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Posted by Darren Urban on June 16, 2011 – 4:55 pm

Apropos of nothing, I noticed Larry Fitzgerald re-tweeting this video the other day, and it’s fascinating. It’s a TV piece run when Fitz was a Pitt sophomore (right before he came out of school) gunning for the Heisman Trophy in 2003 (he finished second behind Oklahoma QB Jason White). More importantly, it traces Fitz’s life at the end of high school and for his year in a military prep school because he didn’t have the grades to go to college. There’s also good stuff of Fitz talking about his mother’s (ultimately losing) battle with breast cancer.

Oh, and there are lots of good pictures of Fitz with very short hair, long before the dreads.

Speaking of Fitz with dreads, he is back in Minnesota as usual this time of year working out with various fellow NFLers. Why, just this morning he put out the picture below of this morning’s workout partners — including, standing next to Fitz,  Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton … wait, what?!? I mean, if Donovan McNabb was coming to the Cardinals just because he happened to work out with Fitz and the Cards at Arizona State, then Orton flying to Minnesota just to be with Fitz must mean …

OK, I can’t do it. Orton apparently has known Fitz for a long time and besides, this happens all the time (Greg Jennings has long been a regular with Fitz in Minny; why doesn’t anyone peg Jennings as a future Card?). It’s probably not a coincidence that Orton’s Broncos teammate and one-time University of Minnesota Gopher, receiver Eric Decker, is also in the picture having worked out. Maybe that’s the real Orton connection?

Orton’s dad is the fourth guy to make it into Fitz’s shot, leading to the Tweet of the day by @ScottHoward42: “Based on that Larry Fitzgerald twitpic I now think there’s a strong chance Kyle Orton’s Dad will be the Cards QB. Thoughts?”

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  1. By AndyStandsUp on Jun 16, 2011 | Reply

    That was a cool video. Seeing Larry Sr. tear up and regret his decision about not having Jr. see his mother before her passing was heart wrenching.
    Darren, what’s the possibility (and I knows there’s ALWAYS a chance) of Fitz workout partner Tavaris Jackson joining the team as a backup?
    You’ve stated many times you expect the Cards to flood the QB position this off season.

  2. By Darren Urban on Jun 16, 2011 | Reply

    AndyStands —

    RE: QB

    Now that we are through the draft, I expect them to get one major veteran guy to be the starter, Skelton will be the backup and they will let Bartel and Hall fight for No. 3. So no, I don’t expect there to be interest in Jackson.

  3. By Chris on Jun 17, 2011 | Reply

    Please for the LOVE OF GOD NEVER NEVER EVER say Tarvarus Jackson and the cards in the same sentance this guy had AP, Sid Rice, Percy Harvin I can keep going but I wont. Look at How bad he played he is soooo bad I would consider Young over him which should never be spoken of as well. We are going after Palmer, Oton, Kolb, or Bulger otherwise we will be in deep shi*

    Wow did you really say jack WOW. I bet you were one of the Geniuses who thought Anderson should start over leinart as well……….

  4. By Peter in Canada on Jun 17, 2011 | Reply

    Don’t laugh, Kyle Orton’s dad might be an upgrade on some of the QB play last year. He looks like he has experience so he has at least half of what we are looking for.

  5. By NYCARDSFAN on Jun 17, 2011 | Reply

    Thanks for sharing the video, Darren. One of my all time favorite Cardinals. Larry is such an unbelievable person and a real class act.

  6. By cdubbbbbb on Jun 17, 2011 | Reply

    It’s a sign alright, that fitz will be in Denver next season….. lmao yea right!

  7. By cards62 on Jun 17, 2011 | Reply

    Darren there you go stirring the pot again ha ha.

    Orton would be just fine with me, and if we bring that Jennings fella along I am also very good with that.

    I do hope you are wrong Darren and we bring in 2 experience QBs. QBs get hurt too often and all of the ones on the market come with questions so no sure thing.
    QB is too important and our # 1 need and we will still spend a lot less than we did on Warner and Leinart.

    We need OL help and front 7 help on defense after QB position. I just hope Duece comes to camp in shape. Has anyone heard anything on Duece?

    Go Cards

  8. By AndyStandsUp on Jun 17, 2011 | Reply

    Chris, I was suggesting Jackson as a backup, not a starter, and probably 3rd string behind Skelton.
    And Anderson HAD to start once Leinart was cut during the preseason.

    You know there are books,CDs, classes, etc. that help foreigners learn how the English language is used, correct?

  9. By Casey on Jun 17, 2011 | Reply


    Are the Cardinals one of the teams resistng the currenct compromise between the NFL and the NFLPA?

    I ask because as we all well know, the Cardinals were some $20-$25 million below what the minimum spending limit would have been for 2010 if the normal minimum spending limit would have been in place (I know, blasphemy on a site like this! Are you even allowed to post something like that? Wow, what a great job you truly have!), but given the Bidwill’s legacy, again as we all know, they took advantage of the absence of of a minimum spending limit to pad their own pockets with the difference- $20-$30 million minimally. We can all turn a blind eye to that fact or we can accept the diminutive resources of our miserly ownership group. I vote for facing the facts, but I’d love for someone from the Bidwills to finally admit that they aren’t willing to spend the the kind of cash other owners are because they can’t risk the same capital their peers can because they simply haven’t been as economically successful as 90% of the League.

    I can only imagine that Mr. B and Michael are front and center against the currrent proposal given that it will suddenly require them to expend another $30-$40 million in REAL CASH just to conform with the current limits being discussed. I’m not sure the “poor old Bidwills” can even comply with that, can they?

    I’m probably one of the few on this board who would love to see a sale of the Cards to an ownership group like AEG who actually have the money to make and keep this team a competitive enterprise- and that includes folks like yourself Darren. Imagine what it would be like to work for an ownership group who could actually afford your salary Darren….

  10. By sport245245 on Jun 17, 2011 | Reply

    Casey, you are a jackwagon. Delusional does not begin to describe you. We have heard your refrain sung for years, and it still does not ring true. Your were among the thousands that didn’t show up at games, but railed that the Bidwills were cheap. They were promised a stadium when they brought the team here to Arizona, and it wasn’t SUN DEVIL STADIUM. You and all the frontrunners and bandwagon jumpers can go jumpe in Tempe Lake. Jackwagon.

  11. By drummer-1 on Jun 18, 2011 | Reply

    @ Casey… Just shaking my head at your comment, it’s been said many of times, spending doesn’t mean winning, just ask the Redskins..

  12. By Scott H on Jun 18, 2011 | Reply

    I’ll say this – if it were a choice bewteen Orton’s dad and Derek Anderson, I”m taking Mr Orton.

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