Manning story just beginning

Posted by Darren Urban on March 6, 2012 – 11:59 pm

So what’d I miss?

Well, I guess it’s nothing yet. Not official. But the only thing that could knock the Saints and Bountygate off the tips of everyone’s tongues was the news Peyton Manning — barring a crazy twist — will be released Wednesday morning. It’s not a surprise and it’s been something that most expected as far back as the Super Bowl, yet it was amazing that the news he was about to be cut (not even that he was actually cut) created a firestorm of comments. Then again, that was pretty predictable too. Back at the combine a couple of weeks ago were these words from Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel.

“I’m not supposed to talk about anyone else’s players and he’s still a player with Indianapolis,” Crennel said. “But with a talent like that I would be crazy not to consider it if he were available.”

It’s pretty clear the line of teams interested in Manning — or at least wanting to check him out — will be deep. So many assume the Cards will be on that list. Twitter was filled will media-types and others speculating about Manning landing spots and, as it’s been for weeks, the Cards almost always were mentioned. They were certainly mentioned by Darnell Dockett, who tweeted “Peyton to AZ!” and then followed up with another tweet: “Look yall, I like all our QB’s, I don’t care who the QB is we are gonna win the west either way! but damn who wouldn’t wanna play w/ peyton!”

Later, Dockett explained further on the NFL Network. “I feel confident in the quarterbacks we have now and next year is going to be our year,” Dockett said, “but who wouldn’t want to play with Peyton Manning? Let’s be honest. The man’s a legend. … I just feel we have the perfect fit for him in Arizona.”

The next few days will be interesting. The Manning stories had finally died down and now return ten-fold as reports pop up about the teams who want him, because he will be cut, can finally talk about it. Analyzing where he will end up will be constant, but in the end, Manning is going to have a wide range of choices.

And I’m sure everyone will continue talking about it.

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86 Responses to “Manning story just beginning”

  1. By Javier Montoya on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Maybe Ken Whiz figured it out haha. Start with the Steelers for foundation, get cut and then finish your glory days under the sun out onto the sunset.. I know, I know, Peyton was a Colt but the veteran concept is where I’m headed.. If he’s here lets shred it.. if not, Kolb and Skelton have potential to shred too.

  2. By cobra on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    What I respect about you is, knowing more than all of us, you continue to keep everything in perspective. If Manning happens, it happens, if not, Whiz has a plan. Management, for once, or twice, has a plan. Damn, they have a pretty good track record lately.

  3. By WildCard on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Get manning and have him groom skelton. perfect team.!!!

  4. By elvis on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Peyton Manning, Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald Super Bowl (it could happen ?)

  5. By george morrone on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    the az.cardinals sign qb payton manning to a 5 year deal at 100 million thats what we should do we need him im tired of losing get him NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. By Albuquerque's #1 Cards fan! on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Peytons coming, lets rise to the top….again!

  7. By Louisville Card on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Darnell and everyone on the team besides Kolb and Skelton want Peyton on the team next season. It’s a no brainer you rename the stadium and the city to Peytonville to get him here if you have too. The potential for greatness far outweighs the potential for him getting hurt.

    Darren I’ve heard that Peyton can sign tomorrow if he wanted too, but doesn’t free agency start the 13th. Why can he sign before everyone else?

  8. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Louisville —

    RE: Manning signing

    He can sign right away because he isn’t a free agent in the truest sense of the word, which is having your contract run out and having at least four accrued seasons. He will be cut, which is why he’ll be available. When Antrel Rolle left, it was the same thing (and if Levi Brown is released, same thing.) It’s why, even if Manning goes out and throws for 5,000 yards and 40 touchdowns, the Colts will not get a compensatory pick for losing him.

