Beanie: “No doubt” he’ll play Nov. 25

Posted by Darren Urban on November 6, 2012 – 1:45 pm

The earliest running back Beanie Wells can play coming off the injured reserve/able to return list is the Nov. 25 home game against the St. Louis Rams. Wells, who has been out with torn ligaments in his toe, said Tuesday there was “no doubt about it” that he would play in that game.

First, Wells has to practice, and the first day he is eligible to do so is Wednesday. “Heck yeah I’m real excited,” Wells said. “It’s been a challenge. It’s hard to be out there and watch practice and not do anything.”

Wells must miss one more game, in Atlanta, so LaRod Stephens-Howling gets another start, backed up by William Powell and Alfonso Smith. When Wells does play again, he figures to start, but depending on his rust, the situation is likely flexible.

Wells said the knee issues that cost him the entire offseason have subsided and the knee “feels great.” His toe “feels good,” although he said making sure it is taped correctly seems to make a difference. Wells said it’s been difficult watching the season pass by without him and he wants to make it right. The Cardinals could certainly use his size in the backfield, where the team hasn’t been able to convert as many short-yardage and goal line opportunities has it would have liked.

Knowing he could have made a difference in those spots “sucks,” Wells said. “I feel if I was in there we could get something else going.” Starting with the Rams game, the Cardinals would have six games left for Wells to leave his imprint this season.

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31 Responses to “Beanie: “No doubt” he’ll play Nov. 25”

  1. By D on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Hope he does do well rest of the year so his trade value at draft time can increase…

    He, Kolb and Heap should start a sports physical therapy company because they should be well educated in that area….

  2. By Chuck 1 on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Wells will have six games to prove that he should be on the team next season.
    Otherwise, trade or cut him and get someone else who can stay healthy.

  3. By hotValleySun on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply


    Every one of us is coming up with a (Christmas) list of changes needed for Arizona this offseason?

    What do you like to see change and what is likely to happen?


  4. By Darren Urban on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    hotValley —

    RE: Changes in offseason

    I have weeks on end to write about that after the offseason.

    Right now, I’m thinking about the rest of this season, and looking forward to a weekend off.

  5. By Mark on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    i expect the cardinal’s to have nbanie wells next season on the 53 man roster but if he injures his knee again or what not for whatver reason we should just part way’s with him or trade him for a 4th or 5th round pick. Go Cardinal’s!!!!!

  6. By Mark on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    *Beanie Well’s

  7. By Rick on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Hell yeah beanie this is the two things I wanted to hear. 1st was Nate potter coming in for that god awful batiste and now we got beanie coming back against the rams we gonna get some pay back for what they did to us in St. Louis. Our running game is gonna improve drastically with potter and beanie in the line up. Yes sir finally something to get excited about. Go cards!!!

  8. By hotValleySun on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply


    A specific question re Kolb. Did you meet, observe or talk to Kolb today? If so, what are the chances he may play against Rams in about 3 weeks time.

    It is good Beanie is back against Rams.

  9. By Darren Urban on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    hotValleySun —

    RE: Kolb on Tuesday

  10. By Andy Kw on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    This is what I hope the Cardinals will do/have on their final roster:
    QB-Kevin Kolb*, John Skelton
    RB-Beanie Wells*, LaRod Stephens-Howling
    FB-Anthony Sherman
    WR-Larry Fitzgerald*, Andre Roberts*, Michael Floyd, Early Doucet
    TE-Rob Housler*, Jeff King
    C-Lyle Sendlein*
    G-Daryn Colledge*, Adam Snyder*
    T-Levi Brown*, Nate Potter*, Bobby Massie
    DL-Darnell Dockett*, Calais Campbell*, Dan Williams*, Nick Eason, David Carter
    LB-Daryl Washington*, Sam Acho*, O’Brien Schofield*, Stewart Bradley*, Paris Lenon, Quentin Groves
    DB-Patrick Peterson*, William Gay*, Adrian Wilson*, James Sanders, Rashad Johnson, Michael Adams, Jamell Fleming, Justin Bethel
    ST-Dave Zastudil*, Mike Leach*

    Cuts: T D’Anthony Batiste, G Rich Ohrnberger, LB Zach Nash, S Kerry Rhodes, K Jay Feely, LB Reggie Walker, TE Jim Dray

    -Let me give you a reason why Rhodes, and Feely should be cut. First of all, Rhodes allowed too many huge plays like 70yd touchdown grabs or 40yd grabs. Kerry Rhodes didn’t do well in Green Bay as you saw his part of the field get demolished by Tom Crabtrees 70yd touchdown. Feely missed kicks against the Bills (cost us the game), Rams (Cards had to go for touchdowns after that), Vikings (could have cut the lead so that Cards didn’t have to be so stressed for a touchdown score).

