So close to the end

Posted by Darren Urban on July 21, 2011 – 4:48 pm

The NFL owners officially approved the new labor agreement this afternoon. The lockout is close to over, although it’s not — the players still have to approve the deal, and everything remains hinged on the players agreeing to the deal and then re-certify as a union (and players, apparently, aren’t calling it a slam dunk.)

But this is where we are right now, the possibility players could come back to the facility as soon as Saturday, and the new league year (and free agency) starting Wednesday. The NFL’s full press release is here, including all the dates, but below are the key ones coming up (and no, the Cardinals have not yet released when their training camp dates will be as of yet):

July 23                     Voluntary training, conditioning and classroom instruction permitted until first day of clubs’ preseason training camps.

July 23                     Pre-2011 League Year Period commences. 2011 Free Agency List to be issued  and will become effective on the first day of the 2011 League Year (July 27). Clubs/players may begin to renegotiate contracts. Clubs may begin to sign Drafted Rookies and their own UFAs, RFAs, Exclusive Rights Players and Franchise Players.

July 23                     Waivers begin for the 2011 League Year.

July 23                     Starting at 2:00 PM ET, clubs may negotiate with, but not sign, Undrafted Rookie Free Agents, free agents, and other clubs’ UFAs, RFAs, and  Franchise Players.

July 24                     Starting at 2:00 PM ET, clubs may begin to sign undrafted rookie free agents.

July 27                     2011 League Year commences at 2:00 PM ET, provided NFLPA has ratified CBA. Free Agency Signing Period begins. Clubs may sign free agents and other clubs’ Unrestricted Free Agents. Clubs may sign Offer Sheets. Trading period begins. All Clubs must be under the Salary Cap. Top 51 rule applies.

July 27                     Expand rosters to 90-man limit.

July 27                     Training Camps open for all clubs, provided NFLPA has ratified CBA. Day One activities limited to physicals, meetings, and conditioning. No pads permitted on Day Two or Day Three.

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31 Responses to “So close to the end”

  1. By KingJM on Jul 21, 2011 | Reply

    Finally! I can’t wait.

  2. By Mark in Chandler on Jul 21, 2011 | Reply

    Not sure when trades can be negotiated but I am assuming that will start on the 23rd even though nothing can be signed on the 27th. Cards should have cap to not only do the obvious, (new contract for new QB, and Fitz) but should also be able to resign those of thier own they want to, and look at an OL or 2. I like Nicks at RG and Blalock at LG, after resigning Sendlein. Although not discussed much I would look at Mario Harvey and Orie Lemon as UDFA ILB and maybe Smith as UDFA LT and Shuylar Oordt as UDFA TE.

    The end is near. I can almost smell Flagstaff:-)

  3. By Scott H on Jul 21, 2011 | Reply

    Tick, tick, tick…this thing just never ends. I saw some of the press conference on the NFL newtowrk after the owners voted to ratify the deal. It was such a damn JOKE listening to the commish talking about what a great job everyone has done how hard people have been working to get this done. Really? Are we supposed to be impressed with how hard these people have worked??? That is a damn outrage. Sorry, Roger, but these same people let it come to this in the first place and I don’t give a damn how hard or how long they had to work in the past few weeks to get done what could have been done long before now. And, BTW, I’m sure these peolple get paid pretty damn well to do what they do, so…spare me. If anything, you and all of these hard working people should be making a public apology to the fans. Other than that, just shut up.

  4. By tom on Jul 21, 2011 | Reply

    well the players seem to be joking it up! i doubt we will see a deal with quotes like “we are very mad” and “we have no agreement”. how do you feel darren?

  5. By Fred on Jul 21, 2011 | Reply

    The players don’t seem to know what they want ,they had all this time to vote for A plan and didn’t so the owners want ahead and voted for A CBA . The players Knew the owners were meeting today they should of had something to vote on but gave the owns nothing because they don’t seem to know what they want .After all this time WHAT A WASTE OF TIME

  6. By Rugbymuffin on Jul 21, 2011 | Reply


    To the end of what ?

