The measure of Feely’s 61

Posted by Darren Urban on October 16, 2012 – 3:22 pm

The game didn’t turn out the way Jay Feely or the Cardinals wanted Sunday, but that didn’t take away from Feely’s excellent and unexpected giant boot to tie the game, a 61-yard field goal that easily set the mark for Feely’s personal best and the best for the Cardinals’ franchise.

Feely became only the 11 kicker in NFL history to make a field goal of at least 60 yards. It’s been done 12 times total (Oakland’s Sebastian Janikowski has done it twice.) What is interesting to note is that, with the 2012 season only six weeks old, there have already been three field goals of at least 60 yards made, or 25 percent of the total all-time. And eight of the 12 have been kicked since 2006. Are kickers getting stronger? Probably. Are coaches more willing to take a risk of a long field goal? Maybe. But the current group of kickers are also dealing with a “K” ball, a change in the rules in 1999 that made the kickers sub in basically brand-new (harder) footballs on kicks, which in theory should make it a little harder. Clearly, as recent history has shown, it isn’t harder.

Still, booting a 60-yard field goal isn’t easy or, despite the recent rash of them, regularly done.

Yards Name Team Date Oppt
63 Tom Dempsey Saints 11-8-70 Lions
63 Jason Elam Broncos 10-25-98 Jaguars
63 Sebastian Janikowski Raiders 9-12-11 Broncos
63 David Akers 49ers 9-9-12 at Packers
62 Matt Bryant Bucs 10-22-06 Eagles
61 Sebastian Janikowski Raiders 12-27-09 Browns
61 Jay Feely Cardinals 10-14-12 Bills
60 Steve Cox Browns 10-21-84 Bengals
60 Morten Andersen Saints 10-27-91 Bears
60 Rob Bironas Titans 12-3-06 Colts
60 Dan Carpenter Dolphins 12-5-10 Browns
60 Greg Zuerlein Rams 9-30-12 Seahawks


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14 Responses to “The measure of Feely’s 61”

  1. By mal on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    “harder footballs makes it harder, but it isnt harder…”

    Its hard to understand why you didnt say ‘difficult.’

  2. By Mike T on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Wow. Three 60 yarders this year and all from NFC West teams.

  3. By MIKE G on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Darren–Hope all is good in Cardinal Qtr’s– Feely really lit into that kick. One of the best kicks I have seen in my time watching football. I believe that ball hit the net. Hey Darren–How many yards do you think that kick would have been good from???? 65-66 yards???

  4. By Darren Urban on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Mike G —

    RE: Feely kick

    Sure seemed like he could have made it from longer, yes.

  5. By Dynosoar on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Jey Feely – 61yards!

    What’s the note Jay gives to Whiz going to read against the Vikings?

    Now let’s go get that ring; one game, one win at a time.

  6. By truths4all on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    The kick looked like it would have been good for a 67 yard attempt. Did anyone get a clearer look at where it landed?

  7. By Deborah on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Feely became only the 11th kicker in NFL history to make a field goal of at least 60 yards. Too bad we didn’t get to see it.

    Steve is your typical, bleed Cardinal Red, season tickets in the Red Sea holding Cardinals fan.

    His photo permanently embedded in the Stadium Wall of Fame as an original Season Ticket holder. A Cardinals fan since The “Phoenix Cardinals” moved to Phoenix when Steve was two. His Dad, sitting with him, who flew F-16’s for the Tucson Arizona Air National Guard in 1988, told him to pick a team and stick with it. Steve owns 30 Cardinal Player Jerseys, comes to every Cardinals home game from his residence in Las Vegas, asked for and received Arizona Cardinals Season Tickets for his High School graduation, then graduated ASU with a GPA of 3.02 on a Sun Devil Scholarship 2004 – 2008. He’s never missed a game, he lives and breathes Cardinals Football, including going to the 2009 Super Bowl and the 2009 Pro Bowl, half way around the world in the same week, screaming until his throat feels like sandpaper when his favorite team is on the field.
    So you can imagine his feeling after being kicked out during Sunday’s Buffalo game, Cardinals down by 3, with 4 minutes to play in the 4th. The Defense is on the field motioning for the crowd to “Stand up and Make Some Noise!”… Not for being drunk, violent or disorderly. No, security removed him because — get this — he was standing too much.
    “We do not stand all the time,” the 26-year-old explained, no one in our section asked us to sit down, we hadn’t received any previous warnings from the ushers, or security. There was only 4 minutes left on the clock, the defense was on the field. “We stand on first down, we stand at the beginning of the game, we stand at kickoff. We stand when our defense motions for us to stand, and yell to distract “the bad guys”. We stand. We are standers, but we’re also courteous to other people. If somebody says, ‘Hey man, will you sit down?’ Sure, I will sit down. No problem.”
    He said the usher, who became immediately belligerent, told him that fans can only stand during third and fourth downs and whenever there is a stoppage in the game, like a time out. The usher told him, “He was not allowed to stand for the rest of the game.” No mention that it actually ‘was’ a defensive third down when he removed us for ‘standing’, that was beside his point…
    His Dad, who was also kicked out Sunday (said security didn’t like when he complained about their treatment), they were never warned, never asked to sit by anyone in Section 218, and it was the last four minutes of the 4th quarter AZ down by 3, defense on the field. The usher ran down to their section, removed them to the Club Level Lobby, causing them to miss the Patrick Peterson end zone interception that lead to a game tying 61 yard Field Goal by Feely with two minutes to go. This encounter took place while the Defense was motioning for Fans to stand, “Get Loud, Make Noise.” A Booster on the field holding up a sign reading, “Rise UP Red Sea!”
    While a quarter before, a drunk and disorderly Bills fan, using tickets sold to him by a Cardinal Season Ticket holder, was removed, then escorted, fresh beer in hand, back down to his seat by security . He proceeded to jump into a crowd of seated Cardinals fans yet he was still not ejected.
    Steve got no warning, he was escorted from his seat during the last four minutes, but said people were standing in front of him and behind him.
    Distraught, outside the stadium at club level entrance “Gila River Club West”, the Manager of Gate 1, gave him a bottle of water, and was very sympathetic, feeling this was unreasonable, he let him stand to hear the cheers of the 61 yard tying field goal on the radio. Security was boo’d by Section 218 for escorting “The Best Cardinals Fans in section 218” out of the stadium, The Manager took two statements from other Section 218 Season Ticket Holders who stated they left the game in support of Steve. Quoting, “We are from Minnesota, and this would NEVER happen in Minnesota.”
    Could it be:
    With 3 seconds on the clock, and one more ounce of Fan energy echoing on to the field, would the game winning Field Goal have gone through the uprights rather than bouncing off the goal post if we were allowed to ‘stand’ and cheer from our lucky seats? I would like to believe it would.

