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Posted by Darren Urban on April 6, 2011 – 10:46 am

The mocks are coming fast and furious now (OK, at least at a steady pace) and with the idea Von Miller will be selected before the Cards pick is gaining steam (at this point, I also tend to believe it). The way things break down, QB Blaine Gabbert has been popular as a remaining candidate — along with Patrick Peterson — and guys like Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are saying the Cards will/should take Gabbert. I’ll stick with the idea of Peterson in such a scenario. Coach Ken Whisenhunt was on ProFootballTalk Live today and while host Mike Florio didn’t ask Whiz directly if he’d take a quarterback — smartly — Whiz did end up talking about drafting a young QB. We can talk smokescreens and such, but you can parse Whiz’s words:

— On the idea of a team taking a QB in the top 10 and the immediate success recent first-round QBs have had adding pressure to use a first-round QB right away: “It creates pressure with the fan base … well, I shouldn’t say pressure. It creates expectations. My experience in this league it is difficult for young guys to come in and have success. I think that trend has been bumped in the last couple of years because of these young guys and the success they have had. Obviously we did that with Ben (Roethlisberger) in Pittsburgh and had success. If you look at history at that position, that’s the most difficult position for young guys to come in and be successful.

“But I do think, if you take a player early in the draft, everybody is looking to what these guys have done the last few years and the expectations are that you should put him in and let him play. But the thing is, you are also expected to be successful. It’s a tough balancing act you have to face if you take a quarterback. A lot depends on your team and how well you are able to support that player.”

P.S. On the subject of Larry Fitzgerald and the idea, without a franchise QB, if the Cards can “afford” to keep around “the luxury” of a high-profile receiver: “He’s an integral part of what we are trying to get done as we move forward,” Whisenhunt said. “Our goal is to have him retire as a Cardinal one day many years from now.”

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  1. By Nick Pepe on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    I guess the comment about Fitz is going to upset some Cards “fans” that insist he be traded. As far as the risk/reward factor of taking a QB in the top part of the draft, I think the chances of the pick panning out to a success are the same as it is with any other position. It is just going to be scrutinized more than say a DL or CB that didn’t work out. Is it worth taking a shot with Gabbert at # 5? Who knows….that’s why the boys in the front of office get the big bucks.
    I know it is collective effort, but if the there are differences of opinion on a pick, who gets the call, Graves or Whiz?

    Nick Pepe
    Lifetime Member

  2. By Darren Urban on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Nick —

    RE: Final call

    It is Graves, but he trusts Whisenhunt. And those debates will happen this week and next as board put together, not on draft day.

  3. By Phoenixraven1 on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Even though our D line is young, strong and up coming would you see us taking BPA and taking say Derius if he dropped? Seems unlikely to me but I was curious of your opinion.

  4. By Darren Urban on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    PhoenixRaven —

    RE: Dareus

    Would think a trade-down might be possible then. Just don’t see him as a fit.

  5. By azfan88 on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    darren if ur were gm what area would you focus on, i know there`s no cba but i want to hear your opion would you even draft a qb or go for a vet in free agency

  6. By Darren Urban on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    azfan88 —

    RE: My focus

    The Cards need pass rushers and linebackers. They also obviously need a QB. I am not an expert, so I can’t pretend to know how these draft-able QBs project to say if I would want one. I do think there are more questions with Newton/Gabbert than I’d like at pick No. 5. I would seriously think about a QB in the second round. No matter what, I would be signing or trading for a veteran.

  7. By Aaron on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    While I hope that the Cards pick up Von Miller, If he is indeed taken by the time the Cards are on the board, I think the safe thing to do is pick the best overall player in the draft in Patrick Peterson. Shore up that Secondary! That could be a top tier defensive backfield with his addition. As for Gabbert I’m not sold on the kid, and I have to say I don’t think there is a top 15 pick QB in the draft this year.

  8. By Barry on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    I’m thinking Buffalo will snag Miller and think we need to Snag a real “franchise” QB Gabbert and keep Skelton backup.. drop DA and Hall. Hall has potential but we use the spread and he can’t see over the lineman to make the throws. Height is his dis-advantage.

