Packers aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on November 4, 2012 – 6:30 pm

Perfection isn’t an option. Everyone knows that. But that means a couple of mistakes, not many. If Adrian Wilson is going to miss on a red-zone tackle that ultimately cost the Cardinals four points – the difference between a touchdown and a field goal – then Early Doucet can’t drop a couple of passes that should have gone for first downs, and John Skelton can’t force a ball into coverage that ends up being intercepted (and turned into a field goal) and the defense can’t get caught allowing a 72-yard touchdown pass, whether it was Paris Lenon or someone else.

Both sides of the ball had slow starts again Sunday. That wasn’t happening early in the year. The defense was punctured too many times in the first half. That wasn’t happening earlier in the year. The Cardinals lost again. That wasn’t happening earlier in the year.

What that means on the other side of the upcoming bye – a road trip to the currently undefeated Atlanta Falcons is up next – is anyone’s guess.

“It don’t get no easier, that’s for sure,” defensive tackle Darnell Dockett said.

Dockett was talking about the schedule. Hopefully he wasn’t foreshadowing how the Cards will play the rest of the season.

— The “big” story of the game, if you want to call it that, was the insertion of Nate Potter at left tackle. I thought during the game he held up well after coming in to replace D’Anthony Batiste in the second quarter. Potter got a lot of first-team work during practice last week so it wasn’t a surprise to see him. I’m guessing we will see him a lot more, and now he’ll have two weeks to prep for what I would suspect will be his first NFL start.

— No idea what has happened to the defense, especially early in games. They are playing well after some time, but those early hiccups are killing the Cards. Clearly the Cards set up to foil the Packers’ passing game Sunday, so the Packers said “OK, we’ll run.” And they ran for a season-high 176 yards, while Aaron Rodgers still got his four TD passes. If Wilson had just been able to make that first tackle of Randall Cobb on the catch-and-run – it was déjà vu of the Michael Crabtree San Francisco in-close catch-and-run – who knows how that might’ve changed things?

— The drops were not good, especially those of Doucet. According to Mike Sando of fame, Doucet already has six drops this season. “I had a couple of plays that I let get away from me,” Doucet said. “I need to do my job.” The question will be how many chances he’ll get to do that. Given Whiz’s post-game comments, this could easily be the point where Michael Floyd gets more playing time going forward. Floyd did have his best overall game, with five catches for 80 yards.

As for Doucet, Whiz shook his head when asked about what was wrong with Early, although he certainly wasn’t going to scapegoat his receiver. “I do not know. I do not know,” Whisenhunt said. “It’s not just him. We missed tackles. We missed a tackle on the first touchdown. There was a busted play on the 72 yard touchdown pass. That’s the point of what I am saying.”

— So much for the sack fest everyone – including me – was expecting. One sack for the Cards, two for the Packers.

— Whisenhunt was asked, again, about the possibility of rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley playing.

“I don’t know if the way that John (Skelton) played today would warrant that,” Whisenhunt said. “We feel like we’re going to go forward looking for the guys that can help us win. If that comes up in that situation, then we will certainly consider it.”

Personally, I didn’t think it was the quarterback play that got the Cards. There may be a point where the record dictates the Cards should try the rookie behind center. I don’t believe this is that time. Not yet.

— The Cards will have a couple of practices this week. There are multiple days off, something I believe is mandated by the CBA. I don’t know if this team needs a break – “After a loss, the one thing you want to do is get back on the field and play,” Lenon said – but I can’t say that I don’t welcome the mental respite.

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  1. By Brandon on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply


    Did Whiz ever say why he replaced Batiste. I saw the earlier article on Nate Potter and saw that Batiste was on the injury report. Did he just want to give Potter playing time or was Batiste hurt or inefffective?


  2. By Darren Urban on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Brandon —

    RE: Batiste/Potter

    As I said in the above post, they were working Potter a lot with the first team all week. I don’t think it had anything to do with the Batiste injury issue.

  3. By Eric on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    What the Cards need is Kevin Kolb to get healthy in a hurry.

  4. By The everlasting Kolbstopper on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply


    I agree 100% about Kolb getting healthy. This was probably one of Skeltons top 3 games as a cardinal and he still threw a pick (making it 12 consecutive games with at least 1) he is a turnover machine. We can’t win while turning the ball over. Kolb needs to be the clear leader of this offense.

  5. By Cda card fan on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    I say shots of tequila for every missed tackle or “missed opportunity ” or bad throw or play that should have been made. In the end at least ill be wasted lol…. It’s hard to be a card fan. Im still here but sometimes I wonder why. Planning on driving 1200 miles for cards vs bears. I think I’m insane

  6. By Steve on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Darren: I thought Potter played a solid game and you stated that in your article. I know its hard for you to speculate but do you think Potter has the potential to be our LT of the future based on what you’ve heard from the coaches?

  7. By Darren Urban on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Potter

    I think it’s very very early to say that. Potential? Sure. That’s why you draft them.

  8. By Jordan on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Time for Floyd to move up the depth chart above Early.

  9. By john the draft guy on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    First, I have to say there were several things that was encouraging today.

    I thought Nate Potter had a great game. He got beat once by Mathews, but that would be expected. But I have been saying he is the wildcard in what the cards plans next year could be.

    If Potter can secure the LT spot (and if today is any indication, I think he can grow into that role by next year), it would be huge.
    With Levi Brown returning, Massie could move inside to guard. Now, Colledge is really the only one needing to be replaced.

    Your draft changes and you can trade down and land your QB and maybe a guard/center like Barrett Jones with the first 2 picks.

    Housler had some drops, but you can see how he can be a weapon. I think we should see Fitz, Floyd on the outside and Roberts in the slot. Roberts is better than he is getting credit for. If Floyd can play like he did today, Roberts will have lots of opportunities to beat safeties or nickle backs. (see Steve Breaston stats)

    Of course, that all depends on the QB. I thought Skelton did well today. But You will hear me yelling for Landry Jones in the draft. Aaron Murray is catching my eye and Tyler Bray is in the conversation.

    The Bad-
    Doucet is on his way out. Those drops killed us. That missed tackle by ADub was horrible. I cant even figure out what he was doing on that play. It was almost like he didnt want to tackle him.

    Peterson tackled better, but if he is on the best wr, why wasn’t he on Cobb after Nelson went down. Please dont tell me they deemed Jones better. His punt returns are just a disaster.

    The rush defense struggled (GBs best rushing day in 3 years)

    Acho has really disappeared this year. I talked him up saying he would have double digit sacks and he still could, but not much of an impact.

    The play Fleming got beat for the TD, he has to make a play. That is the 2nd time I can remember he was there to make a play and didnt.

