Vikings aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on October 21, 2012 – 5:34 pm

Early last week, guard Daryn Colledge talked about how the offense had to play better, but that the defense was always going to keep the Cardinals in the game. Then came Sunday, what may have been the harshest way to demonstrate the point.

I’m not sure what the hardest thing to handle was for the Cardinals. The first stop that led to a punt giving the Cards the ball first in Minnesota territory, only to have the drive go nowhere? The following long drive into the red zone that ended with a fumble and no points? The gift interception at the end of the first half – why on God’s green earth were the Vikings throwing at that point anyway – only to have Jay Feely’s field goal miss? The pick-6 to start the second half that made it a two-score game?

“The plays that were there to be made were being made earlier in the year,” quarterback John Skelton said. “Now we are missing.”

It’s going to be hard not to re-play what could have been in the collective minds tonight.

— The Cardinals have now lost two games this season in which the opposing quarterback had fewer than 10 pass completions (the Rams’ game was the other.) That’s unheard of in today’s NFL. The Vikings ended up with a net of 43 passing yards.

— Those 43 net passing yards – and Christian Ponder’s 58 gross – were the fewest allowed in an NFL game this season, by the way. The Cards hadn’t allowed so few in a game since giving up 37 net passing yards to the Ravens in December of 2000 – a game the Cards also lost, 13-7, to the Trent Dilferific Super Bowl-bound bunch.

– The Cards had the ball for more than 10 minutes more than the Vikings, including holding the ball for more than 11 minutes of the 15-minute third quarter.

— LaRod Stephens-Howling had been off to the worst start of his career running the ball, but he was back on track Sunday. Yes, it was partly due to the Vikings’ defensive alignment, but that doesn’t diminish the accomplishment of his first 100-yard game. You figure next week’s game against the 49ers will be much more difficult, but considering where the Cards were when they lost both Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams, it’s a start.

— Guard Adam Snyder was limping around pretty good because of the quad contusion that sent him out of the game and brought Rich Ohrnberger in for relief. You know Snyder is going to badly want to play against his former teammates a week from tomorrow. We’ll see if he can recover in time.

— Adrian Peterson sure didn’t look like a guy who had ACL surgery less than a year ago. He looked like 2008 Adrian Peterson with his 153 yards on just 23 carries, ramping up to full speed seemingly as soon as he was handed the ball in the backfield.

— Larry Fitzgerald called the offense’s overall lack of production scoring “disheartening.” It seems like the Cards have had more issues this year getting Fitz freed up than ever before. The offense is missing that kind of playmaking.

— I know the TD came late, but Andre Roberts quietly had a productive day (7 catches, 103 yards).

— The one thing Kevin Kolb was doing really well when the Cards were winning – and what has gotten lost a bit when the Cards ended up on the wrong side of things a couple weeks ago and then again today with John Skelton – is the turnovers. They cost at least 10 points today, with the Vikings getting seven on the interception return and the Cards losing at least three on the red-zone fumble by Skelton. Many teams can’t afford turnovers, but for the Cards, that margin is even smaller. The Cards generated a pair of turnovers themselves, but couldn’t win the turnover battle.

That’s enough from 30,000 feet. The Cards will have an extra day to regroup for the 49ers. That game was always big. Now it’s probably something that will determine where they go the balance of the season.

UPDATE: The Cardinals aren’t going to work out quarterback Vince Young, despite rumors to the contrary.

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133 Responses to “Vikings aftermath”

  1. By BiRdBrAiN1974 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    7 Targets to Fitz. UNACCEPTABLE. He needs to be more of a factor, if you want to use him as a decoy then TRADE him and get some offensive line support. UNACCEPTABLE as an orginization. I went to this game and was embarassed at the lack of targets to fitz. Many questionable calls from Whiz this game, to many in my mind. Look at the teams in this league and how thy manage the game, we cannot match it. Our 4 and 3 record is a mirage and we will soon fall to the basement. Sorry been a fan from 71 but this is embarassing how we manage the game.

  2. By Eric G on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Time for Whiz to go. The offensive play calling is so boring, pedantic and predictable that I wish it was vanilla. Looks like another losing season. Looking at the rest of the schedule, I can only see no better than two more wins.

  3. By cardsalltheway on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Prediction: We will lose the next 3 games. Our record will be 4-6. Yes fans, we will accomplish exactly what we did last year. Who knows, we might even lose more than that in a row. I haven’t looked much past the Falcons game yet but I’ll get back with ya’ll.

  4. By mike hadzinski on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply


    boy seems the club looks stupid on passing G DAVID DEACASTRO NOW ???


  5. By reap37 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    The Cards played well and still lost. The first four games, they found ways to win and they’re finding to lose! Is the mental preparation for games or bad luck?

  6. By scubasteve12 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    The problem is simple. The oline and its as simple as skelton sucks. He held the ball as long or longer than kolb. I just dont get why everyone is saying the cards would do better with him as QB. Well he just did worse. Kolb is the cardinals starting QB. Always has been. Get over Skelton. He hasnt changed from when he first arrived. He sucks. And there is no amount of time that will change that.

  7. By scubasteve12 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Also he has just proved he doesnt throw the ball to Fitz more. SKELTON SUCKS!!!!

  8. By Rich on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Skelton is a nice kid,but he’s a turnover waiting to happen. Nothing is worse than turnovers…..nothing. As soon as Kolb is healthy, Wiz will have him back in there.

  9. By LocoCoyote on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Yes, but how long can he remain there taking a beating because the Oline sucks?

  10. By clssylssy on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Are the Cards really working out Vince Young? We need to get back on track and beat the 9ers in our house! We can do it…doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of passion these days? We beat the Vikes on paper…except for the TD thing…we have the ability, just aren’t getting it done.

  11. By Texascard on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Maybe this team is not as good as I thought. The pick six to start the second half was like a kick in the gut.

  12. By Jesse Robles on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    My only question is what is the Offense working on all week, season, off season? Kolb and Skelton are not the Answer, just like Ken Whisenhunt is no savior. Cards Won with Warner, Won with Horton, Kevin Spencer is the Special Teams coach, so the past 2 years we win with D and Special Teams. Who ever has anything to do with the Offense should be on the Hot Seat, it is pretty Pathetic. The O has shown Nothing since Kurt Warner left, it is disgusting.

    Ray Horton > Whiz

    Thank you Defense/Special Teams for keeping us in every game, and making Ken look good.

  13. By johnnybluenose on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    skelton can’t quarterback and whiz can’t coach. neither should be a cardinal next year. this is hopeless and it’s getting worse.

  14. By alexmannsportskings on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Darren… How long is it before Floyd gets put ahead of Doucet? I love the guy but I counted 2 or 3 balls that hit him in the numbers, only to not be hauled in. Or even better yet when does Byrd get a shot to play? After his preseason (yes they were 3rd stringer) but he played great. It’s like what happened with Stephen Williams, great Preseason only to never see the field. Does he have practice issues or something?

  15. By philly cards on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Adam snyder and todd heap are making it clear why they were available in the first place.we have a lot of veterans who come up short performance wise, physically or both.mediocre leads to loses.
    I was wrong about LSH he shows why he was starting at pitt before shady mccoy.

  16. By Mike Russell on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    You don’t address the line for several years. You use your first round pick on a receiver that was suppose to free up Larry or burn other teams if Larry is doubled, he has 8 catches. Then draft a corner that has 19 tackles. I understand that the 2 tackles have been injured but where is the depth on the line that Coach talks about for the team. The line is near the top in sacks, hurries and Qb hits. The line should have been addressed years ago.You now have 2 undrafted guys, 2 free agents (if they were really that good would their old team have let them go) and a fourth round rookie. Either Whiz is stubborn or the front office has given him poor advice. Some one needs to take responsibility.

  17. By azfiremagoo on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Ol depth. I remeber 3 years ago Whiz saying in an interview that our second unit could start for another team as ones! SoI’m thinking talent evaluation is an issue! Cut Snyder play Ohrenberger, sign Williams and move on to next year.

  18. By Red cards on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Hey I think John played well and looked good but for the int look at his numbers 25/36 262 yards so I wouldn’t but this loss all on him we should have won I would bet anything we beat the ninners next week

  19. By DirtybirD on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Plain and simple, the O-line is terrible. I guess that’s what we can expect when the organization does not make improving the O-line a priority. The lack of drafting and signing “quality O-linemen” has hurt this team, right Darren? Staying positive Darren, GO CARDS!