    Peterson will also be valuable on our defense considering it had as many holes as swiss cheese last year.

    Dedicated fan.


  9. By brad oneill on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    the biggest difference between a cb or qb being drafted number 5 is the cornerback will be subbed in and out and allowed to develop his strengths whereas a qb pretty much has to play every down if they commit to him.

    Look at how max hall was viewed. now was he really any worse than daryl washington, washington and max both had really good moments but its a lot harder to see washingtons short comings because of where he played and because the cardinals substituted for him frequently.

    Andre roberts would probably be a better example everyone saw his rough start but he caught on and actually looked like an asset instead of a liability towards the end of the year.

    Max got thrown in then pulled before he ever had a chance to right his wrongs. I find it interesting that teams give kevin kolb years to develop behind the scenes but a guy like max is considered done by the media after being forced into the action prematurely and although he did not perform at the same level as sam bradford he was behind a porous line and playing in some tough games.

  10. By RelayTV on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    I have been hoping the Cards will take Peterson in the first round for months now, and I stand by that, but…

    Picking Gabbert could work out to be a great move if he turns out to be our next franchise QB. And let’s face it, this will be the last year that we will be drafting in the top 10 for many years at least, so it may be our last chance to draft a first round QB.

    I watched some of his games from last season, he has flashes of brilliance, but only flashes. Sometimes he reminds me of a Kurt Warner (Looks great in spread formations, and throws into double coverage very well, but struggles on deep throws (and some short ones too)) and other times he reminds me of Max Hall (Great in college, but will get eaten alive in the pros.)

    Yeah, we all know that Whiz likes to throw the ball, even when he should be calling a run, and Gabbert seems to excel in that type of pass-happy offense, but honestly, I just don’t see the Cards paying top $ for a QB with so many question marks.

    Peterson has no such burdens, and will cost the team much less.

  11. By Beauchamp on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    We need to take best available every time we reach it does us no good. If peterson or prince are there we could use another db and our nickel set would devastate opponents.

  12. By Andre on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    If Von Miller is gone, then the question becomes whether the Cards actually think Patrick Peterson or Blaine Gabbert is worth the pick. Peterson seems great but is unneeded and Gabbert can be a reach and a risk. They can conceivably trade their pick to a team like the Patriots. I’ve looked at the formula and both Patriots first two picks come under the Cards pick by 70 points. The cards would have more options if this where the case which is very much needed.

  13. By Marcelo on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    What`s still a enormous doubt is the reason why everybody is talking bout Gabbert when you have Skelton, in my humble opinion, if drafting a QB, get a veteran otherwise mantain John, he is in the spot of being a helluva player.

    But unfortunately it all seems to rely on Fitz ans his wanting a QB. The way Bradford got the ball in St. Louis, Skelton can in Arizona. Maybe not this year, but sometimes sacrifices are meant to be made in order to achieve bigger stuff. If thinkinf of 2012, I believe Skelton would be the master. A short term decision, a veteran may solve the issues.

  14. By Nick Pepe on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Not saying Gabbert is not the guy. Not sure who is. But as far as “throwing into double coverage very well”….. I’d rather have a guy that accurately reads a double and finds an alternate target that’s open. That’s just me.


  15. By Nick Pepe on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    I think we need help in the D backfield.

  16. By DoblerFan on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Nick Pepe, No real Cardinal fan wants Fitz to be traded, its just that ultimately it isn’t up to the organization if he leaves, its up to Larry. The feeling I get from Darren is that we’re safe though.

    Andre, I wouldn’t say another CB isn’t needed. In the pass happy NFL you must have good CB depth and we don’t. To get the arguably #1 player in the draft at 5 is quite a big deal. I still have got this bromance with R.Quinn though. Now if someone (hopefully the Pats with their 17th & 28th picks you mention) wants to jump up to take Peterson or maybe A.J. Green (before Cleve. at #6), I wouldn’t hesitate. Then draft OT at 17, OLB at 28, and possibly NT, QB, TE, or MLB at 35.