  10. By philly cards on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Anyone who has not fully established him self by his third year will never be dependable. We have several players in that category roberts doucet skelton. Its no surprise we are losing.

    When it counts the last two years we are 5-11 in the first half of the year. The previous season we were 5-11. In between we had 8 meaningless games. That’s 10-22 in games that count since todd haley departed.

    We are wasting adrian and larry two special players even a new coach cannot replace.

    Dennis green tobin and dave mac all had spell like this that got them fired.

  11. By DanishCard on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    I think Roberts i a pretty good player…

  12. By Hammy on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. By Patrick Eagan on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    i agree with eric.

  14. By Cda cards fan on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    New drinking game. Shots for missed tackles or “missed opportunities or for the plays that we’re there and didn’t capitalize on”. I’d be wasted. You know these guys are no less talented (besides QB) than any other team. I just don’t get it. I thought we could at least rely on our defense but that seems to be lacking as well. Is anyone else tired of the excuses?

  15. By Cda cards fan on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Wonder if passing on manning was such a good idea.

  16. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Two precious words for the Cardinals Organization: Sean Peyton !!!!

  17. By mike hadzinski on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply


    you need a good article 4 the Bye week thinking
    Living the nightmares of 2002 Were we Started 4-2 then lost what 10 straight

  18. By rufus on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    I thought the Cards played reasonably well but lost to a better team. The creativity in play calling was evident in the Packers offense much more so than the Cardinals (having Rodgers as QB certainly helps.) There were a lot of drops and the defense has not been clutch lately. If there is another loss against Atlanta, it is seriously time to give up on any realistic chance to make the playoffs. I wonder how much of the coaching staff will be back next year.

  19. By Credit Card on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Nate Potter has potential. He has quicker feet than Levi Brown and Batise. Clearly the Cards need to develope this young player.

    As for the Cards as a whole — they looked lethargic. I get the impression, they are playing more not to lose than they are playing to win. This is a natural approach when you’re on a 4-game losing streak. Skelton played Ok, the offensive line played better, — and was not pushed back every play. Our OL guards are still rotten. Roberts is a good receiver. Running back position is a concern. Defensive line — was un-impressive. Linebackers were quiet for most of the game. Again, the team just looked lethargic. They just looked slow, tired, more reaction after the fact than before. Week off will do them good.

  20. By cfrederi on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    One thing that I find scary is how our defense has gotten progressively worse as the games have gone on. Having said that I don’t blame them. I liken it too a baseball team that has really good hitters and bad pitching. No matter how good those hitters are if they are always having to try and slug their way back into games eventually it wears on you. The cardinals have a good defense, but it doesn’t matter how good they are if they have to always play with the pressure of having to make a game changing play because the offense isn’t moving the ball. The offensive struggles have worn on the defense.

    Darren, What did you think about Feely today. I thought his leg looked really weak on kickoffs. A couple were really low and barley made the goal line. Is this something that was designed or is this a change we can expect post bye?

  21. By Darren Urban on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    cfredri —

    RE: Feely KO

    I don’t expect any changes. I think Feely’s KOs are way down on the priority list right now.

  22. By Peter in Canada on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    @Eric I agree but this is the third season in a row where Kolb has missed a large number of games. The big problem is the offensive line. It was good to see Potter get into the game. We need to see if he is an answer going forward because Batiste certainly is not and we sure need quality linemen.

  23. By clssylssy on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    The offense looked so much better today but the defense seemed to have missed the bus. Kevin Kolb couldn’t have done any better but perhaps some feel he could play defense now and save the day…lol! I still think we have it in us and after all, this was the GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!…an extremely class outfit. A loss to Green Bay is still a loss but we played a decent game and today I do not feel embarassed. And to the morons who are wanting Whiz fired, today was on Horton and the defense if you are going to get into playing the blame game. Better to suck it up and keep the faith! Count the other teams that lost today…Redskins, Titans, GIANTS, Phins….

  24. By Bill on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply


    I want to preface my comment by saying that I have ABSOLUTELY NOT given up on this season yet, by any means. That being said:

    With the play of Skelton/Kolb, how do the Cardinals feel about their QB situation, either in public or behind the scenes? Are they at a point where they know they will be going into the off season looking to the draft (most likely) or free agency to address their QB play, or do they still have confidence one of these guys can do the job?

    I know there are a ton of other holes to fill, and our offensive line (fairly mediocre at beast, BEFORE the injuries…) is not exactly conducive to good quarterback play, but everyone has a line where they say to themselves “enough is enough” and look for other options…

  25. By Credit Card on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Packers 1st TD should have been called back, with offensive interference. nevertheless, the Packers still controlled the game.

    Would be nice if the Cards would implement a hard count every so often. Cards should also consider a hurry-up / no hundle every so often, allowing the fullback to carry the ball, a rolling pocket, allowing the QB to scamble …. mix it up a pinch. As we speak, the Cards are very easy to defend — very predictable.

  26. By Donttakelosses on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    This game was winnable.

  27. By alexmannsportskings on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    If Potter exceeds expectations… Do you see him starting over Brown next year?

  28. By Darren Urban on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Alexmann —

    RE: Potter/Brown

    One step at a time. Potter hasn’t even played a full game yet.

  29. By jason marcus on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Please trade douchet after this season or now or whatever , oline play was better, we need Beanie back, and if Skelton plays any worse against the falcons ,start Lindley, oh who cares any more we are biting it hard for the 5th week a row

  30. By canadian redbird on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Darren, I think one area that Skelton needs to mature in is his ability to read the situation when he’s in the pocket and be able to look for the 2nd and 3rd reciever option if the primary target is covered. Where he looks first is where the pass goes regardless of whether the receiver is open or not.

    I know that Horton loves the 3 – 4 defence, but how many of the top defences in the league use this system as opposed to a 4 – 3 or a combination of the two. Docket and Campbell’s strength as pass rushers seems to get lost in the current system especially with our outside linebackers.

    Another game where Fitz shows his heart on every single play. Potter had an exceptional debut. Give me your thoughts.

  31. By CardsFan on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Wisenhunt sounds like a broken record. “We need to correct our mistakes, we need to make plays…” He is an average coach he has a .500 record. We need a coach with a winning record. How come other coaches can get their teams to play consistently. How does the 49er coach in two years get his team to play consistently with their defense and offense, and every year it is a struggle with Wise-n-up…Where is the accountability for the coaches to have the players ready mentally and physically? I am planning to down grade on my season tickets, because the Cardinals are not worth the 2G investment I pay each year. I am planning to down grade to the 400.00, like that it does not hurt my wallet as much as it hurts to see them losing.

