugh and/or joke on the sideline when you are bringing such shame on us. Save that for the locker room. You have no class. Do you ever see Peyton Manning or Tom Brady laughing or even smiling on the sideline during a loss? NO you dont.

  88. By Adam on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    DId we all think that the Cradinals would really be good this year??? First, they let go of a hall of fame quarter back for 2 horrible others. And their backup is an undrafted rookie. Who does that???

    Cardinals coaches. Here is a lesson for you. You cannot do what Philly and New England do becuase you do not have a proven system that works. So, for you to let go of all of the leaders you did was a very cocky and bumptious move on your part. Because you thought that you were that good that you could let go of ANtrel Rolle, Bertrand Berry, Sean MOrey, Carlos Dansby, Kurt Warner and other leader that helped develop the players for you. The players that were there were the ones that developed and showed the younger and older players what to do not the coaches. When you want to stay relevant you have to keep your teams together.

    JUST a little lesson for the next time you coaches have assistant jobs. YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR TEAMS TOGETHER.




  89. By jocards on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren –

    Does this team practice in pads and hit during the week? If not perhaps they should because they look very soft out there. I was shocked, it didn’t look like they even cared last night. Totally dominated on both sides of the ball. Just a horrible effort from a very bad football team…The players are not doing their jobs and the coaches are not doing their jobs either.

  90. By beenwithufromthebeginning on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    You play a Third String at best Quarterback.. You get a Third string team no matter the players… He has been given chance after chance… Sitting in the first row and watching his mindless expressions of not caring is worse than losing.. He throws too high too low and way off target.. he has tunnel vision and cant see past the receiver on the call even when its a blantent interception about to happen.. U say you cant blame it on one guy.. I say your right .. Wisenhunt needs to realize his job is coach not Offensive Coordinator.. he has no time management skills.. no idea on who to play for quarterback and doesnt listen to anybody but the media.. THE MEDIA said QA was our best chance and Wisenhunt.. LISTENS.. the crowd boooed DA the entire game and Wisenhunt dont care about the fans… GET IT WE DONT WANT HIM WIN OR LOSE.. HES A THIRD STRING BROWNS REJECT… WE WOULD RATHER LOSE WITH A ROOKIE.. THAN PLAY THAT (INITIALS DA DUMBARSE)… U play him Sunday watch for my sign in the front row… I DONT BELIEVE

  91. By Steve in NC on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    People seem to be really upset about the way DA handled the interview last night and maybe it seemed somewhat over the top but you know what, DA is the first person on this team who has shown any type of anger over what has transpired this year. Maybe if everyone else on this team felt and showed the same anger DA feels they could get out of their woa is me attitude and start playing the type of football they’re capable of playing. Duece has already come forward and revealed that all he basically said to DA was that no matter what he still has his back, if I were in DA’s shoes I probably would’ve reacted the same way, the fact that Gruden and Jaws made it an issue without even knowing what was said is just wrong.
    What are your thoughts

  92. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: DA reaction

    I basically said what I needed to say above. I can see where people think Anderson had nothing to apologize for. But like it or not, those few seconds set off a large portion of a frustrated fan base. At this point, people don’t want to talk about a struggling offense or defense. They care more about the want-to at this point.

  93. By Hugely disappointed UK on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren: the euphoria of the last 2 seasons has gone so have 4 key players but where is the fight, spirit, pride and respect in this team? These guys are paid enough but they tackle like children. DA’s whole attitude is wrong. No protection for the QBs. Hall was shown to be out of his depth. Basic mistakes, penalties, defence getting it wrong, offense toothless & unable to hang onto the ball, sad to say but if I was Fitz – au revoir Arizona asap. Kurt must be sick as a dog. Stop letting us fans down, regain your pride & play like men, learn from your mistakes and Whiz – kick their butts hard. Don’t try to be Lions 09. At least the 2010 Bills are fighting and even if losing, earn respect for their effort. Happy Christmas to all true Cards fans everywhere. Keep the faith.

  94. By TBru on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a Cards fan since 88, this was one of the most heartless/gutless performances in the history of the team.

    I didn’t think the sideline thing was a big deal, but the crybaby routine in the press conference was embarrassing. Buddy Ryan, Dennis Green and now Derek Anderson. I think he should be done for the year. Maybe the emergency guy but play Skelton & Hall maybe even a tandem, time to evaluate talent so we know what the needs are pre draft and free agency. Actually I wouldn’t shed a tear if we pluck a QB from someone else practice and give DA his walking papers lock in another young guy with potential. Washington, Schofield, Jefferson, Williams should all get as much field time as possible, time to sit the oldies. This team still has a lot of talent, some changes are needed. We need heart soul and leadership.

  95. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    With his outburst, DA sure added insult to injury for Whiz who deemed DA to be the better player and better professional than Leinart.

  96. By Catfish on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    It seems that most people think the Cardinals suck, actually they are the same guys,for the most part, that were winning a few years ago; however, a bad apple has slipped into the game. Jeff Foxworthy could not have made me laugh last night, but here lies the problem, I CARE, I have invested my hard earned money into this venture, like most fans and like I said earlier one bad apple will ruin the entire bag . It is not speculation that DA will do well, he is a 50% career guy. are our coaches that arrogant that they think they can change him? I am all about second chances even three, but come on now, enough is enough. If DA starts again, I will never attend another game.

  97. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Adam,

    Lighten up. We’re still alive for the playoffs. 😆


    Wolf, Calavisi, and that other guy in the truck on Monday mornings.

  98. By Catfish on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Didn’t Doucet play QB in college? Or maybe it is time to hold an open try-out for QB, Invite any and all or buy the best available now.

  99. By ross on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I was laughing during the game, too. Not much else to do.

  100. By Dave on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren,
    How come the depth chart and all the times they put up the offensive starters for games it shows Ben Patrick? He barely played the last few weeks. He clearly isn’t the starter! What gives? Thanks

  101. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Dave —

    RE: Depth chart

    The depth chart is put together by the coaches.

  102. By kingdiamond on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    Just get your broom and sweep it under the rug! Oh by the way, let’s buy a new black jersey, good tickets are still available for the remaining games….

    No Darren, just be honest with us about how embarrassing that DA event really is. The clip has gone viral because it so laughable. It is really hard to read that as a football guy your comments are not like Gruden, et al. Heck, even mild mannered Kent Sommers did not let DA off the hook. It would be nice if you did say something. You do not have to kick the dog, wreck the car, etc, but just speak the truth. Heretofore, you earned my respect by reporting-not managing the news.

  103. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    kingdiamond —

    RE: My janitorial skills

    I’m not letting Anderson off the hook. He handled the press conference horribly. Everyone knows that. I did report what happened. You are confusing reporting — I didn’t hide anything, I wrote about the smile/answer in the top of my game story — with opinion. I thought Kent did what he had to do. People wanted to know what happened in that moment captured on camera. I’m not sure how I am sweeping anything under the rug.