  17. By aitchem on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Best help we can give the DBs is to create an actual pass rush, which we haven’t had in years. I know Miller’s the popular choice with everyone but me, and I don’t anticipate this happening (even if Miller’s gone at 5), but Robert Quinn can move outside, he’s quick, and he’s an absolute beast.

  18. By #1CardinalFan on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    I think we need to pick up a vet like for say Chad Pennington, or Marc Bulger. They are not the best but would make a good duo with Skelton at number 2. If we draft a QB I would like McElroy.
    Upside: Possible late round steal; giving us the forst few rounds for the O-line a Pass rusher.

    Downside: Might not work out very well

  19. By #1CardinalFan on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    and slightly injury prone

  20. By aitchem on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    BTW, Darren – your “Path to the Draft” is a really cool piece.

  21. By Relay TV on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Sometimes there is no open receiver Nick.

    Gabbert throws well into tight throwing lanes (he seems to struggle with wide-open receivers, strangely.)

  22. By KingJM on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply


    Will there be a draft party this year? If so, can i please have the information?

  23. By Darren Urban on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    KingJM —

    RE: Draft party info

    Draft Party info was on the back of the March issue of Sidelines.

    Thursday April 28, 2011
    University of Phoenix Stadium – Great Lawn
    Being held in conjunction with the Big Red Rib and Music Festival
    Gates open 4:00pm
    Introduction of 2011 Cardinals Cheerleaders – 4:30 pm
    2011 NFL Draft Coverage/Round 1 – 5pm
    Event closes – 9:00pm

    Admission is free.

  24. By georgiebird on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    If available, the Cardinals have to pick either Gabbart or Newton. If the Cardinals don’t pick a QB and 49ers and/or Rams are successful with drafting these young QBs then the Cardinals are finished for many years to come.
    Vonn Miller is the Vernon Golston of this draft and if there is ever a position that the Cardinals mess up in the draft it’s linebacker.
    If Gabbart and Newton are gone, then my position is to draft the best player AJ Green and get McNabb to play in the weal NFL West. This would be the Cardinals best move for 2011 because the Cardinal wide receiver talent (contrary to popular opinion) is pretty thin after Larry.

  25. By Nick Pepe on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    If he has difficulty with open receivers will might as well give Anderson’s jersey…. And keep the same name, same number…. Hell, just stick with Anderson ! My divorce attorney put up a better argument and I am pretty sure he was sleeping with my ex!

  26. By cards62 on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Whiz may be talking QB but from earlier post it is good to see Cardinal fans talking about our underachieving OL. I think we all agree that our 1st need is QB,
    but not with our early picks but with free agency. I would love for the Patriots to trade with us, but the Pats love to stockpile their picks so this will be interesting to watch. I think our team has too many holes to fill in one year unless we are real active and real lucky in free agency, but I think we can contend right away with a QB, and good OL play. Duece Lutui should be working his butt off as this could be his year for a big pay day with us or some other team so if he shows up this year as a fat man he is not a football player. I pray Faneca retires as there is no way he was one of our best 5 linemen last year, I have seen some great and I mean great run blocking from Levi Brown over the years, but I agree with others that he takes plays off. I do think he would be a great run blocking guard and above average pass blocking guard so I wish we would learn from our Leonard Davis blunder and move Levi Brown to guard, because if we do not Dallas will move Levi to guard after his contract expires just like they did Leonard Davis. In my opinion we do not have a good starting tackle on our roster.
    We have 3 good backs, a great WR, a good WR Breaston, and you guys know I want Kyle Rudolph from ND in the 2nd round to be our tightend. If you add a good QB, and a good play calling coach, and a good OL I think we win the west. I agree we have several issues on defense but our offense was so dismal last year I think they exposed our defense too much and I think our defense lost confidence in our offense to do anything so they gave up at times. Our defense does need help and I would draft Peterson or Von Miller at # 5 if available and we can not trade down as they are best available, but I hope we can trade down for some extra picks.
    I love my Cardinals but I just think we have too many holes to fill for 1 draft.
    GO Cards!

