News and notes to wrap up the season

Posted by Darren Urban on January 2, 2012 – 11:26 am

I will have a couple of home page stories later today, but for now, some of the newsy notes from the final locker room session and coach Ken Whisenhunt’s final presser:

— Whisenhunt said he told the team he doesn’t anticipate a lot of changes this offseason. Obviously, that doesn’t mean there will be none. But compared to last year, this team isn’t going to be overhauled.

— Asked if that included the coaching staff, Whiz just said the coaching staff would go through an evaluation process over the next little while, including himself. No one believes Whisenhunt will be going anywhere, but it definitely left the door open on making a change or two with the assistants.

— Whisenhunt said he was “pleased to where were are at the quarterback position” and looks forward to working with all three quarterbacks during the offseason. So anyone wondering about the Cards chasing Matt Flynn — and yes, there were a couple yesterday, I noticed — you can save the questions. Whiz would not say directly that Kevin Kolb and John Skelton would compete for the starting job, but “there is always competition. That’s how we have always operated.”

— Kolb said he will probably undergo another test in a month to see where he is in his concussion recovery.

— Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald took a shot in the third quarter yesterday and the Cards actually had him checked for a concussion. He didn’t have one — turned out, he had a bruise on his lung — and was cleared to go back in. “He’s fine,” Whisenhunt said.

— Skelton was fine too, after his fainting spell yesterday. Skelton had the bursa sac on his knee drained — Skelton said he’s done that a couple of times –and then got lightheaded when he got off the table. “It was the first time I passed out in my life,” Skelton said. “I just think it was a freak thing. Everyone was more worried than I was.” That included Whisenhunt, who didn’t exactly have the concussed Kolb he could’ve turned to. He quickly knew Skelton was OK. Whiz asked him if he was OK, and Skelton said, “Yeah, Mike, I’m fine.” — jokingly calling Whiz OC Mike Miller instead.

The fainting news would have stayed in-house until Fitzgerald decided to talk about it unprompted after the game. Fitz said he was worried for his teammate. Skelton smiled when he heard that. “Larry is concerned who’s going to throw him the ball,” Skelton cracked.

— Whiz didn’t want to talk much about contract discussions with free-agent-to-be DE Calais Campbell. “That’s a focus for us,” Whiz said. “We are looking forward to having many more years with Calais to come.”

— Whisenhunt on the need at left tackle, since Levi Brown will either have to restructure or be released because of his giant cap number next season: “I don’t know what is going to happen. We are always looking to make our team better and hopefully, Levi will be a part of that.”

— A quick look at some key unrestricted free agents-to-be (and I will have much more about this tomorrow): DE Vonnie Holliday, LB Clark Haggans, DB Richard Marshall, LS Mike Leach, P Dave Zastudil, K Jay Feely, WR Early Doucet, G Deuce Lutui, T Brandon Keith.

— Both RB Beanie Wells (pictured below) and Whisenhunt said they didn’t know yet if Wells would need surgery on his bad knee. It would seem he’d need something done, but maybe they can find a way to get it better with just rehab. Whiz reiterated that Beanie sitting Sunday was strictly Whisenhunt’s decision. Said Beanie, “It was like he was my dad and he told me I couldn’t go out to the party.”

Again, more later and in the upcoming days.

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63 Responses to “News and notes to wrap up the season”

  1. By kevin on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Happy with the way the season ended. Hope Kolb is ready for camp and look forward to watching him next year. We need a good wideout with Fritz we are set at Tight End hope Heap and King stays around. Need a good OC line coach think it is time for the one we have to go somewhere else. Need another good cornerback also set at Saftey with Rhodes and Wilson.
    Looking forward to the draft to see what we do.

  2. By CreditCard on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    I will have to admit, I was down on Mr. Brown. He has gotten faster and quicker to the position. sounds like the coaches have solved his problems, and he can become a force. the upside to Levi Brown is can play multiple OL positions, and (I cannot remember) if he has ever been on the DL — I’m sure he has played hurt.