    Releases do to contract: TE Todd Heap, CB Greg Toler, WR LaRon Byrd, RB William Powell, G/T Pat McQuistan, DL Vonnie Holliday

    -Greg Toler was good but doesn’t seem to understand the system and he allowed big yardage against the Rams. Vonnie Holliday is aging and probably might retire. The Cards want to start fresh and although they want him back, aging factor might be in their way. TE Todd Heap has been injured a lot and has not produced. He will probably retire as a Baltimore Raven by the end of the season. McQuistan, Byrd, and Powell didn’t produce or play an impact in this 2012 season which means they might get beat out in 2013 and also due to contract issues, they will get released. I still have a good feeling on Byrd though, his speed and height fits this team well. Powell just isn’t consistent.

    Sign: T Bryant McKinnie, WR DeMarco Sampson, K Josh Brown, (Veteran QB, LB)
    -We need a veteran Tackle that can protect our QB. He has proven in the past that he can and I think he will do well if he signs with this team. He will probably challenge Nate Potter, Bobby Massie, and a draft pick in 2013 for the starting job. K Jay Feely just isn’t what he was in the 2010 season, he misses field goals from shorts ranges which isn’t acceptable. Josh Brown should be signed to replace him. I am a Jay Feely fan since like forever, but he isn’t that good anymore. Sampson has impressed me since last year and I think he will return.
    We need a veteran QB that is not so expensive to backup Kolb because Skelton throws interceptions in every game and is too inaccurate in the pocket.

    Trade: RB Ryan Williams (He had so many opportunities to produce but can’t, since he was a number 2 pick, we should trade him to a team that needs a running back for a 2nd round pick in return, keeps getting injured as well)
    QB Ryan Lindley seems to be a good match for the Kansas City Chiefs (we could get a 5th or 6th round pick)

    Draft choice of 2013:
    1) Tackle
    2) Running back
    3) Defensive Linemen
    4) Defensive back
    5) Linebacker
    6)Running back
    7) Tight End

    Extra draft picks: Guard, Wide Receiver

  11. By hotValleySun on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks Darren.

    My guess is, after reading the latest updates, Kolb is not coming back for a month at least.

    So it is ‘Go Skelton’ until then….

  12. By Scott H on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Beanie SAYING he’s gonna play is one thing. Beanie being ABLE to play is quite another. Beanie being able to stay healthy and CONTINUE playing every week is what needs to happen if he is going to help this team at all going forward. Until it happens…what Beanie says doesn’t really matter.

  13. By AndyStandsUp on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Supposedly, the team holds the option for 2013, so Wells could be making a “run” for a roster spot.

  14. By truths4all on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Beanie, if you are healthy for the Rams game, please remember that you own them so go ahead and set another offensive record against them so after that game, they will say, “Stephen Jackson who?”

  15. By Credit Card on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    I’m disappointed. No theoretical talk about who will be our next long snapper.

  16. By bluepitt on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    I dont understand?
    From what I understand Wells had only missed like 5 games prior to this season and that is a small % of games missed vs all other backs with his # of carries?
    I understand this years disappointment from the fans. But what’s the real deal with his stint in AZ, is he over the average for missed games for a RB?

  17. By Darren Urban on Nov 7, 2012 | Reply

    bluepitt —

    RE: Wells injuries

    I have no research done on players missing games. But I don’t think he has been an absent RB. He has been battling injuries while playing, that’s true. But up until this IR stint, he wasn’t missing games.

  18. By bluepitt on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    * prior to this year?

  19. By D on Nov 7, 2012 | Reply

    My solution for the new Oline coach this spring/summer is the following:

    1-Draft either J. Jockel or T. Lewan in first round for Left tackle
    2- Cut Batiste (keep Potter has your backup Tackle that can play both sides)
    3- Move Levi Brown to Right Tackle
    4- Move Massie to Right G.
    5 Find out if Kelemete can play Left G next year or draft a G in round 4 of draft.

    It’s alot of moving parts, but since the Cards have been here in 1988 it has always been the weak link–time to fix it for the next several years.

    Then they can draft a QB in round 2 and a RB in round 3.
    Use rest of the draft for depth on defense

  20. By Scott H on Nov 7, 2012 | Reply

    Andy Kw –

    I am always amused by the trades that fans propose…you suggest that we trade Ryan Williams to a team that needs a RB RIGHT AFTER you point out that he has failed to produce and has not been able to stay healthy. Great idea! Trouble is, I’m pretty sure the other 31 teams in the league are well aware of this.

    C’mon, man…if Ryan Williams is playing for another team right now, are YOU looking at him and thinking the Cardinals should give up a 2nd round pick to get him??? My guess is the answer would be no. So, why is anyone else gonna do it???

