Kolb’s numbers and remembering 2010 QB play

Posted by Darren Urban on November 1, 2011 – 12:19 pm

No one is going to argue that Kevin Kolb has struggled at quarterback. That is clear, especially over the past few games. No will will argue that the Cardinals at three wins after seven games last year, which, while not impressive, is much better than one. That said, it’s probably time to clear up some misconceptions about what the Cards are getting at quarterback now compared to last season.

Some have suggested the Cardinals had better quarterback play through this point last year. That is not true, based on the numbers. A look at Kolb thus far, compared to the Derek Anderson/Max Hall combination of a year ago:

Kolb:  129-for-227, 1706 yards, 8 TD, 8 INT, 56.8 comp pct, 24 sacks, 77.8 passing rating.

D.A./Hall: 121-for-230, 1340 yards, 5 TD, 12 INT, 52.6 comp pct, 22 sacks, 55.7 passing rating

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  1. By Joe-B on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Someone really said that?

  2. By Chris B on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Saints= Defense won
    Raiders= Kicker choked/ ST won
    St L= defense/Stevie B’s FF
    Cowboys= Defense
    Broncos=best complete game

    That’s one game the offense won. 2 if you’re generous with the first game.

    The Cards are like the Panthers: They are moving in the right direction. The Pathers ahve only 2 wins but no one will argue that they are as bad as last year.
    Temper your expectations. Rodgers went 4-12 his first year in Greenbay. Anyone who thought winning division soundly+SB run this year, well, it’s your own damn fault. Stop complaining.

  3. By Rod on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Oh yeah, Kolb is clearly better…ha, ha, ha ,ha….With that offensive line and only one real receiver, Tom brady wouldn’t be much better either.

  4. By Sean Goldrick on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    It’s typical people wanting to scramble back to Skelton just because we are 1-6. But we have lost 4 games by 4 or less points this season so it’s not a stretch to say we could easily be 5-2 right now and, if that was the case, i very much doubt there would be so many fans screaming for Kolb to be benched. Sure he hasn’t been playing great but either has the team as a whole. Our problems with closing out games stretch alot further than Kolb who in fairness did’nt have alot of on-field experience before becoming a Cardinal. I guess we can all agree that playoffs are out of the picture now so I feel we should stop this blame game and focus on improving the team where it needs improving.

  5. By Chris Robot on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Darren —

    It’s been pretty obvious that the QB play has been better this season and those suggesting otherwise are basing it purely off the 1-6 record. You know how Cards fans are; i.e. they base the team off the record and not the play as a whole. Granted, the record is what ultimately determines the post season but it’s not an accurate judge of everything.

    The team is improved, unfortunately, it’s not improved enough to beat the teams that they’ve faced. Somehow, the loses have come still.

    To be fair, the tackles have been completely abused this season and not everything falls on Kolb. Finding a way to improve the line this season will be pivotal and allowing the youngsters on defense to play more seems to have added some more speed on the outside.

    While the outcome appears grim, it’s not far-fetched to say that Arizona winning the rest of it’s schedule could still take the NFC West (assuming SF was to lose from here on out, which, in itself, is not that likely with how they’ve been playing). The season still has hope though, no matter how lackluster that hope may seem.

    While it’s still a bit away, next season looks very promising if some things can be cleaned up and a full off season of learning can be had.

    As always, thanks for writing Darren. I enjoy it.

  6. By beauchamp on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    the line play has been atrocious. Kolb stood in the pocket far more against the Ravens and it showed but by the second half he had been knocked down just too many times. Darren, is coach thinking about resting Kolb at all so the foot can heal? I don’t know if I’m the only one but with how the young guys are getting reps across the board it would be good to give Skelton some reps.

  7. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    beauchamp —

    RE: Kolb vs Skelton

    Writing a story now about Skelton, but I will say this: If Kolb is too hurt to play, he won’t. If he isn’t, he will play. I think it’s as simple as that.

  8. By jocards on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Thanks Darren I don’t think there is any way that one can honestly believe the team was getting better QB play last season….Obviously the win total was higher last year at the same point in the season but the QB play this year while clearly lacking is better than in 2010.

  9. By David C. on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Damage Control Tuesday, eh Darren?

  10. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    David C —

    RE: Damage control

    Just an attempt to settle down the hysteria I read every day here. My guess is there will be plenty who rip me for it.

    If you must know, it was a fan on Twitter who suggested looking up the numbers. I hadn’t considered it.

  11. By Mario on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Darren…how about fumbles?


  12. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Mario —

    RE: QB fumbles lost

    It is tied, 3-3.

    Although interestingly, the Cards as a team had already lost 11 fumbles through 7 games last year. This year, it is four.

  13. By Phoenixraven1 on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Scary either way…

  14. By Ijustwanttoseemyselftype on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    T.O.!!! but for reals… it all starts at the point of attack… linemen need to step up in the pass blocking… but they have had their sparks

  15. By John S on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Hahahaha I have to laugh at these eternal optimists that no matter what say things like “well if we win all remaining games..” They will be lucky to win one more game, saying anything else is dreaming. Those QB stats are meaningless. Throwing the ball anywhere even close to Fitz will usually result in a reception. And make Kolbs stats look slightly better. Stats can’t tell you that he is unable to react and do anything if his first receiver is covered or his field sense. The guy is just terrible and anyone watching games can see that. The people also saying its not the QB’s fault the team is doing bad.. one word.. Colts.

  16. By Big Red Fan on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Cards are losing a lot of games by 5 points or less. Kinda like the Lions last year. Or the Bills. Patience . . . .

  17. By Austin on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Thank you for clearing that up. Kolbs play has been underwhelming and disappointing at times but it is far better than what we got out of our QB’s last year. I hope this calms the lynch mobs for at least a moment. I have always been a supporter of Skelton since preseason last year, I think it would be interesting to see him play against St. Louis while Kolb heals. At this point we have nothing to lose. I am a huge supporter of this team, they are MY Cards and I will continue to support them!

  18. By Dal on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Has the QB play been better this year? Yes. But that’s like saying that having a cold is better than having the flu. It’s abundantly clear that Kolb is a front runner and is FAR from clutch. Whenever we’ve been in need of a sustained drive in the fourth quarter it’s just one turnover or 3-and-out after another. Heck, the whole second half this weekend was a joke. Say what you will about the Ravens D (and they are dang good)but a good QB gets more than 3 points in the second half when the game is on the line. Heck, even rookie Blaine Gabbert and the anemic Jaguars offense managed 6 points in the second half against that same defense a few days earlier (remember that this team didn’t even have a full week to prepare). Kolb is an improvement over Skelton/Hall/DA but not at the price we paid (DRC and a second)and ESPECIALLY not worth $9Mil/year!

  19. By Gilbert on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    We all knew it was going to be a bummer for kolb learning a new
    Offence. But I do see the team putting all into it. They r playing their butts off.maybe it was meant to be have a learning season so the next coming ones could get better n better. Go Cards

  20. By Big Red Fan on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    I am waiting for this scenario to unfold:

    Kolb has turf toe and can’t go Sunday.