    Must be tough for the coaching staff, parting with various players after bonding with them for an entire season. I appreciate the coaching staff, not speaking ill of players in the public or being the headliner (aka Ryan) vs. the players.

    Lastly, fair and honest media reporting.

  3. By Tyrelle on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Will Hyphen be back?

  4. By Darren Urban on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Tyrelle —

    RE: Hyphen

    Yes, I expect LSH to return. He is a restricted free agent.

  5. By brad oneill on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    clark haggins seemed to have a rough start like the rest of the cardinals but that guy is quietly one of the best players we have. I really thought he had lost a step but was proved completely wrong. i assume he was just adjusting to hortons system. this is the time of year i bite my nails, curse at management for letting some great ones get away and do a lot of amateur analysis that matters to no one but me.

    thanks 2011 cardinals for showing more than just a little heart this year. it was a rough one without a single easy victory.

    thanks to the fans that stuck with the team and kept the games sold out, so the valley could keep our guys on the air and solidify are fan base.

    thanks to the bidwells who did everything they could except for keeping steve breaston. but its a lot better than past years.

    13th in the draft without a second rounder sounds like we wont have a chance to make a lot of improvement in the draft, but then again carter and acho both made our team a lot better this year. i also think schofield will benefit immensely from the off season, he was definitely hurt by the lack of an offseason after missing most of his rookie year. i see something special in that guy and hope he works hard enough to keep the coaches interested.

    darryl washington carried the defense while the rest of the team got its sea legs earlier this year. he is a star in this league even if the rest of the league doesnt know it yet. look out 2012

  6. By D on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Sounds like whiz is keeping the door open for Mr. Haley as OC? Most of those UFA should be resigned, except maybe Deuce and if they find a upgrade maybe not Doucet. Could bring back Keith to compete vs a draft pick or Vet.
    Holiday and Haggans if they would do One year deals, Marshall I would give 3-4 year deal, he is 2 yrs younger than Rhodes and probably would sign cheaper than what Kerry is suppose to make next few years. Keep all special teamers and of course lock up Campbell

  7. By drummer-1 on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Darren sorry about that i hit the wrong button… I just want to say thanks for keeping us all informed on the Cards this year great job.. Now i’m off to the message board to read all the fire Whiz, Levi sucks, Skelton is god threads..

  8. By NavyCard on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Here is my off season wish list:

    Calais Campbell and Richard Marshall MUST be resigned. Richard Marshall may have actually been our best FA signing last season.

    Re-sign Levi Brown to Right Tackle money and move him there. He is an excellent run blocker and competent pass blocker. He is proven durable and is a known commodity to the organization. Sign a proven Left Tackle in free agency. Don’t try to draft this position, sign someone who has proven they can do the job.

    Finally, sign a true #2 WR (maybe Steve Johson of Buffalo), sign Doucet as the #3 (his contributions on Special Teams can not be overlooked), and make Andre Roberts the #4 (because that’s what he is).

    I would like to see Deuce return but that is more sentimental than anything. With the return of Toler, the growth of Peterson and R. Johnson, and Marshall’s performance our Secondary is going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD.

    I know another middle LB is needed but hopefully Stewart Bradley can step up in the off season and take control of that position.

    Just my thoughts…

  9. By Paul H on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    The character of this team was reflected by LSH hustling back to stop the potential Seahawk pick six in 4th Q. Not sure why we threw a pass in the flat on 2nd and 3 with a 10 point lead and 10 minutes to play but I digress. Anyway LaRod saved 4 points right there. So appreciative to the team for the effort it took to climb back up after the early season stumbles. John Lott, it’s your time now. Let’s get a full house for the summer weight room activities and start strong next season

  10. By chevy on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    I second your sentiments on john lott. He is an unsung hero.

  11. By Phoenixraven1 on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Like hearing this team will be back for the most part…another good draft and who knows!

