With Kolb an unknown, Lindley to start vs Jets

Posted by Darren Urban on November 26, 2012 – 11:34 am

Kevin Kolb made progress in practice last week but still was having soreness. His availability for this weekend’s game in New York against the Jets is very much in doubt with an entire week of practice to go. With that in mind, coach Ken Whisenhunt said today Ryan Lindley will get a second straight start in the New York game.

Now, we’ll have to see, if Kolb keeps progressing, if that could change. Whiz never came out and said Kolb would start if healthy. He just said he didn’t know where Kolb would be health-wise.

“For this week, yes, we stay with Ryan,” Whisenhunt said. “You can’t have the interceptions. But in the first half, I thought he did a really nice job.”

As for Kolb, “He still had soreness, and you have to weigh that against taking a hit in the pocket,” Whisenhunt said. “That’s going to happen in this league even when you get throws off. It has to be a safety concern there as well.”

— Whiz said he expects defensive end Calais Campbell to play against the Jets. And in response to a question about tight end Todd Heap being a “healthy scratch” on Sunday, Whiz said “I think Todd is just about to the point where he can play now (after a knee injury). It’s been disappointing we haven’t been able to get him back but we’ll see how he does in practice this week.”

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  1. By jocards on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    This Lindley experiment has “Hindenburg” written all over it…..New Jersey has heard this story before. “Oh the humanity”!

  2. By Jason Zumwalt on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    OK, well we’re just giving up. That’s fine. Here’s looking forward to 2013. I hope Ryan gets some good development in this year. Goodbye Kolb, goodbye Skelton. Hello whoever the heck it is next year behind center. The 4-0 start was fun, but I can’t say i expected much this year anyway.

    Please don’t leave us LARRY!!! (ahem) Sorry about that.

  3. By john the draft guy on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Lots of anger on the last blog. I guess 7 game losing streaks do that.

    Starting Lindley for the last five games would be a smart move. We know what we have in the other guys, so there is no reason to play them anymore.

    What concerns me regarding Lindley was a few things. First his picks;

    The first pick was a simple 2 deep zone. Safeties play deep halfs and corners play the flats. It wasnt even disguised yet he threw it to the flat for a pick 6.

    The second pick, he got excited when fitzs blew by the corner and had a window before the safety got over. He rushed his throw with his feet in bad position and threw off the back foot. He needed to set himself and make the throw.

    The third pick was a bad read. Fitz was going to cut in front of the safety but when he saw the safety squared up with his hips, Fitz knew he could go by him for a big play. Lindley didnt read the safety and threw where Fitz would have been, an easy pick. It should have been a TD.

    The last pick was a terrible call. Long hasn’t been able to get in all game so of course he is looking for a quick pass and bat it down. He tipped it, went of Fitz and then picked. But really, the play had no chance from the start.

    Everything listed can be fixed, including the missed opportunities down the field on his incompletes. Does he have the talent to fix these things and hit the passes? Give him 5 games to find out. Oh, I’m still drafting a QB, but if Lindley can rise to the occasion, maybe the rookie wont need to start.

    Stick with the kid the rest of the way. At 4-7, this season has gotten away from you. Kolb has been hurt 3 years in a row (he was the starter in philly in 2010). You cant count on him and even when he is in there, he isn’t the franchise guy.

  4. By john the draft guy on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    On another topic, Nate Potter.

    He has gone against Clay Mathews, John Abraham, and Robert Quinn. He has done a great job giving up 3 sacks in those 3 games (from my calculations ). For the two sacks against Abraham, one was a missed chip by LSH and the other was when Lindley rolled into the sack (ala Kolb) instead of stepping up.

    Please take a look at most Rookie Tackles around the League, Besides Matt Kahil (top 5 pick), most have struggled and most have played the right side.

    As I said before, it will be interesting how he holds up the rest of the year. 5 more games to prove himself. With an offseason, this guy may end up being a pretty good player.

    Wanting to draft a Tackle??
    Please keep in mind Joeckel, Mathews, and Lewan, the 3 best tackles in the draft are all JRs and may stay in school, leaving you reaching in the first for a guy who shouldn’t be there. Just a thought.

  5. By DontTakeLoses on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Our group of fans at the game talked at half time, we were all worried about the lack of urgency, lack of intensity of some of the Cards… sure pick 6s are killers, but this had whiff/quit by some players written on the wall, a greater concern to us… far more intensity displayed in Atlanta.. were the INTs cause or affect?

  6. By D on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    I am guessing Mr. B doesn’t want to spend the money to fire the entire staff and hire a new regime. But, that doesnt’ mean some Off coaches may not be back and some changes in the front office are not coming. I think Whiz will be given one more year, which would mean a restructured Kolb should be back. (I think Kevin wants to prove to the fans and teammates here in AZ that he was worth his signing bonus). I also think Horton is too far down on the list for assistants, most from winning teams, that he will not have a chance at being HC next year in the league.

    My draft as of today, assuming they will not be able to move down as follows:
    Round 1- T. Lewan OT Mich (top 12 pick)
    Off line would be- Lewan, Colledge, Sendlien, Massie, Brown.
    Round 2- L. Jones QB OK (can battle with Lindley as the future after Kolb)
    Round 3-S. Taylor RB Stanford
    Round 4-D. Jones DE UCLA
    Round 5- K. Reddick ILB NC

  7. By D on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    John the Draft Guy-
    those 3 tackles are projected to be drafted by pick 20 in the first round-if an agent can’t convince a kid to go pro then that agent needs to change his career path…
    they all will go pro..

  8. By clssylssy on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Well, I really had a little more faith in Coach and have to admit I was obviously wrong in thinking he would get over whatever it is that is bugging him and return to reality and the task at hand, namely to win games. Starting Lindley against the Jets has “serious injury” written all over it for the rookie and disaster for the Cards.
    At this point, I’m starting to get angry because I thinnk that Fitz, Dockett, Wilson, Rhodes, and the other Vets who have hung in with the Cards, have been sold out, and the other young talents like Peterson, Roberts, the Hyphen, Campbell, Washington, et al,had their careers slowed. I’m sure there is method to this madness which is looking more and more like the organization has written off this season and are looking to secure draft position. That sort of sucks for everybody who has been paying the freight. Unlike probably the majority of fans, while I will continue to support the Cards, I think Fitz deserves to be with a team who can get him a shot at that ring he deserves and would bet he goes with the Packers, Vikings or, I personally would love to see him reunite with Boldin as a Raven. I am sure Whisenhunt will return but doubt if we will still have Horton and perhaps they should bring in someone like Jon Gruden as Head Coach or even Marty Shottenheimer and let Coach Whisenhunt concentrate on being an OC . or some kind of assistant.