    July ? My patience for this greed infused business, that shows no caring about its product or its customers ?

  7. By Kurt on Jul 21, 2011 | Reply

    Now the players need to act

  8. By cardsalltheway on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    The players won’t accept, they didn’t last time as I recall. If they did, they’d lose face. It would appear they will accept anything. I hope it’s a good deal and they do accept however.

  9. By Jeff Gollin on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    What I don’t understand is how DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell could have this totally candid open 24/7 line of communication (to make certain both sides were operating with the same base of knowledge and understanding) only to have players tweet, e-mail and grumble that “they were kept in the dark.”

    Either Roger wasn’t fully candid with Smith (unlikely)]

    Or Smith wasn’t effectively communicating everything the the 32 Reps (more likely).

    Meanwhile the vitriol spilling from the NFLPA attorney and various player reps (whom I guess want to be seen and heard) is not helpful.

  10. By Chris on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    Darren Plese help!

    So I am thinking clubs should be able to Talk to other clubs without any repecussions can you confirm? I know they cannot sign until the 27th but I just don’t see anything preventing negotiations for Kolb now that the owners approved the labor agreement!

    Also Kolb want’s to be here he is already looking for a house. I think the cardinals should use this to there ADVANTAGE. He has to agree to any new contracts and I don’t think he will sign one anywhere other than here so honestly Philly can trade him to us or hold on to him next year and loose him as a RFA. Plus the fact that Kolb already said his time is over in Philly it didn’t work out so if they try to keep him he might end up hurting them because they screwed him over. What are you thoughts?

  11. By Darren Urban on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    Chris —

    RE: Trades

    I think everyone is going to tread lightly to make sure this doesn’t blow up.

  12. By Chris on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    **hold on to him and loose him after next year because he will be a Ufa.

  13. By LUKE on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    i agree with ……rugby muffin?wha?anyway,ive felt this way since the lockout the players are going to be childish and make everyone wait because they really have no recorse.its like two rich kids fighting over the biggest teddy bear.seriously

  14. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    New homepage poll question:

    How much will Deuce Lutui weigh when he eventually returns to camp?

  15. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    As much as I’d like to see the entire season lost and the owners and players loosing millions and billions of dollars, I’d hate to see the havoc that would wreak on the 10s of 1000s of common men/women employed by this business.

  16. By MikeFlorio on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    Any ideas on proposed training camp dates……wonder if they will even bother traveling to flagstaff. Prolly just stay at the dickie dome and train at home.

  17. By Chris Freeman on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    Darren –

    Do u know anything about the proposed 90 man roster, is this preseason roster ? and is the regular season rosted going to be increased aswell?

  18. By Darren Urban on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    Chris —

    RE: Roster size

    Preseason rosters will be expanded by 10, to 90, with a “normal” cut to 75 before the final preseason game (usually, they go from 80 to 75) and then to the regular 53-man roster for the regular season.

  19. By joe67 on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    I agree with you, Otis Anderson. The common people will get hurt the most. But it would be nice to see both the owners (especially the real fat cats) and the players sit a whole season and loose lotsa MONEY.

  20. By ALONEEAGLE on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    Well Darren, I keep hearing all the analysts talk about Kolb to the Cards, pretty much done deal. My question is, what is it going to cost ? Personal opinion, bad idea. I think it will cost too much, and as I said earlier, the Eagles seem too eager to get rid of him!

  21. By John the draft guy on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    Speculation here.

    Darren, since Kolb will be coming to a new system and his trade seems like a bad secret, could you see a playbook of at least the basics somehow being dropped off to him by say a certain dreadlock WR ?
    I know the coaches cant do things like that but if I was a WR who got wind of a QB coming here, I would sit down with him and share some of the basic philosophies of the offense.

    just a thought

  22. By Darren Urban on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    John the draft guy —

    RE: Playbook

    No, and I think it’s bad idea. There is no sure things and we don’t know what’s going to happen. Kolb himself said the other day his future is too uncertain to jump the gun on any offense by Philly.