  32. By vivek on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Another disappointing show. The losses are not even close now and excuses are becoming old. Butterfingers Doucet clearly needs to be yanked but continues to get lives…AW looked lackadaisical and amateurish on that Cobb touchdown play. Any chance Kolb plays after the bye?

  33. By Sackman on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    The very first thing I would like to say is that I thought Skelton was right on target today. If it wasn’t for all of those dropped balls I believe we would of scored at least 2 more times. The defense let us down today and I am still wondering when our speciality teams is going to show up. The punter was off too. We are still not clicking on all cylinders yet. Believe it or not, but I noticed that our OL was starting to get better since our last game. The SanFran game they blocked a little better than the previous games, they just couldn’t block for the run. We were too predictable and everytime we had the FB in there they new we were going to run. Skelton was off on his passes that game, the OL did protect him until the 4th quarter, when we were down by a ton is when they got to him. Good job to the OL and Skelton today. The OL gave him time, and he looked very good and he did what he was suppose to do. Today I believe that there should be no complaints on the OL and the QB. The complaints should be on the rest of the team!!!
    As they say in New Orleans “Just Do your Job”

  34. By BIG RED on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Com’on Eric how many beers have you had. kolb you must be joking!!!! You really want that broken toy.

  35. By Kevin S on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    clssylssy —

    I wouldn’t say the offense looked “so much better.” I mean, 17 points… only 7 of those in the first half and that’s because Gay gave them a turnover in Packer territory. Our first 7 (!) drives that we started in our own territory, we never advanced the ball beyond the GB 46 — and that was on a drive that started on our own 34 (after Crosby’s missed FG), so we only gained 20 yards there. So basically without the turnover we’re looking at zero points until midway through the 3rd quarter. Just about any offense should put up 17 points when the opponent has a big lead and is more or less in prevent mode. And our complete inability to run the football when it counts is a killer, e.g., 3rd and 1 on the 2, LSH stuffed. This offense still has a long way to go. Nice that Skelton passed for 306 yards but that’s kinda inevitable when you throw 46 times and are trying to come back from down 17.

    Kolbstopper and others —

    I agree it would be good to have Kolb back, but Skelton was decent in this game. Give him about 5 of the drops and he’s at 60% which is pretty good when the opponent knows you have to throw ‘cuz you’re behind and your running game sucks anyway. And most QB’s will probably have one INT if you make them throw 46 times, in a game where they are trying to make something happen because we’re down.

  36. By philly cards on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    We have never recovered from 4-5 starts in the past and none of those included 5 losses in a row.

    Heap is a total waste of time. He’s getting top dollar to watch tv.

    Doucet in as consistent as a broken clock roberts same deal I bet they are best buds

    Gotta get paris out of there.sorry.bradley is gettin nice coin he’s been here long enough.that’s acoaching issue with him.

    Skelton plays like his draft scouting accurate needs lots of work. He’s got the work now what he’s still inaccurate.

    I love LSH but he isn’t a everydown every week back. Waste of time there.

    We have talent and depth issues. A lack of progress from whole draft classes except 1 or 2. And even they aren’t where they should be

    Two weeks won’t change anything unless bidwill does it.

    Az cardinals since 1994

  37. By BIG RED on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    I’m with you on this one Clssylssy! Your right!

  38. By bluepitt on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    REALLY? WOW!!!! All I can remember is skelton throwing short, over and under! If you are going by yards then I supose ….well still no!!! The O had plenty of drives stall, the D gave them chances once again but NO GO!! Kolb is 1000% more acurate and can extend plays with his feet!…the D did suck but the chances were there today!
    Darren please let the D coaches know that every other Team’s D hits at or below the waist and trys to wrap up wen making a tackle.. But All I see the Cards D doing is trying to hit with the sholder and trying to grab the runner high atop the pads while running with him?! EVERY TIME!!!!! never taking out the runners waist or legs just trying to grab him!!! WHAT GIVES? PP made a couple real tackles but that was it! we started counting the above the waist GRABS and SHOLDER HITS they were just making us SICK!!! BTW it was 30 to 2 when we stoped counting!!!!! the 2 were from PP!! JUST UN EXCUSEABLE FROM A NFL TEAM!!!!! (our D line did wrap up for the most part but the rest just sickining!

  39. By BIG RED on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Bill, I don’t know if enough is enough, just look at the girls from dallas still hanging with Romo

  40. By Jerry on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    I can’t believe people are relying on Kolb. The last 3 games he played was as sloppy as Skeletons games. You can tell by today’s game that with online adjustments the qbs can make plays. If there wasn’t on target dropped balls this game we could have came out with a big W. No matter how bad the defense played. After bye week we should have all our key players back like Todd Heap. So I think we will have a good chance with the Falcons. Now I’m not saying Skelton is better than Kolb or visversa. I think as long as there is online protection both qbs

  41. By Mr Robles on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    How’s Scho’s injury? Is he ok

  42. By Darren Urban on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Mr. Robles —

    RE: Schofield

  43. By Robert F on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Paris Lenon was hurt all preseason. Stewart Bradley played all preseason with the starters, against starters, and kicked ass. SB was the most effective LB we had for those 5 games. opener comes PL starts, SB plays a little on special teams. PL is a sure tackler, but most of his tackles are catching runners from behind. Today, as every game PL was burned 6-7 times because he isnt fast enough. Loved watching SB beat the gunners to the ball to make plays on two punts of nearly 60 yards. Time for Whiz to overrule his DC. Also Quentin Groves should replace Obrien Schofield until OS gets some pop warner training on how to wrap up on a tackle. Schofield, Acho, Washington & even Adrian Wilson all fly around the field like maniacs to make big hits, but seem to have no clue on how to tackle.

  44. By Robert F on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    So glad to see Michael Floyd lighting it up again. Whats that now? 9 games 58 receptions & 7 TDs. More importantly he has taken the double team off Fitz who leads the NFL in receptions, yards & TDs. Wow those stupid people who wanted to use our money to get a really good left tackle in free agency and use our first two draft picks on offensive linemen. They sure look silly because everyone knows you can have a great OL by using journeymen,has beens, never wases & undrafted free agents. Fire Graves today.

  45. By sarah on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    I seriously question some of the play calling today, that play to Howling at the 2 was ridiculous as was the screen that was telegraphed for a loss in the 4th. LSH is not a power back that will move it, he is a CFL back ( undersized ). Mike Miller has to go, some of the play calls just made no sense. WE NEED A RUNNING BACK please that has some size. Great LSH can be hard to catch in the open or turning a corner, as a power back what the hell !! Dropped passes at critical times and a back breaking run by Crabtree who is uber slow ( where were the DB’s ? the game was turning and the offence clicking and boom the secondary gives up a slow tight end 78 yard run on a 15 yard pass. That was the dagger. The metaphor was Peterson’s thru the legs ball at the end, the Cardinals never fail to miss an opportunity to fail !!

