Kolb isn’t worried about concussions

Posted by Darren Urban on May 29, 2012 – 1:07 pm

A concussion knocked quarterback Kevin Kolb out of the last month of the regular season last year and certainly, the topic has been an intense one when it comes to the NFL. Kolb also said his symptoms didn’t fully subside until the season was over for a few weeks. But he is not concerned about getting another concussion, he said after Tuesday’s organized team activity.

“I don’t worry about them,” Kolb said. “It was a freak deal. They don’t happen all the time.”

He also insisted he isn’t worried about the long-term problem, saying, “you can’t. If something comes up I’ll worry about it then. Right now, my head is clear and I know I will be in the league a long time.”

Kolb searched for and found a new helmet to wear this offseason, one he said will give him better protection — especially in the back of the head, where “most of the concussions come from.” UPDATE: ESPN’s Mike Sando has more details on the exact nature of Kolb’s new helmet.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he isn’t even thinking about the problem with Kolb. “There are procedures in place and the NFL has done a good job with (concussions),” Whisenhunt said. “The equipment has changed trying to protect the players. I haven’t even thought about it. That’s something, if it happens in a game, it happens, because you have big guys running fast and there are going to be collisions.

“The NFL has done a very good job of trying to protect players and give them information. As far as safety for players and how the NFL is handling it, I think it’s the best it has ever been.”

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35 Responses to “Kolb isn’t worried about concussions”

  1. By Peter in Canada on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    “if something comes up I’ll worry about it then” By then. sadly, it will already be too late.

  2. By David Corcoran on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    For someone who doesn’t think about concussions, methinks the QB doth protest too much

  3. By Darren Urban on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    David —

    RE: Protests

    To start with, it was the coach who said he doesn’t think about it, not Kolb. And it’s not like he’s bringing it up — we reporters are asking him the question.

  4. By johnwimmer on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    Didn’t #4 used to be Jay Feely’s number?

  5. By Darren Urban on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    johnwimmer —

    RE: Feely and No. 4

    Um, yes. Changed last year before training camp.

  6. By GMan on May 29, 2012 | Reply


    Good article about Kevin Kolb and his concussion issue.I had asked you about that and it looks good for Kevin. I say let the best quarterback win and whoever does gives the Cards the best chance to win.Whoever is # 2 will be good too,so I think the Cards will be in good shape.I’m glad I ordered the NFL ticket again so I can watch the Cards from Churchville,New York!

  7. By AndyStandsUpalltheway on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    How many “recorded” concussions for Kolb?
    Regardless, this (and Bountygate) are the hot safety button topic for the NFL right now.
    Read a few stories that a lot of players don’t wear mouthpieces which can help prevent concussions.
    Any guess, Darren, on what percentage of Cards favor the mouthguard to not?

  8. By Darren Urban on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    AndyStands —

    RE: Mouthguards

    Seems to me most of them wear some sort of mouthpiece.

  9. By Sir60 on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    Perhaps, if we have improved our O-line, and off season work shortens Kolbs’ reaction time, and additional weapons (Floyd & Williams), and improved safety equipment, maybe.

  10. By Chris on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    Sadly, even the best helmets are but a mirage in the war against concussions:

    “The compromises of helmet design help explain why there will be no quick technological fix for football concussions. Last October, Jeffrey Kutcher, chairman of the American Academy of Neurology’s sports section, told a committee of United States senators that all of the current concussion-prevention products being sold were largely useless. “I wish there was such a product [that could prevent concussions] on the market,” he said. “The simple truth is that no current helmet, mouth guard, headband, or other piece of equipment can significantly prevent concussions from occurring … It is extremely unlikely that helmets can prevent concussions the way they prevent skull fractures.” He went on to criticize numerous claims by helmet manufacturers suggesting otherwise, noting that even Riddell’s specialized anti-concussion helmet has only been shown to reduce the rate of concussions by 2.6 percent.”

  11. By stevie777587 on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    Dustin Coles, a local dentist in area has been trained to make a mouth guard used by the N.E. Patriots for over two decades. One Harvard expert suggests these orthodontic appliances help reduce the dings, dizziness, stingers and headache. Robert Cantu has proposed a jaw blow theory, related symptoms of mtbi and concussion. The only correlation known is the boxers glass jaw, why do only some boxers become prone and why do these same boxers develop CTE or pugilistica dementia. He and Dr. Kutcher are simply saying, there is not published data showing that a mouth guard can help. That does not mean it won’t work, it’s only saying, the proper research studies have yet to be done. I say, let’s get to it. Oral appliances designed to reduce symptoms of Temporal mandibular joint dysfunction may hold the key. The attached is preliminary data with H.S. athletes in the Boston area. It was published in the academy of sports dentistry, accepted for presentation at the 08 FIFA conference and peer reviewed by Dr. Jeffery Shaefer a cranial facial expert at Harvard/MGH. The U.S. Army is now investigating the data in the link below.