  9. By Chuck on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Darren i feel we should do all we can to get Payton.I think it would be a perfect fit for both Manning and the Cardinals.I think Manning has a simular style to Kurt Warner shotgun,spread offence etc.Plus a dome,Fitz and Heap to throw to.I project the Cardinals becoming a very scary team to deal with,if we get Payton.Only once in a blue moon a special QB becomes available,we were blessed with Kurt,now i hope we are blessed with Payton! Whats your opinion? Chuck

  10. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Chuck —

    (Not to be confused with Chuck1)

    RE: Manning opinion

    I would try and sign him, yes.

  11. By Corgon on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply


    Just saw the Leaping Larry vid, It’s a great piece and i’m curious now. Do you have any stats about how many QB-s passed TD to Larry?
    I think he is the inverse greatest show on turf. 1 WR and numberless QB-s 🙂 At least 7 just in the last 3 years for sure.

  12. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Corgon —

    RE: QBs and Larry

    Unfortunately, I don’t have TDs per QB. I do have rec/yards though:

    Warner 345-4583
    McCown 84-1207
    Leinart 70-967
    Skelton 63-1029
    Anderson 49-629
    Kolb 38-658
    Hall 13-141
    King 10-129
    Navarre 8-97
    Bartel 7-91
    Rattay 5-81
    St. Pierre 1-3

  13. By D on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t see PM playing for less than 15mil, which I don’t see AZ can afford under the Cap unless they release more players and create more holes….keep adding to the Defense, draft and fill holes on O-line and keep the QB’s they have now…. a solid-agressive Defense, a good run game and average QB play will win the division

  14. By cardsalltheway on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Egos will get in the way of the Cardinals getting or even wanting Peyton Manning because if we did get him Ken W. and Co. wouldn’t receive as much credit for making the playoffs or beyond. Without P.M. there is probably little hope in Ken W.’s offense and QB management getting us to the playoffs.

  15. By Paul H on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    I’ve been lukewarm about getting PM to come to the Cards, but after watching the 2009 replay of the GB playoff game the other day I gotta say that we sure are a pretty sweet team when we have a high quality QB. I admit if PM signed here I would probably be turning cartwheels in my yard. BTW, can you imagine Karlos Dansby playing in Ray Horton’s defense?. Karlos can be a pain but he sure made plays, especially when they counted. I”m really dreaming now about having Peyton and Karlos to the Cards. I better wake up and go to work.

  16. By Cactus jeff on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Peyton, you have 3 choices…win a super bowl go to the Niners, stick it to the Colts go to the Texans, or have complete control of the offense go to the Cardinals.

  17. By cardsalltheway on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it’s all about our head coach in 2012. There will be ZERO power loss or sharing in AZ. Peyton Manning would be too much of a distraction for our coaching staff. They already got their plan:(

    Oh oh, is D. Dockett now on the trading block?

  18. By Mike on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    (Hypothetically) If the Cardinals are interested in signing Manning, then what do we do with Kolb before his bonus is due on March 17th? Do you think we could trade Kolb? Or would we probably have to release him?

  19. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Mike —

    RE: Kolb

    If PM happened to come here before March 17, I think Kolb could very well be released. I don’t see a trade happening. If PM isn’t signed before then, then there are going to be some hard decisions that have to be made.

  20. By Michael from STL on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Peyton to Arizona would give us the best shot at a Superbowl title. I do like our QB’s or actually mainly Skelton because he has prove more to me than kolb has. Although manning has had multiple surgeries he has guided the colts to have 11 regular seasons with at least 10 wins. Some reporter said if the cards sign manning that could lead veteran reggie wayne to wanting to sign with his former teammate but let’s be honest we already have Fitz, and Manning while he was with the colts made subpar receivers look good. I would take Skelton over Kolb but i would take manning over most people besides Kurt Warner. Manning to Arizona= Fitz putting up huge numbers and the Cardinals getting those W’s

  21. By Matt in Philly on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply


    I’d love to see Peyton Manning in a Cardinals jersey next season, but I’d be even happier not to see him in a Seahawks jersey. I’m worried about how much moo-lah the Seahawks have to throw at Manning, and I’m curious how our payroll situation would differ if we were to part ways with Kolb and Levi (or restructure his deal). It seems unlikely that we’d have the money to sign Manning, especially since two of our primary needs — offensive line and a #2 receiver — are really important to a quarterback.