    I did not see the first half but the QB numbers were not good, if Skelton cannot move it at the start then he has made no progress yoy. There was great momentum in the second half and when Fitz scored they were moving the ball in the air at will, then pow 83’s TD. That LSH screen was impotent and daft. We need more depth at receiver and stupid penalties at critical times ( the centers personal foul of piling on ).

    The defense gave up 31 points and GB’s running game was strong. I hated seeing Aaron Rogers grinning late in the 3rd and 4th and that 78 yard run. We were moving it and had momentum, thought we would come back as things were clicking in the second half. Just more frustration based on ineptness and ill timed plays to RSH, dropped passes are not acceptable. Line was better and Skelton had time. I think he should not be the scapegoat but if Lindley can move the ball early he should be given a shot.

  46. By Eazy E on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    I really like Whiz, but he needs to look in the mirror also at who he has acquired at QB and on the O-Line. Both situations have been so bad this year that we have a 7th round pick playing more. Now, my brother did say he was a 1st round pick before the college football season last year and I don’t know wth happened after that maybe injuries, disappointing play, etc. But, I need to see him not only in a full game, but against abraham who is next after the bye and peppers, aldon, chris clemons, vanden bosch, guys like that before we ”anoint” him. QB play has also been poor, big part because our O-Line is atrocious and the rest because we don’t have ”The Guy” at QB and it is just that damn simple really. Skelton is my guy, but I don’t think he is the aforementioned guy. Our D is playing so well, but when your offense stinks, green bay or any decent offense are going to bust one out.

  47. By Eazy E on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Our OTs are awful that is why Potter playing now.

  48. By Rowan on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    What I took away from the game…
    Skelton again stays poised in the collapsing pocket waiting for the play to develop until the last moment to throw. He stands strong in there. Sometimes he looks very confused though on what the defense is doing. His accuracy looked better but all those drops were ridiculous. I think he is progressing, just slowly. My biggest question is why is Powell not touching the ball in the backfield? I know he fumbled but he ran well when he was given the opportunity. I hate watching hyphen run between the tackles. I love seeing his screen plays and anything to the flat but he just gets pushed back in the middle. Floyd had a beautiful catch at the end of the game and he has already shown us the ability to make very hard Fitz like catches. I would love to see more of fitz on one side him on the other and roberts in the slot. Roberts has been great this year, anyone saying otherwise is not watching. It is very clear that our defense gets tired. I like lennon but would like to see Bradly play more. I thought they played well today, they were delt a bad hand but we still had a chance later in the game. Mostly I want to see Powell until Beanie gets back. I do see a lot of development though and it is still much easier to be a cards fan now then it was at any other point in my lifetime.

  49. By jason marcus on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Darren, whats the earliest you see Kolb coming back?

  50. By Darren Urban on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Jason —

    RE: Kolb

    No idea. He’s not doing much right now.

  51. By jason marcus on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Potter is gonna make a difference that dudes a monster he’s a rook staring down clay gaythews in his first game and he handled it well even though goldie was coming at him in pure beast mode, sorry about my spelling everyone.

  52. By JohnfromOz on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    4 and 4 …..the perfect 50%!!!!!
    Poor attitude, poor coaching and acceptance of mediocrity yet again.
    This team will only be taken seriously when they have made serious changes, starting with the coaching staff.

  53. By truths4all on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    As I have advocated all along on this site, the Cards finally gave Potter a chance to play, especially since he was a proven and successful pass blocker in college. He did a lot correctly today at Left Tackle, especially when compared to Baptiste or even Brown.

    Now is the time stop being silly with Kelemete. The Cards need to stop trying to convert him into a huge heavy guard, and instead let him try the Right Tackle spot. Remember, he did very well in college at Washington being their top tackle. If that does not work out, then resume the guard experiment. What does the Cards have to lose when trying to find an adequate solution at right tackle?

    As for Massie, he was drafted about 3 rounds too early regardless of his personal fantasy that he should have been a first rounder. He does not think and is not a real team football player as shown on the short yardage toss play to the right side from Skelton to the Hypen. Only this play was sabotaged by Massie who blocked and pushed his man right into the Hypen’s legs. Massie was supposed to engage and keep blocking his man to allow the Hypen room to run the rwo yards they needed for a first down. Of course this was another mindless breakdown that Whiz keeps lamenting on.

    And after watching the Dallas game, it was with envy to see that the Cowboys’ right tackle kept up with his pass blocking and engaging his man until the play was over in order to give Romo time AND ROOM to move around the pocket to find receivers to throw to. We never see that from Massie nor any of his predecessors. I wonder if this is a Grimm teaching or just lazy lack of technique by Massie?

  54. By T.Stone on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    I have always tried to stay positive about our coach. As a long time Cards fan Whiz is the only one to get us a chance to be Super bowl Champs. For that I will give him props.
    With all due respect to you Darren, sometimes I think you write what you hear. Do you watch the games next to the Radio Guys P and W?
    The BIG STORY of the game was not the insertion of Potter at left tackle. It was the bad leadership of the coach. A 4th and 1 on the 2, down by 10, on the road you kick a field goal? Not if your on a 4 game losing streak. That doesn’t show confidence in your defense; it shows lack of confidence in your offense. Doesn’t inspire the O and puts even more pressure on the D than u would have if you wouldn’t have scored on 4th down and you’re still down by 10.
    A good leader and coach would do what basketball teams always do. When on the road you go for the win, at home you play for the tie. Especially knowing what everyone already knew, and the players know. The Packers are a better team than the Cardinals. We know it, the players knew it, but somehow Whiz doesn’t want to coach it that way.
    Who won that Steeler game after they tried a fake FG in the Red Zone down by 3 on the road and failed? Trust the offense and have faith in the D. Don’t kill both of their spirits by being a weak leader. Good coaches don’t let their teams go on 5 and 6 game losing streaks with the talent the Cardinals have.

  55. By Rich on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Some guy on AZ actually wrote an article praising Skelton as a ray of hope. Wow! things are really bad.

  56. By Rich on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Based on the comments here about Potter…..maybe we should vote for him for President tomorrow!

  57. By Rich on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Wiz has created a situation where the local football community resents Kolb. Now he is stuck with that. Kolb is a VERY GOOD QB. If his local reputation wasn’t tarnished by the head coach’s antics, the fans would feel like the light at the end of the tunnel was their starting qb’s return.

