A “minicamp” plan of sorts, and other stuff

Posted by Darren Urban on June 21, 2011 – 9:49 am

Kent Somers has some comments from safety Adrian Wilson this morning about Cards vets — notably Wilson and Larry Fitzgerald, but including guys like Levi Brown and Jeremy Bridges — trying to organize a three-day “minicamp” for the players as they wait out what is hopefully the final stretch of the labor impasse.

“We’re trying to get three days in, or three practices in, depending on what guys have to do,” Wilson told Somers. “We’re not trying to take up guys’ time but we are trying to get better as a team, get better as individual units.”

There is only so much the Cards can do, assuming Wilson and Fitz can gather the troops. There are only so many troops to gather (do potential free agents like Steve Breaston and Deuce Lutui, for example, take part?) and with the knowledge the probable starting quarterback isn’t even on the roster yet makes for an interesting dynamic. Then again, it doesn’t surprise me that Wilson, etc., don’t want to sit idly by.

— The news came down yesterday that because Qwest is being merged into CenturyLink, the Seahawks’ home field is no longer Qwest Field but CenturyLink Field. I re-tweeted this info yesterday, leading follower @ethanpoulsen to say “False Start Field was it’s name before…and always will be it’s name.”

As I noted on Twitter, however, the Cards have done a good job with that. The Cards have only been nailed for five false starts total in the last three visits to Seattle, and none last year (despite a bad, bad game offensively). Two other ones came from tight ends, both in 2008, by Stephen Spach and Leonard Pope. The other three were in 2009 — two by RT Levi Brown and one from LT Mike Gandy.

— Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. breaks down the Cards’ receivers. He has interesting takes on both Breaston and Andre Roberts.

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2 Responses to “A “minicamp” plan of sorts, and other stuff”

  1. By cards62 on Jun 21, 2011 | Reply

    Mini camp would be great and it is good to see a couple of offensive linemen involved, but discouraging not seeing Duece Lutui name mentioned. I like Duece just hope he is in football shape when the season begins and I hope he wants to be a Cardinal. I am concerned about both issues with Lutui. Can any Cards fans enlighten me on their info on Duece?

    Thanks Darren I enjoy reading all your article and the ones you ask us to review like on the receivers. In my opinion, Steve Breaston is still very productive and we have to resign him. I do not think he will be expensive. I think Steve and Larry put up solid numbers for our horrible QB situation last year. Worse in the league or second worse to Carolina in my opinion.

    We all keep seeing the talent of Doucet and Beanie Wells and just keep hoping for them to break out. I sure hope this happen for both of them in 2011.

    Williams was great in the preseason and Andre Roberts looked like a Buster Davis or Cody Brown, but as the season went on even with our QB situation the kid Roberts did get better and better and Williams just disappeared. Exciting if we can get a solid QB and have a solid OL to see how our skill players perform as we have a very young group and with Larry F. as the leader I just think we could see some fireworks.

    I remain confident for 2011 and I think our Cardinals will not go crazy with signings, but that they will sign key players and resign our key players so that we will compete for the division and playoff victories.

    Go Cards

  2. By Brad ONeill on Jun 21, 2011 | Reply

    I think Breaston will be expensive to resign but he is worth every penny. The problem is there are a lot of teams that could use a player of steves caliber. St. Louis, Carolina, chicago, he would be the best receiver on the team. We can’t let another top flight receiver go.

    I had the same thoughts on williams and Roberts. if I had to guess I would say the big lights eventually got to Williams but I think he will be a great receiver for us sooner rather than later.

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