Always upstairs, Miller tries downstairs

Posted by Darren Urban on October 25, 2011 – 1:30 pm

Offensive coordinator Mike Miller spent the game against the Steelers on the sideline instead of the coaches box since, well, ever. He’s always been a coach up in the box, and for a coordinator, it’s always about personal preference (like DC Ray Horton, after spending a preseason game on the field, going back upstairs).

But Miller’s preference right now is to find some way to have the Cards and the offense snap out of their funk, so it was decided he would be on the sideline Sunday. He will return there this week in Baltimore, although the plan is to reevaluate on a week-to-week basis. The idea, coach Ken Whisenhunt said, is to better the communication for the unit, especially quarterback Kevin Kolb.

“We were just going down to see if we could improve and I think it was good,” Miller said. “There were some advantages for me too, to be able to look at guys in the eyes and be able to talk to them and they were able to come up to me.”

Miller got a chance to talk to most of the offensive staff face-to-face for the first time. Wide receivers coach John McNulty became the eyes in the sky. “He’s got good vision for the game, especially his savvy in the pass game reading coverages and blitzes,” Miller said. “That was a bonus for us with the move. I thought we saw some advantages.”

The coaches box does have tension, but nothing compares with the cauldron of emotion that is an NFL sideline. Miller said assistant head coach Russ Grimm jokingly reminded Miller that “It’s just a football game” when it started, and linebackers coach Matt Raich — who began coaching together at Robert Morris University once upon a time — reminded Miller to stay far from the line of scrimmage to improve vision of the play. That’s one of the biggest deals, since the main reason Miller (or any coach) likes being upstairs is the ability to see all the players and how plays develop.

“It was good to communicate with Kevin on that level, and it was fun,” Miller said. “It was definitely a different experience. You’ve got to try and stay calm, you’ve got to be able to think, and I think removing myself from right there at the line of scrimmage where everyone is helped.”

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  1. By cards>niners on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    I wonder if he can see from the sideline that Kolb is a square peg trying to fit into the round hole that is our offense.

  2. By Stevie on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Darren, this is not related to this article. But thanks for the information.

    I just talked to you about the AZCardinals web site and your suggestion about the cache worked-even if it is beyond your main area of expertise. Thanks so much.

  3. By Darren Urban on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Stevie —

    RE: Web

    Good to hear, and good to talk to you.

  4. By Whendy on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    There was a definite change on Sunday. I think Miller is heading them in the right direction.

  5. By WasACard4Life on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    I am infuriated and incensed by the comments made by a 2nd string defensive back. I use to have season tickets for over 15 years to the Cardinals. I could not afford them any longer. Times are tough. Could not afford them. I still cheer for the Cards. Now I won’t. I can’t believe that this player blamed part of the reason why the Cardinals lost on the fans. Ridiculous. I will not watch them anymore or buy any jerseys. I have begun boycotting the Cards with more people joining the cause each day.

    We put a lot of money into this team and into the new stadium…WE the fans deserve better than the treatment from this spoiled athlete! I don’t make the league minimum for a player, and probably never will. Many people have lost their jobs, their houses and even had to move in with relatives to survive the Great Recession. The group boycotting the Cards will continue to grow through the social media. Believe me. I really believe that this Cardinal defensive back needs to step up to the plate and apologize to this community. Not through twitter either, that would be a slap in the face and not be heartfelt. I honestly cannot believe what I had read from him. The reason he has a paycheck each week is because of fans like me and many others. The only fans are not in the stands week after week. I was super excited and apart of the 15,000 fans that watched the scrimmage in Flagstaff this year and cheered on these same players. Not now.

    The people will leave the stands. Does this short-sighted inconsiderate player believe he can call out fans or people who sold tickets to pay a bill or two maybe to save their house or continue to live in an apartment? Don’t put the blame on the fans sir. The blame is securely on the players and coaches shoulders. Put a good team on the field and not have such a horrible economy and there wouldn’t have been so many Steeler fans at the game. My prediction is that the St Louis game will not be sold out. Done now and done with the Cards unless there is an apology from the player in question and the organization as a whole.