  22. By bluepitt on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    I just hope AZ pays atention and does what ever is best for our club, Manning would make us west champs for sure, But he has a short window to play left,
    I dont like Kolb, and I think Johnny lacks the brains to become a Paytonesque type of player, dont get me wrong John is a baller but I just dont see him taking the step from a 8-8 player to a Warner, Farve, Manning, Manning, Breezzzey or even Rapelessburger. I could be totally wrong, I hope I am.

  23. By Michael from STL on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Sign Manning, nd Moss. Moss is running a 4.39 forty at 35 years old, Im sure Moss won’t cause problems because he loves the game to much to stay away. Manning having two dual threat receivers would be a QB’s paradise, but even if we did sign Manning i would want Beanie to get his carries and become more of a smashmouth balanced team who could beat you with a draw play or a play action at any moment. Being balanced keeps the defense on their toes.

  24. By Cardfancolo on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Here we go let the rumors and spectulation begin

  25. By Dre 1368 on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    So when is the jersey going to be available Darren

  26. By Bernardo on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Can you post a link to where we can watch or listen to the press conference?

  27. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Bernardo —

    RE: Manning link

    Not sure where on the net it will be. NFL Network and ESPN both carrying it live at 10 a.m. Az time.

  28. By ltlaneaz on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Hi Darren,

    I am not a person who is down on Kolb, as I think he never really got acclimated last year, but I am wondering if the Cards do sign PM, would they consider paying Kolb anyway and seeking a possible trade partner to get some return? Would kind of hurt walking him out the door after what was given up and the fact that he obviously has talent.

  29. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    ltlaneaz —

    RE: More Kolb

    As I said, I don’t see a feasible trade situation.

  30. By Mark Georgetti on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Darren, what do you feel are the chances the Cards seriously go after Peyton’s services?

  31. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Mark —

    RE: Manning

    I guess if a team is going after Peyton, it would have to be serious, right? I think it’ll depend on his health, just like many of the teams.

  32. By Marcelof on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    we’re talking about a legend, but not always legends are legends everywhere they go. Would Messi have taken over the soccer crown three times playing in an average team?

    I believe it’s not only about money or the name he’s got but there are many things to consider before signing him.

    Manning is a good fit, I’d love to see him wearing Arizona’s red and I expect him to play his best.

    but let the derby begin

  33. By Sir60 on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    If he checks ok, medically, there will be a lot of competition for him and he won’t come cheap. The Cardinals should pass on him and address OL needs.

  34. By Matt in Philly on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    To me, a signing Manning to play for the Cards is less important than keeping him off of the Seahawks. They have a lot to offer over there — a couple of tall receiving options, a strengthening offensive line, a happy-go-lucky head coach, great fans, great city, winnable division, and MONEY. Let’s hope that Fitz is on the phone this afternoon recruiting Manning to the good guys.

  35. By Peter in Canada on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Darren – Your response to Mike tells the whole story re PM possibly coming to the Cards in a nutshell. Many thanks.

  36. By WildCard on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Manning, Manning, Manning!!!

  37. By TUCSTEVE on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    i dont see how automatically having manning makes us super bowl champs. he hasnt played for a year. bad idea signing him

  38. By WildCard on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Could the cards restructure Kolbs deal and move back his roster bonus date? Giving them more time to get manning of course.

  39. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    WildCard —

    RE: Kolb restructure

    Kolb would have to agree to that, and why would he?

  40. By AZbelgium on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    I’m very sad for Kolb actually, think he could have done something with a pre-season and camp. Of course 90% of the league wants PM, so that AZ is considering them is just about right too.