  9. By john the draft guy on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply


    I have heard a few fans say they feel the cards gave up or at least lost their intensity. If that is true, that is huge. I personally questioned the intensity myself.

    you were asked what the temp of the locker room and you said you weren’t sure but the players are saying the right things.

    Could the Skelton move in Atlanta followed by the ineptness of the offense caused Whiz to lose the locker room?

    When you have a defense who is playoff caliber, a superstar WR with good surrounding talent and the team cant win due to lack of talent at QB. Not to mention, some of these vets are not young, it is tough to convince them you still have a grip on the situation, when you pull your QB and go with a rookie 6th rounder in the first quarter of a game you are winning.

    I’m not for firing Whiz . I think he is a good coach stuck with a very bad draft plan. I think one and only one off season can fix the cards. Nothing drastic. But if he has lost this locker room……

  10. By Rugbymuffin on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    That is it from today’s presser ?

    Are we at least going to have the whole interview on podcast this week ?

  11. By Darren Urban on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Rugby —

    RE: Presser

    It will be posted later today.

  12. By john the draft guy on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply


    Texas A&M are ranked 7th in the nation. They have a freshman QB (who should win the Heisman) and a shot at a national title next year. Joeckel and Mathews will still be top picks in 2014.

    I’m not saying they both stay. I could see Joeckel going and Mathews playing LT for a year to boost his draft stock to top 5 in 2014.

  13. By joe67 on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Good. Go with the kid one more game at least.

    This defense is overrated imo. Can’t seem to adjust during the game. Teams start runining all over us on the ground, and Horton can’t seem to make any kind of adjustments when things start going bad. Or doesn’t have the talent or size to make the adjustment. I know, injuries. Everybody has them at end of Nov.

    Pass rush, very limited pressure without all out blitz, and then having trouble getting a lot of pressure or is out of control and the qb escapes.

    I like Horton, and it is the best Card defense I think I have seen in my nearly 50 years as a fan, but sure not ready to say he is the king of kings, not just yet. And head coach is out of the question, at this point, IMO.

  14. By Gary on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    The big story was that players will be held accountable for their mistakes. Skelton missed Fitz for a TD when the team was up 13-0 in Atlanta and was benched. Lindley throws 4 interceptions and he gets to start next week. Can anybody on the planet tell me why Lindley should not be benched after throwing 4 int’s. Skelton should be the starter period. Kolb can’t stay healthy and Lindley can’t throw the ball with any accuracy more than 15-yards. And Lindley had almost no pressure on him the whole game. Any highschool QB can look good with no pressure on him and throwing nothing but 5-10 yard passes.

    Why is the OC not fired for calling plays that are short of the first down marker on third and fourth downs. It’s not that hard to figure out the play needs to be past the first down marker on third or fourth downs. This coaching staff needs to go. Give Horton the head coaching job and bring in some real offensive coahes that have a clue what they are doing.

  15. By Dynosoar on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    When I made my pre-season win-loss picks, I had us losing 4. I want to watch my Cards play, even if it’s a loss. I still won’t give up on the playoffs until we have 8 losses. I know that means we win out the next five games. I know given our season that is increasingly unlikely. I also know I won’t give up until the we’re out and we’re not out until that 8th loss and we haven’t had it yet.

    There were a lot of statements regarding the poor play of the O-Line (and giving up as many sacks as they did in the beginning and middle of the season) it was poor play.

    Weeks 1-3= 6 sacks, weeks 4-7= 29 sacks, weeks 8-9, 11-12= 11 sacks. In the three games Nate potter has started, 7 sacks.

    Kolb 6 games 27 sacks, Skelton 6 games 13 sacks, Lindley 2 games 5 sacks. Lindley projects over 6 games to be at 15 sacks. Statistically the same as Skelton. Three of Kolb’s less than 3 sacks per game were in the first three games, then he had 22 sacks over the next three.

    Has Nate Potter has proven his worth? Or is it QB play? The statistics could argue for either case or a combination of both. Either way, Whizenhunt has addressed each area of the team’s weakness and in the next FA/Draft he’ll address these areas.

    Our team has needed a complete overhaul for some time and it takes several seasons to complete an overhaul. I still believe we’re building a dynasty in the desert. We’re almost there and I trust next year we’ll be there.

    We’ve given up 46 sacks and 73 QB hits. GB is next at 37 sacks and only the Eagles & Colts have more QB hits.

    On the defensive side, 3 teams have more interceptions; only 4 teams have more sacks (we’re in a 4 way tie for 5th).

    Also interesting, Seattle has lost 3 of its 5 losses to Division opponents. they haven’t won a Division game yet.

    If I sounded like I rambled in this post, its only because I’m following the example of my Cardinals on the field. Kidding. I’m kidding.

    I love my Cards. Win or lose I’ll follow them till I die and beyond. Here’s to winning out and seeing where it takes us.

  16. By Dynosoar on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply


    Spot on!

    Elite QB’s throw for a first down or a touchdown on third downs, all others throw and expect the reciever to then make yards after the catch.

    Is it the play calling, the QB or some combination thereof. I don’t know. I do know Warner, Manning, Roethlis??? ok Big Ben, Brady, Favre, Young, Aikman, Montanna, all of the greats threw for the first down.

    As to interceptions, Favre holds the record for most touchdowns and for most interceptions. One cannot be great without interceptions.

  17. By jocards on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    In my opinion coach painted himself into a corner when he lifted Skelton in favor of Lindley in Atlanta. The team was leading and though the offense was not largely responsible for that lead there was no need to pull the trigger at that point. To me the timing of the switch was ill advised. Kolb is not ready to return so Whisenhunt would have to either stick with Lindley or go back to Skelton for the Rams, Jets, etc…Were he to go back to Skelton at that/this point it would make his decision in Atlanta look even more bizarre. IMO going to Lindley would only make sense if Kolb were nearly ready to play…..that way you at least give yourself some options moving forward.

  18. By EDijkstra on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    I agree with starting Lindley. It’s too early to pass judgment on him, and we know what we’ve got in Kolb and Skelton.

    I am also concerned that the team seemed to give up . Very disturbing. I can tolerate almost anything in my team except that.

    It seems like the defense almost always takes at least one series off, regardless. That may not be fair – obviously they are the better unit this year.

    As I said before, I think it was a mistake to build the defense ahead of the offense. It takes a long time for an offense to come together, and it can’t come together at all without a good O line. As we have seen, with the right people a defense, even a complex one, can come together in half a year.

  19. By Dynosoar on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    My game plan for the rest of the season.

    Throw the ball to Larry Fitzgerald 30 time per game.

    Split the remaining 50 or so offensive plays 20 runs and 30 screens and passes to the reamining offensive playmakers.

