Cards sign Bartel, put Hall on IR – UPDATE

Posted by Darren Urban on December 7, 2010 – 11:30 am

As expected, the Cardinals made a roster move at quarterback today, putting Max Hall on injured reserve with his bad shoulder and signing UFL graduate and former Redskin Richard Bartel for the rest of the season. I do not expect a decision on the starting QB to be made public today (although you never know). Bartel was with Washington last season and this preseason and with Cleveland in 2008. He has never appeared in a regular season game, although he did complete 12-of-14 passes for 125 yards and a touchdown against the Cardinals in the preseason finale.

While coach Ken Whisenhunt did not rule out a new signee to start right away at QB, I still expect it to be either John Skelton or Derek Anderson. Skelton seems to be more likely, but predicting such things hasn’t been easy.

UPDATE: The Cardinals have also lost offensive lineman Herman Johnson off the practice squad when Johnson was signed to Chicago’s active roster. Johnson, the Cards’ 2008 fifth-round pick, long battled weight issues and the writing may have been on the wall when, after Brandon Keith went down with a season-ending injury, the Cards decided to sign D’Anthony Batiste to fill the roster spot instead of promoting Johnson.

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50 Responses to “Cards sign Bartel, put Hall on IR – UPDATE”

  1. By Amber on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I suggest that you start John Skelton, he has so much potential and he could get us on the right track, but if you put Anderson down as the starting QB than to me, and most likely all other fans will think that he is taking us back to our old ways before the Kurt Warner era. Derek Anderson is not qualified for a QB, he sucks at it. Hall on the other hand was at least better than Anderson, so I think starting Skelton would be the best move ever.

  2. By Phoenixraven1 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Who? Lol! Just imagined that voice on Doug and wolf lol!

  3. By darrel on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Darren. Do you think the cardinals Will keep max hall next year as back up or 3rd String quaterback or is his time up in az

  4. By Darren Urban on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Darrel —

    RE: Hall future

    I think a lot will depend on who they acquire, but if they are as high on the future of Skelton as Whisenhunt says, Hall is probably on the bubble.

  5. By Rodgerscromartie17 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Nice the Cardinals wasted more money on another cut player from the preseason, so Derren, are they going to make this guy play or is this just something to fill in for Hall if Anderson plays like garbage again? If this guy doesnt start I wanna know what the point of signing him is

  6. By Brandon LA on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Fun times

  7. By Elsos on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    So these cast-offs from such wonderful teams as Cleveland are a good thing?

  8. By Flood on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Did the Cards have to pay the 150k transfer fee for Bartel’s services to the UFL? Thanks for all the updates.

  9. By Darren Urban on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Flood —

    RE: UFL

    The last I say, the fee was down to $25,000.

  10. By Shooter on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Great we signed a guy that was DA’s backup. How much lower can it go?

  11. By pat farber on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    if whiz starts DA or Bartell they should lock him up. Cant believe Graves and young Bidwell are not in his ear. This gets better by the minute- getting to watch Mr Glib Whiz implode in real time is a train wreck you can’t turn away from. Beer commercial rivaling Dennis Greens comments cant be too far away.

  12. By Bob C on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Just looked at Power Ranking on PFT NBC, we’re 29th. That fits with our payroll we’re 27th. Wish we could “overpay” some players.

    Please be careful with Skelton, max protect. This is the NFL many QB’s have been ruined playing too early behind a bad o-line.

    I’ve been a fan since 1988 and I’ve heard all this “we’ll get it fixed” stuff before many times.

  13. By brad oneill on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    damn it. i wanted Jamarcus russel.

    Come on personal people quit screwing up.

  14. By Will Flores on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Would it even be a big suprise for Whisenhunt to start Bartel and go to Skelton if the situation dictates it? Similar to the way he went to Max when D.A. would falter. The statement which Whisenhunt said he didn’t feel Skelton was by any means “ready” to play resonates deep. But I still feel Skelton has the best physical tools of any QB, as far as the mental aspects, we have seen very little compared to what the coaching staff has seen since Skelton came to AZ in the spring. Either way, it will be interesting to see what Skelton has when he finally does get his number called. The Sports Science segment which tested him higher than Peyton Manning is still at the back of my mind.