  12. By RC on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Calais and LSH are the only must re-signings. Levi needs to go, teams always overloaded blitzs to his side, and it always worked he missed countless blocks. Deucet need to be sent packing on the first flight out of sky harbor. Lutui needs a chastity waist belt, to make sure he doesn’t blow up again. Richard Marshall played great in the second half, but we will get back Rhodes and Toller. Lets bring back DRC, I think he is a free agent.

  13. By Peter in Canada on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Navy Card – I agree with your post except the part about Steve Johnson. There is obviously something wrong with the guy. After the problem in the Jet game, the team was told that anybody who cost the team by doing an excessive celebration would be benched. So Johnson’s act was premeditated; he obviously wrote that stuff before the game with the intention of using it at some point in spite of the coach’s warning. He is a selfish person who thinks his mindless antics are more important than the team. Do you honestly think he belongs in the same locker room as Fitz?

  14. By Saywhut? on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply


    Is it possible for the Cardinals to ‘reclaim’ Todd Haley as their OC? Cause we all know he got fired from the KC coaching job. It wouldn’t be too bad if we had him back and i thought of that scenario…it may end up winning us the crown next year.

  15. By Darren Urban on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Saywhut —

    RE: Haley

    I don’t know if I would classify it as probable, but I’m not closing the door on anything right now.

  16. By Soares20 on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Really like where this team is at right now heading into this off season I wouldn’t be crushed if we didn’t make any big splashes in free agency this year. If I was the coach and front office (which I am not) my priorities would follow:
    1. Resigning Campbell Marshall and Haggans
    2. Draft an O line
    3. Get a number 2 receiver, Fitz is amazing but he could be even more amazing with less pressure on him.
    4. Go get Hailey to be the OC (last because I probably won’t care weather we get him or not)

    Please front office at the very least do the first two on my list and I will be a happy fan. GO CARDS 2012!!!!

  17. By Nat on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    I haven’t heard any talk about getting our Super Bowl offensive coordinator back, Todd Haley. Maybe not head coach ready but a great play caller.

  18. By BIG RED on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Darren, The Cardinals end up in 2nd place in the strong western division. So, does that means the Eagles which ended up in 2nd in the weak eastern division come and play next year at the toaster.

  19. By Darren Urban on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Big Red —

    RE: Hosting Philly

    I promise, I have pretty much all the info if you’re willing to look for it. Blogged this yesterday:

  20. By Scott H on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Thank you, Cardinals, for the late x-mas present / great start to the New Year. Beating the Seahawks and finishing up at 8-8 is both! How cool is it that this team had FOUR OT games at home and WON THEM ALL??? Holy cow!

    Got nothing but big time love for Fitz, who just continues to amaze. Man, did anyone see the look he was giving Coach Whiz on the side-lines when they were facing the 4th down in OT??? True to his character, he was not saying a word. But true to his intensity and desire to win, you could tell he was CLEARLY thinking “Don’t even tell me we’re not gonna go for this here!” His two catches on the winning drive in OT were spectacular. This was not a playoff game, nor was it a game that was gonna get us into the playoffs. And yet, there was Fitz, playing like his life depended on it. After last season, I think his name tended to fall out of discussions of who was the best WR in the game simply because the team imploded. Well….after this season, there is NO ONE who should be considered above Fitz at that position.

    Anyone else really annoyed that FOX woudln’t switch over to the Cardinals game sooner??? WTF??? The Falcons are up 42-0 against a Buccs team that looked as hapless as any team possibly could…and they stick with THAT game until the end??? When the Cardinals-Seahawks are playing a real tight, hard-fought game from beginning to end??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Fortunately, they DID switch over right before it went to OT.

    Un-related to the Cardinals, does anyone else think it is a total and complete joke that the Broncos and Tim Tebow are a playoff team??? I’m so far past being totally sick of Tebow and cannot wait for the Steelers to further expose him next week. This guy had 60 yards passing in a game at home yesterday that his team thought they needed to get into the playoffs. That is pathetic. Same guy completed 2 passes in a game earlier this year. He is already being exposed as a guy who cannot play QB in the NFL when he has to stay in the pocket and ACTUALLY PLAY QB!!!