  27. By AndyStandsUp on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Darren, part of your logic in choosing Peterson was he could be the best player available.
    If AJ Green is left on the Cards board as BPA, would he be the possible pick? I know you also have to include need and I’m getting a vibe from you that the chances of keeping Steve Breaston are diminishing. (Just a feeling, nothing substantial.)

  28. By Darren Urban on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    AndyStands —

    RE: AJ Green

    I suppose, if Miller and Peterson were gone — and I realize I am hedging for the first time here — Green could be an option. But given how much a) they want to keep Fitz and b) how hard it is to keep one star receiver happy given the QB situation, I just don’t see it. I think either Miller or Peterson will be there.

  29. By AZLOGAN on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    I’d say if Miller is gone, definately go for Peterson I’m not quite sold on Gabbert either. Darren if we do take Gabbert do you think Whiz will let him and Skelton duel it out for the starting job or would the job be Gabberts to lose. If you ask me Skelton has a lot of upside to him and already has developed chemistry with Fitz. The risk of drafting a QB that high and not working out are HUGE especially considering that we already have a guy like Skelton.

  30. By Darren Urban on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Azlogan —

    RE: Gabbert vs Skelton

    One of the reasons I’m not sure they take a risk on a QB first. If you take a QB at No. 5, he IS your QB of the future, period.

  31. By drummer-1 on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Why is everyone so high on Gabbert? Earlier in the year when everyone thought Andrew Luck was coming, you guys was saying theres no other qb worth drafting if it’s not Luck, now he’s staying in college and now for some reason Gabbert is the cardinals franchise qb,, what flip flopping some fans do.

    Some people is so high on how Sam Bradford played this past year because he was a rookie, that doesn’t mean he will be a great qb, Matt Leinart had a good rookie season, look at him now, third string qb and couldn’t hold on too a starting ,when he was here..

  32. By Nick Pepe on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    I was always taught that if no one is open, throw it away. I never played at a higher level than high school….. But if no one is open a) don’t force it b) don’t take a sack. 4 things can result from a pass play, and 3 of them are not good. Throw the ball away if nothing is there. Why am I wasting my time with this?

  33. By Nick Pepe on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    Whoever it was that mentioned Kyle Ruldoph as a potential TE, I am right there with you. Football player.

  34. By CrazyLady25 on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    We take Von Miller, because we desperately need a “pass-rushing”, “kill-the-QB”, OLB. He won’t play every down, but more and more as the season progresses.

    Look, we have a new DC, Horton; a CBs guy. We also have Deshea Townsend as a Coach, a CB who played in the league LAST YEAR.

    Next year, let the D play real D and let Skelton develop with the offense.

  35. By Eazy E on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    No Blaine Cam!!!

  36. By daniel corrales on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    Let skelton be our franchise Qb , he can make big throws , he just needs help , so if we fix our Oline ,&& get a TE that can make the catch ,the Qb Situation will be solved

  37. By SCCards on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    A lot of conjecture here. Couple of valid points that that I agree with gleaned from the other posters – 1) the D needs help, but they were made to look ‘worse’ by an underacheiving O last season; 2) QB is thin in this draft for the early first round teams; 3) Skelton needs to have a chance

    I watched Skelton in the CAR game and thought that he played a decent game. His involvement on the sideline wasn’t overwhelming, but he seemed to be trying to get his OFF more ‘excited’ about the game. I would contribute some of his inhibition – or at least what I viewed as inhibition – as youth. With last years experience and this year’s camp under his belt I believe that he can be a ‘good’ QB for us.

    I like Peterson at 5. The D backfield can use some help, and unless we can score a solid DT and OLB to help with the pass rush then we could use a strong player in the D backfield…to help…

  38. By Jeff Gollin on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    I have this gnawing feeling that – given the state of our O-line (i.e. not horrible but not all that good either) – we could draft Joe Montana or Peyton Manning and wind up with those guys running for their lives and never having enough time to go through their reads and get rid of the ball in time.