    I haven’t heard what Gruden said. But whatever it was, just because he said it doesn’t make it right per se. Heck, Steve Young is claiming Anderson had a right to do what he did. You’re not quoting him. I assume that’s because he didn’t say what you think he should have said.

  104. By Roy on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    Do you still think we fans are “turning on Whiz?” When you put out a performance like that and embarrass the entire organization (heck they embarrassed the game of football) when people criticize and call for your job is it still turning on Whiz?

    If so, how many games or years like this do we have to watch before you would agree that we are justified for calling for his job? (5 games, 10 games, 2 years)

  105. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Roy —

    RE: Whiz

    Again, I believe it’s fair for plenty of criticism to be leveled at the coaches and Whisenhunt. But ti be justified in calling for him to be fired? No, I don’t think it is now. I don’t have a timetable. What cracks me up is this “just make a change and everything will be better” scenario. I don’t believe it in, especially with a head coach. You blow Whisenhunt out, you start at the bottom. Yes, I know people are going to say “We’re already at the bottom” but it isn’t true. New coach means a whole new infrastructure and much further to go.

    You can call for his job all you want. But right now, I’m not going to agree with you. And I will still continue to point that out.

  106. By footballdad on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Prediction: No sell out at Uof Phoenix Stadium for the next game. I think the fans are still there, but money is still tight and there is no reason to sacrifice to watch a bad team with over priced NFL tickets. about $400 for a family of 4 to watch Multi millionaires will lots of talent give up a game such as this and others this season with more to come, and I bet there are hundreds of Cardinal fans that feel the same way. I’m still there for my Cards but not in the stands.

  107. By footballdad on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Adam, You feel bad for Larry? Why, cause he looses a game? He doesnrt feel bad for u, he doesnt feel bad when cashing that huge check.

  108. By cheesebeef on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    to be honest, Derek Anderson EVER seeing the field for this team again will be the biggest black spot on Wiz’s ever darkening resume. The guy doesn’t care, has no talent and has now single-handedly made us a Monday Night laughingstock again. He does nothing for us in the present and is absolutely, 1005 ZERO PART OF THE FUTURE. Continuing to play him or even pay him makes no sense whatsoever. He’s now an embarrassment on AND off the field.

  109. By greg on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Hey darren whiz must have forgotten he has running backs because he sure likes to give the ball to a crappy QB

  110. By Chris on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Fans are so over DA and it is time for the front office to get there as well.It is also time to give our drafted rookie QB a few reps and see what he can do. We gave Hall his time, now give Skelton his due. If we think highly enough of a player to draft him as high as we did we should have faith that he can become a leader.

    He needs to step it up and become a rallying leader in the club house but it is hard to do if he has not had a chance to get comfortable with the players on the field. This season is a loss. Get the new players in there and build their confidence and skills toward next year.

    I fully believe the fans will respect the team more for making the remainder of the season about next year rather than to continue with more of the same. In addition, that might keep some of our franchise players motivated and in the mood to stay with us as their contracts come due.

    I was and still remain a loyal fan and will suppor the team but do ask that we look to the future now. GO CARDS 2011!

  111. By jocards on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren –

    “the corpse of Brian Westbrook…..” Good line!

  112. By Ryan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    I know that everyone and their mother is talking about the problems the Cards are currently having and being upset, and I completely understand their logic. I am one of them, but my main concern is Fitz. I know that you briefly touched on it on the post, but this downward slide we are taking is what is scaring me the most. All the talk and articles about him wanting to leave are probably the worst thing to hear, I want to at least hope that the future of the cardinal orgainzation has a superstar, someone people actually root for individually and is a good role model. (not saying other players are not, but…) I know you posted a quote from Fitz about wanting to stay, but I also know he wants to be the the best there ever was/is. Which also makes him (I hate to say it) a ring chaser. Do you honestly think that the orgainzation has enough cards (no pun intended) on the table to make him want to stay, or is it all an uphill battle from here?

  113. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Ryan —

    RE: Fitz

    I don’t know what will happen. But I do know that nothing is changing for the time being, and that by the time it is talked about, emotions will be less intense, I would guess.

  114. By Q Forever on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I’m so pissed at this team right now. They have so much talent and they are just wasting it and wasting everyone’s time. The mistakes in the off season were huge. Not signing Boldin, releasing Leinart. Putting DA in Warners offense is a terrible choice. They should be playing like the 06 bears who had a terrifying quarterback in Rex Grossman, but a brilliant 2 back running game with Cedric Benson and Thomas Jones. We should have Wells and Hightower in at the same time and confuse defenses as to who is going to get the ball, We would be able to pound and wear defenses out, and not have to put so much on DA. Getting our defense off the field would help them a lot too. It got the bears into the superbowl with Grossman. It could get us out of the season with a few more wins and a bit more pride. I am a long time fan at my wits end here.

  115. By Jeff Gollin on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren – Many of us have patiently waited for things to sort themselves out and for the ship to be righted.

    But as of right now, this team has all the earmarks of a perennial bottom feeder.

    With perhaps the exception of LSH, no Cardinal player seemed to be making the kind of “sell out your body”/”go the extra mile” kind of effort you need from most of your players to win football games.

    What was the run-yardage differential: something like 261 to 16?

    Where was the “wanna?”

    This franchise is on “life support” and no job – from Graves on down to the water boy – should be considered “safe.”

  116. By dennis on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Quite obviously our season is over. The QB position should/will be addressed in the off season, so I propose, with five games remaining, that the Cards start Max Hall for two games and Skelton for three games. Evalute both guys based on performance and potential and decide if you keep one, both or none. We know Anderson will be, or should be gone next year and drafting a Franchise potential QB should be a top priority in next years draft. This will give these two guys a chance to compete now for a backup job next year.

  117. By Paul Buck on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    They can’t tackle
    They can’t block
    They can’t cover
    They can’t run
    They can’t pass

    Management is responsible for selecting and paying the players.

    The coaches are responsible for developing, training, and leading the players.

    They all failed.

    This is the result. SAD

  118. By Steve in NC on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    You know what Darren, the more I sit here and think about DA’s outburst last night, the more I can’t help but think that maybe this is exactly what this team needed. Coach keeps talking about how all this team needs is for someone to do something to light a fire under their behinds, well maybe this angry outburst from their struggling starting qb is just what this team needs, provided they see it for what it is and that is a frustrated pissed off player who is tired of being embarrassed every Sunday. I believe it’s time for this team to get over the self pity, “golly gee I’m tired of loosing but not sure how to fix it ” attitude and get pissed off and do something about it. Maybe, just maybe the very person who has been slowing this offense down has suddenly become the spark that lights that fire.