  58. By clssylssy on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    To all the Bashers and Nay Sayers:
    Of note was Aaron Rogers play today, he also threw and INT, had less yards than Skelton and approximately the same per centage of completions (around 50%). And……..HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS…they have the same record as us, supposedly a better QB, all the money in the world, they are the media darlings…but, big difference, they have REAL fans rather than a bunch of fair weather bandwagons. The NFL is suffering league-wide from chronic apathy. There have been more serious injuries this year and teams turned upside down due to injury than any year I can remember? Today was full of mistakes but we had bursts of talent. Watching college ball on Saturday, I am looking at the honey pot of talent in the BCS, thinking we are going to need to find replacements for a number positions and the Cards must feel that better to wait and get a fresh group with some high draft picks than try to patchwork a team who COULD still get it done with the return of some of our injured players. Keeping the faith and remembering that we are a TEAM through good and bad. Hope during the bye they can do some “team building” activities that will get everybody back on the same page mentally. WE CAN DO IT…GO CARDS!

  59. By The Jack on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply


    Is WR Byrd out for the season?

    I’d really like to see him play!

  60. By Darren Urban on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    The Jack —

    RE: Byrd

    Byrd is healthy.

  61. By kardnullfan on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply


    With all the chatter about the current slide and O issues, the bye week would be a great time to go bigger picture–roster construction and development.

    On defense, we have the lightest front seven in the league and the third oldest roster (O and D together) in the league (as of the start of year). SF is stout, SEA is young and big, STL is going big on D. Can we win as a small, finesse D over time? Especially getting older?

    On offense, we have an injury prone QB, two injury prone RBs, and an O line that speaks for itself.

    This team is far better coached, but far less talented, than the roster that Dennis Green left behind, and you can’t coach up the structural flaws built in to this team.

    Time to blow this thing up and do the proper rebuilding job that ownership has never been willing to pursue. Is Whiz the guy to do it? Maybe as a coach, but Whiz and Graves have spent money and have proven they don’t have the skills to develop a good roster, so we need a GM with roster and coach control. If Whiz doesn’t like it, thank him and send him on his way. His best years were coaching up Dennis Green’s talent, but you have to coach and develop talent if you want to win consistently.

  62. By john the draft guy on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply


    Good question by alexmannsportskings.

    The first part of the question was, “If Potter exceeds expectations”
    So, over the next 7 games, Potter plays well, (which an offseason will make him even better), Where does that leave Brown?

    Will Brown, as I suggest, move to RT or do you see them releasing him ?

    I think the answer is, Whiz and company has no idea the answer to this. They are entrenched in game film trying to turn this season around. What happens next year, won’t be looked at till after the season. I would imagine their only thoughts are who starts against the Falcons.

    The speculation is left to us. So go out on a limb Darren. Does Brown go to the right side or will he be released if Potter manages to secure that LT spot over the next 7 games?

  63. By Darren Urban on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    John the draft guy —

    RE: Levi

    Well, here’s the thing: There’s no reason to go out on a limb. I have to write about this team daily, including the offseason. That’s the kind of question I can answer a bunch of times over in January and February when things get sorted out. Heck, I’m willing to have that discussion in December — if Potter plays well. To me, it seems foolish to wonder, after Potter played three quarters, about how he’s the answer at LT. And yes, I know “if Potter exceeds expectations” but what does that mean? Maybe expectations are low. Are you OK with an average LT? As soon as he gives up a key sack or two, everyone will be screaming to draft an LT high anyway.

  64. By Rio on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Adrian Wilson was out the first few wins we had and Kerry Rhodes was playing Safety.

    Since Wilson came back we have not won a game.

    Does that tell anyone anything about what is going on.

    Less put his number on the Wall and talked him in to retiring.

    Coach Wiz you have been playing the wrong players to long, you are so afraid in life, i hope i am never in a Fox hole with you.

  65. By Darren Urban on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Rio —

    RE: Wilson

    You are painfully wrong. Wilson missed one game, against Philly. That’s it.

  66. By Cert 33 on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    By my count, this makes six poorly played games in a row. 2012 started out looking like a possble playoff season but once the other NFL teams got our number, the only playoff this team is headed for is the top 5 draft pick derby. Put Ray Horton in charge

  67. By johnnybluenose on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    i have been critical of whiz for two years now. nice to see that the number who think likewise is growing. he has one more year on his contract and then he is outa here.

  68. By georgiebird on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Your comments in “Packers Aftermath” seem to show that you are finally seeing the light as far as the Cardinals go- the defense bears a good deal of blame in this folderoo and that includes the very overrated Ray Horton.
    Now I see where John Skelton is getting bashed by the posters who seem to change their position week after week. Since JS returned from injury, he has:
    1) faced Vikes @ MINN; 49ers: and the Pack @ GB (3 of the toughest games on the schedule)
    2) had our vaunted defense fold in the 1st half of these games forcing JS to play from behind
    3) seen our receivers be very inconsistent
    4) not been helped by our receivers and RBs having little or no explosive capabilities to turn an average play into a big gainer- as Mike Wallace did yesterday and as Roy Green did in years gone by.

    Last year all I heard was “the defense played better in the 2nd half, that’s why JS won”. This year no one is saying, ‘the defense has been awful, especially in the 1st half, it’s putting JS in a tough situation.
    What we need here is a little more objectivity and consistency from the posters.
    The bottom line on the Cardinals is that Warner gave WHiz a false sense that things would come easy. Whiz has found out is that it would have been better if there was no Warner. Whiz was blase about losing Haley and was a know-it-all in hiring the novice Ray Horton.
    It’s time to blow things up.

  69. By The everlasting Kolbstopper on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply


    You can blame the D all you want but the offense is scoring no points under Skelton. Even if the D gives up 14 points Skelton is incapable of leading 2 touchdown drives in a game unless this “horrible” D you speak of gets him the ball with a short field. Lets face it, you fans that love Skelton have no concept of what a good QB is in this game. Earlier in the season we had Red Card i believe it was tallying imaginary turnovers that Kolb had (I think he was at 8 or 9 imaginary turnovers) well Skelton has 5 picks and a fumble lost to 2 touchdowns! Why is Skeltons 2 TD’s and 5 INT’s so superior to Kolbs 8 TD’s and 3 ints ( to be fair Kolb also has 1 lost fumble). So in the same amount of games Skelton has thrown 2 TD’s turned the ball over 6 times and Kolb has thrown 8 TD’s and turne the ball over 4 times. Not sure what you fans are looking at here…

  70. By Mastin on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    If AZ loses to ATL in 2 weeks,then that game against the STL Rams becomes thier Super Bowl.Think about that…How awful is that?That is the predicament that this team is in.Let me remind you…THAT was the team that started AZ down this journey into the bowels of loserdom..(Remember) 8 sacks!!…Kolb with the blood in his mouth, while doing his best impression of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz!…Ryan Williams KO’d like the Debo from FRIDAY.Not counting the rushes and hits, So don’t get too excited at that aspect.The way AZ has been playing, that game is no guaranteed win.Either way,if they LOSE that one…they’ll be well on their way to 4-12.And that, REGARDLESS of injuries should prompt a cleaning of house.