    I hope the best for the team happens, if we were to get PM, then where is all the rest for our O-line, a #2 WR, a tackle and so on… We have to look for making the team better and that might not be involving PM in it.

    Don’t get me wrong, i want him too like 90% but i believe we’ll get there with KK and Skelton and even for LONG term.

  41. By Jay on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Kolb has a glass jaw. He had concussion problems in Philly and missed games. Has he even been cleared to resume contact drills in practice?

  42. By Jay on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Would the Carolina Panthers have taken the Cards 1st round Pick in 2011, 2nd Round Pick in 2011, DRC and the 1st Round pick in 2012 for Cam Newton when the Cardinals thought Giving $60 million to Kevin Kolb was a good idea?

  43. By John S on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about Manning is will he be as good as he was before. Would he be good hist first season returning or would it take a couple seasons? But I believe its well worth it to take the chance on him and release Kolb. I firmly believe Kolb will not be any better then he was last season even with a full off-season. The problem is I think ownership in Miami wants him alot more then ours does.

  44. By Mike in Mesa on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Maybe PM could mentor our offensive coordinators and Whiz here.

  45. By RelayTV on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Peyton will be a Cardinal this season, for all the reasons people are saying: Weak division, dome stadium, Fitz., built to win now, etc.

    And for one reason nobody is talking about – Character.

    For Cardinals management, the character of a player has always been as important (if not more) than player talent.

    That is why we never chased T.O., Farve, McNabb, Randy Moss, etc.

    I just watched Peyton hold a press conference and say nice things about a team owner that, in all honesty, screwed him big time.

    That’s called class. And it is very rare in the NFL today.

    It’s why we paid Fitz so much money.

    The Cards will break the bank to bring Manning to AZ.

    Mark my words.

  46. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    RelayTV —

    RE: Manning/Colts

    Just have to ask one thing: How did the Colts “screw” Manning?

    Nobody can be happy how this ended, or necessarily how it was handled over the last two months, but how was it unfair?

  47. By Nicholas on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    The dream: sign Peyton if it’s possible & rid ourself of kolb who WILL NOT DO ANYTHING BUT BE A GOOD BACK-UP, let Skelton learn from Peyton & sign Wayne, Garcon, Moss or another solid #2 receiver which we are lacking & then we will win Several Championships!!!

  48. By WildCard on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Miami needs Manning more. We want Manning more. Big Difference.

  49. By wsphxcardsfan on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    sorry Kolb, but if you had the bona fides that Peyton has, football fans nationwide would be begging for you too!

    at the very least, all this will hopefully inspire our current qb roster to play that much harder in the offseason.

  50. By AZbelgium on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Is PM even ready to be HIT and will he gain 100% again? He is even better if he’d be 80% then like many of those 100% QB’s around, but still…
    Just What if?? he may need 1 more hit and then there would go your money… Then you’re back again to Skelton and without having any good other Updates on your roster like you were supposed to do if you didn’t sign PM.

    I still think we should get him, or at least TRY! But it’ll have big risk to anyone.

    Main Q is”Will he be Healthy and ABLE to play again”

  51. By wonderingwhy on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    I said it all last year, Kolb should stick to fishing not football. I am sure he is a nice guy but that does not win games. Its not fair to Larry and his career to subject him to Kolbs learning curve and fragile body. There are 2 scenarios here we get PM and we kick the s_%t out of the division or we cut Kolb get our oline fixed and let skelton lead us. At least he throws to Larry. GO CARDS!!!

  52. By Colin on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    ARIZONA!!!!!! listen up do u want a superbowl right now?! YEAH WE DO!! Well sign PEYTON MANNING!!!!!!! Draft a good solid OL and try to get Garcon or Wayne please.. THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPERTUNITY!! c’mon lets sign PEYTON ASAP! #GO CARDINALS!!!!!!

