No decision yet for QB at Seattle

Posted by Darren Urban on December 3, 2012 – 11:36 am

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he has not yet made a decision on who his starting quarterback will be in Seattle. He wants to watch the video with his coaches and go from there. Kevin Kolb is an unknown still as he comes back from injury. Asked if he planned on having Kolb return at some point, Whisenhunt said “I sure hope so.” Here is a portion of Whiz’s Q and A with reporters about the quarterback position and how Ryan Lindley played yesterday.

Q: You mentioned yesterday part of the problem was that receivers weren’t making the right reads. Is that a function of practice time with Lindley, or is that something that would be in place regardless of the quarterback?

A: “We didn’t play very well yesterday in the receiving part of it. That means getting off press coverage, running good routes, being in the right spots in routes. Sometimes, when you play a team that pressures like they do, you have to be able to sight adjust or make the correct adjustments to your routes and we didn’t do a very good job with that. We didn’t help Ryan out very much with that.”

Q: With that game, five first downs, oh-for-15 on third downs, yet you cited the best chance to win the game was not change the quarterback. The fan base is pretty upset with that decision.

A: “I understand that. But like I said, we didn’t help Ryan out very much yesterday. There were a lot of areas we had problems. We are looking for the right combination to be effective offensively. We talked about it on the sideline, we talked about what was going on during the game. It was a combination of a number of different things besides the quarterback.”

Q: By your own criteria, a couple of weeks ago, you were going to hold everyone to strict standards and if they weren’t doing their job, you could make a change. So (Lindley) is doing his job?

A: “Like I said, I don’t think anyone did their job well enough yesterday offensively. The quarterback is the focal point of that. But that’s part of what we have to go through today and evaluate that.”

Q: Do you know where you go at quarterback going forward?

A: “We’ve got to look at it with the players today, understand why we had the breakdowns that we did, and then we will decide from that point.”

Q: Is there a realistic chance Kevin Kolb can play this week?

A: “The only way we will know is when he can do it in practice. He has made progress. But until he can get out there and see he can make those throws, then we will know.”

Q: Are you sticking with Ryan?

A: “I said we will watch the tape today and look at with the players where we had the breakdowns. There are a lot of things you don’t know from the perspective of what everyone is looking at why we were not successful.”

Q: Did you lose confidence in John Skelton?

A: “I wouldn’t say I lost confidence in John’s ability.”

Q: To follow up, you said it crossed your mind to play him …

A: “We talked about it in the course of the game. But when you play a team that gives you a multitude of different looks and how it is being communicated, at the point where you have to make that (QB) change, you have to understand, is it because the guy in there is not playing well? Because you are going to lose a lot of what you have gone through in the first parts of the game as far as understanding the protections and where the sights are and where the checks are.”

Q: To follow that up then, you mentioned (after the game) Ryan was doing a good job with the schematics. Does that mean John wasn’t doing a good job?

A: “I never said that.”

Q: Did John not understand?

A: “We were talking (after the game) about Ryan. The decision we made about John, we’ve already talked about. We don’t need to go back and revisit that.”

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  1. By kardnullfan on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Lindley is not ready to play in the NFL, and it is obvious to just about everybody who has watched the last three games. Whiz’s comments above, and after the game yesterday insult the intelligence of the fans and players. Sad end to the Cards career of what was once a very promising coach….

  2. By BiRdBrAiN1974 on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Sorry but does it really matter any more? Keep Lindley in so we can get a better draft choice. We need to draft an offensive line that can protect Kolb. We spent to much money on him to trade and he has little value. I know this may sound strange But what IF we were to trade Larry (At his request) to a contending team, load up on some draft picks and some quality players in return. Larry would be able to get a ring, it will be several years before we can even get a sniff of that in Az. Just a thought— When you only get 2 or 3 passes to you all game long what are we loosing? Really?

  3. By donttakelosses on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Dang, cross examined.. vultures picking at the carc(as_).

  4. By Carl on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    After 8 straight losses and a loss like that…No Real Change? This is the NFL, fire OC Miller and instill better play making decisions and plays…10 QBs can’t have success with it? Doesn’t add up at all….Should have had Haley back. If Whiz doesn’t make this move then fire him and replace with Horton. I’m done with Beanie as well….always hurt and non-productive. I’d rather see Powell till next year. Let’s go Cardinals!

  5. By AndyStandsUp on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    You guys forgot to ask Whisenhunt about the possibility of McNabb. 🙂

    Ken’s answers seem hypocritical and irresponsible of blame, not to menion rote. But the atmosphere you presented at the presser seems tension-filled. (And by right, ought to be.)
    Darren, which season has been tougher to cover, this year or 2010?

  6. By Darren Urban on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    AndyStands —

    RE: 2010

    Wait — what happened in 2010? That was like, 17 years ago, right?

  7. By Brian on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    How does a coach not see what all us fans do? This is all just very hard to understand.

    I was sitting right behind the Cards sideline at the game yesterday and in the second half during what was probably another 3 and out series, John Skelton and Daryl Washington look at each other on the bench, and Skelton just shakes his head at him. Watching the defense react to the ineptitude of the offense had me thinking it’s only a matter of time before one of them can’t bite their tongue, and it will be ugly.

  8. By Dennis on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Whiz never likes to be pinned down when he blows it as evidenced by his answers to the questions. I have to believe he would have saved a lot of criticism had he replaced Lindley with Skelton and let the chips fall where they may.
    I think the long suffering loyal fans deserve at least that from the Head Coach.

  9. By Rob R on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply


    In regards to personnel, who is making the decisions on draft day and free agency? I know Rod Graves is the GM and GM’s normally make decisions on who to bring in. I am curious how much say do the coaches have? Is it Russ Grimm saying the Cards can draft lineman later and he’ll make them better or is it the GM putting that kind of pressure on the coaches? Thanks.

  10. By Darren Urban on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Rob R —

    RE: Draft final decisions

    Technically Graves has final say. But they conduct a couple weeks of meetings — with FO, coaches and scouts — to come up with grades and to slot all the players. So in a lot of ways, it is a group decision.

  11. By Blake Allen Murphy on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t get it.

    Whiz said “I wouldn’t say I lost confidence in John’s ability…”-so you lost confidence in HIM then. Okay, that’s fair.

    But here’s a problem that I see.

    If you’re confident in Skelton’s ability but not in him as a QB, that STILL trumps a QB like Lindley who you’re confident in but has has shown no real ability.

    Whiz seems to have no idea what he’s doing with the Quarterback position…

  12. By suspence716 on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    He answeres every question the same… Like I said, like I said, like I said, blah blah blah. He should just get up there and say, ” I really don’t know what I’m doing as a head coach. I take the blame for the constant qb carousel and the horrid offense that I have instilled here in az. I really wish I had Todd Haley back so he could make the offense work again.” Take some blame whiz and quit blaming it on lack of execution, or sight adjustments. It has to do with whiz’s horrible decision making, lack of confidence displayed towards a starting qb, and the play calling. How many times do we have to watch 2nd n 3 turn into 3rd n 2 then turn into 4th n 2? The problem is you whiz!!!!!

  13. By suspence716 on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    How does this guy still have a job?

  14. By Rick Von on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    I could be wrong, but is sounds like Wuzzinhunt is getting a little defensive in the interview. maybe he knows his days in AZ are numbered. Hopefully no later than the day after the season ends.

  15. By erik on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    The ego on this man is disgusting.


  16. By Jeremy on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply


    At the game yesterday, Stephens-Howling only had 1 carry for 1 yard (according to the stats). Is he still banged up with the rib injury?

  17. By Darren Urban on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Jeremy —

    RE: Hyphen

    As far as I know, the injury is not bothering him.

