Batiste in LT driver’s seat

Posted by Darren Urban on August 28, 2012 – 4:42 pm

The preseason finale sounds like it will be very, very important for left tackle D’Anthony Batiste and, on a slightly lesser level, right tackle Bobby Massie.

They will get the start, as coach Ken Whisenhunt said yesterday. Today, Whiz said he expected them to play “a little bit.” Most importantly when it comes to Batiste and left tackle, when asked if this game the Cards are looking to affirm their belief that Batiste can be the left tackle, Whisenhunt said “I would say that was fair.”

“We felt very strongly about D’Anthony because of his work in the offseason and what he did last year,” Whisenhunt said. “Our hopes were he was going to take the right tackle position … and be a backup for left tackle. We just want to see him do it again this week.”

We’ll see what that means going forward. If Batiste plays well, the Cards may hold off on looking for veteran help, toward the Alex Barrons or Chad Cliftons of the world. No way to know how the Cards’ scouts, at this point, rate such guys. It’s safe to say Batiste will be around one way or the other. The key, actually, is Jeremy Bridges. The veteran can swing between tackle and guard, but it’s possible he could lose a spot if the Cards choose to bring someone in off the market.

Whisenhunt reiterated Bridges was a “known quantity” at tackle, so the Cards don’t need to test drive him out there in the preseason. But asked if Bridges was best suited to be the swing backup rather than potential Levi Brown replacement, Whisenhunt was blunt. “Make no mistake, I’m not uncomfortable with Jeremy at tackle.”

Massie has been improving, Whiz said, but that was expected. He clearly is better now than he was in the Hall of Fame game. “At times has looked very good as a right tackle,” Whisenhunt said. “At times he has looked very bad. It’s up to him if he wants to grab that (job) and hold on to it.”

The next 10 days will be interesting, especially for the line. The Cards could end up signing someone or grabbing someone off waivers this weekend (and I expect them to look at the waiver wire very carefully, not just on the offensive line but everywhere). Or they could wait until after the first regular-season game — veteran salaries aren’t guaranteed if they sign after Week 1, so a handful of vets will likely come to terms before Week 2 — to pick someone up.


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  1. By Rich on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply


    How is Batiste as a run blocker? I suspect fairly good, considering he’s played some guard.

  2. By Darren Urban on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    Rich —

    RE: Batiste run blocking

    I’d be lying if I said I knew. All I really know is that the line seemed to get better when he played their the other night. Beyond that …

  3. By mal on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    Off topic with this headline and back to the QB decision —
    I think that Coach Whiz already knows who he wants for QB and just isnt saying. And if it was Kolb, he would just say so and it would be over with becuz Kolb was always the default choice, anyway.

    This waiting game now can only mean that Coach wants Skelton, but he does not make that decision in a vacuum, not after the owner spent so many multi-millions on Kolb. I’m sure the reason no decision has been announced yet is becuz theres first got to be a meeting with all the top Coaches, the front office, and Michael Bidwill himself. Whiz will take all the heat for the decision like a good soldier, but this is not his decision to make alone.

  4. By cardsalltheway on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    Ken W. is setting us up for another slow and terrible start. He doesn’t make decisions on a timely basis. When he fails to do this, the result is a lack of cohesiveness throughout our whole team from so many different angles.

    Indecision is pandemic for our team and our QB’s, for example Merrill Hodge said “Even watching Kolb last year he was so undecisive, and he has not improved.” “His decision-making has been poor,” And wait there’s more…”He plays almost with a sense of uncertainty, almost somewhat scared as he plays the game,” Hoge said. “There’s no decisiveness, there’s no certainty as to when the ball should come out and how the offense should be run.”

    Hodge had this to say about Johnny S. “Hoge said John Skelton shares some of the same issues.” And…”he does hold the football too long, he doesn’t make the greatest decisions”

    John Clayton says our situation is “SO BAD.” I agree with him, but I don’t agree with him in that Johnny S. will start week 1 even though I think he should. But does it really matter who starts? No it doesn’t which makes our situation laughable. The least Ken W. could do is pick a starting QB so that the team can rally around someone and be ready to rally around the next guy when our OL fails.

  5. By johnnybluenose on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    karlos dansby did not like the decision to release chad johnson and now he doesn’t like the decision to trade vontae davis. maybe now he wishes he had remained a cardinal. he will for sure when we beat him and his dolphins. let’s get started.