  53. By RelayTV on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply


    Glad you asked.

    You have 2 teams. Each team has a HOF/Superbowl WInning/MVP/Franchise QB that gets a serious injury and misses an entire season. Complications from surgery to repair the injury, delay his rehab/return to the game.

    Also both teams must pay their QB’s huge$.

    What do you do?

    If you’re the Patriots, you give Brady the respect that he has earned, and stay the course.

    If your’re the Colts — You fire the coach, gut the front office, and release Manning to make room for a rookie.

    Not to mention the foolish 2am twitter rants and all the other sniping at Peyton from the wings.

    Peyton built that team – period. Without him, the team won how many games? Andrew Luck may be a good NFL QB, but the odds are agains him being AS GOOD as Peyton.

    Jim Irsay = Classless

    He is the reason Peyton is leaving. Not Peyton’s injury.

  54. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    RelayTV —

    RE: Colts move

    I have to be honest. I’d be very afraid of you running my football team.

    Apples to oranges with Brady. Brady was a) younger and b) coming off an injury that was much more of a known commodity. Everyone knew Brady would — or at least should — return to being “Brady.” Manning will be 36 soon and four neck surgeries later, no one knows, including Manning, to what level he can reach on the field. People here are mad the Cards may give Kolb $7M because he might not perform. What about giving a guy $28M not knowing if he can? Especially after giving him something like $25M last year when he never saw the field?

    And as a Cards fan, you should understand the need to get a franchise QB when you have a chance. If Luck is what most think he is, you just got yourself a Manning-esque type for 10-12 years, as opposed to, what, two more years of PM? Look, if the Colts were picking fourth and not first or second, this wouldn’t even be happening. It’s a perfect storm of events. Manning owes the Colts nothing, but I don’t think the Colts screwed him either. This isn’t a fairy tale. This is the NFL.

  55. By jdcrow59 on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Just heard Marshall Faulk say that Peyton will not sign with a NFC team because that would make a Manning vs Manning super bowl impossible. Hope he’s wrong. But if that is the ultimate dream for both of them it makes sense.

  56. By BIG RED on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    What Marshall Faulk said is what I said a while back Darren. No Manning coming to Cardinals or any team in the NFC. Cause papa Manning wants his two boys in the SB against each other. This started since Eli was drafted by the Chargers, and that’s when Papa decided to convince the Giants and the Chargers to make the trade of Eli for Leaf, so you see it will never happen. There’s nothing against the Manning’s its just that they won’t knock each other down and out of the Super Bowl. I think I was right the first time. So, Cardinal Fans forget about your dream, it will never happen.

  57. By D on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    espn on PM
    6. Arizona Cardinals: It’s going to be a tight squeeze. They have $3.1 million of cap room, but cutting tackle Levi Brown could free up more than $16 million of cap room. Of course, that would weaken the offensive line, which may affect Manning’s decisions. The Cardinals will kick the tires on the chances of getting Manning. Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is pushing for the Cardinals to get Manning. The team would have to decide if it wants to keep Kevin Kolb if it signs Manning.

    Is this right, don’t they have more than 3mil?

  58. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    D —

    RE: cap room

    I haven’t seen any figures. Impossible to know anyway, because cap hasn’t been set yet.

  59. By Soares20 on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    NO PEYTON! Did everyone see what happened to the Colts when he was out for a season? ask yourselves if we create holes in our team with the money we have to pay Manning do you really want to go back to the Derek Anderson era after Warner left? I didn’t think so.

  60. By Corgon on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Darren –

    RE: QBs and Larry

    Thanks Darren. I foun somewhere that all of them except Tim Rattay thrown TD pass to Larry. That’s 11.
    I think that should be around the most in nfl history.

  61. By Voice of Reason on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    The Cards’ brass ought to be on a plane to South Beach right now. And by brass, I mean certainly players too. Bring Fitz, and either Heap, Dockett, or Wilson (or perhaps all), Michael Bidwill, Whiz,and Graves.