    I believe the makeup of this team is for passes and screens. Let’s play to our strengths and then when Wells, Powell and the Hyphen do run, they’ll have surprise on their side.

    Powell is a great back, he can run and catch. Potentially devastating.

    Throw the ball to Fitz! As soon as he’s double and tripple teamed, throw it to someone else for a huge play and then throw it to Fitz again.

    It’s probably good I’m not head coach, I’d play simply and predictably.

  20. By "Whiz n Punt-goodbye" on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    At this point it really doesn’t matter who our QB is, Manning would be a joke with this pathetic team and most likely would of been killed by this point. I think Whiz should go but he won’t since he is still owed money. The problem is the pathetic ownership and GM of the Cards that is so cheap it is killing the team. They have even made Fitz a joke at this point and I am sure he will DEMAND a trade this off season as the problems are way deeper than can be repaired in a off season. Just excited to see what dead beats they bring in this year in FA and don’t see the QB addressed in the draft. Maybe some more washed up Steeler rejects. Thank god we have great weather here and can do something else outdoors on game days. 4-12 is going to happen and I am seeing a beat down next week against the Jets as I am sure Ryan could out coach Whiz any day.

  21. By Rio on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Gary above me has it right, the play calling is sick on third and fourth down, always short of first down marker. Lindley can’t throw more than 15 yards with accurity. OC has to go.

    William Gay is such a joke can’t dfefend can’t tackle.

  22. By Peter in Canada on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Johnthedraftguy – “One and only one off-season can fix the Cards”. Only if they get a QB. They can draft the best linemen but we currently have nothing that resembles a number 1 QB. Kolb is as close as it gets but the last three seasons he has been off the field more than on it and when available he has been inconsistent. The other two are light years away from even that status. The draft class of QB’s looks unpromising so it must be through F.A. or a trade.

  23. By Sabot on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Best commentary I have seen in a long time. It is nice to see people keeping their heads and not spouting nonsense.

    …hope I didnt just jinx this thread.

  24. By clssylssy on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Very well said Gary…it amazes me that Mike Miller has not been held accountable during the ENTIRE season. And, to think our front office went with Miller over Haley??? We’ve endured the Lindley experiment, now let’s put somebody back in with some size and a physical presence that will be able to at least get the ball down field. I’ll all for accountability but it’s a cheap shot when one person is singled out as a scapegoat; tends to kinda shake the necessary trust factor. The Cards aren’t the only team with internal “issues” this season…seems to be an ailment begun in the off season with the Saints witch hunt and evidence that never existed, the “player safety” rhetoric in the face of a season with probably the most serious injuries in history and, of course, we started the season with the scab refs miscalling a game on national TV in front of millions in which the NFL refused to hold anybody accountable or be accountable and overturn the game…I guess this season played out exactly as we should have expected!

  25. By Kevin S on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Gary —

    The straw that broke the camel’s back may have been Skelton missing that pass to Fitz, but come on… he’s the lowest rated QB in the NFL among qualifiers, in his third season of getting significant playing time. So it’s not like he was benched for missing one pass.

    Look, I don’t think Lindley is the guy either, but it’s hardly shocking that a rookie QB threw some INT’s in his first start. (Check out the lines of Brandon Weeden and Andrew Luck in their first starts this year — Weeden had 4 INT’s, Luck had 3, and those are first-round talents). Lindley’s 4th INT was irrelevant anyway given it was on 4th down, and therefore no different than an incompletion. Lindley looked pretty good on those 3 scoring drives in the first half.

    As far as why “anybody on the planet” can explain why Lindley is not benched after his performance, the simple answer is to see what we’ve go. We’ve given Skelton parts of 3 seasons to prove he can be effective. It hasn’t happened. Given where the team is now at 4-7 with no (realistic) playoff chances, what’s the point of putting him back in there now. Everyone is assuming Kolb is the starter whenever he’s ready, which sounds like it will not be this week, but assume it is the next week vs. SEA, or perhaps the week after. How are the team’s fortunes going to be materially different by inserting Skelton back in for 1 or 2 games? Conversely, getting Lindley some real-world playing time could be significant in determining our future plans. (Some would even argue, as John the draft guy does above, that you just play Lindley for the rest of this year — i.e., even Kolb doesn’t go back in. I personally would play Kolb when he’s back as I think he still could be our future QB, but while reasonable people might differ on this point, I don’t see too many people not named sarah or Big Red on this blog still arguing that Skelton has a future as the starting QB for the Cardinals.)

  26. By Kevin S on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Side note — Michael Floyd is starting to make a few more catches (16 in the past 4 games after 8 in the first 7 games), but man… given our QB issues, spending a #1 pick on a receiver continues to look more and more foolish.

  27. By sarah on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Jets fans and D got to love this move !! Whiz is insane end of story, I used to think he was a good coach but now he has just lost it. He strips Skeltons confidence and now offers Lindley as if he is a future star while he makes 4 INT’s. It was no time for rookie tryout, if Skelton had lost ATL then Lindley should have come in. Lindley is roadkill in NY and the fans will love it ! FIRE WHIZ and MIKE MILLER !!!!

  28. By hotValleySun on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Tom Brady is an exception to the rule that 5th, 6th or 7th round QBs don’t pan out.

    If Kevin Kolb is healthy he should start. He is the best QB on Cards depth chart. Let’s see what Kolb has in him in the next 5 games.

  29. By Raxan on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply


    I appreciate your optimism and that you supply data with your points. For me I think we should look at replacing the GM, the buck stops with him as he has the final say on the football operations side. When KW left we had a big hole at QB and we knew we had Oline problems. Also the loss of Todd Haley hurt us. RG should have insisted on getting a replacement for KW using a high draft pick prospect to develop. QB is by far the most important position not only in football, but more important as a position than in any other team sport. He should have gone after Todd Haley as soon as he was cut loose from his HC position with the Chiefs. And started building an Oline. Let the new GM make the decisions on the coaching staff, etc.

    Do you post on the message board?, I have stopped doing much posting there, it is so full of negativity and emotionally overwrought posters. Hard for me to stomach it sometimes

    Go Cardinals!

  30. By Scott H on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Lindley gets the blame for none of what happened yesterday, as far as I am concerned. He is a rookie QB and rookie QB’s should NOT be asked to win games for a team in their first start.

    Why would the Rams NOT take the approach of making a rookie QB beat them??? Letting a rookie QB beat you is something the Cardinals would do, sorry to say. But the Rams took EXACTLY the approach they should have taken and they were more than up to the task. Good for them. And for those keeping score, the Rams have now throttled us TWICE this year. Oh, what a feeling, huh?