  20. By Red cards on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    If the oline was palying better we would have killed them

  21. By Jason Marcus on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Darren , fans , Are we working out VinceYoung? would love to know, besides that we played well, but we do not have a even a top 20 qb here I like SKeletor but he just dose not cut the mustard anymore, I mean Kolb looked better jeez, I don’t like the idea of VInce Young and circus coming to town but what else can we do ? Sorry fellow fans, I think we are back to the qb drawing board, I don’t know why but it was very hard watching this game, also the defense got run over by A.Peterson as usual, come on man, he did this last year what’s up Horton, this was a terrible loss because we were within reach the whole game and just couldn’t pull it out.

  22. By Darren Urban on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Jason —

    RE: Young

    The Cardinals are NOT working out Vince Young.

  23. By Bass-iCk on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Somethings gotta give with this OL…. It’s consistent at being totally worthless…. DO SOMETHING…. ANYTHING!!!!

  24. By georgiebird on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    I hope the Cards’ brass is not looking at the game like you are. Here’s what we should be taking away from this game from the defensive side:
    1) Vikings 1st possession was at their own 8- they played it conservatively and punted (3 and out)
    2) Vikings 2nd possession – they get a TD- 88 yards (5 plays in 3 minutes) for the 1st score of the game . This is definitely unacceptable from a good defense- similar to the Rams game but that was the opening drive
    3) In the 2nd qtr Immediately after we score to tie at 7-7, the Vikings go on a 10 play 72 yd drive in 6+ minutes to put us behind 14-7. Once again, like the Bills’ game, where’s the shut down after we score
    4) At the beginning of the 3rd qtr, Skelton’s pick makes it 21-7. From this point forward, the Vikings are protecting the lead and playing very conservative on offense. Defensive stats from this point forward are tainted. Much in the same
    way our TD drive with a minute left in the game doesn’t make our offensive problems go away.
    5) Vikings rushed for 9 yards a carry in the 1st half- conservative play calling dropped the ypc to about 7 for the game.
    6) A Peterson’s TD run is a clinic on destroying small LBs in a 3-4.
    Yes, Skelton had a bad game and his 70% completion pct and 1TD is not indicative of his day. Neither is LSH gaining over 100 yds and 5 ypc an indication that the OL is ok. And I understand how Feely’s miss caused Whiz to pass up other FG opportunities in the 2nd half.
    But, don’t think for a moment that the Vikings couldn’t have scored more in the 2nd half had a sense of urgency developed after the score was 21-7. As I have said, the defense is faster and improved but by no means is it a force. So as many of us continue to analyze the game incorrectly, another season is just about over- unless possibly if we beat the 49ers twice.

  25. By jdcrow59 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    I guess wishing that Skelton could be the guy just isn’t meant to be. Plenty of chances to prove the job should be his, but just can’t get it done. Too many throws in the dirt, holds the ball too long, and too many costly turnovers. The o-line was better today but no where near where it needs to be. I don’t know if Kolb is the long term answer what with the injuries and all but this team is going nowhere until they find the answer, I doubt that answer is Vince Young so I hope there is nothing to that story. The defense got it done yet again but with so little help from the offense another winable game goes south. And the schedule just gets harder from here on out.

  26. By MIKE G on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Darren–Hope all is well! Rough game for the Card’s in Minnesota. They just can’t seem to get any offensive consistency. Kind of like 3 steps up and two back. Thought the defense played well. Most of the concerns on the team are on the offensive side of the ball. Thought Hyphen played well. The team keeps shooting itself in the foot with penalties,sacks and turnovers. At the start of the game they had an oppurtunity to get the lead with good field position and put the Vikes behind early. Feely’s miss before half was big and the Skelton return TD pick – to me was the key play in the game. Team played tough but they have so little margin for error given their talent level and injury situation along the offensive line and at the RB position.Hopefully the young lineman and RB’S will improve as the season goes on. If we can get to 5-3 at the midway point it still to me is a successful 1st half record for this team. Im sure all fans before the season would take that record at the break. We need to play a nice home game against SF next Mon night. Hey Darren- What did you think about Whiz’s call on 4th and 2 at the Vike 18 in the 3rd qtr???? Would you have taken 3 there????

  27. By Darren Urban on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Mike G —

    RE: fourth down

    I didn’t have a big problem with it.

  28. By Rick on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Tired of hearing the same ol excuse from Whisenhunt about they are not executing and missed opportunities. C`MON man any one who loses a game knows that so quit saying it we all seen the game WE KNOW. Offensive play calling is horrible. That play on 4th down play when skelton tried to run was probably the most embarrassing moment man he got clobbered and is not Mike Vick. C`mon MAN!!! Get it together and lets get after those 49ers on Monday night football and please make a game of it. GO RED BIRDS!

  29. By rodgerscromartie17 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Its coming down on the teams head every week, the choices the team has made the last few off seasons are starting to come back and bite harder.

  30. By sarah on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Skelton has to protect the ball and the line needs to have better pass protection end of story. That pick 6 was ridiculous as he forced it within their own half of the field. Skelton was hurried the whole game and tries to make plays at times where there in none. Seven sacks is crazy, i looked at average protection time on those sacks and it was 4 seconds, no receiver is going to get separation in 4 seconds for Skelton to release it earlier. First quarter the offence was clicking in short passing, in all the sacks the receivers were covered. We have no deep game whatsoever due to the amount of time it takes for a receiver to get open. Jared Allen was relentless continually.

    I don’t get why Whiz went with that QB 4th and 2 run and their did not seem to be any urgency in the 4th quarter whatsoever until about 3 minutes left. Skelton came alive in that period but the play calling earlier on was far too conservative. There was no urgency to cut that 14 point deficit until it was too late. It was a FRUSTRATING game and 7 sacks is way too much. Honestly the line is abysmal in passing situations. Kudos to the Hyphen but we need a passing game where the QB has time to go through his reads and receivers separation.

    Below is a good summary of the game.

  31. By Jason Marcus on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Oh yeah , and our offensive lines bites it , I apologize for saying anything bad about Skeletor or Kolb they have and average of 2 seconds to get rid of ball absolutely the worst oline in the league , ViNceYOung will not last either nor would Rodgers or Brady behind this line , fire the oline coach we are loosing games for no good reason other than we have a crapp oline , oline oline oline!!!!Heeeeeeeeellllllp!!

  32. By clssylssy on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Sometimes the hardest thing about being a Cardinal fan are the Bandwagoner fans who think they know more than the coaches, the players, the people who are the professionals and have actual playing experience and proven success in the NFL.The Cards aren’t the only team in the league who are inconsistent and struggling.The last two years have been fraught with drama and chaos starting with the lockout and continuing through the continuing soap opera scandal surrounding the “Bountygate” an then beginning the season with another lockout and replacement refs. There was mayhem on the field with players out of control, bogus calls and no backbone or credibility demonstrated by the NFL allowing bad calls to stand and the integrity of the game to be compromised. This all has a cumulative effect on those directly effected i.e, players, coaches, the work environment for team. Coach Whisenhunt didn’t create this problem nor did John Skelton and in actuality, while the Cards didn’t win today, the Vikings are a very good team and we played better against them than the 9ers did. We have not won a game in the Metrodome since 1977, and that is because it is a tremendously loud and distracting venue…Viking fans are rabit and the term “Home Field Advance” has a special meaning there. We have some very valuable players out injured…alot of teams are in the same situation or worse. I know this team is talented and can get it together. Whiz is the best Head Coach we have had and is respected by his players and peers. The so-called “fans” who are so critical of our team and coaches should watch other games around the league and they will see other teams like the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Eagles, also making mistakes, missing opportunities, experiencing losses in ways totally uncharacteristic. This is a GREAT bunch of players and we have a very special organization. Come’n Man! Quit the sniveling! GO CARDS! HANG IN THERE AND FLY HIGH! “Make the Present Good and the Past Will Take Care of Itself”…Knute Rockne

  33. By Kevin S on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Discouraging in so many ways… if you tell me before this game that LSH would rush for over 100 yards (and add another 45 receiving yards), and that Ponder would throw for 58 yards with 2 INT’s deep in their own territory, I’d think the Cards must have won in a rout. Instead we weren’t even in it despite the D holding the opponent to 209 total yards (and, as Darren mentions, less than 10 QB completions).

    Skelton’s final numbers look OK, but that’s with 6-6 for 88 yards in basically garbage time factored in. We had basically no chance (save a miracle) at that point. He definitely tries to do too much sometimes — the pick-6 and the fumble when he held the ball too long and then tried to make a late throw… the last game he had two other throws like that, one falling down and one where he got hit and had it been a split second earlier it would’ve been a fumble…. sooner or later those plays catch up to you. That’s why I don’t mind that Kolb’s been taking some sacks. All this talk about how Skelton gets the ball out quicker… he still took 6 sacks, and then two of the balls he managed to “get out” were turnovers from trying to do too much.