  119. By trigidy on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Lets just think Positive today! Last night Over,Done, Thank God!

    Dollarbill needs a new Bow tie! maybe black? For the Death of are season?

    I hope Mayflower moving trucks from Los Angeles ,don’t appear?? Chicago,St.louis,Phoenix is LA next???

    I think i speak for all the RedBirds Fans! We all are walking around with limps an Black eyes after that ass kicking we took!! Lets Get it together!

    Lets go Big Red!! 8-8 Can still win it! Take it like the Patriots loss in 2008 by 50

  120. By Stuart on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    To all my fellow Red Sea Fans,

    WOW!!! Ok I’ve seen this situation before, heck when your a life long Cards fan you are used to it, but still WOW!!! Are you kidding me DA wants to shoot his mouth off to the press about putting his heart and soul into this *&#@. Well heck man why don’t you finaly prove it and play football like a PRO in the NFL. He’s a Bum and that will never change. Darn it Whiz you say you make the best decisions for the team, well heck make the best decision and bench that BUM of a QB that you replaced are best chances of winning QB with ( YES MATT LIENART) and stick in Max Hall. Max is are best bet now and yes he’s going to be and play like a rookie and that means he’s going to make rookie mistakes but hell I’d rather see that from a rookie then a 6 YEAR VET!!!! Whiz you need to man up admit you made a bad decision with Derrick Anderson bench his Bum ass and develope the great potential that you have in your rookie Max Hall.

    Well hope we can finish strong, won’t happen with DA though. I’ve said it many times as a Cards Fan. Let’s build for next year.

  121. By j on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    If that was the product of DA studying and working his rear off then he really is a horriable QB, his words no one elses. I’ve never studied for a test all week long and come test day get a F, the only time that will happen is if you Mickey Mouse all week long and get caught with your pants down. I question these practices, i question the intelligence in preparation thru the week. I respect Grimm and what he’s done, but its time for him to go along with that Donald Duck O-Line and those 7 Dwarfs of Defensive Backs. I reference Disney characters cuz thats what watching the cardinals is like, an afternoon with Disney on Ice.

  122. By Dylan H. on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Despite everything else I am liking Steave Breaston more and more everyday. Great guy with great character and a huge assett for our team. I hope guys like Steve, Larry, La-Rod, and Grahm get a everything they deserve. However, for the time being what they deserve is a better team!

  123. By Gary on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    The time is now for change. First things first:

    Start John Skelton for the remainder of the season. He could use the experience. This way, we know going into the draft if he’s going to work out. Bottom line!!! Here is how I would attack the lineup for both sides of the ball:

    QB – Skelton
    RB – Wells
    FB – Hightower (he blocks well)
    WR – Fitz, Williams, Breaston and Roberts
    LT – Bridges
    LG – Faneca
    C – Claxton (Sendlein sucks!)
    RG – Keith (his natural position I think & Lutui sucks!)
    RT – Brown (his natural position)
    TE – Dray (he needs some play time)

    DE – Joey Porter (yes, Joey) & Campbell
    DT – Dockett
    NT – Williams & Watson (Robinson is too old!)
    ROLB – Schofield (time to start some rooks!)
    ILB – Washington & Walker
    LOLB – Obiozor (we know what the other LBs cannot DO!!!)
    CB – DRC (come alive man, what the hell?)
    CB – Jefferson (he has size & if Toler cannot go)
    FS – Rhodes
    SS – Wilson

    In my opinion, the defensive scheme is way off! This team is not built for a 3-4 defense. However, we do have the pieces for a 4-3 defense. Plus, I’d like to see Rashad play more. The guy hits hard and plays like it means something. I’d like to see how our other rookies and young players can contribute, or if upgrades are needed come off-season. As for the offense, obviously the line sucks. Changes demanded! Bridges can hold the blind-side, put Brown and Keith back in their natural positions. Sit Lutui and Sendlein, these guys are 2nd stringers anyway! We obviously know what the other starters cannot do, so it doesn’t hurt to start some youth. Also, I’d like to see more 3 & 4 wide receiver sets. Put Williams in. He’s freaking 6 foot 5 inches tall man! Throw him and Fitz on the outside, play Breaston and Roberts in the slots. It’s not freaking rocket science. The height guys on the outside, the speed guys on the inside. Nonetheless, it’s time to start the young guys. Take the diapers off and take away the bottle and put them out there. Who knows? Maybe these young guys are the spark this team needs. Obviously, our more experienced guys are not getting it done. I’d go as far as even benching DRC (because his head is not on straight this year) in favor of a Toler/Jefferson tandem in the backfield. I think DRC is still skittish over his knee anyway. Turn Hightower into a full-back. He blocks well, can catch, has speed, and can carry the ball – for the most part. Why not? What is it going to hurt? The season is all but over anyway. Just look how this team played last night…they played like they knew it is over. As for staff changes, I’d can Billy Davis this week and bring in Wade Phillips. Hell, at this point, anyone could do a better job than Davis has this year for crying out loud!

    These changes are not subtle, but it gives us fans – and the staff – the ability to gauge our youth. The only thing stopping this from happening is Whiz. Maybe he doesn’t want us to see if he’s a failure at evaluating talent??? If he does it, though, I’d be very happy to say the least. Anything right now is better than what we’ve had over this season, thus far…it’s evaluation time, baby!!!

  124. By trigidy on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Is it time for Ownership to open up the Roof’ on that Tuna Can???

    Start Baking us like they did at ASU Stadium??

    Cut off are alcohol by Halftime?? So we don’t Protest??

    Free Tickets! on Hot Bleachers in Glendale!! (Im taking a Negative -13 on Each)

    Wish the Colts would have Moved to Phoenix sucks that fell threw!!! Colts have better Ownership an Daddy is not running there team anymore!

  125. By Gary on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Oh, by the way, I think Justin Hartwig and Jake Grove are still out on the F/A market…

    Lyle Sendlein has been on his back WAY TOO MUCH this season! Opposing NTs are lighting him up, along with ILBs. Just look at what Patrick Willis did last night. Right up the gut, man! Where the hell is Lyle, obviously not there, LOL!

    Plus, whatever happened to ‘House’ (Herman Johnson)? (I think he’s on the PS). I’d rather have him at RG than Lutui. Lutui is weak and 2nd string at best. Whiz needs to get over himself and this weight issue. C’mon, the dude is 6 foot 7 inches tall. Big and strong – a mountain of man! Lutui is weak compared to ‘House’. Also, Mike Gandy is still sitting out on the F/A market as well…FYI coaches!!! Quit looking so damn lost, stop acting like bumbling idiots and freaking do something before the fans in AZ and across the globe kick you all out of AZ – the team, Bidwells, coaches, and all, for good!!!