    Which leads me to ask:

    If we were to focus solely on doing & spending whatever it took to develop a first-rate O-line from tackle to tackle and letting the QB situation fall where it might, would we possibly be better off – since it would both boost our run game (thereby taking the heat off our QB’s) and our guys wouldn’t be running for their lives?

    I like our O-line depth. I’m just not sold that (with, perhaps, the exception of Sendlein, our starting 5 can get the job done in dominating fashion.

    Once we had the O-line situation under control, then we could then, if necessary, focus on upgrading our QB situation.

    I realize this sort of turns our set of personnel priorities on its head, but we might get where we’re going faster ( & our offensive success would be more sustainable)

  39. By RelayTV on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    Nick Pepe
    “My divorce attorney put up a better argument and I am pretty sure he was sleeping with my ex!”

    I can’t understand why she left, you seem to be such a pleasant person.

  40. By RelayTV on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    To restate the obvious:

    A throwing lane in the NFL is almost always smaller than it was in college, and ALWAYS smaller than it was in High School.

    That means guys that were “covered” in college and HS are “open” in the Pros.

    Time and time again I watched as the great Kurt Warner threw to Fitz in double, and even triple coverage — successfully.

    And if memory serves me, and it does, we lost the SuperBowl because Big Ben threw to Santonio Holmes who was in TRIPLE coverage.

    I guess the two time Lombardi winning QB thought that “always throwing it away” was not the best course of action.

    Gabbert can hit the tight throws. He is highly accurate when he needs to be. Anderson could NOT hit the tight throws when he needed to. That’s why Anderson will be out of the league next season, and Gabbert will probably be a first round draft pick.

    Now NIck, for the last time, I will spell it out for you because you seem to be slow:

    I DO NOT WANT THE CARDINALS TO PICK GABBERT. I want them to find their next QB in free agency.

    Therefore, I am NOT “making an argument” for him. I want us to draft Peterson with the #5 pick. I have been saying this for months.

    Maybe you can read the ENTIRE post before typing in your next “witty response.”

    You might not look so foolish in the future that way.

  41. By Matt in Philly on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    If Miller is gone, why not trade down and take Aldon Smith. He’s the type of player that would move to the OLB in a 3-4 and he was a monster in the few short seasons he played at Mizzou. I’ve watched a lot of Mizzou games over the past two years, and as much as I was unimpressed by Gabbert, I found Smith to be a terrifying pass rusher. We have a lot of holes to fill (O-line, TE, LBs). Let’s grab an extra pick and address one of those concerns in the second or third round

  42. By Mike Ellingboe on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply


    I understand your logic but I get the gnawing feeling that our QB play last year could have made the Cowboys O-Line in the 90’s look pretty average. While what we have has always been a far cry from the aforementioned monsters on Dallas’ O-Line they looked pretty competent when Warner was taking the snaps.

  43. By Mario on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply


    Love your work. Regarding drafting a QB….enough is enough with developmental QB’s and Gabbert talk. It turns my stomach to even consider the notion we would take this guy and pay him a huge contract so we can start the development process, we have 2 developmental QB’s already. We need a day 1 starter for the #5 pick and a day 1 starter for the QB position period. A Gabbert selection is the beginning of a complete overhaul and the next 4-5 years of looking at the rear ends of the 9ers, Seahawks and Rams. Unacceptable.



  44. By Nick Pepe on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    @ Mario
    Allow me to second that motion.

  45. By Mike Ellingboe on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    @Mario and Nick,

    In case you missed last season our QB situation needs to be overhauled, and none of the developmental QB’s we currently have are anywhere near Gabbert’s skill level. As only the Rams have a franchise QB on their roster it’s their rear ends the other three teams will be looking at until they get a QB themselves.