  18. By john the draft guy on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Nothing toting the line about those questions. I think they were pretty direct.

    I also think it is the job of the Head Coach to protect his QB from the media, which coach Whiz did.

    My only problem is the comments towards the WRs. Maybe Housler didn’t read something or Floyd went inside instead of outside, but those throws were so bad, there really isn’t any excuses that would make me believe it was anything but Lindley.

    I thought it was the wrong move to pull Skelton in the Atlanta game, but once you did, ride Lindley to the end. But that performance was so bad, if you don’t like Skelton, just run the wildcat every play with PP.

    Obviously, I’m not serious about PP, but I’m not sure I could ever play Lindley again.

  19. By Phxhiker on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Whiz’s double talk won’t work. Anyone who reads that article knows what Whiz is selling won’t be bought. Again, he refuses to admit to his mistakes.

    I don’t understand why the Bidwills put up with this. The fans are tired of it. I am tired of it. The media is finally tired of his excuses and attempts at misdirection.

    Like I said in a previous article: I am no longer a season ticket owner after all these years. Whiz forced me off the bandwagon with his lame excuses.

  20. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    The media definitely smells blood at Cards HQ. The questioning is only going to get more intense for Whiz tne next four games.

  21. By Rugbymuffin on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    If Whiz is going to coach poorly he has to answer questions better than that.

    That game yesterday was a disgrace to the game of modern football. It was an embarrassment. He has to take responsibility for it, and answer questions. He put himself in the position to have his thinking question, and ask for justification for his decisions.

    The coach should be feeling very lucky he is the coach of the Cardinals cause any other coach would be fired for what they did yesterday.

    The questions on why you would start and keep Lindley in are more than justified and should be answered. They are tough questions for sure, but that is the NFL.

    The press is not here to care about Whiz’s feelings. He never answered why Skelton was benched, and when justifiably asked about it after this game, he said he already answered that question ?

    Unreal. Now Whiz is lying to justify his highly debatable moves ?

    He has only said in regards to Skelton, that he was making the best decision to put the team in a place to win. Now that the situation has blown up in his face, Lindley sure as heck doesn’t seem like the guy who is best to give this team a chance to win. Debatable ? Sure. But thus why it is being questioned.

    That is not being a professional in the media. Not to mention how unfair this is to the team.

    One of the main facets of this team that is not getting the job done is the coaching. I justify that remark by saying how poorly this team has done in the second half of games this year.

    8 games in a row is the most since 1991. If this squad loses 9 in a row that will be the longest streak in 70 years.

    You could say “Same Ol’ Cardinals” but it would be an insult to the Same Ol’ Cardinals. They were never this bad.

    ESPN spent most the morning laughing about this game. I had people over to watch football, and had to apologize to them for having to watch that game.

    It was it is. The fan base has been through tough times. Having the season over before Thanksgiving is nothing new.

    Go Cards.

  22. By john the draft guy on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    It is time to roll out the available QBs for 2013. In the free agent area, we have Jason Campbell and Matt Moore. Guys like Alex Smith and Chad Henne are under contract. So, I have been preaching drafting a qb. Some of you think there isnt a QB. Here is my opinion of each and who they remind me of.

    Geno Smith- gifted Athlete with a strong arm. He is a pass first guy, but can use his feet to move the chains. His question is as competition got better, he didn’t. He pressed and struggled at times. But he can be a good NFL QB. At times, he reminds me of Vince Young at Texas.

    Matt Barkley- Besides his size (6’2″), he has everything you look for in a QB. But the Pac 12 is not the SEC in the area of defense, He gets good looks from a clean pocket throwing to 2 NFL WRs. Not sure he will be any better than his past USC QBs, Could be a right handed Matt Leinart.

    Aaron Murray – only a Jr, he may not come out. But this guy is a gun slinger. He has an attitude on the field that reminds me of guys like Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. He can bring your team back from a deficit. I think the Brees comparison is fair as Murray has confidence he can make every throw and his guy will get it and he may be drafted in the same spot as Brees.

    Tyler Wilson- This is a guy will a big arm. But everytime I watch him, he is blaming someone else for a bad play. Could that fiery personality be good or bad? It seems to work for Jay Cutler and the Bears. He is tough, but like Cutler, thinks he can throw the ball threw coverages and very tight windows.

    EJ Manual- This is a guy with very quick feet. He has a big arm and can make any throw. Reminds me of Daunte Culpepper. He makes some poor reads and could really benefit sitting behind a vet and learning the game better.

    Landry Jones – If anyone has read anything I have wrote, you know I like this guy. He has size, strong arm and production (5th all time NCAA passer). He has been in a balanced offense in Oklahoma and is very experienced reading defenses. Has a presence of a Carson Palmer on the field, calm and collected. Scout boards had him rated as a first rounder but as time goes on, they find every little fault over 4 years and drop him. Truth be told, I don’t see why he isnt a first round pick.

    The cards must draft a qb, especially after seeing what Lindley has.

  23. By truths4all on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    After reading this article, I find Whisenhut’s remarks to be self-serving and hypocritical.

    When in the Green Bay game, Doucet and other receivers dropped about ten passes from Skelton that hit them in their hands, there were no mealy excuses from Whisenhut that they could not properly judged Skelton’s performance eve though he still have over 50% ass completions and over 300 yards.

    Now with one of the worst even QB game performance in Cardinal history, Whisenhut still tries to whitewash how bad Lindley was (10 of 31 for 72 yards with a 28 QB rating) and how much he was out of sync with the receivers after Whisenhut boasted about how well Lindley performed in practice (perhaps Whisenhut was referring to how well Lindley handed off the ball instead being in sync with the receivers).

    And that folks, is an interview of a desperate, but extremely stubborn coach who has no clue on how to get his team to win. I see a 4-12 season a-coming on!

  24. By truths4all on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    If Fitz wanted this, I would love to see him catching accurate passes from Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or even Eli Manning. If this were to happen, Katy bar the door as Fitz would then prove he could be the best modern day receiver in NFL history.

    As it is, I can already see Fitz winding it down now that Whisenhut has lost the season and the team through his mismanagement.

    As a football fan, can you imagine a Brady passing attack with Fitz, Welker, Hernandez, and Gronk as his receivers?

    BTW, Kolb is NOT the answer here unless the offensive system is changed to a West Coast Offense; that’s where his skillset is.

  25. By sarah on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    This is a good summation although the guy can’t spell Lindley’s name right !

  26. By cardinal on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    How is Lindley even in the NFL??? FIRE WIZ NOW !!!!!!!!Move Horton up for last 4 games !!!!

  27. By Dean Kennedy on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    john the draft guy: I’m wondering if Landry Jones is the next Andy Dalton. If so, he’s the guy. The defense just needs some minor housecleaning (sending Wilson, maybe Lenon, packing) so the idea of reaching for Barkley makes me want to vomit. The quiet competence of an Andy Dalton type playing behind an offensive line coached by a qualified coach (not the current guy) coupled with the Cardinals defense and I think this thing has a chance.

    Urban: If Graves has final say when the day comes that means he’s still on the payroll. That’s bad. Mikey’s at a clear crossroads, he and Pops said the stadium and the cashola that came with it was all that stood between crap football and good football. So much for that, Mikey’s going nowhere so that leaves Graves as probably the biggest same old Cardinals cancer. Mikey’s gotta exorcise ALL of the demons, nice guys gotta go.

  28. By brandonLA on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Haven’t lost confidence in John’s ability. OK.

    I do remember seeing Skelton and Mike Miller get in each others faces after some play calling confusion in Green Bay.

    With what us fans can accumulate from games/interview/articles it seems like Whiz is not liking John’s attitude or something. Just a guess.