    Why do fans always think the other party in the trade is blind and clueless?

  21. By fred on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    I hope Wells plays well the rest of the season but i don’t see him staying healthy ITS simply time to let people who cant stay healthy or that have that history go? or it will be the same thing next year

  22. By bluepitt on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    @ darren,
    I just checked his stats going in to this season he played 43 out of 48 games and ammased 537 rushes and ave 4.1 YPC over those 537 rushes For 2,237 yards .
    (Oh and avg. 10.5 a reception and 6.8yac)
    Lets compare first 3 years:

    B Wells: Played 43 out of 48 games, 537 rush, 4.1ypc, Yards=2,237
    (Missed 5 games)

    B.Jacobs: Played 42 games out of 48, 336 rush, 4.0 ypc, Yards=1,531
    (missed 6 games!!)

    M.Lynch: Played 41 games out of 48, 650 rush, 3.9 ypc, yards= 2,601
    (missed 7 games!!)

    A.Foster: Played 35 games out of 48, 659 rush, 4.7ypc, yards= 3,097
    (missed 13 games!!)

    D.McFadden: Played 38 out of 48, 440 rush, 4.3ypc, Yards= 2,013
    (missed 10 games!!)

    A.Bradshaw: Played 42 out of 48 games, 253 rush, 6.1 ypc, Yards=1,323
    (missed 6 games!!!!!)

    I think Wells is a great running back based on those names and there first 3 years!!!!!!!! Sure Wells is hurt but that happens it did to foster, Peterson I can go on and on!!!! So SHUT UP ON HIM MISSING GAMES!!! I JUST PROVED YOU WRONG!!!!!

  23. By bluepitt on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    That post was not directed at you Darren but to the “Trade Wells” crowd!!!

  24. By Kevin S on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    Scott H — I laughed when I read your post. There were also people suggesting we trade one of our two QB’s in the preseason to end the controversy between Kolb and Skelton. Neither one could even clearly win the job (basically, it was “won” by default)… why does anyone think other teams would be drooling to get them?

    And we have a suggestion above that we trade Lindley for a 5th or 6th round pick. Ummm… why did we use a 6th round pick to draft him, if we’re just going to trade him for an equivalent pick? Basically if you do that you’re saying you wasted that pick this year… clearly the team had no intention of playing him this year, so what was the point of drafting him?

  25. By Kevin S on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    I also wonder what the fan vibe next year around Ryan Williams will be. He’s been here two years, and played in 5 games. This year everyone seemed genuinely excited about him. Kolb is maligned by some of his detractors for his injuries, and has played in 15 games in those same 2 years as a Cardinal (and is still expected to return this year so that total should go up). Now, I’ll acknowledge that many of those Kolb detractors are complaining as much if not more about his play than the injuries, but the point is, some guys seem to get a pass with the fans when injured, while others don’t.

  26. By cardsalltheway on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    How or why William Powell has only gotten 1 carry the last two games is beyond imagination. I thought we’ve always had a two RB system, what happened to that? The last two games LSH has looked awful running the ball. He runs up or into our own offensive linemen’s rear-ends. He’s not good at finding holes when they ain’t there. William Powell is good at that! LSH is good at screen passes but shouldn’t be our only RB. I don’t want to hear that W. Powell doesn’t know the blocking assignments because nobody else does either. Isn’t having W. Powell in the backfield better than the empty backfield we’ve been running on many of those pass plays? The handling of William Powell is so frustrating without an explanation because Darren etc…doesn’t seek the answers. On KTAR the other day Ron Jaworski was talking about LSH but there was no mention of William Powell not even by the pundits interviewing him. What a disgrace, non of them so-called “analysts” no much of anything about the Cardinals. Ron Jawoski/AZ Sports 620 = Epic Fail.
    “Right now every one of those offensive linemen are beginning to question, do the coaches believe they can do that,” Jaworski told Arizona Sports 620’s Burns and Gambo. “Obviously with the play selection Monday night, the coaching staff does not believe that is what the Arizona Cardinals can do.”

    Cardinals quarterback John Skelton dropped back to pass 56 times Monday, while he handed the ball off to LaRod Stephens-Howling on just eight occasions. Jaworski lambasted the Cardinals coaching staff for this type of play-calling, saying it was their way of essentially giving up on their offensive line

    “I will guarantee every offensive lineman right now, from Massie to Snyder, to Sendlein to College to Batiste, they’re questioning their coaches right now,” Jaworski said. “‘Why aren’t you giving us a chance to play football?'”

  27. By Dewey on Nov 11, 2012 | Reply

    Beanie is a bum!! Get rid of him already! Geez…

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