  6. By Scott H on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Maybe Miller should put on a uniform next week and get on the field…

  7. By Phoenixraven1 on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Whatever gets out of our funk…

  8. By Paul H on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Well I certainly don’t want Kevin Kolb to turn into the Cardinals Russ Ortiz(Google it as Wolfley says). Ortiz’ salary messed up the D-Backs CAP space for years with nothing in return. Here’s my amateur analyst. When Coach Whiz came on the scene to the Cards, he came from a run first,play action type offense right? Kurt Warner seemed a fish out of water in that he came from the Greatest Show on Turf spread them out. Coach saw that his best QB on roster was Kurt. He changed his offense to fit Kurt. We know how that turned out. Fast forward to now. Kevin’s history as a QB was in a spread at U. of Houston and a West Coast offense at Philly. This season Coach has tried to go back to his roots and establish a run first, play action offense with SOME spread. The protection doesn’t hold up in play action and Beanie is still very much hot and cold. It’s hard to change in middle of season but I would like to see us go spread most of the time. Crack open the old playbook from a couple of years ago.
    Kevin is a much better runner that Kurt also. That even has more possibilities . We could do some stuff that Carolina runs with Cam Newton.
    I don’t think we could go to a West Coast system because present players and coaching staff don’t fit that. It’s just a thought but if we are going to be rolling with Kevin Kolb the next few years then it had better be in a system that he can run

  9. By cardfancolorado on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    something has to happen there is no fire in this team anymore

  10. By jocards on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    There will be no sustainable improvement until the Bidwills decide that they no longer wish to own a football team. Bill Bidwill is a good businessman but he doesn’t know a thing about putting a winning team on the field and frankly that is not a top priority for him. To me that is a painful but obvious fact.

  11. By Paul H on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    @Wasa Card4Life. I would give Hamza a little slack here. It was an hour after the game and he was still upset. I was at the game and it was dis-spiriting to see so many Pittsburgh fans. Pretty close to 50/50. That is ridiculous for any NFL team at home.
    The thing is anybody can be a fan of a team like the Steelers or Patriots. Just check the standings each season and then go out and buy that jersey. Surly you have gone through hard times if you have been a Card fan for 15 years as you say you are. Obviously you can do what you want but I would re-think about bailing on the Cards. There are not many of us and we need everybody.

  12. By D on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    2012 DRAFT

    Never too early to talk draft.

    1) First pick–Left tackle. M. Kalii or J. Martin. (move Levi over to right tackle while we develop another right tackle for down the road)
    2) Round 3–Ray Armstrong, Safety.
    3) Round 4–Best available right Tackle.

    Give Kolb the entire offseason to work with Whiz and Fitz, he’ll be improved for next year.
    They will have a healthy R. Williams at RB–will help much
    Add in free agency a pass rusher for one side and 2nd speed WR.
    Let Acho and Schofield compete for other OLB spot
    Extend C. Campbell deal prior to end of 2011 season.
    People need to calm down–keep Coach Whiz around and let the young players develop this year-

  13. By NJAZCardsFan on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    I think Miller could probably do a better job of coaching the offense if he was in the parkng lot.

    Yea, Whiz I have stopped drinking the Kool-Aid too……

  14. By Victor Sanchez on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    @WasACard4Life, look I share your frustration and totally understand if you cannot afford to be at the game. I didn’t hear the comment, but I was AT the game. It was SHAMEFUL….period.

    That was the most fans of another team I have EVER seen at a Cards game. The place was not FULL of Terrible Towels because of hard economic times. It was because CARDS fans gave up on their team or were entrepenureal and SOLD them to Steelers fans. Either way it was hard to be SURROUNDED by Steelers fans. I was at Super Bowl 43 and there were more Card’s fans at that game.

    We DO need to step up as fans. If you can afford season tickets and have paid for them already GO TO THE GAME!!! Support the team!!! Be a true Cards fan on and off the field.

  15. By Canadian Red Bird on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Again, another example of incompetence; whether your on the sidelines, in the upstairs booth or in the goodyear blimp ( off course the roof would have to be open ) thats not the real problem. How about re-evaluating your offensive schemes to the defense used by the opponent.