    Frankly whiz is digging himself a big hole on this one. Blaming his receivers… i mean c’mon. Yeah sure they must’ve messed up, but how are they supposed to react at game speed with a new quarterback.

    stubborn is my favorite term in this blog. Whiz can act tough all he wants. He can’t hide his own shortcomings in handling his offense.

    “We’re going to continue to work hard”. Duh Whiz we know that.

    Hoping for coaching changes this offseason. Hope Horton stays and continues to develop a solid defensive culture here.

  29. By horned frog on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Kolb isn’t coming back and someone should probe a little deeper with questioning why. His ribs aren’t ready, aren’t going to be ready, but someone is accountable for getting him back on the field due to the amount of money he’s been given and because someone shot there mouth off about him coming back this season. It’s a game of chicken between FO/Whiz vs. Kolb. Money is pressuring him to play, and Kolb has leverage because he looks like Warner compared to Skelton and Lindley. No playoffs to play for, a bad oline, and rushing back from an injury doesn’t bode well for Kolb’s “career”. This is a business decision for Kolb and I’m not ignorant enough to think otherwise. Of course he’s going to say all the right things about wanting to come back, but the reality of the situation is what it is. He’s got to look out for numero uno before the team on this one.

  30. By D on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Adub sure didn’t help his future with that boneheaded offsides yesterday….
    That backup center was overmatched, he won’t give any of the AZ QB’s a clean pocket.
    Sure would like to know more about Campbells injury during the bye week….
    Patrick Peterson is a freak.
    Massie is doing better (hard to judge against a poor Jet pass rush, but the last 4 games he has improved).

    One last thing…I forgot to mute my TV last night like I always do during Sunday and Monday night games…to hear Costas give his anti gun speech…he needs to save that crap for HBO.

  31. By Chris B on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Firing Whiz means we absolutely won’t win a game for the rest of the year. Firing people and cutting players doesn’t do anything except admit you are giving up.
    Just ask the Eagles.

  32. By wnycardfan on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Another broken record interview, thanks for helping us understand nothing coach.
    Lets face it, they are in bad way. Not sure even with high picks next year they’ll do much better with same coach. AND without a decent QB, they are screwed anyway. Not a whole lot out there in coming draft. I don’t think Horton is the one for HC, but you HAVE to keep him as DEF coach no doubt.
    There is no way that game was 50/50 rec and qb. It was a LOT of QB play, sorry. That pathetic offense was in the hands of the QB.
    ESPN Mike and Mike joked that “Jaws” should go play for us, because he’d do better (at age 61). Geez, glad to be laughed at again.

  33. By Andy Kw on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    If Skelton starts and beats Seattle with Fitzgerald catching over 100yds and a touchdown, then I will be happy. If they don’t win at the least with John Skelton, then i’m out as a fan completely. If Ryan Lindley starts, I don’t care who wins, i’m out as a fan.

  34. By D on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    IF AZ goes after A Smith this offseason and let’s Kolb and Skelton go, per ESPN draft talking heads, this maybe why:

    “It’s difficult right now to say a team could draft on one side of the ball, but there are a couple of trends. The Saints could be one of those teams on defense. It’s not that they would pass on a great value pick on offense, but when you’re eighth in total offense and 32nd in total defense, I would think the emphasis would be on drafting defense early and often. The same could be said for the Redskins. They don’t have a lot of picks moving forward after trading several for RG3, but they would be another team focused on defense.

    On the flip side, the Bears have one of the NFL’s better defenses but they’ve been weak on the offensive side. There are still areas where they need to improve, especially the offensive line. Arizona is seventh in total defense but 31st in total offense. The last three or four years, they’ve had close to a 50-50 split when it comes to drafting offense and defense, but the big question there, of course, is at quarterback.

    There are flaws on the Arizona offensive line and you can pick other places that need help, but if you add a top-10 quarterback, I would have to think the Cardinals would be in the top 10 in offense. There are enough parts on that offense, but I don’t think you’re going to find that quarterback in this draft. ”

    Would this mean AZ should pick up A. Smith, draft Olineman in first round and a QB
    in Round 2 to develop???

  35. By Dean Kennedy on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    D: Wlson’s been checked out for years, that bonehead offsides yesterday was just (hopefully) the last straw. He hasn’t been able to cover an average or better TE in years. That attempted “tackle” in the Green Bay game should have had him riding pine a lot more than he has been. But fans loooooove his big hits so they’ve been overlooking his shortcomings for years. Oh and before I forget, this so-called “leader” and “class act” invented a new penalty in a meaningless game called the Super Bowl: Roughing the holder.

    Bottom line, if Graves and Co. haven’t been preparting for Wilson’s imminent departure they can chalk that up as another failure. Getting a fan favorite to accept less money while his skills and desire waste away ain’t the answer.

  36. By Dean Kennedy on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    horned frog: I doubt anyone would dispute that Kolb has an inability to stay on the field. But I gotta say, Kolb won me over in that first Rams game where Grimm’s substandard line got him killed. I now see the difference between injury prone and tough, they are two different things. Kolb gets my benefit of the doubt.

  37. By Andy Kw on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Ryan Lindley is worse than Jamarcus Russell and TIm Couch. He is especially worse than Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson. I changed my mind, he isn’t like Max Hall at all, he is worse.

  38. By Supercardinals100 on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    MUST READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This offensive system is not working here and he and mike miller is still not changing it this is not fair for us fans or to the players it’s ridiculous that this offensive system is not being changed at all. I’m not going to say he is a horrible coach I’m just going to say his system is not working here so it’s time for him to go and mike miller…it’s not fair for the fans to have their hopes up with this team because of its talent and then watch 6 or more losing streaks in the past 3 seasons its just not fair this team needs someone who can lead a team to win with consistency not just 3 games in a row and save your job and then the same old 6 or more losing streak again next year it’s not fair for the players either we needs wins with consustency and it starts with coaching and we don’t have it our reciving core has talent I bet peyton manning would swap our reciving core in a heart beat fitz>Thomas Floyd>decker Roberts > stokley and honestly please tell me why Floyd is not our #2? That is also unnectble he is better then Roberts and that is for Shure Roberts would be great in the slot he needs to play the talent and he does not that is why we drafted Floyd to take pressure of fitz but he dosent play him what is that crap? It’s horrible decision making..let go of whiz and miller at the end of the year because if we let him go now Horton would become interm coach and the players would probably play harder then ever and we might win 3 or 4 games and our draft stock would fall to a ten pick instead of a 3rd or 4th pick..Horton for coach next year . An pick up mantei teo pair him up with Washington solify stopping the run then in the second get Landry jones and in the 3rd get the honey badger and let him swoop up and take the spot next to Patrick Peterson and fix your RG position on free agency I don’t see a need for a tackle anymore because of the great progress our rookies are making its amazing lets do it cardinals. Go cards and please get the ball to fitz c’mon he is open even when he is not open

  39. By Christo on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    THANK YOU Darren.

    Loved to see that format.

  40. By Darren Urban on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Christo —

    RE: Q n A

    Don’t fall in love with it. I’m not a believer it it 24/7. But in this case, it was necessary.

  41. By john the draft guy on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply


    I get what the draft boards are saying. Personally, we will be a top 5 pick. Joeckel is the top tackle in the draft. If he falls to our pick, I would look to see if the bears, packers, cowboys might want to trade up. Maybe a 1, 2 and 4.

    With that late one, I would add Barrett Jones G/C from Alabama. I would trade back to the end of the first with our 2nd and 4th and get Landry Jones at QB. Then with the extra 2, I am grabbing RB Lacy from Alabama.