  12. By Sir60 on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    The helmet does nothing but allow players to use their heads as weapons. If the only safety equipment allowed are rib and thigh pads, knee braces, safety goggles and a mouth piece, I think we would have a much safer game. Probably much less exciting. More like Rugby. I know, give them a foam rubber helmet, really thick so they look like Ronald McDonald. But, foam rubber doesn’t skid very well. We could end up with more broken necks than anything else………..Oh, I know. Lets just stick a flag in everybodies belt. No more tackling. Nobody ever gets hurt unless they trip and fall down.

  13. By brad oneill on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    Chris that was a fantastic article, thanks for sharing that. Maybe they should start adding padding to the outside of the helmet. how much impact could be reduced if we added that foam from temperpedic beds to the outside. It would definitely mitigate some of the impact. the best part would be seeing adrian wilson come out of the tunnel looking like strawberry shortcake. 🙂

  14. By cardsalltheway on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    Maybe K. Kolb should know this…
    ‘Head-trauma lawsuits against NFL grow into hundreds’

    Eric Dickerson is now on the list…
    ‘Eric Dickerson joins concussion lawsuits against NFL’

    There is even a punter on the list…
    ‘Ex-Lions punter Jim Arnold says he’s joined concussion lawsuit against NFL’

    In fact there are about 1800 former NFL players suing in at least 60 different suits over possible head injuries…
    ‘The NFL’s Defense Against Head Injury Lawsuits’

  15. By LW on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    Dang it!! Everytime a Cards QB says they’re going to be in the league for a long time, it ends up hurting!

  16. By Scott H on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    Well, we can all say we’re not worried about this right now. Why not? There’s not a game that will count in the standings for 4 more months. There’s no contact going on. The probability that Kevin Kolb will experience a football related concussion during those 4 months is virtually nill. Why SHOULD he or the coach be worried???

    Ya know what? I’m not worried at all about there being a blizzard tonight and my car being snowed in tomorrow morning. By the way, it’s also been in the 90’s for the past few days…

    It’s easy not to worry about something when the conditions that create the possibility for that “something” are non-existent at the time you’re saying you’re not worried about it. OK. Hey, I DON”T want Kolb to worry too much about concussions. Because if he is concerning himself too much about that, he won’t be focused on playing his position to the best of his ability. That, and the simple fact that worrying – in and of itself – will accomplish nothing. So…why bother?

    If a player is susceptible to concussions, they will continue. Period. If not, they may be an occasional occurence. We will not know about Kolb until he takes the field again. But we are talking about a QB who has suffered concussions in EACH OF THE PAST TWO SEASONS. IMHO, that puts him in the category of someone who needs to show he can play for a season without concussions before I will worry less. For now? I will worry.

  17. By Andy Kw on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    Final Roster
    QB: John Skelton, Kevin Kolb, Richard Bartel
    RB: Beanie Wells, Ryan Williams, LaRod Stephens-H, Alfonso Smith
    FB: Anthony Sherman
    WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Early Doucet, Andre Roberts, Stephen Williams, Demarco Sampson
    TE: Todd Heap, Jeff King, Rob Housler, Jim Dray
    OT: Levi Brown, Bobby Massie, D’Anthony Batiste, Nate Potter
    OG: Adam Snyder, Daryn Colledge, Jeremy Bridges
    C: Lyle Sendlein
    DE: Calais Campbell, Landon Cohen, Ronald Talley
    DT: Darnell Dockett, NIck Eason
    NT: Dan Williams, David Carter
    CB: Patrick Peterson, Greg Toler, William Gay, Jamell Fleming, A.J Jefferson, Michael Adams
    SS: Adrian Wilson, James Sanders, Justin Bethel
    FS: Kerry Rhodes, Rashad Johnson
    LB: Sam Acho, Daryl Washington, O’Brien Schofield, Paris Lenon, Stewart Bradley, Quan Sturdivant, Quentin Groves, Reggie Walker
    ST: Jay Feely, Dave Zastudil, Mike Leach

  18. By CreditCard on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    There are three critical things about concussions:

    First, I forgot, i’ll get back to this first point.
    Second, I can’t remember this one either.