    That said, I hope Lindley will start from here out. However, I’m sure this coaching staff will instead take the totally foolish approach they they are still in the race and they need to win games. What crap that is. This team is awful, period, and they are NOT in the race. The race is over. Any team that loses 7 in a row is NOT in the race.

    We know what Kolb is. He is a talented QB who MIGHT be good enough to lead a team to the playoffs. But is now certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that he CANNOT STAY HEALTHY. He’s not the answer.

    We know what Skelton is. He is NOT a starting QB in this league. He’s fine as a back-up as long as you don’t need your back-up to take over for half a season and beyond. He’s not the answer.

    That leaves Lindley. Do the smart thing, for once, and start finding out about your future NOW. As stated, this season is over. Going back to Kolb at this point is the most useless thing you could do. He already probably has very little trade value. Let him play and get hurt AGAIN, and you just diminish that even further.

    See it for what it is ( another lost season ) and start looking toward the future NOW. As a fan, I can be OK with that. I am NOT OK with the foolish charade that we are still in it and need to give ourselves the best chance to win this season. i would rather not have my intelligence insulted that way, thank you.

    Once again, our team is about as irrelevant as it gets. We might as well be the Jaguars or the Chiefs or the Browns or the Raiders. Real friggin good company to be is…

  31. By sarah on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Lindley = Max Hall without the raw raw and more interceptions, Hall won his first game . Lindley lost big time in ATL with one INT and got us 6 points, he handed STL 14 points and almost 21. Whizenhunt is protecting his own bad decision, in coaching that is unheard of for not getting fired.In Lindley Whiz has planted the seeds of his own demise, especially going into NYC. At least Skelton is a fan favourite there given his college ball . The NY Post is laughing at this one !

    Reality is that Whiz is purposely going out of his way to destroy someone ( Skelton who played well his previous game), he is making him the scapegoat of the season for a missed pass to now save his own ass. If Skelton came back in ATL and won or even put in and won in STL that would have made Whiz’s move just outright ridiculous, forget head scratching ! If he played well in NY.. even worse cause it would reflect poorly on Whiz for throwing the season for a rookie.

    Either way Whiz is now Jon Gruden per Tampa 09, if he is not released I will be beyond hugely surprised. Kolb also has not proven down the stretch or season that he is the guy ( either in Philly or Cards), he is like a rag doll getting injured all the time and other teams know it, he is not sustainable long term. He played tough after call out Oakland game but he is breakable with a bad OL protection and runs around fleeing/buying time. We got three close wins which were great, last season could have been the same but it went the other way.

    We needed a season with Kolb or Skelton, now we are pre-season with Lindley and the Jets will be hungry for him fully knowing the line has a new center. Lindley is no answer and is just a fill in for Whiz until draft time, he is the raison d’etre for Whiz’s immature stubborn move. If there was another OQ like Bartel he would be starting ! We are back to the Max Hall madness ! Jets game we will be running the ball the whole time and they will know it fast, either that or short passes, cover 2 D and some blitzing. In the Viking game Minn never even blitzed and they had great penetration

  32. By Chris on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Sarah, do you even understand the game of football? Or are you in some way related to Skelton? He was given three partial seasons to prove himself and did nothing! We are at the point where we are looking at evaluating player development, so yes, Lindley is the right choice. 7quarters is not nearly enough time to see what we’ve got in him, he should play out. We are done this year anyway, time to see if he can develop. Which Skelton did NOT!

  33. By jocards on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    So some folks believe the team should start Lindley at QB because we already know what we have in the “other guys”. Okay, we already know what we have in Fitzgerald, should we sit him too? I do understand evaluating players and making determinations about what is needed moving forward but in the NFL you are expected to play the players that give you the best chance to win and that is particularly true when your team is 4-5 (in Atlanta) and still had at least a chance to make something of the season….Once the season has gotten away from a team then changes like this make some sense. I am no Skelton believer; in fact I think he is nothing more than a serviceable backup but I do not believe that Lindley gives the team a better chance to win in the here and now. He appears no more accurate than does Skelton and is obviously every bit as prone to making bad decisions with the football. It isn’t the move to Lindley that really bothers me though it is the timing of the move. It put the team in a box with no place to turn except back in the same direction. Kolb isn’t ready; Skelton was benched during a game that the team was leading 13-0 so what choice do we have now? None, its Lindley now ready or not and the season is lost.

  34. By Sir60 on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Whiz has said over and over that the plays are there and we are just not executing. I agree and then we go to Atlanta and we get a 13 to 0 lead with a great opportunity to go up 20-0 and Skelton misses a toss to a wide open Fitz in the end zone. A throw that I could have made. I would have benched Skelton too. I would also stay with Lyndley, the rest of the year, just to see what we’ve got. We already know that Kolb and Skelton are not the answer.

    I believe coaching has failed in many of our losses. The Rams made adjustments to shut down the short pass and pressure the QB but our offense did not adjust or did not execute.

  35. By Jetstreamgreen81 on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    I hate the losing more than anybody but we are what I knew we were but didn’t want to admit it. Medicore. The losing is getting our draft class experience and playing time to see if they are for real. Lindley should start the rest of the year to see what he can do with extended practice/playing time. It is good for Potter and Massie the experience they have been getting and both seem to be coming along nicely. I would like to Kelemente get playing time as well and sit Snyder’s butt. He hasn’t been worth it in my opinion. Play Flemming instead of Gay and give Bethel more playing time as well. Is it me, or did Carter seem to be a beast out there yesterday! Why hasn’t he gotten more playing time? While I think Whis has been the best coach in the Arizona days, I hate the same old lines after each loss and would love to have someone like Tomlin who can’t stand to lose and seems to show he actually cares about winning and losing. No wonder Pittsburg hired him instead of Whis. Enough of the complaining. Play the youngsters and give Bradley a chance these last 5 games to see what he can do. He restructered his deal to help the Cards and they don’t even play him.

  36. By NJAzCardsFan on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Everyone here should realize without an Offensive Line that can perform like a real NFL line the Cards aren’t going anywhere. I doubt Manning would have survived playing behind this line without some significant injury. I fault Grimm on this, as he is the head line coach and asst coach. From the fan side, I see nothing from him since he has been here. Miller is nothing more than another OC passing thru the Cards revolving door of OC’s. Yes, Haley should have been brought back. But keep in mind his effectiveness would have been deminished as Warner is gone. Hopefully, the Cards will keep Whiz and re-build the O-line and hire some more competent OL/OC coaches……. Fitz, the team and the fans deserve better…..

  37. By Kevin S on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    I wonder how many of the fans now bashing Lindley were thinking after the first half of yesterday’s game, “hey, this kid looks pretty good… he threw one pick 6 but he’s also led us on 3 scoring drives and we’re up 17-14.” It’s easy to criticize based on the results after the fact but I’ll bet a lot of people were on the Lindley bandwagon after 30 minutes of football on Sunday.