  71. By Lynn on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    I’ll date myself by saying I’ve been a Cardinal fan since they were the Chicago Cardinals. My question is, How many years has it been that receiver coaches have been teaching receivers to catch the ball with the thumbs together? I’m not talking about the ball coming straight at you, it’s obvious that when that’s the case the thumbs are together,. My feelings are when the receiver is going away from the throw, on a square out or a post for example, the little fingers should be together to receive and cradle the ball. We’re not the only team that has changed coaching techniques, but it just doesn’t seem to be working.

  72. By Darren Urban on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Lynn —

    RE: Catching technique

    I will be honest, I have no idea. I’m not even sure if that is something covered very often on this level.

  73. By erik on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Please stop with the “If only we had Kolb” talk. I know we all like to get drunk on game day but seriously, what do you guys see?! Some people say he makes plays with his feet. Are you on crack!!? Running right and then throwing it away is not how you “make plays” with your feet.

    Kolb is not a starter, Skelton is not a starter. Obiously we will have to wait for the offseason to fix that position.

    So please, stop acting like if Kolb comes back we will go undefeated the rest of the way.

  74. By rodgerscromartie17 on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Whiz has proved he can coach talent and take this team to the playoffs(but only with good talent). like other fans have mentioned, the only time he has been able to coach talent is when the team still had all of dennis greens players that HE brought in, since whiz has been here the only good drafting i have seen was drafting DRC, Campbell and Peterson, but Peterson was an obvious move. As a fan you wonder how in the world a team can go THAT long without addressing obvious issues. I have seen so many proven QB’s up for grabs that this team didnt even consider, and that why they are so garbage. Its funny because you can sit here week after week and predict whats going to happen while so many other people are saying different, i knew how bad this team was going to be the last 3 years just by seeing what they DIDNT do in the off seasons. Not only was letting Boldin go a terrible thing to do, but to let Breaston go the fallowing season was absolutely outrageous, that was the best bunch of pass catchers on a single team I have ever seen, and they could have kept at least 2 of them, as far as letting Rolle go, omg that was so stupid, especially letting dansby walk at the same time, oh and like i always bring up, how about that rodgers-cromartie trade hahahahaha? hey arizona how has that been working out by the way? I bet they wish they had that 2nd round pick when it was draft time. in 3 seasons since warner this team has ONLY been able to not find a QB while dismissing all of its superbowl talent, the crackhead in front of the liquor store could have told you trading for kolb was a terrible idea, not to mention the cardinals gave philly thier balls and manhood by letting them bully for cromartie and a 2nd pick for kevin slob.

  75. By hotValleySun on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Look at What Tenesse is after Fisher, Jaguars are after Coughlin, Panthers are after John Fox, Cleveland is after Bellichick. In their times with their previous teams, these coaches proved they can coach though they didn’t have great winning records.

    Whiz proved he can coach an NFL team. Whiz may or may not turn out as good as above mentioned coaches over time. But continuity is important which Cards rarely had with a decent coach.

    If I were Michael Bidwell, i would strip some of the talent evaluation duties from coach Whiz (even renegotiate Whiz’s contract) and put a person in charge to improve talent evaluation.

    Does coach needs to improve and get the wins for cards? Absolutely. No doubt about it. I still think GM should get blame for the lack of depth and injury prone players. It obvious now some coordinators need to be shown door, some players need to be cut etc..

    In short, Whiz needs be retained for next year

    (I understand, I am going to get bashed here for my comments)

  76. By sarah on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Serious grammar mistakes in my previous. The team needs to get their mojo back. This blog is really therapy for most but patience in now in short order. Upon further review the offense did ok and huge line improvement but Rogers throwing 4 TD’s on 16 passes is ridiculous re. defense. Also flash bulletin, every team in gunning for Patrick Peterson on kickoff and the days of a big return are over. The game plan seems to be purposely methodically slow to start and to let our defense hold the other team to under 20, once the D let’s a few scores happen we have to make a huge adjustment and play catchup. The latter requires perfect defense and special teams. Skelton has a cannon of an arm and i do not understand why we don’t test it down field more than 15 yards, he moves well to the side of the pocket which buys time. Drops simply are unacceptable, even Fitz fell down on a sideline catch.

    I stand by my view that Miller needs replaced, the game plan is so predictable especially with the running game. Two critical blunders to LHS were stagnant, the run at the 2 and the short side pass broken up before the play really happened. It is clear beanie Wells is the missing ingredient. LHS was a surprise to Minnesota and now other teams have figured out how to defend him right after.

    The reality is that the team is average outside of Fitz and the D which seems exposed now. We need Floyd to come into his own. Roberts is decent but short. There are a plethora of average players, we got lucky early and now certain factors are exposed on film for every opponent to review. A couple of catches, defensive stops ( ie no touchdown reception) and it would have been a different game. We need to match TD for TD and clearly the Cards do not have the weapons to do so.

  77. By wnycardfan on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    The team as a whole, while spots here and there of improvement, their NET is more poor play. DEF is now getting infected with what the OFF has…………poor performance. Keep hearing “injuries” and “just make a few more plays”…. That’s getting to sound like BS. 5 game losing streak guys!!!! DEF played good first set of downs or so, then gave up………………….UNTIL. 2nd half (as usual) by then its practically too late given our OFF and team morale. GB down some major players and they still make us look like crap. Best rushing in the last 3 years for them, WAY BETTER than ours has been at ANY time this year (or for that matter the last 3 years for us) in total yards. Missed tackles TWO GAMES IN A ROW major issue here. What the hell happened??? IT really seems like they don’t care anymore.
    Beanie ain’t going to be worth spit when he comes back, so no one hang your hat on that. Doesn’t help that play calling is pathetic. LSH up the middle???? REALLY??? didn’t you try that a few times the last week or so and got the worse running game since 1953?
    Kolb,while playing better, still isn’t going to do much when the DEF is now hanging up their cleets for next year (and almost who could blame them) and the OFF is still woefully predictable and playing poorly.
    Whiz seems over his head now, its a snowball rollingdow hill, it will be almost impossible to stop for him or any other coach. It is his own making though. His comments about “maybe some changes over the bye” is a bunch of BS too. He’s said that before and never does anything. Like a parent saying they’ll ground you if you come home late. You come home late and they just shake their finger at you and say “next time, I WILL ground you” and never does. BENCH some of these non-performers/poor performers and make them earn their spot back. Rookie or 2nd stringer will probably play their ass off for you/team to keep making the team. Like someone else said, rather see people playing their hearts out and losing then half ass performance. And what the heck, can’t hurt, you are on a 5 game losing streak……………………………..