    I hope we’re not delusional enough to think there are any FA and/or pending veteran candidates that are a long-term answer either. Best case scenario is a couple of respectable seasons of QB play and then we’re right back to having to address the situation again (unless, and I still see it as very unlikely, we manage to pry Kolb from Philadelphia, and that’s a whole new set of questions). Hate to open old wounds, but as we witnessed last year the worst case scenario is watching another “proven” QB play at a level that any third-stringer could match.

    It would turn my stomach to think we’ve relegated ourselves to another cast-away at the most important position on the field. Looking at recent history, the early round rookie QB’s have had a better immediate impact than the veterans who were brought in (i.e. – Ryan, Bradford, Freeman, Sanchez, Flacco vs. McNabb, Campbell, Delhomme, etc.) Granted, some notable exceptions each way (Favre’s first year, Clausen, so forth – and the Cassel trade appears to be working out) but it seems to be a common misconception that a rookie will take longer to work into the system than a veteran FA.

  46. By Chuck 1 on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    By RelayTV on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    “And let’s face it, this will be the last year that we will be drafting in the top 10 for many years at least, so it may be our last chance to draft a first round QB.”

    To RelayTV, I wish that were true, but Graves and Whiz haven’t shown that they can put together a roster that can even win the NFC Worst. The OLine is dismal and there is no QB capable of facing a determined defensive rush.

  47. By drummer-1 on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    @Mike Ellingboe,

    What makes you think gabbert is a franchise QB? I think Skelton is much better, Gabbert haven’t played a down in the Nfl. what makes you think Sam bradford is a franchise QB for the rams, yes he had a good rookie season but so did Leinart and you see how good he turned out, so the jury is still out on Bradford.Yeah Skeltons 4 games we’re so,so but he showed promise. What if the Cowboys had given up on Aikman his rookie year when he went 1-15, what about Payton Manning he went 3-13 his rookie year, just give up on him for a qb that wasn’t even projected to go in the 1st 3 rds untill Andrew Luck decided to stay in college..But all of a sudden he’s a franchise qb get real..

  48. By Mike Ellingboe on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply


    “Graves and Whiz haven’t shown that they can put together a roster that can even win the NFC Worst.”

    Except when they did it in 08 and 09?

  49. By cardsalltheway on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    THANK YOU to those pretending that we’ll draft a QB at # 5, you just might help in fooling another team and increase our chance of trading down if Von Miller, PP7, and A.J. Green are all gone before our # 5 pick. Go Cards!

  50. By cardsalltheway on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    If we pick B. Gabbert or C. Newton at our # 5 then yes, we’ll see another Kelly Stouffer like 1987 Cardinal draft. Don’t be a killjoy on draft day coach!

  51. By DoblerFan on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    Well put Drummer-1. Gabbert’s status is only elevated do to the quality this year at QB. Experts always say that if a early 1st round QB doesn’t pan out , it usually sets your team back 3-5 years. I just wouldn’t take that chance with Gabbert. Coach just isn’t blowin smoke.

    Since we’re talking Ex’s, why is it all you drummers like to steal our old ladies? Actually I was done a favor!

    Wait, your not him are you!

  52. By Mike Ellingboe on Apr 7, 2011 | Reply


    Where do you get your info that Gabbert wasn’t projected to go in the first three rounds until Luck decided to go back to college? He declared for the draft before Luck made his announcement and was considered the #2 QB available at that time, hence his elevation to #1 for most of the process. Like one QB could really have that much effect on the remaining players (???). Even w/o Luck this draft is still projected to have three first round QB’s and if not for Mallett’s reported off-the-field issues that number would likely be 4. It’s almost a lock that three more will be gone by round 2.

    Anyways, I’d say Bradford’s performance as a rookie with the worst team this side of Detroit over the past few seasons and the level he took them to would give me reason to call him a franchise QB. More TD’s than picks, 60% completion percentage to the league’s worst group of WR’s, and over 3K in yardage being more reasons – how do you compare anything Leinart did to that?