    Jocards — I agree that the timing of the Lindley move, coming after only 7 passes in a game we were leading, put the team in a box, making it almost impossible to go back to Skelton. But when, then, is the right time for the move? Only after mathematical elimination? Even one of the most ardent Skelton backers on this board says above that if Skelton had lost ATL then it’s time for Lindley. Why when the team is 4-5 and in the midst of a 5-game losing streak is it not the time, but when they are 4-6 and still not out of the playoff race, with a home game against a division opponent, it would be? The only time these decisions don’t get second-guessed is when they work perfectly. Which is to say, almost never.

  38. By Campbells on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    So, let’s let you diehard Whiz supporters have it your way. Let’s just let Lindley get experience as a starter for the remainder of this year, next year, and every other. In fairness to those of us that feel Whiz and his boys have made this team a joke, the deal-breaker will be when Lindley misses a wide-open receiver. It’ll probably never happen, because Skelton is the only QB poor enough to do that. Oh wait, Eli missed a wide-open receiver on Sunday night while in the process of destroying the Packers. Coach Coughlin really messed-up by not yanking him out of the game!!! Ryan missed everyone and still beat us!!! Thank goodness Whizmania has no influence with winning teams. Comments have also been made by fans new to this game, that Whiz will land another HC position if the Cards run him off. If he’s very lucky, someone will hire him as a coordinator. On a positive note, he’s really got a knack with QB’s, so a QB coach would be a nice fit (NOT)!!! Bidwells, if you’re reading these posts, stadium sellouts might not be a sure thing in 2013. Sarah, whoever you are, I agree with your insights.

  39. By Havasu Tom on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Hi Darren,
    How many dropped passes for Fitz this season. Thanks!

  40. By Darren Urban on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Havasu —

    RE: Fitz drops

    I don’t have that info. I will try to track that down.

  41. By Red cards on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Come on fans look what I did for you I took you to a SB how dare you question the almighty whiz just shut your dumb faces let me do whatever I want even if it seems like I’m being pigheaded it wasn’t Warner that took us to the SB it was me that’s why when he left we haven’t even made the playoffs don’t blame me when it goes wrong but when it goes right i had better get the Credit

  42. By john the draft guy on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply


    you said;
    So some folks believe the team should start Lindley at QB because we already know what we have in the “other guys”. Okay, we already know what we have in Fitzgerald, should we sit him too?

    Maybe I should be more clear. We know the other 2 QBs have no future in AZ. Skelton will struggle to stay in the league and Kolb cant play 5 games in a row. Plus, you really dont see much growth from him. He stares down receivers, has poor pocket presence, and as I said before, there are 25 QBs I would take in the league over him.We need to do better
    There is no reason to go back to those two guys.We have seen their best and its not good enough. I dont believe they give us the best chance to win.

    Lindley had some good moments and some bad moments. Can he clean up the bad moments? That can only be found out if we play him. I just think his upside can be better than the other two. Please be clear, I am not going to anoint him and even if he plays well, I am drafting a QB. I have made it very clear, we need to draft a QB. It just makes sense to move forward with Lindley the rest of the year.

  43. By DontTakeLoses on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Lindley threw darts most of the time. Max Hall had hands so small he couldn’t even hold on to the ball with only one hand, true. To compare Lindley and Hall is absurd. Lindley choked on 3 or 4 passes and it cost us. You could see him live (and on the tape, pull the string…) That simple, so don’t degrade the guy for being what he is.. a rookie who threw fo 60% and 300.

    Btw, Skelton is out because he started a dozen games, over a 2 year period, 2 for 7 or 2 for 9, to begin games… he proved repeatedly he is unable to perform until its too late. Insanity would be to stick with him and expect anything better, so it’s “next”, “let’s see what you got”. Lindley has talent. Will he be worth a darn? Who knows? That’s why we play the games..

    But to suggest Whiz should go because he didn’t stick with a guy who has proven he is unable to stay in the league… that’s insane, self serving crap.

    The SB year we were virtually injury free. this year, we lose 2 OTs, 2G’s for a game or two, 1 or 2 TEs for a game or 6, a FB and TE who plays FB for 4-5 games, top 2 RB for 8 games or more and that’s before we even consider that lost Kolb.. who had 3 INT in 5 games and rarely fumbles, even when pummeled with a matador OL. Compare TD/INT ratios of our QBs. Kolb’s our QB folks.

    If Kolb plays injury free, we’re 7-4, or 6-5, not 4-7… even with all the offensive injuries. The talent in the league is so close that the loss of 2 or 3 key guys matters. We lost 5 or 6 at a time. Few teams are that deep.

    And Whiz has not lost the team from where we sat, he has lost those of little faith, a small minority of weak character players… who won’t be back, as usual.

    Go Cards. We’re with you.. every play.

  44. By Credit Card on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    As long as the elephants, tigers, and giraffes are in town; so is the circus.

  45. By Kevin S on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Scott H —

    Re: Kolb and trade value — I understand some people think we shouldn’t play Kolb any more, and that thinking has merit, but certainly not out of a desire to keep him from getting hurt to maintain trade value. His trade value is close to zero at this point anyway, especially with his current contract. If you can’t win the QB job outright for a team with a QB problem as big as ours, and you’ve been unable to play more than half a season for three years, how many NFL teams would view you as an improvement over their current QB situation? Remember, we couldn’t get anything for Leinart in 2010 and just ended up releasing him. If we give up on Kolb that seems like the most likely scenario to me.

  46. By john the draft guy on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply


    You said;
    If Kolb plays injury free, we’re 7-4 or 6-5.

    You can’t ignore the fact that 3 years in a row he can’t string together 9 games, let alone 16 games. He was injured twice last year. Twice in 2010. Will miss 6 games at least this year.

    After 3 years, you can call it a history.
    Sometimes you have to say it is what it is.

  47. By sarah on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Don’t take losses,

    Lindley is 0 -2 badly with no upside, Max hall was better as was Bartel who had professional football experience. Hell we could grab a CFL guy for cheaper that what we pay Lindley and they will have lots of pro experience and strong arm and mobility. He is about as unproven as they come and not worth risking a season on for game time reps. Whiz is gone this season if we have good ownership. Who knows how Kolb would have factored over 16 games, his max seems to be 5 or 6 even in Philly. With Skelton we knew what we had, bad start but strong finish if line protected ( even Manning would be road kill in all those losses with bad line protection ). He was coming off a great second half in GB, threw for over 300 yards with 7 key drops. In Buffalo in OT if LSH had not dropped ball it would have been the game. Also in overtime a QB has to take chances cause it is sudden death. Kolb was losing the game.