    Skelton starts.

    Cards win (they ARE playing the RAMS. It could happen.)

    Darren has another QB CONTROVESY to write about!


  21. By MIKE G on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Darren— I still think Kolb can develop into a pretty good player. I think Kolb has more of an upside than D-Anderson. I also believe the Cardinals coaching staff is calling and running the same offense they ran under Kurt Warner. Warner knew where to go with the ball before the ball was snapped. His experience and knowledge of the offense cannot be overlooked. I think the Cardinals schemes dont match their personnel right now. I think we need to scale back the offense somewhat. More running and short passing are needed to make Kolb feel more comfortable at this point. When a team blitzes the Cardinals these days–Kolb cannot identify the blitzer pre-snap and
    therefore is struggling getting the ball out on time which in turn is making him uncomfortable. Kolb has not shown any improvement at this point running this offense. He must show improvement over the course of this season or this trade will definitely be questioned at the end of the season. We need a win badly and I think at this point we must ride our best player which is Beanie. He needs 20-25 carries this week against the Rams. Darren– Do you think Whiz should run the ball more and rely on play action with Kolb—rather than rely on running these 3 and 4 receiver sets which Kolb is struggling with???

  22. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Mike G —

    RE: Running the ball

    That could be hard if Beanie has to play with a bad knee.

  23. By CHRIS on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Those QB’s not only won games, but also didn’t cost us a former pro-bowl corner, a 2nd round draft pick, and a 60 million dollar contract. One of the major criticisms of the Kolb deal was the fact that he hadn’t proven anything as a starter in the NFL.

    Kolb was supposed to be a legit NFL starter, and he’s not even been average, he’s been an unmitigated disaster. For those who continue to make excuses for Kolb, what exactly do you see that convinces you he’ll be a good NFL starter?

    We gave up the farm for a lemon, a QB that many consider one of the worst starters in the NFL. Simmons among others have him ranked OUTSIDE THE TOP 30. When you give up that kind of compensation for a bust, it can set a franchise back for years. Ask #7.

    It all boils down to this: how does Rod Graves still have a job? Anyone who follows the team closely knows that Rod is purely a figurehead GM, who has little input in player personnel. That being said, the talent up and down the roster and the drafts of late have been awful and the main reason we’re in this position. We’re not getting out of this hole until we get a real GM and a real QB.

  24. By Rob on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Ignore the stats. Skelton is the better QB, and has been for the last year. If anyone would just take the time to go back and watch Skelton play, it would be easy to see. He was hitting our receivers in the hands, and they were dropping the passes in disbelief. How does a guy like Kolb earn a huge salary and a starting position? Skelton has shown much more capability, and has done so consistently when he plays. Bartel is a suck-up who’s constantly running up and down the field for attention it seems.

    I really don’t understand how some guys get put in positions, clearly fail, and aren’t taken out…. Kolb has failed. Even though people say he will progress, you can only progress so far. Skelton will progress from an already higher level, so let him get started.

  25. By Jesse Robles on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    It doesnt matter if Kolb is good or not, Ken CANNOT EVALUATE QB’s anyway. Who is he? Didn’t that Genius have Bartel as a back up to start the season, same guy that was going after Charlie Whitehurst so bad, as a STARTING QB in the NFL?? The Cardinals will hold on to Kolb, just like Levi, Ken, Pandergast, Miller, Leinart, Roberts, and whoever else STINK and shouldnt be playing, until their Conract is up. The Cardinals always reach for horrible players.
    What if we rode this season out with Skelton and didnt trade for kolb…We would probably be in the same boat, just one more draft pick and more money. KEN CANNOT EVALUATE OR COACH!! Out coached again after the Half, great job. There is a reason Pittt Passed on KEN AND GRIMM, wonder why… Be real people, this team is the exact same as last season, if not worse. Defense always keeps us in the game, with our HORRIBLE “offensive” minded coach who cannot run an Offense, stinking it up.
    Anyone see Kens Hissy fit on the sideline when he “Thought” the wrong personnel were in there and another coach had to come in to correct our head coach. If this isn’t funny, I do not know what is. GO AFTER BILL COWHER!!! A REAL NFL COACH FROM PITT!!

  26. By MattAZ on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Another measurable to factor in – contract. 3 QBs combined for what last year, les than 10 mm total? And Kolb is 60 mm or so? That’s not such a great ROI so far.

  27. By Peter in Canada on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Another reason for our record is injuries. Now all teams have injuries but poor teams suffer more because they lack depth. The trade of DRC meant that Toler had to stay healthy. He didn’t so we have 2 rookie CB’s. The trade of Hightower was compounde by injuries to Williams and Beanie so we had a situation where Smith was the # 1 RB. Our deficiencies have been pointed out numerous times. The pleasant surprises Beanie, Sherman, Housler, PP, Washington and Carter. Maybe as the season goes on Sampson, Acho and Schofield will join them. If so next year can be a pivotal season on the road to respectability. Glad to see the posts so far are not the usual gloom and doom.

  28. By Fred on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Darren its not a QB problem . Its a LG and RG problem and not having a good Number 2 receiver do you see changes to these positions. and is levi contract up after this season.

  29. By Brian on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    ALOT of negative talk by so called fans. Being a fan is more than bringing up negative after negative after negative. This is OUR team. Through thick and thin, for better or WORSE. Maybe the team should fire some of these so called fans. Lets be real. Half the guys on the roster are new to the team. The team this year is new to alot of things. I am greatful that for the most part the CARDS have been in every game played. I believe once the CARDS coaching staff evaluates what Kold does well, then the offensive struggles will get better. Defensively the rookie corners are doing a pretty well job. Tough to be a rookie corner and cover VETEREN PRO-BOWL RECEIVERS that hve been in their system for years. The pass rush definantly needs to get better but I have faith.


  30. By Derek P on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    I guess my counter comment has to be do we think its acceptable that Kolb who is contracted for roughly $65 million dollars (21 guaranteed) has this level of performance? Granted the o-line has been at best spotty but he has made what I would consider rookie mistakes. His pocket presence is terrible, and I believe he has questionable downfield vision. Granted its a tough learning curve when you got someone in your face every play but we didn’t pay for someone to learn. We wanted talent from the get go. Kolb showed good presence in Philly and I think he had a lot of people fooled with where his ability/maturity was at. It’s not to say that he can’t become a good quarterback, it is questionable and it will take time.

  31. By barry on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    remember they wanted kolb. wanted to win now. not wait on a rookie. surprise there are at least three rookies playing better. no nfl experience. could have had a rookie without giving away drc & pick.