    I believe in Nate Potter. I think he has played very well (great block on 4th down where Beanie missed hole and ran into the guy Colledge pulled to block) I also believe the combo of Brown and Massie would be great on the right side. Adding Jones to LG would give us a pretty good line next year.

    I think Lacy is the kind of back I want. Quick feet, reads the hole, very powerful but can run away in the open. Adding Lacy to hand off to, would give Landry Jones the comfort to start day one. We are set at WR, I love Housler at TE, adding B. Jones and Lacy , to go with the defense, gives a rookie QB everything to succeed.

  42. By jeffgollin on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Forget the why’s and wherefores. The QB position ( regardless of who we had in there) went 10 for 31 and went 0 for 15 or 16 in 3rd down conversions. That is worse than unacceptable, and it happened on Wiz’s watch.

    Was it a firing offense? On face value, it was. Yet we got another World Class effort from the defense, and we fans really don’t know what’s been going on behind the scenes and who was really responsible for our QB debacle. Who’s been advocating for the wrong players? Who’s retarding the development of our QB’s (& OL)?

    Was it Wiz? Keim? Grimm? Miller? Michael B? Rod G? McNulty?

    I realize that teams are loathe to air dirty laundry, but dang it! The offense has really cratered and loyal Cardinal diehards are at least owed an explanation from the FO and coaches as to what’s been going on behind the scenes that’s put the team in this predicament.

    Unfortunately, we get the impression that no one is being straight with us, and it’s a damned shame.

  43. By Jim in Missouri on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    I apologize for repeating this again, Darren, but I still can’t get over how Skelton was judged to be the best QB on the roster coming out of training camp, and 13 weeks or so later, he wasn’t seen as a guy who could help an offense that got five first downs and was 0-for-15 on third downs under a rookie sixth-rounder who was ridiculously in over his head? That is unbelievable.

    Either Skelton regressed tremendously, or the coaching staff erred badly when they picked a starter, or the front office whiffed terribly when they chose this group of QBs to enter the season with.

    I know, you couldn’t predict these injuries to happen, but Kolb being injured isn’t exactly along the lines of Cal Ripken missing a game.

  44. By walnutbackpack on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    What game was Whiz watching? He blames the receivers??
    Steven A. Smith tore into the Cardinals this morning. And his point was right on the money: Fitz was open the entire game. And Lindley got him the ball exactly one time. It was embarrassing. To have a player of Fitz’s quality be humiliated by the coaches like that is unacceptable. Notice there was not one word of criticism of Lindley. And his comments regarding both Kolb and Skelton are just very, very strange.

  45. By Brad on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    RE: Andy KW

    Your statement below proves you were never a true cardinal fan, I’m not saying you have to like Whisenhunt, who does, but to turn your back on the team because of bad coaching / management, then true Card fans don’t want you on their side, you may as well put on a 49er jersey right now, that is if you’re not already wearing one.

    Your quote:
    “If Skelton starts and beats Seattle with Fitzgerald catching over 100yds and a touchdown, then I will be happy. If they don’t win at the least with John Skelton, then i’m out as a fan completely. If Ryan Lindley starts, I don’t care who wins, i’m out as a fan.”

  46. By dave on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Come on Whiz!! The die hard Cards fans are pretty football savvy. I have never, and I mean never seen such a ineffective, embarrassing offensive output than I saw yseterday. Brain Billick tried his best not to “knock” Lindley but even he had to give in saying Lindley “is oblivious” to what the Cardinals are trying to do. That’s pretty sad. I feel horrible for Fitz. If this is truly the effort the Cards front office is going to put forward regarding personnel on the field, than PLEASE do Larry the justic of playing somehwere else that HE deserves!!! Never thought those words would come out of my mouth but Larry deserves better!!! A VERY disappointed Cards fan………………….

  47. By Brad on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    My opinion on the current situation is Whiz now knows for certain that if he can’t turn the offense around by the end of the year then he will be out as coach, he knows if there is just 1 more performance like last week he could be out. So my guess is he will do everything he can to get Kolb on the field, or if he can’t it will be Skelton, i don’t believe he’ll be dumb enough to start Lindley again, there is too much at stake for him. He’s explanation of the move (benching Lindley) will probably go something like “Ryan did some very good things and showed promise but we feel he needs more time to learn and develop”, a statement that majority of fans will scream at, but hey, this is Whiz, and he can be predictable, just look at his offensive. Just my opinion. I’m praying every night that we will have Horton crowned HC at seasons end. Go Cards!

  48. By cobra on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply


    your comments still are idiotic.

  49. By GMAN on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply


    Do the Bidwills accept this circus because they feel the Cardinal fans are lused to losing? Maybe they will clean house when they don’t sell out for the rest of the year.Whiz looks inept when he won’t put his named starter in the first game of the season in to replace the rookie.John couldn’t have done worse than 0 for 15 in first downs.The Bidwills should fire Whisenhunt and name Horton HC so other teams can’t hire him.

  50. By jocards on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Okay….I don’t want this to be taken wrong or to sound bad or anything but what is all this about what Larry deserves? Larry Fitzgerald is an employee of the Arizona Cardinals and is compensated quite well to play the game of football. I believe that everybody deserves a coach that is going to put his team in the best position to try and win a football game but that goes for everybody not just Fitz. Fitzgerald seems like a true professional and is a great receiver and says the right things just as one would expect a professional to…..but he is a paid employee and “deserves” nothing more (outside of the amount of money) than anybody else on the roster.

  51. By Scott H on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    BirdBrain1974 –

    I’m with you, bro. There IS no “decision ” to make here. Yeah, Whiz has to give the impression that he is making decisions that are best for the team, blah, blah, blah. Well, coach, with all due respect, you now have 3 solid seasons of NOT doing a very good job of that under your belt, so…save it. Playing Kolb is a dead end. Dead end’s – by definition – lead nowhere. Hence, playing Kolb gets us nowhere. And ya know what? I’ve been there. Seen enough.

    Fact is, Whiz may think Kolb gives the team the best chance to win this year. OK. I agree. But while his days here are probably numbered, we ( the fans ) are still gonna be here next year. So, I don’t care what Whiz thinks anymore. I care about what is best for ME since I’m gonna be back next year. And what is best for this team in regard to the future – since that is the only place we can look right now with ANY sense of hope – is to get as high up in the draft order as possible. Winning games between now and the end of the season works AGAINST that.

  52. By barry on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    8 striaght games with an absolute aniemic offense. At this point can we conclude its time to get rid of some coaching staff (Miller,Grimm and Whiz). Its time to move on..the defense can’t play both sides of the ball.. I think it was like 0-14 for 3rd conversions…so reminds me of the d. anderson era (not so long ago!)

  53. By Jesse Robles on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    In a nut shell, it was the HeadCoaches fault, something IZNThunt wont say. Your game plans usually stink, kind of like your decision making, and Quarterback observations. The best play came from Special Teams, make Kevin Spencer the dang OC too, Ken needs to GO, we cannot lose our D, Once Horton is gone, the Cardinals would be in the same boat, a horrible D, a horrible O, and a horrible HC.

  54. By cobra on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    john the draft guy:

    I know what you are saying. I think Skelton has said things he can’t take back though, He probalbly crossed the line, and didn’t go well with other players, O or D. You have to give credit to the D. They admit, last year the O picked up the slack at times. Skelton has lost any integrity whith coaches or the whole team.

    Maybe a little off of what your comment was, but, well, this is where we are.

    I know Kolb would be a welcomed QB at this time.

  55. By cobra on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply


    Really, how much can we minimize the west coat offense? Atleast Kolb can complete a 4 yard pass. Hmm, how easy is it to play armchair QB? What are you expecrting?