    Lindley as much as some of the delusionals above have to figureis that he is a rookie out of college who has not even seen a real NFL blitz. When you are trying to get a win a rookie is not good enough for playoff contention . SF’s defence would have killed this guy and same for GB and Minnesota, Atlanta did not show up that day. Those passes he flopped up against STL were street or sandlot football stuff end of story. Whiz is dreaming and covering his ass here, Skelton saved him last year with a 6-2 record ( 7 if you count SF ). Lindley is a neophyte being hyped at the wrong time and place, season is over and coach threw in the towel over one play which cost 4 points. Lindley cost 14 last game served up, could have been 21 and the score 40 something to 17, he should have been pulled.

    Whiz will be overexposed after the Jets disaster.

  48. By Darren Urban on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Sarah —

    RE: two things

    1) No, you could not get a QB cheaper than Lindley. He is making the rookie minimum salary. Lets try to keep the actual facts being thrown out there as facts.

    2) It’s great you want to post, but enough with the foul language. This is the second time I’ve cleaned up a post because you clearly put some time into it. No more. Foul language anywhere will get the comment automatically deleted.

  49. By Chris on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Thank you, Darren! The two worst things in an opinion based comment, to me, are unsubstantiated/inaccurate facts, and inappropriate language that is irrelevant to the opinion. Add into that, the inability to spell “defense” correctly and the post simply becomes painful to read.

  50. By Noah on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    You know what I wouldn’t do if I were starting a rookie quarterback? Have him throw the ball 50 times. The cardinals all but abandoned the run in the second half despite leading the game by 3. The rest of the NFC West is getting better and it looks like the cardinals will once again find themselves in the basement of the division. I feel for all the players who are playing their hearts out, I think terrible gameplanning and predictable playcalling is setting them up for failure. Also, it seems like the coaching staff is trying to find a QB who can execute their system rather than creating a system that works for that particular player. Unless Kolb, Skelton, Lindley, Hall, Anderson, etc… all happened to have the exact same skill set in which case I would concede.

  51. By truths4all on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    It is the weak minded that keeps hiding behind injuries. Every team has injuries. Every team has back-ups they worked hard to get so there is very drop off when the starters go out.

    But NOT the Cards. Under Whisenhut, we can see with hindsight that he knows nothing about QBs or offensive linemen. Disagree? What about DA, Max Hall, mis–managing and mis-developing Leinart, Kolb, Skelton, and now Lindley before he is ready? How about not making sure there were competent NFL level offensive linemen ready to play when the starters go down.

    All we see are excuses, especially from fans who cannot see reality and keep thinking Whisenhut was the reason the Cards had any success in the Super Bowl years. If so, why did the bottom fall out of the Cards winning ways when Kurt Warner left? You know you don’t have an honest answer for that.

  52. By Cert 33 on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Comparing Lindley to Max Hall is ridiculous. Max Hall was Undrafted because he was deemed by the scouts to be too small to play QB in the NFL. He ended being a “local boy” undrafted walk-on during 2010 pre-season. Ryan Lindley in 2010 led the Nation in passing for several weeks during 2010 and shredded a highly touted Navy defense in the 2010 Holiday bowl. Lindley was always considered to be an NFL prospect by the scouts because of his size and arm strength.

  53. By jocards on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    @ john the draft guy

    I understand what you’re saying about the QB situation, really I do. I just think that there is a very delicate balance when it comes to throwing an inexperienced QB into the mix and “seeing what you have” vs. putting a guy on the field that gives you the best chance to win today. This is after all the NFL and not some developmental league. IMO you owe it to the team and to the integrity of the entire NFL to put your best team on the field in an attempt to win every Sunday. Now clearly reasonable people can understand that when a team’s season has slipped away there does come a time to give guys playing time in order to assess them and determine whether or not they are going to be a part of your future plans. That is my problem with the move to Lindley…the timing of it. The team at 4-5 still had a chance to make something of their season and were leading on the road during what potentially could have been an enormous win that might have really changed the vibe around the team. I think the timing of the move was ill advised and with Kolb still not ready we really have no options but to stick with the kid no matter how he plays. Again, the timing of this change is what bothers me far more than the change itself.

  54. By jocards on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    @ Kevin S

    I understand what you are trying to get at but just for the sake of clarity I didn’t say that if the team went to 4-6 it would’ve been the right time for Lindley. IMO it would’ve been a more appropriate time than early in the Atlanta game though. Give Lindley a full week of practice with the first team, etc…Personally though I think I would’ve waited until after the Rams game and taken a look where the team stood. Just my opinion.

  55. By Campbells on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    If you’re going to use stats to tout Lindley, then get them right. Skelton lost 2-games last year. Wouldn’t have lost both, if Doucet hadn’t tripped over his own 2-feet. He lost 3-as a starter this year. Only 1-pick in each of those games. Completion % just as good as Lindley. 2-for 7 in Atlanta after 2-weeks off. Yanked with 13-point lead. Go ahead and root for Lindley. Hasn’t won a game. I bet he’ll lose every game he starts. Who wouldn’t root for him??? Even losers need a fan base

  56. By john the draft guy on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Jo cards,
    I agree with the point about timing. I thought the move to yank Skelton in Atlanta raised an eyebrow. If he wasnt practicing well or you have no believe in him, then start Lindley.

    On the other hand, starting Lindley goes back to sending the wrong message to the team.

    So there we are in a no win situation because we didn’t address the QB situation in the offseason. Well, not properly.

    People are yelling for Whiz’s head because he had the choice between a 6th round rookie or a really bad QB.

    My point is, I know Skelton is bad. I’m not sure about Lindley. So what do I do? Once you made that decision, stick with it and see it out. Don’t play rotating QBs the last 5 games.. Which was the original point I made, I know what the other two guys bring to the table, let’s see what this kid has. Maybe, just maybe, he gives us the best chance to win.

  57. By donttakelosses on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Attaboy Darren.

    Go Cards, we win in NY.