  6. By NJAzCardsFan on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    Darren- I haven’t heard much about Doucet other than NOLA article. Has he been playing alot? Hurt? or since he is a known quantity have been looking at other players?

    In reality, any idea on how many of the 53 roster spots with go to new players or rookies?

  7. By Darren Urban on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    NJAz –

    RE: Doucet

    Early is having a fine camp, what was expected.

    As for the roster, I will post on the blog tomorrow my guess at the roster.

  8. By beardinals on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    Feels bad to lose hope before the season even starts.

  9. By Uk Card on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    So what’s the odd’s that we pick up Duice Lutie again? For depth as he didn’t make another team this year!

    Darren what’s the T.E depth look like? In particular Housler, as both Heap, and King are healthy! Didn’t notice him against Titans, but saw he played deep against Raiders! Is he fit, and do you see him getting, the extra touches in the role that we all hope he is going to fill? What has he looked like in camp?

  10. By Darren Urban on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    UK –

    RE: Deuce/TEs

    Deuce isn’t coming back. As for Housler, he is still progressing. It will be interesting to see how he does in light of the QB issues.

  11. By truths4all on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    How about giving Kelemete play some left tackle to see how he does in the pro game? He started 26 games at left tackle for two years at Washington and pass blocked for Jake Locker. Kelemete was named second team All Pac12. He has serious skills at left tackle in order to have started 26 games for two straight seasons.. I know the Cards have assessed him to be better suited for guard, but with the Cards unenviable track record of skills assessments and development of young offensive line talent (Brown and Young are prime examples), it would be worth giving this kid a shot to see if he has fast enough feet, strength, smarts, and the other skills essential to help the Cards at offensive left tackle,

  12. By azcards24 on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    is it a possibility we bring back brandon keith seeing how he’s familiar with our system

  13. By RON W on Aug 28, 2012 | Reply

    Darren… Kolb or Skelton , who do YOU LIKE ??

  14. By Darren Urban on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Ron W —

    RE: QB choice

    I suppose if I had to make a decision — which I most certainly do not — it’d be Skelton. But I haven’t watched one second of film, other than some preseason game replays.

  15. By bluepitt on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Yes it is that time of year whin I bring Up ol Matty!

    You might be asking your self why I wont let this go? The answer is simple, This Coach (who might be one of the best we have had in a long time) keeps on making decisions based on his personal agenda, I would swear to it!
    He thinks his gut feeling is right no matter if the Sign is hanging in bold print on the wall!

    He made one good decision (and I mean ONE) That was to start Warner! And let him run the O for the most part, The rest are and have been very seriously Flawed!


    Boldin ( in the end he did say He just wanted to play, and he would be willing to stay in AZ)
    R Wells
    D Anderson
    Matty Leinart
    Kolb Trade and Pay
    I can go on and on.

    If you look with an objective eye at Matt, he showed so many flashes it was obvious, he was at the least the best option going forward and clearly the best we have had since Warner!

    His stats were better than DA’s, He had settled down and was not a party boy, he was mad that he wasn’t playing and getting jerked around and voiced it, like a true competitor would.

    I think we the fans deserve more than a move based on a gut feeling even if all the stats say different. That is what I have watched from day one!

    He has now rid us of most all Denny’s draft picks and roster additions and we flat out suck! Denny may not have been a great coach but he knew talent and was not wrong on 99.9% of his roster moves, I wont believe he was wrong on old Matty, People have said that if Matt was so good why didn’t he get a team he would start on? The answer is simple, He was destroyed by Whiz

    His confidence was shot because he couldn’t beat out a HOFer in Warner, as a 2nd year player with little to no experience. If you can name me one 2nd year player with Matts exp. who would have beat out Warner please do?

    He has made this “his and his staff’s team” and I’m not happy!

    PS: where is all the “In WHIZ we trust” crap you “Fans” post all the time?

    Proof you ask? here are a couple of Mattys preseason games doing what a “Starting caliber QB” should be doing…Moving the chains and scoring points on first and second team D’s playing vanilla D’s. (Yes bring up the raiders game mat did stink it up, it happens but not every game like our QB’s of late)

    Yes there are some picks but the dude has as much starting exp as Kolb and skelton!!!!!!!

    If you watch with a honest open mind forget all that has been said, can you tell me you wouldn’t want Matt over Kolb and Skelton?