  32. By Jesus V on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    The fact that this argument even has to be made proves that he is in the same ballpark for performance. I like how people keep making the argument we lost 3 games by less than a FG, ironically nobody talks about how many times Kolb takes sacks that push us out of field goal range, this, like many other things he does, are proof that its not just learning the playbook and being behind the learning curve, we over paid for this guy. People keep saying he can develop and ya he can def be better but the fact is we paid him to be a franchise player and hes marginally better than what we had and its not like hes a rookie or even 2nd or 3rd year player hes been in the league under studying other QBs and hes already midway through his career there is so much more work he needs for someone at his level, i’m just very disappointed that the coaching staff paid so much for him and somehow didn’t spot any of these problems before and paid so much for him gambling it would work out, and it was a bad gamble

  33. By Proce on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply


    I feel sorry for you because every time the Cards lose a game, especially now six straight, people take their frustration on your blog. How do you handle all of this chaos? What is your stress relief?

  34. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Proce —

    RE: Stress relief

    Going home and — most of the time — not looking on the computer.

  35. By Scott H on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Darren –

    Thanks for an informative piece. I’m disappointed with Kolb so far ( expected better ) but is he an improvement over Derek Anderson? Yes, he absolutely is. The people who have wanted to claim that we were just as good or better with DA are just…lacking intelligence is probably the most polite way I can put it. Did we win more games last year to this point? Yes, we did. So what??? First of all, how much did DA have to do with that? Answer – Virtually nothing. And, did it matter in the long run? Answer – No, it did not. Fact is, DA was the starting QB for TWO games that this team won last year. And one of those was courtesy of a missed Janikowski FG against the Raiders. He makes that kick, we’re down to ONE game won with DA as the QB. So, please – lets dispense with the absurd notion that DA was a better QB.

    As bitter as I’ve been about how things have gone this year, I am not laying the blame at Kolb’s feet. If he is no better by season’s end that he is now, I will have some concern. And if he looks no better going into next season than he does now, then all bets are off. But I can’t get down on him at this point given the lack of preparation he had prior to this season AND the awful O-line play he’s had in front of him.

    At this point, I would say that Kolb will be here next year while Whiz and most of this staff will not. And I’m Ok with that.

  36. By Kurt on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply


    Is it time Russ take another position with the team, and a new offensive line coach be found? From what Wolfe has said Keith was a star in the making is it the talent, the talent assessment or the coaching? The offensive line play has been very offensive.

    I would hate to see one of the QBs go down to serious injury

  37. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Kurt —

    RE: Grimm

    I don’t see Grimm having another position. He is either going to have this job, or not work here.

  38. By CardiacCards on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Too many Sacks

  39. By David C. on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    The Cleveland Browns just released WR Brian Robiskie. Any idea if there’s interest from the Cardinals?

  40. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    David C —

    RE: Robiskie

    Not that I have heard.

  41. By georgiebird on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Here’s a stat you didn’t include:
    Skelton: 2 wins- 2 loses as a rookie from Fordham

  42. By wnycardfan on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Kolb is better than last year, you can see that. However, that’s not saying much about the worse QB situation of all teams in 2010 season. So he’s better than the worse. Right now, the line is so bad you cannot fairly evaluate him. Is it mainly him and his ability (mental and physical) or the line? If he had a great line would his stat’s reflect that? I think the jury is still out. HOWEVER, a good QB, I THINK would still be doing better in certain situations than he has, and that is what worries me. Expectations were higher than “better than worse” or “better then last season”. His stats compared to others and other teams is still in the bottom 5. And for the $$ paid, it should not be, nor was it expected to be. Look at rookies, they are doing well. HERD on ESPN even put him in the same sentence with TEBOW, can’t make a throw to save his life, now that was a shocker, yet somehow had the ring of truth. Not saying skelton is the solution. I just had higher expectations then same ole cards and a 1-6 record. KNEW they weren’t going to the SB and probably not going playoffs, but thought they’d be competitive and have a better record (by more than just one win) than last year. That is my disappointment and reason for being ticked off.

  43. By Brandon LA on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Cleary. You don’t have to look at number to know Kolb has produced more.

    I would be interested to see what the defense compares to last year at this point. You have to remember though that we gave up huge points last year if i remember correctly.

    So what is it? Simply finishing games…. I don’t know my brain hurts.. too many loses.

  44. By Destry A on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    The Kold deal is by far the worst trade that the Cards have made since I started watching them in St louis SOMEONE SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!! He is never going to play well. He looked this bad in Philly.

  45. By FanSinceLomax on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Lets make this simple.
    Give Kolb 20 starts under his belt (As a Cardinal) then, only then will he be defined one way or the other.
    It stakes around 20 starts for anyone, I agree with this QB rule.

  46. By Jeremy on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    @ John S

    First, you laugh at the optimists then you give the most laughable pessimistic prediction possible. Then you say that those stats are meaningless(…lol). Kolb’s stats are not slightly better they’re just better and last years QBs had Fitzgerald too and Larry is not on track to have as many receptions as last year. Thus your whole argument that Kolb’s stats are better because of Larry is null. Sure Kolb has a hard time making reads and his footwork needs improvement, but despite these setbacks he’s still better than last years QBs and the stats reflect that. Which, tell me if I’m wrong, is the whole point of the article anyway…Oh and by the way not as good as Peyton Manning does not equal terrible.


    All I can say is that the source for the QB ratings you gave are highly subjective. Since he didn’t cite any stats under Kolb’s name and simply told a story about Kolb not being good, my only conclusion is he based it on the Cards record which wouldn’t even be acceptable to rate the team let alone one of its starters. Minus points for missing the fact that this guy has 4 other starters rated lower than KK. Anybody who ranks KK as the worst starting QB is nuts since KK’s QB rating so far this season is ranked 24th in the NFL despite his struggles.

  47. By darthcard on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    For the people questioning Kolb i reply to this maybe the cardinal plain suck. No matter who gets put back there they will fail. Kevin Kolb was player of the week 2x last year with the eagles. Yes we over payed and i hate we lost DRC but we need to look at the lackluster team put around Kolb

  48. By vinny on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Skelton never got a fair shot if you look at his 4 games he was 2 and 2 when he came into a losing game for one of his losses. So he was really 2 and 1 in the games he started, and he did the one thing Kolb hasn’t. He drove the team down to win against dallas when kolb has had the ball in his hands in the games we have lost by 4 points or less and he failed to move the ball. Skelton deserves a better shot in my opinion.

  49. By FanSinceLomax on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Oh and Chris?
    Simmons, is just another guy with a opinion.
    Just like you, just like me,and his word is no better than anyone else’s.
    Nobody least of all me is making excuses for Kolb’s play.
    However I think your biggest problem is, you are ignorant in, how long it takes for a quarterback to develop in a new system.
    Let alone one who hasn’t even started a full season.
    Before you throw Cam Newton in our faces, among others. I promise you they are only running about 20% of the playbook Kevin is.
    DRC has had only one Start in Philly by the way, it’s clear they aren’t confident in him.
    I agree we gave up much for a unproved QB, that I agree with you on.
    However Kolb has many more games to play as a Cardinal (20) and has to have a off season before this trade can be viewed as bad or good.

  50. By rjs on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Cards played better defense last year…. I think they blitz too much right now which makes the unproven cornerbacks very vulnerable and easy prey for the comebacks like the Ravens had.