  56. By C on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    I have to recant here. While I have said for ages that we need a competent OC, I have railed on Russ Grimm many, many times here, and I believe he’s done a fine job getting two later-round picks coached up at tackle. Massie is improving and Potter has really done well.

    That being said the QB situation is obscene.

  57. By Fan4Life on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Okay, this has gone on and on. First Whiz picks Skelton as starter having faith in him. Clearly a bad choice. Skelton gets hurt, Kolb steps up and takes us 4-0. No offensive line to protect him, he has to run the ball, gets beat down and now we turn back to Skelton. Skelton can’t get the ball to Fitz who is wide open in the end zone and has 1 passing yard, not to mention the multiple interceptions? Is this a nightmare I’m telling here or does someone need a smack on the head? Okay, let’s keep going. Lindley steps up, same story, interceptions, can’t complete passes, it’s like a crap shoot, hoot and hollar sh*t and let’s see if the next play works out. Is this for real? Fitz said it feels like the team is drowning and what do you do? you throw him and the rest of them a lead vest. Bartel who you released offers to play for free until Kolb comes back, but is this even considered? Of course not. Instead, it’s like Larry, Mo and Curly are running the show and nothing is getting done and it looks like a bunch of high school QB’s are at the helm. Come on guys, your killing the team and the fans. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! STOP BEING SO PROUD AND GIVE THEM A LITTLE RELIEF.

  58. By Andre on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    If we are going to draft a QB then we should draft someone who can run when the pressure comes. Like EJ Manual

  59. By phillycards on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    That lindley plays like he never met whisenhunt until this week like he was signed off the street. Whizs the worst offensive coach or head coach ever. Most people have gotten mad while I’ve felt this way since march 2010.

    Imagine 12 more months of this? Losing streaks of 5+ games for three yrs now. Financially it could it time for a new level of bidwill cheapness not being willing to pay whiz to stay home.
    Ticket sales can’t fall that fast in 12 this losing is wasting years off our lives.and larrys

  60. By robert on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    i watched the game yesterday and have been a die hard fan since ’88..i have to say that was the worst offensive showing that i can recall, it was just plain offensive. i remember going to the super bowel and telling my buddies to enjoy since we never be back to this point again. I loved whiz but after yesterday, i can’t deal or invest any more of my time getting frustrated and aggravated. His decisions yesterday was some of the craziest in my 50 years of watching football…he and the OC should have been fired.. He has lost the team and it is a crying shame…by keeping Lindly in the game, you just ruined any chance of having him be productive in this leauge for many years

    Grimm , Miller, Graves need to go..They had their chance

  61. By georgiebird on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    On Whiz’ Q & A with reporters:
    Professor Irwin Corey could not have said it any better than Whiz.

    There was a time when the jingle was “Nobody Beats the WIZ”
    The updated version now goes “Everybody beats the WHIZ”

  62. By Jim in Missouri on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Darren, any reaction to these reports that there could be talk within the front office of firing Whiz and promoting Horton to interim head coach?

    Granted, there are a couple of leaps there to get from Point A to Point B, but interesting nonetheless.

  63. By Red cards on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    If I was a qb I would avoid Kenny boy like the plague look at all the QBs careers he has killed maybe there’s some kinda curse

  64. By Marcelo on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    John the Draft guy…

    I love you points, heey Daren, put this guy on board onto Az Facility!

    I`ve been watching some plays of Landry Jones and he looks a perfect fit for AZ, I simply liked the way he moves and fires the ball…. couldn`t agree more!
    I just can`t agree of adding a RB, every time I see that n# 33 running the ball I feel like I was watching a high profile one, he reminds me Rice ( that may sound an absurd, but that`s what I see).

    I`d add him ( LJ ) at first.

    But the change now has to be with the OC.

  65. By lg on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply


  66. By Kevin S on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Lindley was terrible, no question about it. And if I’m the Cardinals, as John the draft guy says, I’m not sure you can play him any more. If he were your #1 pick and you knew he was a huge talent you’d probably just chalk this up to learning and put him back out there, but that’s not our situation.

    That said, QB’s have had worse games. In fact, by one popular measure (QBR), we had a QB in this very game do worse than Lindley… Sanchez was 10 for 21 with 3 INT’s. One of the reasons Lindley’s horrible performance is so magnified is that the defense played so well we were still in the game. When your QB is this horrible and the other team wins in a rout, people just say, oh well, bad day, but it’s easier to move on because the game didn’t seem winnable anyway (like when Skelton went 6 for 19 with 3 INT’s vs. SF last year, which some might consider a worse game than Lindley’s — QBR of 10.5 was indeed lower — but since we lost 23-7 and not 7-6, the game did not seem winnable anyway).

    Which goes to the other point, which is that in this game, because our D was so good, even with Lindley being downright terrible we still might have won if we had any semblance of a running game. Instead, against a team 4th best in the NFL in passing yards/game but 4th WORST in the NFL in rushing yards/game, our 3 RB’s managed 41 yards on 20 carries. Rashad Johnson was 1 yard shy of equalling that on one fake punt. Early in the game when we tried to go for it on 4th and less than a yard it looked to me like Beanie was falling down before even being hit.

    The Jets did the right thing — they had a struggling QB, so they ran a ton… 40+ times for over 4 yards per rush. Yeah, the stat line shows we got 3.9 per rush but that’s only because the fake punt counts as rushing yards. Otherwise it’s 2.0 per rush. The problem with our offense starts at QB, but does not end there.

  67. By Jeremy on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Darren: Something is not right here. There is information that is not for public consumption directing the behavior of Whiz. In GB Skelton was purported to have his best ever game as a Cardinal. Then he is pulled after missing Fitz but still commanding a 10 point lead with a lights out defensive effort in the first quarter?

    I have a theory the Skelton disrespected Whiz. Whiz is all about respect and I think like Leinart before him, Whiz made a decision not based on play or ability but on personal interaction and character. It simply does not add up the words about ‘”best chance to win” with the evidence directly in front of the watching public. Lindley is a 6th round rookie who needs time to learn. Skelton is a 3rd year Cardinal with a decent record as a starter.

    I simply can’t reconcile the Green Bay Skelton being benched in favor of a raw rookie. That’s not about play. My guess is Whiz needed a reason. Something must have transpired.

    Whiz revealed this when he said “I haven’t lost faith in John’s ability.” This separates the man, Skelton, from his physical ability. Doesn’t take a linguistics expert to decode.

    In high school it’s about shaping character. The NFL is a business. Play the best player not the highest character player unless the low character contributes to loosing. Fitz is a rare example of the highest character and ability at the same time.

    That said, this is a flaw in Whiz and reveals his true record which is below 500 as a head coach and loosing without Kurt Warner. 35 loses to 24 wins without Warner and Haley.

  68. By BIG RED on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    If it was the receivers fault, then bench the receivers that messed up. Coach your digging yourself deeper. Keep saying that and you’ll end up with no receivers.

  69. By Campbells on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Serious question for those of you that think you are capable of judging talent: Had we drafted Luck or RG111, would either of these rookies be having comparable success playing for the Cardinals. For me, the answer is unequivocally NO!!! Taking all QB’s serving under Whiz’s regime into consideration, there has never been a QB that has been DEVELOPED. Every young QB has either struggled, or failed. All veterans, but one failed. I argue that Warner wasn’t developed, because he was already a Superbowl winning QB. So, if your belief is that we need to recruit a winning QB, then who do you think is going to surrender their Superbowl winning QB to us??? A more logical solution, is to hire a coaching staff that can develop players in a timely fashion. Whether it be a veteran or rookie, if we recruit someone who doesn’t already posess all the attributes of a Superbowl winner, they will fail under Whiz’s regime. Time for a coaching change is now!!