    Comparing Skelton to Aikman and Manning? Speaking of getting real. Remember for a second, before elevating Skelton into that category, that the coaching staff that drafted him and worked with him every day had him third on the depth chart behind DA and Hall. Not saying he doesn’t show promise but it seems the only group comfortable with him as our starter next season are on this site.

    Finally, you see Skelton as “much better” than Gabbert? On the basis of what? Not taking a snap in the NFL yet? No kidding, he’s just entering the draft this year. Gabbert was one of the highest rated QB’s in the country coming out of high school, Skelton wasn’t recruited by anyone in his own state. Gabbert has a ranking of 96 coming out of college, there was a lot of debate about Skelton even being drafted last year. Gabbert made a pretty mediocre team competitive in the Big 12, lead them to a victory over Oklahoma, is about as blue-chip of a prospect as you can get in terms of physical skills (live arm, pro-size, mobile, accurate, intelligent). Skelton reportedly wasn’t even showing command of basic formations for most of the year.

    Am I guaranteeing that Gabbert is the answer to our problems at QB? No, but anybody can see his pedigree is light years ahead of what is currently on our roster. Can’t say whether we’ll take him or not, but I will maintain it would be completely foolish not to strongly consider him at #5 if he’s available. Unless we’re content with a guy who has graded out as highly as he has throughout his career ending up in SF and seeing one more team in our division locking down their QB position for the next decade or so.

  53. By drummer-1 on Apr 8, 2011 | Reply


    Thats funny…Naw that wasn’t me.. Lets hope the cardinals get Miller..

  54. By Nick Pepe on Apr 8, 2011 | Reply

    Best available, best fit whoever that may be. I am not thrilled with any QB in this draft, but what do I know ……it could end up producing a class like the ’83 draft!

    And thanks for calling me witty. But I must admit I stole that line from an old movie. My wife has tolerated me for 17 years and counting. Not sure how, but she has!

  55. By drummer-1 on Apr 8, 2011 | Reply

    @Mike Ellingboe

    I ask you the same question what makes you think that Gabbert if a nfl franchise QB? His play in college is just that college play, Ryan Leaf was great in college how long did he last. Like i said earlier, noone even new the name Gabbert untill Luck dicided to stay in college, you we’re probably one of those fans saying,there’s no qb worth drafting if his name is not Luck, now it’s the team going to suck for years to come if we don’t get Gabbert,why such a flip flop, and yes Skelton has done a little more in the nfl than Gabbert has, don’t cha think.

    Who care’s Skelton was 3rd on the depth chart, that just mean he worked hard enough to elevate himself, thats what you need from players.. But still tell me what have Gabbert done in the nfl to make you think he’s a franchise QB.

    By me comparing Skelton to Aikman and Manning is if their team had giving up on them because of a bad rookie season where would they be, they were drated much higher, skelton had 1 more win than aikmen, 1 less than manning, they both played 16 games, Skelton 4 games..ok now you going to say thats because the cards play in a week div. but remember the cardinals were in the nfc east when aikman came into the league.
    what does the coaching staff drafting Skelton has to do with anything, here’s a secret…(don’t tell anyone) that same coaching staff would be drafting Gabbert so whats your point?

  56. By Chuck 1 on Apr 8, 2011 | Reply

    To: Mike Ellingboe

    And, what did Graves and Whiz do last year with the roster?
    Assemble a group of players that, no less than Kurt Warner said in an interview, (I’m paraphrasing) “the Cardinals have a lot of holes to fill”.
    The Cards don’t have enough draft picks to fill all of the holes in the OLine, D-line (did they stop the run in 2010?) and LBs. And, anyway, Whiz probably wouldn’t play rookies very much.
    And, I’m not sure that the Bidwills and Graves will open the wallet to compete against other teams to fill those holes (and the all-important QB position) with FAs.

  57. By Mike Ellingboe on Apr 8, 2011 | Reply


    Ask Darren to pull up every post I’ve ever made here and if you can find one anywhere that backs your claim that I clamored for Luck and flip-flopped to Gabbert I won’t make another comment about the draft until it’s over. Luck was never realistic, it was a virtual lock that he would be the #1 pick.