  8. By Darren Urban on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Deborah —

    RE: Game incident

    As I believe you know, our customer service team is aware of the incidents and are researching what happened.

  9. By Deborah on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Thank you for responding.
    I appreciate it.
    We are still so sad.
    We would have loved to have witnessed Feely’s record 61 yard kick.
    My son refuses to leave until the game is over.
    This is the first time he has ever left before the final play.
    We watched Jay Feely score 25 points back in Dec, 2010.
    We cheered so hard we couldn’t speak for a week.
    Though I’m pretty sure it would have been impossible to remain seated for it. sigh
    Thanks for adding my post.

  10. By Deborah on Oct 17, 2012 | Reply

    FYI: The only “incident” was “excessive standing” on 3rd down in response to the Arizona Cardinals sign, and the defense telling the Fans to stand, there was “no incident”, no fighting, no swearing, no interaction with any other fan, nothing, nada. The photo of the game shows the entire Stadium on their feet. The part-time SAFE UoP security guard and supervisor were completely out of line.
    The Seahawks Board has picked up the thread.
    They are astounded.
    And no, I did not post it.
    Someone else did.

  11. By Brazilian Cards Fan on Oct 17, 2012 | Reply

    I was on my knees praying for this ball to go in, and it did! Should have done the same on the other kick…

  12. By bluepitt on Oct 17, 2012 | Reply

    If that is100% truth, then that isnt cool!!!!!! I hope it is all truth, there are 2 sides to every story! but still isnt coo!l

  13. By Evan on Oct 19, 2012 | Reply

    Surprised by the comments here… Personally, I wish he would have missed the 61 yard field goal so we wouldn’t have had to endure the torture to follow.

    Sure, it’s a rare accomplishment. But what’s even MORE memorable is Feely choking on the easy chip-in, at The Nest with an unbroken chain of home victories, against the lowly Bills who were creamed the previous two weeks. We should have done exactly the same to them (with Kolb finally showing some promise).

    Love the “Cardiac Cards” when they actually pull out those overtime wins, but wouldn’t a 44 to 3 blowout of the Vikings be a nice change of pace – for once?

  14. By Deborah on Oct 19, 2012 | Reply

    Feely is a Monster Kicker. Remember he scored 25 points on his own in Dec 2010. Feely’s FG was tipped, he’d be a hero and we’d still be marveling at his “61” if only…. Feely is ‘that good!’ Fitz, and P.P. …Extraordinary talent.
    Kolb rushing for 66 yards is worthy of note. (Who knew?) He played like a soldier last Sunday. Getting creamed, then getting back up.
    The problem is the OL, the LT is a turnstile. Imagine if the OL had the talent of our DL. Then Kolb would look like a SB QB. Simply put, they could use a little help here, Kolb, Fitz, Feely…etc. P.P. can feel the love on Defense.
    – I blame the Defense for our “Excessive Standing” because they are always on the field (said tongue in cheek.) Defense = We Stand!
    Of course we feel the loss was karma for this event.
    But that is how ‘Fan Superstition’ works.
    Quote the TV commercial – “It’s not weird if it works.”
    My ‘Lucky Fitz Jersey’ was getting a little ripe anyway…
    Jay’s won more for us than he lost for us in the last 30 seconds. This week He probably feels worse than we do… and that’s saying something.
    The best moment of the year, turned into the worst moment of the year.
    This will be forgotten next week, and he will make it up to us.

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