  70. By Scott H on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Four games in, we were 4-0 and leading the division. Eight games later, we haven’t won a game since and we’re the ONLY team in the division with no post-season hopes. Pretty sad when even the Rams can say they are still alive and you can’t. Then again, the Rams DID get to play us twice…that certainly would help anyone’s record this year.

    Nightmare scenario for all to consider – two years ago, we were desperate for a QB. The Eagles had a surplus of QB’s and they were able to name their price for Kevin Kolb. We were at their mercy, had virtually no choice, and, well…you know the rest. Two years later, we are in desperate need of a QB once again. And guess who just happens to have a surplus of QB’s? Not one, but TWO hated division rivals – San Fran and Seattle. Or, with Michael Vick probably on his way out, perhaps the Eagles could line us up again for ANOTHER robbery.

    Ya know, this is what bad teams do. And few teams have had as much practice at being a bad team than the Cardinals. No wonder we’re so good at it.

  71. By Donny on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    I have been a true believer in the Whiz since he took us to the Super Bowl. I also think he has taken on a defeated mentality this year and am leaning toward firing him if that’s the case.
    That being said, when we lose the next game, because without Kolb running this offense we don’t have a chance against Seattle in Seattle.
    I would like to see a line of questioning which acknowledges Whisenhunt’s supposed means of holding people accountable. It seems like we aren’t even prepared for games anymore. How is it we didn’t see the Jet’s defensive schemes coming? Why wasn’t the offense prepared to face those coverages and adjust as necessary? Especially Lindley? Why is it we entered a game against a team with one of the worst rushing defenses with a pass happy game plan? Beyond that, why have we become so predictable on offense? After a 1st down run play in NY territory we proceeded to rush the ball up the middle 3 more times, not even a play action pass on 4th down? This offense has had not life since Haley left. We don’t run flea flickers, double reverse passes or even just a bunch formation wide reciever screen to Fitz.
    Back to accountability though, remember when the Cardinals got smacked by NE in NE during the super bowl run? Remember the articles about practice that next week? It was full pads and full contact all week. What happened to that Whiz? What happened to the Whiz that took his team to the cleaners for putting up a terrible performance? Where is the fire? Honestly, put the team in full pads and do hitting drills. Let the defense unleash their frustration on the offense for a little bit and see which offensive players step up and return those hits. Then play THOSE guys.
    Last note: This team is doomed if Miller isn’t fired. If the players are on the sidelines giving eachother the knowing glances of “yup we called that play again” or “when are we going to start calling plays which take into account our strengths?” Then this team will continue to splral. Mark my words if Miller lasts the rest of the season, we will not win another game.

  72. By Prodigy on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Hire me to play qb. I can miss just as many throws as Lindley, and do it for half the price!

  73. By BIG RED on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    @D. Kennedy, Tough is like the one arm man we had in Kurt Warner not this wanna be pro QB in Kolb. Why have someone that can’t even finish half the season. Get rid of this useless QB.

  74. By Kevin S on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    People are still bringing up the fact that we dumped Leinart for DA as if to prove this, too, makes Whiz an idiot. In hindsight it is apparent that DA was not the answer, but people act like we dumped Joe Montana for DA. It was Matt Leinart, people. If Leinart was so good, then why, after being outright RELEASED by the Cardinals, available to all other 31 NFL teams, did no one pick him up to be their starting QB? It’s not like we’re the only team in the NFL that could stand to improve at the QB position. And why, if Kevin Kolb gets so roundly criticized for being injury prone, do people not acknowledge Leinart was as well? In his last 8 starts (2006, 2007 and 2011 after he replaced Schaub), Leinart has suffered 3 season-ending injuries.

  75. By sarah on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Look Whiz is now operating in delusional world and will not admit that he personally flushed the season. Lindley is starting in Seattle end of story and Whiz will blame the receivers etc to justify Lindley’s impotent play. I mean he is done with Skelton. I listened to the Wolf show and Whiz does not even want to talk about Skelton it raises his fur. It really doesn’t matter now cause the season is over so Lindley can get reps until Kolb is ready, winning is secondary. His press conferences and talk show machinations are beyond reality. It is like we saw a different game that Whiz saw. His press conferences now remind me of the Bush years when they were looking for weapons of supposed mass destruction, credibility is gone and sadly we all know it. The guy has gone from solid and credible to vague and deceptive. He has crossed the line as a coach and only stands to damage his reputation in the community now, reality is escaping him and he is covering up for a bone headed move that will cost him his job.

  76. By cardsalltheway on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Quick, I smell Burnt Toast.

    “As The World Turns”

    It’s like another Soap Opera with Ken W., especially in how long it took him to play/start Nate Potter and his handling of W. Powell this year has been dumbfounding not to mention our QB’s.

  77. By dave on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Yes Fitz is an employee, but there are a handful of players in the NFL that are “franchise players”, Fitz is one of them and nd the only one on the Cards. I know, I know, there are 52 or 53 other players on the team, but do you think ANYONE, especially an elite receiver in the league wouldn’t want to be traded to another team to win some games and at least compete! Fitz is not about numbers, I get that. But he is about winning. Again, I know so is everybody else. My point is the front office, and I include Whiz at this point, has not out their best effort forward to put a quality product on the field. Example: since Warner has left, Fitz has played with 10 different QB’s since then. Not ONE quality QB. Look around the league, do you see a team that competes year in and year out without a quality QB? It’s not a difficult science. Not sure if they just don’t want to spend the money or they’re just inept at judging talent at the QB position. Regardless, Fitz deserves better, as do the rest of the team but him moreso. Feel free to comment but taht’s my opinion and I’ll stand by it regardless of anyone else’s “opinion.”

  78. By Eric Y on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I’ve noticed a sort of swagger with John Skelton. Cool, calm, confident, and laid back… Sort of reminds me of Matt Leinart. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with it. In fact, I think it’s perfectly fine. Both guys are very “able” but there seems to be something that lands them behind players like Derek Anderson, Max Hall, and Ryan Lindley. When Whiz dumped Leinart, he was getting like 7-10 snaps (or something like that) in the preseason and completing an exceptionally high percent age of his passes. I think he went like 9 of 10 and a td once? Granted he was checking down and not feeding Larry deep, he wasn’t throwing erratic passes or interceptions either. I thought him getting cut, considering the rest of the line-up, was a little funky then. I was bummed but wrote it off with the “In Whiz we trust!” mentality. Now the issue with playing a lost looking Lindley over Skelton (who was one of the best 4th qtr qbs in the league last year, being far more proven than the rookie) just feels kind of familiar. I’m probably over thinking it, but it just seems more personal and disciplinary than it needs to be. It’s all the more frustrating for a fan when we have no clue what’s really going on. Why has he been playing this kid?!!!

  79. By Louisville Card on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t normally post quotes like most but when Whiz said “I sure hope so” Best quote of the year Darren you have to laugh sometimes at what people say when they are desperate. I really like Whiz and have always defended him but it’s getting harder each week with his comments…

    @ John the draft guy

    I agree with everything you said about the qb’s I think though we should take Te’o first if he’s still there. Pick Landry in the second and trade up to get another pick in the second to get the OLinemen they need. Pick Matthieu in the fourth with their next pick if he’s still there. Then go RB and pick depth with the rest of the draft. What do you think of that possibility?

  80. By Campbells on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Since Whiz is so well-versed in “Politically correct” responses, those of us not fooled by his ongoing charade should help him out. Lindley will start again, unless Kolb decides to risk injuring himself further, in an effort to lead this team out of the cellar. Kolb previously indicated that he needs to make sure he can take hits before returning. According to Whiz, Kolb hasn’t started because he can’t make all the throws yet. Going to be a shame, if Kolb gets seriously injured trying to save Whiz’s job. If Kolb starts, it will only fuel Whiz’s narcissistic behavior.