    Inopportune penalties as always for the Cards as well, e.g., Ponder throws a bad pass on 3rd and 4, I’m thinking, yes, only a FG, and then find out Dockett got flagged for defensive holding?!? If that is only a FG it changes the complexion of the game completely… we would’ve kicked on the 4th from the 18 on the ill-fated Skelton run, for example.

    One thing I disagree with is everyone saying the Skelton fumble hurt us so much… the announcers harped on this several times and Darren mentions above that it cost us at least 3 points as well. I don’t see it that way, since Ponder immediately gave us the ball back in nearly exactly the same spot. So it was like the fumble never happened. Not saying it should be ignored in evaluating our play, but it wasn’t all that devastating.

    Seemed to me like MN was doing everything they could to keep us in it, including the ridiculous pass Ponder threw at the end of the 1st half. Late in the game I have no idea why Ponder was even passing. Peterson’s torching us for 7 yards a carry and Ponder’s struggling… I’d just give it to AP on the first two downs, run clock, and then only have Ponder throw on a long 3rd down. Instead they started their first 2 possessions of the 4th quarter with a Ponder sack (on their 9) and a Ponder incompletion (on their 13).

    Holy crap, I just went back and looked at the box score. MIN had 1 first down the entire 2nd half. I suppose Georgiebird is going to tell us the problem is still the defense despite them letting up only 14 points and 209 total yards.

  34. By Chuck 1 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    This was not an “optimal” result.
    But, it was just a “bump in the road”.
    I “hope” that things will “change” in the future.

    The Cards need a different PK.
    The Cards need a different OC.
    The Cards need a different OL Coach.
    The Cards need a different GM.

    For those fans who want the Cards to draft an OT in the first and maybe subsequent rounds in 2013, how will that help next year? Look at how ineffective Massie has been as a rookie.

    Also, do you really believe that Graves and Bidwill will shell out the $$$$ to sign a top-notch FA OT???

    What should we have expected from Skelton, a QB drafted in the 6th round? How about those Skelton boosters who said that he wouldn’t take the sacks that Kolb did because he “gets the ball out quicker”? Seven sacks? LMAO

    Forget about Young. He’s damaged goods.

    Horton’s run defense reminded me of how the RAMS gashed it in the second half.

    For those fans who believe that the Cards are “loaded with talent”, get real. There are pockets of talent; defense, Fitz and Roberts, but that’s about all.

    Now, it looks like the Cards will go 16-3. But, they’ll still win the SB. LMAO again.

  35. By card62 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    I feel so bad for our defense. I know Peterson ran well in the first half, but to play the way they did and to still lose hurts a lot.

    Second half they were incredible and pitched a shutout.

    No sense in talking about our OL anymore as it is just a broken record. Worse oline since expansion Tampa Bay Bucs.

    Question for Cardinal Fans. Over/under 150 yards of offense from scrimmage against the 49ers. Let me know your opinions. I am taking the under.

    Go Cards and I can not wait to see if we draft a wr or rb in the first round next year.

  36. By Johnkardinals on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    I love Feely but goodness gracious 2 straight missed fieldgoals that’s not pro-performance. I’m not saying that he is inconsistent but maybe it’s time to look at other kickers at this time, mainly because he isn’t keeping our team in the games. As far as Skelton goes he is a good quarterback that isn’t playing to his potential. I heard news that Vince Young came in for a meeting, not that bad of a look. We as the Cardinals need a quarterback who can keep his eyes downfield and also have a double threat running. Any rate I also think we should be looking at Chris Williams of Chicago. Disagree as much as you want but it makes sense.

  37. By 4 n 12 Cards on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    I didn’t catch the post game press this time. I wonder if Whiz said “we missed opportunities and didn’t execute”?

    Hmm.. where is Rod Graves and what exactly is he doing?

  38. By 4 n 12 Cards on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Alot of people talk about Ray Horton leaving to be HC possibly. Here’s a question.. why wouldn’t we be making him the head coach? Demote or get rid of broken record Whiz. Get rid of Kolb, use his money for another QB and Oline, keep Skelton as a back-up, and get rid of Mike Miller. Let’s go Graves, do something, earn that fat paycheck.

  39. By alexmannsportskings on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    We need Vince Young. We need a guy who can extend plays. Yes Skelton can do it, but he isn’t comfortable doing so. With this O-line, that’s what we need.

  40. By Rio on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Mr. Billwell , read my lips get more involved.

  41. By canadian redbird on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Darren……. I was very disappointed in the first 2 timeouts in the 2nd half; the first came early in the 4th quarter, after we had just made a first down at mid field; now apparent urgency that I could see; the second came after we had just made a first on the 7 yard line with under 3 minutes left. Those 2 idiotic calls negated any chance for us to win once we couldn’t recover the on side kick.

    We need a QB and an offensive line, although I truly believe the O line didn’t look overly bad today. Grimm still has to go and probably Mike Miller can share the other seat on the bus. Lets get some fresh ideas in this offensive; too bad we didn’t work a tad harder on the Hailley opportunity. This is a game of accountablility which still hasn’t become a factori in who stays and who leaves.
    It is still just football; however its getting tiring seeing the same scipt unfold game after game.

  42. By sarah on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Enough of the Vince Young madness, there is a reason he is not playing in the NFL ! Shelton played ok given the protection. Count to four and think how many reads and progressions you can go thru as a QU, better yet what kind of separation the receivers have in 4 seconds. The guy that is taking way too long to develop is M Floyd, allot of hype so far. We need receivers that can get separation as Fitz is double covered a ton.

    We need to bring it against SF. Of note is that vs last year we had Peterson scoring on special teams and defence. This is not bailing out the offence this year.

  43. By clssylssy on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    I think everybody heard the Cards were working out Vince Young on FACEBOOK…lol…and you wonder how these crazy rumors get started…this time is wasn’t a fan: Arizona Cardinals from B/R REPORT: The Cards will work out Vince Young in wake of the Kevin Kolb injury. Would you like to see VY in Arizona?

  44. By Darren Urban on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    clssy —

    RE: VY rumor

    The “crazy rumor” was started because of an ESPN report, later proved errant.

  45. By exatraz on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Wow people are freaking out just like after every loss. We are not a 14-2 team so there were losses on the way for the team. This is why I am not that hitting the panic button like it seems many of you are:

    1.) 4-2 was my prediction during our first 6 games. I didn’t see our win in NE or our loss to Buffalo but the any given sunday rule works both ways. We generally play close games, sometimes it bites us though. STL is not as bad as people thought and are much better coached. That combined with a short week to prepare and the constantly mounting injuries didnt help (though I predicted we would lose our in division road games).

    2.)We ALWAYS struggle in MIN. It isn’t a friendly place for our cards, why we had to play there again for what, the 5th year in a row? I don’t know who is writing up the schedule but I always hate traveling to MIN for a game. Oh lets not forget that MIN has played really well and doesn’t have the major injury concerns we do.

    3.) Our next several games up to the bye week are vs SF on Monday (I think the fact they just came off a rough physical game against SEA makes up for them getting a Thursday Night game followed by a Monday game). Next is @GB, our schedule is good to us for not having long road trips but these short week road trip games are pretty brutal. I just hope GB’s OL plays just as bad as it did vs SEA because that would give us a much better chance in that game. Well, could we lose the next couple games? Yes, very much so. Could you have predicted this at the beginning of the year, I really think you could because so far I have. Temper your expectations, especially with all these injuries.

    4.) Missed tackles are really hurt us, even on the pick 6. He could have been wrapped up by LSH but that tackle just slid off.

    5.) I agree with you guys that some of the play calling is questionable but the execution just isnt there either. Penelties are killing drives. We have a hard enough time gaining 10 yards on 3 plays. Put it at 15 or 20 and we usually have to punt. We need to resolve this fast.

    6.) Comeon Feely!!! That 61yd FG made me shut my mouth about you last week but you cant keep missing FGs! The pick 6 and that missed FG are what changed this game. I think had we made that FG we would have kicked another FG instead of going for it making it a much different game.

    Lastly. Darren tell the guys to hang in there and stay healthy. Also have you noticed a distinct lack of speed compared to earlier this season? I rewatched the first couple games of the season and it seemed like everyone on offense and defense were moving faster and the defense seemed to get a lot more hard hits. They are still hitting hard but doesn’t seem to come as often.