    I visit this web site quite regularly hoping to hear something encouraging and that makes good football sense. Go Cards!!!!!!!!!!

  16. By ALONEEAGLE on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Darren, completely off topic, but does this organization still feel that Doucet and Roberts are the answer at the # 2 reciever??? Would they even remotely consider signing a talent like T.O. From what I have seen over the last few weeks, he could be an inmprovement, and he wouldn’t cost that much!

  17. By Darren Urban on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Aloneeagle —

    RE: TO

    I’m done answering the T.O. question.

  18. By jocards on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    @ Victor Sanchez

    I completely understand your point of view but this franchise under the Bidwills has shown no real desire to put a winner on the field on a consistent basis. That was true in St. Louis and because of that the people refused to build Bidwill a new stadium so he moved the team to Arizona. He got his new stadium but the losing on the field has continued (save those wonderful 2008-2009 seasons). Bill Bidwill is all about his bottom line. I’d love to see a full stadium with everybody cheering for the Cardinals but loyalty is a two way street for a lot of folks and I completely understand that point of view too.

  19. By Gilbert on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Kolb and the rest of the team can now only get better. Give me a break. Things will eventually turn around. Let’s take the Williams attitude. It’s all for a reason. If u don’t want to be fan don’t be it’s a free country. I’v seem this team since I was 12. I saw the Jim hart years the short Lomax. I even saw dierdorf play So take it easy. Love the bird. Dont criticize the ownership. They pay the players good money and have been trying to build a winning team. Team owners have come an gone. Yet this team has been kept through hard times. When others just sell their teams. Also that’s good that steelers fans were in the game. They spend their money on the cards players without even knowing it.

  20. By James Sweeny on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    This is freaking pathetic! Surrender to the fact that Kevin Kolb is nothing! nor will he ever be my god!!!!! 5 years really???!!! oh wait until next year everyone says? NO! i have season tickets DO something NOW! Bench him and put in Skelton or I’m selling my tickets this is so stupid!

  21. By AL on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply


    How about Bernard Berrian then?

  22. By Darren Urban on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Everyone –

    RE: WR/Berrian

    I do not expect them to add a receiver.

  23. By brythybo7 on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Darren –

    I know its a long way off but do you see us going for guys to bolster our Oline in the draft? Something really needs to be done about it so that Kolb may actually be able to have a chance. I saw him scrambling just about every other play Sunday. It was quite frustrating also to see Big Ben complete pass after pass flawlessly, and then have Kolb under or over throw our receivers a lot. Would that mostly be attributed to the footwork like you said in the other article or are the receivers also having problems?

    P.S. With all these people talking about TO you dont hear much about Houshmanzadeh who in my opinion would be a better option.

  24. By Darren Urban on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Brythybo7 –

    RE: draft/footwork

    I would expect o-line in the draft, yes. As far as the passing, I think there are issues various places, but I have not heard much about bad route running.

  25. By georgiebird on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    I thought the Cards would win the Steelers game as part of the 5 wins this year. But after watching the game, the Steelers could have scored at will if they wanted to press the issue. All the fans calling for T.O. miss the point; the problem with the Cardinals is defense- always was and always will be until they pay for a quality DC.
    Except for letting Q go, I agree with the moves the Cardinals have made with players like Rolle, Dansby, Breaston, THT. But I expected players to come in and replace the guys lost.
    But the hiring of a novice like Ray Horton was the ultimate slap in the face to Cardinals’ fans.
    After seeing the Jags 4-3 defense totally shut down the Ravens, I wonder how Horton and his 3-4 will do. What a joke.
    And I hear some guys who have been rooting for 15 years begin to get demoralized. The truth is- “Your nightmare has just begun”

  26. By 17yrcardsfan on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply


    I too have been a season ticket holder for 15 yrs. I’ve seen teams fielded with much less talent an way more heart then this current team, that comment, to me, clearly reflects a lack of heart, and someone trying to make an excuse for their own lack of total effort(both in preparation and the game).

    I understand the economic situation but if a person needs that money to make the bills they should not have even considered purchasing season tickets. To me its worse to buy tickets then sell them to the visiting team fan than not buying at all, especially when the visiting team (Steelers) are the rudist fans I’ve ever seen(Raider fans are even better).