    Be smart about it, but the key is convicing Peyton that this is by far the place he should want to be. To wit:

    1. Best playing surface in the NFL.
    2. Dome, temperature controlled.
    3. Weak, easily winnable division where one of the teams also plays in a dome.
    4. Best receiver in football.
    5. Good tight ends.
    6. Good young running backs.
    7. Top 5 defense
    8. Top 5 special teams.
    9. Commitment to upgrading OL in the offseason, and having both the cap space and a favorable first round spot.
    10. History of adjusting offense to fit the skills of a HOF vet quarterback
    11. History of allowing said HOF vet quarterback to make the roof open or closed call.

    Miami offers an elite receiver and a good OT. No deep playoff potential. And you’re heading north to play the Jets, Patriots and Bills (all frigid games) every year.

  62. By Rargue on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Ok manning would be a good fit for us at first, but what i think most people forget is cards offensive line struggles in the area of pass protecting at times. Manning is going to want a team thats going to protect him (and that fragile neck). Not to mention cards are not going to be able to compete with the big numbers other teams will put up for him. Furthermore, signing manning will limet the Cardinal’s ability to fill the other needs of the roster such as O-line, pass rushers, and wide recievers.

  63. By Voice of Reason on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    And I actually don’t agree that Miami needs Manning more than the Cards do. There is not a team in the league hurt more by poor quarterback play than the Cards the last two seasons.

  64. By D on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Voice of In need of a Drug Test…
    Top 5 defense? Did they sign M. Williams from the Texans before free agency started?
    Dolphins are the favorite, which we can pencil in that Home game as a sellout

  65. By Dennis on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Peyton “Fitz” in Arizona. Sign him and Reggie Wayne and we will win the West next season.

  66. By Voice of Reason on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    D – look at the statistics. Our defense was top 5 the last half of the season (amazing, but true), and many are predicting a very good 2012.

    The Dolphins — which Clayton thinks is the favorite, so it must be so — do not offer what we offer, with one exception, they have a very good LT. Unfortunately for Manning, people sometimes rush from the right side.

    Manning has not taken shots the way other quarterbacks have because he has a quick release and doesn’t hang onto it too long. If the Cards address OT in free agency and/or the first round (which I think is a distinct possibility), it isn’t any different than the year they signed Mike Gandy after drafting Levi Brown and, with a good quarterback, went to a Super Bowl.

    This really isn’t that complicated.

  67. By cards62 on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    NFL.Com imposed Peyton standing next to Ken Whisenhunt at a press conference.
    I think the 2 look very well together like peas and carrots.

    Heard someone put up a billboard in Arizona for Peyton. I like it.
    Heard Peyton threw the ball well in Duke for a week with his old coach from college.

    I remember not so long ago fans saying we were crazy talking about Peyton coming to Arizona. Well he seems healthy and he is now a free agent so we have a chance and I think we have a very good chance. Manning would be great for us. Not only do we get a great QB, but we also get a great offensive coordinator.

    Rod Graves you are on the clock and you better show the man a lot of love.

    I think our biggest competition will be the Dolphins. Dan Marino and Manning have a relationship and they have Bradon Marshall to throw to along with Reggie Bush out of the backfield and most importantly they have Jake Long at LT.

    I also do not trust Pete Carroll as I can see the Seahawks making a big push.

    I know we might not get him and I will not be mad if we do not, but I will be mad if we do not try to land Peyton. Of course we have to check him out physically and upgrade the line to protect him, but if healthy we could have a second Kurt Warner.
    Man o man I am excited.

    Go Cards

  68. By cards62 on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply


    I agree with you the Colts did what they had to do for the long term success of their franchise. If we had the first pick this year I would hope we would draft Andrew Luck.