  126. By AmyP on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I am hearing a lot of frustration and rightfully so. However, a true fan is a fan nho matter what. There is no doubt we are all disappointed and there were mistakes made in roster choices, but the best thing that can happen is the organization can learn from their mistakes and move on. The Cardinals look mentally and emotionally defeated and it is so sad to see. As a season ticket holder and one who goes to training camp and away games each year this is very disappointing, but I DO have faith in Coach Whiz-he looks drained too. I DO think the Cardinals care, but there are obviously some leadership issues and lack of depth and experience at multiple posiitons that are affecting this season. We do need an offensive coordinator-Whiz has too much on his plate. We need a different defensive coodinator as well. I am not sure it would be good to try Skelton because I think it would be damaging to his ego the way things are. Everyone makes mistakes-hopefully the Cardinals learn from this year and we all learn a little patience and loyalty.

  127. By ndpenner on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Wow…ummmm….Nothing positive to say…at all. Give Skelton the rest of the year regardless. Buy our D some of those inflatable sumo suits to crash into each other with at practice so they experience what contact kinda feels like so they aren’t scared of it anymore…let fans vote on what our defense does for each play. Have our O concentrate on padding Fitz’s stats in any way possible….I dunno. I give up.

  128. By Ben on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I miss Matt

  129. By D ryans on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    DA to start against the Rams, Whiz you truly are a stubborn idiot. It’s time you shoulder some blame, horrible decisions all year.

  130. By John on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Lol.. he is still saying Anderson is the best chance for us to win. The other quarterback choices certainly cannot be worse then what DA can do but the upside to using them is preparation for what to do next year. Ive really had enough of this coach. Watch what happens to attendance this week.

  131. By Nate on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    DA sucks but i give him props for blowing up like he did, FINALY SOMEONE IS SHOWING SOME EMOTION! good for you derek (your still an awful QB) but good i wanna see more players PISSED OFF that were 3-8. what that reporter did to Derek was wrong. and even steve young and the announcers said it was just wrong and un called for. the guy is pissed you would be too so just drop it

  132. By Gary on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Yeah, firing Whiz is not the “ideal” situation. However, he has the power to make the changes around him to better this team – whether it be staff or players. The one thing that will hold him back, like his predecessors, is the Bidwells reluctance to spend money. Bottom line!

  133. By NJAzCards Fan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    The Cards played that game like the had to push a giant turd uphill….. then it rolled back down on them.

    Yes, get rid of DA, Bill Davis should go also, as the rest of the defensive coaching staff. Maasive changes need to be made on this team. It is just like the “old days” when the Cards sucked every year.

    Now you guys know what it was like watching the Cards play during the “Buudy Ryan era”. I for one, will be watching the Jets on TV for the rest of the year, instead watching this nightmare/embarrassment.
    This team has lost its heart and soul….. and now they are losing their fans…..

    The Cards fans should boycott the next home game to make a point.

  134. By Ben on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    This is in response to your backing of Whiz:

    The reason a lot of us are calling for his head is because from what we have been told and have to assume is HE is making these HORRIBLE decisions.

    STRIKE 1 – Do we know if Leinart would have been better than DA? NO, but Whiz decided to not let us find out. Unless it was graves or bidwills decision we have to put rolling with DOA as Whizs decision.

    STRIKE 2 – I know I may take heat for this but I believe part of the reason for Boldin wanting to be gone was because of WHiz.. When the whole contract issue was happening Boldin went on multiple talk shows about how Whiz was getting involved where he shouldn’t be. So from what we know Whiz had a big part in pushing out IMHO the heart and soul of this team.

    Strike 3 – Billy Davis proved at the end of last year that he had no business being a defensive coordinator. His schemes are HORRIBLE!!! Fans know this announcers know this, everyone except whiz knows this. So unless we are told that WHiz HAD to keep BD from powers above him we will assume it is WHIZs decision to keep him. If that is the case it is a horrible decision STRIKE 3

    STRIKE 4 – This whole three headed cluster @#$^&@# of having Whiz call plays Grimm as the running OC and Miller as the Passing OC. What kind of junk is this??? We are the only team that does this!!! Coincidence we are one of the only teams that cannot run or pass? Plus the majority of fans are fed up with the playcalling. So unless Graves or Mikey B have said that Whiz has to have it this way. Then us fans have to assume it is Whiz’s genius at work.

    STRIKE 5 – BE THE HEAD COACH!!! Take some RESPONSIBILITY!!!! Whiz just cannot seem to say things are not working. Instead he keeps thinking doing the same thing is going to work. WELL IT IS NOT. Come up with a different plan. I remember 2 years ago the Dolphins came in here and got spanked the next week they unveiled the wild cat and had a good season. That is called realizing something is not working and trying something new. Instead Whiz just wants to do it his way but then take no responsibility.

    Those are 5 that I can think of, I am sure people can add more. But it is a good start. So when you make it seem that we shouldn’t be upset with Whiz because of what he did for us in the past. I say he was working with a HOF QB that Denny Green got us. Whiz brought in DOA and Max Hall. When Whiz leaves this team we will have nothing but scrubs….

  135. By jocards on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with a previous poster who basically asked why anyone should feel sorry for Fitzgerald. Guess what, he hasn’t done a darn thing this year either. I’m not saying he isn’t a good receiver and there are clearly circumstances that have figured into his subpar season but the fact is he hasn’t played up to the level we all expect. I hope he sticks around after his contract is up but one good receiver on a bad football team isn’t going to help very much. Can he be a star? Absolutely, in the right system with a good QB getting the ball to him he can, we’ve all seen that. When he has DA or Max Hall throwing the ball to him he looks like just another receiver, we’ve all seen that too. More proof that the NFL is a QB driven league. If you don’t get good QB play you’re not going to win many games and as a WR if you don’t get good QB play you’re not going to look like a star. I’m more concerned with who we are going to get to play QB than I am with whether our top WR wants to leave town….my opinion only.

  136. By FranP on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    In years past the Cardinals had continuous losing seasons and no one really cared. Now the Cardinals have 1 terrible year and everyone is livid beyond belief. Why? Because Whis changed the culture here by winning and even providing a trip to the Super Bowl. Mistakes were made but it is 1 year people. Does anybody look at things beyond their immediate scope???

  137. By tyman on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Wow lots of comments.

    That was one of the worste losses I’ve seen out of this team in a long, long time. 100 % I could see this coming before the game. I think its time for a qb change right now. Thats not to say its not awsome to have DA getting fired up and mad. You need that in the QB, but you also need somone that can move the ball, and not stair down recievers. DA is an all right backup QB, but hes no starter. Bring in a old vet that might have something left like jeff Garcia. I think Graves needs to make a move right now. As for the D, I think we need better play calling and coaching of the 3-4. We need to blitz way more, and I think more rotation of LB’s and D-line would help. Although we dont have the players right now to do that. Its time to look at the off-season.