  51. By Ltlane on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Hi Darren,

    I have never posted on this site before, but read it daily, and i felt compeeled to post a question after the last game…When the cardinals got the ball at the 49 of Baltimore, up 11, i was thinking right away the Cardinals would pass on first down. Of course Kolb got sacked and knocked us out of darn good field position. Wells was running pretty well up to that point, and i just can not understand why the Cardinals come out passing up 11 at midfield. This has been a constant concern for me all year, and the next possession, now up 4, the cardinals come out passing again on first down, result=interception. There have been multiple games now where they have the lead by double digits and give it away. Has there been any talk of upgrading the OC? It is very difficult to watch game after game being given away. I am not down on Kolb at all, but I am becoming more and more critical of what seems to be terrible play calling. On one sack i watched Jeff King try to block Suggs one on one, how does that ever happen? Our offensive coaches seem to be outmatched by just about any DC in the league. No screens, no nothing, just leave Kolb a sitting duck back there. Thanks for reading my post, i really wish we had Todd Haley back, at least he had Warner when he was pass whacky.

  52. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Ltlane —

    RE: OC

    There won’t be a change in-season. If things continue to go south, I would guess that’s a spot that will be looked at for 2012.

  53. By Kane on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    How about fumbles?? Kolb’s lost 7. How about poor choices? we continually see Kolb hold onto the ball too long with receivers open down field. But the way i see it is if we get one more capable WR, a sure-set #2, Kolb’ll have much greater success. In my opinion, T.O. would be a perfect fit.

  54. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Kane —

    RE: Fumbles

    Obviously, you didn’t read my answer to that question above here.

    Kolb has lost three fumbles, not seven, same as the QB duo had lost through seven games last season.

  55. By Chris on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    If you are going to compare you have to separate those numbers. You cannot compare DA/Hall numbers combined. That is simply not a relevant comparison. I told you guys and anyone else that would listen (plenty who could care less) that a change at QB was not going to solve the issues facing the Cardinals. The O-Line is bad. The OC is horrible and the number of weapons on offense decreased. Fitz cannot separate consistently and the OC doesn’t scheme things to help get him open. If your receivers cannot get open ANY QB is going to be forced to throw into too tight of a spot too often.
    I find it amusing that once again the only person being blamed for the woes of the Cardinals is the QB. This year it is Kolb.
    Kurt Warner, not unlike Michael Vick when he was in Atlanta, masked a great deal of the issues on the Cardinals offense. Lest we forget, we had Boldin to complement Fitz during the better times in 2008. We also need to remember it was not a 14-2 team, we were 9-7 in a weak division.

  56. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Chris —

    RE: Separating numbers

    The idea from the blog came from someone who asked for the numbers combined. That’s why I did it that way. You are right, Hall was terrible. D.A. was still worse than Kolb.

    D.A. — 83-for-155, 980 yards, 53.5 comp pct, 4 TD, 7 INT, 10 sacks, 62.8
    Hall — 38-for-75, 360 yards, 50.7 comp pct, 1, TD, 5 INT, 12 sacks, 41.0

  57. By Paul on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Depressing all the same…

  58. By steve on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    I am extremely disappointed in Kolb -and I want to see Skelton given a start for a few reasons– like I have stated previously Kolb lacks the one thing that all the good (great) quarterbacks have === pocket awareness!!! And that is something you can’t that concerns me going forward! Does that mean he wont be an ‘average’ NFL quarterback someday?? Certainly not, but I don’t see much more than that… Do you ever wonder how Brady or Manning gets the ball off a split second before the defender hits them??? Kolb unfortunately does not have it, he seems to always ‘do the wrong thing’ when he is in the pocket, I dont think I am exaggerating. I want to see Skelton because my personal opinion is that I want to see how much ‘if any’ he has developed with a year under his belt….. Let’s face if he plays and lights it up and Arizona wins 27-10, do I or any of the fans care what financial investment they made in Kolb??? Hell no!! And also ket’s face it there may be the Andrew Luck 800 pound gorilla facing this team….. lets say we do finish with the opportunity to draft Luck — the n what?? you may have potentially a budding QB star (Skelton) and didnt even know it…. And the last face it, the best quarterbacks in the league many times were (Brady, Brees, Rogers) not drafted early first round

  59. By BIG RED on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Love what you said John S you just made my day. Either way Kolb sucks, why make all this cover up about him now. If Skelton plays watch all the receivers catching passes on stride. In all those close games, really what did he do. The only worst QB other then him would be Max Hall.

  60. By joe on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    The only stats im interested in are the 78 million and 1-7 type ones

  61. By joe on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Also whats up with the d this year is it just getting nused to the new system or is this system not fitting the talent we have. I dont think you can throw the steelers d at our personnel we dont have the right type of linebackers for it yet

  62. By joe on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Also i think at this point in the season with where the niners are and with a pretty winnable schedule the rest of the way out to boot you sit Kolb if he has a headache(if he truly is the franchise guy)

  63. By Chad on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Thanks for post Darren. It is easy to get crazy going 1-7, but we are way better off than last year. At least this year we have HOPE…unlike last year which was almost comical.

  64. By lg on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    we all are cardinals fans thats why we are mad and sad about the way they play but we are still here and most of us aint going no where i use this page to tell how i feel its better to let it out than to keep it in

  65. By Nate on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    I am sick of people saying Kolb is inexperienced and needs time to develop. In fact it pisses me off when people say that because the Cardinals gave up essentially a First round pick (Pro Bowl Corner) and a second round pick for this guy! Not only did they give up all that talent that could be used on other needs, which we can all Cleary see needs to be filled but they also paid him like a really good STARTING Quarterback! If Kolb needs more time to develop then someone needs to be FIRED because you do not give up those picks and pay someone that much money to have them develop over the next few years. It is really sad when you have to compare someone who the Cardinals obviously thought was a for sure thing to one of the worst quarterbacks I have ever seen. I know the offensive line is not that great but Kolb throw’s off his back foot every time even if he has a pocket to step up in. He has the worst foot work I have ever seen….. and that is scary that the cardinals did not see this on tape before they made a deal that will set the franchise back for years to come. On second thought why aren’t we surprised… you can change personnel but this will still be the same old cardinals that make stupid decisions after stupid decisions, right?

  66. By jocards on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Kolb has not played well and there is no disputing that. However it is too early to really judge him for the long term because this line is absolutely awful in pass protection and our receivers have some trouble holding onto the football. Doucet had at least three drops in Baltimore as did Roberts. When your QB is running for his life back there sometimes a receiver needs to make a play for him. The pass might not be perfect but if it is a little behind you or perhaps a bit high you have to haul it in and our guys simply don’t often do that. Compounding the problem is that our protection schemes are often bad, so bad that they are at times difficult to believe (see the Pittsburgh game). I do not believe that any QB including Manning, Brady or Brees could look particularly good on this team right now. I am NOT suggesting that Kolb is as good as those three I’m just saying that there is much, much work to be done before this offense can even begin to sustain drives consistently and that the QB is only part of a much larger problem.