    Quite the opposite, I was the first to mention Gabbert’s name as a potential candidate for us before he ever declared for the draft. Just because you hadn’t heard of him doesn’t make him any less of an early first-round candidate than he’s always been, even if you had passively followed his college career you would have read that he was planning to return to Missouri for his senior year until being advised that he’d be picked early in this year’s draft. You still haven’t divulged your source as to where you heard that he was ever rated outside of the first three rounds…

    The point about this coaching staff drafting Skelton was keyed in who he played behind last year. Do you really think Manning and Aikman would have been 3rd on the depth chart behind such stalwarts as Derek Anderson and Max Hall? Blaine Gabbert wouldn’t be either. Skelton didn’t work his way up the chart, he was playing because the guys in front of him were hurt. The coaching staff was so comfortable with his progress that they debated starting Bartel, a QB off the street, ahead of him. I gave what I thought was a pretty long list of reasons that Gabbert clearly has the potential to be a franchise QB, re-read it. The term “franchise QB” is often used to describe early first-round picks who exhibit the skills to excel at the next level of play. Obviously it’s a projection, what else could it be when they haven’t been drafted yet?

  58. By Mike Ellingboe on Apr 8, 2011 | Reply

    @Chuck 1,

    Here’s your quote:

    “Graves and Whiz haven’t shown that they can put together a roster that can even win the NFC Worst.”

    I merely pointed out the obvious, that they’ve already put together a roster (twice) that has won our division, so when you say they haven’t shown they can it either means (a) your memory is really bad, or (b) you meant to say something else. In light of your most recent post focusing on last year we’ll go with (b).

    To that point we were left with all kinds of holes. Not too many teams can have the kind of turnover in coaching staffs and roster moves they did and come out of it unscathed. A significant number of starters from the Super Bowl team are gone and virtually no one replaces a QB like Warner overnight (if ever). Big tip of the cap to GB for replacing Favre with Rodgers, and I’m sure everyone remembers Montana/Young but it took Pitt about three decades to find Big Ben after Bradshaw, Miami and Denver have never come close to replacing Marino and Elway, Buffalo is still searching for another Jim Kelly, it doesn’t look like Romo will join the ranks of Staubach and Aikman in the halls of Cowboy lore, so on and so forth.

    With that very notable exception I thought they did a very solid job filling in the other holes left behind (Lenon for Dansby, Rhodes for Rolle, CC for Smith – although he has to play much better going forward – Breaston for Johnson, etc.). Having been a Cardinal fan for a couple of decades, as I’m sure you have yourself, we’ve seen on many occasions what mediocre QB play does to a franchise’s history. Here’s hoping they can get it figured out sooner than later.

  59. By Chuck 1 on Apr 9, 2011 | Reply


    Luckily, I haven’t had to endure the pain and angst that most Cards fans have had to for decades.
    I was a Steelers fan since I was a kid (which is longer than I want to admit; can you say the ’40s).
    Then, when I thought that Whiz was screwed over, I followed him to AZ.
    But, now that I’m a Cards fan, I want them to continue to improve and I’m not sure that Graves and Whiz made good personnel decisions between the 2009 and 2010 seasons.
    So, I’m in a wait and see mode. I want them to show me.

  60. By Mark on Apr 10, 2011 | Reply

    I also don’t see any QB’s worth a 5th overall pick in this draft. Anyone interested in Cam Newton can get the same QB for alot less in Vince Young. Cardinals can’t forget how weak the O-Line was last year. Although I’m not a huge fan of first round O-linemen considering the Cardinals past, it’s something to consider. Would be nice to see Patrick Peterson in the Card’s secondary.

  61. By Mike Ellingboe on Apr 10, 2011 | Reply

    @Chuck 1,

    Fair enough, and nobody will argue your premise that we need to get a legit replacement for Warner asap.

  62. By Michael M on Apr 14, 2011 | Reply

    We have to rebuild because money first players like Boldin, Dansby, lose three key players on the team.. Of course you will have to continue to rebuild,

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