    Liking this Skelton kid more all the time!

  21. By MIKE G on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Darren–I think Levi Brown has been unfairly ripped by fans and media for his play over the last few seasons. I think fans see him being picked over Adrian Peterson and then make a judgement as to his production in comparison to Peterson which is unfair. The Cardinals’s have moved his position along the line and I think he has done a good job while in Arizona. Every team has their scapegoat when a team struggles and I think Levi has gotten the brunt of the criticism from the fans and media. When you learn a new position it takes time and I think Levi has played well over the last six games. The issue is the $$$. Do the Cardinals want him back at that salary –that is the question—-He is a good player!!!

  22. By Bill Barrett on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    1st thing 1st – Darren, thanks for the great Blog and keeping us up to date. Your awesome man!

    The Cardinals definitely made it an exciting season. So many twists and turns in the games, especially the 2nd half. Even though the last game didn’t have much meaning for post season, they played with guts and did not quit.

    Definitely need to get Calais re-signed. I hope they have a plan.

    Larry Fitzgerald is a true leader on the field. He is an amazing athlete on and off the field and is a role model to how all these high paid athletes should be.

    Used to not pay attention to off-season stuff but will be watching alot of it now.

  23. By DavefromNY on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply


    I just wanted to thank you for another NFL season of great stories, and blogs, and all the work you do for us fans. Its really cool knowing, we can get inside the locker room and see what goes on, with the “Cards Daily” videos, and keeping us updated about the team.

    Thank you very much, and the work you do is greatly appreciated.

    ~Dave Chmielewski
    -New York

  24. By EDijkstra on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Darren, could you give us some interpretation of the Whiz quote that you used in your story: “Some of the additions we make, they’re going to have to adapt to who we are. If they don’t they are going to stick out like a sore thumb. They won’t be here.”

    What is he talking about?

    Thanks for your great work.

  25. By Darren Urban on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    EDijkstra —

    RE: Whiz quote

    He just means that they have built a strong enough culture that anyone coming in will have to do as asked and not buck the system. It seems obvious, but it also says a little something about players they may or may not try and bring in. Check egos at the door.

  26. By Alex Mann on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Off topic… But I heard that all teams receive their Nike Pro Combat Uniforms this saeson. Any word on when we’ll get to see em?

  27. By Darren Urban on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Alex Mann —

    RE: Uniforms

    I wouldn’t be expecting some massive change.

  28. By R Robles on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Did I miss it or did Gameday final not play any of our highlights must of watched a couple of time’s & they never got to it….WTF man No Love for Az at all

  29. By Mr. Know It All on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    The Cards went from 1-6 to 8-8. I’m Proud to be a Cards fan!!! Way to turn it around and finish strong.

    Go Cards!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Darren I agree with DavefromNY

  30. By O Line on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply


    The Cards gave up 54 sacks this year, 31st in the league. Are stats available that show how many were caused by QB indecision, and not the fault of the line? And how many sacks were given up by each position?

    Thanks for doing another great job this year – really looking forward to 2012!

  31. By Darren Urban on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    OLine —

    RE: Sack breakdown

    No, there is really no way to know that. It’d probably subjective anyway. I guess the coaching staff would know, but they would never throw anyone under the bus by revealing it.

  32. By Zach on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply


    Where can I find a list of all of the Cardinals free agents heading into the 2012 season? Also, would Santonio Holmes of the Jets be worth looking into for the Cardinals? I have heard of recent issues that he has been having there.

  33. By Darren Urban on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Zach —

    RE: FAs

    I will have a list today.

    As for Holmes, why exactly would you want to bring in someone like that?

  34. By CJ on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    All I want this off-season is an offensive line. Sure a better 2nd receiver and a pass rusher would be great too but a solid offensive line would turn this 8-8 team into a 12-4 team.