  67. By NJAZCardsFan on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Darren- Comparing DA/Hall to Kolb is like comparing rotten apples to each other….. Or looking for which apple has the most worm holes in it.

    Watch some other teams on Sunday. Then you will see how bad the Cards really are this season.

  68. By Tom on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Kolb is the real deal. Learning the offense during the season is a challenge. A little patience will go a long way. Kolb will do a lot to quiet the noise with his play the rest of the season. Plenty of great quarterbacks won only one game their first season as a pro. Kolb is focused on winning long term and is not listening to those who want to second guess the organization’s trade decisions. A lot of bright football people were saying Kolb was ready to play before the trade was made. The “win now” fans need to have another drink and relax. Cards are going to be fine.

  69. By AZ Fan in WA on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    If you are not completely over this by now would you mind showing us how 3rd downs compare to last year? Avg Dist, conversion rate…
    I’m happy you addressed this even though you shouldn’t have had to. There are obviously a lot of emotions involved with being a fan. It’s nice to get some naked numbers, so thanks for that.

  70. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Az Fan in WA —

    RE: Third downs

    I will try to find that tomorrow.

  71. By AndyStandsUp on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Obviously, having Kolb this season is an upgrade over last season’s QBs, even statistically better than the other 2010 passers – Skelton, Bartel and Breaston . (I think he threw twice.)
    I’ve also read that Kevin is worse off than some players that have come into new systems but only Cam Newton is blowing past him stats-wise*, and he wasn’t available to draft at the Cards spot:
    Rookies drafted

    Newton – 152 for 252 2,103 yards 8TD 9 INT 60.3
    Dalton – 118 for 189 1,311 yards 7 TD 5 INT 62.4
    Kolb – 119 for 206 1,553 yards 7 TD 7 INT 57.8
    Gabbert, Locker, Kaepernick and Tebow are number-wise worse off than Kolb.

    Veterans moving to a new team

    Hasselbeck – 131 for 211 1518 10 TD 6 INT 62.1
    Jackson – 99 for 157 1012 6 TD 5 INT 63.1
    Campbell – 100 for 165 1170 6 TD 4 INT 60.6
    Kolb – 119 for 206 1553 7 TD 7 INT 57.8
    Better than McNabb, Moore, Grossman, Boller and Beck.

    *Stats do not include Sunday’s games.

  72. By Andy M on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Playing Skelton this week would give more perspective–it would provide a datapoint from which to compare Kolb. For better or worse, Kolb is our guy this year and probably beyond. The reason so many people like Skelton is his improbable story, but also this major league body and arm. He is bigger, stronger, faster and more elusive than Kolb. His passes are less likely to get tipped and he seems to have more “pocket presence”. Skelton also showed surprising imagination and touch. Nonetheless, the Cardinals have too much invested to bench Kolb and he will improve. The concern I have is that he has not shown any prime time magic–time after time Kolb seems to be defeated rather than excited to take on the challenge of the fourth quarter. The Cardinals can get him a better line and he can grow in the system, but if he doesn’t have the gleam in his eye during crunch time, Kolb will not lead the team to a new level. Hell, I am rooting for the guy. Who cares about the numbers? Just win baby.

  73. By TucsonTim on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Maybe the QB numbers are better because we actually did up grade the o-line and with another year of experience Sendlein is better. Just sayin…. It’s not like the numbers are night and day

  74. By TucsonTim on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    David C – It is beyond comprehension that a Browns player at any position has been released and not picked up by the Cardinals. Please check your facts.

  75. By TucsonTim on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Just one more problem. Those stats don’t take into consideration game situation. Listen, I’m no DA lover. As you should know, I thought McNabb was the obvious choice as we developed the QB that we moved up in the draft to get

  76. By vinny on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply


    Wouldn’t you suggest that the cardinals should also get to see what Skelton has got for the sake of the draft. Yeah everybody wants to go for luck but the way I am seeing it is that Kolb was paid so much they would pass on him anyway. Like I said in my previous comment Skelton was 2 and 1 as a starter for the cards and showed some intelligence and toughness on the field. In my opinion the cards got Kolb because #11 said his name and they wanted to sign Larry. See what Skelton can do give him more than just 4 games to start and give us that spark that I think we could get from him. He could be our diamond in the rough from Fordham University, but how will we know if we don’t watch him shine.


    Coach Wiz is always saying put the best man in for the job well skleton was 2 and 1 as a starter and he played 4 NFL games total. Kolb has now played what like 14 games and I don’t know what his record was with philly but with us you already know. thanks darren enjoy your night.

  77. By cards62 on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply


    Really good articles about our QB situation. I think most of us agree that the QB play has been better than last year and were proud that the Cardinals made a move at QB in the offseason to try and get better. We all had our favorites, but once Kolb was chosen almost all of us have been rooting for his success.

    The truth is our QB play is not good this year and it was horrible last year so comparing to last year does not make me feel any better. The one constant from both seasons is our GM and offensive coaching staff and it is easy to see that our coaching staff is not getting the job done. I do not hate Coach Whiz and I am still leaning on giving him one more year to turn us around, but with each game that goes by I am forced to give Warner and Haley more and more credit for our Superbowl Year and less credit to Coach Whiz.
    Rod Graves did not upgrade our team in areas that even we simple minded fans knew needed upgrading OT and WR for our QB to succeed so this is not all Kolbs fault, and what kind of help is Kolb getting from the coaching staff?

    That said Kolb is injured, and we are not making the playoffs so why risk further injury to Kolb? There is no downside to playing Skelton so lets start Skelton against the Rams and use Bartel as the backup. Worse case is we give Skelton more experience to compete for the starting job next year and best case is he sparks our offense. I know with our OTs Skelton could get hurt, but an injured Kolb will be easier to be further injured, and the Rams got after Drew Brees pretty good this past Sunday..

    Go Cards and start Skelton

  78. By BIG RED on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    One thing for sure, is we’re gonna see why Kolb holds on to the ball longer. If Skelton gets to play against the Rams you’ll see a quicker release and won’t be sack as much a Mr.Kolb and reason is he can see above his offensive line. At least we won’t see him running back and by the way Darren can you post all those yards Kolb has lost by running back from the scrimmage line of the seven games kolb has played.He’s probably lost more yardage running back, then running for positive yardage.

  79. By Scott H on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    David C –

    RE: Robiskie

    Honestly, if the CLEVELAND BROWNS – who might have the worst WR’s top to bottom in the NFL – don’t want this guy, then why do we??? Hell, we already have Chansi Stuckey…isn’t that enough???

    Seriously, I think we all just need to stop wasting our time asking about WR’s who we think might be able to help. SOOOOOO many of them have been available – from FA right up to the present – and this team has done nothing. Obviously – and quite inexplicably – this team does not feel it needs any help there. Then again, this is the same group of people who spent most of last year telling us that Derek Anderson gave us the best chance to win, so…consider what you’re up against here.

  80. By wsphxcardsfan on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    i just hope we have hit rock bottom already. I think I am done whining for now.