  46. By Kevin S on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Sarah —

    I agree with you about the lack of urgency… this team has clicked a little bit on occasion in a 2-minute offense and we should’ve been doing that sooner, and hustling more while doing it. As a perfect example, look at the play-by-play of the final TD drive… we run a play at 2:47 that goes for 13 yards, and we can’t get the next play off until 2:08??? I’m sitting there yelling at my TV for them to hike to Skelton in the shotgun and he’s doing those fakes like he’s trying to draw the Vikings offside or something… And on that play that started at 2:08, Roberts caught the pass at 2:03 and was about a yard from the sideline… if he steps out and it’s 2:02 or 2:01 and we get another play off before the 2-minute warning, so essentially a free timeout. Instead he decides to challenge the two Vikings right in front of him, so we gain another half-yard or so, but at the expense of getting out of bounds, so the 2-minute warning comes. Have these guys not been taught to get out of bounds when down 14 points with 2 minutes to gol?

    Then the next play took us to the 6 yard line. Why waste your 2nd timeout there? You’ve got 4 plays to get it in the end zone, so go up and run a play (or spike it if you really want the clock stopped). If anything, calling timeout just gives the defense a chance to be more ready for you on the next play. More importantly, though, if we save the timeout there, we’d still have 2 left with just under 2 minutes… then if we score quickly (as we did, on the very next play) and hold, we get the ball back with around a minute. Complete waste of a timeout. An NFL team in the middle of a 2-minute drill with first and goal on the 6 yard line should have a play ready and shouldn’t need to regroup.

  47. By georgiebird on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    The Josh Weinfuss article “Defense Has a Big Second Half” is the type of article(if people start believing it) that is going to keep the Cardinals in the basement for a long time. The score was 21-7 Vikings a minute into the 2nd half. At that point the Vikings were not interested in pressing the issue but rather not making any costly mistakes.
    Unless I missed some new Cardinals’ players entering the game in the second half or possibly a new scheme, how can a defense that allowed TD drives of 88 and 72 yards in the 1st half; all of a sudden tighten things up.
    Either Horton’s defense was not ready to play in the 1st half or the Vikings took their foot off the gas pedal in the second half. I think the latter.

  48. By Darren Urban on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    georgie —

    RE: Article

    Much appreciated, but if you think our articles have a bearing on what the team does, you are sadly mistaken.

    And I know, I know, the Cards have the worst defense in the league. You may have mentioned it once or twice.

  49. By Kevin S on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Dynosoar — we’ve found your twin. Despite losing three straight to the likes of STL, BUF and MIN, Red Cards “would bet anything” we beat the Niners next week. Red Cards — if you’re serious, you should make a trip up to Vegas with whatever assets you have, because it is a certainty that the Cards will be underdogs. The moneyline should be pretty good for you, if you’re sure we’re going to win.

  50. By bow3712 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Wow! You’d think we were 1-6 by reading these comments. It was a tough loss but take away the pick6 and missed FG and we win 17-14. Could have won last week too. I’m not calling for Feely’s head, or anyone elses. I think it’s great that we’re in every game. Kepp up the fight guys, these doomsayers will be singing your praises in a couple weeks!

  51. By Nick B on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply


    Will the Cardinals bring in Reggie Wells for a workout? To me, that seems even more important now given that Synder got hurt today.

    Will they consider bringing in OT Chris Williams that was released by the Bears?

  52. By Darren Urban on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Nick B —

    RE: Wells

    I don’t see Wells coming here, but I guess I wouldn’t rule anything out.

  53. By on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks a lot!

  54. By Eric Y on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Dear John, 4 quarters!!!!! 4 quarters of football, not 4 minutes!

  55. By Eric Y on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    … At least my first official prediction on this page is coming to fruition. Andre Roberts is a star. I hope management pays this kid )if he keeps it up). Larry 2.0!

  56. By Jason Marcus on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Oh well, thanks, Skelton it is.GO CARDS!!

  57. By Rich on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    if Kolb was in the game….everybody would have blamed the losss on him. fact is that the offense did play better, but Skelton is a turnover machine. Skelton. won’t be woth the cards next season.

  58. By RichNY30 on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    The only thing worse than the Cards losing is reading all of these posts from know-it-all’s like Georgie and Sarah. Listen the worst coordinator in the NFL will forget more about football than you will ever know. If you were some kind of football genius you’d be on the sidelines for an NFL team.

  59. By johnnybluenose on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    i enjoy this blog very much and try to read everyone’s comments. however i will not bother to read any more of the stupid things that clssylssy writes. thanks though for letting everyone know that the vikings fans are RABIT. did not know that.

  60. By Jetstreamgreen81 on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    This team is so damn frustrating to be a fan of. Every year I think they have hope only for them to rip my heart out. They need to:
    1. Sign Reggie Wells back to play guard. He has been here before and is better than any option we have to play guard
    2. Sign Chris Willams and give him a chance @ LT. He can’t be any worse than what we have.
    3. Give Young a chance. I know he is a head case but he has escapability and can’t be any worse than what we have put out on the field.
    4. Figure out how to stop the run. As good as the D had played they can’t stop the run to save their life. The Rams and the Vikings went into prevent mode on offense and that is why defense looked better that what they played.
    5. Figure out what happened to the D after the Philly game. Pass breakdowns against the Dolphins, Rams and Bills killed us and not being able to stop the run is eating this team alive.
    6. Get Fitz the damn ball. I don’t care how you do it but get him the ball.
    7. Play Floyd now! Why spend a #1 pick on him and have him ride the bench.Most NFL teams use their #1 picks but under Whis, except for Levi and PP, we ease them in. Why.
    8. Get rid of Grimm and Miller as they obviously aren’t working. My 9 year old son could call a better gameplan and he doesn’t like football that much yet.
    I will stop complaining but enough is enough. I know that there is talent on this team and it should be playing and getting a chance. How about Byrd getting some reps as well. He has speed to burn which no other receiver on this team has. How about making adjustments like every other nfl team to help on protection for your QB. Is Whis to prideful to admit he is wrong. I think so. I know he has made this team better, but I think Warner and Haley made him look better than he really is. I really think the season is already over with my brain, but the fan in me thinks we have one more chance if we can somehow pull it out against the 49ers. We shall see.

  61. By dan on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    We got beat by press coverage. Skelton didn’t have enough time to hit his guys, timing was off.

  62. By dan on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    At least put Patrick Peterson at WR and scare the heck out of the defense.

  63. By Rob on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    I feel sorry for every defender on this team. What a waste to have played as well as they did and still never have a shot at winning because the offense is a pathetic mess! I hope at some point very soon there is a rift on this team that gets into the media and it blows up on Sir Whiz. The offense is his fault he has a clueless OL coach and idiot OC add to that his own ignorance to start a season with two proven horrible QB’s and you get no chance at winning anything. They are lucky to be 4-3 considering the only game they looked good was the PHI game the rest were luck and luck has run out. Keep being positive Darren it’s as entertaining as the games!!!

  64. By TUCARDS on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    It’s unbelievable to read some of these posts. It is HARD to win in the NFL. Whiz has been a great asset for this team and organization. Graves has also been a great asset to this team. It seems the so called fans who calls out these men are forgetting who it was that put together this defensive personnel of the Cardinals. The offense has struggled this year but they are getting better. The O-Line looked better this game than others. This team is a play away from being undefeated.

  65. By KKfan on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Vince Young is not your answer to the QB position. He was with the Eagles last season, played 4 games (while Vick was out with his rib injuries ) won 1 out of the 4. So expect him to come in here and be a miracle worker is wishful thinking.
    Being out of the viewing area I am unable to watch the game.Unless it becomes an NFL replay game sometime this week I can only go by what fans are saying and Whisenhunts post game press conference.

    It does appear that the Cards had a pretty decent run game with LSH. Where as Powell? Didn’t they give him the ball at all? He had a pretty good game last week running the ball.

    Johns stats don’t look all that bad. The 2 turnovers were costly at the times they were made.From what I read of the game day coverage on the MB the line seemed to have given him decent protection…though still quite eratic at times.

    I can sympathize with the O line woes. The Eagles are having the same issues.Thus difficulty sustaining drives and putting up offensive points mainly due to costly turnovers, dumb penalties. At least the Cards had one very solid game against the Eagles.

    The Eagles have yet to put together a convincing win. We are comming off our bye so hopefully some of the nagging injuries to key players will have healed and we can start playing like the talent we have was intended to perform. Maybe your guys just need that bye week to get healthy and to take their minds off the game and their frustrations of this first half too.