  58. By Eric Hutchins on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    It always surprises me how much I seem to disagree with the majority of the vocal Cardinal fans. All of the negativity about Kolb, all of the negativity about Whiz. So much of it way out of touch IMO.
    I currently live in Houston and all of this whining reminds me a lot of the endless parade of know-it-all loudmouthed fans getting on every media channel possible two years ago DEMANDING the firing of Gary Kubiack, the same ones saying that Matt Schaub was worthless and that he could never stay healthy and they should just cut him right then. Funny where did all those people go? if you read/listen to the media now (talk shows, write in, etc) you would swear that everyone in the town could see the current Texan good fortune coming.
    Fortunately for the Texans, the owner didn’t listen to those morons, and the coach didn’t either.
    I think the analogy to the situation in Arizona is very good ( with one exception I will get to later). IMO there is very very little difference between the top 20-25 teams in the NFL in any given season. What it comes down to is A injuries, B Schedule (not just which teams, but when in season a team is faced, etc) C. Luck
    What are the major differences between the Texans and the Cardinals, who both started out hot? 1. Their best QB is healthy, ours is not. 2. they are 3 deep at running back and only one is hurt, we are 2 deep at running back and both are hurt. 3. They had more quality and depth at O-line. 4. They have had only one significant injury this season MLB, we have had Many.
    Did Kubiack become a genius in the last 2 years? No, Did Schuab have his body replaced? No, yes Wade Phillips has helped but the primary change in the defense was the additions of JJ Watt, and Daniel Manning, and the other safety who I cant remember his name at the moment). Maybe you can see where I am going here.
    and that is:
    If there is any blame to lay around this team it rests squarely with Rod Graves. Not Whiz, not the staff, not the players in general (all though a few should go). GRAVES. How in the WORLD do you draft a wide receiver number one when your O-line is as bad as ours, and has no depth? it doesn’t matter if Jerry Rice is out there with Fitz, if there is no threat to run and no time to pass who cares who is running routes? Why do we have NO depth at running back when our Number one guy is as injury prone as Beanie and out other is coming of major surgery? There were/are plent of older free agents out there who could have complimented Fitz for a year or two and a very low price tag, and used the draft choice on a lineman.

    If we had a running back and could protect just a little ,Kolb would surprise all of you. IMO he IS a NFL caliber QB who CAN get it done.

    Whiz IS a good coach, again IMO in the top 20 coaches in the league. If you cut him loose are you CERTAIN that you are going to get an upgrade? I seriously doubt it. We (the organization), needs to stop trying to fix the things that arent broken and focus on the things that are.

  59. By Mike in Mesa on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply


    Sarah makes valid points. You do not. Skelton has done nothing? He pulled their behinds out of the fire last year. He came in as a rookie 2 years ago and beat Dallas his first game. He had 3 good games yardage wise before he was yanked. He had his best game as a pro in the Green Bay game this year, 300 yards, I TD and 1 Int. If the receivers had caught just half of their 7 drops Cards win the game. Skelton maybe has 400 yards. And Whiz costs us the Atlanta game, not Skelton. Did Atlanta yank Ryan after 5 int.? Or Whiz yank Lindley after 4 int.? Or St. Louis after their QBs mediocre performance? No. But Whiz has to make a knee jerk, egotistical decision. So all of you can quit bashing Skelton saying we know what he has as a QB when he hasn’t been given a chance yet this year. You don’t name a starting QB and do what this coaching staff has done. Whiz has made some terrible QB decisions while he’s here. I really hope Skelton gets a chance to play with another team so he can really show what he can do. Talent evaluation on this team is suspect. And in my opinion Sarah has a much better grasp of football than you.

  60. By Mike in Mesa on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Eric Hutchins

    Boy New England and Pittsburgh must get lucky a lot. So your point is its nobodys fault on the Cardinals? They are just unlucky?

  61. By Eric Hutchins on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Mike in Mesa.
    Really, that is all you got from what I wrote. Pretty sad.

  62. By Eric Hutchins on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Mike in Mesa,
    Skelton will NEVER start for another NFL team again in the first game of a season. He very well may stick as a back up somewhere else, and get a chance to start because of injury but, he is Derek Anderson, he is NOT an NFL starter. His opportunity has come and gone. In my opinion.

  63. By Eric Hutchins on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Mike in Mesa,
    How did we beat New England this year?

  64. By jocards on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    @ Mike in Mesa

    Understand that I am not bashing you or your post….We all have our opinions. You want Skelton to get his chance with another team to show what he can do. Let me ask you, just what other team’s starting QB do you see Skelton being able to replace? I will be honest, I just don’t see it but again we all see things differently here.

  65. By BJ in Lewes, DE on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Agree with Mike in Mesa. Skelton had a good game against Green Bay and got little support from receivers. He should not have been benched in the Atlanta game with the team up 13-0. He can throw long, short and in-between. Remember, Eli Manning didn’t really start to roll until his 4th season. Now he’s one of the top 5 QBs. So hang in with Skelton.

  66. By Cert 33 on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    I liked Skelton and thought he showed promise in his rookie season and last year. Unfortunately, he seems to have lost his “swagger” this season and is overcautious and inaccurate. I believe if he were waived tommorow, you would not see him again in the NFL, no other team would be interested.

  67. By Scott H on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Kevin S –

    I fear that you may be correct about Kolb’s trade value at this point and i think that was reflected in the post you responded to. As far as I’m concerned, there is no reason to play Kolb again this year. To be quite honest, my biggest fear about that would be that kolb comes back, plays well, and the team wins enough games to finish, say, 7-9. That is the WORST possible scenario. Because it gets us NOWHERE this year, it creates the illusion that we have momentum going into NEXT year, and it puts us further down in the draft order.

    In short, there is NOTHING to be gained by trying to win games down the stretch this year.

    Let Lindley play and see what you have. That is the ONLY thing to be gained at this point.

  68. By Scott H on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Eric Hutchins –

    Excuse me, but how do you refer to fans being rightly pissed off about 7 straight losses and a team that appears to be nowhere near being relevant as whining??? As far as I am concerned, fans of this team have every right to be sounding off and I am glad that they are. This is not whining, dude. This is a passionate fan base that is mad as hell and isn’t gonna stand for what has been around here the past three seasons.

    You make some fair points in your post – some that I agree with whole-heartedly – but be careful what you refer to as whining!

  69. By sarah on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply


    Average CFL QB makes around $150- $200,000, if starting $300,000. Talk to Marc Trestman or Joe Theisman about the quality of QB’s up there, bigger field and lots of throwing.

    I do not use foul language that is a stretch, I think it is more that you try to play the company message and anyone counter you simply tolerate.

    PS) Kevin S and Chris and one and the same, writing style is exactly alike as is the message.

  70. By Darren Urban on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Sarah —

    RE: Salary/foul language

    1) Not sure what that has to do with anything. The CBA dictates minimum salary for any player signing in the NFL. Doesn’t matter if a CFL QB makes $100,000, if he signs with the NFL, he has to make at least rookie minimum salary. So he cannot, by definition, be cheaper than Lindley.

    2) Foul language is foul language. Don’t see how me not letting you use the “s” word is “playing the company message.” Pretty easy for you to make the same points without the bad words. If you choose not to, that’s on you. This isn’t a sarah-specific rule. You just happen to be getting worse about dropping s-bombs.

