Campbell back where he belongs

Posted by Darren Urban on May 15, 2012 – 1:59 pm

In the offseason, Calais Campbell is often in the locker room. He works out and then he hangs out on his stool checking his phone or just chilling out. That is, until recently, when his contract situation kept him away. That’s changed, of course, and Campbell returned to the locker room Tuesday and to working out — just like normal.

“It was kind of weird not being able to work out with the guys,” Campbell said. “Everyone was here and I was home. Sometimes I’d catch up with a couple of them, get some food, but it’s not the same as it is when you are working out and horsing around here. It’s easier (to work out) when you are all struggling together. I definitely wasn’t working out as hard as we do with the John Lott program. It felt good to get back today and get a good workout in and be around the guys. That’s really what I missed the most.”

Campbell chuckled when asked if he felt any different. “I am the same exact guy and I feel the same around my teammates,” he said. “The only difference is now I think people expect me to be more of a leader. And I will be. I am more confident in being more vocal. But the number one thing is lead by example. You work hard, the people around you will work hard.”

Now, Campbell doesn’t have to answer questions about what is going to happen with his future, questions that dominated his interviews most of last season. That’s not bad either.

“I’ve got peace of mind,” Campbell said. “I’ll be here five years. And hopefully we win a lot of games in those five years.”

— Kent Somers ferreted out the details to Campbell’s contract. This year, Campbell’s cap number dropped from $10.7 million to $5 million, clearing significant space (my estimate is the Cards have approximately $8 million of room as of now, although I haven’t been able to confirm it.) Campbell’s salary this year is $2M plus a $15M signing bonus. He has a $10M option bonus in 2013.  His cap number is $8.75M for 2013 with a salary of $3M. (For those who have asked, Darnell Dockett got a $4.55M salary when he re-upped in 2010 with still a couple years left on his contract, plus a $15M option bonus the following year with a $2.35M salary. Campbell’s deal was always going to be bigger both because it is two years later and because he had more leverage.)

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6 Responses to “Campbell back where he belongs”

  1. By smack28 on May 15, 2012 | Reply

    Just think, it was not long ago when this organization would have let a player like Campbell go to avoid paying a player for good play. I have continuously ripped the organization about the current QB situation and still feel like having two average to below average QBs does not make one good QB. However, I will recognize this move as a huge step in the right direction for this team. Kudos to the coaches, management, and the Bidwills for making this happen. Congratulations to all parties involved.

    Re-signing good players + Strategic free agency moves + Good drafts + Good QB play = PLAYOFFS

  2. By Sir60 on May 15, 2012 | Reply

    smack28 – You are absolutely right. I can remember when you could look around at many ex-Cardinals excelling on other teams. You can still see a few, but not like it used to be.

  3. By AndyStandsUp on May 15, 2012 | Reply

    Somers stated that some of cap relief monies could now be used to sign draft choices.
    I thought in a previous article that AdamJT13 had pinpointed, rookie contracts were from a separate pool? Am I mistaken, Darren?
    And did anyone else have to take a deep breath when reading this afternoon’s headlines “Rookie Fleming Tears ACL Out For Season” and “Rams Sign LB Haggan”?

  4. By Darren Urban on May 15, 2012 | Reply

    AndyStands –

    RE: rookie pool

    If my info is correct, AdamJT13 was right in saying they didn’t need more to get the rookies under contract. They would need more to sign Haggans and Holliday, probably.

  5. By Scott H on May 15, 2012 | Reply

    Just like Campbell himself, I’m glad the issue is resolved and the questions and the distraction can just go away. Now, he can get back to work and focus on football. And we, the fans, can feel good about the organization getting it done and not have to worry about when – or IF – it is going to get done. And it IS nice to see a young player rise up to the brink of stardom in a Cardinals uniform and then REMAIN in a Cardinals uniform instead of taking his prime years somewhere else. This is good.

  6. By William Barry on Jun 24, 2012 | Reply

    Kudos to the Cardinals organization for signing Campbell!!!!!! What a great move.

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