    BTW, if I recall Vick suffered the same injuries as Kolb to his ribs and clavical area last season and again during the preseason this year was only out for 4 weeks. So hopefully thats all Kevin will be out too. Everyone heals differently i understand that Whisenhunt will stick with John if he is playing well, as he should.

  66. By Cert 33 on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Well, by my count, that’s 4 in a row poorly played games. Especially on offense. Kudos to the Defense for keeping us from being totally embarrased. Vince Young? You gotta be kidding. Even Ryan Lindley is a better choice. Who’s next on the rumour mill, Jamarcus Russell? Fogettaboutit! Kudos to Hyphen for a strong performance. We must be very near the top of the NFL in both negative yardage plays and total negative yards on offense. Why is Grimm still here? I think at this point it is time to have a look at Lindley and start thinking about next season. We will be very fortunate to end up with last season’s record.

  67. By Eric G on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Skelton has now thrown an INT in 10 straight games for a total of 17. He should be done in the NFL.

  68. By Hammy on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Like every other Cardinals fan on this blog, I think someone needs to be held accountable for the poor decisions on the coaching staff for allowing this sorry O Line to be put together and think we can compete! Our defense is beast except we cant stop the run. I believe if this team does not make the playoffs, then Coach Whiz and Russ Grimm need to be replaced. STOP TRYING TO BE THE STEELERS! Find your own identity, Im so sick of all this loosing. What is the point of cheering for these guys when we are always one of the jokes of the NFL. I have been a long time fan and have waited very very patiently for us to be consistent winners. Dont see that happening just yet. Mike Miller needs to go too, he sucks. Maybe we should see what we have in Ryan Lindley??? Then again dont know what he’s worth. If we cant be consistent winners, please do Fitz a favor and trade him to the Ravens like we did Boldin because the front office is still the same ol scrubs that cant keep a core team together. Sick of the loosing, maybe its time to find a team worth rooting for? Lets Go PITTSBURGH CARDINALS!

  69. By The Jack on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    I couldn’t agree more that Cards MUST NOT draft an OT next draft… I’d still stick to a QB (considering by the end of this season we will be in a terrific draft position ), bring Bradley in, and get OT from anywhere else, but do not wast a 1st pick… do not do the same **** of negociation when Kolb was brought in – he’s not a bad QB, he’s just not a long term answer.

    Wells and Williams were easily overcome by the Hyphen and Powell, easier than I could ever thought.

    After all this season, bring a QB in, please.

  70. By GW on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    The worst off. play calling i ever seen. Im tired of giving whiz a pass because he took the cards to the superbowl with denny green team and with kurt warner ever since then this team have been going downhill fast with all the all pro players leaving and the qb search since warner departure(leinart,highball anderson,max hall,kolb,skelton,kolb now skelton again)now there’s a rumor about bringing in VY are you kidding me. the cards will always be a joke along with cleveland. Back to whiz this team has a chance to loose 6 straight games 2 years in a row if this happen its time to make a change management JOHN GRUDEN ANYONE.Let’s face it whiz is not a good head coach.A CARDS FAN SINCE 76′ seen it all the rough years and by the way the viking did not play in the metrodome in 1977 clssylssy.

  71. By cardsalltheway on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Jesse Robles,
    “Who ever has anything to do with the Offense should be on the Hot Seat, it is pretty Pathetic. The O has shown Nothing since Kurt Warner left, it is disgusting.”

    Yes, Ken W. can just cut a QB(Our Guy) out of thin air but you don’t expect the Org. to just cut him now do you(He’s Our Coach)? Shhh, I agree with you.

    Chuck 1,
    You forgot the HC.

    I remember last year when Ken W. was asked why Johnny S. seems to be able to do better in the 4th quarter compared to his slow starts and he replied “I don’t know.” I suppose he still doesn’t know aye? A good coach would’ve figured it out by now but Ken W. is just an average coach and that’s pushing it.

    Our OL is the laughing stock of the NFL. How many fans said that we needed to use a top draft pick on our OL last year? It’s a good thing we have our 2nd round 2011 pick and our 1st round pick this year contributing so much aye? And Whoooh, what about all that production from Fitz? It’s all downhill from here. On a postive note: Our OL and/or LSH was able to run the ball and keep our defense off the field which makes a HUGE difference. How long have fans been saying that we need to run the ball? But wait, don’t expect that LSH production or attention to the run game every week.

  72. By Kevin S on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Clssylssy — I have had my disagreements with you about some things, but I agree about the “fans” with respect to the coach. Every time this team loses we have some people who talk about Whiz needing to be fired. Yes, you’re sitting at home on your couch watching the game on TV, and Whiz is our winningest heasd coach since moving to AZ, but you know more than he does. Makes sense.

  73. By D on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Funny how these same fans that said the Cards would make the playoffs when they were 4-0 now are complaining about the weak areas of the team. The Hyphen showed yesterday that he needs an extension. The run defense showed that Dan Williams and the OLB’s need to work harder in that area. Massie is struggling, which any rookie taken in the 4th round as a tackle should be. Housler is showing flashes of being good. W. Gay can’t tackle. The positive of this slide will be a higher draft pick that the front office can’t miss on. (J. Jockel) Question will be will the close relationship between Whiz and Grimm affect any changes this offseason, or will Bidwell step in and asert some authority? The Jets game will be the week this team will be able to get back to 500. as I know they are 4-3, but unless the offense finds some plays, the slide will continue)

  74. By in fitz we trust on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    snap back to reality fellow fan, at least we got to witness history.

    mike miller, seriously… you might as well just tell the opposing defense our game plan on first and second down.

    I’m tired of complaining about the o-line, but its hard to believe that in the NFL world, these 2 tackles are the best we can come up with. There has to be SOMEBODY who can do a better job.

    It’s sad to see opposing defenses stack the box and leave us one dimensional. To add insult to injury, we rarely take advantage of the lack of secondary coverage on those plays.

    the Superbowl run credibility is diminishing very fast, and soon whiz will be the one ultimately at fault. his record as a cardinals coach is now 44-43, if he finishes under .500 and has another loosing record, i wonder if our ownership / management makes a change. ( with our track record, probably not )

    through thick and thin is what i always tell myself, and things are getting pretty thick around here, our should thin be the term used? either way, its not looking good.

  75. By Chuck 1 on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    When will Michael Bidwill wake from his slumber and discharge Rod Graves?

    When it was obvious that the OL was in dire need of upgrade, Graves chose Floyd in the first round. What part has he played in games this season?

    Did Graves sign a quality Free Agent OT this year? NO.

    Should we expect him to be proactive in the draft and FA periods in 2013 by acquiring at least one quality OT? NO

    But, we all know that Michael won’t fire Graves.

  76. By sarah on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Silver lining .

  77. By sarah on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    This is good .

  78. By Chris Lewis on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Darren, do you have any info on Kolb? Please tell me there’s a chance he can come back for the 49ers game. Skelton has potential, but he makes too many mistakes, and they’re dumb mistakes, his picks aren’t great plays by the defense, he throws it right to the defensive player. I believe this is his 3rd year, so it’s time he stopped making those types of bonehead mistakes. The margin for error is too small in the NFL when you only play 16 games. It’s no coincidence that since Skelton took over, we lost 3 in a row. I see our O-line improving, so there’s no excuse why Skelton’s making so many costly errors. I’m not putting it all on Skelton, the whole team needs to step it up, we’re better than 4-3, but the QB is the most important position in football, and I clearly see that we’re not as good without Kolb. Any inside info you have is appreciated. GO CARDS!!!

  79. By Darren Urban on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Chris Lewis —

    RE: Kolb

    I don’t expect him back this week.

  80. By hotValleySun on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Dear Whiz, Lack of talent on the offense besides Fitz and Roberts is embarrassing….you are an offensive mind, how did we end up here?


  81. By Peter in Canada on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Georgie makes some valid points.The timing of the Minny TD’s was not great and they did turn conservative quite early. I still think he is too negative about the D however. Minny turned conservative because the passing game was ultra bad and that is not the Cards fault. Maybe our D had something to do with that. In the previous 6 games only the Rams had a 2 possession lead and that was quite late. The bottom line is always points allowed. In the last 3 weeks our offence should have been able to score more than 3 against the Rams, 16 against the Bills in regulation and 14 against Minny. With that kind of output not many games are winnable.

  82. By SteveG on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply


    I see the boo birds are covering the usual! Personally, I look at the positives (for example, when Whiz says “we need to fix that” frequently those issues get fixed!.

    1. Hyphen…It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight…Young man played way over his size, nothing but admiration.

