Changes are coming, and Campbell sits out

Posted by Darren Urban on November 14, 2012 – 2:34 pm

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said last week he was considering changes after the Cards went through a bye and enduring a current five-game losing streak. Wednesday, Whiz confirmed something was indeed coming. Specifics, however, were lacking.

“There are a couple of things that we’re going to do, but obviously from a strategy standpoint, I don’t think it behooves me to say anything about it,” Whisenhunt said. “That will all play itself out.”

One possible change? The Cardinals might have to make up for the loss of defensive end Calais Campbell, who didn’t practice Wednesday because of a calf injury. It’s early in the week, but any DNP is always a sign of caution going into a game. (Losing Campbell, if he cannot play, would be a hard blow for the Cards to endure. He’s been playing very well.)

Other than that, let the speculation of what changes are coming begin. The open part of practice (the part that can be reported upon) holds only stretching and individual position drills, so nothing can be gleaned there. There are only so many options too. Quarterback John Skelton took his turn under the tree as part of his weekly press conference, so he’ll be back under center (which I never doubted, but there seem to be still a bunch of questions about whether Lindley might play yet.) Whisenhunt also didn’t say if he was talking about strategical changes or personnel changes, but I’m not sure he makes a point to talk about changes in strategy, so I am guessing the lineup could be affected.

It certainly will increase the focus on the initial series for both the Cards’ offense and defense Sunday in Atlanta.

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24 Responses to “Changes are coming, and Campbell sits out”

  1. By jocards on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    There is only one change that I would really like to see on Sunday. Let’s hope we play solid football on both sides of the ball for 60 minutes. Sure a win would be fantastic but first things first….

  2. By Dynosoar on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    Here in Salt Lake, our Fütball season has ended with a loss to Seattle in the playoffs, those pesky Seattle teams are really a bane to my world of sports.

    Real (pronounced RE as in regards and AL as in Al’s restaurant from Happy Days) has a chant made by a fan. 15 seconds long and powerful bold and easy to learn and sung/chanted after every goal we score. As well as at other times. It’s even used in commercials for Real Salt Lake.

    Please go to this link (I hope it works) and listen to it and read the paragraph by the fan that created it (he’s in a successful local band). My four year old sings it, we’ll sit and watch and chant along with the video as a family, great fun.

    I propose we have something similar, written by us fans on this blog who have become friends through this blog. Let us take our passion for this team and expand it to a much wider venue, like everywhere. Let’s have a chant/song that is better than anyone else in the league. Someone has to know a musician that could put the chant to music. I may even be able to talk to Branden Steineckert who created Real’s chant.

    Your thoughts?

    There’s more to the story of the Real chant that’s in another link interviewing the creator about how it caught on. But that’ll wait for another time.

    Here’s my first take,

    If you believe
    Stand up on your feet
    And feel the Red Sea rise
    Cardinals fans
    Stand with this team
    And shout with every score

    I feel the “Red Sea” and the “Cardinals” name needs to be a part of the chant. Other than that, what can we come up with? What say you my friends, shall we create a chant for our team?

  3. By Jordan on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    I’m down

  4. By wnycardfan on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    Well great, Campbell down? What else can go wrong (injury wise)? What a blow. I am guardedly hopeful (using some political talk there) that we play better, but I’m not optimistic that we can win…………sorry guys. There is only so much you can change, and unless the players have been playing at 80% and now are ready to play at 100%, then I fear we are in for a long stretch of losses and more of the “same ole’ irrelevant cards”
    I know I’m sounding pessimistic, but its just what I feel and see. I hope they can overcome all the injuries, I hope they actually feel like playing and play well.
    We’ll see.

  5. By Eazy E on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    Unless we get a new QB that can play and an ample amount of linemen that can block unfortunately it won’t mean a thing. Defense just balling, but the O is so pathetic.

  6. By Dynosoar on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply


    welcome aboard! What did you think of the RSL chant video? It gets my blood pumping every time.

  7. By mal on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    I say bench Early and move up both Floyd and Byrd. The byrdman looked awesome in pre-season.

  8. By truths4all on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    Besides Doucett being on the side with Little Fitz possibly slipping into the 4th spot, there should be another change in the Offensive Line starters. While Massie has been raw, raw, and raw with terrible feet and really poor technique, the guard spots have proven to be nearly as weak and porous as Baptiste and Massie have been. Here’s hoping the new guys have been worth the wait. With a decently performing Offensive Line, the Cards Offense may finally show some real teeth instead of the anemic offensive attack we have seen in the first 9 games.

    (Imagine Fitz, Roberts, Floyd, Bryd, and Housler out running routes with Skelton given time to read and pass. It COULD happen – a few times, that is).

  9. By Christo on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    Meh this team is going nowhere until we change the HC, perhaps even the GM.

    It’s proven folks, he took another man’s team to the Super Bowl.