    I know you all are going to say its preseason and Matt had the starters.. Well I say yup! and he looked like he was supposed to he shredded them…Can you say we have had the same after Warner left and Matt was shunned?

    Prior to the illegal hit he was starting to do the same to us this year when palmer couldnt do it on our 2nd team D!

    If you watch he gets hit on every play just like Skelton and Kolb but he steps up and delivers!!!!!

    Ill take this over what we have Any day!

    Say we have better QB’s? he is looking off the safety stepping up in the pocket!


    The bears were 5-0 going in to the game and Matt a rook lit them up!

    Thank you that concludes my matty rant for this year, when we get a better QB than Matty Could have been or was then ill shut up!

  16. By buddy the town winner on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    We can’t bring brandon keith back because of how he left.( Another case). He was never developed and we blamed him.we have a on going problem with young players.kolb has no confidence because he should have been given the job.skelton has no confidence because he sucks.this reminds me of wasted roster spot given to st.pierre. I had hope for him instead his snaps could have gone to a young qb and by now that player could be our guy.

  17. By clssylssy on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    If you listen to sportswriters around the web…always a dangerous way to go as they really don’t have a clue about the Cards and only write regurgitated facts BUT, discouraging nonetheless after you get a constant diet of negativity from the media. These final days of the preseason before cuts are as painful and anxiety provoking as giving birth during a hurricane, and while we fans are merely spectators your assistance in providing us with factual information is crucial as activity on the waiver wire picks up. As cuts started earlier in the week and teams began picking up players off waivers, I have been watching anxiously for any word from the Cardinal camp, and, it seems, more than ever, the information flow has come to a stop. It would seem to me that with a right handed QB, the LT would be a very important and critical position and I’m thinking Batiste may be a “temporary fix” for the last preseason game with the hope of picking someone up off the waiver wire? I have to believe that Coach Whisenhunt has a plan and that everything will work out to the surprise of everyone, but, in the meantime, the suspense is killing us fans and regular updates would be greatly appreciated. The Seachickens look to be getting stronger while looking at the Cards as a lite snack! COME ON CARDS! FLY HIGH!

  18. By Rio on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Coach Wiz, are we all tired of hearing him for the last 4 years using the word,


    The only process i want to hear about is the PROCESS to get you out of here.

  19. By Darren on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Serious question…To all the “fans” that want Whiz fired.
    Who would YOU rather have? (That would be a realistic chance at coming to Phoenix). I think Whiz is just fine, maybe not great; and, Belichick ain’t walkin’ through that door.

  20. By john the draft guy on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Billichek was 36-44 with the Cleveland Browns. In 2000, he was 5-11 with the Patriots. He started 0-3 in 2001, until his QB was hurt and out came a skinny kid named Tom Brady. Now he is considered a hall of fame coach.

    Why do I bring this up? When you dont have a QB, everything you do is questioned. You can’t win and you look like you aren’t a good coach. Mike Ditka said, Players make coaches look good.

    Jake Long was drafted #1 and the dolphins still stunk. Joe Thomas is considered one of the best LTs and the browns have been bad with him. Meanwhile, Flacco and Ryan lead their teams to the playoffs. Carolina players feel they can win the superbowl after Cam Newton came to town. The redskins understood what was needed and traded 3 ones to land RG3. Regardless how that turns out, they knew they couldnt win without a qb.

    My point; Whiz is a good coach with a QB. Because he has no QB, people are saying he needs to go. I don’t think he became a bad coach after Warner left. He just doesn’t have a QB. This team will struggle till they find a qb. If Whiz doesnt find one in the next years draft, it will cost him his job. Not because he is a bad coach but because he will be perceived to be a bad coach.

    Maybe another 6th round pick can trott out on the field and save another coach.

  21. By D on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    I like Russ Grimm as a person, fun to have a beverage with and to hang out with, but I think he may have that Magic Johnson or Larry Bird problem…great player but not a good coach….
    To be fair, I don’t know how much input he has on draft days the last several drafts, but when Adam Synder graded out per Football focus as the worst starting Right Guard in the NFL last season and as we all can see by the two players competing for the LT spot tomorrow, there are major problems in this area..not sure if it’s all coaching or talent evualation..but it doesn’t matter who is at QB until this line if fixed….
    Whiz is very loyal to Russ, we will see how much at the end of the year….

  22. By t.stone on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Why is Matt Leinarts mom still posting on this board? Only his Mother could love him that much.