  27. By Doug M. on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Coach Mike Miller is a great Coach and a great person. Anyone that knows Coach Miller knows he is the right person as the Offensive Coordinator here with the Cards. I am confident that Coaching staff will turn the team around back to a contender again.

  28. By Thedude on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Hey does anyone knows why the coaches has to stay in the coach’s box?

  29. By rojobird on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    No problem Darren I will answer it for you…. For the last time people The Cards have no interest in TO stop asking,,,,, GEE LOUISE>>> 🙂

  30. By Joram on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    We have to win guys, kolb please made TD’s for us fans please!

  31. By mike on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Why am I not surprised Russ Grimm is so secure and comfortable to be cracking wise on the sideline. I mean from Lutui, to Brown, to Faneca, to Colledge, to Lutui again, this unit has be performing at such a high level for years. And the future looks good too, with all the lineman drafted over the las couple years. I’m certain he expects a Head Coaching job real soon. Way to whip that unit into shape. You da man!

  32. By Procen on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply


    The main culprit of the offense and has effected others is the quarterback. Kolb has a problem reading defenses, and he is slow of getting rid of the ball. Let’s compare the team with Indianapolis, since the indy don’t have super Manning look at their score. I think you know what I mean! Please give me your input and I am not bad mouthing Kolb.

  33. By Darren Urban on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Procen –

    RE: culprit

    Obviously Kolb isn’t playing well enough. Not sure what else you are asking. Is he the biggest problem? Not sure about that.

  34. By casey on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    i was wondering if the cards might be interested in a reciver like bernard barrian i know he has some age but can still get out and run wouldnt hurt to have some good speed oposite of fitz

  35. By Javi on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    so darren, do you believe that there is a possibility that the cardinals will look into the freeagent market and sign any new plaer to help out the cards

    UPDATE: Bernard Berrian released from the Minnesota Vikings

    a possibility there?

  36. By Dean on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    I’ve noticed a lot of comments suggesting we possibly add Bernard Berrian. While I agree we need a better #2, let me assure you, as someone living in Minnesota and seeing lots of Vikings games over the past few years, that Berrian is NOT the answer. He is at best a #4 these days. And, from most accounts, he’s not the leader in the clubhouse you’d expect out of a veteran.

  37. By BIG RED on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    I’m with you James Sweeney, get rid of Kolb. If the fans really want Skelton then why don’t they start chanting his name at the games. WE WANT SKELTON!!!!!!! WE WANT SKELTON!!!!!!! WE WANT SKELTON!!!!!!!

  38. By Eric on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Ask yourself this question: If Mike Miller and Horton were available tomorrow, who would hire them to be their OC and DC? Answer, NO ONE because niether is ready for that position. Its also the reason we are 1-5 and look pathetic and unprepared when we take the field. I love my team and hate to see the guys not being properly coached. There is a lot of potential here, they just need direction and a motivator.

  39. By ALONEEAGLE on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply

    Well Darren, didn’t realize you had responded so many times to TO questions, I don’t after all read each blog. However that being said, and watching how poorly the Ravens played at Jacksonville, The Cards are in trouble. I don’t see Fitz playing a very big part in this game at all until the end when the score is out of hand. The Steelers got embarrased week one by the Ravens, and they embarrassed us this week. Unless major changes take place over the next few days such as Kolb finally learning the system and looses the happy feet, oh and finally becomes consistent with accurate passes to his WIDE open recievers, and perhaps if our O-line can actually stop the D-line and the entire defense can stop the pass and maybe sack a QB, and if we can at least get a couple of first downs instead of three and outs, this team might have a chance at beating the Ravens. Am I upset. heck yea! I really hate watching this team week in and week out play so poorly and it really irks me when the fans who are paying all this money for season tickets or even single game tickets want to see some winning football, as well as bring in quality players, and management wont do it! FITZ obviously needs another quality reciever on the other side, comparable to what Q used to be. Braylon Edwards was available, nope! Brandon Marshall, Mike Sims-Walker, Plaxico Burress, T.O. Bernard Berrian!!! All these recievers could compliment Fitz, keep the double teams off him, but no, This organization feels that Doucet and Roberts are good enough. News flash, they are not! Need talent on the other side. This is going to be a long, painful season.