  35. By SteveG on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    I want to echo davefromNY.

    Great job and really enjoy the home page here!

    Great Job and GO CARDS!

  36. By cardsalltheway on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    How about Ken W. stepping down, since he is so polarizing? I wouldn’t have ever come on this site if it weren’t for him being that way. Please Ken W., do us fans all a favor!
    13. Arizona Cardinals, Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford
    Arizona came into their own in the season’s second half. Their quarterback questions (again) aside, they could use help on the line. Martin is a big improvement, who helps in pass protection and run blocking. They need an upgrade over Levi Brown who is scheduled to make around $18 million in 2012, including a $9.6 million bonus, the last year of his contract.

    Bye bye Levi!!! I think it’s great we beat both the Cowboys and Eagles yet draft just before them. However, if somehow Ken W. flubs up again on the draft I think I might shoot myself?

  37. By cardsalltheway on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    I highly question whether Russ Grimm could do anything with Jonathan Martin(or any other O-Lineman we draft ~ which is probably why we haven’t drafted a rookie ~ at least someone knows something about R. Grimm) just like Ken W. doing anything with our QB’s. Seriously people, we got problems that need-a-fixin!

  38. By cardsalltheway on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Duh, I don’t know what’s wrong with our QB slow starts in games. Well, isn’t that your job?

  39. By Gerald Edwards on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    You wrote about the three quarterbacks returning. What is the possibility that Max Hall will also be in the mix?

  40. By Darren Urban on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Gerald —

    RE: Hall

    I do not expect Hall to return.

  41. By Sergio on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    I was wondering if you knew if Ryan Williams is expected to be ready in time for training camp next year?

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

  42. By Darren Urban on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Sergio —

    RE: Ryan Williams

    As of now, Ryan is on schedule to be ready for camp.

  43. By APCARDS on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    They need to keep Richard Marshall-he has played well the past several weeks and is a good tackler. Darren-Do you think they will keep him? I think Haggans should be kept as back up.
    I do think we need another receiver and Todd Haley as OC to add some energy and excitement into the the offense.
    We also need OL help Big time-especially left tackle. You see a team like the Saints and Drew Brees is rarely hit and has all day to throw 5000+ yards!

  44. By jocards on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    It was really nice to see the team finish so strong. It actually looked like they weren’t such a bad football team by the time the season concluded. An 8-8 record after the way they started was almost unbelievable….I wasn’t sure they would eclipse last season’s win total after they started 1-6. The low point was probably that horribly disappointing, lack luster effort in Minnesota when it looked like they weren’t even ready to play. I began thinking that Whisenhunt and staff might soon be cleaned out after watching that game. After all when a team looks as though they don’t even want to play it is usually the coaching staff that is shown the door first. Whisenhunt and staff kept the team together and the players responded. By the end of the season it looked like they could play with any team. Amazing turn around, well done. Really wish we could have a couple of those early losses back, oh well.

  45. By kauaicardsfan on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Darren,
    Just wanted to also echo the comments of the other cards fans that we appreciate the “inside scoops” all year long and also the interaction that you take the time to do no matter how lame our questions are LOL
    You are greatly appreciated for keeping us informed!!!!
    Mahalo and Aloha!!!

  46. By Procen on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply


    Mike Martz just quit on the Bears. I think the Cards should get him as an OC and let Miller go. He transformed Jay Cutler to a better QB and you call see what happened to the Bears when they lost Cutler. No Playoff! What do you think?

  47. By Darren Urban on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Procen —

    RE: Martz

    No, I don’t think Martz makes sense.

  48. By jocards on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Darren –
    What is your feeling about the team exploring the possibility of bringing Todd Haley back as OC? Any chance this is on their radar? What do you personally think of the idea? Sorry if you’ve already answered this question and I suspect that you have.

  49. By Darren Urban on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    jocards —

    RE: Haley

    You suspect correctly. Right now, there is no position open for Haley to have.