  138. By Stuart on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    Dude love your line up, except for 1 thing. Skelton at QB, me I’d go with Hall he’s got alot of talent that needs to be tapped into. My opinion of course. Plus I like Komar as a reciever better then Williams, but thats kind of a toss up honestly.


    I agree were is Lienart when we need him.

  139. By Cards4life on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, do you think putting skelton in this year would help his progress or possible hurt it?…Not asking if you think he will play promise. lol l

  140. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Cards4 —

    RE: Skelton “help or hurt”

    No idea. I don’t know him well enough as a person or player to make that call.

  141. By CLR on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    You tell ’em Darren!

  142. By Cards4life on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Also I agree Whiz system is proven I not ready to start all over, I seen enough dennis greens in my days as a cards fan…but we have failed to replace todd and I think we can agree whiz play calling has not been the brightest.

  143. By Old Man Riva on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I believe there have been almost 150 comments posted and I doubt if there are more than a couple that are positive. Will that tell the ownership/coaching staff/players how we the fans feel about trying to root for a team that is a perennial loser? Doubtful. The Bidwill clan will still live like royalty at the fans expense, just like they did in St. Louis. Maybe a couple more losing seasons and playing before a half empty stadium will allow them to move to another city so they can fleece the fans there for 20 or 30 years. Some of the most selfish and dumbest owner(s) in sport. But they keep getting away with it. Go figure.

  144. By Jaime EIsner on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    While I do believe that many fans are overreacting to D.A.and Duece’s “smile-gate” (as it seems from reactions). I understand the frustration. How many Cardinal fans last night smiled during the forth quarter. I bet the number was in 5 digits. I remember after the NFC Championship Game vs. the Eagles that there was a small uproar because the Philly players were smiling and hugging the Cardinals players after the loss. I do not think that the post-game interview is a big deal and D.A. should not be benched because of that.

    With that being said, I do believe Ken needs to start Max Hall for the remainder of the season. It is quite possible that Anderson does give the Cardinals the best chance to win, but being 2GB of St.Louis and 2.5GB of Seattle with 5 games remaining and considering the way we have played this season, in all likelihood our playoff chances are shot. It seems as if Ken has decided that Max Hall for whatever reason is more playing-ready than Skelton, and since I dont get to watch practice I cant logically disagree, and I think the team needs to see if Max Hall can be a starting QB in the NFL or at least begin to prepare him.

    What do you think Darren?

  145. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Jaime —

    RE: Hall

    Well, Whisenhunt said today Anderson is still the QB. So that’s the direction they are going right now.

  146. By beenwithufromthebeginning on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    So Darren…
    Since we know everyone is frusterated and we know the comments on here
    are opinions … and the final answer comes from the front office.. it would be nice to hear what you think.. do you think there is a method to this madness

  147. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Beenwith —

    RE: Method

    My opinion? I am surprised they are not changing quarterbacks. I think there will be major overhauls this offseason if something doesn’t change drastically over the last five games.

  148. By Smoothcard on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Quite frankly I don’t care about the DA/Lutui incident anymore. If it will inspire him to put points on the board and show he’s smarter then a fetus, the so be it.

    The team Sucks right now, they aren’t physical, the QB and Oline are smart enough to make adjustments, the Rb’s aren’t able to get into rhythm and aren’t hitting holes hard enough later in the game, Fitz is dropping the only good pass it seems DA can throw, The OLBs are stonewalled as soon as they touch the OT, the CBs can’t Tackle, Adub is constantly left in coverage, The MLB aren’t getting down hill, the DTs aren’t getting low at all.

    Someone needs to turn these guy’s rating’s up!

    If not then take either Andrew Luck or Robert Quinn when the draft rolls around and fill out the draft with “MONSTERS”, I don’t really care how “nice” a personality they have. Or if they were members of FCA. Get some guys who are gonna impose their will on guys as stop playing nice. Its on thing to lose its another thing to see the same mistakes week in and week out. Fight back after the play doesn’t do much of anything when you are getting gashed RIGHT UP THE GUT no less for 6 and 7 yards a pop… Fire BILLY DAVIS AS SOON AS AS THE PLAYOFFS START!!!

    Get an OC soon too! Someone who’ll make these guys play like men and not like Princess or Thugs… You get paid to play FOOTBALL!!!

  149. By David C. on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    In a suburb in Houston, laughter is coming out of the Leinart house.

  150. By Roy on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    So clearly you think it is going to get better.

    I would love to hear how you think we will not be this bad for at least 2 years.
    We are gonna stick by Whiz next year and the year after because he got us to the Superbowl a few years back. Ridiculous, that is a waste of time.

    Here is how the next 2 years will play out. We will have either DA or a ROOKIE or 2ND YEAR QB starting next year. We will sign no good free agents in the off-season because we never have (exception EDGE). We will not dish out the money needed to keep any of our “good” free agents. We will probably miss on our draft picks (Buster Davis, Cody Brown, Levi Brown, etc.) We will be a 3 or 4 win team for the next 2 years and then you will agree Whiz should be fired. By then, Larry will be gone, Cromartie will be leaving, Wilson will retire from frustration, and nobody will be attending Arizona Cardinals game. This is going to get worse before it gets better, I say bring in a DEFENSIVE coach and a creative offensive coordinator. People who root for this team like style and flash not this BORING product we have been given thanks to stupid coaching decisions.

  151. By kingdiamond on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    If you did not hear Gruden, then how can you dismiss it? Yes, I did hear Steve Young, but do not agree that a team leader or visible community representative should be classless or rude when his performance is questioned. As a fan/reader we have a right to ask the tough questions. Darren, DA is a role mode and a significant face of the franchise. Do you want your gifted son to be able to throw tantrums when things do not go as planned? Or do you want him to develop character and humility when things don’t go as planned? I suspect the the Darren Urban that I have come to know and respect would be more forthright rather than saying that it is not a huge deal. Like the Cardinals, reading your column is a choice too.

  152. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Kingdiamond —

    RE: DA

    Again, I’m trying to understand why you are allowed to pick and choose which “expert” to whom you will listen. I have zero issue with both your stance and your opinion of the situation. Do I not have a right to one too? You (and many others) are not happy with Anderson. But I have heard from many others who claim it is overblown. Again, everyone has opinions. You want me to condemn someone, then wait for a Michael Vick dogfighting issue. I’m not going to go crazy about a postgame rant with a couple of swear words.

    I do want my sons to act the right way when in a significant situation. Derek is most certainly not my son. And while both my sons watched Anderson this morning on SportsCenter, I can assure you they won’t act that way because I believe their parents have taught them the right way.

    I have a bigger problem with Derek not wanting to answer the question in the first place rather than the manner in which he expressed it.

  153. By disappointed_card on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    Why would you not comment on the strategy “Get Kevin Kolb at all costs?” Is he not a fit with Cards offense?

