Injuries, illness and stepping away

Posted by Darren Urban on December 23, 2010 – 2:00 pm

Linebacker Joey Porter (tricep) and running back LaRod Stephens-Howling (hamstring) improved a bit and coach Ken Whisenhunt said he was encouraged by their efforts. “Whether that means they play Saturday, that’ll be tough,” Whisenhunt said. The players seem matter-of-fact about their situations — “Can’t do nothing about it,” Porter said — although with only two games left, there has to be optimism they can at least return for the San Francisco game, because otherwise, the team might just find another option and put them on injured reserve.

— Quarterback Derek Anderson and tight end Stephen Spach also were absent today because they were ill. But in the spirit of the season, Whisenhunt, while talking about Anderson, deadpanned “it wasn’t reported like Tom Brady was, when he was out with the flu, but it’s a similar situation.”

— Whisenhunt touched on the notion of giving some playcalling duties to passing game coordinator Mike Miller, saying it is a natural progression that will only continue to grow for Miller.

“There are a lot of things going on on game day you have to be on top of, and fortunately we have a number of good coaches on the staff to help with that,” Whisenhunt said. “I get a lot of personal satisfaction when you call good plays or call a game with good success. That’s part of what I have done successfully for a number of years and it’s hard to step away from that.”

— The next-to-last Big Red Rage is tonight. Adrian Wilson’s guest is kicker Jay Feely for the broadcast, which is live at 6 p.m. at Majerle’s Sports Grill at Chandler Fashion Center (give yourself time withe the traffic, if you plan on going). It will be aired live on Sports 620 KTAR (and also streamed live right here).

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18 Responses to “Injuries, illness and stepping away”

  1. By Eric on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    How about we “grow” into a “real” OC and fire Davis and bring in a DC that can utilize his players skill sets properly. Sorry Darren, mistakes and low intensity are trade marks of poor coaching.

  2. By Poole4pres on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    hey Darren, when do you think we will be seeing DRC on The Way I see it?

  3. By Darren Urban on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    Poole4 —


    Don’t know. That’s not my department. I will have to ask.

  4. By Voice of Reason on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    Eric is right. If we do what KC did this year, we’ll see a big turnaround.

    The guys I go after: Mike Nolan as DC and Darrell Bevel as OC.

    Both should have full responsibility to call plays for their respective phases, allowing Whiz to manage the game.

  5. By birdmanjcd on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    Does Whiz have any relationship with Gary Kubiak, iin the event he becomes available for the OC job?

  6. By Darren Urban on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    birdman —

    RE: Kubiak

    Not that I know of.

  7. By Phoenixraven1 on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    Can not wait to see more of schofield! Washington! And Williams! Bring on the future of our D!!!

  8. By Peter in Canada on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    Darren- I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. I really appreciate your informative stories, your responses and the patience you display with us bloggers. BTW I hope we beat the Cowboys. That will surely make Christmas better.

  9. By AndyStandsUp on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    The end is near.
    Seek the light.

  10. By fightingbird on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Darren just to let you know how our trip to panther stadium went.Well it was terrible.we were right behind the cards bench rooting for the cards and about 2 min into the 2nd qtr twn panther fans came in and sat down behind me and my wife and pushed on our shoulder and said f— both of you and when the fan directed his pushing and cursing toward my wife i went off. this guy was so loud when he was cursing some of the cards at the bench even looked toward him but he continued his cursing so I got security and the charlotte police involved because other panther fans started yelling at me because we were wearing cardinal jerseys needless to say one of the security guys standing next to the police officer said well what do you expect your in hostile territory bud,so that was the last straw so we left before half time.My wife wrote a letter to the Panthers office but we know where thats going to be filed huh.

  11. By Big Red on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    What about Mike Singletary as our defensive coach next year. We know he won’t be back next year at San Francisco, to many good coaches out there in the market to keep MS.

  12. By georgiebird on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    Your article on the young linebackers “Future Gains” was excellent.
    There was so much information in the article from the status of the veteran guys to the expectations of the new guys.
    I feel that if the Cardinals are going to stay with a 3-4 scheme, then this changing of the guard will hold the biggest key to the future performance of the defense.
    Although you did not say it, the article seems to imply that the group, that started the season, did not work out and maybe none of them will be back next year- which is a great step forward.
    And next to Jay Feely’s year, the rehab/rebound done by OB is the best story of the year.

  13. By TBru on Dec 24, 2010 | Reply

    Dear Santa

    I have been a very good boy this year. I did all my chores and even ate all my vegetables.What I really want more than anything this year is for the Cardinals to beat the dreaded Cowboys and Forty Niners. I guess it is too late to ask for a Superbowl win, maybe next year. I will be sure to leave you some milk and Cardinals cut out cookies these are the two teams I reeeeally want to beat

    Thank you Santa

  14. By Jahstone on Dec 24, 2010 | Reply

    Happy Holidays in the true spirit of the season!

    Look at KC and also look at Chicago…they fired everyone but Lovie Smith and have now won the NFC North! (Getting quality coordinators works!!) Let’s get the best DC and promote Miller to OC, or find the very best this off season…find a real solution at QB…and shore up the LB + pass rushing needs. Heck, even hire Dennis Green back as a scout and/or player development. In 23 years, we have had 3 winning seasons in AZ…let’s bring back the W’s!!!!!!!!!

  15. By DEVA BRATT RUMOURS on Dec 24, 2010 | Reply

    @ andystandsup

    First a funeral march now the end is near seek the light, a bit morbid don’t you think? had you said it six weeks ago i would’ve given you credit but apparently
    you need to work on your prognostication skills.

    I think by now most of us know the cowboys are going to win, you don’t need a
    fortune teller for that.


  16. By Mno on Dec 24, 2010 | Reply

    Darren, I wish you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

    What do you think our chances of getting Josh McDaniel as our OC and some one like Eric Mangine or Mike Nolan as our DC.

    Every body is speculating names, but who knows what the Wis has in his mind.

  17. By Scott H on Dec 24, 2010 | Reply

    fighting bird –

    Well, that sounds like a lousy experience. It’s a shame that dirt-bags like that have to take it upon themselves to ruin what should be a good experience. I’ve gone to a few Cards games in Philly but have never worn enemy colors there. Again, a shame, but I know I’m just asking for trouble. I went to the game in Seattle this year and I proudly wore my Fitzgerald red Super Bowl jersey, thinking the fans there wouldn’t be too obnoxious. And for the most part, they were pretty nice people. I mean, they LOVE the Seahawks and they are LOUD during the game! But for the most part, they were a civil and even fun crowd. I took some good-natutred ribbing on the way in and during the game from people sitting around me. But they were cool about it. The only “abuse” I took was after the game on the way out when some people – who had obviously been drinking and were feeling strong because their team won – went a little overboard. What I really remember, however, about being there was how many people in Cardinals jerseys I saw! It’s the only time and place I’ve ever been in the presence of several other Cardinals fans, and I really got a kick out of that. Even saw a bunch of them at an ESPN sports bar later that night. Overall, the Seattle crowd was pretty cool. If you ever want to make another road trip to see the Cards in another city, think about Seattle. It’s a great city to visit as well.

  18. By UC on Dec 24, 2010 | Reply

    “There are a lot of things going on on game day you have to be on top of, and fortunately we have a number of good coaches on the staff to help with that,” Whisenhunt said. “I get a lot of personal satisfaction when you call good plays or call a game with good success. That’s part of what I have done successfully for a number of years and it’s hard to step away from that.”

    Welcome to another episode of The Twilight Zone…

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