  81. By outlaws40 on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply

    Darren, Please recall the heated discussions you and I had last year at this time. What I told you needed to happen to fix this team. You had to CYA with your employees “you know where you get your pay check” but we are back in the same boat! so let me refresh your memory! 1. when you loose a NFL starting QB (Kurt warner) you go get one. SPEND THE MONEY! Kolb has potential but was a bench player in Philly after he lost his job! You need a Real Starter with a few years of starting experience or a (cam Newton rookie) #2. when the owners did not want to buck up nd spend the money on Karlos Dansby and let him walk out of town (just like Q81, and how did that work out for you last week) you try to replace Dansby with a thirty something Joey Porter and Paris L. (by the way I ran into Joey at my ortho DR at AZSMC yesterday, Looks like the knee is pretty bad for him to be in there) #3 I told you AW is the worst straight up cover 2 safety in the league! He needs to get off the GH or Juice and drop weight and work on his hips and cover skills. or Horton needs to put him in the BOX like he did Troy in Pittsburg or just flat out make him play OLB! he has torn his ABS and Bicep in the last 12 months. #4 fire John Lott. He is to much of a meathead weight lifter to actually build really explosive football players! he does not train with CNS central nervous systems in mind! You have to have this fire quick to do everything very quick and with minimal injury on the field! example is you can have the worlds greatest printer (legs) and the biggest scanner(chest) but without the CPU (your central nervous system) the hardware is just dead weight. If you get to the grass roots of the looses it is because your football players are getting beat on the field by better athletes. With the record over the last 2 years I would make these changes and beg and Pay Tony dungy to come coach my team next year!

  82. By Darren Urban on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    outlaws40 —

    RE: Discussions

    Sorry, I have no idea who you are or having spoke to you.

    Curious on the QB thing, though: Who exactly would you have SPENT THE MONEY on? Who would you have gone and gotten?

  83. By wayne on Nov 1, 2011 | Reply


    Thats’s what ive been saying all along, Kolb has better nunbers and we have run the ball way better than last year (Beanie has 7 TD’s thru 7 games and only played in 6) then why we are 1-6? , this Cards could very easily be 5-2. I said this before but sometimes you need to you need make changes at the top, I have always like Whiz but it could be time for to replace all the coaches, HC. OFC,DFC,LBC,SEC COACH. I always thought we had decent talent here so we should be winning and I don’t blame Graves or the Biddwells because they have been spending the money to make us a contender.

  84. By UC on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    My versions of Darren’s blog post-

    “So, you see, this color over here is navy blue. This color over here is cornflower blue. But saying that both of these colors are “blue” is, well, just not true! I mean, look at the color wheel, if you go in THIS direction, these two colors are a whole 345 degrees apart! That’s, like, SO DIFFERENT! So clearly it’s just not accurate to call both of these colors “blue”.”

    Yes Darren, clearly Kolb is a better quarterback than what was around last year (but not necessarily better than Leinart, LOL). But Kolb’s numbers suck, and last year’s numbers suck, which means that ALL THE NUMBERS SUCK!!! THAT’S why so many fans are griping about Kenny selling them a pile of bull, because he HAS, either with how good Kolb was supposed to be, or how good the offensive line was supposed to be. Kenny’s vouched for both of them, and clearly at least one of them is not living up to the stories Kenny’s been peddling about them.

    As David C. said, “Damage Control Tuesday”, indeed.

  85. By Darren Urban on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    UC —

    RE: My posts

    Let me ask you something. If what I do irritates you so much, why do you bother reading it? I would have no problem if you didn’t. Perhaps your stress level wouldn’t be so high. In all honesty, I get tired of being insulted by you on a regular basis.

  86. By Tony Guinn on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Darren, just a little curious…how come our goal is so focused on being like the steelers defense? we obviously dont have the personnel…why not just try and be our own team? Thanks Darren!

  87. By Darren Urban on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Tony Guinn —

    RE: Defensive scheme

    That is what Whisenhunt sought when he hired the new defensive coordinator. Obviously, the coaches thought/think it could work.

  88. By Logan Cooper on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Thank you for posting this. More times than not, a disgruntled fans mind, is usually clouded and very irrational. I doubt most people will ignore that Kolb is doing better than any of the quarterback play ever was, last year.

    The offense is night and day from last year and don’t think Kolb is the glaring reason for are losses thus far. Bad play calling happens, but unfortunately for the cardinals it has come at the worst times possible which I feel has lost us at least three games. It has really come down to passing the ball when we should have clearly ran it. There have been many other times when we have a play that should not be called given, say, field position, time management, defensive schemes. To this point, I have been willing to give our rookie O.C a chance to shake off his nerves and pull his head out but when my wife who has little to no knowledge of the game is saying, they should not be running that play, they are shooting themselves in the foot. My patience is gone, so,etching has got to change.

    I have been really happy with the defense, I saw a stat in the Vikings game that the cardinals are the number one team in the league based on how many times the opposing offense has begun their snaps in their territory. The defense has time and again been put in horrendous situations and come out with little damage. As for the Blown coverages, which I have absolutely no idea because I didnt know the play call, I feel it is guys trying to do others jobs and not sticking to their assignments.

    The excuse that we are losing games because of little things tells me guys aren’t doing the little things and putting in the extra effort to stop those little things from happening.

    I look at it this way because I’m a student. Whenever I get a B or a C on a test I will look back and see the answers I got wrong and realize I knew the answer but not enought to recognize it when it was presented to me in a test situation. I can come up with any excuse about why I didn’t get them right, but the fact is, it’s because I didn’t put that extra effort to study the little things that would have allowed me to get an A. The cards can say all the want about how much they work and they are at the facility everyday.

    They can say all they want, but to me, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s a duck.

  89. By rio on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply


  90. By former season ticket holder on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    There was an article on this web site about the popularity of the back-up QB. That same popularity was applied to the Eagles back-up last year. So the same fan support goes to the back-up, only this time it’s Skelton whom is the recipient.

    Bad stats and winless games breed contempt. Anyone remember the back-up to Terry Bradshaw all those years? Remember where he ended up after “getting his chance”?

  91. By Sergio on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    I love how many people on here are saying that the Cardinals are CLOSE because they have 4 losses by less than a touchdown. Have you all forgotten that in EACH of those games, the Cardinals had 2nd half LEADS and because their quarterback is just plain awful in the 4th quarter, they BLEW every single one of them?
    For me, that is what makes it MORE frustrating, not LESS.
    Those should have been victories instead of losses.
    Josh Freeman converts those types of games to wins virtually every time. Even Alex Smith does enough not to blow late leads.
    This is why I believe Kolb to be the single most overpaid player in the NFL.
    He has not EARNED a cent of his ENORMOUS contract!

  92. By jonathan on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply


    When are we going to go out and get an offensive line?