    Thanks for your thoughts Darren
    Will from Wisconsin

  15. By nmcard on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    should have known , we are the Brownies west , cool !!!we sign another winner from those championship browns teams ,

    Darren , there has to be other QB’s out there that could help us , what is it with Whiz , and the brownie boys ?

    I have 4 season tickets 2 club 2 on top , I have been to 1 game this year , a preseason at that , my wife is kicking my ass cause I don’t go but , I can’t see spending $500-$1000 a weekend more (depends if I fly or drive) I already paid for the tickets , and guess what I will be there again next yr paying for my tickets , love my cards, just hate the brownies

  16. By Nathan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply


    Keep up the good work!

    I am torn about starting Skelton with this OL. I fear that in addition to getting his confidence shaken, he might get injured – but I guess we are running out of options if DA can’t play. Ah, if only the real NFL were as easy as fantasy football (my team is 11-2)!

    On that note, I agree with many posters, DA doesn’t seem to be a great QB, but I have to give him credit for going out and trying every week knowing he is going to get booed and hit over and over again due to the weak OL play. Kudo’s to him for bravery. Oh, and I don’t think he was laughing it up on the sideline.

    Hopefully if we do start Skelton, we’ll see a big dose of THT, Beanie, and Hyphen.

  17. By LadyCard04 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry to hear Hall is injured but glad we got another back-up qb. I don’t know if we have any good option at qb this season but I’m sure they’ll do their best.

    Skelton looked a little awed at his press conference. This is understandable as it’s really his first NFL presser where he was playing. Just a little note, he should try to look at the reporters – I noted he kept looking either over their heads or down. I don’t know whether it was just nerves or maybe the lights’ glare. Maybe the PR department should help him practice….he’s going to be having many more press conferences in his career and it would help his confidence.

  18. By NJCardsFan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply


    It sounds like Coach Whiz is looking at Skelton as the answer for the future. Does this mean the Cards will shy away from from drafting a QB in April? I mean, if a QB like Luck is there to draft they gotta take him right ?

  19. By Darren Urban on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    NJCards —

    RE: QB draft

    Right now, I expect the Cards to draft a QB high.

  20. By John on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    This team gets more baffling every week. Whisenhunt has been saying the whole season, even this week, that Skelton is too raw and definetely not ready to play. How is some QB who has even less regular season play then Skelton, and will have whole 4 days to learn the cardinals offensive plays, competing for the position?

  21. By Adam on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Question.. How does Belichick manage to get his teams to be more detialed and focused in big games?? Oh, Because he is a true leader. Everyone was talking smack about the Pats D for the whole year and in the biggest game of the year their weakest part of the team steps up the most. Wow!! I love watching true leaders bring out the most in their players. It’s poetry.

    Does anyone think Whiz can get his team to be more detailed and make plays like the Pats D in big games?? I never heard of anyone on the Pats Defense except Vince Willfolk.

    Our defense is stacked with probowlers. Joey Porter, Dockett, Adrian Wilson and Dominique Rodgers. I just named a D-lineman, Linebacker and 2 guys in the secondary. That’s every level of defense and we stink!!!!

    Why can’t Billy Davis and Whiz get this Defense to play detailed and mistake free football. Because they aren’t true leaders and they aren’t detailed coaches. SO how can you train your players to be detailed if you’re not?

    You can’t tell me that the rookie corner back from the Pats that has 6 Int’s is more talented than Greg Toler. Same talent and one is still looking he doesn’t know what he is doing and the other looks like a probowler. It’s all coaching. We have too much talent on this defense to not create ooportunities for the offense. Details, details, Details.

    Darren, Did you tell Whiz to read the books I suggested yet? Whiz is too stubborn to go ask for help on his coaching style or what he is doing wrong. Or what he can do to improve his leadership of the team. Too stubborn and too much pride.