  19. By matt on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    why dont we give the players so much food that they can hardly move so that way we can prevent concussions and then instead of tackling we can hug instead i think that is an amazing idea

  20. By Eric Y on May 29, 2012 | Reply

    I think that John Skelton, the romantic late round story from Fordham, is Whisenhunt’s guy. I know that’s bold speculation (and fortunately my opinion doesn’t mean S#!T) but there seems to be a noticeable demeanor when you hear Whiz and other guys like Kevin Spencer talk about him. It’s a very patient, positive, and enthusiastic tone. Even when you hear Whiz refer to Skelton as a knuckle head, it sounds forgiving. Patient. All that said, I think that Kevin Kolb is a better QB right now. I think a lot of us forget how well he did (considering virtually NO offseason at all) those first couple of games. Hell we only lost by so many points and even our defensive [players admit to not knowing what they were doing until half way into the season. And even after an injury, he came back to win against the cowboys in a nail biter. I cannot look back and necessarily say that Kolb ever lost games for us… Poor bastard had 2 perfect passes to receivers that simply dropped EASY passes in critical situations…. I’m not sure what my point is but I think that Kevin Kold will surprise a lot of us this year if he stays on his feet, which i’m sure he will.

    Ps. I LOVE Skelton! He’s a guy you want to pull for. That said My confidence is with Kolb. I hope he kills it.

  21. By iammattyoung on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    The brash talk by Kolb and Whisenhunt regarding the long-term effects of repeated concussion makes me wonder if the NFL hasn’t asked players and coaches not to discuss the issue with the media. I mean, to not be thinking about it, as Kolb and Whiz claim, would be wildly irrational.

  22. By Cardiac Cards on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    “I don’t worry about them,” Kolb said. “It was a freak deal. They don’t happen all the time.”

    That statement from him isn’t surprising in the least. That’s because he didn’t have a concussion last year. The team had to go by what he was telling them..”my thoughts are all jumbled” and all that. So they have to take it seriously. Just a coincidence he had lost won only one game and lost what like 8 when this happened? Nice excuse to sit on the sidelines the rest of the season and not lose that signing bonus the following year.

  23. By Darren Urban on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    Cardiac Cards —

    RE: No concussion

    That’s the dumbest thing anyone has written on the comments here. And there have been some dumb things written.

  24. By D on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    I can’t remember a recent season with so many different spots on the roster where there is so much pressure to step up this year…Kolb must play better, a lot hope for R. Williams and the young Off lineman…then not to mention pressure on D. Williams and the various young OLB’s……lot to watch this summer in Flagstaff…

  25. By cardsalltheway on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    “The NFL is socialist, and it’s not such a bad thing (VIDEO)”

    On another note, waiting for Wolf to be added to the list.

  26. By cardsalltheway on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    Glendale, AZ
    Home of Glendale Community College and the Arizona Cardinals…
    “Glendale faces $35 million budget shortfall”

    Don’t tell me it’s due to the NFL’s Socialism?

  27. By cardsalltheway on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t expect much from G. Toler this year but hopefully he can help a bit the last half of 2012, is he worth the money?

  28. By Mike Ellingboe on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    @Andy Kw,

    You’ll need to cut a couple of more guys to get your final list to 53. However, yours is still one of the more accurate posts of the day.


    I would have to agree that Cardiac Cards has set the conversation level at a new low. What planet are these people from? Never put much stock into alien invasion but times like these make me wonder.

  29. By clssylssy on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    I find it appalling that Coach Whisenhunt isn’t worried about Kolb’s physical condition, that he “isn’t worried about Kolb’s concussions”…or is he? Ken Whisenhunt is an intelligent man but he takes his marching orders from the front office, who were ready to kick Kolb to the curb when there was a possibility that Payton Manning might be interested in coming to the Cardinals, good for box office but for Manning or the team…probably not so much. This is all about money and it seems the Organization is now more interested in getting some kind of return on the obscene contract they so foolishly gave Kolb. NFL Live did a segment on the NFC West yesterday, and while they reported Whisenhunt’s position was that the starting position was Kolb’s to lose, all the while it was stressed that Kolb was going to need to gain the confidence of the players, something that Skelton was able to do, leading the Cards out of a slump. It’s too bad that the Cards are going to once again be split on the QB issue; a cohesive unit going into spring training would make the Cards a contender. I believe we can take the West with our new defense and a stronger offense; the people at NFL don’t agree and have us ending third after the Seahawks with their new QB Matt Flynn, who they think is going to be the breakout player in the Division. This is very discouraging. What have you heard about Brees coming to Arizona next year?

  30. By Darren Urban on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    clssy —

    RE: Brees

    Brees isn’t going anywhere.

  31. By clssylssy on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    You’re probably right about Brees because they still have him tethered by the stinking franchise tag. I did read an article about him being so angry with the Saints that he might sit out the season (I hope he does) and that possible teams he might end with included the Cardinals (we were among four or five and were last). I like his wholesomess and think he would fit with our team very well…kind of reminds me of a young Kurt Warner 🙂

  32. By Eric Y on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    Darren Urban-

    “That’s the dumbest thing anyone has written on the comments here. And there have been some dumb things written.”

    I was so glad to see this comment after reading the post. FUNNY!

  33. By Eazy E on Jun 3, 2012 | Reply

    Kolb has had at least reportedly 2 concussions, back to back, not a great sign.

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