  81. By Kevin S on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Dave —

    You’re entitled to your opinion. But it’s not like the front office has not tried to do anything. In 2010 they got left in the lurch by Warner not fulfilling the last year of his contract. Now, granted, one can say they had Leinart in waiting and then dumped him, but given that Leinart has not gotten a starting job anywhere in the league since being released, do you think he was really the answer? And who else was available in 2010 in the draft or as a free agent? Nobody that I can think of that is still relevant (other than Sam Bradford but he was the #1 OA pick and so not available to us). So 2010 was a wasted year, I’ll give you that. In 2011 they tried to get what they considered the best available QB at the time, Kolb, and while a few detractors said he was not the answer, most people were ecstatic. You say “it’s not a difficult science” and yet we see guys (e.g., Ryan Leaf) flush out despite being high picks and other guys (Tom Brady) surprise from later rounds (and then of course there’s our own originally undrafted Kurt Warner). Even in the QB-rich 2011 draft, when Newton, Locker, Gabbert and Ponder all went in the first round, is it going to surprise anyone if ten years from now when we look back on that draft, we are saying Andy Dalton was better than all of them?

    Yes, the Bidwills are historically known for not spending the money, but I don’t know how you can say that in recent years. The easy thing for a stingy team would’ve been to let Fitz go. Instead they gave him a contract that at the time made him the 5th highest paid player in the league, and the highest-paid non-QB. This was on the heels of investing a bunch of money in Kolb. They also recently re-signed Calais to a big deal. If you want to argue with the talent evaluation process as it relates to Kolb, OK, but you can’t say they didn’t try to go after someone. And not only did they make the original investment, they also paid Kolb a $7M roster bonus earlier this year. So don’t try to make it sound like they didn’t try to do anything to help Fitz. Also, Fitz was 20 yards off his career high in receiving yards last year — that’s right, with Kolb and Skelton he had basically the same yards as he did in his best year with Warner. Through 6 games this year he was on a pace for 96 catches (in the prime Warner years of 07, 08 and 09 he had 100, 96 and 97) and decent yardage, and that’s even with the NE game factored in where Belichick basically built a game plan around denying him the ball (1 catch, 4 yards). Even in the subsequent 3 games where Skelton played, he had 15 catches (that’s a pace of 80 which is a little below his usual but not much). It has only been in these 3 Lindley games that the wheels have fallen off the wagon, but that’s true of the entire offense. If Kolb (or even Skelton) were still the QB, Larry would be doing just fine. One guy’s hurt and the other guy is benched. I totally understand questioning the latter decision — I question it myself — but to act like, because Larry hasn’t gotten the ball for a few games, he “deserves” to be traded, is ridiculous.

    Do fans forget about our defense in the Warner years? In 2007 we scored 404 points but let up 399 in going 8-8. Even in the Super Bowl year, we were only 9-7 and scored 427 regular season points while giving up 426 — and if we weren’t in the worst division in football we don’t sniff the playoffs much less go on a Super Bowl run. And that’s with a HOF QB, not just an average one. Football is the ultimate team sport. Sometimes you have a great QB and average or poor receivers, or a great RB behind a subpar line. Sometimes you have a great defense and average or marginal offense. You don’t just get rid of the franchise guy because he doesn’t have other franchise guys to go with him on that side of the ball at this point in the team’s history. If poor teams did this all the time on your theory (because they “owe” it to the player to move him to a winning team), how would they ever become a good team? Because it’s not like you’re going to assemble all the pieces at once in a single year to go from doormat to Super Bowl. People act like the team “owes” Fitz a better QB. Well, you can just as easily argue that the team owed itself a better defense, and they went out and built one. But what if, theoretically, in 2010 the team had gone out and given up draft picks or whatever to acquire a QB (I don’t know who, just hypothesizing — but I’m assuming it’s a league-average guy, not a HOF like Warner), and between the salary we were paying that guy and the draft picks given up, we sacrificed the defensive side (e.g., we don’t draft PP, don’t resign Calais, etc.). And let’s say we were getting Larry the ball more, but losing games 31-27 instead of 19-16 or 7-6. Would Larry be getting what he “deserved”?

  82. By truths4all on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    PLease, Please, Please start and play Lindley the rest of the season BECAUSE Whisenhut has already wasted and lost the entire season due to his gross mis-management.

    Besides, it is not as if Whisenhut really wants to win since he kept playing the less than best players on the roster. Being such a hypocrite, I say let Whisenhut suffer and finish the season with a 12 game losing streak and go down in history as the failure he is.

    It is one thing to talk cheap and make many and huge excuses for himself, but when he entered the season refusing to really work with Potter and go with the merry-go-round at left tackle disaster which led to offensive ineptness and impotence, Whisenhut set the stage for the rest of the season’f failures.

    The players are NOT the Cards problems or biggest problem. Whisenhut is the Cards biggest and worst problem. He needs to go!

  83. By frustrated on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Have they fired Whiz yet?

    You do realize that without the replacement refs that we would be O-fer. Hmmm …makes you wonder.

  84. By hminus on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    the combo that worked for us previously was/good oc(todd haley,) & experienced free agent qb,(warner,)we had an opportunity in the off season to get haley/an imaginitive & inventive playcaller who maximized warner & co.abilities to score points, we need the same situation to develope again- w/the right oc in place this group would score 70-80 points more & that is all we would need to win 11 to 12 games every season, whiz hired the right dc in horton,now its time to do the same on the offensive side of the ball so we can be a complete team. (restructure kolbs contract-if he is willing & also bring in an alex smith/vince young -just as we did w/warner -capable winners who will significantly improve our qb situation & give us a 1-2 that can both win in case of any injuries to either.) this template worked before & will again if we follow it.

  85. By hminus on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    kyle orton was signed in dallas in the offseason to be a capable back-up in case tony romo got hurt,it was considered to be a wise move by just about everyone,(dont know if orton signed a 1 yr. deal or not but he/alex smith & vince young all fit the basic criteria—60+%completions & roughly 2-1 td to int. ratio / just like warner– its a simple formula that will work if we follow it.

  86. By Kevin S on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Skelton sure said all the right things in Darren’s article on the main page about the QB situation.

  87. By Jim in Missouri on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    “Have they fired Whiz yet?
    You do realize that without the replacement refs that we would be O-fer. Hmmm …makes you wonder.”

    Wow – those replacement refs must have been pretty powerful. Especially since one of the wins was a shellacking against Philadelphia, and how the win over Miami came after the regular officials had returned.

  88. By Jahstone on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Whiz strips QB’s of confidence…that is his game. Remember all the “foot work” issues with Leinert? Can he really be that much worse than DA, Hall, and our current crop?(Where’s Hard Hat??) Warner dictated once he started winning and Whiz rolled with that “hot hand”. Better to be lucky than fired.

    Whiz is forcing his way out, and that will help us once we get a new QB. We must get one of the top 3 QB’s and then trade up to get RB Lacy from Alabama…that will be a good start for 2013!! The O can develop behind the D,and we can go forward!!!!

  89. By johnnybluenose on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Eric Y. i don’t like skelton’s demeanor one bit. to you, he comes off as calm,cool and confident. i think he’s clueless and self-absorbed. i want a quarterback who reacts to what is going on, who is spirited and passionate and shows some hustle and gets his teammates energized. skelton looks like he is having a difficult time staying awake out there. i doubt he will even be in the league next year.

  90. By john the draft guy on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Louisville Card;

    It is hard to argue not to take Teo. He would be solid next to Washington.

    I am one of the few that believe Landry Jones will be a #1, so we would trade a 2 and 4 to get back in to take Jones.