  154. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Disappointed —

    RE: Kolb

    What do you want me to say? Go for it? I am not a believer in “at all costs.” Let me know what it takes. Two No. 1 picks? I’m not making that deal until I know I can’t get a young draft pick for one of those No. 1s. It’s never that simple.

  155. By kedo on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    took my friend to a game lastnight,he is from DETROIT
    HE was making a joke about all CARD all night
    I was so ambarrassing
    spend a lot of money every game for getting anger,and ambarrassing
    I am done , CARD is suck.
    I will fly to CHARGER for my new team game.

  156. By kedo on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    THE worst game ever , the worst team in NFL
    can not watch this team anymore
    RAM 45, CARD 3
    common again.

  157. By cardsfan007 on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply




    Anyways I still love my Cardinals!!!!!!!!! GO CARDS

  158. By kingdiamond on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    Sorry, we disagree. But frankly, I still stand by your original comment that it was no big deal. It is and will be reflected in the revenues, viewership, and readership of the entire Cardinal organization. This we be my last post and last read of your blog as I am starting here. Values are important.

  159. By Justin Wheeler on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Happy to see fans are finally past the “In Whiz we trust” phase.

    I only have one thing to say it this point:
    Fans! Derek Anderson was laughing at you guys last night, The whole team is laughing. They can make millions while not even trying to win. We take it in stride, boo a little, and do the same thing next week. Look at the way this team “fights” in must win games. This is a trash team, run by trash coaches, owned by the worst scum in the NFL.

    The Bidwell family is a bunch of greedy losers. They don’t care about winning, they care about taking your money! Look how quickly they let a run of good luck turn back into “same old Cardinals”.

    I’m pleading with you, show them you demand change. You demand a team to be proud of. Don’t go to any games the rest of the season. An empty stadium should send a message to the team. Don’t worry about the game being blacked out, the Cardinals aren’t playing football the rest of the season anyways.
    Why care about a team that doesn’t care about anything?

  160. By Voice of Reason on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    OK, this post goes wrong with the first sentence:

    “Well, I didn’t expect that.”

    Really? What about it was unexpected? Did the momentum from the Seattle game or the KC game provide false hope? Oh, that’s right, there was no momentum. Just bumbling plays.

    What would have been unexpected is if they were the dominating team. That hasn’t happened all year.

    Look, we’re at (or perhaps beyond) the crossroads here. And I think the question of who starts at quarterback is the key issue. If you start a rookie this early, do you risk losing the team (to the extent you haven’t lost them already)? Or do you see what you have — raw and all — so that you can better determine whether we’re going qb in the top 5 (where we are very likely to be)? Does it make sense to start a rookie on a short week?

    My own view? The latter. John Skelton is the only quarterback on the roster where we don’t know how he’ll do against live bullets. We know Max Hall, and it wasn’t good. We know DA, same story. The question becomes, can Skelton do worse? Can anybody do worse?

    That said, I agree that giving Skelton a start on a short week probably isn’t a good idea, so I go with DA or Hall (turns out, it’ll be DA) this week, and when we lose catastrophically (as we all know they will), you play the rookie. But I do this — adjust the depth chart so that Skelton is #2. That way, if the game is out of hand, you can put him in without forclosing the ability to play the starter later should he get injured.

    I think the organization owes it to the fans to show us what we have at the quarterback position.

  161. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Voice —

    RE: First line

    Well, in part I was trying to tie together both the game and Anderson’s outburst. But seriously, you expected a blowout home loss? No cheating — you can’t play hindsight. And I’m not saying you expected a win. But you expected them to get run over on MNF against the Niners?

  162. By disappointed_card on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    Point well taken. The only reason I was thinking of Kolb was because of one simple possibility. Fitz might bolt if we go trhe “young” draft route.

  163. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Disappointed —

    RE: QB/Fitz

    And that’s an understandable and realistic concern.

  164. By Eric on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, Please tell me if this is off base. A hallmark of low intensity and mistakes at this level is poor coaching. Now Whiz is a good headcoach, but I think the three headed Offensive Coordinator is NOT WORKING, and especially the defensive coaches are horrible. Nothing personal, but the results speak for themselves.

    This is the worst I’ve ever seen this team (meaning current players) play defense. Poor scheming, and poor personel choices in those schemes. I thought Clancy was bad, but Bill Davis is aweful. ABSOLUTELY NO INTENSITY AT ALL. Completely flat. Again, poorly coached. Although, men being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a game shouldn’t have to be motivated to play hard. DRC has just flat out quit, and Docket is playing hurt. Not Dockets fault, but DRC is an embarrasment. He needs a perenial foot up the ass, and needs to start hitting. A-Dub, my favorite and hero, isn’t being utilized properly.

    So Whiz should stay, but he needs a new staff. An INTENSE staff. Lets hope sense outwieghs loyalty here because as a 10 year season ticket holder, I and we the fans do not deserve that half assed effort. Most importantly, I love my team and always will, we can and should do better for this city. GO CARDS!!!!!!!

  165. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Eric —

    RE: Coaches

    As I have said, I expect careful review of the coaching staff after the season, as what would usually happen after a poor season.

  166. By Ryan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply


    Billy Davis needs to go. They need to hire a true defensive coordinator…not someone within the organization. Cards need to look around the league, and I’m sorry, Wade Phillips is not the answer, Cowboys defense was horrible while he was their coordinator. Then again, maybe him having to wear two hats was the reason. Whisenhunt needs to give up his play calling duties and hire an offensive coordinator so he can focus strictly on being the head coach. Again, somebody outside the organization, not Russ Grimm and not Mike Miller. Let Russ coach the o-line and let Mike coach the receivers. I realize with the uncertainty of the CBA, teams are reluctant, but if there is a new CBA and a season next year, then this is the route they need to go. In addition, during the next year’s training camp, ALL positions need to be open for competition, seems players have become too complacent….Dockett and A Dub. Just my two cents. Thanks again for your excellent work covering the Cards.

  167. By Rory on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren…I absolutely expected them to get blown out by the 49ers. Singletary has the Cardinals number. All you have to do is smash the Cardinals in the mouth and they fold like a tent. They are not tough. Not one of them.

    I loved Anderson’s “outburst.” And it wasn’t an outburst. That’s just the way weak non athletes in the media explain it when a person stands up for himself when he is fed up with stupid, nothing questions. I like Anderson. Sure he makes mistakes, but I blame Mr. Teflon for putting him in lousy situations constantly. That’s why Max is on the bench, too…bad play call after bad play call. Sure wish we had an offensive coordinator who knew what he is doing.