  40. By EarlbB on Oct 25, 2011 | Reply


  41. By Darren Urban on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    EarlbB —

    RE: Shutting you down

    If you insist …

  42. By Ijustwanttoseemyselftype on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    I think people are being really critical when there is clear improvement since the bye week… There may not be enough to beat a steelers team, but enough to show a spark. The only time Wallace got deep for the score was on our nickel corner who bit on the play fake, The offence finally had a couple drives where they seemed to have a rhythm and the defence is slowly coming together… There have been some questionable play calls, penalties and execution issues but this is the first week I saw the the Cards getting a hold of their barrings. Kolb said he feels the Cards can be special and the Ravens are next coming off a loss to a rookie qb and the defence has improved… let`s see what happens this week. This team has not lost respect in anyone in the NFL`s eyes… fans should be even more faithful

  43. By Rugbymuffin on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    Upstairs? Downstairs?

    It won’t matter unless the play calling improves, and our QB can hit an open WR.

  44. By jocards on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    @ Gilbert

    I don’t mean to tear into your post but the fact that this team “has been kept through hard times” is NOT a good thing. If current ownership (Bill Bidwill) which has been in place for almost 50 years has been trying to build a winner then I submit that the entire endeavor has been a colossal failure. More likely is that current ownership has been trying to secure a solid bottom line and turn a tidy profit. If the team happens to win for a season or two all the better but that is not a top objective. The team has a nice, new facility and it is sold out every week (for now) so all is good in the Bidwill world. If Bidwill’s objective is to field a winner then he would be a miserable failure and people with his kind of financial might are NOT failures,

  45. By Chuck 1 on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    For those fans who expect Graves to have an epiphany in the 2012 draft and select OL and pass-rushing OLBs (which are the real needs of the team), get real.

    I would not be surprised if he selects RBs, long snappers and a punter. 🙂

  46. By Louisville Card on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    Nice article Darren, I feel for you though Darren all the posts asking if were going to sign a free agent savior in midseason. People if there were a difference maker on the market he wouldn’t still be there. We don’t need another teams trash right now. They have who they have and now are only playing for their jobs and the coaches.

    On a side note Darren, I saw you thought this would be an offensive line draft but since it looks like we will have a high enough pick to get Blackmon from OSU do you think there is any chance they might go that route with their first pick? Seems like a lethal combo and too good to pass up unless we get the #1 and get luck.

  47. By Darren Urban on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    Louisville Card —

    RE: Draft choices

    It would seem surprising if they didn’t try to find a tackle or a pass rusher.

  48. By Ditship on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    Don’t know if everyone has realized this yet but the best thing the Cards can do right now is play the guys they have and see what they got. No reason to bring in a cancer like T.O. for what is pretty much a shot season at this point. I’ve seen a lot more of Sampson in our lineup and I’d really like to see more of Stephen Williams. If we can get Kolb and Housler on the same page we have a SERIOUS threat there. I know Porter and Hagans play hard but it’s time to see what the new kids can do for us. I liked seeing Bradley in there.. He’s fast, but so far pretty ineffective as a pass rusher but we might as well give him a shot for the rest of the year since it’s something he’s not accustomed to.

    I’m not down on Kolb like some but he really needs to stop missing on wide open touchdowns.. It’s getting painful and reminding me too much of last year. Though at this point last year we had a much better record..

  49. By Scharf on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply


    Might be worth it to make a small article about T.O. and how the Cardinals just aren’t interested. Maybe even shine the spotlight on the receivers we do have would be interesting. Include Doucet, Roberts, Williams, and even Sampson and their overall progress this year.

    Just a thought – Might shut out the T.O. questions as well as give us all insight on the other receivers and how they are progressing.