    I know, I”m a ray of sunshine here. Sorry, I’ve been with the Cards for 30+ years from a kid on up……I’m just getting tired of HOPES UP, hopes down, really down….

  78. By john the draft guy on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Fair enough.
    I do agree with the fact that this is something that can be addressed months down the road. In fact, they could wait till training camp to address it.

    I think Levi Brown is a solid Tackle, by evidence of the teams wanting him after we released and restructured his deal. To lose him would be foolish to me. But he is more suited for the rightside.

    Wanting Nate Potter to succeed is just optimistic thinking. If Potter takes over, then a LT doesn’t need to be addressed. Do we want an average LT? well, no. (Just like I dont want an average QB). But frankly, average is better than now. Potter coming out of the draft had mixed reports on him. The fact he fell to the 7th round shows that. Can he be great? I believe he has the tools and I suspect the coaches do too or they wouldn’t have kept him coming out of camp.

    After 3 quarters, is it wishful thinking. Mostly. But as I said before, your eyes dont lie and he showed great balance, better power than I thought, and better technique than Batistie or Massie.

    I’ll let it play out before the questions. I guess you can tell I am looking forward to next year. Who knows, maybe Atlanta bullrushes him and he gives up 3 sacks next week.

  79. By jocards on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Reading these posts it would seem that folks are all over the place as to why this team is struggling….That is fully appropriate in my opinion because the reasons are varied and many. It is obvious that at this point in time this is a bad football team. The Cardinals are being outplayed offensively, defensively and on special teams. There should be no surprise that we’re getting beat every week given that we’re being outplayed every week…..It would be a real shock to win given the circumstances. I’m afraid the problems go far deeper than switching out a LT or changing the QB. At this point this is not a good football team.

  80. By DatWickedMan on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Potter did a lot better than Batiste. I was getting tired of seeing Batiste give up on blocking just to turn around and watch our QB get hit, so that change should help out the team a lot. Early Doucet hasn’t been consistent other than not catching passes, LaRon Byrd should be activated and Doucet traded or cut. LSH should not be running up the middle especially in the endzone on the 2 yard line, how many more times do the coaches have to see that play net more negative yards than gaining to finally realize that play doesn’t work with LSH? LSH is better at running to the outside! A lot can go right with this team so hopefully after the bye we get it together again and start getting those WINS! Go CARDINALS!

  81. By jocards on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    On a side note; I don’t really understand why anybody would be surprised that Early Doucet is dropping passes, this has always been the issue with him. He is a tough receiver that reminds me a little of Boldin after he catches the ball…..he just doesn’t catch the ball enough for the reminders to surface very often. An NFL receiver that doesn’t catch the ball isn’t an NFL receiver for long….to me his time has come.

  82. By TUCARDS on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    My opinion of the gave was the Cards just got outplayed. I think John did a good job today. As far as reading defences, HE DID and got chastized on the sideline. Maybe Whiz should chastize Miller for his play calling or should I say Lack Of? The hyphen is a good situational player, but COME ON MAN? We settled for a field goal on the 1 yard line because he could not run through the tackles? What was Miller thinking using a sprinter to do the job of a FULLBACK. There is reason fullbacks are bigger and tougher than running backs.

  83. By Kevin S on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    We are playing with, essentially, a backup QB, backup RB, and backup O-line (yes, some of them are the actual starters while others are only in there because of injuries, but how many of our starting O-line would be starting on most NFL teams?) Goes back to the point several people have made about this team not being as talented as some fans want to believe. That is simply the truth — our players are not that good, especially on offense. The Cards were 8-8 last year and while they had some close losses, ALL of their wins were close — 4 in OT and all 8 by never more than a touchdown. Then we escape with wins in our first 4 games this year, but we were outgained in all 4 games and 3 of them were up in the air in the final seconds. That kind of good fortune simply doesn’t last.

    We need some guys to get healthy, no doubt — but this team was not the 12-4 juggernaut some wanted to believe.

  84. By BIG RED on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    The only think that should be blown up is this stupid website. With all this stupid comments by all this idiots, just hang it up Darren. Find another job that will not make you insane. I bet that most of this morons never even put on a uniform. Most of them probably learn their football by watching it from the stance, as cheerleaders or in the band. Sorry, nerds if I’m insulting you. Go Cards win or lose! Whiz your the man and its your team.

  85. By BIG RED on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    @kolbstopper yea and your super hero kolb, had the two starting running backs in his four games, remember that you dork.

  86. By The everlasting Kolbstopper on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Big Red,

    I forgot that 8 passing TD’s are the result of RB’s. do us all a favor and finish the third grade before you post another word on here.

  87. By truths4all on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Even though the Cards lost, it must have especially killed the Skelton haters when he connected on that 40 yard bomb to Roberts or Fitz taking the Skelton pass to the end zone for a TD while running through 3 defenders.

    I am waiting for the clueless Skelton haters to blame him for the puny punts and Peterson’s muffed punt return. And why not since some of these clueless fans already have stated it was Skelton’s fault that Doucet dropped all of those balls since those passes hit Doucet in his hands where he could not catch them with his arms.

    You Haters have no comprehension about team sports or the NFL where the difference between winning and losing is very small and the advantage goes to the team that executes. When the team loses, it is a team loss.

    Bring on Kelemete at Right Tackle!!! Give the kid a shot.

  88. By Kevin S on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Just noticed the NFC West went from being 8 games over .500 after 5 weeks (when we had two 4-1 and two 3-2 teams) to just one game over now.

    Also, Seattle looks like a possible (probable?) WC team. Figure GB gets one of the two WC slots (unless they catch CHI for division in which case CHI gets one)… for the second, right now in the lead are MIN and SEA at 5-4. MIN still has both their games against GB and both against CHI, as well as a game at HOU. Very tough schedule. SEA, meanwhile, has only two games left against team with a winning record. Who else is in the hunt? If PHI wins tonight then I’d include them in the mix, but as of now none of the NFC East teams with 3 wins seem like they are going to put it together. DET is 4-4 but we are the only team left on their schedule with a losing record. Not much a believer in Tampa Bay. So SEA, it seems, is the favorite (plus they own the tiebreaker against MIN having beaten them yesterday). Anyone disagree?