  50. By fightingbird on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    I hope Todd Haley returns and I think Fitz would like it.Darren do you think Todd Haley coming back (if he did come back)would be a bad feeling for him getting fired in such a short time as a head coach and going back to his old job .

  51. By BIG RED on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Gerald Edwards, You got be kidding (max hall) that boy couldn’t play if his life depended on him. Don’t you see all the question marks we’re having with our QB’s. You got be Kidding!!!!!!!!! Wake up, Bro!

  52. By cards62 on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    I am very proud of our team for turning the season around, and Coach Whisenhunt must be given a good portion of the credit for our success, but reality is we still lost 8 games and our schedule appears to be tougher next season.

    My feelings are that we won because of Ray Horton and our defense, Patrick Peterson on special teams, and of course Spiderman (Larry Fitzgerald).

    I do not feel that we have improved during this season very much on offense, and my opinion is we do not have the offensive coaches in place for a turn around in 2012.

    Cardinal Fans please feel free to argue with me and explain to me why I am wrong, but I just do not see a Ray Horton on the offensive side.

    We have some great players in their productive years and I just do not want 2012 to be a waste (non playoff year) like 2010 & 2011. OC like DC is so very important for any teams success.

    Unfortunately the Chargers did not listen to all the “brilliant” football analysts and fire Norv Turner, my first choice for our offensive coordinator so he is off the table.

    I hope we try to hire Todd Haley now as OC. I think all of our QBs will be better with Haley, and the transition you would think will be smooth.

    I am not crazy about Mike Martz. He knows his stuff, but seems to want the cameras on him instead of his players. Martz reminds me of Buddy Ryan, and
    Ryan did not do us Cardinal fans any favors..

    I think OC is our number 1 need for 2012 and number 2 is Rod Graves being selective but active in free agency. Many of you have touched on the fact that we seem to sign way too many over the hill or non impact free agents, and I agree with that assessment. I wanted Carlos Rodgers this past year and he went to the 49ers and will be starting in the pro bowl. I do not think we can fill all or even the majority of our needs with just the draft in 2012 so I hope we wisely spend some money on a few key players still in their productive years at positions of need in free agency.

    Go Cards!

  53. By Darren Urban on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    cards62 —

    RE: Nicknames

    Don’t let Kerry Rhodes know you called Fitz “Spiderman.”

  54. By Tien on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    GO CARDS! Looking forward to next season already. Darren what position do you think the Cards are going to draft?

  55. By Darren Urban on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Tien —

    RE: Draft position

    No idea right now.

  56. By Scott H on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Cards62 –

    I’m with you in that I say no thanks to Mike Martz. Seems to me he really hasn’t done much since those golden days with the Rams and the Greatest Show on Turf. And with the talent that team had on offense…who knows how much credit Martz even truly deserves??? Heck, If Kurt Warner hadn’t exploded on an un-suspecting world the way he did, may we never even know who Mike Martz is!!!

    I would gladly welcome Haley back. Seems to be much respect and regard between he and Whiz.

  57. By Logan Cooper on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Wow. What a roller coaster season to end up where I thought we would be all along 8-8.

    I went to the game yesterday and sat in the end zone side where the visiting team warms up. You really get a different perspective on how guys play and what guys are very impressive on the field. TV really only gives you a small window to evaluate.

    A few observations:
    John Skelton is painfully inaccurate. He has a very hard time at diagnosing coverages before the snap. It is obvious if the play was designed to go to a specific player and that player is defended he gets jittery and a lot of times tries to wait till that receiver attempts to get open.

    One particular play in the 2nd quarter. I could see before the play that fitz was gonna be single covered on the left side and they had somewhat of a bunch set on the right with a single back. The play broke down and Skelton scrambled to his left while everybody including safeties were on the right side of the field and fitz was all by himself on the left.. Fitz was about 3 steps ahead of his man and raised his hands up because he had his guy beat. To me, knowing fitz was manned up, the designed play broken, skelton would look to fitz and give him a chance.