  50. By Scharf on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply


    Look, I’m not saying T.O. is done in the league. However of the 32 teams in the league, not one of them sent a representative to T.O.’s workout or showed the slightest interest in him. At this point in the season, it would do more harm then good to sign any veteran players because then it would add another learning curve to the system, especially a wide-out who is well known for ignoring his routes anyways – hence the reason Carson Palmer wanted out of Cincy. Also, the problem with the Cardinals is not strictly a receiver problem, so hypothetically if we signed him it doesn’t, as you say, mean more W’s. T.O. is a receiver, he is not an offensive linemen, a defensive linemen, etc.

    Sorry to all those T.O. fans out there, but you will not see him (pending any major injuries to a teams receiving core) this year. It is a possibility that you see him next year because as the workout somewhat shows he still has the ability. Although, he will be 38 soon, and that limits his chances even further for a team to actually have interest in him without expecting to lose him due to injury.

  51. By jocards on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    It is a bit amusing the read some comments stating that this team has not lost respect in anyone in the NFL’s eyes. While that is almost certainly true the reason is of course that you can’t lose something you never had in the first place. Come on, name any team that looks at their schedule and doesn’t see a week against the Cardinals as a game they SHOULD win. I’ve seen comments stating that there was improvement after the bye week. It would’ve been awfully difficult to play any worse than the team did in Minnesota. The Vikings are a bad football team and they came out and dominated the Cardinals. I really see no concrete reason to be optimistic about this team. Blind optimism isn’t going to make this team any better any more than stating obvious truths will. Nobody is a better fan than anybody else. Some of us are sick and tired of all the losing. We CAN’T switch what team we root for, the Cardinals are our team and that is precisely why some of us are so upset!

  52. By BIG RED on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    All I want Before Christmas is for the Cardinals to beat the girls from dallas. So, please put in John Skelton in, cause he’s the only QB that can see above the defensive line of the girls. At least for that game.

  53. By BIG RED on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    Poor EarlbB,he can dream.

  54. By jocards on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    Just a reminder folks; I think we should all try and give Darren a bit of a break here. He is an employee of the Cardinals; therefore he is not able to be nearly as candid as us in any assessment of the team. If you were to mouth off and rip into your employer without restraint you would not have a job very long. His situation isn’t vastly different in that respect. He can relate some pertinent news about what is happening with the team, he can tell you what the disclosed reasoning might be behind decisions and he can even give you a tempered opinion as to how he feels about things. But he can’t just blatantly rip the team, the coaching staff or ownership. People should remember that before calling him a hypocrite or anything else.

  55. By burSHIVERbur on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    Sign T.O. please! Why not? He is a fighter and will get on the field. Think about it the first game put him at the #2 wide out , go five wide the first play and they will put some trash defender on him thinking he wont do good. Then you tell Kolb to look for him and he will get easy touches until they learn. Then when they do learn it doesnt matter cause Fitz is down field ready for another TD. Doucet and Roberts arnt big enough threats at the moment to get Larry one on one. Just sign him and lets start winning I dont care about the draft I think we have who we need to win. The only place we need big improvement is in the wide outs and LT, C, and Levi Brown is garbage!

  56. By Chris R on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    James Sweeny–

    Please do sell your tickets. Also, please give it at a very reduced rate. I’d love to go watch more games and watch the team progress.. because honestly, that’s what they will continue to do for the rest of this season and then into next season. You honestly can’t judge Kolb off a short offseason and 6 games into this season. You can’t even technically judge him off this season. Warner said it took himself a year to understand the system here.. A YEAR! Kolb needs minimum 2 years to be evaluated..

    Let me know if you’re selling!

  57. By jocards on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    Why not sign T.O.? Because he is a distraction first and a productive receiver second….and that is assuming he can still be a productive receiver. On a bad football team his presence has the potential to be disastrous. When Owens was in his prime he was enough of an impact player for good teams to put up with all the periphery garbage that comes along with him. At this stage of his career and on a bad football team he simply is not worth it. The Cardinals are lot more than a number two receiver away from being a good team, why bring in locker room poison at this stage? Forget him, the rest of the league has.

  58. By WasACard4Life on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    I agree with JoCards. I am not down on Darren. He can’t be candid about what is really going on with this team. He can’t speak against his employer. I get it. I think though the same remains for the players. They should not be speaking out against their employers or the fans. Ridiculous. What is the saying? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you? If I spoke out like Hamza to share holders (fans) or my management, I wouldn’t have a job the next day.