    He’s below .500

    We have a garbage OL, that has never been addressed. Unless of course re-signing the worst LT (Brown) in the League counts? Or bringing in the worst rated G (Snyder) in the League? I don’t think it does.

    We have a bottom 5 Offense, and have since Haley and Warner left.

    This team is garbage, and to sugar coat it will only delay in making the changes needed.

    Put some pressure on those who can make changes.

  10. By Rufus on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    I can’t see major changes coming until a new coaching staff comes in.

  11. By BIG RED on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    @Dynosoar, it could happen. Not bad.

  12. By phillycards on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply

    This was more than haley and warner leaving. You also must consider whisenhunt extention in that equation.

    This was sick game of follow the steelers.LSH played for u of pittsburg for goodness sake.william every turn its steelers but that’s not what got us there.

    We got there with dennis greens players and noone wanted to accept that.

  13. By Brett on Nov 14, 2012 | Reply


    You’re the fan of the year!

  14. By cardsalltheway on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply

    How about William Powell getting the ball for once, that would be a BIG change.

    How about the Cardinals utilizing more than one RB, that would be a BIG change.

    How about the Cards inching out of the worst offense in the NFL # 32 position, that would be a change.

    How about the cardinals offense calling better plays, that would be a BIG change.

    “new coaching staff comes in”
    Oh Oh Oh, It’s Magic, Poof! How about one big disappearing act, now you see him, now you don’t(Ken W.), that would be a long awaited change!

  15. By sarah on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply

    Lindley please enough already. i am almost tempted to say yeah put him in just to toast the season for good. He has not played one rep in regular season nor faced one blitzing linebacker coming A gap. Preseason is Po Warner and non competitive, it would take him at least 5 games to adjust so let’s get past it, Bartell would be far more astute a move if Skelton screws up.

  16. By Hammy on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply

    I strongly believe that if THIS team does not make the playoffs, then we need to clean house and start over AGAIN. I question the goal of the owners and GM. You cant sign an unproven player to a max contract when he didnt even play much….. We have had some good draft picks but what team hasnt????? IN WHIZ WE TRUST RIGHT?? Since Whiz took over, we have been a mediocre football team on the rise year after year. I see a coach in waiting at Oregon named Cardinal CHIP KELLY.

    With the 1st pick of the 2013 NFL Draft……..

  17. By suspence716 on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply

    Darren- I just read an article about the cardinals paying off for injury then waiving jeremy bridges and carolina picking him up and now they are going to start him. HELLO, what is wrong with AZ management and this coaching staff? Do they not know that our offensive line is garbage and they just let a versatile veteran go so easily? Its time for Whiz to go, big time!!!!! I’m so sick of seeing all these stupid personnel moves and U know they are based on what whizenhunt wants. He took a superbowl team, dismantled it and tried to make steelers of the west and look how bad they are! SMFH at this coaching staff and all these horrible personnel decisions. It has just gotten ridiculously RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

  18. By Darren Urban on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply

    Suspence —

    RE: Bridges

    Once Bridges went on IR he couldn’t play for the Cardinals this season.

  19. By hotValleySun on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply

    I will take .500 this season. well we may be the same old cards but you fire whiz we are sub .500 for the next 3 years!

    Give the man another year. But time to strip player evaluation duties from Whiz. No doubt about it.

  20. By cardsalltheway on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply

    “well we may be the same old cards but you fire whiz we are sub .500 for the next 3 years!”

    If you keep him & Co. we’ll be sub .500 He’s breeding negativity, I think the team knows it’s going to lose this Sunday. We need a fundamental BIG change not just Ken W.’s idea of “change.” We are 10 point underdogs, Vegas is being kind. A smart bet would be to give the points and take the Falcons. We only play one RB and he’s about the smallest in the NFL responsible for blocking crushing rushing D linemen and LB’s when we don’t use an empty backfield on pass play after pass play after pass play ad nauseam and sooooo predictable.

  21. By connor on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply

    put in lindley skelton cant do anything. ya never know he might surprise im just tired of watching them lose.

  22. By tyman on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply

    The play action the last few games has looked really good. Id keep at it and try a few down the field to open up the run game.

  23. By toddcard on Nov 16, 2012 | Reply

    same ol’ Cards…kills me to say it.

  24. By Gary on Nov 16, 2012 | Reply

    Changes that should be made.
    Start Stewart Bradley over Lenon.
    Make Laron Byrd our fourth WR over Doucet.
    Start Nate Potter at LT the rest of the year.
    Start William Powell at RB
    Release William Gay
    Keep John Skelton as the starter
    Open up the offense. Play calling has been too predictable.
    Start Michael Floyd the rest of the year.
    Throw the ball to Rob Housler at least five times a game.
    And PLEASE have someone like Anthony Sherman back there to pick up the blitz instead of LSH!

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