  22. By Marcos Tucson on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply


    would you be interested in selling those tix? ones on top, not the club

  23. By Rob G on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Why don’t we look into getting Jeff Garcia!

  24. By Mike V on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    My Prediction… Anderson will start… Screw up again, and then Skelton will be back out there with another dirty plate… Please Please Please coach Whiz… Give him atleast one full game! Fans are Begging! lol. Prove my prediction wrong! my first prediction was right… Anderson Starts, we Lose. Maybe this time, Skelton Starts, we Win 🙂

  25. By NJCardsFan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply


    Another question for ya. Thinking outside the box here. It looks like the Eagles are getting ready to sign Vick to a long term deal. Would it be outrageous for the Cards to make a play for Kevin Kolb? From what he’s shown when he was in there he looks like he could be a solid starting QB in this league. Then maybe the Cards can draft a top 5 O-Lineman in the draft or a CB ??

  26. By Darren Urban on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    NJCards —

    RE: Kolb

    Not outrageous but depends on what Eagles are asking for. Two No. 1s? I wouldn’t do it.

  27. By kekojones on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply


    Bartel was backing up Dante Culppeper in the UFL. Obviously, Dante would have been a better short term solution than Bartel, independently of future value for the team. Was Dante considered, did he declined?

  28. By Darren Urban on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Keko —

    RE: Culpepper

    They brought Bartel in for a workout recently, so he was already on the radar. I don’t think Culpepper was considered.

  29. By Eric on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, I think starting Skelton is an awesome idea. I watched the kid Sunday and he has great techniqes, mechanics, and even some swagger breaking the huddle. Max Hall has a great attitude, but is too small for this league, and DA, we’ve seen enough.

    Lets face it, this season is over. I love my Cards, but reality is upon us. Winning at this pointing will only screw us out of an opportunity to draft Andrew Luck. He is going to be a big deal. I’m talking Manning and Brady big, so lets not screw that up. Now, we are talking about the same team that drafted Levi Brown instead of Adrian Peterson, so lets learn a lesson. Let Skelton get some valuable playing time so we can have the same luxury Philly has: two badass QB’s! We are honsetly a QB, two new OL, CB, and ILB away from being dominant. Defense wins championships, so lets can Davis, get a real coordinator, and get on with it!!!! ANDREW LUCK, ANDREW LUCK, ANDREW LUCK, ANDREW LUCK, ANDREW LUCK…………

  30. By Judy on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I think,(Hope) John Skelton will be the starter on Sunday.
    At least we know that the Cardinals FO doesn’t give a damn about the fans who kept them in buisness the first 18 years here.Now that they have a new stadium,and a waiting list for season tickets,they can bring in any old garbage they want to.There is a lot qf QB’s those fans would have welcomed here,but did they even look at any of them,no.They would rather save a few dollars,than bring in a descent QB.

  31. By EJ on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I completely agree that Skelton is still a bit green to be starting. I also think he is the only one out of the three QB that has shown promise, both in the pre-seeason and in his short stint last week. He’s a great guy to have signed, but he’s simply too young.

    It’s quite disappointing to see your team lose every week. While it’s unfortunate that both Anderson and Hall were injured during the same game (although some fans might see this as fortuitous), something needed to be done about our QB situation much earlier in the season…

    I truley believe that another season on the sidelines would make Skelton a force to be reckoned with, however that amount of time not playing can also be detrimental. Whisenhunt is stuck in between a rock and a hard place- think long-term and keep Skelton sidelined a little longer, or play Skelton now, MAYBE save the rest of the season but thwart any further development. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for that decision!

  32. By Shooter on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Culpepper was probably not considered because his minimum would have been too high given his previous number of years in the nfl. Lot of money to pay a guy that only goes in during an emergency.

    @Adam… Just because we have guys that have a pro-bowl on their resume does not mean that are still a pro-bowl caliber player. Same with DA. He went to a pro-bowl once, why? Because Tom Brady declined due to injury.

  33. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    If the veterans are all in place, and if QB is truly the most important position on the field, then we might even need to trade up for a QB if it means getting Luck or Cam Newton.

    Luck (if he comes out, which is a big maybe given the uncertainty of the 2011 season) seems more pro ready, but Newton has more athletic ability to make up for that – at least in the short term.

  34. By Jahstone on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    can you say 3-13???

  35. By Mike Ellingboe on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply


    I’m sure you’ve heard of Jerod Mayo as well, and Spikes, McCourty, Chung, and Meriweather were all recent early round picks.