  93. By Matt in Philly on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Back when the rumors were flying about the Cards giving up a boatload for Kolb, I said that Kolb wasn’t much of an improvement over Skelton. You look at the numbers from their first few starts, and they are very similar. You look at their skill sets, and they are similar: decent mobility, hard-nosed, great arm, student of the game. I’m not sure what upside Kolb ever had over Skelton, except that he’d started a few more games in a better offense, with a better defense.

    Whisenhunt always says that the guys who play well will get the snaps on Sunday. Kolb is NOT PLAYING WELL. He looks like Matt Leinart out there (remember all the talk about Leinart’s footwork?), except he has a stronger arm and wears a ridiculous cap. I’m tired of the excuses. Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, and Matt Hasselbeck figured it out on new teams with no offseason. You’re telling me Kyle Orton or Hasselbeck wouldn’t be playing as well, if not better than Kolb right now had we gotten them for MUCH, MUCH less than we gave up? It’s sad when the fans actually ARE more rational than the front office.

  94. By Sarah on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    This is a no brainer Skelton please ! He has way more upside that Kolb re. long term and needs the experience and the fans want it plain and simple. I think the team will rally around the guy as the fans are. He has a stronger arm, better mobility and is bigger and is a cool cucumber. This is a great opportunity to see where he is at and what we have. Honestly I cannot understand what the Cards management were thinking in paying Kolb so handsomely, I mean we could have got Jeff Garcia for 1 million a season and he is way more of a veteran, Grey Cup winner and took SF and Tampa and Philly to the playoffs !!! Daft move and we are stuck with Kolb as he is now our Alex Smith.

    I was a SF fan for a long time until Smith who basically was sub par and personality absent. Kolb is similar, he tries hard but does not endear to the fan base, chemistry is something that cannot be invented. Bartel is way too excited for no particular reason and has played mop up against auditioning players ( many whom were cut) during the pre season. When you have a talent like Skelton you develop it. Heck we traded a good player to move up in the draft to get him !

  95. By Upset Cards Fan on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    I put most of the blame on the coaching. Yes, I DO look at the 4 losses by less than a TD and think, whith better coaching we would have had that.

    This is just a hypothetical, but if you kept our current roster the way it is, and the niners current roster the way it is, but just swapped out the coaching staff. I’d bet the Cards would be 5-2 or 6-2 right now and the niners would be 2-5 or 1-6 right now. Our coahing just plain SUCKS!

  96. By Sergio on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    I have to concur with everything Matt in Philly said.

  97. By calicard on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    From Adam Schein on……#3. It’s easy, and accurate, to always fault Kevin Kolb, who’s had a miserable season at quarterback for the one-win Cardinals. But if you watch the team play, you know that tackle Levi Brown is overmatched and the biggest underachiever on the team. And to think he was drafted ahead of Adrian Peterson!

  98. By Adrian on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    honestly i think if you start swapping QB’s like they did last year there is going to be MORE inconsistency at the QB spot. Play Kolb! let him get the experience and let him lead this team. He has the skill just not the know how. That being said i think that the focus needs to be more on QB protection and ALOT more experience for the corner backs

  99. By Adrian on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    On top of that, think about it….we have Kolb for 5 years, Fitz for 8….lets start showing the other receivers some support too! They’re good but definitely need improvement and that can happen come next season.

  100. By Gary Stevenson on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Darren, We did have this same conversation last year. search your records for “Gary” and This is just like Groundhogs day, It just keeps repeating !! As far as the QB thing are you kidding me? Matt Haselbeck to start with. And even though I am not a fan of Vince Young..I would have at least entertained it! or at least see if Alex Smith would leave for more money than they gave him to re-sign, But I find it funny How you just flat out will not address the rest of my remarks. You could get Tom Brady in AZ and we would still loose with a beat LB core and a terrible secondary! and a (very nice Man) but a strength coach who is stuck in the 1950’s with his program!

  101. By Darren Urban on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Gary —

    RE: Addressing remarks

    You don’t want me to address them. I let you have your say, and you’ve said it.

  102. By Scott H on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Darren –

    When you ask people who they would have gotten instead of Kolb, you certainly do raise a valid point – becasue none of the QB’s who were in the discussion / available have looked any better than Kolb. Some have looked worse.

    McNabb? Please. No surprise that he is already on the bench. He’d be on the bench here, too.

    Hasselbeck? Looked good for about two games when Kenny Brit was healthy. Now, HE’S not healthy, either. No surprise that he and the Titans are dealing with his being injured. We’d be dealing with the same if he were here.

    Orton? Already benched for Tebow. May still be a better QB than Tebow but does that really say much???

    Palmer? Who knows…but he really wasn’t available at the time AND the Raiders gave up entirely too much to get him. He will NEVER justify his price.

    Tavaris Jackson? No. To quote Denny Green, he is who we thought he was.

    The QB’s who ARE doing well are the rookies! And I was nothing but wrong about all of them because I swore Kolb was a better option. Wish we could do it all over again, but…we can’t. But the fact remains – since they were not going to draft a QB, there is NO ONE playing QB somewhere else who was available that anyone can point to and say We should have got him!

    IT ALLLLL underscores just how BIG of a mistake it was to not give Skelton more playing time last year when should have. I CAN ( and will continue to ) point to that as what we SHOULD have done.

    Hang in there, bro! I really do appreciate your efforts during what are truly some dark days, indeed.

  103. By Louisville Card on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Darren, nice article as always. I rewatched the game from Sunday and I noticed that the reason we lost is that we didn’t have a receiver that could catch a ball besides Fitz. I know you think were picking tackle with our first pick but passing on Blackmon when we have such a need at wr seems to equate to passing on Peterson and picking brown. Especially given the cards record at drafting lineman with their first pick. If you think pash rush instead I say Acho and Schofeild seem like they are progressing enough that you could wait tilllater rounds for pass rushing backups. What are your thoughts?

  104. By Darren Urban on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Louisville —

    RE: Draft

    I’m sorry to keep punting this but that’s so far away. Let’s see how this plays out. Let’s see who they can get in free agency, which could dramatically alter what they do in the draft.

  105. By Louisville Card on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    I can understand Darren just not much positive to say right now and when I saw how many crucial drops we had it made me think of our earlier conversation.

  106. By UC on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply


    When you stop trying to cover for the bad decisions that members of the Cardinals organization make, then I’ll quit calling you on it. Using the difference between these QB stats to try and argue that Kolb is performing significantly better than the QBs last year is absurd. The fans seem to inherently understand that if Kolb’s contract cost per QB rating point is factored in, AND that said cost has to include factoring in the loss of a very young Pro Bowl cornerback AND a high draft pick, then the deal reeks. The real question is why don’t you understand that? Again, Kolb may turn out to be great, but at this point he’s not. Whether that’s Kolb’s fault or the O-line’s fault doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s become PAINFULLY clear that Kenny sold the fans a bill of goods regarding his “knowing” what was wrong with the team and how to fix it, and the fans who are not happy about that are increasingly voicing their disgust.