  168. By jocards on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Speaking only for myself I didn’t expect a blowout at the hands of the 49ers but I did expect another loss. I’ve been saying here all season that this team is not good and that they had not outplayed their opponent in any week this season. No way I was expecting them to win. I know that the problems of this team are many but this is a QB driven league and we’ve gotten terrible play from our QB’s all season. With that said the defense should be ashamed of the way they’ve played. When a team’s offense can’t sustain any drives the defense will have it’s weaknesses exposed and that is what has happened in Arizona. This is a bad defense attempting to implement a scheme that is ill suited for their personnel. When Warner was under center, the chains moved, drives were extended and points were scored and the defense looked passable. Now with an offense that is completely inept this defense has been exposed for what they are….just plain bad. So, a bad QB running a bad offense behind a bad offensive line….with a bad defense. This team is on a downward slide that I do not see them stopping any time soon.

  169. By Voice of Reason on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Actually, a good friend (and fellow season ticket holder) and I had the conversation that afternoon, and we both believed a blowout was forthcoming. This was based on the fact that they have been blown out by Seattle (a terrible team less talented than the Niners) and Kansas City after a heartbreaking loss to Minnesota.

    What I did not predict — and certainly would not have predicted — that the blowout would happen without Gore for the most part and with Vernon Davis not making an impact.

  170. By Darren Urban on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Voice —

    RE: Prediction

    Fair enough. Personally, I thought they’d find a way to raise their game in the national spotlight. That has been their nature over the years, even before Whiz. Obviously, I was very, very wrong.

  171. By SandyAJ on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Last nights game was as painful to watch as the time the titans killed the lions on thanksgiving the other year. Nothing was really clicking, lackluster defense and very saddening offense. I’m almost afraid to ask, but is whiz keeping anderson in only so he has a good chance of winning…….a high level draft choice? I really hope thats not the case, because that would be a very harsh reality for those who pay for those $400+ seats at the home games, hoping for a miracle turnaround.

    As for anderson’s rant and rave, so what he was laughing on the sidelines. sure it made tons of fans mad at him and had them assuming that he wasnt taking thier losing seriously, but come on, as bad as things are getting, they need something to keep thier spirits up. Low morale loses battles as well ya know.

  172. By jocards on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Blair states in an earlier post, “One thirty yard field goal and this team is two and nine”. I’ll take that a couple of steps further. If Breaston doesn’t strip the Rams DL at the 1 yard line in week one and this team is 1-10….and if Hall doesn’t have 3 fumbles take fortuitous bounces in the Cardinals favor against New Orleans this team might very well be 0-11. The point is that something needs to change and Whisenhunt I’m certain is aware of that. I’m just not sure that they have the pieces in place to make meaningful changes that will improve the team. I don’t however necessarily agree with the notion that there should never be changes to the coaching staff in season. With the way this defense has played I don’t see how changing coordinators (Wade Phillips perhaps?) would be a bad thing. I also don’t think that bringing in an offensive coordinator to call the plays would necessarily be a bad move. This team has been horrible on both sides of the ball and while you can’t make wholesale changes to your roster mid season, you certainly can tweak the coaching staff. Perhaps there wouldn’t be a huge improvement but I’d wager that things wouldn’t get any worse.

  173. By ziggy stardust on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    darren, hello from havasu. to quote denny green, ” anderson is who we thought he was”…. a freaking clown who couldn’t even q.b. the browns. we have d.a. as q.b. and we suck. the browns got rid of d.a. and they are doing better then expected. you don’t suppose there is any correlation between the 2 do you? i don’t know what “the whiz” sees in d.a. but it’s time to put down the peyote buttons and take off the rose colored glasses. d.a. flat out suks. i say give “da bones”a.k.a. mr skeleton a chance… can’t be any worse off then we already are.

  174. By shep on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    checking out these posts since I sent mine this morning. some really good ones. Ben – right on with the strike outs on whisenhunt. I said in preseason he is a phony with a big ego. He threw the d-coordinator Clancy P. out of town a few years ago, to bring his buddy Davis in as new coordiantor. Obviously Boldin didn’t want to play for him. Matt Leinert got the biggest screw job of all, and Matt may have the last laugh if he gets his shot from another team, and Whisenhunt is coaching high school football in Atlanta. Leinert had a good passer rating in pre season did nothing wrong and got *** by this arrrogant inflexible coach. His run to the Super Bowl was based on Haley his players, Warner, Breaston, Fitzgerald, Dockett and Wilson playing lights out not to mention some luck as the season record was still barely above 500. What goes around comes around and unfortunately the Cards fans go back to misery with the current Head Coach.

  175. By AndyStandsUp on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    P U

    And that’s all I say about that.

  176. By Gary Stevenson on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    DA is a looser on and off the field! If he were a winner the Browns would have kept him! He went 6 straight games in Cleveland without getting the ball in the endzone! The owners are losers! So having a loser on the team as a QB set well with them! If the owners were winners they would cut him now or make wiz put his butt on the bench for the rest of the season! Winning sells tickets. Ticket sales=Profit!! The owners have figured out if they cant win, they can always change the uniforms (black jerseys) and make up the revenue in the sale of new styles of team gear!

  177. By Chuck 1 on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    The situation in a nutshell:
    #1: Penny pinching owners, only interested in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    #2: Incompetent General Manager (Graves)
    #3: Incompetent Defensive Coordinator (Davis)
    #4: Incompetent Offensive Coordinator (Whiz)
    #5: Incompetent Scouting Department
    #6: Stubborn Head Coach (Whiz)
    #7: Unmotivated players who are NOT as talented as some fans think
    * Bye bye Fitz (to his home state and the Vikes)
    * Several more years of cellar dwelling
    * Poor draft and Free Agent selections

  178. By SeeingRed on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    For what it’s worth….

    Hate to say it but I wasnt one bit surprised at what transpired.

    I still think DA has made improvement and is our best CURRENT option at QB. Is he our QB of the future? No..but he wasn’t brought in to be that. You also have to remember how Kurt looked that season when he took over for Matt and even early in the SB season..he made a lot of seemingly decisions with his throws and constantly fumbled..and that internal clock thing. My point being that we as fans need to cut him some slack-it is his first year learning the system.

    Though when I first heard the DA Q&A at first thought it kinda funny (I admit I didn’t see the video of the laughter etc)…then it quickly turned awkward and ended just regretful. It was unfortunate all the way around. Darren, can u pass the word to the KTAR folks to stop replaying DA’s soundbite as a laughter piece?

    Let’s circle the wagons Big Red and hope this nightmare ends soon.

  179. By sharon smith on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    If the Bidwell’s even think of raising ticket prices next year, the season ticket holders should revolt. After 21 years and $50,000 later, I feel like I’m back in the 90’s. Being a die hard fan, I can’t sit and watch this any longer.