    Im not a fan of our runningback situation, so I would then look at a guy like Taylor in the third round.

    Not picking again till the fifth round, it changes things for getting that lineman who starts day one. I believe the weak link is not Snyder but Colledge on this line. Releasing Colledge and moving Snyder or signing a free agent isn’t bad (provided we move Brown to the Rt and Massie to guard.)

    My only thought is by trading down, we fill the 3 spots I think are most needed with 3 guys who could start day one (B. Jones LG, L. Jones QB, E. Lacy RB)
    Round 3 could look at a CB or LB (Skov from Standford isn’t bad) who could be eased into their role.

    But I wouldn’t be upset if Teo is the pick and we land the QB at the end of one or beginning of two.

  91. By bj on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Let’s face it, Whiz is no wiz when it come to picking a QB who can win. Lindley looked like a deer in headlights for most of the game. Skelton has the tools to develop into a top-notch QB if given a real chance. A few games ago, at least five or six catchable passes were dropped. Then the team is on top 13-0, he make a bad throw, not intercepted, just a bad throw and he’s yanked. Lindley was missing receivers by at least 5 years for most of the game. Probably too late to say “wise up Whiz.” But I’ll say it anyway because the Cards’ defense is getting way better.

  92. By sarah on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Good read on the above.

  93. By cobra on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply


    I agree to some point. Slelton is done, maybe Lindley. I still think he crossed the line somewhere. It doesn’t matter who is coach next year. Kolb did show talent with the sorry line we had, or still have. He needs to take a pay cut and prove his value. I really don’t see any franchise QBs in next years draft. Barkley, hell no. All we need is another USC reject.

  94. By sarah on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is well aware of the Skelton portfolio — a 5-2 record as a starter last year in place of the injured Kolb (6-2 if you include a Cardinals win over San Francisco in which Skelton played all but one offensive series), and a 5-0 record at home.

    “We have a lot of respect for him because of the way he played against us last season,” Carroll said. “We do know who he is. You respect his way of managing the pocket. He’s very, very good at it.”

    Why would Whiz not play him ? He was up 10-0 at the first half this year against a tough Seattle team,

  95. By Giorgio on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Whiz must know he’s out the door, so he’s decided to do it his way. Sadly, the Cards organization, and the Steeler-like team he tried to create didn’t work. Other than the one Super Bowl appearance there is not much to brag about. He will live to coach again; hopefully someplace where it’s more conducive to his style, and maybe one that comes with a better caliber of players, or at least the ability to get a group on the field and play most games fairly well. The team today is unruly, an embarrassment under this kind of leadership. But we shouldn’t feel too bad, because only a handful of NFL teams are able to show up continue at the premium level year in and year out.

  96. By Louisville Card on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    @john the draft guy

    I see your point trading down, but how can you pass on someone like Te’o? he’s to big a playmaker on D. I think they have close to an all time great Defense. Washington, Te’o, Campbell, Peterson, Dockett. That’s a Ravens type Core that could dominate for a decade. If they get lucky and can pick Mathieu in the 4th too they would be nasty…

    You still get Jones by whatever means necessary. I totally agree with you on the RB situation. Lacy is good but would it better to get the Guard there? Then find a RB in the later rounds or chase Stephen Jackson since he’s opted out of his contract? Lacy is really good though so you could still pick him and hope for a decent FA to fill the line spot?

    Your ideas are good though too I don’t think the Cards are that far off just picking up Jones will make a big difference.

  97. By Supercardinals100 on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    I said the same thing in a post like two days ago I said pick up teo(can’t pass up on him) pair him up with Washington pick up Landry jones in the second and get matheiu in the 3rd and fill the rb spot in fourth and fill the RG position in free agency this exact draft can be the piece to lift us to win this division and move us to the next level forshure with a new coach and offensive coordinator of course because whiz can not develop quarterbacks and he ruins young quarterbacks confidence by never giving them the Shureness of their job and always saying dumb shit to scare his young qb like if you don’t play we’ll we will put the next guy in…whiz for your information you have to show tht you have confidence in your young qb and let then know he is your guy and its ok if he makes one or two mistakes and your still going to stick with him…whiz is dumb because he always has his quarterback looking over his shoulder feeling like of he throws a bad pass or pick he is getting benched that is his worse attribute he can’t coach qbs look what harbaugh did with Alex he showed him he had confidence I him thru good and bad and he turned to having his best playing careers with harbaugh take lessons whiz.

  98. By Campbells on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    Here we all are, sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting for Whiz to announce Lindley as starter, and our best chance to win (Can’t wait). Go right ahead Whiz. Seattle is playing good ball, and they owe us one. I really wouldn’t mind seeing Lindley suffer through an entire game in Seattle. I’d be thoroughly offended if Lindley starts, and Skelton gets left with the mess.
    If Lindley starts, the post-game conference should be entertaining.
    Final note: The media is finally taking notice of Whiz’s coaching expertise. 🙂

  99. By Kevin S on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    The Te’o talk is interesting… and I agree he’d be a great addition to our defense… but then we’re back to the question of spending our #1 pick in a way that does not address our biggest need, just like we did last year in drafting Floyd. Of course, that’s complicated by the fact that this draft does not appear to have a QB worthy of a really high pick (which I assume we’re going to have, if we don’t turn things around which seems unlikely given our situation and remaining schedule).

  100. By Campbells on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    We already know, Kolb will limp out in Seattle. If he’s not feeling career-suicidal, Super-Lindley will start. Skelton will continue to wait for armageddon.

    For Christmas; Brand spankin new coaching staff. 🙂

    Free agency: Spend some $ on good players this year.

    Regarding the draft; we’ll take best available first round (hopefully smash-mouth running back, or shutdown corner). After that, linemen and a dominant tightend.

  101. By jeffgollin on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    My gut says Teo.

    To Kevin S and others concerned about our not addressing bigger needs at QB or on the OL – I’d hate for us to make the same mistake we made when we passed on a nicked-up Adrian Peterson and addressed a need by drafting Levi Brown instead.

    If Teo,really is that good, he’d be hard to ignore.

  102. By Eric Y on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply


    I respect your opinion about Skelton but it doesn’t really matter. That wasn’t my point. And I’ll argue that Skelton is very capable of “energizing” his teammates. In fact last season a lot of people talked about how he did just that. Even Kevin Spencer talked about it on the radio comparing him to Tim Tebow and how he effected his teammates.

    Let’s just agree to disagree.

  103. By Kevin S on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    Jeffgollin —

    Understood about Peterson/Brown… but on the other hand, choosing Floyd this year when we have no one to get him, Fitz and Roberts the ball, is looking like a questionable decision. At least at this point.

  104. By Louisville Card on Dec 6, 2012 | Reply

    @kevin s

    I understand your worry about not picking qb, but they can pick Landry up with their second pick. You don’t want to reach on a qb when your picking in the top 5. OL looks good enough now to address other needs and pick BPA.

  105. By Kevin S on Dec 6, 2012 | Reply

    Louisville Card — yes, as I acknowledged in my original post, I agree there appears to be no QB worthy of a really high pick (which it appears increasingly likely we’re going to have in this draft). OTOH, people are assuming Landry Jones will be available early in Round 2… I wouldn’t make too many assumptions this many months in advance about who’s going where. There’s a long way to go until draft day.

    The question (and I have no idea about the answer, because I don’t study draft boards the way some of you all do) I have is, if the Cards built their strategy around landing Landry Jones with their 2nd round pick, and then he was already gone… are their other QB’s likely to be around at that stage who are worthy of that pick? Or then are we stuck with trying to find a diamond in the rough like with the Skelton and Lindley picks?

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