    Besides, if you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen. If you don’t like that Cardinals Fans 2.0 have higher expectations and lower tolerance for stupid team decisions than they did in the past, then go complain to Michael about him raising expectations. He’s the one who said he’d make the team competitive, the fans didn’t just imagine that into reality. However, many fans DO seem to be holding him to his word, and are voicing their unhappiness about it not happening. But hey, if you’re tired of me and the other fans who are upset about, thus far, being lied to about the team’s supposed “new direction”, then just wait for a little bit. Because if this joke of performances continues much longer, the passionate fans will get sick of it and disappear (as some already seem to have done), and you’ll be left with the milquetoast fans with their limited website visits and ticket purchases who only show up to chant “rah-rah” for whatever nonsense occurs next, and you won’t have to worry about any readers really caring one way or the other.

  107. By Darren Urban on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    UC —

    RE: Handling the heat

    Here’s the deal: You want to ask me questions, or read what I say, that’s fine. You want to disagree with it? Fine. Lots of people do, and that’s expected.

    You want to start ripping me personally? Not so fine. I have no idea what you do for a living, but it doesn’t really matter. You don’t have my job, you don’t know what I do.

    I post almost every comment made on this blog. I could print out many pages worth of your rants by themselves. You know that. You’re frustrated? Fine. I understand. So is Georgiebird, and Scott H, and cheesebeef and Matt In Phllly and TucsonTim and cardsalltheway among many others. I let them have their say just like I let you. I respond when I feel it is necessary. And pretty much, while I think some people go over the top, it goes in. I’d dare say few team websites do. I have no problem with fans having higher expectations. I do have a problem with you taking shots at me. It’s happened before with others. I gave you a chance to back off. Instead, you apparently would rather not. It is personal. You have made it that way.

    So, thanks for coming.

  108. By BIG RED on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Darren, please I’m still waiting on how many yards Kolb has lost by running back from a defensive player and how many yards has he gain that are positive. I know your a busy person. I just don’t want to upset you. I enjoy your column, it’s very entertaining.

  109. By Darren Urban on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Big Red —

    RE: Yards lost

    To be honest, I don’t even know how I would track that without going over the video on every single sack. That, I’m afraid, isn’t going to happen. But I will give you that it happens too often.

  110. By wayne on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply


    I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have always done, win or lose because I know you are frustrated just like the rest of us, sure makes the job easier when the Cardinals are winning huh?


  111. By Darren Urban on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Wayne –

    RE: winning

    Uh, yeah.

  112. By outlaws40 on Nov 2, 2011 | Reply

    Darren, I am a fan this is why this matters! Not only Am I a fan I have also worked for the organization in the past! My views are DEAD ON! I am not Bashing a team I am just one man with one voice! You never know what size of a ripple a pebble may make when it is cast into a pond. I am hoping this reaches the people who can make LIFE changing events within the organization. I know that letting people go is one of the toughest things an employer has to do from time to time, but if you commit to the Fans to be winners! Than do what it takes to be a winner! Even if it means letting go of great Men like Wiz. Great organizations who are headed by level 5 leaders ( The steelers, The Cowboys) would never settle for the past few years. Jerry Jones would cut ties and move forward! This is why as much as I can not stand the cowboys, They have had as much success as they have. Present day, I would Give Rich Bartel a honest shot! I do agree with bringing back Regan at FB! The team needs this type on no-nonsense player who is a smash you in the mouth player on the field, he leads with his actions and sets high standards with his work ethic. The next thought is on Fitz. I really do feel bad that he has to draw most of the coverage. He may really never reach the Hall of fames if he stays in AZ. Without other true threats teams can focus on him and hold him to less yards. I know If Larry was on a team in the NFC east and stayed health, he would have a legit shot at the HOF. I know in his hart of harts he really wants out of hear if he can’t get a QB to get him the ball, Thats just the nature of a WR and you have to put up or shut up and get him the ball or he is long gone!!! One of my thoughts is what the Cards plan of attack for going and getting a great LB. I hope Steve Kiem takes a close look at the talent at the position in the BIG TEN this year! Steve and I played against one another in high school back in PA, and he of anybody can attest to the hard nose football in the Big TEN, This year is the year do go draft some you talent at the ailing LB spots. As far as the secondary! I won’t even go past the word garbage! It needs fixed from the ground up! I know plenty of people get on here and play armchair OWNER! but I hope someone is humble enough their to admit mistakes made and poor personal choices and right the ship . If I get on here one more time and see you or anyone else brag about another Sellout I may start a boycott of the games on some social media sights. I know that you guys are proud of that but PLEASE have some humility! What in the world are you doing with all that revenue anyway? certainly not spending it keeping leaders like (Q-81 or Karlos Dansby) We really don’t care about your sell out! Most true fans only care about the wins! Ask coach Wiz, does he care about the damn sellout or the Wins? Just some fan advice don’t brag about a sellout when you are on a major losing streak! In closing I truly hope that the Card hire some outside consultant (gruden, Dungy) to name a few to give an honest outside unbiased report on what the owners need to do to start winning, A ground up tree shaking! I would love to sit back and Enjoy the show!

  113. By Donald on Nov 3, 2011 | Reply

    How quickly we forget just how awful Scud Anderson was.

    Kolb is light years better – doesn’t mean he’s doing good, but he’s far better. If he’d calm down and step up instead of running backwards and into sacks, his numbers would improve. But I don’t know if that is going to happen- it seems to be the book on him, being skittish under pressure. The atrocious tackles don’t help any, but when you put a guy who is skittish under pressure with turnstyle tackles, he’s going to look really bad. Still not Anderson bad, though.

    Watching Dewreck back there last season, overthrowing open guys by 20 yards, I can understand why people want to forget it ever happened. The offense this year is better with less talent – but like always we can’t ever hold a lead.

  114. By Gergely on Nov 3, 2011 | Reply

    Hi Darren,

    I think it’s worth pointing out that other QBs in Kolb’s situation haven’t done better as a whole in their first year with the new team than what Kolb projects to. Turns out moving to a new system is not easy. For comparison I’m using Orton, Cutler, Cassell and Favre (traded to a new team+system while playing at a high level or expected to get there) and skipping clearly declining players like McNabb, Hasslebeck, etc.

    Let’s all calm down for a year.
    Let’s draft a blue chip OT if we have a high enough pick.
    Ill for Kalil?

  115. By BIG RED on Nov 3, 2011 | Reply

    Thanks Darren, keep up the good work and just ignore UC. I’m even thinking his probably the guy that sits on the front row of where I sit. This guy is annoying, too.

  116. By AndyStandsUp on Nov 4, 2011 | Reply

    Wow, just read the exchange.
    This is your blog and you have the right to dismiss whomever you want.
    I like the give and take of most posters and, like you stated, you are the most tolerant of any NFL team site that I’ve read.

    And UC goes by the wayside of Casey and trigidy.

    Nice editing earlier, BTW with the BS comment. Don’t mean to be the PC police on what words are acceptable. Just think that some kids may be reading.

  117. By Darren Urban on Nov 4, 2011 | Reply

    AndyStands –

    RE: language

    Good call. I just missed it.

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