  23. By clssylssy on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Just watched Mike Florio talk to Craig Morgan on PFT Live regarding the Cardinals.
    Morgan says the QB decision will most likely be announced Friday after Thursday night’s game and that with all that the Organization has in Kolb, in all likelihood he feels Kolb will be the Starter but that it will be a matter of time before Skelton replaces him…pretty much what I suspected all along. Whisenhunt lobbied hard to get him to Arizona and so is tied, in a way, to him succeeding. Florio asked about Coach Whisenhunt’s job stability being possibly on the bubble and it was felt that if the team went 5-11 it might be but after six seasons and a Superbowl trip, he had had more success than others in the past. It was pointed out that Fitz also played a big role in getting Kolb to Arizona and so suggested that Coach respond to criticism by saying…”blame Larry”…jokingly. When questioned about the team picking up talent from the waiver wire, Florio pointed out that Coach Whiz had continued to be open to adding anybody who could help the team. It was a pretty depressing interview…guess I’ll resume following “the other” natural disaster…Hurricane Isaac…it’s a more positive story!

  24. By DontTakeLoses on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Chicken Littte “the sky is falling”. Sheeeesh.

  25. By Mike in Mesa on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Here’s the article site cardsalltheway quoted. He left out the part in the line were he said Skelton doesn’t play as scared and he would go with him at QB.

    And Clayton said that Skelton had played better than Kolb.

  26. By ListentomeWhiz on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Run the ball this year for gosh sakes. How often has this been talked about but not done? The defense is good and as long as our quarterback doesn’t have to win the game for us we should have a good season. Pound the ball and force turnovers! Old school ballin’!

  27. By bluepitt on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Well, I “Leinart’s mom” follow this team and have spent thousands of dollars on tickets, jerseys,bla bla. And hold people acountable for their actions and praise them when they do a good job, It just seems like I hate Whiz because I dont praise him and havent in quite a while. I am still holding him accountable for us not having a decent QB, after all it is his fault! I will hold him acountable for that untill we get a decent QB…I say again “Decent”! I dont hold season tickets any longer due to that verry fact. I will buy again when I see some smart roster moves going on! Not Football coaching as I do think Whiz is a great “FOOTBALL COACH” Denny was a great roster coach!

    Thank you for your Time
    Mrs. Leinart!

  28. By john the draft guy on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply


    Got rid of Denny’s picks? Most of his picks needed to be gone. Yes, he had an amazing 2004 draft. but the next two years were disasters.

    2005- with rotating qbs, he chose Antrel Rolle over Aaron Rodgers. Rolle was a bust as a cb(Whiz switched him to safety) and Rodgers is considered a top 3 qb in the league. 2nd through 7th rounds were JJ Arinington, Eric Green, Darryl Blackstock, Elton Brown, Lance Mitchell, and Laron McCoy.
    Yep, a stellar draft Whiz destroyed.

    2006- he rallied back with the guy you love, Matt Leinart. Now understand this, different coaches have different systems. Matty seemed to fit Denny Greens system but Whiz needs a qb who can get it down the seems.

    Matty also had his share of injuries, losing his job in 07 and this past year. Your argument would have been stronger if he could have lead the Texans to the superbowl, but, instead, he couldnt make it out of the first game. The Texans were so disappointed in him, they sent him packing. Ruined by Whiz? I think the fact is that he left both Fitz and Boldin out to dry on his soft passes over the middle. (remember Boldin was injured at the end of the year because of the Matty pass in 08 last game)

    He, like many USC qbs are system guys. They dont translate well to other systems. They have superior talent around them at USC and dont have to learn how to be a true qb.

    But the thing I find most interesting about Matty is with Seattle in need of a QB, he didnt join up with his old coach and get revenge on Whiz. He knew the system and could have slid right in, yet he wasnt a seahawk. Why do you think that is?? Carroll took Mike Williams and tried to revive his career. Hmmm.

    As for the rest of Dennys great draft in 06, he decided to tell everyone that Leonard Davis was a LT and passed on two probowl tackles in round 2 and took Duece Lutui.Followed by rounds 3-7 taking Leonard Pope, Gabe Watson, Brandon Johnson, Jonathan Lewis, and of course Todd Watkins.

    So, Whiz was handed great drafts and he ruined them? Hmmm.

    The fact that these two qbs are really bad doesnt make Matty good. DA, Max Hall, Skelton, Bartel, and Kolb all were bad. Ill agree with you. But when picking a qb, we shouldnt choose the less of two evils. Matty should be qb cuz they suck is no way to pick the guy to lead your team.