  71. By sarah on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply


    I have gotten personal attacks on here, bullied by certain people and shown overt sexism yet that is fine with you. Balanced moderating much appreciated. I understand everyone has their opinion, respect mine. Spelling in the non American way also seems bother certain people, defence vs defense by way of example.

  72. By Darren Urban on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Sarah —

    RE: Last comment

    I think it’s fair to say people have taken some shots at you and you have taken some shots at other people. Again, I try to take out the foul language and I try to keep the words toward others to a minimum. But my line is drawn at the foul language.

  73. By Eric Hutchins on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Scott H,
    Agreed I am a little loose with the whining comment, it was primarily meant for the Houston Fans. Their team was so close and they were so foolishly impatient. The could not believe that after “6-7 long years” in the league they still had not made the playoffs. As a 30+ year Cardinal fan it was a bit annoying.
    Yes Cardinal fans do have some reasons to be frustrated. My main point is that it seems misdirected in most cases.

  74. By Sabot on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    With a losing streak such as we have had, you can see how tempers fly! Fans of the same team “hit anything that moves” as DD might say. But use your head and don’t hit Darren Urban!

    I rarely post, but follow these blogs and news posts daily and Darren does a great job of doing what he is paid for- giving us fans information that is important to us and keeps us coming back day after day.

    Sarah’s misinformed comments suggest that Darren is a mouthpiece for the organization and while I am sure that there are some things that he leaves out of his pieces, such as his opinions, but THOSE THINGS ARE EMOTIONAL, not material to us fans. It is his job to write excellent posts, ours is to get emotional about them and scream about it.

    Finally, for all of you calling for Coach Whiz’s head, were you yelling about this when we were 4 & 0? If not, why? If he is a bad coach, he is a bad coach, right? Musta been luck?

  75. By scubasteve12 on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    lol sarah you went a little far for people being sexist towards you. i read the comments daily and im pretty sure no one has called you out for your gender.

  76. By sarah on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply

    By Mike in Mesa on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply
    “Sarah makes valid points. You do not.”

    Wow above !

    I agree with Darren’s assessment below, frankly it is too bad both our QB’s got injured due to bad protection especially Kolb. I would have loved to have seen more of Kolb full season this year to assess, especially the Minn, SF and GB game. Sad that the season is blown and blame is all around with Skelton being the fall guy and permanently in the doghouse. I really don’t get how one game the line is abysmal and the D great, then line good and D so so. The team has been inconsistent all around and some of the play calling not so great and predictable, like LSH going up the middle at the 2 against SF for nothing. Any opposing name with Crabtree on the back has not worked out this year either, we should not play teams with members from the Crabtree family !

    Darren’s brilliant summation below.. which is almost judge like in reasoning is sound, hence I move on or be a fly on the wall here, too time consuming and this season has been beyond frustrating. Last year was exciting chasing a 50% season, this seems like a combination and machination of not rowing in coordination. I don’t think Kolb or Skelton got a full shake is my call and Kolb left on a high note that could easily have been losses against SF, Minn and GB, last two games were an outright farce. I wish Lindley the best Sunday and quit lobbing balls out like it is street ball !

    ”RE: Lindley/Skelton
    I don’t have a whole lot of excitement inserting myself in this argument, in part because IMO it has gotten way too emotional for too many.
    That said, unfortunately, Skelton has not finished this season. He did last season…”

    Felice Navidad

  77. By Eric Hutchins on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply

    Sometimes its what you Don’t see….

    There have been times when your posts have been so annoying to me that I have responded a bit aggressively and in those cases Darren has NOT APPROVED them. I wanted to mention that simply as a way of showing you that he has actually defended you though his control of the site on a number of occasions.

    While I am baffled by the majority of what you say, I totally support you have a right to say it, as long as it doesn’t get to personal or offensive.

  78. By Kevin S on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t know who Chris is but definitely not me.

  79. By Kevin S on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply

    BJ in Lewes —

    Eli was a #1 OA draft pick, so I don’t know how you compare his situation to Skelton. In his first (partial) season he was indeed pretty bad, but by the 2nd he was the full-time guy, had a QBR in the mid-70’s, and 7 more TD’s than INT’s. his potential was pretty clear. I don’t think the team has 2-3 seasons to spend on Skelton to see if he MIGHT develop into an average QB and I haven’t even seen his most ardent supporters say that he has the potential to be a top QB.

  80. By sarah on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply


    If someone’s opinion is annoying to you so be it, welcome to free speech and opinion hence this blog. Darren has not disapproved any posts fyi. You present a straw man’s argument and I leave it a that, people have their agenda’s here and it is a bit much, especially Kevin S who is endless. Should Lindley shine on Sunday bueno, if not let’s try and win unlike the last two games which reverted to pre-season audition in the second half, he should have been pulled after the 3rd Interception (absolutely ridiculous) according to Whiz rules of benching.

    Bowing out

  81. By Dan on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply

    Alex Smith should be available next year…

  82. By johnwimmer on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply

    It seems that the 49ers have chosen their QB for the future (and I don’t blame them), and I have no knowledge of Smith’s contract arrangement with them, but does anyone think that A.S. would be a good fit in the Cardinals system?

  83. By Eric Y on Dec 1, 2012 | Reply

    “Lindley to start”… Best chance to win, my ass!

  84. By Mark Gindlesperger on Dec 2, 2012 | Reply

    If I were a season ticket holder, I would be fuming mad! As the cost of a ticket to watch an NFL team of professionals is so expensive, I am forced to watch the games from my home.I look forward to watching the Cardinals play every week. When I see number 14, Q.B. Lindley trot onto the field, I know I can expect nothing short of doom, shattered records of the dark sides of football legends, continually being erased by new records that only a team like the Cardinals seem to be capable of smashing!
    I heard at the climax of our 4-0 start, that no team with that record had ever failed to make the playoffs. Just one more dark record that the Cards will be smashing to bits this season. I don’t know what is going through coaches minds right now, but winning, I don’t think, is in their mindset or they definitely wouldn’t have ole’ no.14 in the game!
    As for their premier players, losing a game that you could probably win with a quarter back change; how they bite their tongues, after another needless loss, well that is what you and I should be calling the professional part of their jobs, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut with what they must endure. As for the season ticket holders, well I have got to put them up there in the same group as the premier players. They are the true PROFESSIONALS because they paid for those seats and just like the players, they are their at every home game and have to watch the crap that the coaches are putting before you, and for what, next years draft pick or just stupidity or who really knows why they are intent on one more lost season. They get their money, win or lose, do you get a rebate for your ticket if thet lose? No, well maybe they need to be held a little more accountable to their fans that really do pay, win or lose!!!

  85. By Eazy E on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    Why Whiz have you screwed us up this way??

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