Dan Williams ready to plug the middle

Posted by Darren Urban on September 16, 2011 – 10:23 am

You know that defense the Cards ran a few times against Carolina last week, the one in which all 11 defenders — including anyone near the line of scrimmage — stand up, with no one with a hand on the ground? Well, nose tackle Dan Williams is ready for a shot to play it … kind of.

“(Defensive line) coach (Ron) Aiken had to explain it to me, ‘Dan, your job description is to play the nose and stop the run,’ ” Williams said, laughing. “You know, I am a backup (for that package). He told me to be ready. I still know that package, so if there is an opportunity, I will be ready.”

OK, so the last thing you expect is for Dumpster Dan, all 6-foot-3 and 327 pounds, to stand up. He’s there to get low and plug the middle. And he did a pretty good job of that in the opener. Williams is a far cry from where he was at the beginning of training camp, when he was not in condition and on the wrong side of the coaches. Williams did work out over the summer — at one point, he joked about not working out, and it came out in a story as a fact — but he acknowledges he would have been better off with no lockout and strength and conditioning coach John Lott guiding him through the summer.

Williams is in shape now.

“I just put it behind me,” Williams said. “I held up my end. It is important what my coaches and teammates think of me. I will give 110 percent and I know I need to be in shape and hit my weight. Comes with the job.”

Williams bemoaned missing a tackle on the sideline at one point against Carolina but “for the most part, as the nose, when they only get 50 or 60 rushing yards, (74, actually) you are a part of it. It felt good.”

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7 Responses to “Dan Williams ready to plug the middle”

  1. By lg on Sep 16, 2011 | Reply

    DE & LB played a hell of a game last week. i look for the same thing this week. but the corners are going to have to do better. cause DC is going to throw the ball all game. tim will lose the the ball. rex cant throw forreal he’s what i call a lucky QB but if our corners play good we will win with eaz trust me.

  2. By Steve on Sep 16, 2011 | Reply

    Run defense did look better, and I prefer that the run stop come first and THEN worry about the yards in the air.

    The secondary issues will be resolved I hope, but stopping the run routinely is about attitude and determination.

    Without that attitude and effort, all else is lost.

  3. By Jesse Robles on Sep 16, 2011 | Reply

    David and Dan…I am telling you. We are going to have depth everywhere pretty soon, love what we are doing here in AZ. Sorry to bring it up, but if we can only get rid of Sarver who is ruining the Suns, we could have some young, good teams here in AZ. I know it is one week, and I am not worried about that, as long as progress is made every day, we are moving in the right direction.

  4. By cardinals1964 on Sep 16, 2011 | Reply

    Trust me, our young corners will get better with each game.If the defense can stay healthy, we will be tough to beat. Have to get Bradley involved in the rotation. Also need better play from A-Dub and Kerry to help protect the young guys until they mature.

  5. By cards62 on Sep 16, 2011 | Reply

    To: lg

    I loved our front 7 energy all day, and was happy with most play of the front 7 except for our OLBs. What did you see from them that hopefully I missed?

    I was not upset with our D. I think if we give up 21 points or less every game with our offense that we will have a very successful season.

    Cardinals 20 Redskins 17 Go Cards!

  6. By Jonathan on Sep 16, 2011 | Reply

    Like many of you, I’m very excited about our front seven. I do feel that once Bradley gets comfortable with the 3-4 scheme, he’s going to explode. I was feeling good about our CB eventhough they got burned a couple of times. But they are young and learning on the job. Its to bad that Crezdon butler got hurt since I was really high on him but we got Marshall and “little man” Micheal Adams.

  7. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Sep 16, 2011 | Reply

    I have a different take on the D. not really that impress with them standing up. I think it gives the O-line the advantage. Al l the way around the defense can improve. Let’s start with the Safeties. I love Wilson to the bone, but his cover skills are lacking. Hopefully he can better himself in the coming weeks. As a run stopper or pass rusher, Wilson is a monster, but he needs to improve covering. CB’s. Very young and will make mistakes, but both are capable of covering, and Peterson has that “it” factor you can not deny. The LB’s seem to be solid inside, but the OLB’s can improve. I really like out D-Line. If we can create a little more pressure, I think the defense will come around. D-Coordinator. It’s his first year, so he’s learning. Don’t really care if he came from Pittsburg, its still his first year of being responsible and accountable. From what I have seen in this league Rookie Coordinators have to learn as well. Let’s just hope he can get his act together as well. It’s all about the coaching. We have the players and playmakers. They have to be lead correctly. Don’t hate on me, its just the way I see it being a coach myself.

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