    Oh, wait, isnt that what Whiz is forced to do soon?

  29. By john the draft guy on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply


    Amen brother, that is our only chance this year. It wont get us far, but it is our only chance.

  30. By Chuck 1 on Aug 29, 2012 | Reply

    Fans keep blasting Whiz for the poor drafts, FA selections and QB selections.

    How many times do I have to remind fans that GRAVES AND KEIM ULTIMATELY MAKE THE DRAFT AND FA CHOICES, NOT WHIZ???

    Whiz makes the decisions as to who is on field, not who the Cards draft!!! I agree that he has delayed the 1st string QB decision too long.

  31. By bluepitt on Aug 30, 2012 | Reply

    @john the draft guy,
    Finally some one who actually has a clue to debate with, every one just attacks.
    I do think you have valid points, on Matt I think he would have been better 100x over what we have had and we could have spent the last 2-3 seasons with a winning record. Not NFC champs but respectable.

    Whiz came here and wanted to pound the ball down the throats of other teams, he had no true scheme.
    Que Warner, Warner helped Whiz make his “scheme” It was widely talked about how whiz wanted to be conservative and warner wanted to air it out and pass every play.

    Whiz has tried to fit every QB we have had in to Warner’s Shoes, he has not figured out that he has to try and taylor his “scheme” to fit his personnel. Especially his QB, as that is the tip of the spear.

    Warner was an arena football player, he had to learn to get the ball out in split seconds, If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have had a shot at the NFC West. EVER! Take warner out and we had Mat, Mat was the complete opposite of Kurt

    talk about trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, we probably will never see a player like Warner in the NFL again, unless we get a arena player that can go the distance and has been coached to have that super quick read and release.

    Whiz is just to stubborn to adjust, when he adjusts it is just cutting back the O, not transforming it to fit his QB.

    As for Carole and Matt, the key word is Carole, the dude is the picture if skitso..

    He probably didn’t want every one saying he just put all of his USC talent on the sea chickens. Why didn’t he go after Palmer?

    Denny’s Draft: I wasn’t just talking about the drafts Denny had it was the Whole of his draft’s You can say what you want about Rogers but can you say with even 50% positive that Rogers

    not behind #4 all those years would be the same player, for us as he is for GB? We would have ruined him by throwing him in the fire with no O line.

    The same can be said of Peterson vs Levi. Would Peterson have lit it up with our line? Arrington had better stats in every way but his first play from scrimmage was getting creamed by Peppers! He has said he will never forget that hit!

    So in short our SB team was built by Denny who I have said was not a great coach Whiz did get us to the big game. Every coach has players and draftees that sucked but as a hole Denny has bar none built the best team we have ever had.

    It took 40%Whiz and 60% Warner to get the team to the SB and Division Champs.

    Yes I would rather have Matt until we find the GUY.. We may have had the Guy in matt we would have known after the DA season.

    If you look at Matt’s body of work It is small with a bigger up side than down. Yes Matt did get hurt, In my opinion his injury was a legit one and doesn’t prove he is frail just 2 bad landings.

    Broken bones don’t make you Kolb! hahaha

    Thank you for your post, epically by not attacking but debating I enjoyed it.

  32. By bluepitt on Aug 30, 2012 | Reply

    @john the draft guy
    Forgot this, “The Texans were so disappointed in him, they sent him packing.”
    Matt was doing fine in that game the dude got a broken collar bone…The texans were not disappointed in him, He went with his O Quardinator to the Raiders. (You say hurt like he jamed his finger)
    If they were so disappointed why would his O coach pick him back up as fast as he did?

    As for soft passes, I do remember, and that is a moot point. The ball got their un like Kolb, Skelton, DA, Hall….. You can work on soft passes you cant fix: Football IQ (Skelton) Skeerd (Kolb) Cant hit the door of a barn (Anderson) Not even close to an NFL QB (Hall) Or: Has the raw talent but not the mind (Skelton)Has the mind not the Nerves (Kolb) Can only be accurate on the run(Anderson) Not even in the conversation (Hall) Common that was funny.
    If I had do choose one right now it would be a platoon of Skelton starts and Kolb in the 2min drill.

  33. By bluepitt on Aug 30, 2012 | Reply

    Agreeeeed, he wont he thinks every one of his QB choices are Warner!!!!!!!!

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