    I remember sitting in Sun Devil stadium in August sweating profusely. 120 degress/80% humidity. I remember the 10,000 fans that would show up to games and most of them wouldn’t be Cards fans. I honestly think that these athletes though need to be held more accountable for what they do and say and appreciate the fans that were there on Sunday cheering for the Cardinals. People don’t buy season tickets and plan on selling them right away. Circumstances like health problems, death in a family, loss of job force people to sell their tickets. I watched players like Clyde Simmons, Aeneas Williams, Swann, Wadsworth, Tillman play with pride and honor for the community. Those were some terrible teams at times. They never spoke out or offended the fans. I even remember Jake Plummer flipping off the fans in the stands, but later coming out in public and apologizing for his actions. Bottom line is this…put a respectable team on the field, the tickets don’t get resold on Sunday. People will come. Have the athletes respect the fans and fanbase in the stadium and outside of the stadium, and tickets and merchandise will sell. No excuses for letting these players say whatever they want to say even if it were an hour after the game without some formal apology or the coaches correcting them and apologizing to the fanbase. Even Harbaugh just did this with Terrell Suggs today (all pro not a second stringer).

    This type of spoiled attitude from many players will drive away the fans very quickly, especially if the organization sits back and watches it happen. Social media is very powerful now and boycotts can increase exponentially overnight. The sellouts will stop. The fans will give up and not want to be treated with disdain and disrespect anymore. I am now an ex-fan after 15+ years for the Cardinals. Love the game and what it use to represent.

  59. By drummer-1 on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply


    You say Doucet and Roberts arn’t big enough threat yet, how do you expect them to become threats if you don’t put them on the field? bringing in someone will just slower the process..

  60. By Scott H on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    T.O…..Berrian….we already have enough WR’s who are contributing very little. Why do we need more of them? Could have had Brandon Lloyd for the price of a warm six pack….they had no interest in that, so it is clear that they really aren’t interested in doing anything to address the need at that position. However, we should probably keep an eye on Hines Ward…he’s an aging Steeler who’s best years are clearly behind him. Therefore, he fits our personnel criteria perfectly! Give him another year or so, and he’ll be our next “big” FA signing.

  61. By Peter in Canada on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    I will be happy to buy anyone’s tickets if they will pay my airfare.

    Here’s hoping.

  62. By Andy M on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    You know, we can all see the flaws of this team: a QB who needs to steepen his learning curve, OLB’s who are long in the tooth and not producing, young receivers who have talent but haven’t stepped up, bad luck with RB injuries, a coaching staff that is methodical and seems to lack fire (not a terrible thing if there is production), mediocre OT’s, a talented but less than inspired defensive front, safeties that are either “dinged” or on the downhill slide of their careers, lack of cohesion from radical personnel and alignment shifts.

    But, this is OUR team. Grousing and dire projections of a 1-15 season will not change what Whisenhunt, Graves and the Bidwills are doing. For better or worse, there is a plan in place that will either work or not. In a league where success is measured in wins, we need to see it measured in “improvement”. Dang, as fans it is hard to look forward to Sunday and quickly see our weekly hopes dashed. We can make Darren crazy (and ourselves) or just hold our noses until it improves–it will. There is far too much talent in the organization. This team is better than its record reflects. The football gods may give us some wins in games the Cards don’t deserve later in the season, just the way they worked against the team earlier. It is a work in progress and this team will not have a wholesale turnaround for a year or two. If Kolb can grow, it will overcome a thousand other problems. I am resigned to rooting for the dude. I will always root for the Cardinals because they are my hometown team. Most of the people on this blog will piss and moan, but deep down they know this is a lean year and the team is not that far from turning this around: Kolb gets his rhythm and mojo and we get a couple wins, the attitude changes….

    Larry, Washington, Carter, Peterson, Beanie, DD, Campbell, Feely, Hyphen, Heap, Housler, Doucet, Sendlein. There is a lot of talent. There are a bunch of guys with talent who are under-performing: maybe injuries, lack of experience or whatever. Exhale. Its a #^#$^ game.

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