    I would have never seen this on TV and i can now empathize with Whiz on his monday presser when he says there were A LOT of plays that could have been made that were not.

    We must re-sign Campbell and Marshall.
    Seeing the game in person, Richard Marshall is one hell of a football player. As a corner getting beat happens but you can tell this guy does his homework and does an amazing job at diagnosing plays and getting to the ball carrier.

    Dockett, from what I saw, gets double and triple teams throughout the course of the game. Campbell takes advantage of this and makes plays. Im not taking anything from campbell cause he is a hell of a player. We gotta resign him.

    Patrick Peterson is exciting. He got burned a couple times and was fortunate to have tavaris jackson as the QB because they would have been TD’s with a more accurate QB. Scouts said he has a hard time turning his hips without losing speed and this was clearly the case. His speed, at times, makes up for this.

    Michael Adams, one hell of a special teamer and a great tackler. Throughout his career though, he has made the same mistakes time in and time out. In school when i continue to get the same results it is because im not consistently studying the material. I don’t know why it keeps happening but I would love to see it change.

    Once again, great job this year. I don’t post as much (cause of school) but i read every article. Keep it up.

  58. By Born n Bred on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    I like Whiz..and i do like Todd Haley for his mind and personality with players, for that…on the edge feeling that is needed… But remeber Whiz is the core philosopher of this Offense and still has been prominet in it. OCs design certain plays but do so in the philosphy the the man calling the shots. Now im all for Todd Haley coming back but only if he has full control of that O and he brings his Bill Parcells philosophies with him.

  59. By sport245245 on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Drafting an offensive lineman in the first round is in my humble opinion, Unthinkable. We certainly don’t need any secondary help, with Toler coming back. I would like to see Marshall resigned. They guy was as advertised. A great tackler and agressive defender. The linebacker position is well stocked. But a premier wide reciever would seem to be the best option. Apparently Stephen Williams got in somebody’s doghouse or he could be that option. Andre Roberts must have some dirt on the coach or coaches. He does nothing for me.

  60. By cards62 on Jan 4, 2012 | Reply

    Funny Darren, but honestly seeing Fitz in the all red and the plays he was making against Seattle in the second half just made me think of Spiderman playing football.

    Go Cards

  61. By Angela on Jan 4, 2012 | Reply

    If we could get DRC back, and a better Off, Coach,???

  62. By Realist on Jan 4, 2012 | Reply

    I love hearing everyone saying that getting Todd Haley is an answer to our problems. Did you really see something wrong with the play calling this year? Call me crazy but the play calling is what got us back into a lot of those games at the end. The Hyphen goes basically untouched because that was the perfect call. King is wide open in the endzone on the play fake because… THAT WAS THE RIGHT CALL. Let’s not forget one very important thing, and that is Todd Haley was here with KURT WARNER…. not John Skelton,Kolb,Anderson, and Hall. I mean come on you can’t even begin to think that things would not be different with Warner. I think that OC Miller did a good job in his first year with what was given, and we would all sit and watch Haley put up around the same numbers. If he is this big offensive genius then why is he unemployed? Could it be because HE DIDN’T HAVE A QB LIKE KURT IN K.C.? hmmmmmm not thats a crazy thought.

    I also think that the OL is one of the biggest issues which needs addressed. If the play had time to develop I think we would be in good shape. Too many times we were on the run throwing the ball or Beanie was dancing and fighting to get anywhere. Lets get the OL together and fine tune the DEF and I think we have a solid team next season. I will give Horton credit. When the DEF started buying into his schemes and getting comfortable it was fun to watch them play! Well I am done with my rant….. GO CARDS

  63. By Scott H on Jan 5, 2012 | Reply

    Realist –

    Good point. I couldn’t help havimg my own knee-jerk reaction to having Haley back, but….honestly, as you say, I never found myself un-happy with the play calling this year. Good post.

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