    2. Rob Housler…Losing less and less with Heap having to sit, developing into that big fast versatile TE that can make a huge difference for years come. (Heap is still too experienced and solid to not start when healthy tho…AND out from a cheap shot? Bad year for injuries).

    3. The D is amazing, second half reduced the Minn Vikes (now ranked an amazing 7th in league by Peter King of SI) to where it honestly seemed like they were not even trying hard…Might have been the most dominant half so far this season. (Need 2 halves of that next Mon.)

    4. There has been one game where we were out of it (and in it during the win streak) all season (Rams)…Tells me we can play with anyone and BEAT anyone (and lose too if details are not covered)…This with not just injuries but injuries that exacerbate the weakness of the team..The O-line, the blocking by the running backs (Beanie mainly) and T-Ends blocking….The D has remained relatively healthy, but the piece that we all know is weak has been riddled with serious injury….Has cost the team badly but I sure am not ready to panic (If you call for the head coach to be are PANICKING!!!)

    LONG season….Looking forward to the next chapter….

  83. By VoiceofReason on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Fascinating quote from Skelton:

    “The plays that were there to be made were being made earlier in the year,” quarterback John Skelton said. “Now we are missing.”

    Or put another way, “earlier in the year, WHEN I WAS NOT THE QUARTERBACK, plays were being made. Now, WHEN I AM THE QUARTERBACK, we are missing.” Says it all, doesn’ it? Thanks, John.

    This season has the smell of 2010 all over again. With Kolb down for an extended period, we have MAJOR quarterback problems. Good organizations address such issues. It is really this simple:

    If a guy on the street has more talent than a guy in your locker room, you get the guy on the street and cut the one in the locker room. Here, Vince Young (who back in 2006 Graves said he’d “pick up at the airport”) is available. He’s won 31 games as a starter, more than all of our quarterbacks combined. Yes, he’s a mental midget. But he wins games.

    Skelton does not win games. He loses them. Get a guy in here that gives the Cards a chance, or they will do nothing more than piss another season away, much like 2010.

  84. By Lixto on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    worst offensive line ever, like wtf man? our qbs only get 4 seconds before the rush gets there? we cant throw the ball to fitz if the qb is getting sack,hit,rushed, ect… why the hell havent we signed williams or scott? replace snyders weak play at guard and replace him with jake scott he still a fa, then sign chris williams and put him either at LT or RT, pick one… just improve that line, by the way it looks we’re gonna have skelton on IR after the 49ers game… enter lindell hell even young.. good luck arizona qb’s i hope you guys have great health insurance because your gonna need being under center… for god sakes there things that can be done…. fix em…. horrible playing calling… on paper we beat the vikings…. stat wise… fix this now before its too late… where a playoff team, were missing an OL to produce at pro level… currently even high school defense can destroy our line… wtf man get it together….. trade for someone, sign someone just show us that your trying and not twinddling you thumbs….. and scratching your head and butt…..

  85. By Jason on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    I find it interesting how surpirsed everyone is. We knew that going into this season, our 2 biggest issues were Offensive Line and Quarterback. Fans were clamouring for O line drafts and changes. We drafted Micheal Floyd, which is great: he’s a talented reciever and will eventually be a huge factor. but we didn’t NEED him. We NEEDED an O line. We didn’t NEED 2 more back up QBs, we NEEDED an O line.
    we have given up 35 sacks. 35. In 7 games. Our QBs are already questionable, at best, and now they have to produce with Defensive linemen in thier face on nearly every play,

    This is not about play calling, folks, it’s about executing. Fitzgerald needs the ball more…a LOT more. He’s one of the best in the league, get him the ball for goodness sake!
    The O line needs to wake up. Move them around, try the practice squad guys. We’re averaging 8 sacks a game over the last 3 games, it couldn’t get a LOT worse! Do SOMETHING about this.

  86. By UK CARD on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    7 & 0 CARDINALS!!!!

    I know every die hard fan believes in there team , but C’mon really!!! WE’VE LOST THE LAST 3 GAMES! We haven’t been beat out by anyone. Each lost I’ve sat there fully expecting for the offense to get clutch, and scrape another one!!

    Housler, and the Hyphen where, the positives, Dam I feel for Whiz!! Its hard not to buy into the talent we have, on the roster!

    Yet I still believe we’ll click next week, and the next! The only game am not looking forward to is the Falcons, our last visit there still haunts me!

    As for next week, the 9ers @ home! WE NEED A W!!! At any cost! In my humble opinion we should mix everything up! Starting with not deferring to the 2nd half! Every team now must expect us to do this, get the 9ers on the heels as soon as they step on the field! Then hit them with every thing in the back off the book! All the fake punts, hand off’s, run arounds, wild cats, and stick it to them hard!

    C’MON OFFENCE WE BELIEVE!!!!!!!! GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!

  87. By Rio on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Attention: All you Johm Skelton haters, Which QB would you rather Have
    Christine Ponder or John Skelton.

    Minnosate love’s Christine Ponder.

    Put that in your hat and smoke it.

    I would take Skelton over him all day long.

  88. By siege911 on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    We need an offensive line. Seriously. Enough said.

  89. By Chuck 1 on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Checking the standings in the NFL, if the season ended today it appears that the Cards would draft about #15. But, as most realistic fans realize,, the Cards will probably end up with a top ten pick based on the remaining schedule.

    If I were a betting man, I would bet that the Cards’ first round pick will be a RB, WR or a defensive player. Remember, “BPA”!!!

  90. By Darren Urban on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Chuck 1 —

    RE: BPA

    I find it funny that you — and others — make fun of the BPA draft scenario when the last time the Cards felt need was more important they took Levi over Adrian Peterson — which of course caused all kinds of fan frustration. Then everyone jumps up and says, “You can’t pass up the best player just to draft need!”

    If the player doesn’t impact right away, it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  91. By Louisville Card on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    I agree Darren, the BPA works. I might have taken Decastro, then Hilton in the third. Decastro is out for the season though, and none of the other OL picks taken after the cards have been doing anything that makes you say that you missed on them. There really hasn’t been any good OL talent for years almost every team in the NFL has the same issue as the cards. That’s why their is so much parody in the league.

    I get being frustrated with the line but if I recall everyone last year was saying we needed a #2 receiver, and they got one.

    If they pick a RB this year #1 I wouldn’t be surprised either. If Lattimore is available when you pick you draft him. The cards need a difference maker at RB and he is obviously a play maker.

  92. By Joshua Shelley on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    If Snyder isn’t going to be out for long I think we need to put Ohrnberger at the other guard position and make Colledge one of our tackles. Massie clearly isn’t ready for the NFL.

  93. By Jason on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    It also amazes me to see people calling for Whiz to be replaced. How dare you people. Look at what is going on: we are playing badly, having issues with our line…and we are still over .500. Yes, probably not for long, but think about it. When’s the last time you remember the Cardinals playing bad and still winning games? ANd when is the last time you remember that we could narrow our problems down to 2 major issues? A long time for this franchise. We need an O line. I beleive we still need a better QB, but if you shore up that O line, that problem will diminish DRAMATICALLY! Give OUR receiving corps 5 or 6 seconds to get open, and even Kolb or Skelton will find them. Heck, keep the QB upright, with OUR Defense, we are a threat to anyone in this league.

    Yes, I beleive Whiz needs to make some changes, but this man put us where we are, with the ability to say “We’re better than this”. Whiz will figure it out.

  94. By Jason on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Are you nuts? Ponder has been amazing this year. He had a tough game against us, we are very good at stopping good QBs, but if the Vikings offered Ponder for Skelton RIGHT NOW, and it was my call to make, Ponder would be in a red white and black uniform.

  95. By VoiceofReason on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    I agree that a team can’t always go pure BPA. Need has to be taken into account at some point. However, need goes out the window when you have a chance to pick a transcendent, once a generation player.

    Patrick Peterson was the best corner prospect since Champ Bailey. Before that, Charles Woodson. Before that, Deion Sanders. We had young corners, but we took him anyway. Good pick. Glad to see Graves not get in his own way on that one.

    DeCastro was the transcendent guard last year. Previous prospect at that level was Steve Hutchinson. I think Floyd will be a very good skill player for us, but the pick should have been DeCastro.

    Not all drafts have players that are at the once-a-generation level. Maybe Lattimore, but I think teams should ALWAYS be wary of taking a running back early. History tells us you can find good RBs later in the draft, especially when running behind a good line (which, inevitably, are full of first round talents).

  96. By thenameishector on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply


    while watching the games this season, i noticed that the offense is more effective being in a hurry up offense… do you think they will start or should start with a hurry up offense until they gain the a lead on the opposing teams and then let the defense make their stops as well as then switch to clock management mode?

    what are your thoughts…?