    I too, have been very critical of our defensive performance (mostly in the belief that I don’t think we’re running the right scheme for our personnel) but in fairness to them it seems that when they do play well the offense takes the week off. As we know all too well a great QB can cover some bad defensive performances and make life easier for them by putting early points on the board. Another thing to take into account before we (fingers pointing back at myself as well) rip on Davis too much is to take into account some recent history. Look at two of the best defensive minds in the game (Belichick, Ryan) and they’ve had some pretty bad performances as well (NE @ #31 this year, Jets giving up 45 last night, etc.). Maybe it’s more reason to hate the 3-4 scheme but that’s another issue for another time.

    Looking forward to seeing Skelton can do.

  36. By Scott H on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    pat farber –

    It’s a shame that you are right on, but you are. A decision to let Anderson start another game this year for the Cardinals would border on criminal negligence.

  37. By brad oneill on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    chicago respects the fat man.

    Next year we will see herman dominating the nfc north.

    this team irritates me every single week.

  38. By Gary K. on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    @LadyCard04 –

    No offense, but I would much rather know that John Skelton is practicing on the field or in the film room, rather than practicing his press conference demeanor. I think that will serve to help his career and confidence to a much greater degree.

  39. By Vegas Cards Fan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Well, our two new coordinators are on the market right now. Wade Phillips for DC, Josh McDaniels for OC! Make it happen, cause your current staff isn’t cutting it Whiz!

  40. By brandon on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Darren do you think the cardinals will pick Donovan McNabb in free agent if he doesnt get a contract?

  41. By Darren Urban on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Brandon —

    RE: McNabb

    No, I don’t.

  42. By TBru on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    If the playoffs wer still a posabillity and we needed a third guy, I would have went for Culpepper. Bartel makes more sense under the current set of circumstances. Garcia, Russell, really people? I think we Anderson should go too and lock in another young guy with potential.

    And all the people who want Luck, Will Wiz play him as a rookie?

    Give Skelton every opportunity to see what he can do, if it looks like he can thrive in this league, use the the high pick to get him some protection.

  43. By brad oneill on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    if we had drafted adrian peterson instead of Levi brown peterson would be considered a bust right now. Remember what happens to people who fumble on this team they are sent to the back of the bus. Peterson fumbled a lot so he would be in the same dog house beanie and tim keep finding themselves in. no time to build up momentum too busy watching bad passes and being pulled for making mistakes.

  44. By ron werner on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply


  45. By AndyStandsUp on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    What skills or attributes does Bartel bring to the table?
    When I first heard the name I thought of the actor/director guy of “Eating Raoul”.

    But that guy has actually won something.

  46. By clssylssy on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Why is is that nobody seems to understand that it isn’t the coach but young Mr. Bidwell who keeps signing these cast-offs because he can get them at bargain basement prices. John Skelton did amazingly well last week considering the lack of preparation and Max Hall brought us one of our only wins this season against the Saints, who still haven’t gotten over that one! At this point I feel sorry for DA as I think he was picked to be the sacrificial lamb and scapegoat for a grossly mismanaged team…not fair to players like Fiitzgerald, Dockett, Wilson and other veterans, nor fair to the fans. WE DO THIS TOGETHER…ithout any help from the Bidwell family it seems. Wonder how many games will be sold out next year ?

  47. By TucsonTim on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Andy –

    Undrafted, minimum salary and cut by Dallas, Washington and Cleveland, Bartel sounds like the perfect Cardnials pick up. Eating Raoul, too funny.

  48. By nmcard on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Marcos Tucson did you get the tickets

  49. By FresnoBoy on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Throw the damn season already. we all know its over for us this year obviously. Right now I am a BUF and CAR fan beacuse i want them to win some games so we can get that 1st Draft pick and Draft Andrew Luck and all are problems are solved with one move.

  50. By Reed Richmond on Dec 10, 2010 | Reply

    Just an outsider casting a vote for Bartel. He never played for Cleveland even though he had better stats in the preseason than Anderson and Quinn (now also flunking in Denver). Guess it was because he came from a no name school (Division II Tarleton State TX). When he was with Dallas he played the whole last preseason game and was something like 34 of 48 for 345 yards. And then he was cut. Can’t say how he’ll do in a real game but he ought to get a shot at least once. What have you got to lose?

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