    The thing I do not fully understand because I do not know the facts is why did the Colts give Manning a contract last year without him taking a physical?
    I believe this is true. Could you please shed some light on this for me.

    Thank you

  69. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    cards62 —

    RE: Manning/physical

    That’s part of the reason I see that situation as I do. The Colts knew his neck was a problem and they still gave him the contract, partly because they thought he’d recover but also partly because they weren’t going to just dump the guy and treat him horribly. This is just the way this all worked out.

  70. By Alberto Sordi on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Are teams allowed to have their doctors examine Peyton before signing him ?

  71. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Alberto —

    RE: Physical

    Oh my word, yes. And every team will study him very closely.

  72. By WildCard on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    D –

    RE: Top 5 Defence?

    You have no faith

  73. By Eazy E on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Get Peyton in cardinal red! No excuses! Every player on the cardinals want him except for Kolb and maybe Skelton and Bartel. One of the many things I love about Dockett is his realness and honesty. You can’t blame him or Fitz or whoever is a cardinal that want to win for wanting Peyton. Don’t pay Kolb 7 million dollar bonus and give that money to Peyton.

  74. By Andy M on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Jeez. A lot of people are already looking for Super Bowl tickets. I hate to break it to all the giddy fans, but the chances of getting PM are low. Not that Graves and Bidwill shouldn’t pull out the stops, but this is definitely “a flyer”. The Cardinals do not have a track record of purchasing at auctions.

  75. By Scott H on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    gee…wonder how Dockett would like it if Kevin kolb or John Skelton came right out on twitter about how much THEY would like to play with a stud DT who just got released. His follow-up posts so obviously sound like someone who realizes that he just put his foot in his mouth and is trying to cover it up.

    I swear, I wish twitter would just go away becasue it gives too many of these pro atheletes – who are naturally prone to being emotional – the opportunity to put statements out there as soon as they pop into their heads. Whereas, if they took some time to THINK about what they are saying and how it might come across, maybe they would pull it back.

  76. By johnnybluenose on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    i fully expect graves and whiz to very, very seriously consider manning and i would be very surprised if manning does not already think that this would be an ideal landing spot for him. there is a lot of urgency here on our part. our guys have to sign manning by march 17th. if they do not then they either release kolb and continue to court manning or they pay kolb his money and close the door on manning. i think our guys are between a rock and a hard place and that’s a tough place to be when you need to make a hard decision. if you release kolb and then do not get manning then you are left with skelton, bartels and i don’t know who… maybe brady quinn? i’m not a big kolb fan so that group may not be awful but do you want to ditch kolb just on the hope that manning comes here? i wouldn’t if i was the general manager. and miami does need manning more than we do because miami needs him to fill their stadium. with miami, it is more a business decision than it is a football decision and therein lies the difference between their situation and ours. at least, it is in my humble opinion.

  77. By BIG RED on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Darren, after reading Marshall Faulk’s comments about Peyton’s future, it only reinforces my previous comments about how papa Manning decides which conference his boys will play in. And, this is not a conspiracy, its just the facts. And if PM decides to play for the Cards, I will be the first to admit I was wrong.

  78. By Cactus jeff on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    2 questions. 1 was Irsay upset with PM because he signed the big contract then later finds out he is out for the year? 2 why wouldn’t the colts trade down and get 3 number 1 draft picks and reload with PM for the next 3 years?

  79. By Darren Urban on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    Cactus –

    RE: questions

    1. No he wasn’t mad. Maybe disappointed. No one thought Manning was going to miss the whole season.

    2. The hardest thing to get in this league is a franchise QB. You take one if you can get one, especially when your soon-to-be 36 yr old QB is coming off 4 neck surgeries. Again, it’s a perfect storm for Manning to be cut.

  80. By Skiptim on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    What a coincidence. Warner’s total passing yards to Larry Fitzgerald total to the exact yard his total passing yards in 2008. Would be more amazing if they were all from that year, however.