  180. By scott023 on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, I can not disagree with you more about firing whiz, fire him now! The cowboy’s got rid of wade and the players had a spark to them,even won some games. Whiz has done this to himself, greedy to (and graves also) gave themselves a nice raise and said I’ll be the o.c. also,pay me .He cheated us all. The cream raises to the top, no cream here. He still thinks we are stupid,with this, they played bad,and it’s all their fault. Head coach and still pointing fingers at everyone, but the ones that are at fault,the coaching staff.Starting with him and ending with him.We all know, and down deep so does he. He has never been the reason for our susess,it was kurt and the o.c. when we had one. We had a d.c. then too, untill he was blamed for the sb lose and fired. When we lost kurt,we lost the real play caller on the offense. I am really looking at whiz at just a head coach and the calls (and no changes now) that he refuses to make. If he did we may win a game,can not have that. Gaves sitting back and not doing his job,SHAME on you Mr.GRAVES,it is your job (this is bussiness) to fire him. The players are great players,just lost,no leader!!! When he does speak it is always somebody else’s fault. They are not playing well,(say why) YOU ARE NOT COACHING WELL,YOUR D.C. IS NOT COACHING WELL. In the end Mr. Mike Bidwell it is your job to protect this team and step up and deal with them,period.

  181. By jocards on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    scott023 –

    I do believe that the entire coaching staff needs to do a better job, let’s face it 3-8 means improvement is needed. However I disagree completely with your assertion that the players are great. By NFL standards we have few if any great players…save the Fitzgerald comments everybody, I’m trying to make a point! LOL! Great players do not get handled the way this team has all season….it’s tough to point out many good players from my perspective.

  182. By Jeff Gollin on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    Granted. The Cardinals embarrassed themselves Monday night, and (having watched a lot of HS and college football these past 2 weeks – partly to take my mind off how badly the Cardinals are doing) I can identify at least 20 college and HS QB’s who are smarter, more accurate and more NFL-ready than Derek Anderson.

    And granted, the folks on the coaching staff and front office – who were responsible for bringing in Anderson & releasing Leinart without a decent veteran backup QB and hired assistant coaches who aren’t getting the job done – must be held accountable for both their decisions and their inability to make the Cardinals a well-coached team.

    But…but…BUT – We’re at a point in the season where changing coaches right now would be just plain crazy. It won’t get us into the playoffs. All it would do is destabilize the situation even more.

    There no doubt will have to be some changes – Some decision-makers will be listened-to with far less respect. In some cases, they will have to be let go. But the time to do that is after the season when the staff has had time to review the bad, the good and the ugly and figured out how to best move forward.

    All said – the two most frustrating things having to do with the FO and coaching staff were, to me, (1) Poor evaluation of talent at QB and underestimating the importance of competency at the position and (2) Lack of answers on defense along with too many defensive players who simply don’t look like they’ve learned enough to play sound football.

  183. By nmcard on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    Darren , I have to eat my words ,in the begaining I thought we had improved , releasing some guys that I thought we could replace and keep growing , I was wrong, so was Whiz we have to eat crow!!!!! thought the same, shame on us, the unity that grew together was great , we could not pay for guys that out grew their worth to the team , understandable , we are not the yankees, we are after all the BIDWELLS , I POSTED BAD abut the guys that left , thinking we replaced them , BAD ON MY PART , they are still not worth the money they got , but to us they were , it was part of a unit that grew like mole in the frig. when we are saving our veggies for a good stew lol!!

    I am a season ticket holder , (2 club seats , and 2 on top ) I have been to 1 game this year , after Whiz let Leinhart go I knew we were in trouble,I ahve been to only 1 preseason game oooccchhh!!! , DA is not for us , the line is not built for what Whiz has done since he got here , he wanted to change to a running game with a passing QB ,a bad one at that , why can he not just move on to one of the kids or get a used up vet that can help the kids , DA is not the guy to do what Whiz is trying to do , or my bad thinking is trying to do , why is he being so stubborn , please excuse my spelling , I was a mathinmathisingnest in school , so I know we should be scoring more , as close as we get to that goal line can you ask him why can’t we move on ,

  184. By scott023 on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    @ jocards, I feel dcr,wilson,breaston, friz, stevens-h,docket, campbell, and on and on, I think are great football players.They are just not playing up to their best.I think because they have no leader here. Take a look at the film on the same players last year. Even the way they tackle, they are not useing there arms they are bumping them, not tackling at all. This is all on the coaching, the players are lost on the field,looks like they are guessing where to be. We do have great players just no leadership at all. I truely believe that coach whiz never did have it. The draft picks have been half wasted. Even if we get a great draft pick. Mr Graves will wait untill the preseason is almost over to get them on the field,with little to no learning. If Mr. Bidwell really does care about this team, he better step in and fire the staff. The lack of making a change is unreal.After the season has been destroyed,still in fanasyland with the promise it will work. 3-8 and two of thoughs were not earned at all. The raiders Missed three fieldgoals And the rams, and they will not make the same mistake this week. Whiz is a fake coach,he has destroyed this team and we have spent hard earned dollars going out to stand by our team.Only to hear they same blame game. However, not once did coach whiz take the blame,not once,funny thing this lie has mold on it. A real man would stand up and admit the buck stops with the staff,You too Mr.Graves,You most of all, you let this go on.

  185. By scott023 on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    @ jeff Gollin, I read where you feel it would destabize us even more. We are on a seven loss skid, and you feel we may not win if we fire them? Jeff, fire them now. Show the team players you care. The cowboys did it and guess what they started to win. Sorry, this does not fly. Football is a game of now. This trash coach whiz is handing us we must stay the coarse it will work. He got exposed, and still blaming the players. His play calling is of the worst, we have had some bad ones here, he is up there among the worst. The offensive line is terrible Thats grimms fault. He was a great player in his day, his line is not there,why have one? They run through them at will. A total joke,and they blame d.a., try breaton,at least he can run.

  186. By eazy e on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    DA DA DA!!! You know what I’m not even mad at him. We needed that kick in the a$$! We are wayyy too talented to be playing like this. Before you know it, we have to get away from our running game that’s why its not effective. Larry and company are trying the best they can but DA stares down receivers too many times and isn’t connecting with them at all. Offensive line gave him time at times, but if DA isn’t consistent, it doesn’t matter. Defensively, we got killed. 261 rushing yards is down right embarrassing and 136 from Westbrook who is like a starter but came into the game with 5 carries for 10 yards, C’mon Man! No pressure on troy smith whatsoever and that’s pretty much the game. DRC did give up the 39 yard td but other than that he shut crabtree down but then again they really didn’t throw alot because of the success running the football. Special Teams has been a bright spot all year long, but didn’t have their best game letting teddy ginn get us for a couple huge returns and a holding penalty called back on Larod’s big return that sucks! We have to play wayy better Steven Jackson is coming to town and he will have a big game if we don’t play better run defense and defense overall. We are usually very solid against s-jax but looking at our run d this year, who can’t run on us, unfortunately?

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