  97. By Darren Urban on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    thename —

    RE: Hurry-up

    We’ve had this conversation earlier in the year. They aren’t going to do it full-time. I think they don’t want to rush through too much of the game. But starting with it? I think they have to make sure to use that wisely.

  98. By chad on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    People need to relax… Are D-fence was great. We ran the ball good in the BEGINNING of the game that helps the O-Linemen. Hopefully we just keep with that.

  99. By wnycardfan on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    I’ll add the 95th comment (ha ha)…. Lots of talk here, a lot I agree with.
    I’m glad that I am getting used to how they are playing now, otherwise Monday’s would be hell still (a loss and a bad mood). ITs clear to me that with this Oline and either nothing we can do about it or won’t (probably at this time more can’t) we are stuck with what we have. An average 7 sack game on our average QB’s. We could overcome the average of QB’s given some of our talent at WR, but with an almost non-existent run game and no passing protection, we are doomed. On play calling I agree it should be better, harder for opposing teams to pick up etc. But consider this, if you can’t even do the elementary plays correctly (either because of lack of talent or players just not doing it right) then why try something that would require a bit more talent, time ,etc? Its still a coaching issue though.
    Someone stated somewhere that 5 trash cans filled with rocks would be better against the DEF line then our Oline. I’m almost believing them at this point. You watch highlights now and the announcers are quizzing each other on “guess how many sacks they got this game???” That’s horrible.
    Kudo’s to hyphen, nice job
    Kudo’s to Housler, he’s lookng good
    I like Heap, but he’s in to “bust” area now
    Skeleton, I like the guy, but he’s looking more and more like a turn over per game minimum. He’s not out of control on TO’s, but he’s to the point where you expect about 2 per game from him. With our offense you can’t afford that.
    The rest of the year is looking doom and gloom. I love the cards guys, but realistically, given this offense, and what we’ve seen in the last 4 games, I think we are screwed. Unless something happens, we won’t win very many more games. Teams got our number now. DEF is pounding it and doing well, but they can’t win it all for us.
    I’m VERY worried about Monday night. Last time I remember a Monday night game with SF, we got the crap beat out of us on national TV, once again keeping us firmly atop the “irrelevant, crappy” team board in the NFL. We looked horrible. I think our DEF will not shame themselves, but our OFF will make you want to turn the TV off. Sorry

  100. By Chris B on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Wow, almost 91 comments of pure dribble.

    Few things:

    Georgie, stop it. This defense allowed 14 points on Sunday… 14!! That is incredible. 90% of the time, that wins games.

    Unfortunately, our best QB went down and we now have to deal with an average back-up QB in Skelton. I like Skelton and he can win games sometimes. But he is like Seneca Wallace; just a back-up. On his INT, Kolb would most likely take a sack there. That’s the difference. Skelton has just as many turnovers as Kolb in 1/3 of the playing time. We won’t win games like that. And it has nothing to do with the Defense.

    The tackles sucks. But what else is there? Sorry guys, crying about the line won’t automatically free up a all-pro Tackle off someone’s roster. Expect bad line play every week. That way, you won’t be disappointed.

    Anyone who says Whiz should be fired; please, stop. He has had 1 (ONE!!!!) losing season in 5 years. And this is the Arizona Cardinals who have had 9 season of .500 or better since 1970 (not counting Whiz era). Whiz has had 4 in 5 years. Give the man credit for making the most of the players he has had. He has coached and won with these teams:
    07-09: He had a great QB (Warner) but no run game and no defense. Record: 30-22 (including playoffs)
    10: No QB, no run game, no defense. Record: 5-10
    11-12: Slightly below average QB, no run game, good defense. Record: 12-11
    Doesn’t sound very good? Compare it to the Rams in the same time frame. Or Seattle. Or Browns. Or Bills. Chiefs. Denver. Miami. Carolina. Tampa Bay.

    Russ Grimm, well, to be honest the jury is still out on his coaching ability. Doug Franz put it best- he’s gotten a lot of miles out of old jalopies. Most of the OL drafted by the Cards are out of the league. He was able to get some miles out of them while no other coach in the league thought they could. And we all miss Levi Brown now, don’t we? When we draft some tackles high in the draft and there is still no improvement, then we can judge.

    Sometimes, your team loses. But stop with the over-dramatic responses to a bad game. Even Kurt Warner had a few of those.

  101. By Jason on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    To those who think this is all about the QB:
    COME ON GUYS! Our QBs have been sacked 35 TIMES! That’s ridiculous! We don’t even know who the better QB is, because they’re more busy picking themselves up off the ground than managing the game.

  102. By Kevin S on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply


    Come on, dude… Skelton “hands down” over Ponder? Ponder just had by far his worst game of the year and he’s still completing 67% of his passes w/ a QB rating that’s around 20 points better than Skelton’s career rating.


    Actually, IMO, we were in the Rams game as much as (if not more than) this one. Remember, that game was only 10-3 until Givens burned one of our guys (Toler I think) for a long TD several minutes into the 4th quarter. Rams had only 12 first downs all game (same as Vikings, actually). Bradford completed 7 (7!) passes all game. Feely missed a 1st-half 40 yard FG that would’ve kept it closer. We had two scoring drives in the 4th quarter end on the 6 and 13 yard lines. Every one of our losses has been winnable. (Of course, three of our four wins were razor-thin as well, so critics of the team can say we could be 1-6 just as optimists can say we could be 7-0.)


    Yes, the D looked vulnerable on the two TD drives. I would guess that if you evaluated most NFL defenses only on the basis of the drives where they gave up points, you would conclude they are not a good defense… But you are ignoring the 8 other drives that resulted in 6 three-and-outs, 2 drives that ended with an INT before the Vikings managed a first down, and one drive where they managed a single first down before punting. I don’t buy the “they got conservative” crap — they were still trying to throw (why I have no idea) on first down in the 4th quarter. In any case, a defense that, out of 11 drives, allows points on two of them and on the other 9, a single first down, is a good defense. You can continue to make yourself look like a fool by sticking to your story line. They do have a tendency to give up big plays now and then, but anyone with half a brain (including my 10-year-old son) can see that the defense is not the Cardinals’ main problem.

    Let’s see if the Bears give up any TD’s tonight. If so, I assume we can safely call their league-leading defense (in terms of PPG) horrible.

  103. By Chuck 1 on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    By bow3712 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Wow! You’d think we were 1-6 by reading these comments. It was a tough loss but take away the pick6 and missed FG and we win 17-14.
    As my Dad used to say, “ir the dog wouldn’t have stopped to take a XXXX, he’d have caught the rabbit”.

    There are several other fans on this thread (and other threads, after losses) that write “woulda, coulda, shoulda” and “what if”.

    Those kind of comments are for teams that lose.

  104. By Kevin S on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    And whoever above said we are “always one of the jokes of the NFL” — huh? One losing season since 2006. Two division championships, a Super Bowl trip. No doubt the Cardinals (and NFC West in general) haven’t gotten a lot of respect the past few years, and we are definitely not what you would call a successful franchise (like, say, the Patriots), but no one has been saying we’re a joke lately.

  105. By lg on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    john got sacked 7 times yesterday oline please do your job please

  106. By j on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    boo hoo cardinal fans, nonsense to all these rants of firing him, getting that guy, benching that guy, etc etc. The system works, this is just a spell, stay on target and clean up the o-line thats it. Look at it this way, cards beat 40-winers monday night we are back at 1st in division at 5-3, wow!! 3 losses in a row and that is still reality, so stop beating on your team and start supporting them… Go Cards!!! beat SanFran!!!

  107. By Scott H on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    First, glad to hear about Vince Young not being considered. He offers nothing, so…why bother?

    Well, another loss and a theme that is becoming entirely too familiar, which is always close but not able to get close enough. Perhaps THAT is this team’s true identity. Sad, but…true until they prove otherwise.

    Hope can be a dangerous thing. And it’s like any other investment we make in that when we make an investment, we expect that there will be a return. Well,…I’ve invested plenty of hope in these last 3 games and there has been no return on that investment. So, I’m done with investing any more until I get something back.

    And, sadly, it’s probably a good time for that because there are most likely no wins to be had in the next 3 games. San Fran? Atlanta and Green Bay ON THE ROAD??? No. Not playing at the level that seems to have settled in. They can’t match any of these teams playing this way.

    After a 4-0 start, we are looking at the very real possibility of being 4-6 after the next 3 games. Doesn’t sound ( or look ) like a playoff team to me. And with the number of teams that figure to be in the running in the NFC this year, 6 losses might be the MOST you could have to have a shot.