  23. By keith on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    My own thought is that the Cards should be the ones getting the draft pick if DRC is traded for Kolb. DRC has been in a pro bowl and is younger. It’s not how it works but it should be. I’ld rather see Beenie traded for Orton…sorry Beenie. Denver loves RB’s.
    Then Az can concentrate on getting a couple of LB and OL free agents. As well as a solid DB to fill DRC’s void and a solid all around TE.

  24. By cardsalltheway on Jul 23, 2011 | Reply

    Ken W.’s words about Kolb could be considered as breaking the rules? Yet he couldn’t resist doing so. Now we have Fitz, I’m not saying Fitz broke any rules when he says “There’s no truth to that at all,” Fitzgerald said Friday via text to The Arizona Republic. “I have no criteria.”

    But you know what, I don’t believe him or at the least I question his honesty. If he had shut up or not said anything, I wouldn’t have.

  25. By cardsalltheway on Jul 23, 2011 | Reply

    I’d rather hear Fitz or better yet Jay Feely(our spokesman) speak up about what they think about duh, the CBA.

  26. By cardsalltheway on Jul 23, 2011 | Reply

    Replace “spokesman” with player representative.

  27. By Scott H on Jul 23, 2011 | Reply


    Do you think the fact that the Eagles are “too eager” to get rid of Kolb has anything to do with the FACT that Kevin’s Kolb value is sky high right now and the Eagles know they can get a lot in return for him? Well, there’s your answer. If they don’t deal Kolb NOW and he leaves as a FA after this year, they get NOTHING for him. If you’re the Eagles, what would you do??? Exactly. THAT is why the Eagles are so eager to “get rid” of Kolb. Now, YOU may not see Kolb as having significant value but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t. Apparently, the Cardinals believe he does. Whether you’re pro-Kolb or totally opposed, that’s really all that matters at this point.

  28. By Chuck 1 on Jul 23, 2011 | Reply

    Fred and Jeff, BINGO!!! You placed the majority of the blame for the latest delay fiasco squarely where it belongs. On the PLAYERS.

    As you said, if DeMaurice and Goodell were negotiating their positions almost constantly for the last few weeks, why in the world weren’t the players kept in the loop by DeMaurice so that they wouldn’t need several days to complete their FINAL review of the agreement after the owners OKd the agreement?

    It’s my understanding that there was only ONE item (that had not been negotiated) that the owners allegedly added to the agreement at the end. How long does it take for DeMaurice and the players to understand that?

  29. By ALONEEAGLE on Jul 24, 2011 | Reply

    Alright Scott H.
    Since you seem to know so much and you are blogging to me like I know nothing, what do you think the cost is going to be? I am sure the Cards know exactly what they are doing. And yes you do make a good point, however my point is What are the Cards going to have to give up to get Kolb, as well as what they are going to have to pay him? I know this team can ill-afford to make the wrong decision at starting QB. That was my point.

  30. By Scott H on Jul 25, 2011 | Reply


    Whoa, relax! No, the tone of my post was NOT I know everything, you know nothing. I don’t think I said anything that isn’t just basic logic for the situation that is with Kolb right now. Beyond that, I’m not sure I KNOW anything. We’ll all know soon enough what the Cardinals think Kolb’s value is…whether we agree with it or not. But with the eagles, yeah, they either have to cash in on Kolb NOW or they get nothing if/when he becomes a FA. Unfortunately, a trade involving DRC makes sense because the eagles need help on defense, especially at CB. I say “unfortunately” because I’d rather not lose DRC.

    I kinda think we agree for the most part. We DEFINITELY agree that this team can ill-afford to make another mistake with the QB position. Truer words were never spoken. Sorry if I came off as condescending. Again, that was not my intention.

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