  89. By jocards on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    @ Kevin S – I’m not disagreeing with your assessment but I would only say that Tampa Bay has been playing some good football of late. I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen the last few weeks from them. Seattle is a good team at home. I wouldn’t count out the Cowboys just yet either…..A lot can happen in the 2nd half…..Wish that meant that I held out hope for our Cardinals, but sadly I’ve seen them completely outplayed for 5 straight weeks and that is like a bucket of ice water in the face.

  90. By Kevin S on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks Jocards — yes, sadly, I’m pretty much counting out our guys as well. I think if that FG goes through vs. Buffalo, at 5-4 (holding the tiebreaker, as of now, on SEA) I’d feel like we had at least a chance (though fading), but at 4-5 with ATL coming up, and still needing to go to SEA and SF plus having the Bears, I think it’s a very uphill battle. But, what the heck — I was here analyzing all the playoff possibilities even when we were 5-7 last year. So I won’t give up completely until it’s a mathematical impossibility.

  91. By Sabot on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply


    In the future, please disallow all coments (including my own) but keep John The Draft Guy. It is nice to read posts from football fans that understand the game.

  92. By Mastin on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    @Kevin S. – Not as optimistic.Seattle has shown nothing out of thier home base.
    They have already lost to everyone in the division.Det holds the head to head tie
    breaker and I can’t see them beating the niners.They also have a rookie QB who is now going into the next half of an NFL Season where in the NCAA they are almost about done by now.They will be 9-7 or 8-8 based upon their remaining schedule.

  93. By georgiebird on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    The last minute of the game vs the Packers was very revealing. After the PP muff, the Pack showed no desire to score an easy TD. While I understand the sportsmanship side and feel that GB did the right thing not trying to score, I wonder if it was a wise move.
    GB is in a dogfight in their division and may have to settle for a wildcard. Since this was a conference game, it could be that points could become a tiebreaker.
    But, in a way, this was part of a general 4th quarter show of empathy by the Pack- an empathy very obvious in some of our other games this year.
    If the Cards had an offense that scared opponents, our defensive stats would be much worse than they are.
    And to all those looking at the Rams game as the beginning of the end, remember the Rams opening drive for a TD that sent the Rams and their fans into a frenzy for the rest of the night- can’t blame that on the offense.

  94. By clssylssy on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    @jocards…hope you were watching the Saints tonight, talk about overcoming adversity and playing some football! And how about Chris Ivory??? Sure wish we would have snatched him up before Sproles got hurt and Ivory wasn’t getting any playing time… AND, the Saints now have the same record as the Cards! Ya know what…those Who Dats aren’t quitters and are just starting to hit their stride! There is hope for the Cards and what would be really impressive is if our fan base was as loyal as the Who Dats or the Cowgirls or the Hogettes. I’m with BIG RED in his assessment of the armchair experts on this sight; it’s obvious most have not played the game or else they would understand the impact of injuries to the consistency of play in a line, not BS…Geez! Let’s hope that the bye is a time for revival…not just of the players but for the fans as well….we don’t need no stink’n bandwagoners, only true believers…GO CARDS!

  95. By T.Stone on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    RE: Sabot. and John the Draft Guy
    “in the future, please disallow all comments (including my own) but keep John The Draft Guy. It is nice to read posts from football fans that understand the game.”

    Really? Tell you mom to stop reading your posts John the draft guy and posting how smart she thinks you are. The next time I get through one of JTDG’s diatribes will be the first. Nice to meet you Mrs. Guy Sabot.

  96. By victorlimakilo on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY!!! DO YOUR JOBS! That is really all your coaches and your fans are asking! I am so tired of seeing our guys play well one game, or even one quarter, only to unravel and fall apart the next. How many times have we lost games to oursleves? For the most part the talent is there, even with all the injuries – we have all seen it. So… do our players just not CARE enough? Do they no longer BELIEVE in themselves? Yes, I am venting. But, seriously – NOW is the time to do serious soul searching. If they don’t figure it out right now, the teams we play for the remainder of the season will gladly teach them what they need to learn and know. And that would be downright ugly. Care. Believe. NOW.

  97. By Kevin S on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Clssylssy —

    You need to check the standings more often. Saints have only 3 wins even after winning yesterday. And considering their next game is vs. Atlanta, they have a good chance of being 3-6 rather than matching us at 4-5 (although I would not at all be surprised to see them beat Atlanta next week, as NO is at home and, it appears, starting to put it together).

  98. By Kevin S on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Georgiebird —

    It is extremely unlikely that point differential will mean anything to the Pack in terms of wildcard chances. #1, they are already a game (or more) ahead in the WC race, and improving after a slow start (and as we all know they should be 7-2 but the SEA game was taken away from them). It is highly unlikely that 2 teams will catch them. And if they do, who will it be? If it’s any team in the West (SEA has the only real shot), head-to-head will decide it. If it’s any team in their own division, points will only come into play if there are ties for head-to-head, div record, conf record, common opponents. They are three wins ahead of the 2nd place team in the East — no one is catching them from there. In the South, TB and NO are pretty far behind and NO has already lost the tiebreaker, so they’re not catching them.

  99. By john the draft guy on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply


    Sorry, no one I know.

    Plus it saddens me to think you dont read my whole post. I will try to do better.

  100. By BIG RED on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    @kolbstopper, why don’t we just hold hands when we both are promoted to the fourth grade my friend.

  101. By Kevin S on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    T Stone,

    Come on, JTDG is one of the most thoughtful posters here. I don’t always agree with him, but he knows a lot about football — and way more about the upcoming draft class each year than I ever would, as well as providing insights about the possibilities of moving up or down in the draft. I’ve learned a lot from reading his contributions. If you prefer to read posts like “Skelton sucks, put in Lindley” then go to a Yahoo message board.

  102. By Doc on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    I can’t believe that anyone would ever compare Bradley to Lenon. Why even talk about SB. Waste of time and money. He can’t tie Lenon’s shoelaces. Wilson was supposed to have had Crabtree on that play anyway. Good grief.

  103. By jocards on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    @ clssylssy – I’m not sure if you’re implying that I am a bandwagon fan or not….Man, I’ve been a loyal fan since this team was in STL. No matter how much heartache and disappointment I have suffered because of my allegiance I will always love this team. Of course there is always a chance for a post season spot as long the club is not mathematically eliminated but realistically when a team goes out and gets outplayed they are not going to win…that has been the case for 5 straight weeks. There is no doubt that injuries have taken a huge toll but as anybody that has ever actually played the game can tell you, excuses and “reasons” don’t account for anything. That is particularly true in the NFL. You execute better than your opponent with whomever is available to play or you lose.

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