  81. By wecardinals on Mar 8, 2012 | Reply

    Go! get him and I will help him to haul his stuffs

  82. By RelayTV on Mar 8, 2012 | Reply


    Personal attacks on me do not help make your point.

    The Cards re-signed Kurt Warner to the biggest contract of his career when he was 37 years old — Because of his PAST performance.

    Brady was not released after he missed a season to injury because of his PAST performance. (and you are clearly forgetting all the speculation that he “will never be Brady again” that was rampant back then.2 surgeries plus a terrible post-op infection!) The difference was that the Patriots did not flinch in their commitment to Brady.

    Peyton was sent packing (and NFL analyists predicted it before last season’s first game) because Jim Irsay decided that a player who had given him 10 payoff appearances and 1 superbowl victory was not as valuable as a rookie who has never played a snap in the NFL. And if “nobody knows what level he’ll reach” there would not be such a long list of suitors ready to give him a tryout.

    Additionally, the Colts did everything they could to “Suck for Luck” (bringing in Kerry Collins off the street 2 weeks before the first game – Please!)

    The instant Luck confirmed that he was playing another year at Stanford, the Colts started the countdown clock on Peyton’s departure.

    “Thanks Peyton, for almost singlehandedly turning Indy into a football powerhouse…
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

    That’s the definition of “Screwed,”

  83. By Darren Urban on Mar 8, 2012 | Reply

    Relay —

    RE: Personal attack

    Not sure how you got a personal attack out of whatever I said. I’m sorry you are so bothered by the Colts’ treatment of Manning.

  84. By Frank Abusharif on Mar 8, 2012 | Reply

    Cardinals owners < the Bidwells.Sign Peyton Manning right now .This is not the time to be cheap.Economically this is big for our local Arizona area.The games are already sold out.You can add more seats.Dont waste any time.Longtime supporter and biggest cardinals fan. Frank Abusharif

  85. By Mike Ellingboe on Mar 8, 2012 | Reply


    You seem more intent on arguing with Darren instead of listening to him. Let’s compare apples to apples – do you think the Patriots don’t do the same thing if Brady has four neck surgeries this off-season and Andrew Luck is waiting in the wings? On the flip side, do you think Manning gets released if he’s coming off of knee surgery with Collins and/or Painter as his back-up? Ask anyone else who had to miss a year of work if they think Manning got screwed…

    “The Cards re-signed Kurt Warner to the biggest contract of his career when he was 37 years old — Because of his PAST performance”

    True, but let’s not kid ourselves, having Leinart as the projected starter if he left helped to encourage it. I hear what you’re saying, because like you I hate it when players are cut loose by franchises they helped build (i.e. – Montana, Lott, McNair, etc) but the Colts handled this as well as it could be. I’m sure they hated having to do it. Run your “suck for Luck” thesis by Freeney, Saturday, Garcon, etc., and let me know how well received it is.

    Nature of the beast, my friend. Even Manning recognizes that.

  86. By clssylssy on Mar 9, 2012 | Reply

    Fans are getting caught up in the whoop la but are forgetting the most important thing…how would we pay him? Even if we let Kolb and some others go, we still have only about $4M cap space plus whatever…not a lot too offer the #1 QB in the NFL as well as filling the holes we need to fill.
    If Manning were 100% healthy I don’t think the Colts would have let him go and pinned their hopes on a rookie with no experience in the NFL. Manning is a great QB but I would have been happy seeing him just retire on top of his game. With his injury and multiple surgeries, he is going to need a warm climate, a dome, and an Offensive line that can protect him. I believe he has a home in Florida already and so probably Miami makes the most sense as a destination…they have the $$$ to take him and Wayne. Even if we had the money I would rather see us court a health Drew Brees.
    Darn…I see that the season has opened on Coach Whisenhunt …who the NFL has recognized as a good Offensive Coach and one of the reasons why Manning might come to Arizona! LOL.

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