    And, BTW, Adrian Peterson might be wise to consider hooking with an NFC West team so he can play the Cardinals TWICE a year.

  108. By sarah on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    RichNY30 , Ummm everyone has the right to an opinion/say and civility works fine with me. Game difference was A Peterson breakouts plus Skelton’s pick 6, which by now he should have lost forcing it into zone double coverage. Minnesota rushed four without one blitz what does that say about Cards line, the secondary was stacked. See Minnesota’s coaches press conference today where he talks about their defensive line vs Cards below.—1022/e411fe88-cd93-4914-b98a-1fa98a6170ff

  109. By lg on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    to me the defense is great thats whats keeping us in games cause the offense aint doing not a dam thing

  110. By lg on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    and chris willams signed with the rams today but i dont think he could have help us anyway

  111. By SteveG on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    @Kevin S

    Upon reflection I am inclined to agree with you, but that is the one game where it FELT like we were being manhandled..If that makes any sense.

    We indeed could easily swing from 1-6 to 7-0 (hmm, when was the LAST time we were 1-6? what happened after that? 😉

    LONG season and health will cure some of our ills…….GO CARDS!

  112. By Rick on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    So Chris Williams signed with the rams that’s gotta hurt. Who else can we turn to to fix our line ?

  113. By Putmein on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Cards grid stats were definitely good enough to win Sunday, and in fact superior to some teams that easily won their games. ARZ execution floundered at key times (red zone again and again!) and that is what costs the best teams victories. So, my bottom line is this: ARZ, keep doing what you are doing, but fix the dumb stuff, and the victories will find you again.

  114. By cardsalltheway on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Nate Potter should be getting some playing time. Epic FAIL by Ken W. and Russ Grimm. At 6’6′ tall and 300 pounds wouldn’t N. Potter at least throw the other team /defender a curve ball and give some rest to D’Anthonly Batiste not to mention do a thing called “develop” a player? N. Potter probably didn’t play one down yesterday and only recently got in for one play the week before. How can that be when D’Anthony Batiste has allowed 10 sacks, only 2 behind RT Bobby Massie’s 12. How bad can N. Potter be?

  115. By Andy Kw on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Next season will be a lot better with Levi Brown returning. Batiste will most likely be the backup next season. Bobbie Massie has been playing terribly this season and I feel that a veteran should take his place this year. Don’t draft a OL next season unless they are the #1 tackle in the draft, if you get the #2 best then just forget about upgrading the OL. Bobbie Massie needs 1 more season to be one of the elites and I feel that trading is needed right now. How about trading for Cleveland Brown’s tackle Joe Thomas? I say trading any of our picks for that Joe Thomas is worth the deal. How about trading Batiste and a 2nd round pick for him. Maybe just a first round pick? We need 2 tackles and Joe Thomas would be a start.

  116. By cardsalltheway on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    “”it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

    Quibble about how to define a draft strategy but you can’t simply ignore the OL like like our GM an HC have for 5 years and expect anything but the worst OL in the NFL.

  117. By Andy Kw on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Darren,
    Any chance the Cardinals are willing to trade up for T Joe Thomas of the Browns? I see that the Cardinals are desperate for one. Other than Chris Williams, is there any other Tackles the Cardinals are looking at right now?

  118. By Darren Urban on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Andy Kw —

    RE: Joe Thomas

    Why on God’s green earth would the Browns trade Joe Thomas?

  119. By georgiebird on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    I understand ” the sky is falling” but it becomes a little disconcerting when you begin to totally distort what I say- Are you playing to the audience?
    Never said the Cards’ defense was “the worst in the league”. I did say the defense “was fast and improving but not a force”.

  120. By Darren Urban on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Georgie —

    RE: defense comments

    Wait, was I exaggerating?

    I wonder who else does that.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t you said Horton shouldn’t be DC?

  121. By hotValleySun on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    I think Coach Whiz is missing Todd Healy real bad.

    Cards play calling, QBs and receiver development (with exception of Roberts) stagnated since Todd left. Tip my hat to Todd Healy for what he achieved with Cards…

  122. By Darren Urban on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    HotValley –

    RE: Haley

    It doesn’t hurt to have Kurt Warner. I’m not sure Ben Roethlisberger would agree with you.

  123. By georgiebird on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Was Russ Grimm the offensive line coach when the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl?

  124. By Darren Urban on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Georgie –

    RE: Grimm

    Yes he was.

  125. By BIG RED on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Let’s face it fans, like it or not Skelton will be back next year and after that. As for kolb, I don’t think the Cards are that stupid to keep a QB that gets paid millions for half a season every year. So quit your stupidity and get used to it. Ol and OC must be replace I agree with a bunch of you on that. kolb and skelton are not the problem it’s the coaching staff that doesn’t let them play their on style, just let them develope and let them open there wings and let them go. You can tell they play very conservative and afraid to mess up, more than what they already do. On the last drive Skelton look cool, cause he didn’t have to hear the play on the head set. Take away the pressure from this two guys and you’ll see. As for coach Whiz, he will lead us to the play-offs, once we get rid of this two bums (OL and OC) coaches. Whiz , is the man we need to get us back to where we were.

  126. By hotValleySun on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    HotValley –

    RE: Haley

    It doesn’t hurt to have Kurt Warner. I’m not sure Ben Roethlisberger would agree with you.


    Agreed. Warner+Haley+Whiz combination worked well..

    If we had Haley+Whiz, our offense might be a step better may be not as good with Warner in there…I hope Coach Whiz pulls the cards out of this three game slump next week….

    Darren, Any new info on Kolb’s injury coming out today/tomorrow?

  127. By Darren Urban on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    hotValley —

    RE: Kolb

    Nothing I expect.

  128. By Chuck 1 on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply


    Re: BPA

    If the Cards don’t have an improved OL, it doesn’t do a DXXX bit of good to draft a RB or WR…
    The OL won’t be able to open holes for a RB.
    And, WRT drafting a WR, the QB won’t have enough time to get the ball to the WR.
    Regarding drafting a defensive player, defense is not the PRIMARY problem for this team.
    WE NEED OL HELP, not that a rookie OT can help us in 2013, anymore than Massie has helped the RB and QB/WR this season.

  129. By Evan on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    This is a quarterback driven league and we are without a viable quarterback, or an O-line to protect him. So, it’s not surprising what happened in Minnesota…

    But during his tenure, Whiz has brought us one thing: an expectation to win – although his legacy here so far is actually 44 wins and 43 losses. Anyone with a 44-43 record in any undertaking would be considered just mediocre, right?

    So, looking at the schedule, we should expect perhaps two more W’s this season when the Rams and Lions visit us here and perhaps one surprise on the road (Jets?) thrown in for good measure, placing us at a 7-9 record and third place in the NFC West.

    That’ll also put Whiz upside down in wins/losses and make the case for a change at head coach. Cowher? Gruden? Whoever it is, hopefully they’ll do a better job of addressing QB and the O-line because high-powered offenses win games.

    No reason to get upset… We simply aren’t that team, yet.

  130. By BIG RED on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    Gruden, please that clown. The reason he won the SB was he inherited Tony Dungy’s team. What’s he doing now, he knows he can’t pick up a team and take em to the playoffs. Who would retire so young from coaching after winning the Super Bowl. and he knows it, thats why his doing what his doing.

  131. By Chuck 1 on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    At the risk of beating a dead horse, I’ll revisit BPA.
    I’m sure that, when Levi returns next season, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to upgrade the OT positions. Massie will be in his second season and will be a force. So, Graves and Keim will NOT draft or sign FA OTs. The QBs will have plenty of time to find WRx and the RBs will run wild. LMAO

    So, the draft will consist of a RB, WR, DL, CB, SS and FINALLY a TE and QB in the sixth and seventh round.

  132. By Chuck 1 on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    Add: BPA & NEED
    Oh, how could I have forgotten the other NEED that Graves thought that he had solved with his FA signing of Snyder.
    Of course, Graves will probably want to improve the OG position though the draft in 2013, so instead of a CB or SS, I’m sure (?) that he will use the “BPA criterium”
    to, somewhere in the seven picks, to draft an OG. LMAO

  133. By Heff on Oct 24, 2012 | Reply

    The offensive play calling by Miller really seems to be the problem. I have felt it for the last couple years but this year it needs to be addressed. We need to be firing on all cylinders and we are not. as long as he is calling the game as though we have Warner we will not be great. Players have to adapt to dramatic changes why can’t Miller. If he can’t call the right plays at the right time please find someone who can.

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